Jack Thompson Has Apparent Heart Ailment

August 3, 2007 -
Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson, facing disciplinary action and embroiled in a pair of contentious lawsuits against the Florida Bar, wrote in a Federal District Court motion yesterday that he is suffering from cardiac arrhythmia as well as chest pains. He added that the ailments seem stress-related. From Thompson's court filing:
Plaintiff, at 3 am this day, is suffering what he believes is arrhythmia, from which he has suffered previously, as well as chest pain. This may be a benign condition, or it may be serious. He has had other previous episodes like this induced by stress.

Plaintiff must try to see his cardiologist... to try to assess the problem. It is most likely stress-related by virtue of The Florida Bar’s demand that Thompson be psychiatrically/psychologically evaluated in violation of its own Rules.


Sympathy is all and well, but he should have gone to a doctor first and written a motion second, rather than mentioning what "seems" to be a heart condition.

Careful when slanderizing against him. It could be true, and thus negative comments would only work for him. Now who looks liek a douche?

Seriously, I wish him well. Even if he is constantly attacking a hobby and community which i enjoy

What a scumbag. He'll use anything as a weapon to further his agenda.

Judge: Mr. Thompson, please stop malingering!

Jack: My heart, my heart!

Judge: Mr. Thompson, we've had you examined by four different doctors in the past week. All of them said you were feigning illness. If you do not compose yourself, we will rule against you.

Jack: Evil death rays from Strauss Zelnick......eating away at heart......must stop Bar from carrying out master plan.......

Judge: The plaintiff is ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and will be temporarily susp.......Mr. Thompson, are you trying to induce vomiting? Bailiff, please remove this "person" from my court room. Ahem.....plaintiff is now permanently suspended from practicing law in the state of Florida.

I may disagree with practically everything he says, but some things matter more than opinions and standpoints. Get well soon dude.

Yes it's true. he COULD be lying.

But who's to say it's not true either? This man brought it upon himself in his crusade to the point that he stressed himself out unnecessarily.

In other words, both stories could be true.

personally, I think if he just chilled out on the video games subject, his cardiac system may not be having problems.

It's also possible that it could be hereditary. I'm not a doctor.

As a fellow human being, i wish him well. To say otherwise would make me unhuman.

I'd like to say I'm surprised he's trying to lay the blame for his heart condition on the Bar. Of course, everything is related to this case.

I don't see that as doing anything about the upcoming trial. Possible delay if health becomes a major concern, but that's it.

It doesn't surprise me either.

But I also think that putting pressure on himself to succeed in his agenda could have also played a part in his recent heart problems.

If he doesn't let something as trivial as the facts get in the way of his crusading I can't imagine anything short of a full blown heart implosion is going to slow him down.

"Oh, and Norm, tell these wonderful folks about your assertion, falsley made, that I am a closeted homosexual. "

Like you did to Janet Reno?


Wow, Mr. Kent, astute gamer, shows up here again.

First off, I went to my cardiologist to make sure the arrhythmia, from which I sometimes suffer, was not a more serious cardiac event. It was not. It induced by stress, and Mr. Kent thinks he knows what the stress was. He is a medical doctor as well as a clairvoyant, it seems.

The problem for Mr. Kent, however, is that he has cast all this in a false light, and that is a bit of a problem.

What is also a bit of a problem for Mr. Kent is that he, like Dennis McCauley, filed a Bar complaint against me that was dismissed as baseless.

Mr. Kent has a habit of trying to shut people up in that fashion, and it doesn't work, does it Norm?

Mr. Kent, why don't you tell the folks here about your two responses to formal requests for production in Kent v. Thompson.

Now that would be interesting, since you're supposedly into full disclosure.

Oh, and Norm, tell these wonderful folks about your assertion, falsley made, that I am a closeted homosexual. What a fair guy you are, Norm!

Bye, Norm. Jack Thompson

Norm - I just forwarded that on to Dennis, to make sure he's aware... could be a hillarious headline in a day or two. Lets hope!

Also commented at the jaablog... I hope you like!

Mr. Kent,
Thanks for the info. I did quickly read some of what you linked.

John Bruce, as you know, is a clear opponent to The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth. He built his reputation on being dishonorable, unethical, and bigoted. He alone is responsible for his own actions and for being left with being seen that way. He doesn't believe, as has been seen by his own actions, in taking responsbility for his own actions.

That's why I say I neither sympathize nor encourage his alleged medical conditions. John Bruce, after all, doesn't care about them. They are, just as everyone else, including his own family (as proven time and again), just tools to push his personal, religious, and/or political beliefs upon everyone else.

