Gamer Debate Videos Gaining Momentum

August 10, 2007 -

11 videos in 3 days... impressive!

Since the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) announced its campaign to foster gamer participation in the upcoming CNN/YouTube Republican Presidential Debate, 11 gamer-created videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

The number and quality of the videos increases the chances that a gamer-centric video question might actually make it into the debate, thus raising mainstream awareness of video game issues. So - keep 'em coming!

Due to the large number of new videos, GP will link them all from a single post rather than creating an individual story for each.

Today we have


, a gamer who will vote for the first time in the 2008 presidential election; Dustin, who frames the debate around Grand Theft Auto; Kevin from Sterling Heights, Michigan, who thinks parents should be allowed to choose their kids's games; and Kevin from Detroit, who wonders how future game legislation will be any more effective than the failed efforts of the past.



Hard to say. Jack has been known to post here in the past, and one would think that Dennis would not abide someone impersonating him. Particularly not in this sort of drawn out debate.

However, this Jack's been surprisingly civil compared to some of his past behavior, so it does make one wonder.

Why do we bother giving Miami Jack the time of day? He's turned this site into his personal press release machine. We only help by responding to this crap. End rant.

I did the third video. Could everybody understand me okay? I probably could have looked more professional.


relax i know what you meant i just had to take a jab at the hack lol

"No, I’m at the helm. You just don’t know it."

Right...keep telling yourself that. Just don't let Judge Moore find out that you're claiming this, as you've already been admonished concerning your representation of the Stricklands (or rather, the Court-ordered lack thereof).

"Secondly, I’ll be a fact witness at the trial. That’s another thing you didn’t know. Hooah!"

Fact witness, eh? What, were you there when Devin Moore went on his rampage? Did you witness the event first-hand? Do you have anything to offer against the gaming-industry defendants other than inadmissible hearsay, speculation and conjecture? I think not. The only way you could possibly testify is as some kind of expert--and I'm betting dollars to donuts that there's no WAY Judge Moore lets you get on that stand, as an expert, lay witness or otherwise.

Also, note that once again, Jack ducks the question of summary judgment. I'm guessing that SJ for the defendants is still a great possibility, if not a certainty, given the wealth of case law that cuts against the Stricklands' position.

P.S. Jack, you're not a Marine--your repeated use of "Hooah!" is downright disrespectful, and your cheap imitation of Al Pacino is just sad.


much better example . that was a horrible accident that should not have been allowed to happen, just like jack thompsons birth


Dennis already confirmed that it is.

Has anyone here realized that this guy may not be the real JT. Even he has better things to do know days than to impersonate the inteligence of a YouTube commenter. Is this guy really Jack Thompson?

He is. Otherwise Dennis would of swiped the comments and marked his IP.


Ok, whoa whoa whoa, not what I meant. The Exxon Valdez incident was caused by a grave human error, in this case, we can jsut agree that if Jack was at the helm of that case, it's doomed.

Kevin -

So far your my 2nd favorite, third being the video directly above yours.

Only issue with the video is your statement/question is so long it forces you to talk faster. Also the reflection from your glasses are distracting(making it a bit harder to pay attention to you). I know you have a time limit but I would consider shortening the statement a little bit to slow things down and to make it more easily understood. Also maybe put a piece of paper over your monitor so there isn't a strong glare on your glasses. This will allow you to make a better connection with the viewer.

@ Jack Thompson:

I have a big question for you - can Christians be gamers?

I was the last video.

I had to speak fast to fit it into the 30s time limit.

Also, I suppose I should have made sure I was clear with my point that legislation has been useless thus far and that it seems most trivial to consider future laws on the matter. I thought my opening statement made that point for me.


I hope you don't mind me answering but as I happen to be both a Christian and a gamer I can state that the answer is emphatically yes. I like playing videogames and pen & paper rpgs. I've been playing videogames since the Atari 2600 and pen & paper rpgs since college. I've met a good number of people and have been able to talk about my faith and where I stand on the issues with them because I'm a gamer. Being both allows access to people that just being one or the other wouldn't allow.

Its important that we interact and talk with each other. Its the only way some people will ever hear about the Gospel. At least that's how I feel about the whole thing anyway. I'd be glad to talk more about it off list or over private messages through the forums if you'd like.


Not when there's violent vidya games to (attempt to) be banned!


What about all his imaginary friends? Or the ghost of Dave Thomas? ... oh so they don't count? Nevermind then...


I'm sure he'd have more luck on American Idol anyway, LOL


Apparently. (And yet, we're still here... imagine that. seems like his little 'mission' is failing thus far.)

