LaRouche Followers Continue Video Game Assault at Virginia Tech Hearings

Far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche is apparently intent upon linking violent video games to the Virginia Tech massacre.

Last month GamePolitics reported on Virginia Tech Review Panel testimony given by Don Phau, a member of LaRouche’s political action committee (see: Violent Games Should be Banned Like Heroin). Phau attended the panel’s public meeting in Richmond, the first of several planned around the state.

Now, Joystiq’s Kyle Orland reports on testimony given by Larouche Youth Movement leader Paul Mourino (left) at the second Review Panel meeting, held in Blacksburg, where Virginia Tech is located. Among his comments, Mourino referenced game violence critic Dave Grossman and implied a media cover-up by the Washington Post:

In the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacres… Lyndon LaRouche joined such law enforcement experts as Col. David Grossman in demanding action against the manufacturers and distributors of violent point-and-shoot video games…

Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, is no exception, despite the near total media blackout of his involvement with violent video games, including “Counter-Strike.” News organizations like the Washington Post… confirmed his strong attraction to these games. Yet that story never appeared in print, and only accidentally showed up on a blog site associated with that newspaper…

I ran into this phenomenon when I was in middle school. The game “Wolfenstein 3D” was free and was the first killing simulation game on the market….

These video games are creating menticide among the young generation… We also recommend that you shame, fine, or regulate all those private corporations who have participated in these projects. Proper legislation, designed to protect my generation from these games, is needed…

GP: The “near total media blackout” alleged by Mourino ignores several national T.V. news programs which gave Miami attorney Jack Thompson air time to claim that Cho’s Counter-strike play led to the massacre as well as substantial play given to the issue in both the gaming and mainstream press.

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