Dr. Phil Invited Me, Says Jack Thompson

Yesterday, GamePolitics reported that popular TV shrink Dr. Phil was planning to tape a video game violence episode, featuring a mysterious “game violence specialist” later this week.

Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson subsequently posted a comment to the story, claiming that he was initially invited to be a guest on the program:

Dr. Phil’s people called me last week, and at that point they were going to take the show in the direction of video game violence. They indicated they wanted me on the show.

I got a call yesterday, and they decided to take the show in a different direction, with the focus on role-playing game addiction. They have a girl who has that problem.

Look, I’m giving you the straight scoop here… Dr. Phil’s people were very nice, very professional, and quite enthusiastic. Of course, Dr. Phil was spot-on after V-Tech…

Thompson is referring to comments made by Dr. Phil just one day after the Virginia Tech shootings which seemed to blame the massacre on video games. Many gamers were outraged by remarks.

As we reported yesterday, there was also some discussion about Entertainment Consumers Association president Hal Halpin appearing on the show, but Hal was told that Dr. Phil had lined up a “game violence specialist.”

GP is working to track down the details concerning the upcoming Dr. Phil episode and will post them as soon as we can.

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    […] He’s gone too far this time: Things have been remarkably quiet on the Jack Thompson front recently; hell, what with GTA IV held back until next year and Manhunt 2 currently trying to appeal its unrated classification from the BBFC, you’d think he’d be sitting back, sipping on some margaritas and psyching himself up for a new year chock full of violent digital atrocities to campaign against. But no, it seems that Thompson’s crusade knows no rest – the lawyer recently revealed in a comment on an unrelated topic on Game Politics that his sights are now set on BioShock. […]

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    Jack Thompson, Attorney says:

    How do we know if this “Jack Thompson, Attorney” is the real Jack Thompson at all? Because this one article cited a quote from one of these comments, but right now, all I had to do was copy-paste the name. For all we know, the below “Jack Thompson” quotes could be from some 9-year old.

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    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    nah, if I’d seen the fakes, I’d have zapped them. I let “Dr. Phil” stand, since it’s obvious that’s not really Dr. Phil. With Thompson posting here, fakes are clearly more of a problem.

  8. 0

    @GP, yeah I wasn’t criticizing, I just thought it was odd since you chimed in so soon after the fake and rather obnoxious fake-jack post that you must have read it because you were responding to people who were talking about fake jack posts yadda yadda…

  9. 0
    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I don’t let faux posts stand – when I find them. To be honest, I don’t have the time to read every comment.

    I’ll take a look and zap any additional fake Jacks that I find.

    One problem is that the real JT hasn’t registered, which would make the fakes very obvious to everyone.

  10. 0
    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Tack… FYI, the hooah! thing: Miami Jack is a big admirer of Col. Dave Grossman, another game violence critic. Grossman was an Army Ranger (those folks say Hooah!)…

    Also, we’ve had the occasional service member on here who objects to JT (who has never been in the military) using the term…

    So that’s where Thompson’s use of Hooah comes from. He’s been using it a long time.

  11. 0
    Tack Jhompson says:

    Definate proof jack thompson never said anything bout bioshock:

    Last word in the post was “hooah”, wich is an Army-thing.

    Voilence=Jack Thompson crying
    Jack Thompson crying=Win

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    Satanist in Seattle says:

    This is just ridiculous. I don’t see why BioShock should even be being chased by Jack here (Yeah, I know, bad grammar, so sue me.)

    Because nothing says uber-realistic, can’t tell apart from real-life, like a crumbling underwater utopia, inhabited by lumber machines, deformed crazies, and green-eyed little girls circa 1960.

    He’d probably be going after Viva Pinata: Party Animals if Take Two or Rockstar were publishing it. (If one acquired the other, or merged, or something, my bad.)

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    David says:

    What about laws punishing the parents that let their children play violent videogames? Why punish artists? Shouldn’t those who are contributing to violence and delinquency by making certain games available to children (like WALMART) be held responsible? Rockstar makes games for adults, such as myself and all of my friends who play violent games. And none of us have ever even been arrested.

    And I started playing violent videogames when I was 6, killing Ganon in the Legend of Zelda.

    Here’s a thought: Jack Thompson, deal with one of the truly tragic things happening in the world. Darfur, starvation in Africa, the Asian slave-trade, corporations in South America arresting people for collecting rain water, people polluting our air.

    Seriously, all the shit happening in the world, and this idiot thinks videogames are somehow the most important issue to address. Right, and we should ban all books that describe violence, too. Oh, and the Iraq War, because that’s REALLY violent.

  14. 0
    Jordan Lund says:

    Jack, I keep waiting for your explanation as to why the violent crime rate is at it’s lowest point in 40 years. If these games are “murder simulators” and corrupting millions of kids then why aren’t we seeing a corresponding increase in violent crime?


    “Juvenile crime statistics rates have steadily dropped since 1994 when crimes involving juveniles reached a record high. Since 1994, juvenile crime statistics have dropped by forty seven percent.”

    I find it odd that the modern era of violent video gaming began in 1993 with the release of Doom and the juvenile crime rate began to drop almost immediately after it came out. Games have grown more and more violent since then and yet the crime rate is cut almost in half. It’s the polar opposite of what Jack Thompson predicts.

  15. 0
    B. Wilcox, Esq. says:

    Jack, you’re a blight on our profession and your very real vitriol and rancor is far worse than the simulated and fantasized violence inherent in the gaming industry’s products. Your personal crusades are tiresome and evidence of your own personal insecurities, and I steadfastly hope that your maniacal ranting continues to fall on deaf ears.

    Go get some more face time on FOX News or shoot the bull with Dr. Phil. Neither outlet has any credibility, but if they scratch your publicity itch, then by God have a blast. Be sure to issue some more self-aggrandizing “press releases” while you’re at it.

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    […] He’s gone too far this time: Things have been remarkably quiet on the Jack Thompson front recently; hell, what with GTA IV held back until next year and Manhunt 2 currently trying to appeal its unrated classification from the BBFC, you’d think he’d be sitting back, sipping on some margaritas and psyching himself up for a new year chock full of violent digital atrocities to campaign against. But no, it seems that Thompson’s crusade knows no rest – the lawyer recently revealed in a comment on an unrelated topic on Game Politics that his sights are now set on BioShock. […]

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    […] August 16, 2007 @ 11:07 pm } · { Jack Thompson, Violent, bioshock, Gaming, violence, games, News, Uncategorized } Mr.Thompson’s crusade against violent video games continues, as he sets his sights on 2K Games’ “BioShock.” Things have been remarkably quiet on the Jack Thompson front recently; hell, what with GTA IV held back until next year and Manhunt 2 currently trying to appeal its unrated classification from the BBFC, you’d think he’d be sitting back, sipping on some margaritas and psyching himself up for a new year chock full of violent digital atrocities to campaign against. But no, it seems that Thompson’s crusade knows no rest – the lawyer recently revealed in a comment on an unrelated topic on Game Politics that his sights are now set on BioShock. […]

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    Fake Jack Thompson says:

    @DavCube, I wasn’t talking to Dennis, rather everyone one on Digg, IGNBoards, and the like because they appear to be going up in arms about something which is more then likely fake.

  19. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Cavalier

    What i posed before was kinda a rhetorical question, but thanks anyway.

    @ Fake, Point-Proving JT

    Dennis wasn’t saying that anything with JT’s name on it was automatically posted by him. He’s just saying that through his experience, the real JT has said similar things on this site before. So it’s hard to tell sometimes. That’s all.

  20. 0
    deuxhero ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Corporations are so big, you don’t even know who you’re working for. That’s terror. Terror built into the system.

  21. 0
    Your mother says:

    Hell yeah, remember back before there was TV and video games, when there were no murders or rapes or any other types of violent crime? Man those were the days.

  22. 0
    Cavalier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Mock him, enjoy it, move on? I mean really, when we’re damned if we do and if we don’t, we may as well do whichever one is least damaging or most amusing.

  23. 0
    Benji, 'Attorney' says:

    @Picho: Fair enough. You caught me – I’ve watched the game being played from time to time, enough to see him appear a few times, but never actually played it myself.

  24. 0
    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Majestic… trust me, that’s him.

    @GamerDad… I was sorry to see you post about that get eaten by Tuesday’s spam filter implosion. Can you send me something on your interaction with Dr. Phil’s people? Or are you writing something on it yourself?

