Dr. Phil Invited Me, Says Jack Thompson

August 15, 2007 -
Yesterday, GamePolitics reported that popular TV shrink Dr. Phil was planning to tape a video game violence episode, featuring a mysterious "game violence specialist" later this week.

Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson subsequently posted a comment to the story, claiming that he was initially invited to be a guest on the program:
Dr. Phil’s people called me last week, and at that point they were going to take the show in the direction of video game violence. They indicated they wanted me on the show.

I got a call yesterday, and they decided to take the show in a different direction, with the focus on role-playing game addiction. They have a girl who has that problem.

Look, I’m giving you the straight scoop here... Dr. Phil’s people were very nice, very professional, and quite enthusiastic. Of course, Dr. Phil was spot-on after V-Tech...

Thompson is referring to comments made by Dr. Phil just one day after the Virginia Tech shootings which seemed to blame the massacre on video games. Many gamers were outraged by remarks.

As we reported yesterday, there was also some discussion about Entertainment Consumers Association president Hal Halpin appearing on the show, but Hal was told that Dr. Phil had lined up a "game violence specialist."

GP is working to track down the details concerning the upcoming Dr. Phil episode and will post them as soon as we can.


Game violence specialist? lol i guess we're all game violence experts then because we all know more about it than jack does.

Hell he's shown he fails to grasp the concept of user created content, how can he be considered an expert on anything to do with games?

Oh, and my cell phone records prove they called me, for the paranoids in the blogosphere.

They could have put someone with intelligence on but oh know they decided to put on Jack

paranoids? this coming from the person who thinks theres some giant videogame industrial conspiracy against him. Face it jacky boy, no one cares enough about you to conspire against you, youre not a good enough lawyer to bother anyone anyway.

Um, wasn't Jack issued with a restraining order against using this site?

Mr. Thompson, I don't care whether it is true or not. What I am concerned about is the truth (or, more accurately, the lack of it) of this statement:
"Of course, Dr. Phil was spot-on after V-Tech…"
No, he wasn't. The police did NOT connect the actions of that one, insane, lost soul with gaming, or with an entire group that enjoys that recreation.
I, myself, am not planning on shooting people, in fact I am planning on doing aid work in Darfur some time in the future. Please, try to fit that in somewhere with your "evil gamer" theory.

A fake doctor and fake lawyer at the same place at the same time?

The universe will implode!

Hey what time is the show on thursday? I want to catch it.

Radio Guy,
Huh? Not to my knowledge. Dennis had previous banned John Bruce for violations of GP posting policy and even IP blocked him.

Mr. John Bruce "I'm above all laws, rules, and policies" Thompson apparently, according to Dennis, started using a different IP address, which circumvented the IP block. And Dennis, during the recent 4 part rebuttal to an interview John Bruce did with PopZArt, decided to, probationally for lack of a better word, allow John Bruce posting privilages. At least until John Bruce breaks the rules again. Or so I understand.

NW2K Software

Of course, as he stated in that comment, you guys at GP will not be reporting it correctly. I guess pretty much his last 4 statements were just personal jabs at the commentors and the last statement a specific jab at GP itself.

Anyway, I feel it necessary to post here what I stated in the previous post.

I feel the problem is not with games or developers. It’s with our flawed ratings system which, lets face it, was spawned out of pure panic and fear of government regulation of the gaming industry, nuch in the same way the MPAA was. The problem is also with parents refusing to acknowledge that they have a problem and instead try to use our government to make laws to do the title jobs they should be doing: Parenting.

Lets be honest with each other. a 9 year old kid cannot get his hands on an M-rated game. Granted he could get a game rated teen with relatively no difficulty as there are no policies (I’m aware of) or laws against it (for the time being, at this rate). However, given current store policies, there is no way he could get his hands on that game, especially if the location is a GameStop or EB Games.

In addition, chances are a kid in that general range is not going to have $50 ($60 for the new generation of games) laying around to buy a game with. An adult is going to have to provide the resources to buy him that game. On that note, a parent must take upon some level of responsibility for providing the resources for a child to buy the game and take the blame for such rather than trying to redirect all blame and responsibility onto the developer, the publisher, and the ratings sytem; All whom did there job as they were supposed to.

This entire mess makes no sense to me. It just seems that a great deal of parents don’t want to take responsibility for their (simply stated) fuck ups to me.

Anyway, I wonder if Thompson will suggest that we waste tax dollars to create laws for the purpose of doing something similar to what China does with people they feel are addicted to the net.

