Hero Gamer Shot While Helping Robbery Victim

May 29, 2007 -
Adam Mapleson is a Counter-strike player - and he's a hero, not a killer.

As reported by The Sun, the 24-year-old U.K. man was shot yesterday while coming to the aid of a female security guard who was being robbed at a railway station. He is in serious but stable condition.

Adam's MySpace lists his passion for heavy metal music as well as games. In addition to Counter-strike, his favorites include Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, GTA San Andreas and Neverwinter Nights.

Well done, Adam! We wish you a speedy recovery and plenty of good gaming!

GP: Thanks to reader Anthony Head for the tip!



I'm glad to see there are still good people out there good job Adam. I'm upset to say I've heard a few people trying to declare that such violent games gave Adam preparation or even motivation to comit a kind act such as this.

Those claims are just as pointless and harmful to video games as Jack Thompson's claims that counterstrike allows you to shoot a gun with a lower heart rate and also to kill more efficienty.

How about this arguement. Some people are f^^king crazy and some people think doing the right thing is worth risking your life. Its a lot simpler than this entire video games are good/bad debate. Video games, music, movies, and or other entertainment have nothing to do with it. As long as people credit good acts such as this to video games(not saying game politics is). Idiots like Jack Thompson will be there on the other side to volley back another story to yours.

Want to make a difference? How about researching who you vote for or maybe influencing other people to not vote for these types of politicians. Develop and indie game, make some noise. Try not to get in a pissing contest with Jack Thompson it just gives him more spotlight. Only that that does is give JT more time to preach to the idiotic inbred evangelical christian conservatives that the politicians represent. Open your eyes, you don't honestly think they are serving YOU do you?

I can guarentee you that as long as we continue to cry about Jack Thompson and allow politicians like Joe Liberman and Hilary Clinton to jerk the gaming community around without much of a response things will get worse. Want to make a change? Donate some money to the IGDA and write them angry letters demanding that they do something NOW. Write one angry letter for the IGDA and one angry letter for [insert mayor,representative,senator,other politician here] and start sending them. Send them every week. Maybe the IGDA and the game industry will find a way to get a bunch of gamers in one area to protest. Or better yet maybe the bombardment of letters in which only a small fraction of which are actually read will result in a few semi-intelligent letters from concerned gamers.

SOMETHING BESIDES CRYING ABOUT JACK THOMPSON. God damn I'm so tired of fellow gamers crying about a whacked out lawyer that prays on the parents of children wounded or killed in violent attacks and convinces them its all because of a game. We all know its bogus so how about we do something besides kiss eachother's asses.

Obviously, he was trained to save people from playing videogames.

That is some pure pwnage, there. Every CSS player knows chest shots don't do any damage! A speedy recovery for him!

Yes, the school massacres do ring some bells; however none of them have ever been linked to the consumption of violent or “unpopular” media.

Yes they have, Marilyn Manson was singled out at Columbine, before actual facts about their music tastes become evident.

Okay, none of them have been FACTUALLY linked to violent or "unpopular" media.

I hate to be the one to question the victim's heroism, but I can't tell from the way the article is written exactly what he did. What few details there are only seem to state that he tried to block the thugs' escape, which sounds kind of unwise to me. He -was- called "heroic" by a "Det Supt", whatever that is, so I guess that's good enough, at least for tabloid journalism.

@Shih Tzu

I think Det Supt is "Detective Super Intendent"

[...] [Via GamePolitics] [...]

it's good to see that there're still some people in this country who won't turn a blind eye hile the real criminals run rampage around doing whatever they want without a care for anyone elses rights or property.

Let's look at this situation according to the logic used by Jack Thompson and his ilk. This guy played counterstrike and several other violent video games. Obviously these games trained this man to put his own sense of self preservation aside and to stand up and come to the aid of someone else being attacked. These games trained him to think quickly and put his life on the line to do what was right. Thank God this young man trained on these games because they turned him into a brave man willing to sacrifice himself to help somebody else. I can guarantee that if children continue to play these games we will end up with a generation of heroes. Of course i'm not being serious, this was just a brave guy that was willing to do the right thing. But if people like Jack Thompson are consistent in their beliefs, they would have to conceed that my above statements are true, according to their fallacious logic.


Theres a difference between helping, protecting or self defence and actively seeking to dish out your own brand of justice. What he did will get a mixture of people saying "what a hero" and "the damned idiot" dependant on whether they believe he was brave or stupid. The fact is only he knows the circumstances of what he saw and took a judgment on if he should help or not.

Putting your life in danger to aid a stranger is pretty noble. Most people don't even help out other when theres little or no chance they will be hurt.