  25. 0
    green_ghost5 says:

    What a fag, I swear, game violence specilist.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!AHWW IT HURTS TO LAUGH!!!
    this really made my morning, the only specialists are the gamers themselves, we know what it is like, they don’t that simple

    it’s like taking some doctor from china and saying he is a american football specialist. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  26. 0
    Majestic_12_x ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Personally, I don’t think the person posting as “Jack Thompson, Attorney” is really Jack. I’ve seen my fair share of phony Jack posts, and this just seems completely unlikely. Dennis, if it is him, you can add that name to the one-hundred plus names he’s gone by on Game Politics so far.

    Jack, if that’s really you, I think you need to take a visit to this website. I hear they have top notch services, and you look like you could use a good cranial spelunking.


    I wouldn’t doubt that Dr. Phil contacted “violent game specialist” Jack Thompson on the show, it just goes to show that idiots and sensationalists think alike.

  27. 0
    Archgabe ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson, loser with no life (and this is comming from a gamer!)

    “By the way, since Dennis McCauley has proven once again, by this thread, his Jack Thompson obsession, please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah! “

    Umm… Didn’t you accuse Dennis of not giving you as much attention as you felt you diserved? Didn’t you say he was not reporting on your antics every time you sent him a “press release”? What do you want from him?

    Dennis, I think you have a bonafied stalker on your hands.

    (Please note: When I say “press release” I really am saying “love letters addressed only to Dennis”.)

  28. 0
    Lost Question ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Benji, ‘Attorney’

    Alma from F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R. Extraction

    *Thar He Spoilers Here*

    Alma who for the better part of FEAR is seen as a child untill her full self is released then shes a dessicated mummy that is ironically the antagonist and protagonist’s mother thou she dosnt remember the player and trys to kill him on many occasions as well as generally messing with your mind. But she remembers you in extraction point and helps you in a few occasions

    *Thee Spoilers Be Done Lad/Lass*

  29. 0
    Benji, 'Attorney' says:

    @diceman: Midboss from Disgaea might also work – extremely full of himself and thinks he’s incredibly awesome, but everyone else thinks he’s silly and makes up bad nicknames for him. I could also see him as Ultros from FF6, or maybe Seifer from FF8.
    A million internet points to GP if you collect nominations and hold a GP poll on what VG villain JT most represents. Yes, I’m in favor of less JT coverage here, even though I see the logic behind it, and yes, it’s more attention than he perhaps deserves, but I think the scientific value of such a study cannot be ignored.

  30. 0
    Murry ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If Jacko was hoping to do something about bioshock hes rather late isnt he? It got through the ERSB just fine. The game is already apparently in stores and been sold in some locations. Hes certainly also not going to be able to get stores to not sell it on its actual launch date which is less than a week from now. Plus as others have pointed out, theres a link which prevents him from even really touching it.

    oh what am I doing. Its Jack Thompson for crying out loud. All he does is claim forthcoming disaster and then flounder horribly on the occasions he actualy tries to acoomplish something.

  31. 0
    jonc2006 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    thompson, the day you actually pull off something successful against bioshock will be the day everyone who reads this site gets on their knees and kisses your ass. and i think we all know the chances of that ever happening.

  32. 0
    Craig R. says:

    “By the way, since Dennis McCauley has proven once again, by this thread, his Jack Thompson obsession,”

    Hmm. I think it’s the other way around. I think you’ve got a fascination with certain parts of Dennis’ anatomy, parts that you yourself do not have, seeing as you continue to post in these threads, when we’d all be better off if you just disappeared off the face of the earth.

    Oh, wait is that another threat on my part?

  33. 0
    diceman says:

    for some reason when JT talks i think of a villian…


    also dr.quack has never made a single sane comment its always dancing around the issue to draw ratings.

    ps:jt&quack in ur house feeding ur parents BS

  34. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Brandon

    Exactly. It’s a lose-lose situation. If we respond to him, he thinks he’s won. If we ignore him, he thinks he’s won.

    What’s a bunch of intelligent people to do?

  35. 0
    Brandon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    That doesn’t work, if we ignore him, then he’ll be the only one thats heard. As much as I’d like to ignore Jack Thompson, it won’t work.

  36. 0
    J.A. says:

    Am I the only one that keeps thinking how good a job JT is doing winding us all up? He only needs to make ONE user comment and we’re all over him like sharks on a bleeding person – except in this case, the bleeding person is trying to convince the government that all sharks need to be exterminated, so the sharks aren’t really doing anything but putting more nails in their own coffin. If we just ignore him, maybe he’ll go away – this is exactly what he wants. Don’t give it to him.

  37. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Also the quote is;
    No one ever won a war by dying for their country; you win by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his.

  38. 0
    Baine ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh and one more thing, don’t you dare, don’t you DARE EVER use Hooah again. That term is reserved for the active service men and women of the United States Army. I find it offensive that you, a critic of how our Army trains, that you would DARE use that time honored Army Cry.

    This is Baine, son of a soldier, Signing off for now.

  39. 0
    Baine ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “By the way, since Dennis McCauley has proven once again, by this thread, his Jack Thompson obsession, please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah!”

    Um…what? How will Take Two be in trouble for a game they have no investment in? This is a 2k company product, not a TT product Jackie boy. You honestly think your views are listened to? They’re not, as far as I am concerned, they’re the ramblings of a 50 something year old Rouge Lawyer that should have been disbarred years ago. I honestly hope that you’re removed and forbidden from ever practicing law in any state ever again. You’re a black spot upon the American Justice System.

    Your ramblings have caused a lot of grief, and something still springs fresh in my mind. And that’s a little situation that involved a gamer committing suicide. The body wasn’t even cold yet and you were already bashing the subject and screaming that he killed himself over video games, when in fact it was real world problems brought on by work and relationships. Nothing to do with games.

    Then, THEN there are the constant attacks against the training methods used by our military. I’m sorry if you don’t like the fact our soldiers are trained to kill, but I’d much rather know they can do their job. As George Patton once said, “It is not the duty of an American soldier to die for his country, it’s to make the other poor bastard to die for his.” This sir, is a basic fact of the military. They’re soldiers, they’re supposed to protect the citizens of the United States, and their liberties. The very liberties you sir are using to deny others their rights and freedoms as citizens of this country.

    That’s all I have to say. Hope you one day open your eyes and ears and realize how much of a hypocrite you are.

  40. 0
    chris says:

    Jack thompson, a brief history:

    Loses all cases inciting videogame cencorship

    kicked off the case in alabama yet still claims involvement.

    ostracised by the NIMF

    turned down by dr phil

    rambles about the videogame industry conspiring against him.

    Oh dear, looks like we need a straight jacket and adult undergarmets, because jackieboys heydays are long gone.

    Its almost sad that he doesnt even realise this

  41. 0
    Yuki says:

    @ Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson, What the hell do you think your gonna do. Have you forgotten yet that BULLY fiasco. I don’t see how since your still Facing a Bar Complaint for it yes?

    Don’t make empty threats. All you’d accomplish by attacking bioshock is likely MORE Bar complaints.

    Give it up idiot! You failed, move on.

  42. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    in my defense anytime a read a jt post my brain melts and my comprehension skills end up going down my chin along with a tendril of drool

  43. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I swear, some of you only took a glance at this, and immediately assumed that JT’s going to be in the show, when the opposite is actually true.”

    Actually I, as I’m sure many people here, were angry that Dr. Phil would consider having Jack as a guest, not so much actually being a guest.

  44. 0
    DarrelBT says:

    I’m more appalled of some of the lack of reading comprehension some of you guys have regarding this article.

    When you read the actual article, it actually means Dr Phil WAS going to invite JT, but since they’re thinking of taking the debate to a different direction, they decided not to.

    Hell, even Dennis said that JT wasn’t invited because JT would brag about it via “press release” and even JT himself said he WAS invited but the networks changed their minds. This means HE’S NOT GOING TO APPEAR ON LARRY KING WITH DR. PHIL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. THey’re going to call in someone else.

    I swear, some of you only took a glance at this, and immediately assumed that JT’s going to be in the show, when the opposite is actually true.

  45. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    yeah but theres an injunction against jacky i believe (gp can you do me a huge favor and tell me what the name of that court case was so i can find the ruling thanx alot) som if he does go against the injunction he will land on every legal blog that deals with stupid lawyers and suits

  46. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    im sure tt would love to get rid of jack (and probably has tried before) but most cases involving ethics violations are usually kept quiet to protect the lawyers reputation(yes you read that right)

  47. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    In all fairness, the other day I was out wandering and found an underground passage filled with russian troops, some weird invisible bloodsucking thing, random bandits, and Ak 74s like you never seen. Obviously, I did what needed to be done.