By the way, I really have to ask: Is there REALLY a "Jack Harkness" who is an Exacutive Director? 'Cuz if there is, when "Torchwood" comes to the US, if it does, he's gonna catch heck. :)

NW2K Software


I suprised jack didnt make the excuse that his pants were on fire to try and squirm out of all this. Lies lies lies lies lies.

You'd think telling the truth once in a while would kill him.


Mr Kent, It is a sincere honor to welcome you to Gamepolitics, one of the first real Attorneys we've seen here.

And thank you for revealing these, proceedings, now I fully and completely take back any sympathy I had for that, "man".

You have our full support I would believe, so, I guess, Bring his ass down.

This is about how Jack dealt with his ailment last week.

First of all, full disclosure.

I am one of Mr. Thompson's legal adversaries in litigation with him.

But Dennis at Game Politics is so honorable as a journalist he has simply published the words and text of Thompson's motions early that morning without attempting to expose the facts which Thompson's own actions revealed later that day.

So after skimming through over 160 comments about the thread, let me share how Mr. Thompson dealt with his purported condition after that early morning discovery.

I invite each of you to reach your own conclusions and post accordingly

I have copies of Jack Thompson’s emergency request and ‘Urgent Inquiry’ for review of Judge Jordan’s order in Case 07-21256 as well as his emergency motion to extend the time for him to comply with the court's orders as to amending his complaint before Judge Huck, filed at four a.m. on august 2.

Subsequent to said filing, and his three a.m. attack of ‘arrythmia’, as articulated therein, it would appear that Mr. Thompson stayed busy, but not necessarily with the South Miami Hospital to see his cardiologist or to the Baptist cardiac care unit.

Here is the following documentary information, accessible for your review as stated below.

1) On August 2, at 7:22 a.m., he posted a computer entry blog on the Broward County lawyer’s website, http://jaablog.jaablaw.com/2007/07/31/broward-attorney-sidesteps-charges...

2) At 8:18 a.m., later that morning, he posted a commentary at a computer entry blog on the Miami Herald website, http://pod01.prospero.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?msg=2278&nav=messages&webtag=...

3) At 12:30 p.m. he posted additional computer entry blogs on the Broward site, http://jaablog.jaablaw.com/2007/07/31/broward-attorney-sidesteps-charges...

4) At 2:39 p.m., he faxed a letter to my attorney’s office warning him that he is going to “rue the day that you did not rein in Norm Kent”, the contents of which are really meaningless, authored from his home in Coral Gables.

5) At 3:19 p.m., another post to the blog above authored by Thompson.

6) At 4:33 and then 4:53 p.m., yesterday, the day of his ‘stress related attack,’ which he laid at the doorsteps of the Florida Bar, attorneys Lawrence Kellogg and I received a detailed letter and faxes from Mr. Thompson to the FCC asking for a new hearing on a case he unsuccessfully prosecuted with the Federal Communications Commission, authored from his home address and computer, a case decided a month before where Thompson's claims were deemed without merit. Hardly an emergency.

I do understand and have been led to believe he was in contact with numerous journalists on that day, but I have no record of that correspondence.

However, I am sure everyone will join with me in sharing Mr. Thompson's remarkable and quick recovery from that heart event and those palpitations early that morning, which prevented him from having time to respond to the judicial directives enunciated in that case, where he seeks delays due to his 'condition.'

And I see Mr. Thompson was well enough to post here earlier that he has yet another surprise for the Bar. Well it is not a surprise that the Supreme Court has denied all his motions to dismiss, ruled some of his pleadings obscene and pornographic, and has threatened him with sanctions and fines.

You really need to say very little about Mr. Thompson, I have learned. Just let him do it himself. Even you learning about the Florida Bar's request he be psychologically evaluated you only discovered because he breached the confidential negotiations the Bar never would have made public.

Our goal is to defeat his political cause not his person. It is to stop his sick crusade not make him sick. But he has been so indecent in the name of decency, I have to applaud all those on this blog who wished him well despite the pain he would seem to bring to you.

I hope this journey through his day lets you look at his motions in a new light.


Norm Kent
Attorney at Law
800 East Broward Blvd., Suite 310
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
954 763 1900


Now, it would be most illogical for me to wish anything bad to happen to someone who I have already chastised for doing the very same thing (such as when you, John Bruce, tried to use your sister-in-law's medical condition as a tool for your support of a dictatorship and then claimed to pray "against" others (thereby wishing harm to others in the name of God) or telling people to play suicide games (thereby wishing harm on others as the supposed "Warrior of God") or using your wife and her condition, as you just did, as a tool for your propaganda).

