Racial Comments Trouble Philly Games Writer

My buddy Rob Watson, with whom I share video game coverage chores at the Philadelphia Inquirer, is concerned about some gamer reactions he’s read online concerning Black College Football: The Xperience.

The new PC game from Baton Rouge-based Nerjyzed Entertainment is based on the Unreal 3 engine and should launch this fall. Writes Rob:

I have always bragged about how smart you gamers are and how open-minded and kindhearted you’ve been in terms of how the world works. Some of you let me down over the last couple of weeks…


Various forums and message boards were littered with "Why do they need their own game?" or "If there was an all-white football game, there would be an uproar!"




There was once a time when these schools were all that African Americans had in terms of higher education… this new game… includes some things EA (makers of the NCAA Football series) probably never even thought about when it comes to black schools; annual classic match-ups and a Battle of the Bands competition…

Stop the hate and investigate.

GP: We haven’t been tracking BCF:TX up until now. However, after reading Rob’s column we did check out some postings around the Net.

While some gamers have been quite supportive of the game concept, as Rob says, others have been less than accepting. Not to single out Joystiq (whose coverage was very fair), but the 200+ comments to Justin McElroy’s article on the game are a good example of the various reactions to BCF:TX.

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