    Maybe JT should get off our backs and exterminate/prosecute those weird bloodsucking things. They reminded me of Zoidberg, if Zoidberg was a few feet taller trying to suck my blood out my neck!

  48. 0
    HurricaneJesus says:

    well hjesus tell me this why did not go after the darkness it was published by take 2 and is woers than both gta and gears combined

    The Darkness is not a big name game.

  49. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One thing that irks me. We support Take-Two and I am going to continue to do so. But I don’t feel any support reciprocated. I think that secretly they love Jack, he is their best marketing tool around. Any game he raises a fuss about seems to do quite well. So what reason would Take-Two have for getting rid of their little cash cow? I feel they could get Jack off our backs if they wanted to and finally end his sick little crusade. But instead they will just let him make noise and hang us out to dry.

  50. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    las, Attorney
    I find non leathal force far more…..enjoyable….nothing like high voltage rods to the chest and tranq darts to the nut sack to make one feel better after a hard day o work…god I miss dues ex and its non lethal weaponry ^0^

  51. 0
    darkknight1212 says:

    Don’t forget “Village of the Damned” which had a whole group of evil blond “kids” that Christopher Reeves blew up at the end. Movies, even western movies, have done this thing for awhile. What about the evil reality warper kid from twilight zone. Games are merely attacked because they are the newest media format.

  52. 0
    pen gun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    well hjesus tell me this why did not go after the darkness it was published by take 2 and is woers than both gta and gears combined.

  53. 0
    las, Attorney says:

    Also a good example is SWAT IV. You come across a makeshift graveyard of recently murdered children, cockroaches and all. That bit made me want to kill everyone in that mission, yet I remembered my orders and used non-lethal force as necessary.

    Of course, if there was a real-life case of a cult murdering children, JT would probably want them shot dead on site. Since we can all assume this is the case, I think JT’s right-wing agenda is the seed of violence and evil that is being sown into the children and not some video game.

  54. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Benji, ‘Attorney’

    Perfect example is Prey, and the ghost children.

    “Did anyone else notice that he hasn’t done anything about Prey, even though it DOES have REGULAR children being killed? Oh, that’s right, it’s not from Take-two.”

    You see a child be impaled on a metal spike, you see an entire school bus of kids that was abducted and it’s passengers mutilate,d yeah, Jack is out to protect kids alright.

  55. 0
    Picho ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Child villians…

    The Red Queen – Resisident evil
    The Omen
    The Ring
    The Grudge

    And a few other villians appear in things such as Cowboy bebop, Blood+, and so many other things.

    Mostly it comes from Japanese culture. Cause nothing in this world is more cruel and evil then a child at play.

  56. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “the only bad thing is that the game has some moral choices one of them being do you kill this little girl to take her adam or do you save her. you can’t actually kill her though. all that happans is the screen goes black and then you find her dead body in front of you. you can’t just kill them either you have to fight her big daddy first.”

    Well, using Jack logic, there will be no consequences whatsoever for killing the child, nope, the big guardian standing next to her holding a mining drill will not care, and if he does, you get “rewarded” with a boss battle and the substance as a consolation prize..

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

  57. 0
    Picho ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    They should also bring that guy from nilf, jerry springer and a number of gamers.

    In the end, Jack and the nilf guy get into a fight while jerry dodges blows and trys to break them up and the gamers just sit around laughing at two grown men fighting like elementray girls.

  58. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    I see Doc Phill is going down the time tested path of talk showdom by taking the low road,so when we will see him bring in Jerry springer as a co host…..

    Its sad to see Phill stoop to the level of ambulance chaser,maybe hes just trying to bring JT on for show and argue against JT’s line fo thought but frankly…..I don’t see it happening…

  59. 0
    Arkly says:

    Did anyone else notice that he hasn’t done anything about Prey, even though it DOES have REGULAR children being killed? Oh, that’s right, it’s not from Take-two.

  60. 0
    HurricaneJesus says:

    “On 2007-04-19, Thompson and Take-Two settled their suit, with Thompson agreeing not to restrict sales through any court worldwide of Take-Two’s games, threaten to sue the company, or accuse Take-Two of any wrongdoing based on the sale of any of its games. According to one analyst, the settlement is likely to mute his public pronouncements and lawsuits against the company”

    Do you actually expect John Boy to follow this? Hopefully GP has some way of proving beyond a doubt that JT’s comments are really his.

  61. 0
    Benji, 'Attorney' says:

    The link between Irrational, 2K, TT, and BioShock has been established – but, I thought that the settlement some time ago between JT and TT said that JT can’t hound TT, file lawsuits against them to have games declared nuisances, etc. If JT has to lay off of TT, doesn’t the establishment of this link mean JT can’t touch the game.
    As for BioShock – it’s science fiction. When you’re dealing with extraterrestrial/extragalactic/extradimensional/otherwise unnatural evils, they don’t exclusively take adult forms. I’m no horror expert, but I imagine someone who is might be able to chime in and give some examples of childish antagonists in horror media. Would BioShock make me want to kill little girls? Of course not. Would it make me want to kill little possessed evil creepy girls that harvest adam and do whatever the hell they do in the game? Possibly – if I thought my life was in danger as a result of a little girl, something that generally doesn’t happen in the real world. But if a little girl zombie was lunging after me, lusting for my sweet, succulent brains, little girl be eatin’ shotgun shells, ain’t no question.
    Lastly, I follow Ias’ example in referring to myself as an attorney.

  62. 0
    HurricaneJesus says:

    He probably stays away from Gears of War because Microsoft is the publisher and would fucking own Jack in court. In fact I think his heart would give out if he were put in that situation.

    But you do bring up a good point: Gears of War is really violent, it has bodies exploding, heads exploding, tons os guts and blood, the ability to chainsaw people in half, etc. Why does he not protect the children from Gears?

    I play Gears on Xbox ive every night, and there are a shitload of kids playing, and by the sounds of their voices, they aren’t 17.

    John Bruce does not care about the real issue. He has a personal vendetta against video games, TT, and anyone who disagrees with him.

    Violence in video games does not take centre stage like it does in movies. In video games, violence can be a way to get from point A to point B. It is not the focus, but rather the means to advance. The focus in on winning, not on killing. Killing just happens to be the best way to keep scary alien freaks down.

    Attacking video games is so redundant at this point, and old fossils like Jack are the last of a dying breed. I just wish they would fuck off and let adults enjoy whatever game it happens to be that they want to play. As for keeping kids away from content that could potentially harm them? That is the job of the parents. Being a parent isn’t just fucking and havng a kid. It involves raising a well-developed individual who knows the difference between something on a TV screen and real life; knowing the difference between entertainment and reality.

    I know I grew up watching Bugs Bunny, and no matter how many times Elmer Fud fired his shotgun at a poor rabbit, I was not programmed to kill animals. If anything, viewing those images at a young age helped me distinguise between what is acceptable in real life, and what should be left on the tv screen.

    The sad thing is that I am sure all of us have at one time or another been emotionally touched by a video game, and if people like John Bruce would stop for a second and actually try to understand what it is they hate, then they might have a similar experience and realize what a waste their hate has been, and how misguided their path truly is.

    Andrew Stirling, Canadian and you’re not!

  63. 0
    timmyjoe012345 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “but Hal was told that Dr. Phil had lined up a “game violence specialist.””

    Dr. Phil don’t know Jack…

    Seriously, all bad puns aside, Dr. Phil is an idiot. Who cares?

  64. 0
    Rammsoldat says:

    I wonder if jack is buddies with tom cruise. I figure bat shit insane people must run in similar circles.

    And oh look hes yapping at take-two again. Jack thompson, part slime, part yorkshire terrier.

  65. 0
    Athest ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ok, i’ve got a couple of things to say here. First, JT, I applaud your handling of the Dr. Phil thread. Normally you are extremely rude and condescending, but for once you we’re decently nice. True I completely disagree with your “spot on” comment, but hey, we’re all welcome to our opinion. I’ll tell ya right now though, i’m getting my hands on Bioshock for sure. I could be wrong but isn’t that 2kgames and irrational games, not take-two? I can’t say for sure, so don’t hold me to it.

