Gamer Poses Video Question to GOP Candidates for Prez Debate

With YouTube’s Republican Presidential Debate coming up on September 17th, would-be voters are already submitting video questions for the candidates.

We like this one from an enterprising Indiana gamer:

Via: PrezVid

GP: Sign this guy up for the ECA!

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    Rob says:

    Yeah, I don’t really see what was so great about this video, is says nothing really. It’s pretty much just a “what will you do for me?” video with nothing else to it. He should have mentioned that there was never any concrete evidence of real life violence caused by video games, and that even if there was there has only been a handful of cases claimed to have been caused by video games out of the millions of people who play and do nothing wrong. This video was not worthy enough to think he should be signed up for the ECA either, sorry.

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    Sidewinder says:

    Guys, at least this guy is trying to do something. Unlike the wast majority of the people here who just complain about how politicians abuse us. It is unlikely that senators, MPs, ministers ect. will come to websites like these to find out what the voters want. But if we could make out voices heard in the mainstream media we might actually get our point across (let’s face it. The ECA isn’t nearly as effective as we would like it to be).

    If you think you can do better than that guy, do it. Get out your camera and make a tape. I personally think this tape is fairly good.

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    Godkarmachine O Inary ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Why even need a competition? This isn’t a ‘Best question wins!’ situation, it’s a ‘Getting our voices out’ situation.

    An why not a “what will you do for me?” video? Other people ask that of their politicians all the time, and in return we have more and more standing up against the ‘evils’ of gaming.

    Yeah, he didn’t mention any evidence that games don’t cause violence in real life, but he’s only asking a question, not giving a two hour lecture. So his question isn’t perfect, but I give him a thumbs up for even doing it.

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    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think that the question could have been better worded, but it is good that he has posted it. He should have mentioned the studies that have been abused by anti video game people as well as the FTC report. Then he should have posed a better question. I would need to come up with a better wording as I can’t think of a really good one right now.

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    Keith says:

    he did a good job, but I don’t know why he stroke upon Infamous game, surely it was well timed but isn that stupid, games cannot get Infamous… maybe banned from the public (which I think will increase sales if the game is rought back, eg: Manhunt 2)

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    JACK THOMPSON, ATTORNEY AND YOU'RE NOT ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The Oregon school bomb plotters were obsessive video gamers, and I plan to make this interesting.

    Jack Thompson

    PS: When is Dennis McCauley going to have a psych evaluation?

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    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson

    “The Oregon school bomb plotters were obsessive video gamers”

    1. People plot to bomb their school

    2. They are obsessive gamers

    These are two totally unrelated things. You can’t vilify the hobby of someone who is crazy by connecting it to his behaviour. Observe:

    Hitler was intent on wiping Jewish people from the face of the planet and was a devout Catholic and I plan to make this interesting.


    Jack Thompson is a devout Christian and is being ordered to take a psychiatric evaluation and I plan to make this interesting.

    You cannot take two facets of a persons life and connect them like that. Given how widespread proliferation video games are today, it’s pretty likely that if there is a young criminal that they have played some kind of game or another at some stage. You cannot state the opposite however, that playing video games made this person a criminal. It would be silly and offensive of me to connect your psychiatric evaluation with your faith, don’t try and connect someones playing of games with behaviou that is unrelated.

    “When is Dennis McCauley going to have a psych evaluation?”

    When he starts sending out abusive e-mails to Judges, rival journalists, and anyone who disagrees with him, or if he starts making claims of a vast conspiracy against him, or if he makes childish, irrelevant, trolling posts on a message board, then I reckon it would be time for Dennis to get his head examined. Til then though I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt :)

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    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Instead of saying that some people don’t believe that violent media causes real life violence, he should have been even more clear and said that such a link has never been scientifically proven. Also, instead of saying that his passtime was abused, he should have mentioned how it has been abused (massive expenditure of taxpayer money on unconstitutional laws, scapegoating of a harmless media to try and gain votes with vertain demographics).

