Jack Thompson Wants to Subpoena George Bush

September 6, 2007 -
Embattled attorney Jack Thompson filed documents with a federal court in Florida yesterday, requesting to subpoena President George W. Bush for a deposition in what appears to be an increasingly desperate fight to retain Thompson's license to practice law.

The controversial attorney, facing a pair of ethics complaints (see below) filed by the Florida Bar, will stand trial before a referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court beginning on November 26th.

Thompson is currently suing that referee, Judge Dava Tunis, along with the entire Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Bar in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

So where does The Decider (seen at left in full Madden regalia) fit into the case?

That's not really clear. But the linkage - at least in Thompson's mind - seems to be that the Blank Rome law firm represents video game industry defendants in Strickland vs. Sony, an Alabama lawsuit alleging that an 18-year-old was acting under the influence of Grand Theft Auto when he killed two police officers and a police dispatcher in 2004. And Blank Rome - or at least some of its partners - are also lobbyists as well as heavyweight Republican donors.

Thompson, by the way, was thrown off the Strickland case by an Alabama Circuit Court judge in November, 2005. In a document filed yesterday with the U.S. District Court, Thompson writes:
I have already sent the George and Jeb Bush subpoenas to Referee Tunis for her signature. She may run on this, but she can’t hide. She must sign the subpoenas, as her filing [of the Thompson Bar complaints] with the federal court has made the testimony I seek in the depositions of both men highly relevant to my Bar defense.

If the President’s position is that I do not get to depose him while he is in office, then I would note that Paula Jones’ lawyers were able to convince a federal judge otherwise. If President Bush is successful is convincing the court that I must wait until he leaves office, that’s something I am prepared to do.

GP: In fact, waiting until President Bush left office in January, 2009 would suit Thompson quite well, effectively delaying any action on the Bar complaints until then. This looks like a stall tactic from here.

On the other hand, it's extremely unlikely that Bush would be compelled to appear. Thompson is also seeking a subpoena for President Bush's brother Jeb, the former governor of Florida.

The Bar complaints filed with the U.S. District Court by Judge Tunis relate to Thompson's Alabama video game case (37-page PDF) and Thompson's conduct in last October's failed attempt (15-page PDF) to have Bully declared a public nuisance.



If he were, he might actually get somewhere. But then it's also possible he'd never have started this bollocking.

But then he also might never have become a lawyer in the first place.


Maybe he isn't doing much for gamers (the buyers) other than providing hella good entertainment, but, when it's all said and done, I think the game industry (the sellers) get more out of Jack Thompson than he's taken from them. They can't begin to pay for the publicity he brings them. Even Wendy's got a free bump. I went and got me a Frosty -- just because.

Sorry for the double post but this just hit me...Doesn't someone screen the presidents mail, Email or packages in case of malicious content?

And if Michael Jackson dangling his (cough) child of a hotel balcony is newsworthy, then so too is Jack Thompson trying to subpoena the President of the United States -- if not more so.

Maybe we`ll get lucky and JT will uncover how Goerge Bush got to be president while losing the election in the first place. JT you might have found am MAJOR conspiracy here. That won`t save youre ass by the way...


Sometimes, for the sake of appreances and to avoid the criticism that you rushed to judgment, you gotta give folk enough rope to hang themselves.

@jccalhoun, JDKJ:

Bah, I've seen that episode already... though november sweeps is coming up, I heard rumors he gets disbarred in the series finale, won't that be a hooah! er I mean a hoot?

Has anyone figured out exactly on which side of the battle line Jack's placing Jeb and George Bush? Are both of them or only one of them (and, if only one, which one) part of the conspiracy against Jack? Or are they not at all part of the conspiracy? It's not at all clear to me. For example, on my read of Jack's letter to Jeb Bush, he alternates between first being somewhat fawning and then vaguely threatenting, with the end result being that I can't tell whether Jack's approaching Jeb as an assumed friend or an assumed foe.

And I'm not trying to be funny (not this time). I'd really appreciate any serious answers.


Well, President bush did say "Parents just need to be better parents." Funny how he seemed to coins the wisest phrase of this whole debate.