  66. 0
    HurricaneJesus says:

    Jack just tried to latch onto things that are bigger than he will ever be. Why would he attack a lesser known game? He wants to be in the spotlight, so he goes after those who make a big impact. Do you think GTA selling shitloads and Jack latching onto it is a coincidence?

  67. 0
    Void42 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Great, this is what we need, two people who know next to nothing about video games talking about how evil they are. Maybe the next week Dr. Phil could do a show about gay rights with Fred Phelps… he has about the same credibility level as Thompson.

    Regarding whether or not JT should be allowed to post here; why not? If he can play by the rules he should be allowed to voice his opinions, no matter how off the wall they may be. It’s a laugh at any rate.

  68. 0
    DoggySpew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Isn’t there a ruling from the Florida Bar comming out next month ?

    We’ll see if Jack Thompson remains “Attorney: and you are not”

  69. 0
    Christian ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    That was what i thought, but seeing as how you have the choice of harming/rescuing them i dont see the problem. You are not being forced. I mean, all that happens is giving people the choice of helping/ignoring/harming a cluster of pixels that look like a small girl (who extracts genetic material from corpses and eats it). :/

  70. 0
    pen gun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    yeah true but your girlfriends brains blown all over a wall and then you shoot your self. plus you rip hearts out of people and eat them. so i still think the darkness i worse. no offense.

  71. 0
    darkknight1212 says:

    I think the objection with bioshock has do due with the “Little Sisters”, I haven’t played the darkness but there was probably not violence towards “children”.

  72. 0
    pen gun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ok sorry about the whole take 2 tk rant but why did he not attack the darkness that was publihsed buy take 2 and besides that was much more violent.

  73. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ““Of course, Dr. Phil was spot-on after V-Tech…”
    That’s why they didn’t find any games in his room….right?”

    Dr. Phil and Jack Thompson don’t need evidence to back up what they “know”. Hence truthiness.

  74. 0
    Phoenix says:

    Why are we still giving this guy attention? Jack needs some mental help, and I’m pretty sure his children will need help when they get older as well. I used to be pissed at Jack constantly, now I just feel sorry for the guy.

    @ Jack, do yourself a favor and get yourself some help. If you admit you need help and quit promoting yourself and attacking Dennis, you will gain a lot more respect from people.

  75. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Affirmative action isn’t supported by the republican party; its supported by the democrat party.

    And anything that gives one race a regulated leg up is racist.

  76. 0
    Christian ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If i had any respect left for Dr Phil its gone now.

    @Jack Thomson

    Jack, its no secret that i dont like your antics (i have said this quite often), but i would like to hear what you have against Bioshock in particular? I mean, its a sci-fi shooter and all, but can we have some kind of teaser?

    Side note: As i recall it, you were the one who kept coming back after being banned several times. Even though you are not mentally healthy you remain a prominent figure in the news, so it is really no wonder he keeps reporting on your actions. Besides, you released this story to him.

  77. 0
    Kincyr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    still, since Take2 is simply the parent company of Irrational Games, blaming Take2 for Bioshock is akin to blaming Adam for Cain killing Abel.

  78. 0
    D.C.O.W. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack Thompson, Attorney Says:

    August 15th, 2007 at 11:03 am
    By the way, since Dennis McCauley has proven once again, by this thread, his Jack Thompson obsession, please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah!

    ummm. what? your the one that keeps coming back here. this isn’t gamejackthompsonpolitics.com, it’s gamepolitics.com
    Not to mention that YOU are the one that keeps returning, despite being banned countless times (and as I recall, you kept trying to say that you weren’t really banned, even after Livejournal had taken action against your first few accounts)

  79. 0
    neoSpider says:


    When I first read about this dr. Phil stuff, I was wandering if you were going to be on it as well. It good to know some one level-headed is going to be on (no pun, intended but you do have gamer in your name 😛 ).

  80. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    i agree with zach knight (hope you dont mind me shortening your name)

    i would like to see a article about gamerdads rejection by them

  81. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Gamerdad

    I must have glazed over that. But it would be nice for Dennis to write an article about people who have been approached and those that will be on the show and why. I think that your story is very news worthy on the line that you were not accepted because you would not work with the theme.

  82. 0
    VenomandCarnage ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Seriously Jack? Do you seriously have the nerve to claim that Dennis has a obsession with you when you yourself have come here on several different accounts just to brag about your non-existant victories and what you plan to do with others? How you constantly bash Dennis for not reporting stories that are about you or think needs to be reported on? Wow, you reallly are a sad, pathetic person.

    And that leads to my second point, Bioshock? I’m trying to figure out how you can possibly twist that, but I know you’ll find a way because you’re you. I mean honestly, the list of games you have chosen to attack practically makes no sense. Let’s take a look shall we? While some I can kind of understand like Grand Theft Auto, but others make absolutely no sense. Sims 2? Killer Se7en? Bully? And Now Bioshock? Oh yeah, and not to mention the infamous Penny Arcade attack. Why did you do that again Jack? Oh yes, it’s because THEY donated money to charity because YOU were too cheap to follow through on YOUR OWN DAMN OFFER! You say gamers should get a life, well it goes both ways Jack.

  83. 0
    Eville1 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Do you people not read? Seriously. It’s been explained about the whole TT/Irrational/2k link. Please stop wondering. He can go after any and all of those companies linked to Bioshock for whatever twisted reason he wants until they file against him or get a restraining order.

  84. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Meh, at this point anything that will be done in games already has been done by the movie industry (a industry with even less restrictions than the gaming industry). Thus ultimately attempting to hold games to a different standard will ultimately fail.

    Though it would be humorous to hear Jack say, “Movies are only for children! I’m sick of Hollywood advertising the Saw trilogy to children!” Because finally the rest of the world would know him to be the joke that we already do.

  85. 0
    darkknight1212 says:

    oh okay I looked it up 2k and by extension Take 2 only bought irrational in 2006 so it is a rather new thing, bioshock was well into development by that time. Then in 2007 irrational was renamed 2K Australia/Boston adding to the confusion.

  86. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Big deal about Dr Phil, though. Back in the day (mid 80’s, I think), a woman named Ronnie Lamm went on the Donahue Show to talk about how videogames would be the downfall of civilization. Look where we are now.

  87. 0
    darkknight1212 says:

    my understanding is that the little sisters are harvested for ADAM which is used to genetically upgrade yourself in various ways, so the game presents a moral choice; harvest the little girls ADAM thus killing them and make the game easier, or don’t and make the game more difficult. I did not know that irrational/2k was owned by take two, it is likely a recent buy because they certainly didn’t own them during the system shock days to my knowledge.I apologize for not catching the T2 connection.

  88. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Bioshock, huh?

    Is that because of the whole angle with the Little Sisters or just because it’s put out by Take Two? Sorry, but you’ve been so full of empty threats before Jack that I’ll believe it when I see it.

    By the way Jack, did you know about the new Japanese Role Playing Game called Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3? Like your favorite game Bully, it’s set in a high school and you control a group of students (albeit in a Japanese school) as they attend classes and later go out at night for combat.

    Not only do they summon and control demons – which I’m sure you will automatically find objectionable – but they summon them by SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE HEAD!!!

    I would have thought you would have heard about this game a few months ago and jumped on this immediately considering how much you frequent this and other gaming websites. Or have you been so fixated on Take 2 and Rockstar that it just slipped under your radar? if you really were sincere about your crusade, I’d think you’d be paying attention to more than just one company. As it is, it’s out now, so it’s too late for you to do anything about it. And I’m picking up my reserved copy today in fact.

    Guy, let’s face it: we like Jack here because he provides us with much-needed comedy. To paraphrase Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, he’s become a clown for our amusement. Tom Buscaglia said it all when he said, “he’s like an organ grinder’s monkey…without the organ grinder.”

    Son in that spirit Jack, “Dance, monkey! Dance!” 😀

  89. 0
    Michael ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I am just asking in a positive way Jack Thompson as to what is in BioShock that is so brutal compared to shooting games like Doom 3, Soldier of Fortune, and the Darkness. I know somewhat about the game from reading the previews and looking at screenshots and what I know so far is that the game seems to be at the same rate of violence as most of the recent shooting games.

    At least just tell us what you found out to be very extreme in Bioshock since you mentioned the game when it comes to there being trouble.

  90. 0
    hilaryduffgta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    yea the little sisters are used for harvisting and of course you know your going to hear from jack and the moron anti gamers that the game “teaches you to murder children”

  91. 0
    Tim Bickley says:

    Bioshock is made by 2k games who are entirely owned by Take Two.