Know what guys, I think we should ignore the moron. I am as guilty, if not more guilty, than most people here of getting angry with him and letting him have a piece of my mind. But really after stepping back and thinking about it we don't do service to the topic at hand by attacking Jackie boy with words. Lets just pretend he doesn't exist because I think that this man feeds off the negative attention we send his way.

I personally am going to try my best to ignore him and try to keep the discussion on the topic. Even though I do enjoy telling him why he is wrong the point is he doesn't listen he is just trying to get us all upset... and its working.

Lets just progress the topic so we can discuss ways to move the game industry forward and keeping people informed about the truth. We should spread the idea that we love freedom and liberty. Obviously It is upsetting to us all that Jack doesn't enjoy freedom as much as we do but there isn't anything we can do about that.

Has anyone here realized that this guy may not be the real JT. Even he has better things to do know days than to impersonate the inteligence of a YouTube commenter. Is this guy really Jack Thompson?

Finally the videos are getting discussed. Here's some unsolicited advice to the people making the videos, because damn, y'all are looking like the Ritalin set:

1. Practice your speech in front of a friend. A non-gamer friend is the best, since you're addressing this to non-gamers.
2. Use an even tone of voice. This is best helped by #1.
2. Don't stare at the camera from two feet away. This means you probably can't use your webcam.

And I don't care if he's famous, can we just ban Jacko's pointless trolling?

Notice how he posted a newsflash on this site? Its because he knows no one goes to his site, and Dennis is probably tired of hosting stuff about JT.

How much money is it going to take for you to change tail JT? You seem to be a lot about the money. I'm just asking. Honestly, if there was an amount to get you to shutup for the entirety of the rest of you life about video games, the industry, or the people who play them, how much is it? I'm ready to start a Paypal Account working towards this....

Oh and the videos are great. I can't wait to see one of them on the debate and see how the candidates do. I'm trying to find a camera to do my own video...


I was thinking Exxon Valdez

I really don't like the one centering around GTA. Also the one at the top has bad audio

I really have to say E Zachary Knight has everyone else beat. Video and Sound quality(very important) are excellent. You can hear him clearly and his question sounds very intelligent.

jt if you at the helm the im sure the ship will sink like the titanic (hope the other people brought life vests)

can spam karma 2 be made to block jackass

Hey Jack, did it ever occur to you that it's been more than the videogame industry writing letters of complaint to the Florida Bar Association?

I've personally written three, and I wouldn't doubt that a number of gamers out there have written some as well.

wow Jacko is quite busy today.

I searched and there's still no one else that google can find that has anything to say about Ben Kuehne being accused of money laundering.

I did, however, find out this Ben Juehne:
A lawyer’s lawyer and a champion for constitutional rights, Ben Kuehne is recognized in "The Best Lawyers in America", 2000-2006, and Chambers USA America's Leading Lawyers, 2004-2005. His many honors include "Best Lawyer in Miami," Miami New Times 2000, and "Lawyers of the Year" by the National Law Journal (2000).

Yes, this guy is totally less reputable than Jacko.

It is funny what Jacko calls "winning." When's the last time he won a court case?

Oh, and how's that website coming?

One last thing, found the source of that good beautiful or true quote yet? I'm still waiting for you to enlighten us.

Thompson, took you that long to come up with something ressembling some sort of "win", and you didn't even remotely have anything to do with it?

Yeah I don't think it matters what time you get up. You might as well be sleeping.

Seriously, what have you ever done? Apart from harassing people.


"Marketing adult games to kids is not free speech."

What about marketing adult games to adults, such as Take Two does with their Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt line of games. What about those?

Amen Erik

@Jack Thompson

1. Why do you continue to use this site, which you continually defame and whose visitors you insult, as a platform for your "Press Releases" within the context of a story which has NOTHING to do with you or the cases you're involved with directly? You tell us to get our noses out of our cheat codes and this "news" site yet you're here ... hell you're a "regular". Its an insult to us when you ignore the story and post diatribes and press releases.

2. When did Dennis ever wish you to have a heart attack?  Your post above accusing him of this is unfounded. Yes, hundreds of others have wished it upon you but those of us who actually read the stories, discuss things rationally and even TRY to engage in healthy debate with you are all lumped in to the same lot in your eyes. Is ANYONE worthy to you Jack? Anyone? your mom maybe? Your poor wife?

3. I refuse to defend the game industry. They can do that themselves. This site is not about the industry, it is about the PEOPLE who play games and the laws and issues that surround them. Companies big and small in any area of business or entertainment do stupid ugly things and people like you should spare no expense at going after them for those things, but PLEASE for the love of God and the children STOP this incessant and continually attack on US, the gamers, the people. We're human, we're not some company, we're gamers yes, but PEOPLE first. All ages, all sexes, all religions... give US a break Jack. for once!