@Jack Thompson:

How about Whitney Houston as one of your trial witnesses? You can put her on the stand and have her sing, "I believe that children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way . . . etc.," as proof of your theory that Jack Thompson is motivated in part by his concern for children and not by spite, vindictiveness, petty jealousy, misplaced anger, idleness, pride, fame-seeking, greed, or small-mindedness, feeble-mindness, mental disorder, etc., etc. I've discussed her availability with Bobby Brown and I understand that she's wide-open.

Plus, it'll be such a touching, tear-jerking, courtroom moment. And all good trials gotta have at least one of those.

Someone who posts here as much as Jack shouldn't say that people who post here have no lives.

Jacks logic.

Gamepolitics posters = no life
Jack Thompson = Gamepolitics poster
Jack Thompson = no life

@ Jack Thompson

Also, that ruling didn't exactly strike down the Michigan Bar's rules.

A comment from the Overlawyered blog from the disciplinary counsel of Fieger's appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court:

Two important points about the decision. First, the judge explicitly conceded (as he had to) that the legitimacy of Fieger's reprimand was not being challenged. The decision is prospective only. Second, there is a distinction between a declaratory judgment and an injunction. Although the court's decision purports to declare that the courtesy rules "shall not be enforced," a declaratory judgment does not necessarily prevent future prosecutions. In Steffel v Thompson, 415 US 452 (1974), a declaratory judgment was described as "persuasive, but not ultimately coercive; noncompliance with it may be inappropriate, but is not contempt" (at 471). By way of disclosure, I am the disciplinary counsel who argued the Fieger appeal in the Michigan Supreme Court.

Posted by: Robert E. Edick | September 7, 2007 09:22 AM

Meaning a) any reprimand against you by the Florida Bar would be legitimate and b) a court decision in your favor doesn't protect you from future complaints, if you haven't already been disbarred by that time.

Practice what you preach, jabroni: Grow up and get a life.

Dennis, it's time to ban him again. He's getting closer and closer to what got him banned in the first place, IMHO.

Dear Jack,

My name is Richard Dunn. I am 26 years old. In addition to my job, working for the local College, I am working to finish a degree in Computer Science. I am married to a lovely woman, and we are both very active in our religious beliefs. I do not drink, I do not smoke, or take drugs.
I have, in the course of my life, played just about every violent video game out there. I've done the GTAs, the Mortal Kombats, the First Person Shooters, all of it.
How many times have I ever been in a fight? Never.
how many times have I been arrested? Never.
How many times have I used a gun? Once, on a shooting range, with the Boy Scouts of America.

Jack, I am living proof that Gamers are not all violent druggies, We have our misfits, but as a whole, we're normal people, not that different from you. We just have a hobby that you don't share. To say that Gamers are going to cause violence is just as likely as saying that Big Game Hunters or people who enjoy Karaoke or Crocheting will cause violence. Go do a survey and see how many murderers enjoyed playing the Guitar. I'm honestly curious now.

Honestly, Jack, whatever comes from the next few months, whether you carry on or whether you are disbarred, it doesn't matter to me. Like the above poster, I kind of hope you succeed just because it makes the new so much more entertaining to see what your latest antic is. But no matter what, I'm going to carry on knowing that I have proved you wrong. We enforce the ESRB in my house, and it works, but beyond that, I play the games before any of the children that come to my home play them, so I know what they are and are not allowed to load. I have taken responsibility for the electronic entertainment in my home.

I am a Gamer. I am a responsible, informed man who enjoys digital media. And though you try to categorize us, I will always be here, proving you wrong.

Hey Jack, you forgot Mickey Mouse, Lord Lucan and the Beatles.

heh... 'under the influence'......

I can imagine it:

"Mommy, mommy, the bad game posessed me!"

Sadly, I'm not sure Jack would really see this as a stall tactic.

I am fairly certain he believes he is important enough.

Jack really HAS gone crazy.

3 words.


lol, Jack is a very silly man.

Wow. I wonder what his connection with the Bush family really is. I remember him posting his letter to subpoena Jeb Bush, but this is the first time I have heard of G W Bush.

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

how in the world could george bush be highly relevant to jacks defence?

answer me that jackie and at the same time neither claim involvement in the alabama case or say 'hooah' and we might have a half civilised post for once.