So I will neither wish you "bad health" as it would be illogical, nor do I wish you "good health" as you have already stated you merely "believe" you have bad health and are merely using the claim as another tool in your legal briefs.

As others have pointed out, you've already been shown to be untrustworthy in a great many areas, and using health as a tool in a shell game is just another sign of it. In all bluntness, one might call this the "Fred Sanford Motion".

So, do I have sympathy for your alleged "bad health"? No. Do I encourage your alleged "bad health"? No.

This is just one more tool (or rather two since you've brought a family member into this again) in your shell gamery.

The FACT is that many of have various health problems. But we take responsibility for those health problems (even if that responsibility is an admition that we are irresponsible for our "bad health") and we don't pass off the blame to others. You choose the path you're on, John Bruce. You've chosen to act the way you do. You have only yourself to blame.

NW2K Software

I'd like to be one of the people who rises above all the ill will, wishes him well as a fellow human being, et cetera, et cetera...

But I won't. Total strangers don't arouse a torrent of compassion from me, so Bad People certainly don't elicit it either. My heart is a cold impassionate stone, I fear. Welcome to the modern world. Jack never gave a damn about anybody but Jack. You reap what you sow.

I don't actively wish him dead. I just won't lie and piously declaim my respect for his life.

I really only have three things to say:

1. From Wikipedia, "An appeal to pity (also called argumentum ad misericordiam) is a logical fallacy in which someone tries to win support for their argument or idea by exploiting their opponent's feelings of pity or guilt. The appeal to pity is a specific kind of appeal to emotion."

2. The only type of person who would become stressed by the prospect of a psychological fitness evaluation is the type of person who would fail it.

3. I do hope you get better. Only because you have a child. And as someone whose mother passed away far too early from heart disease, I know what it's like to lose a parent. You personally I find utterly repugnant, without redeeming value, and I think the world would be a better place without you, massacre chaser.

(note: last statement was merely a statement of opinion, not a threat of any kind.)

Mr. Thompson - you've probably brought this on yourself. If its real, best of luck to ya - hate your views, but don't wanna gloat at your misfortune.

On the other hand, if it is fake, you deserve what you can get, happy disbarment, and know that you'll quickly fade away.

Both sides being said, its hard to know what to hope for. Good luck.

You know one thing that cracks me up about Jackie is his ego regarding his future "victories". Rubbing his hands together with this surprise he has planned for the bar is reminiscent of his letters to Take Two prior to court cases in which he offers them to close up shop because there is apparently no other outcome possible than his total victory, despite all his other "assured" victories falling totally flat.

Speaking of failures how is your case against the removal of "you" from the Mortal Kombat games going Jack?

"If Dennis McCauley had bothered to report to all of you here what was in the court file you would know."

...which he did. You're on here so often Jack, you should at least take the time to look at the links he provides, with full .pdf's of those files.

"Finally, my wife was admitted at 4 am yesterday with a serious complication from her ovarian cancer treatment."

That is a bold-faced LIE.

"So, thanks for all of your unkind comments here that Dennis McCauley wanted and got."

....You did not just go there. You seriously did not just go there. Read the comments. I, along with the vast majority of people here, expressed their deep concern and sympathy for you here, and that's how you decide to thank us? If you want even one shred of respect, you should at least thank people that actually give a damn about you.

@Jack Thompson, HEARSE CHASER

..... you know, you yourself just tossed any little bit of sympathy I had for you out the window. In fact my care-o-meter broke trying to find anything past zero.

I however do wish your wife the best of health in the long run.

As a side note Jack. My mother had a test and doctors found cancerous spots on her throat, hopefully it will go into remission, but this new post fro myou begs the question, are you goign to with my mother ill will, just to show me god hates me?

Oh, and my girlfriend was killed last year when her house was being robbed, she was a gamer and a non christian, let me guess, Hell, or are you going to tell me to buy a suicide game and get good at it like you did Duffy?

And Jack, you haven't just treated gamers bad, but you've treated human beings badly, that is grounds for damnation in my book, no matter your faith, while the two people I mentioned, have spent their lives, or at least a better part of them, protecting others, being good to people, and trying to help improve the lives of others.

When was the last time you did ANYTHING of that nature, what, if anything good can possibly come of your crusade, and your actions, can you name even one thing?

I thought not.

@ Jack Thompson

Despite what I may say about you, I do hope your wife is okay and gets through her treatment for cancer alright.