Still don't care. Dr. Quack is pretty farked in the head.

As to the Dr. Phil show, anything he does on video games would be the equivilant of a TV show run by Fred Phelps on homosexuality. And any "experts" Dr. Phil brings on supposedly "proving" claims against video games and gamers would be the equivilant of Fred Phelps's "experts" that homosexuality is "dangerous" to heterosexuals.

The use of "homosexuality" may start to fall under the Godwin Law, but really, I'm comparing the competency of Dr. Phil and Fred Phelps as being able to judge anything without bias. In other words, they couldn't if their lives depended on it. Nor could any of their "experts" that they would call.
Hence why John Bruce was called.

NW2K Software

"for the paranoids in the blogosphere."

Self reference?

Dr. Phil was completely in the wrong with the statements he made after the VTech shootings.

We have already pointed out the flaws in his statements, but it just doesn't seem to sink in for some people. Refusing to give in and accept defeat is an admirable trait in a sports team, or someone facing difficulty in their life, but when it is an argument you are proven wrong in, then it's just silly.

Dr Phil said: "You cannot tell me - common sense tells you that if these kids are playing video games, where they’re on a mass killing spree in a video game, it’s glamorized on the big screen, it’s become part of the fiber of our society. You take that and mix it with a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness and add in a dose of rage, the suggestibility is too high."

If you are "a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness and add in a dose of rage", then anything can set you off. My girlfriend is a psychiatric nurse and a patient in a facility she worked in was comitted for beating up a women he saw operating an ATM. He believed that he owned all the money in the bank and that she was stealing from him.

You can't just pick one thing that is ALLEGED to have set off a person like this. If you want to blame video games for the actions of "a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness" then you must also blame everything else that has caused similar actions such as the music of the Beatles (Charles Manson), the novel Catcher in The Rye Mark David Chapman), ATM machines (as in my previous example), abuse during childhood (John Wayne Gacy), etc.

Dr Phil also said: "We’re going to have to start addressing those issues and recognizing that the mass murders of tomorrow are the children of today that are being programmed with this massive violence overdose."

Incorrect. The mass murderers of tomorrow are indeed children of today, but they will not be murderers because of being "programmed" with violent media. They will be murderers because like every one before them, they will be as Dr Phil himself said, "a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness", and something will happen to set them off. Getting rid of violent media will do nothing to prevent future mass murderers. The only way they can be stopped is through early detection of their mental problems and proper care and treatment.

Everyone we should allow Jack Thompson to post here so we can have a good time challenging him. I do not believe we should go to Jack Thompson's level and take away his right to challenge us. We are winning anyway with the comments. I have a good time seeing what Jack has to say each time he post here so we can comment on what he has to say. We should show him that we are not just gamers that know nothing. We should allow him to post anytime to challenge him. And by the way, I congratulate all the gamers that post videos to let the challengers for the presidential debate know that we have the right to play whatever we want.

I'm in hte UK so dont understand this fully but if memory serves don't you have a court ruling in the US that demonstrates that games dont cause violent actions. It strikes me that it is just another attack on a hobby that openly promotes freedom of thought and expresion.

I just think its funny when he posts, replies really aren't necessary. Of course it always gets funnier when he posts in response to other peoples comments about his previous posts...

I wish the word 'expert' meant something these days...

@ Michael

Nah, he just spouts inane accusations and baseless legal threats at anyone who actually, through the use of FACT, tears his claims a new one...

That is, almost anyone who has ever posted in the same news article as Jack..

I think it would be great if the episode was for Jack instead of including him.

@ Jack

It's not your views against us that make us dislike you, It's the lying, hissy fits, and all around unethical behavior you display to EVERYONE. How does your family TRUTHFULLY feel about your crusade? Now, there is a way to be civilized and hold onto the your passion of anti-games that you so dearly love....there called Jehovah's Witnesses.

Not surprised, not impressed, not gonna watch.

Dr. Phil's a very big name in entertainment. I wouldn't be surprised if everybody started following Jack Thompson's "idealism". Just what we need: Religion in video games.

Please be a "christian" elsewhere. Why did I put it in quotes? 'Cause there's two kinds of 'em now: Ones that'll kill you for disagreeing and ones that won't.

@ Jack Thompson

No one is doubting that you have been called by Dr. Phil's people. So don't worry. We don't want you accusing us of a vast conspiracy to not believe that you have been called.

As for the DR. Phil show, I have never watched and I am not sure if I will watch this. I just don't think that I will be able to withstand the massive dose of hyperbole and misconceptions that will be construed throughout the show. As well, the "advice" that he will give might just give me an anuerism.

