Church of England Wants Japanese People to Pressure Sony; Tony Blair Jumps Into Dispute

The Church of England, embroiled in a dispute with Sony over the inclusion of Manchester Cathedral in PS3 hit Resistance: Fall of Man, has turned to the people of Japan for support. As reported by the Associated Press, the Very Rev. Rogers Govender, dean of Manchester Cathedral, said yesterday:

For a global manufacturer to recreate the interior of any religious building such as a mosque, synagogue, or in this case, a cathedral, with photo realistic quality and then encourage people to have gun battles in the building is beyond belief and in our view highly irresponsible.

Today I want to appeal directly to the people of Japan to help us put pressure on Sony to respond. So I speak directly to those citizens who share our concerns.

Meanwhile, Sony said that it has begun talks with the CoE over the issue, but Govender disputed that account:

We believe a silent response on the issue is not acceptable behavior.

Prime Minister Tony Blair (left) has also jumped into the fray. During a briefing in the House of Commons, Blair said:

It is important that any of the companies who are engaged in promoting this type of goods have some sense of responsibility and also some sensitivity to the feelings of others. It’s important that people understand there is a wider social responsibility as well as simply responsibility for profit.

Meanwhile, Sony rep Nanako Kato said that while Sony takes the issue seriously, but noted historic buildings are often used in entertainment. She cited movie scenes featuring Godzilla and the Tokyo Tower and King Kong in Manhattan.

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