    I dont see how it could be a problem for T2 though, theres nothing particularly controversial in there. I can only imagine that this will be about the “Little Sister” characters – genetically modified children who gather “ADAM” throughout the game (I gather this will be used as health or currency or something). The player will have the choice to attack them to get hold of the stuff.

  92. 0
    hilaryduffgta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hmmm well the one thing i can say about jack thompson is this…..

    The second he mentions a game as being in “trouble” its a sure sign for me that i’ll buy it…

    thank you jack you are a wonderful person

  93. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    i dont know but if you go to the bioshockwebsite and scroll all the way to the bottom its there in black and green ( get instead of black and white cause their text is umm yeah i thought it was funny)

  94. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    on the bioshock site at the bottom

    All original material © TTLG 2004 – 2007
    “BioShock” and associated content remains property of Irrational Games & Take 2 Interactive.
    All other material remains property of their respective owners.

    so he can pull t2 into court over this but good luck getting beyond that

  95. 0
    hilaryduffgta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Yeah that confused me as well as I believe its made by Irrational Games and not Take-Two. This likely could be just another symptom of Jack’s paranoia”

    I think we went way way past paranoia at this point….But yea i do believe its made by Irrational games..Now dont quote me on that since i dont have a 360 or a ps3…I’ll only be playing the one at my place cause me and my brother share a room and he bought one today at gamestop..pretty damn expensive too around 240 bucks for the refurbished core system with saints row and the warrenty and a memory card…oh and he is 17 years old and they carded him for saints row so at least this one is carding people

  96. 0
    Lost Question ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dr. Phil is going to have a “game violence specialist” i didnt know there where any “game violence specialist”s in existance.
    As you can guess i dont watch many shows like Jerry Springer, Opra, and all the other daytime tv talk shows that people go on to act like a puppet for the host to “help” with there problems so the host can dispence information that they probably being spooled or have read a couple lines on how to awnser cretain questions, or the people (that have been cherry picked to be on that show) are up on stage because they can be expected to act like a stick of dynamite (or closer to thermite) when they are set off by another individuall (who plays the part of the flame)

  97. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hm, though reading further apparently Take-Two has acquired Irrational Games. Though Jack may still have to deal with Irrational Games itself and not its parent company.

  98. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “And wow Jack has really really lost it…I mean come on any violent game starts to show some info about the release and what not and he instantly says its created by take two/rockstar…..”

    Yeah that confused me as well as I believe its made by Irrational Games and not Take-Two. This likely could be just another symptom of Jack’s paranoia.

  99. 0
    Mr.Pat says:

    I retract my reccomendation for the man to have a heart attack. Its not near painful enough. Instead, please develope Lou Gehrig’s disease. That is all.

  100. 0
    GamerDad says:

    @ Zachery – and others.

    I’ve been misunderstood!
    I didn’t post because I wanted Dennis to post a news item about me re: Dr. Phil show. I love it when Dennis does that, but I’m also proud that when he promotes GamerDad its because I’ve been profiled in the Hartford-Courant newspaper or because the ESRB used GamerDad to help find new Gamer-Raters. I’m very proud to be promoted when I’ve DONE something promotable.

    I posted in this thread because I question the newsworthiness of Dennis posting that Mr. Thompson was. That’s why I wanted an eye-rolling emoticon. To denote disdain, not disgust that I don’t get this kind of promotion too.

  101. 0
    Eville1 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Pen Gun..without backing (money) to give to the developers of the game then there is no game. That would be akin to me having an awesome idea for a game but it never gets made because I can’t afford it. Without the producer there is no way, unless self funded a game gets made and marketed.

  102. 0
    hilaryduffgta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah!”

    Whats up guys sorry i havent posted in a while but been hella busy with the usual stuff….And wow Jack has really really lost it…I mean come on any violent game starts to show some info about the release and what not and he instantly says its created by take two/rockstar…..

    I’ll prolly post again 2morrow but gonna be mia friday since i am gonna watch High school musical 2 (yep duffy is still a hardcore nerd,well that and i’ll be playing 360)

    Oh yea and jack GO THE HELL AWAY


  103. 0
    ~the1jeffy says:

    I second (Third, fourth WTF-ever) GamerDad’s sentiments. But I also think GP was busy trying to rescue comments yesterday and prolly missed yours.

    I like to see GamerDad get press in any form, becasue unlike JT & Co, he actually helps parents.

  104. 0
    Andrew Eisen ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Shoehorn O’Plenty,

    If I had to guess, Thompson will probably label Bioshock as a game that rewards you for murdering and mutilating children.

    Bioshock is published by 2K Games which is owned by Take-Two.

    Andrew Eisen

  105. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah!”

    Just like when you got Grand Theft Auto pulled from the shelves and stopped Bully from being released? Or that time when you said that Take-Two would be out of business thanks to you earlier this year.

    Oh wait, none of those things happened.

    Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t count your chickens before their hatched”?

  106. 0
    pen gun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    yeah 2k is the puplisher the did not make the game though
    Irrational Games did. 2k also pupblished the darkness but jacks not going after that now is he.

  107. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh, man I have to pick up extra copies of BioShock seeing as it will be banned soon- just like Bully… BTW, Jack I am still waiting for the epidemic of slingshot injuries that Bully was supposed to cause.

    Also, could you please provide a list of instances in which Bioshock is marketed to children?

  108. 0
    pen gun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    the only bad thing is that the game has some moral choices one of them being do you kill this little girl to take her adam or do you save her. you can’t actually kill her though. all that happans is the screen goes black and then you find her dead body in front of you. you can’t just kill them either you have to fight her big daddy first.

  109. 0
    Eville1 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Uh. guys.. You might want to look at who owns 2K games before you go after him for not knowing who makes Bioshock. Sad that he knows this and you guys don’t.

    From the 2K website : “2K Games is headquartered in Manhattan and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc”

  110. 0
    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock.”

    How could Bioshock be a troubling game? It’s pure science/horror fiction, intended for a mature audience and rated as such. Perhaps he is going to try and link some kind of crime with a game that has not been released yet?

    The only problems I can see there being with Bioshock are shops not having enough stock to keep up with demand, developers award shelves not having enough space, or too much money for the creators and publishers as this game looks absolutely fantastic :)

  111. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    first of all, how many times do we have to tell you jacky boy wants to be your new bf lol


    yeah you should email gp im sure hed be glad to give you some coverage

  112. 0
    Hannah ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Yeah, seriously. Admittedly I have not yet played the game (or the demo, for that matter), but everything I’ve heard so far has been very positive. Furthermore, reviewers have dwelt on the game’s story and art style rather than the violent content, leading me to believe that our favourite lawyer in the whole wide world cares only for its connection to Take Two. Can you confirm/deny this, Jack?

  113. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    the universe will not implode a fake doctor and a fake lawyer being in the same place happens everyday in american court rooms

  114. 0
    las, Attorney says:

    @ Austin Lewis/Pichio/any schlub that I’ve neglected

    I hate Republicans, so I’m automatically a Democrat? Nice logic Batman, I guess my anti-Nazi stance must mean I’m a Communist? Guess again, all those idiots in Government are victims of my disdain, I just happen to disdain the GOP more than the donkeys.

    Anyway, I figured I’m an attorney now. Getting flamed on a video game comment board and having no legal training whatsoever seem to qualify Jack as one, so I guess I’m one too.

  115. 0
    The_bobman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jackie boy

    It may pain you to learn that BioShock has already been rated, is already in the Best Buy, Gamestop, Wal*Mart…store houses. And even already on the shelf at a Toy’s R Us. So other than hitting the shelf a week early, I don’t see anything happening.

  116. 0
    Jon says:

    “Come ot think of it, why have you never complained about Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude, or God of War, or Gears of War, or Doom 3?
    All od those fit your “marketing porn and violence directly to kids” criteria, why have you never mentioned those, hmm? “

    Same with the music, how come you only went after rap? I keep hearing country songs talking about sex and violence among other things, and (as much as I love my music) “death” metal, the “kill your mom music” or what about rock (which I love so much). This shows you are like almost every other person and only singling out the things you hate the most and not all that apply.

  117. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson, Attorney

    Jack, this si the first article and thread solely about you in over a week, and the only reason others become about you is because you hijack them.

    Also, Bioshock isn’t from Rockstar, I thought it didn’t interest you.