    I applaud him for actually trying to get this question out there, but it maybe should have had a little more hard fact in there. As it is now, I can see some candidates in suits watching that and laughing to themselves and then responding with “Heh, what a great kid, in my campaign I will strive to make sure our kids are safe….”.

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    Gameboy says:

    Hey, at least he is doing something. He didn’t do too bad. Yes, I would like him to support the arguments with facts, but at least he challenged them to answer a question about games other than “Howz is yu gonna protext teh kiddies?” I hope it is selected.

    @ Jack Thompson

    Three questions:

    1) How is that relevant to the topic at hand?

    2) How is being “obsessive gamers” relevant to the case? After all, I’ve yet to play a game where I’m encouraged to kill people in real life. And not all games are “shoot ’em ups.” They could of played racing games or Real Time Strategy games.

    3) What do you care about Oregon? You can barely practice law in Florida.

    ~ Gameboy, a gamer and you’re not (well some of you are)

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    jonc2006 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    jack you do realize that you could pretty much walk up to any person under 25 and they would probably tell you they are video gamers.

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    Terminator44 says:

    Good video. The candidates all need to know that the young, tech-savy generation can be a powerful voting block if they want them to be. Of course, that’s only if they try to reach out to them instead of blaming them for all of society’s ills.

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    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Didn’t say the video was great art. However, I applaud the kid for stepping up into the Presidential Debate forum. This isn’t just another YouTube video, he’s trying to get it put before the Republican candidates.

    Give him points for moxie and for attempting a bit of carpe diem.

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    John ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Just for the record JT: The people in the middle east suicide bombing, the extremists here jumping abortion clinics, Those committing genocide in africa all probably have never played a game in their lives.

    The video is great, but I do agree there could have been a stronger message.

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    Predatorian234 says:

    I can’t watch the video, so I don’t know the questions raised. But I have an interesting Idea.

    There is a mass amount of gamers in the world today. Its not a minority anymore, its well on its way to being a majority. So our vote actually has a LOT of power. More so then we think it does. What we need to do is plan something on a gamer level. Bypass even the ECA if you will.

    What we should do is somehow nominate a spokesperson for us. Lets have those of us that frequent sites like this and joystick and other forums compile together questions and have one of us create a video to submit to Youtube.

    We can use anyone that seems to speak intelligently on these forums. Obviously known trolls are a no. For they are too immature to represent us. I know a few people on Gamefaqs (surprising, I know) that would be perfect for this. They are always very articulate on the forums, so hopefully that transfers over to real life.

    But if we can gather together some good solid questions, and then submit it as a whole, we might be able to tackle this.

    Or at least do something, this is going to be the year that gamers take the mosts hits. Politicians don’t know how strong of a force we are. They see mainstream media and notice that people like Wack-0 Jack-o are talking, and they think its the truth.

    And if they think Jack-o is telling the truth, or Hillary or whomever, then there is a good chance that video games will be hit hard this year. We can’t have that happen. We need to voice ourselves and show these Politicians that we are not all little kids. That we are a force to be reckoned with.

    This kid has the idea, but the more we scrutinize the worse we become. Instead of pointing out his mistakes, fill his mistakes with your own response. Use our numbers to make a voice so loud that everybody can hear it from sea to sea.

    But we need to be smart, we can’t come across and douches. So lets be mature, precise with our points, and blunt.

    What do you guys think?

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    Gameboy says:

    @ GamePolitics

    Oh, NO! Jack is right! You’re a terrible journalist. You should have your licence revoked and should be kicked off the interweb!

    Yeah, I remembered reading something about a limit on the time one has to ask a question in the Presidential YouTube debate. Still, I think he could of asked his question in a way to point out some facts. At the same time, he’s done more than me. Thanks for clarifying!

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    Gameboy says:

    @ J-Guy

    Um… you do realize that it was the same for the Democratic YouTube Debate, right? So, let’s fix your statement.

    “Maybe it’s because Politicians only have 30-second attention span.”

    Yea, that’s much more true.