"No, I never sleep. The early bird destroys the gamer worms."

Seriously? He actually wrote that?



I'd also like to add something. As far as this goes:


I reply with

Proverbs 16:5 "Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished."

Jack, you can't even get your facts straight when you say you're leaving for the day. How do you expect us to take you seriously when you start proclaiming all these "victories" that had absolutely nothing to do with you?

Your tendency for lies and narcissistic self-promotion is pathetic. I don't know why you even bother coming here anymore, because everyone here is too intelligent to fall for them. You have no credibility here, and you clearly don't have much in the legal community either. If you did, you wouldn't have so much free time to post here during the day. You'd be busy actually working on cases for clients other than yourself.

@A.H rumpf

That's a stupid custom, and no one seems to complain when someone opens the topic with something other than first. Jack feel free to ignore the "custom".

Anyway, some nice videos, i don't think we need much more.


I didn't bother looking. I was after a copy of The Sims complete collection

I wouldn't pick it up, that game was crap. By the way, if you "won" that case, which you weren't a part of, you had a whole lot of help.

When I said see you tomorrow, I meant it.

That is rich. GW, JT, and his cronies feel the need to attack a game based on a book that many Christians actually like and has undoubtedly (along with the movies) brought more people to the faith. If anything, they should have been supporting the 'Left Behind' game as promoting the truth of their religious values and the message they want people to keep in their head. I mean, let us be clear here. Left Behind is a work of fiction right? It is based on a fictional reality in which the religious doctrines were truly warnings about a horrible future. A horrible future full of antichrist supporters and other unsavory characters wishing to capitalize on the collapse of organized societies.

How is this game ANY different than what is preached on Sundays and Saturdays and Wednesdays and such in some churches with a thumping palm against the bible and lung-wrenching calls of hellfire and brimstone? Was it too close to election time? Did homosexuals somehow get selected out in the game as enemies to kill? How is the supposed bigotry of that game any different than the nonsense the 700 Club and others push down peoples' throats? If I were Christian and had liked the books I would be very upset about the double-standard initiated by my Christian overlords. Much like how I am disturbed over the double-standard videogames face that movies and other medium now escape. I guess it's a good thing I'm pagan then. I treat all faiths the same, and learn what I can from each filtering the BS a good deal as needed. It is the organized application of the beliefs that really turns me off though. Maybe they attacked the game so that it WOULD sell more? I know I bought the Bible Game for PS2 just to see how bad/strange it would be.

regarding A.H. Rumpf and jdecamp,

I'm not going to waste my time being nice to a person who is a massacre chaser, tells people to commit suicide, wishes cancer on people, and mocks suicides. I'm not above sinking to their level, and don't think he doesn't have crap like this coming to him. Its like I said in a previous thread; I don't show compassion to these people, whether it be Jack Thompson, Fred Phelps, Dick Cheney, etc

Here's one I won, which even Mr. McCauley will verify:

Producers of the Left Behind videogame were faced with a storm of controversy after Christian blogger Jonathan Hutson exposed its eliminationist overtones in a series of posts on the website Talk2Action. Statements by the Anti-Defamation League, the Conference on American Islamic Relations, the Christian Alliance for Progress, and others condemned the game and demanded that Walmart pull it from its shelves. Even Marvin Olasky, the evangelical publisher, intellectual author of "compassionate conservatism," and a force behind the George W. Bush Administration's White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives," denounced the Left Behind videogame. In a blog post on the website of his World Magazine, Olasky described the game's content as akin to "the way homicidal Muslims think." As a result of the fallout, Left Behind Games fired its senior VP and released three board members.

I didn't see your name anywhere in that Jack. Quit trying to take victories from others.

Note re Alabama wrongful death case arising out of GTA copycat:

No, I'm at the helm. You just don't know it.

Secondly, I'll be a fact witness at the trial. That's another thing you didn't know. Hooah!


If any were even remotely true, we'd have heard about it by now via this site.

and again, didn't you say you were done for the day?


I spotted several copies for sale at a local Meijer, stock was full, of course


Jack actually reminded me to pick up a copy of the game, squarely because he didn't like the game. how cheap were they in your area? they were still $20 over here.

Oh, and on another note, didn't you say you were done for the day, Jacko?

Gee, I thought you were done for the day, guess your word can't be taken seriously in any regard whatsoever.

For the record, the WalMart near me had two copies in stock last week, so I guess you didn't win anything, as it wasn't banned like you wanted, and wasn't even completely pulled like you wanted to settle for.