    Come ot think of it, why have you never complained about Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude, or God of War, or Gears of War, or Doom 3?
    All od those fit your “marketing porn and violence directly to kids” criteria, why have you never mentioned those, hmm?

  118. 0
    MachShot says:

    JT: “By the way, since Dennis McCauley has proven once again, by this thread, his Jack Thompson obsession, please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah!”

    Wow. He’s like a Marine with down syndrome!

  119. 0
    PeterWDawson says:

    Dennis, just think of yourself as a referee. No matter what call you make, someone will always be annoyed and happily tell you everything you did wrong. Even though you don’t spend the entire game telling them how they’re playing wrong. For example, Jack’s ramblings are out of sync. Before people really voiced their doubts about him receiving the call he claimed his records, which none of us can confirm by the way, prove he was called. Then he claimed you were obsessed. In reality these posts should of swapped position. Sloppy mindless antagonism, Mr. Thompson. Al Sharpton would be disappointed in you.

  120. 0
    Xsorus says:

    “I’m a republican, and there’s a lot less racism in the republican party than the democrat party, so get some facts before you come with that weak ass bullshit.

    One example? Affirmative Action.”

    Except Affirmative Action is racist in all its form.

    Or can white people only be racist now.

  121. 0
    Wolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Damn, I missed Jack’s second comment there 😛 Hey Dennis, I think he likes you, it’s like a schoolyard crush XD Isn’t that just precious? I jest, of course, heh.


    Yeah, that could be true (that the viewers are already somewhat anti-game), but still, it doesn’t help very much all the same. *shrugs* Riles them up, basically, even though it’s better when they’re not. At least that’s how I see it.

  122. 0
    Terrible Tom ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    What about Jack Thompson’s obsession with his wacky theories? Or his obsession with children. Perhaps Jack really does need a psychoanalysys… Hopefully the Florida bar succeeds.

    I mean Dr. Phil probably needs one himself but at least he is intelligent enough not to go through with getting JT on his show. He knows he is not a credible source.

  123. 0
    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    um… *my* obsession?

    Am I the one that came back 55 times to GP under different screen names after being banned?

    Am I the one that called GP 6 times in one afternoon, as was documented recently?

    It’s amazing how some people complain if you don’t cover them and then complain if you do…

  124. 0
    point09micron says:

    It’s obvious Dr. Phil only called Jack to try and get him in for psychoanalysis. He’s a part of the vast conspiracy along with Penny Arcade and the Florida Bar.


  125. 0
    Benji says:

    @Wolf: I caught a piece of the Tyra show where she had different comparative religions on (it wasn’t my fault, my girlfriend put the show on, I swear.) You could tell pretty easily that in her eyes there were the good, normal religions and the bad, crazy religions. While the more mainstream representatives talked a lot about their personal experiences, the satanists and the witch (not sure if she was a card-carrying wiccan or how wicca works, forgive me) were mostly just defending themselves and trying to convince the viewers that they were not horrible people in a horrible religion. The bias could have been worse, to be honest – Tyra Banks is too much of an airhead to be a decent host, but a smarter person might have been able to do something really interesting with the setup. Hell, Oprah probably could have done it justice to a large extent – I think her ego is two sizes too large for her, but she’s at least reasonably intelligent and has stage presence.
    The problem is that these shows want to cater to their viewing demographic, which seems to be straight-laced soccer moms of a conservative bent. The shows don’t want to challenge the worldview of its viewers. They want to reinforce it so the viewers feel happy and secure knowing that lots of people share their beliefs, so they’ll tune in again to get the same feeling. I too am bothered that Dr. Phil is essentially demonizing video games. But, the crosshairs were on gaming long before Dr. Phil cared about the topic, and now he’s just covering it in such a way that the ‘results’ shown on the show are what he and his viewers want them to be – probably someone with a game addiction breaking free of the evil games.
    Bottom line: we can all at least rest easy knowing that anyone who’d watch this Dr. Phil episode probably already is somewhat anti-gaming. He’s showing what he and his viewers want to see, so no one’s actually going to be convinced of the dangers of gaming by this alone.

  126. 0
    Pandralisk says:


    Just a typical example of conservative pigs joining together to spread their hate and lies to those gullible and stupid enough to listen. Isn’t it funny that these people claim to be in the moral “right” when they base their morality around the creed of a genocidal bronze-age war God. And they claim that video gamers can’s distinguish betweeen reality and fantasy!

    Dr. Phil needs to put on secular experts after his video game show to speak about the dangers of religion, how it perverts rational thought, and how moral relativism is the truth of our day. Christians are idiots. Republicans are morons. They’re the last people who we need to turn to about moral issues. Thompson is a superstitious pig who loves death. He turns his attention to video games to ignore the crimes that the US government is currently committing overseas. What an idiot.

  127. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @James Hitchcock

    “In my opinion you CAN’T be addicted to a video game. The people that “are”… are just using them to escape their lives. Which for one reason or another they aren’t happy with.”

    That’s why I was commenting that Phil won’t get to the REAL root of the “addiction”, namely the underlying events that drive this person to seek a fulfilling of a particular need by MMORPG’ing. Or if he does, he’ll just tell the person to “snap out of it”, without bothering to help the person find some other way to fulfill those needs.

  128. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Anyone else think it’s ironic that jack thompson has contributed more to this site (in terms of stories) than the rest of us and most of us want him to go away?

  129. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:



    A good example of that would be the whole Fantasy sports thing. I have no idea how it works, but apparently it demands an insane amount of knowledge from every nook and cranny of the league, to know the statistics and conditions nearly every player inside and out, and yet it’s become widely popular. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for sports ‘addictions’ sometimes.

    And it can be applied to nearly any sort of hobby. Cars and the like, porn, skateboarding and the like, TV, movies, music, games, pet shows and the like, books, hunting & fishing, the list goes on. All this i thought of from the hobbies of a good amount of my family members, young and old. Apparently, in republican eyes, people who have hobbies are nothing but addicts.

  130. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This has been bugging me for a while, and reading some of Jack Thompson’s latest rants, I come to discover a simple fact.

    He isn’t a real Christian. He isn’t a real Republican. He isn’t a decent man, nor a good Lawyer.

    All these titles are things he wields at people like they were facts, in a “I’m a lawyer christian republican, so I can be trusted on moral issues” manner. He doesn’t actually do any of the things that come with these titles, nor probably believe in any of them; he just wields them like they give him power and make him someone we should all listen to. He wields the titles like the title of Rhode Scholar.

    He’s not a Christian. Christianity teaches that you should be truthful, and treat others as you would want to be; not to pass judgment on people who you have no knowledge of. REAL Christianity teaches you to have an open mind, and to fight only when need be to free oppressed or keep the meek safe.

    He’s not a Republican; one of the big things the Republican party stands for is the idea that we need LESS government, not more. We don’t want parents to have to answer to agencies; we want them to be able to do whatever they want (within reason) and for the federal and state government to let it be. The Republican party is about taking personal responsibility in your own life, not needing the government to give you things and tell you every little thing to do.

    So what can we say of Thompson? He is a liar.

    And if Dr. Phil puts him on there, it’ll just prove that Dr. Phil was never really about helping anyone, but about sensationalizing everything for ratings.

  131. 0
    Picho ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Your funny, cause you dont realize that both the rep and the dems are basically the same entity, no matter how much you try to deny it.

    Both of them spew the most racist nazistic garbage.

    Of course those that do are more on the extreme ends of things, like the Muslim extremists. Hell, if there wasn’t laws against it, i bet you some of the conservatives and liberals would be doing the exact same thing right now.

    This is why i don’t like politics, too much of the he says she says bullshit. And in the end it doesn’t matter who is in office, cause if its Reps or Dems, they are still going to mess it up. Cause the last two presidents were a ‘warmonger’ and a ‘rapist’.


    Well from my view point, People use everything to escape from their lives.
    People play sports, go riding and a number of things to ‘feel great’ cause reality sucks. It really truly does. There is a handful of people that it doesn’t suck too much for, but those people are really limited.

    It sucks cause no matter what is is that you do, want to do, or even are, there is going to be someone trying to tear you down.

    So humans try to escape. They want to be on top of the world, their fifteen minutes of fame. A person playing something like basketball probably isn’t thinking about his late car payments, the constant political struggles, the war or anything. For that moment of his playing, It is just the game of basketball and him.

  132. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ James Hitchcock, Gamer

    Yeah, a lot of people with ‘addictions’ use them to hide behind or to escape people, events, or just to not do the societal norms.

