LaRouche Follower Cut Short in Latest Virginia Tech Panel Meeting

The Virginia Tech Review Panel held its third public hearing yesterday at George Mason University in Fairfax.

And, for the third time, a representative of far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche stepped up to the podium in an attempt to blame the April 16th massacre on violent video games.

This time, however, the committee was seemingly not in a mood to listen. Although committee chair Col. Gerald Massengill was exceedingly polite about it, the 24-year-old LaRouche follower (left) quite clearly got the hook, spending less than three minutes before the panel.

C-SPAN has video of the hearing (skip ahead to 2:28:22 for the brief LaRouche segment). GamePolitics has an mp3 of the audio portion here.

The review panel meets next on July 18th in Charlottesville.

UPDATE: The LaRouche PAC has posted its report on the June 11th hearing.

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