    Let’s not forget that the candidates also have a limit on how long they can respond. It is about time. It sucks, because no limit could give us much better and truer debate, but it is a necessary evil. Otherwise, the debate could last five or six hours.

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    AgnostoTheo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I agree with the majority of posters here. The film is short, and the part about ‘infamous’ games is a little cheesy, but it does get a point accross.

    @ Massacre Chaser:
    Stay on topic you moron. This has nothing to do with Oregon, Schools, or bombs. It’s about a political debate. If you can’t keep your hyperbole spewing self on the topic at hand, we don’t need you here.

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    @Shoehorn O’Plenty

    Yes, I know you’re being sarcastic, but Hitler was not a “devout Catholic”.

    I think that this question needs to be ask of the Democratic candidates as well. Tipper and Al Gore (he isn’t running yet) and Joseph Lieberman (yes, I know he’s an “independent,” be caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate), among others, have supported restrictions on the sale of video games and I love to see what Hillary and Obama have to say.


    Right now, it’s unknown if the Republicans are going to participate in the YouTube debate or not.

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    J-Guy says:

    The 30 second limit is probably because politicians don’t want the people bringing out 2 minutes of a lecture/explanation of their question. I doubt it has to do with time constraints. Maybe it’s because Republican’s only have 30-second attention spans?

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    ~the1jeffy says:

    @ Anthony

    If that was true, at least they would have copped to the fact that they don’t care to answer real people’s questions. The Democrats side-stepped or plain ignored every question that had teeth. I don’t expect the Republicans to do any better, but let’s not pretend that the leading candidates (both Blue and Red) care about answering questions – they all have prepared statements. It’s all smoke and mirrors to make them look trendy or modern. There hasn’t been anything resembling a real debate, point-counter-point style, for as long as I can remember. It’s all made-for-TV scripted nonsense.

    2008 will come down to Ohio and Florida. I wonder if Hillary can convince enough retirees and mid-western house-wives to vote?

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    Jon says:

    @ Predatorian234

    I could hear the patriotic music as I was reading it.

    There is no way I’m in the same league as you people as far as surfing through forums and keeping up to date as well as you do, but Predatorian234 is right, we need to form a real life group, not just a virtual one, however, we could use it to spread the word. If I had any internet, programming, or political skills whatsoever I would start something, however, I don’t and therefore are unable to. But rest assured, who ever steps up to take the challenge, I will be right beside them as best as I can for the support of all gamers of any kind.

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    Orange Soda says:

    On topic: The video seems good enough to me. Sure, it isn’t very professional-looking or -sounding, but as an average person trying to ask a question to a politician, I think it looks much more honest. (Admittedly, I haven’t ever seen much of political debates, so I could be way off.)

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    Predatorian234 says:

    Yes, exactly Jon. I’m in the same boat. I don’t have the skills required to really get something going. I’m just a man with an idea. We need to combine the efforts of all to really make a difference.

    And this shouldn’t be hard for us. If anything, we gamers not only have the maturity (as a whole) but the technical knowledge needed to get this thing off the ground. So if we can combine efforts and skills of those around us, and that share our same ideas, then we can really push something.

    Also, another great thing is that we are unified by diversity. No matter your color, creed, sexuality, we gamers come together for one common thing…and of course, thats video games. Whenever I think of that, I can’t help but think of Pantera’s “Rise”

    “Every Creed and Every God to give us depth for strength”

    We need an group of people that have a voice in this world, and make it “for the gamer, by the gamer”.

    Now if we can only get the word around, and actually get something going, we might have a shot at ensuring that our video games are here to stay. Not saying that we can’t trust the ECA…but we can’t lean on them either. We have to do our own part on our own level.

    Get the word around, lets see what happens.

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    Orange Soda says:

    “PS: When is Dennis McCauley going to have a psych evaluation?”

    At first I thought of it as just a baseless request (he seems quite sane to me), but then I thought about it a little more and I like the idea. If Mr. McCauley were to get a phych evaluation as a show of good faith, maybe it would encourage Mr. Thompson to do the same. Maybe.