I got what you meant at the first attempt, I just hope you're wrong. It would be crap to use it as a means to argue a case for 2nd amendment rights, especially as I think it would prove nothing.

"Unless you like Emo Rock, in which case you’re a pussy :)"


Congrats to Adam for doing the right thing, and living to tell the tale. =^_^=

Get well soon!

"So because you’ve noticed SOME delinquents who happen to enjoy heavier forms of music, that instantly makes it MOST people?"

I'd like to point out that I went to high school in a small hick town in eastern Oregon, and the most foul, violent-minded, dumb-as-a-brick people there were the ones who listened to country music. The rock kids were generally well behaved and intelligent.

Your taste in music does not affect what kind of person you are. Unless you like Emo Rock, in which case you're a pussy :)

I've never been one to trust that the media gets the story right, but if it happened the way this article says it did... the robbers already had the money, nobody had been shot, and in a situation like that it is unlikely anybody was going to be shot. Then he stormed in to "save the day" (what was he rescuing? the money?) and spooked the criminals, who shot him. Pardon me if I'm not spewing compassion from every orifice, but it sounds like kind of a dumb move to me.

That being said, I'm not sure why a quick sidenote about the contents of his myspace page links this article to "games" or "politics" at all. George W Bush has confessed to "using The Google"... should Slashdot tech news be reporting on his recent talks with Sudan?

[...] Of course one could argue that playing computer games might have dulled that little voice in his head that would normally tell him to sit his happy ass down and not rush men with guns while unarmed, but taking a page from anti-gaming press coverage of the past I’ll ignore that possibility and simply add, “Go team!” Michael Fahey Gang shoot hero commuter [The Sun via GamePolitics] [...]

@Clyde Wyman

"I am sorry if I have contradicted your opinions (please accept my sincere apologies)."

It isn't that you're contradicting my opinions, it's that you're applying a blanket definition to all those that listen to Metal and Rock music (Just as a certain Miami lawyer does to Gamers). From your own posts, you have written as an outsider from the world of Metal and Hard Rock. While you are a Gamer, you clearly don't understand that form of music. Just as I'll never understand the appeal of Hip-Hop, Rap, or Country.

"But I notice that some 13-18 years old who loves rock tends to be bad to others and speaking insolent words behind their backs in school or worse, being involved in fights."

So because you've noticed SOME delinquents who happen to enjoy heavier forms of music, that instantly makes it MOST people? What makes you think that the music has anything to do with this behaviour? Who started the fights? Perhaps the "insolent" comments were justified? Could this be out of the realm of possibility?

"And as for games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I would suggest not allowing teens to play this game, or things might get even uglier as we speak.

You're right, people under the age of 17 should not be allowed to play an M Rated game such as GTA: San Andreas. However is it the business of politicians and law-enforcement to ensure that this doesn't happen? No, it is the responsibility of the Parents and of the Children themselves to make sure that these games remain in the hands of Adults.

"(school massacres caused by teens, rings any bells?)"

Yes, the school massacres do ring some bells; however none of them have ever been linked to the consumption of violent or "unpopular" media.

"Lastly, what are you trying to imply about me? I am sorry if I am being ignorant though. I am just trying to say that not only adults are capable of murder (in their sick mind though) and teens (like Eric Harris and Dylan Kleblod) also are capable of murder through the influences of games and rock music though."

I am implying that your prejudgement of those people who enjoy Rock and Metal is unjustified and ungrounded. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold didn't shoot up Columbine because Marilyn Manson and the Doom Marine told them to (though most major media outlets would have you believe otherwise). The pre-disposition of our society to blame our ills on media which the older generations do not understand is sickening, just as your pushing of that rhetoric is too.

Meh Metal like emo is a style more than anything else you can ahve fien upright people that are just a bit odd.

Zippy is very odd :P

Clyde Wyman -- "And as for games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I would suggest not allowing teens to play this game, or things might get even uglier as we speak (school massacres caused by teens, rings any bells?)"

Clyde, you've been listening to the types of Jack Thompson way too much if you actually believe this. While I believe those games are inappropriate for teens, they do NOT cause school massacres. In every single school massacre or shooting incident, there is a plethora of other evidence to suggest other factors (poor homelife, psychological problems, etc.) The problem is the press sees "video games" and place the blame there because it's an easy scapegoat, much in the same way heavy metal music and certain books (Catcher in the Rye) or movies (Taxi Driver) have been in the past.

Please get your facts straight before spewing the Jack Thompson rhetoric, because unless I can't count you've come here and completed insulted two demographics in one thread.


You misunderstand me.