Hey Jack, two things -

A) It sucks that people are still dumb enough to wish physical harm on you, but it's the Internet - there are dumb people all over and now they can say whatever they want to everyone around the world. So ignore all of these people who say stuff like "have a heart attack" or whatever.
B) If you're making the first comment on a blog post, it's customary to just write "First!"

I'm going to guess a McClain hearing refers to the John McClain character from the Die Hard movies. :p

Does that mean he gets to say,"Yippee-ki-yay motherf**r!!!" to the judge? ;)

Oh Jacky boy:

"As to whether I’m insane. I’m not The Bar says so. Norm Kent pulled that stunt and it backfired. Go ask him about it."

Hey, and we all know how much you think of the Bar, so which one are we going with, theyre okay and thus are right in saying your sane, or theyre all corrupt and wrong? I keep seeing your incredible ability to disregard your own opinions when they come back to bite you in the ass

A prime example isL

"Nobody said people can’t criticize me. It’s protected by the First Amendment. I don’t know what you think you read that would indicate I’m opposed to free speech. Marketing adult games to kids is not free speech. Neither is filing Bar complaints and lawsuits as the video game industry does to shut down my speech. That’s the hypocrisy you need to consider. Don’t make this stuff up. It isn’t true. Got it?"

Why dont we ask scott ramsoomair of VG cats who you threatened to sue because he was 'harassing' you based on an email correspondence you started?

Or how about penny arcade? and youre attempt to shut down their 'extortion factory' (your words) because they chose to disagree with you and gave money to charity on your behalf.

Ah the modest proposal, your backtracking at its finest, of course you do contest its seriousness, so you're either a horrible human being for rescinding promises to charity or a horrible human being for making an offer to charity as a joke/satirical method. Either way doesnt spell good things for Jack.

And wake up, GTA4 was delayed for technical reasons, games often get delayed because of their complexity, especially this generation, of course for someone who hates without reason or knowledge we wouldnt expect you to know the details of the very field your opposed to.

Ugh, my post was cut off

“and he’s headed to trial in Alabama in January with all of his company’s assets on the line.”


"Neither is filing Bar complaints and lawsuits as the video game industry does to shut down my speech."

With all you've done ,all the lies you spat out, why are you even surprised? The way you act, these people have every right to file such complaints. No one is trying to "shut down" your speech, you're doing it to yourself. It's not your speech they have issues with, it's your actions, and Jack, I don't think untruthful speech if protected, as that is hate speech at it's core, because you have to hate someone to want to tell lies about them, and you hate anyone who disagrees with you.

Face it Jack, you're trying to avoid that psych evaluation because you're scare,d scared of your baseball bat being tossed into the chipper.

You already lost Jack, deal with it.



@Jack Thompson, massacre/hearse chaser

There Thompson, I corrected your username for you.


"I so much appreciate the wish that I have a heart attack. Thanks, Dennis."

That wasn't Dennis' fault, he's not completely responsible for the speech of "others. In fact he discourages such wishes against you.

"Nobody said people can’t criticize me. It’s protected by the First Amendment."

Very funny since you always try to have your critics silenced.

"Marketing adult games to kids is not free speech."

How many times do we have to tell you. For the thousandth time, THESE GAMES ARE NOT, WILL NOT, AND NEVER HAVE BEEN MARKETED TOWARD CHILDREN!!!!! When you made this claim I watched several TV channels geared toward children to see how many times I spotted a commercial for an M rated game, guess how many commercials of that nature I saw during the day, when kids are most likely to watch those channels. Guess how many I saw? NONE, ZIP, ZERO, NADA!!!! And don't try the magazine argument on me as someone has to buy the kid the magazine os they can see it, and don't try to count the hours when shows like CSI are being shown because children are NOT supposed to be seeing those programs anyway. I don't see you suing Spike TV for showing CSI at a times when a kid MIGHT see it.

"Manhunt 2 was a disaster because of him, GTA:IV is delayed because he’s been too busy proclaiming murder simulators “fine art” to run the company"

No, no, and again, NO! Manhunt 2 was a disaster because the ESRB marked it with an AO rating, which I bet you were REALLY happy with, and Grand Theft Auto 4 had been delayed so that Rockstar has more time to work on it and release a finer product, and I was wondering when that term would come up again, Murder simulator. I don't see any of the games being played with a light gun, and even so a light gun in no way mimicks a real weapon, and don't try the Wii remote argument, as that in no way can simulate recoil, jamming, reloading, weight, resistance, or ANY property of a real weapon.

As for the game being "not art" or "not speech" as you like to put it, that's YOUR opinion and YOUR opinion alone, that doesn't make it an absolute fact.

"and he’s headed to trial in Alabama in January with all of his company’s assets on the line."

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