Lightning Round for NY Assembly: Video Game Bill Passed in a Day

Yesterday GamePolitics broke the news about a new video game bill under consideration by the New York State Assembly.

Now comes word that the measure, A08696 has already been approved by the Assembly. Last week the New York Senate passed its own video game bill, sponsored by Sen. Andrew Lanza (R). Legislators in both houses are moving quickly because the current session ends on June 21st.

So what will happen to the two bills? The Associated Press is reporting that:

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R, left) has called for a conference committee of members of both chambers to find a compromise before the scheduled end of the legislative session…

[NY Gov. Eliot] Spitzer announced in Wednesday’s leaders meeting that an agreement was reached between the majority and minority leaders of the Assembly and the minority Democrats in the Senate to restrict the distribution of the videos to youths.

Conservative Republican upstaters and New York City liberals alike showed a rare, broad-based support for some action on the issue.

GP: It’s clear that video game legislation enjoys bi-partisan support as well as the backing of the Governor. New York will have a video game law this year, as well as the inevitable video game industry legal challenge.

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