I was just reading through some of the comments in the other thread after the JT ones and I find it funny that JT thinks that Dennis doesn't tell us the truth. With every article that Gamepolitics prints, Dennis includes all associated links to reports, press releases, blogs, anything that has anything to do with the topic. Yet when JT sends out press releases or court documents, he claims to have "evidence" provided by "experts" yet he never provides this "evidence" not does he provide the names of his "experts"

So who am I supposed to believe? The one who provides further information, or the one who claims to have further information yet never provides it?

So in the end, Dr. Phil, a doctor I wouldn't trust to give me or anyone sensible advice, decided not to have Jack on his show to give advice on video games. I don't know how to feel about that. I mean, on one hand I'm glad Jack's not gunna be on the show, but on the other, I really don't like Dr. Phil.

But seriously, does Jack have to keep saying stuff about Virginia Tech and it having to deal with video games when the police said it didn't?


Yup, like E. Zachary Knight said, we're not accusing you of not going on. We're accusing you of being the egotistical, lie-spewing jackass you are.

Anyhow, this whole thing reminds me of something I heard about (I tried to look for video, but to no avail). Apparently, there was an episode of Tyra where they talked about us pagans, and satanists. But it was such BS, because she didn't listen to anything they said and kept asking ridiculous questions like "Do you cast death spells?" and repeating incorrect statements, like "I can't believe I got people who worship Satan!" If you know anything about that stuff, harm against others is very much frowned upon nor is that what magic really is, and secondly, real Satanists have nothing to do with the Christian devil at all. In fact, I find some of it rather reasonable; it's most certainly not a bad faith. But then at the end, they got this uber-christian, supposedly an ex-witch, woman who came on and started spewing nonsense on how evil it was and such.

The worst part though, was I read some of the comments on their website, and there was some like "Oh wow Tyra, you have really opened my eyes" and praise and such. It makes me sick; she taught nothing, and anyone who considered it informative, they learned nothing either, yet people believe all the same.

And sadly, if little boy Jacky is on Dr. Phil, as said earlier, the same thing will happen there; there will people who actually believe the falsity of this crap, because Dr. Phil says this or that.

So I guess the show's producers don't seem to care that their "expert" has a long string of ethics complaints/charges to say nothing of the fact he is under psychological evaluation.

Good going.

Shut the hell up.

If "Doctor" Phil was really interested in a fair, balanced, and truly informative episode he would have two guests. One who believes games cause violence and one who doesn't.

Before the comments got deleted on the previous Dr Phil story, GamerDad said he was approached, but they lost interest when they realized he didn't think games lead to violence. I added that GamerDad would of been a great guest, not just for the discussion, but also because he can give parents the tools they need understand games with his site. A simple plug would do that job. The refusal to use him reveals that Phil has no interest in informing his audience.

Let's face facts. Media has little to no impact on people. I can watch 300, The Matrix, or Terminator all day, then play Gears of War, or Resistance and still be horrified by a dead animal. The worst those movies and games could do is desentize you to fictional violence.

Video games are practically brand new, but some of the most famous murders are much older. Manson? Son of Sam? Jack the Ripper? Any of these sound familiar? Its odd, but I'm unaware of any modern serial killers. Have there been any knife wielding lunatics recently (I'm not counting bombers)?


No I am pretty sure a small black hole will form and pull them into one monstrous being.

@Jack Thompson, Soon to be Ex-Attorney

Then let's see them, since last time anyone asked about phone records for some reason you couldn't be bothered to get them.

"Oh, and my cell phone records prove they called me, for the paranoids in the blogosphere."

Oh don't worry Jack we believe you. After Virginia Tech Dr. Phil proved to be nothing more than a media sensationalist by riding your coat tails on the "Cho" was a gamer thing, without evidence, hours after the event. It would surprise me if such a louse didn't invite you.

i guess this just confirms my suspicions that dr phil doesn't know what he's talking about. and now jack is switching to game addiction. well just so he knows, everything can be addictive. driving a car is addictive to some people, soda pop is addictive to some people, and yes games and MMO games are addictive to some people. everyone has their addiction. even jack is addicted to being in the spot light and hearing himself talk.