They would bring a gun rights expert on the show. He would then dissect the situation and claim how it was just another case of UK gun control disarming citizens and allowing criminals to run free because only they have guns.

Stupid laptop, i hit the mouse pad just right while going to a new line. Sorry for the double post.

Heard about this yesterday. Hope he recovers.


You misunderstand me.

They would bring a gun rights exper


"If anything FOX would report the kid as a hero, criticize UK gun laws and completely ignore the fact he played games."

Probably right apart from the bit about gun laws... our guns laws are incredibly tough, especially on handguns. The weapon used was certainly illegal.

To be honest I'm VERY suprised that The Sun reported he played games at all, as they are certainly no strangers to anti-game rants.

"I don’t know how it is in the UK, but I know a lot of the US has local laws that forbid “hero” activity. Hopefully, he won’t be charged with a crime once he’s cleared."

Seriously...WTH are you talking about?


Though I'm not 100% overe here as I understand it the police strongly discourage "have-a-go hero's" (as they tend to get hurt), but he hasn't broken any law.

He might get a slapped wrist from the police, and (if they're anything like mine) far worse from concerned relatives... once he gets better!

I hope you quick recovery to healthiness, Adam Mapleson. :)


What? If anything some places in the US have laws that make it illegal to stand by and watch a crime, unless there is an extreme danger to yourself if you help prevent it.

There are laws that are designed to punish and discourage vigilante activities, but that is a far cry from helping someone being mugged or attacked.


Im just going to ask, are you trying to piss people off and take this thread completely off topic?

I don't know how it is in the UK, but I know a lot of the US has local laws that forbid "hero" activity. Hopefully, he won't be charged with a crime once he's cleared.

I never did care for those "you can't fight back, you have to cower and hand over" laws.

Best wishes and hope for a safe and fast recovery to Adam.

*Twitches and shakes*

You people are blind! You don't understand. This evil degenerate trained on his murder simulators and attempted to steal from both the robber and the female security guard! He was really trying to kill them both, but the robber was lucky enough to get a shot off and take him down. This guy is devious beyond belief! I submit that he is a psychopathic murderer who botched his crime! In fact, this "robber" is probably the true hero, he was probably just talking to the lady and he attempted to push them on the tracks, but was foiled by the heroic man labeled as a thief! I applaud this mystery man labeled as a robber here, because I am the only person who knows exactly what went down!

*Collapses and slowly gets back up.*

Sorry, I somehow channeled Jack Thompson. I didn't think you could channel the living, but somehow he got to me. Damn him!

Kudos to this guy for what he did.

And of course it won't change what the anti gamers say. They'll say the robber enjoyed violent games, and at least one of them will pray the guy doesn't make it.

@clyde: Actually, I find most kids like that listen to rap, not rock.

for fucks sake

Did any of you read the fucking article?

The Sun article repeatedly cites him as a hero. If anything FOX would report the kid as a hero, criticize UK gun laws and completely ignore the fact he played games.

To Aciesethon,

Why thank you... And oh, am I so ignorant! My compliments to you.

Nice report to see, and I mean that sincerely. It was a good read. However... it won't change anything the anti-gamers say. Jack Thompson himself has never used logic or reason in his arguments and the brighter anti-game activists will just point out that only a small (but in their minds significant) percentage of gamers are supposedly adversely affected by violent games.

@ Clyde: Not to go way off topic, but I also listen to rock/metal and I play violent games as do my friends. We're not violent or inconsiderate people. Violent ill-mannered people may be more prone to turn to a certain type of entertainment, but that isn't causation.

How come BBC hasn't post the news on it's site yet? Or if I am wrong though, can any of you kindly show me BBC link to this news article? Besides, I always look for britian news on BBC.

Haha, he listens to black metal, too. This guy is awesome.

Good job! Make a super speedy recovery, eh?

Whoa, illspirit and Tank!! I'm a Grand Theft Auto fan too and I think what that guy did was worth praising. Anyway, Jack Thompson could never twist the story the other way round, because JT lost the lawsuit against Rockstar, remember? Maybe GTAIV could make a parody of this to praise this "Hero". Maybe in a mission you have to save this female security guard from a attempted robbery which turns out to be Elizabeta? Now that'll be great. I bet this guy plays "Vigilante" and "Brown thunder" in San Andreas everyday. And I bet he chooses CT everytime he plays CS.

he has an awful taste in games
too bad he didn't die :D


The most recent numbers for England and Wales can be found here. A word of caution when using them in a debate though: Counting rules were changed in '98 and '02 to add various misuses of airguns and replicas into the "gun crime" category, which skews the totals a bit. Not to mention simple possession of a banned firearm adds to the number. 'Tis best to stick specific and well categorized stats like non-fatal attacks, homicides, and the number of police officers wounded (which tend to be the most meticulously kept records by the police, for obvious reasons).

