Early Manhunt 2 Version Reportedly Leaked Online

A number of game media outlets are reporting that an apparent early PS2 build of Manhunt 2 has been leaked online. According to Kotaku:

Though credited to Rockstar-unaffiliated Team Slonik the software had to come from somewhere and YouTube clips are already appearing for public consumption—meaning this could become a quite literal torrent of bad press for Rockstar…who was finally (kinda) out of the fire for Hot Coffee.

A note included with the download, which is available on both Usenet and via Bittorrent, reads: 

Greetz to the scene. Here we have the kick ass game (Manhunt 2 Banned Uncut Version) from Team Slonik.

Fan site Projectmanhunt, which broke the story, has more.

GP: It’s hard to tell what impact this development – if it’s even true – will have on the continuing Manhunt 2 controversy. Should the release prove to be genuine, could it have been made by a beta tester? Disgruntled employee? Rockstar itself as some form of viral marketing?

That last option seems unlikely, given all that R* went through with the 2005 Hot Coffee fiasco. And, if Hot Coffee required jumping through hoops to access, this release also poses technical challenges to the average gamer.

For its part, the mysterious Team Slonik is sporting a Russian Gmail address. A soundless trailer uploaded to YouTube yesterday has been removed. However a copy – now with background music (unknown if it’s authentic in-game soundtrack) has replaced it:

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