  133. 0
    James Hitchcock, Gamer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    In my opinion you CAN’T be addicted to a video game. The people that “are”… are just using them to escape their lives. Which for one reason or another they aren’t happy with. My brother was “addicted” and by that I mean he wasn’t. It’s not a physical need he could stop playing it at a moments notice which he did many a time to do things with the family. This was just after he lost his job. He has since found a new job and is doing just fine. (just in case you were wondering)

    I’d be willing to bet money on it that this girl isn’t addicted but hiding from her life for some reason. She needs a therapist to find the cause of these symptoms not to be paraded on stage for “Help” from Dr. Phil.

  134. 0

    If it’s true that “Dr.” Phil has tapped JT for his show, then it just proves what a complete hack he is and how he is only interested in hype and sensationalism rather than actually dealing with real issue. He should be ashamed of himself and so should those who give him ratings.

  135. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    las Says:

    August 15th, 2007 at 10:30 am
    I’d go as far as calling JT a Nazi, but calling everyone who disagrees with them Nazis is now the trademark of JT, the Republican party and the rest of those right-wing racists out there.

    I’m a republican, and there’s a lot less racism in the republican party than the democrat party, so get some facts before you come with that weak ass bullshit.

    One example? Affirmative Action.

    As for Jack Thompson, I fear he suffers from Paranoia (and probably schizophrenia) coupled with an extremely large egocentric ideal.

  136. 0
    Jack Thompson, Attorney ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    By the way, since Dennis McCauley has proven once again, by this thread, his Jack Thompson obsession, please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock. Hooah!

  137. 0
    Déjà Q says:

    I’ve never liked Dr. Phil – even before the whole V-Tech bollocks. He’s a real sensationalist. The only doctor I’ll watch on TV is the one who travels through time in a police box.

  138. 0
    neoSpider says:

    @ Everyone

    Quit feeding the troll. Though, of course, when you put down the @ JT, I know not to bother reading it.

    @ Nightwing2000

    I agree with you. Having Dr. Phil do something on video games is exactly like Fred Phelps (or any of his cult/clan) doing something on homosexuality. Or Sweden. Or America for that matter.

  139. 0
    las says:

    I’d go as far as calling JT a Nazi, but calling everyone who disagrees with them Nazis is now the trademark of JT, the Republican party and the rest of those right-wing racists out there.

  140. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson

    By the way Thompson, what was your basis for saying Cho was a gamer. Let me guess, because he was heavy set and asian, that was your only real reason, because, all asians are gamers, right? [/sarcasm]

  141. 0
    Adaptor ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson:

    You seem to really like this website. You just keep coming back to this “worst example of a game industry stooge”.

    Every person I know would distantiate his or herself from websites which they know would never agree with their statements or sympathize with their beliefs. You just keep coming back to the people you call “paranoid”, people that will never give you the attention that you want. Unless you like negative attention and you’re just out to hurt your own feelings.

    Please tell me why! It baffles me..

  142. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Well fo course, in this Jack can inject his message into the eyeballs of his new army, over concerned parents who are hell bent on completely wussifying their kids.


    However their ideas will still escape because they lack substance


    That’s the thing, they want freedom of thought and expression extinguished. Remember the independent thought alarms from The Simpsons? we’re close to that being real.

  143. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Meh. I couldn’t care less if JT got called by DP. Why would JT lie about it? There’s no point, especially if he’s not even going to be on the show. And it’s not like it affects anything. Much better to lie about stuff like getting Jeb Bush on the phone, when really it was just some office lackey…

    Phil wants some sorry sap he can parade around before giving them vague advice that anyone studying 1st year Psych would spit out.

    What the girl with the addiction problem needs is REAL help, not Dr. Phil. He won’t counsel and supervise her every week as she deals with her addiction. He won’t delve into why she spends all her time on the computer instead of with RL friends (my guess, she has very few, and this was before she got addicted…). The parents will assume that the game brainwashed her, and they’re helpless, and the only thing they can think of is to take her computer away, without realizing that it might be the only social interaction their daughter gets nowadays.

    Phil won’t deal with any of the underlying issues at all….

  144. 0
    DCOW Artist and Gamer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson

    1. No one cares about your cell phone
    2. No one is paranoid about you
    3. It doesn’t matter what you say on Dr Phil’s show, he’s already lost credibility.
    4. It doesn’t matter what you say ever, you lost credibility when you called me a nazi gamer
    5. Dr Phil was wrong about Virginia Tech, Just as you were/are
    6. The fact that you had to make a comment in a story just to tell Dennis about this proves how pathetic you are
    7. I’m pretty sure most people that have seen you on tv aren’t going to watch this, since you’ll just grandstand and spew lies faster than a speeding bullet
    8. Anyone who does watch it, should be able to see your grandstanding for themselves and thus ignore you.

  145. 0
    Bongotezz says:

    i guess this just confirms my suspicions that dr phil doesn’t know what he’s talking about. and now jack is switching to game addiction. well just so he knows, everything can be addictive. driving a car is addictive to some people, soda pop is addictive to some people, and yes games and MMO games are addictive to some people. everyone has their addiction. even jack is addicted to being in the spot light and hearing himself talk.

  146. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Oh, and my cell phone records prove they called me, for the paranoids in the blogosphere.”

    Oh don’t worry Jack we believe you. After Virginia Tech Dr. Phil proved to be nothing more than a media sensationalist by riding your coat tails on the “Cho” was a gamer thing, without evidence, hours after the event. It would surprise me if such a louse didn’t invite you.

  147. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson, Soon to be Ex-Attorney

    Then let’s see them, since last time anyone asked about phone records for some reason you couldn’t be bothered to get them.

  148. 0
    Gameboy says:

    If “Doctor” Phil was really interested in a fair, balanced, and truly informative episode he would have two guests. One who believes games cause violence and one who doesn’t.

    Before the comments got deleted on the previous Dr Phil story, GamerDad said he was approached, but they lost interest when they realized he didn’t think games lead to violence. I added that GamerDad would of been a great guest, not just for the discussion, but also because he can give parents the tools they need understand games with his site. A simple plug would do that job. The refusal to use him reveals that Phil has no interest in informing his audience.

    Let’s face facts. Media has little to no impact on people. I can watch 300, The Matrix, or Terminator all day, then play Gears of War, or Resistance and still be horrified by a dead animal. The worst those movies and games could do is desentize you to fictional violence.

    Video games are practically brand new, but some of the most famous murders are much older. Manson? Son of Sam? Jack the Ripper? Any of these sound familiar? Its odd, but I’m unaware of any modern serial killers. Have there been any knife wielding lunatics recently (I’m not counting bombers)?

  149. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So I guess the show’s producers don’t seem to care that their “expert” has a long string of ethics complaints/charges to say nothing of the fact he is under psychological evaluation.

    Good going.

  150. 0
    Wolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Yup, like E. Zachary Knight said, we’re not accusing you of not going on. We’re accusing you of being the egotistical, lie-spewing jackass you are.

    Anyhow, this whole thing reminds me of something I heard about (I tried to look for video, but to no avail). Apparently, there was an episode of Tyra where they talked about us pagans, and satanists. But it was such BS, because she didn’t listen to anything they said and kept asking ridiculous questions like “Do you cast death spells?” and repeating incorrect statements, like “I can’t believe I got people who worship Satan!” If you know anything about that stuff, harm against others is very much frowned upon nor is that what magic really is, and secondly, real Satanists have nothing to do with the Christian devil at all. In fact, I find some of it rather reasonable; it’s most certainly not a bad faith. But then at the end, they got this uber-christian, supposedly an ex-witch, woman who came on and started spewing nonsense on how evil it was and such.

    The worst part though, was I read some of the comments on their website, and there was some like “Oh wow Tyra, you have really opened my eyes” and praise and such. It makes me sick; she taught nothing, and anyone who considered it informative, they learned nothing either, yet people believe all the same.

    And sadly, if little boy Jacky is on Dr. Phil, as said earlier, the same thing will happen there; there will people who actually believe the falsity of this crap, because Dr. Phil says this or that.

  151. 0
    Salen says:

    So in the end, Dr. Phil, a doctor I wouldn’t trust to give me or anyone sensible advice, decided not to have Jack on his show to give advice on video games. I don’t know how to feel about that. I mean, on one hand I’m glad Jack’s not gunna be on the show, but on the other, I really don’t like Dr. Phil.