@ Jack Thompson

Well, I still don't want you to die. But, there are worse things than death. Hope you and the Bar have a "fun" time.

Thanks again for only picking out the few comments that wished you ill-will. Others may not have been completely good intentioned, but they showed a lot more tact and good will than you have, ever. You're no Christian! Hell, I bet Satanic cult members are kinder than you.



You know Jack, next time you're in Sacramento, look me up and we'll bury the hatchet over lunch, my treat. I know this great place downtown that serves the best triple cheeseburgers you ever had, complete with a ginormous bucket of salty fries with some ranch dressing. We can wash it all down with three or four beers and call it square!

Whaddya say? After all, in light of your recent hardships, how could I not extend the olive branch? What can I say, I'm just a big softie.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I myself have epilepsy. It's not the same thing as your heart condition, Mr Thompson, but we all have problems and I have learned to cope with mine (even though I'm slightly uneasy now every time I go somewhere that could potentially kill me if I seize there). We can all find a way through the mud without too many problems if we look in the right places. I hope you find the right place to help you with your health concerns.

I would like to guess that Mr Thompson will give the comments here a skim again at some point. That being the case, I have a message for you Mr Thompson. Please read through the entire comment. I would like you to realize that many gamers are, in fact, not malicious individuals. We all wish you well in health:

First, I hope your stress levels decrease in order to alleviate your heart condition. If it truly is the psych exam that is causing this stress, "take things one step at a time" is the best I can say. The psych exam will eventually be over, and what happens will happen. I can safely assume that you are worried about your wife as well. I wish her the best in her health care. My favorite great aunt is dying of a rare form of cancer, so take relief that at least your wife's condition is better than some other peoples'. Be there for your wife when she needs you, and perhaps take a brief break from your crusade against video games.

I cannot say I agree with your opinions on video games in any way, shape, or form to my knowledge, but it would be cruel of me to try to discourage you from doing what you do. Run your crusade against us. That is what you believe in, and your faith tells you that it is the right thing to do. Everybody must interpret their faith in their own way. However, I would again encourage you to take a brief respite from your anti-gaming crusade. Gather your health first, and take care of your wife. When the both of you are in better condition, then you should come back to your crusade.

That, at least, is my advice to you. It has been said already, although not to such length. However, I believe that perhaps your crusade against video games has made you deaf to the words of gamers, and that if I can speak eloquently enough, I can break through and help you with my advice. It is the basic duty of a human being to treat others with respect and dignity, and so I must offer what help I can to whomever, be they friend or foe.

Thank you for hearing me out if you've read this, Mr Thompson. Take my advice or leave it, but I hope you appreciate the effort on the part of fellow human being. I cannot give on the possibility that you might accept the kindness of a gamer.



Yeah, I think I'm done being nice, too.

We go and wish the guy well, and he says we're giving unkind comments at the behest of Dennis? At this point, he deserves what he gets, and I bet he's too fucking full of himself to admit he made a mistake and apologize.

I still hope you don't DIE of this heart problem, Jack, but I hope it hurts, and I hope it makes you think a bit. I hope it makes you FEAR death, and the outcome of your religion's judgement on your soul for the horrible treatment you've given gamers here and elsewhere. I hope it hurts, Jack, I hope you hurt, so you know you're still alive. I want you to live to see all your hopes and dreams crumble around you, turning to salt and ashes and backfiring in your face before finally leaving you utterly alone in a mental institution, gibbering frantically about your ruined career and family. I hope your wife recovers fully so she can move on from the twisted wreck of a man you are. I hope your wife leaves you to rot in that little rubber room they've got reserved for you in the looney bin, Jack. But most of all, I hope it hurts, because I want you to know you're still alive, suffering from the seeds you have sewn in your own wretched heart.

I think I'm over being nice. It's truely moving that all of us could wish this insipid little moron the best of health. I hope he dies of heart failure and ROTS. The man is completely lacking in any basic human emotion, including acceptance of other peoples sympathy. Jack Thompson has just effectively taken in all this goodwill, ignored it, then spit in our faces.

As for his wife, I wish her the best, but I have to question her sanity for marrying such a pompous buffoon.

When you die Jack, no one but your family will mourn. If you could ever define yourself as a human being, you just threw away the last vestiges of it.

You know I generally have difficulty wishing anyone ill in matters concerning health. Even after Jack throwing everyone's good wishes back in their faces I'm still not at that point. But lets say I'm closer to being able to wish him ill than I generally am with most people.