Then again (and IMHO), things like robbery should be fair game regardless of if a real or air gun was used, as the victim was just as robbed and just as terrified either way. Especially seeing as another Home Office study found that many criminals arrested for using airsoft/replica guns had access to the real thing, they simply chose the fakes. Possibly because they figured it would give them a lighter sentence if caught. However, if IANSA and Labour have their way, and realistic looking toys are treated the same, don't be surprised if thugs start just using the real thing again since the punishment will be no different.

As for the price of the compensation, I found that number in some Parliment report from October '99. Not only has it probably gone up, like you said, as people have sued for delinquent compensation, it didn't include the costs for police salaries, destruction facilities, court fees, etc.. Then there are the secondary and tertiary costs such as lost jobs in the shooting sports industry, lost tourism revenue from people who might have visited a range while on holiday, the cost of flying the Olympics pistol team to Switzerland for target practice, and so on.

Not to mention the lost tax stream from all the "refugees" who fled to other countries. Last time I was at the range, there was a group of seven or eight British expatriates shooting pistols who apparently came here in part because of the silly ban. Would be rather interesting to know how many did just that..

And, yea, from what I've read, the reaction to Dunblane was as crazy as the shooter. If anything, that should have been an indictment against cronyism and such in the local council and constabulary. But instead of answering why they were protecting (or covering up) for the shooter's craziness and letting him run free, they starting shrieking about the gun laws (which seemed to have worked well enough for 70+ years..) as a distraction. Or maybe it was a ploy to disarm the people so there could be no resistance to Labour's planned surveillance state. Hmm...

You guys are missing the point: this guy has good taste in music and video games!

Just kidding. But seriously: gamers aren't bad people. It's just Video Games are the new Rock and Roll.

It's a shame.

You never see stuff like this in the news

Either way, this guy's a hero

[...] Gamer comes to aid of robbery victim In an era where violent crimes are constantly being hastely blamed on video games, one man proves we're not all a bunch of trigger happy psychopaths. While a female security guard was being robbed by two individuals at gunpoint, 24 yr. old Adam Mapleson came to her rescue. Adam, who has a penchant for heavy metal and video games (Counter-Strike and GTA are among his favorites), tackled one of the two assailants in attempt to help the victim. During the scuffle, he was shot point-blank in the chest and the suspects ran off. Adam is currently listed in stable, but serious condition. The female security guard was unharmed. source If I ever find myself in a similar situation to help someone like he did, I can only hope I have the same courage and bravery. Well done, Adam, I hope you have a full and quick recovery. __________________ XBOXLIVE : SVNS OME6A ● PSNETWORK : OME6A ● SOCOM : OME6A *Retired 12/15/06 10 TIMES THE ACTION, AND TOTAL HARDCORE. [...]

[...] Credit: game politics [...]


Thanks for giving me some numbers next time I get stuck in a debate about gun crime in the UK. You're not the only one whose brain hurts when people claim punishing the legal ownership of handguns somehow magically reduces the number owned and used illegally.

Also, from what I remember of the rate of growth of gun crime in this country (and not counting any further attempts to restrict weapons ownership, focusing on such deadly weapons as airsoft and paintball guns -.- ), I doubt it'll take as long as a decade for use to match the US in gun crimes per head of population.

I should also point out that the number you gave there (the £168,000,000) probably doesn't count the millions of pounds in compensation that the government has so far refused to pay, despite rulings from the european court stating that they legally have to pay for all the weapons confiscated and destroyed.

And let us not forget the dubious nature of the Dunblane event, as well. There are too many dodgy elements in the run up to that, during it and subsequently to really say that it should have any bearing on policy in this country.

On the other hand, kudos to Adam for doing a brave thing. Probably not a smart thing when you think about it hard, but a brave thing. May he have a speedy and full recovering.

"Most people who indulges and have a passion for death metal or rock music (Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Scott Humphrey and Rob Zombie for prime example) and violent games were rude and insolent teenagers. But thankfully not this 24 year old britian though, for he not only save his own life but most importantly other people’s lives.

Kudos to gamepolitics for the news! "

Lol @ your examples, Maroon 5? Linkin park? where did you come of with these as being "heavy" bands that people who listen to real metal would even consider music.

We need more people like this. There are way too many people robbing, hurting, and killing people and not enough standing up for what's right in this world. Kudos to this guy and hope he recovers fully from his injuries!


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