Public Radio: Yee’s Wikipedia Page Altered From Within State Capitol

A recent GamePolitics report looked at controversial edits made to the Entertainment Software Association’s Wikipedia entry by someone at ESA HQ in Washington, D.C.

Now comes word that the Wikipedia entry of a video game industry nemesis, California State Senator Leland Yee, underwent similar in-house editing.

Yee, of course, is the architect of California’s 2005 video game law, which was recently ruled unconstitutional by a federal court judge. He is also among those critics calling for a government investigation into the recent re-rating of Manhunt 2 (see: Yee: What is ESRB Trying to Hide?).

As reported by John Meyers, Sacramento Bureau Chief for public radio station KQED:

For some reason, many more Wikipedia edits were done on computers belonging to the California Senate than the Assembly. In fact, all of the following entries were tweaked with computers logged on to Senate internet connections…

Take, for example, the Wikipedia entry for Sen. Leland Yee (D-SF), which was polished up to highlight his 2006 effort to ban violent video games being sold to kids. Between late May and August 2006, someone at the Capitol added glowing references to his fight “for children, mental health services, working families, the environment, and civil rights.”

Someone also logged on from a legislative computer to delete references to a 1992 shoplifting charge against Yee, and several Capitol edits attempted to frame the violent video game debate in the most flattering light possible…

Yee’s Wikipedia entry notes that some items are in dispute. The edits cited by KQED were discovered using the recently released Wikipedia Scanner tool.

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