Either that or he hopes that if he can make it enough of a bother to Bush, then Bush might just wave a magic wand and tell the Florida bar to drop the entire thing just so he dosnt have to be pesterd with it anymore. Or maybe that Bush will take it out on someother than Thompson himself *shrugs*

Thing is, im not sure anyone has to subpeona anyone here. Didnt Jack try to subpeona the Penny Arcade guys once and the judge in that case wouldnd let him because he couldnt prove any real connection or reason for it?

Course, Jacko dosnt really seem to think about these things. Stall tactic sure, but if National news should happen to grab onto it and make it widely known... well there goes his reputation. Jack probably thinks they would spin it his way but betweent he choices of possible spins on THAT story go.. well.. I see the media going with the "Crazy attorney takes meritless swipes at President in desperate stall tactic" more than anything.

The Media has already turned on Jack, they turned on him after V-tech when he kept spouting his nonsense in the middle of the tragedy and couldnt support any of his claims. Hes been getting dumped from debates and shows alike. The man dosnt seem to realize this however and soo... yeah. Id say reality will be a cold shock to Jack, but when has he ever bothered seeing reality?

Ok. I may not be a lawyer (thank You God for that by the way) but even I have enough legal knowledge to point out something here. In the Paula Jones case President Clinton was the defendant. He was directly tied to the events that she was suing over because she was suing Clinton for sexual harassment.

President Bush and his brother are, at best, third or fourth parties who's campaigns may have received donations from the Blank Rome law firm. There's nothing illegal there and it, to me any way, it would seem like any judge in the country would realize what he's trying to do and deny the subpenea on the grounds that its baseless grandstanding.

Good grief, what does he expect to accomplish with this? George Bush is already busy enough with all the public criticism of his policies, the mess that the war in Iraq has turned into, and not to mention his job of being the president in the first place. How much time does Jack think that the president is really going to devote to pandering to a failed attorney attempting to dig himself out of a hole?

How can he continue to present anything regarding the Alabama case as part of his defense when (a) He was removed from the case, and (b) it was his terrible behaviour in and outside the court that led to one of the ethics charges he is facing.

Jack Thompson would do himself a lot more favours by simply admitting that he has done wrong and behaved in a manner unfit for an attorney. I would have more respect for someone who is honest and faces the music when they have done something wrong instead of trying to pass the buck and blame everyone else but himself for his own behaviour.

If it is a delaying tactic as GP suggests, it just shows how desperate he has gotten, indicating that he knows full well just how serious the consequences of his inappropriate behaviour are, and how likely it is he will have to answer for his behaviour.

What a fucking nutter

I'm trying to figure out what is more crazy, the fact he's doing this, or the fact he's actually bragging about it as though it somehow benefits him.

Can the Courts do something about JT constantly using these idiotic stall tactics? Just drag him to court and get it over with or something.

Just when you thought you've heard the limits of Jack Thompson's inane stupidity, he goes and pulls something that proves you wrong time and time again. Apparently we're still scratching the surface on his idiocy.


I'm sure he'd love to subpoena John Lennon. That really would be a delaying tactic.

It's like Thompson wants his license revoked at this point.

Seriously, serving the President of the United States and his brother, the former Governor of Florida subpeonas when they have zero involvement is just a foolish desperate act.

double post

What's next, he's gonna subpeona Hillary Clinton or even Bill Clinton?

Bush isn't answering anyone else's question, so I doubt he will answer Thompson's.


I agree, when does enough stall and BS diversion tactics end? What next?
He is wasting courts time and taxpayers money by letting this drag on.

thompson, bush wouldnt give you the time of day. and with that said, you might want to tread this situation carefully thompson. you wouldnt want to end up on the terrorist watch list for stalking and harrasing the man until you get their attention, like you do everybody else. and you can just imagine how that would look on you when you face the board.

Good lord, this man is comedy GOLD. Congress can't even get him to let his flunkies testify. He's got BIGGER PROBLEMS. I don't know what would be funnier, that he served the president or if the president actually testified.

@Jack Thompson:

Nice move, Jack. Sheer legal brilliance.