@Jack Thompson

1. No one cares about your cell phone
2. No one is paranoid about you
3. It doesn't matter what you say on Dr Phil's show, he's already lost credibility.
4. It doesn't matter what you say ever, you lost credibility when you called me a nazi gamer
5. Dr Phil was wrong about Virginia Tech, Just as you were/are
6. The fact that you had to make a comment in a story just to tell Dennis about this proves how pathetic you are
7. I'm pretty sure most people that have seen you on tv aren't going to watch this, since you'll just grandstand and spew lies faster than a speeding bullet
8. Anyone who does watch it, should be able to see your grandstanding for themselves and thus ignore you.

Meh. I couldn't care less if JT got called by DP. Why would JT lie about it? There's no point, especially if he's not even going to be on the show. And it's not like it affects anything. Much better to lie about stuff like getting Jeb Bush on the phone, when really it was just some office lackey...

Phil wants some sorry sap he can parade around before giving them vague advice that anyone studying 1st year Psych would spit out.

What the girl with the addiction problem needs is REAL help, not Dr. Phil. He won't counsel and supervise her every week as she deals with her addiction. He won't delve into why she spends all her time on the computer instead of with RL friends (my guess, she has very few, and this was before she got addicted...). The parents will assume that the game brainwashed her, and they're helpless, and the only thing they can think of is to take her computer away, without realizing that it might be the only social interaction their daughter gets nowadays.

Phil won't deal with any of the underlying issues at all....
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Phoenix Wright is more of an attorney than Jackie Boy will ever be.

And he's fucking dead.


Well fo course, in this Jack can inject his message into the eyeballs of his new army, over concerned parents who are hell bent on completely wussifying their kids.


However their ideas will still escape because they lack substance


That's the thing, they want freedom of thought and expression extinguished. Remember the independent thought alarms from The Simpsons? we're close to that being real.

@Jack Thompson:

You seem to really like this website. You just keep coming back to this "worst example of a game industry stooge".

Every person I know would distantiate his or herself from websites which they know would never agree with their statements or sympathize with their beliefs. You just keep coming back to the people you call "paranoid", people that will never give you the attention that you want. Unless you like negative attention and you're just out to hurt your own feelings.

Please tell me why! It baffles me..

@Jack Thompson

By the way Thompson, what was your basis for saying Cho was a gamer. Let me guess, because he was heavy set and asian, that was your only real reason, because, all asians are gamers, right? [/sarcasm]

I'd go as far as calling JT a Nazi, but calling everyone who disagrees with them Nazis is now the trademark of JT, the Republican party and the rest of those right-wing racists out there.

@ las

Wow. Just wow. That post was full of irony.

@ Everyone

Quit feeding the troll. Though, of course, when you put down the @ JT, I know not to bother reading it.

@ Nightwing2000

I agree with you. Having Dr. Phil do something on video games is exactly like Fred Phelps (or any of his cult/clan) doing something on homosexuality. Or Sweden. Or America for that matter.

I've never liked Dr. Phil - even before the whole V-Tech bollocks. He's a real sensationalist. The only doctor I'll watch on TV is the one who travels through time in a police box.

By the way, since Dennis McCauley has proven once again, by this thread, his Jack Thompson obsession, please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah!

Did I say racists? I meant to say Nazis.

las Says:

August 15th, 2007 at 10:30 am
I’d go as far as calling JT a Nazi, but calling everyone who disagrees with them Nazis is now the trademark of JT, the Republican party and the rest of those right-wing racists out there.

I'm a republican, and there's a lot less racism in the republican party than the democrat party, so get some facts before you come with that weak ass bullshit.

One example? Affirmative Action.

As for Jack Thompson, I fear he suffers from Paranoia (and probably schizophrenia) coupled with an extremely large egocentric ideal.

This conversation has officially been Godwin'd.


@ Deja Q

You mean you don't like House?

If it's true that "Dr." Phil has tapped JT for his show, then it just proves what a complete hack he is and how he is only interested in hype and sensationalism rather than actually dealing with real issue. He should be ashamed of himself and so should those who give him ratings.


In my opinion you CAN'T be addicted to a video game. The people that "are"... are just using them to escape their lives. Which for one reason or another they aren't happy with. My brother was "addicted" and by that I mean he wasn't. It's not a physical need he could stop playing it at a moments notice which he did many a time to do things with the family. This was just after he lost his job. He has since found a new job and is doing just fine. (just in case you were wondering)

I'd be willing to bet money on it that this girl isn't addicted but hiding from her life for some reason. She needs a therapist to find the cause of these symptoms not to be paraded on stage for "Help" from Dr. Phil.

@ James Hitchcock, Gamer

Yeah, a lot of people with 'addictions' use them to hide behind or to escape people, events, or just to not do the societal norms.
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