Rockstar Appeals British Manhunt 2 Ban

Not everyone is interested in playing the universally banned Manhunt 2. 

But many adult gamers would appreciate the option to decide for themselves whether or not to give the controversial game a go.

It’s taken six weeks, but Rockstar has finally decided to appeal the British Board of Film Classification’s refusal to rate Manhunt 2, which effectively banned the game from sale in the UK.  British game industry news site MCV reports Rockstar has lodged an official plea with the Video Appeals Committee.

VAC chairman John Woods will organize a hearing on the appeal, which will include arguments from both Rockstar and the BBFC, as well as a demonstration of the game.  So far, no date has been set.

Nor is there word yet as to whether Rockstar will appeal the Adults Only (AO) rating assigned to Manhunt 2 by the ESRB, which affects the North American market. Because console manufacturers won’t license AO games to play on their systems, the rating as it stands is a death knell for Manhunt 2. Given the news of the UK appeal, similar action seems likely in regard to the ESRB.

Via: Gamasutra

-Reporting from San Diego, GP Correspondent Andrew Eisen

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