Keep that health plan coverage up to date. In-patient psychiatric hospitalization costs an arm and a leg nowadays.

Here's an idea, you could always subpoena Osama Bin Laden to give evidence on the 'Moral Corruption of the West' and state you're willing to wait until he's caught, that'd buy you LOADS of time!

Dear Demon-Pretender-To-The-Throne-Of-Heaven that John Bruce worships,

Must really be slim pickings if this is the best warrior you could come up with to pretend to be a "Warrior For God".

Seriously, dude, ya need more intelligent, charismatic, SANE people to do your work if you truly expect to win ANYTHING.

NW2K Software

lol @subpoena Osama Bin Laden

I figured one of these day's he'd get desperate to try something with the president.

It's obivous he's scared now trying to despreately hold onto his licsence to practice law.

I bet he sent Dubya a copy of his book along with the subpeona as well.


In his next dashng move of legal brilliance, hot shot attorney Jack Thompson subpeonas HIMSELF! but not just himself, his mustachioed past-self from his television appearance.

Jack thompson had this to say; 'The testimony of the former Jack thompson is not only relevant, but entirely neccesary, he has key evidence that I am not privy to. If this means we have to wait till viable timespace manipulation technology is developed, then so be it."

And nobody got him in this much trouble but himself and his disrespectful mouth.

Ok so we all know what JT is doing, but what is the Bar doing? Are the ystill trying to find the right person to give Jack-o his psychological exam? Is there a court date? What's going on on the opposite part of the spectrum? And please tell me that this isn't a legitimate legal move....and by legitimate I mean "look at me! look at me! I know how the system works give me a cookie and a few more weeks of practicing law!'

Well, it has been awhile since he's been on TV...and with GWBush in the spotlight here, he'll get another chance!

else fail;

now that he's officially requested to subpoena Jeb, doesn't that make his "gift" a little unethical if not outright illegal?

i watch Law & Order, i'm pretty sure handing someone a book of all your ideas and asking for him to help you is leading the witness.

Well, he's probably got about 25,000 unsold copies of the book laying around, I guess he has to get rid of them somewhere...

To be honest, I'm wondering how long he can push this before he crosses over into Emergency Suspension territory.


youre neglecting the fact that JTs book is probably godaweful, so its not really making the witness anymore compliant.

Jacks just trying to get rid of the copies since no one is actually paying for them.

If Dennis McCauley were able to read and comprehend a federal court filing, he would have found that The Bar is asserting, as did Blank Rome, that my letter to President Bush is one of the specific, enumerated communications that provide the basis for the Blank Rome/Take-Two Bar complaint. The need to depose President Bush does not rest upon what Dennis imagines, but what The Bar complaint itself says: That the letter to Bush was "unethical."

Further, what Mr. McCauley has also chosen not to report is that the lawyers for the Howard Stern Show broadcaster alleged, as does The Bar, that my letter to Governor Jeb Bush was "unethical" in that it pointed out the efforts of the law firm one of Jeb Bush's buddies, Al Cardenas of Tew Cardenas, to keep Stern on the air despite the illegal broadcasts.

The clear relevance of these depos is proven by the fact that I am in fact deposing Al Cardenas on September 17.

So nice try, Dennis, in attempting to characterize this discovery from the Bushes are some sort of desperate effort. There's nothing desperate about it. Blank Rome chose to put President Bush in the middle of this desperate SLAPP Bar strategy, and I have a right to ask Bush about it.

Hooah! Jack Thompson

That’s not really clear. But the linkage - at least in Thompson’s mind - seems to be that the Blank Rome law firm represents video game industry defendants in Strickland vs. Sony, an Alabama lawsuit alleging that an 18-year-old was acting under the influence of Grand Theft Auto when he killed two police officers and a police dispatcher in 2004. And Blank Rome - or at least some of its partners - are also lobbyists as well as heavyweight Republican donors.

Seems to me like if that's the only connection then he might as well subpoena every single member of the Republican party.

Wonder how long before he actually tries that...

I remember reading somewhere that George Bush is an avid gamer, setting aside time in his day to play in the office. That wouldn't have anything to do with this would it Jack?
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