    The only problem is that I don’t know how practical (i.e. costly) it would be.

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    Predatorian234 says:

    Thanks Razer.

    But I didn’t know we only were allowed 30 second videos. We need something else, because there is no way we could raise enough questions in just 30 seconds. Especially since we also need to inform Politicians that not everything they are hearing is correct.

    We needs something powerful to get our voice across…but also subtle, so we don’t come off as annoying dicks.

    Any suggestions? Anyone?

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    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Timothy Watson

    That’s old news. About a year after that she did a kind of about face along with Joe Lieberman, actually coming out in support of the ESRB ratings system. Still, I’d like to know what became of the Family Entertainment Protection Act, or CAMRA for that matter. The lack of any more news about it suggests that it’s been stalled in Congress along with Brownback’s proposed legislation.

    Interestingly enough, there’s been a rumor starting that if Hilary wins the nomination (which seems likely at this point), there’s a chance Obama might become her running mate. This might be a good thing. Obama’s comments suggest that he’s a bit more in touch with popular entertainment and while he does acknowledge it plays a role to a certain degree, he downplays their significance, instead saying the real causes are poor education and poverty.

    If Obama does become her running mate and becomes VP, it’s possible he could have a hand in shaping her policies towards video games or at least blunt any of the harsher measures she may want to impose.

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    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Orange Soda, um… that’s a really odd suggestion, no offense.

    If the Florida Bar wants Miami Jack to get one, that’s between him and the FL Bar. I assume they have their reasons.

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    Optimus Stab says:

    Hey everybody, Jesse Vetters here. You know, the kid from the video.

    I’m absolutely thrilled that something I did one morning with a crappy digital camera and a game trailer is being seen and discussed. I know the video kind of sucks, but hey! That just means somebody out there should make a better one. I don’t care how much I’m seen, so long as my- no, our- question is raised. Seriously, somebody, make a better video, give more facts, submit it to the CNN/Youtube debate. We need our voices to be strong and united, and one messy-haired kid isn’t going to pull that off.

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    Predatorian234 says:

    Good Work Optimus.

    I say that each one of us take a question/concern/comment and discuss that one question/concern/comment in a 30 second video to youtube. That way we can get all of our questions put on the table, while also showing the Politicians that we are a strong, large group, of young and old voters, of every creed, nationality, and belief.

    Lets flood Youtube with videos, so many that our questions HAVE to be seen and heard and discussed.

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    Teh Mon5ter says:

    Too all those posing arguments on how this video should have been done even though it had a time limit…


    At least this guy is doing something to put his opinion out there…

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    Orange Soda says:

    “Orange Soda, um… that’s a really odd suggestion, no offense.

    If the Florida Bar wants Miami Jack to get one, that’s between him and the FL Bar. I assume they have their reasons. “

    Eh, good point. I guess I said that mostly because I’m the kind of person who enjoys toying with possibilities. On further thought, it probably wouldn’t serve any real purpose anyway.

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    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Yeah, I wondered the same thing. Coming here would do nothing for him but raise his blood pressure, and that wouldn’t be healthy for him if he does indeed have a bum ticker. 😉

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    Predatorian234 says:

    That can’t REALLY be JT can it?

    I mean, what intelligent, mature, moral man would ever use the tag “JACK THOMPSON:ATTORNEY AND YOUR NOT”?

    Granted we are talking about Jack, but still, that has to be the most childish name ever.

    I mean honestly…come on Jack, your a lawyer.

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    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Dennis and the rest of us will get their psych evaluations as soon they start acting like you. You don’t see us writing childish, threatening letters to everyone who just so happens to disagree with them, including their superiors.

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    Volcanman says:

    //That can’t REALLY be JT can it?

    I mean, what intelligent, mature, moral man would ever use the tag “JACK THOMPSON:ATTORNEY AND YOUR NOT”?//

    Yeah, something tells me that was someone that was actually being sarcastic. Even Jack Thompson wouldn’t do something like that with the name (I mean, I’ll understand the name in caps, but whats the deal with the last part?!)

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