    But seriously, does Jack have to keep saying stuff about Virginia Tech and it having to deal with video games when the police said it didn’t?

  152. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I was just reading through some of the comments in the other thread after the JT ones and I find it funny that JT thinks that Dennis doesn’t tell us the truth. With every article that Gamepolitics prints, Dennis includes all associated links to reports, press releases, blogs, anything that has anything to do with the topic. Yet when JT sends out press releases or court documents, he claims to have “evidence” provided by “experts” yet he never provides this “evidence” not does he provide the names of his “experts”

    So who am I supposed to believe? The one who provides further information, or the one who claims to have further information yet never provides it?

  153. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Jack Thompson

    No one is doubting that you have been called by Dr. Phil’s people. So don’t worry. We don’t want you accusing us of a vast conspiracy to not believe that you have been called.

    As for the DR. Phil show, I have never watched and I am not sure if I will watch this. I just don’t think that I will be able to withstand the massive dose of hyperbole and misconceptions that will be construed throughout the show. As well, the “advice” that he will give might just give me an anuerism.

  154. 0
    KitsuFox says:

    Dr. Phil’s a very big name in entertainment. I wouldn’t be surprised if everybody started following Jack Thompson’s “idealism”. Just what we need: Religion in video games.

    Please be a “christian” elsewhere. Why did I put it in quotes? ‘Cause there’s two kinds of ’em now: Ones that’ll kill you for disagreeing and ones that won’t.

  155. 0
    Jon says:

    I think it would be great if the episode was for Jack instead of including him.

    @ Jack

    It’s not your views against us that make us dislike you, It’s the lying, hissy fits, and all around unethical behavior you display to EVERYONE. How does your family TRUTHFULLY feel about your crusade? Now, there is a way to be civilized and hold onto the your passion of anti-games that you so dearly love….there called Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  156. 0
    -Jes- ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Michael

    Nah, he just spouts inane accusations and baseless legal threats at anyone who actually, through the use of FACT, tears his claims a new one…

    That is, almost anyone who has ever posted in the same news article as Jack..

  157. 0
    Black Patriot ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I just think its funny when he posts, replies really aren’t necessary. Of course it always gets funnier when he posts in response to other peoples comments about his previous posts…

  158. 0
    Jamie says:

    I’m in hte UK so dont understand this fully but if memory serves don’t you have a court ruling in the US that demonstrates that games dont cause violent actions. It strikes me that it is just another attack on a hobby that openly promotes freedom of thought and expresion.

  159. 0
    Michael ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Everyone we should allow Jack Thompson to post here so we can have a good time challenging him. I do not believe we should go to Jack Thompson’s level and take away his right to challenge us. We are winning anyway with the comments. I have a good time seeing what Jack has to say each time he post here so we can comment on what he has to say. We should show him that we are not just gamers that know nothing. We should allow him to post anytime to challenge him. And by the way, I congratulate all the gamers that post videos to let the challengers for the presidential debate know that we have the right to play whatever we want.

  160. 0
    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “for the paranoids in the blogosphere.”

    Self reference?

    Dr. Phil was completely in the wrong with the statements he made after the VTech shootings.

    We have already pointed out the flaws in his statements, but it just doesn’t seem to sink in for some people. Refusing to give in and accept defeat is an admirable trait in a sports team, or someone facing difficulty in their life, but when it is an argument you are proven wrong in, then it’s just silly.

    Dr Phil said: “You cannot tell me – common sense tells you that if these kids are playing video games, where they’re on a mass killing spree in a video game, it’s glamorized on the big screen, it’s become part of the fiber of our society. You take that and mix it with a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness and add in a dose of rage, the suggestibility is too high.”

    If you are “a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness and add in a dose of rage”, then anything can set you off. My girlfriend is a psychiatric nurse and a patient in a facility she worked in was comitted for beating up a women he saw operating an ATM. He believed that he owned all the money in the bank and that she was stealing from him.

    You can’t just pick one thing that is ALLEGED to have set off a person like this. If you want to blame video games for the actions of “a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness” then you must also blame everything else that has caused similar actions such as the music of the Beatles (Charles Manson), the novel Catcher in The Rye Mark David Chapman), ATM machines (as in my previous example), abuse during childhood (John Wayne Gacy), etc.

    Dr Phil also said: “We’re going to have to start addressing those issues and recognizing that the mass murders of tomorrow are the children of today that are being programmed with this massive violence overdose.”

    Incorrect. The mass murderers of tomorrow are indeed children of today, but they will not be murderers because of being “programmed” with violent media. They will be murderers because like every one before them, they will be as Dr Phil himself said, “a psychopath, a sociopath or someone suffering from mental illness”, and something will happen to set them off. Getting rid of violent media will do nothing to prevent future mass murderers. The only way they can be stopped is through early detection of their mental problems and proper care and treatment.

  161. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As to the Dr. Phil show, anything he does on video games would be the equivilant of a TV show run by Fred Phelps on homosexuality. And any “experts” Dr. Phil brings on supposedly “proving” claims against video games and gamers would be the equivilant of Fred Phelps’s “experts” that homosexuality is “dangerous” to heterosexuals.

    The use of “homosexuality” may start to fall under the Godwin Law, but really, I’m comparing the competency of Dr. Phil and Fred Phelps as being able to judge anything without bias. In other words, they couldn’t if their lives depended on it. Nor could any of their “experts” that they would call.
    Hence why John Bruce was called.

    NW2K Software

  162. 0

    Of course, as he stated in that comment, you guys at GP will not be reporting it correctly. I guess pretty much his last 4 statements were just personal jabs at the commentors and the last statement a specific jab at GP itself.

    Anyway, I feel it necessary to post here what I stated in the previous post.

    I feel the problem is not with games or developers. It’s with our flawed ratings system which, lets face it, was spawned out of pure panic and fear of government regulation of the gaming industry, nuch in the same way the MPAA was. The problem is also with parents refusing to acknowledge that they have a problem and instead try to use our government to make laws to do the title jobs they should be doing: Parenting.

    Lets be honest with each other. a 9 year old kid cannot get his hands on an M-rated game. Granted he could get a game rated teen with relatively no difficulty as there are no policies (I’m aware of) or laws against it (for the time being, at this rate). However, given current store policies, there is no way he could get his hands on that game, especially if the location is a GameStop or EB Games.

    In addition, chances are a kid in that general range is not going to have $50 ($60 for the new generation of games) laying around to buy a game with. An adult is going to have to provide the resources to buy him that game. On that note, a parent must take upon some level of responsibility for providing the resources for a child to buy the game and take the blame for such rather than trying to redirect all blame and responsibility onto the developer, the publisher, and the ratings sytem; All whom did there job as they were supposed to.

    This entire mess makes no sense to me. It just seems that a great deal of parents don’t want to take responsibility for their (simply stated) fuck ups to me.

    Anyway, I wonder if Thompson will suggest that we waste tax dollars to create laws for the purpose of doing something similar to what China does with people they feel are addicted to the net.

  163. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Radio Guy,
    Huh? Not to my knowledge. Dennis had previous banned John Bruce for violations of GP posting policy and even IP blocked him.

    Mr. John Bruce “I’m above all laws, rules, and policies” Thompson apparently, according to Dennis, started using a different IP address, which circumvented the IP block. And Dennis, during the recent 4 part rebuttal to an interview John Bruce did with PopZArt, decided to, probationally for lack of a better word, allow John Bruce posting privilages. At least until John Bruce breaks the rules again. Or so I understand.

    NW2K Software

  164. 0
    Josh says:

    Mr. Thompson, I don’t care whether it is true or not. What I am concerned about is the truth (or, more accurately, the lack of it) of this statement:
    “Of course, Dr. Phil was spot-on after V-Tech…”
    No, he wasn’t. The police did NOT connect the actions of that one, insane, lost soul with gaming, or with an entire group that enjoys that recreation.
    I, myself, am not planning on shooting people, in fact I am planning on doing aid work in Darfur some time in the future. Please, try to fit that in somewhere with your “evil gamer” theory.

  165. 0
    chris says:

    paranoids? this coming from the person who thinks theres some giant videogame industrial conspiracy against him. Face it jacky boy, no one cares enough about you to conspire against you, youre not a good enough lawyer to bother anyone anyway.

  166. 0
    Rammsoldat says:

    Game violence specialist? lol i guess we’re all game violence experts then because we all know more about it than jack does.

    Hell he’s shown he fails to grasp the concept of user created content, how can he be considered an expert on anything to do with games?

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