@ Jack Thompson
In all honesty, i did have sympathy for you....Until that comment to us readers and Dennis. We have been overwhelmingly supportive to the very person that wishes our industry demolished. And there isn't a good reason to bring your wife into this, but i do wish the best for her. Looking for sympathy again Jacky? I'd call you Jacko Wacko, but it's taken. While i do not wish your death or continued torment, I do wish that you would tell the truth and quit being so biast and hateful towards us gamers without any evidence...

Soga -

I wouldn't. Thats pretty much the entire point of my selection. In an ideal situation I wouldn't chose either. I could go into detail my views on religion but simply put I am an Atheist and I realize I am not always correct about everything so I am open to the possibility that I could be wrong(even though I don't think I am). Don't confuse me and label me as Agnostic though because thats not what I am.

I really hope Jack gets better. I want to see the look on his face when he comes to realize his crusade has been nothing but a failure. And if anyone does remember him or his ideas they will look at them as nothing more than mindless rantings based on unfounded research, whacked out ideas and moral standards that are obviously questionable.

To see ones spirits crushed to know that in his life the one thing that he seems to hold above all else will be forgotten at best. Oh how I desire to see the endless sorrow as his soul-less gaze fades to a blank stare while he slowly passes from natural causes. By now I will be old, he will be ancient, and I will bask in the glorious sensation of an evil energy melting into infinite nothingness. How sweet that fantasy is and how sweet it shall be. Just know everyones day will come but in order to capture that amazing feeling of joy the iniquitous entity has to vanish purely by their own doing.

Of course I wouldn't see it first hand but in my mind it would bring me endless joy. The only way to know an individual like Jack Thompson will truly get what is coming is to serve them a heaping portion of failure with a side of regret and a frosty mug full of premium quality defeat.

Get well Jack. Life is waiting for you to fail.

Get well soon, Jack. That way you'll be back in the arena getting your ass handed to you once more, until you end up with heart problems again.

Sorry, Jack. I had to agree with others, the only reason you are sick and in this predicament is the actions you had done against us. Remember what the Buddha says, "Your actions on others will reflect on to you" or better "What goes around comes around".

Here's an interesting story that I just ran across: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/08/070803150523.htm

Hostile Men Could Have Greater Risk For Heart Disease
Science Daily — Men who are hostile and prone to frequent intense feelings of anger and depression could be harming their immune systems and putting themselves at risk for coronary heart disease as well as related disorders like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, a new study finds.

Sound like anyone we know?

@ Mr. Pat

I dunno if it's a typical "republican" response... I'd call it a typical born-again-christian response, as my experience says MOST (not all) of these types have persecution complexes.

im not going to be an asshole and say he deserves it but i will say it doesnt surprise me that something like that is happening to him when you take his antics into account.

On one hand, he's a jerk.

On the other hand, not even jerks should be taunted when they're down. He didn't kill anyone after all.

Get better soon, then we'll go back to good old mudslinging like the old days.

Is it normal or good form to include such things in court filings?

It almost sounds like 'you are being so mean to me it is effecting my health! you should be nicer or I might get sick'

I don't really believe it for a minute. It sounds like he's trying to get out of the psych-eval.

Jack I do wish you and your wife the best healthwise.

I want you to be at your very best when we win the war you've waged against the Game Industry, the Constitution and Americans.

Jack knows he'd fail the psych exam, which is why he refuses to take it in the first place.

Wishing someone well is unkind? Boy, Jack has really lost touch with reality, assuming he was ever in touch to begin with.

It's hard to wish ill on a fellow human, regardless of what they've said about you. Hopefully he finds his way back to good health.

I don't agree with the guy and I'm against everything he stands for, but I'm hoping he gets better. I would never willingly wish pain and suffering on any individual, even those who I feel are fighting a bleak cause. It's times like these where we have to stop being gamers and remember that, above it all, we're humans. No decent human would wish harm on another.

If you're reading Mr. Thompson, I hope you feel well soon.

I think it is quite unfortunate that anyone should suffer from cardiological problem. While i may never be the biggest fan of JT he does alway raise powerful debate over the topic of the legistration of games. I don't exactly like the guy but i never want to wish bad health on anyone.

Strange. For all the goodwill we're forcing out for this man, he hasn't shown up to comment. Not really suprising, considering he usually only showed up to rile us all up.

As much as I dislike Thompson, I hope his condition improves. It would also be great if he met "God" in some sort of post-op dream and got bitched out for attacking the rights and freedom of his fellow countrymen, =/.

Hmm maybe we can get those fella's that started the 'Flowers For Jack Thompson' group back together to send him another lovely floral arrangement... which he will then claim to be a form of harrassment.
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