LaRouche Party Sees Halo 3 Ushering in “New Dark Age”

The organization of far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche, which blamed the Virginia Tech massacre on video games, has now targeted Halo 3.

An article on the LaRouche website (see: Halo 3: The Third Wave of Destroying the U.S.) rhetorically asks:

What kind of perverse mind would develop such a thing to lure in so many youthful and vibrant minds?

…How does one young adult get corrupted into becoming a psychotic-mass killer, or a mere useless drone for the likes of… [Vice-president] Dick Cheney? The most obvious answer to any thinking individual— is to dehumanize the image of human beings.

There are many tedious details and complexities that go behind the production of such games as Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3. However, once that dehumanizing process has been accomplished, the ability of making useless wars (like that of Iraq, today) and mass killing of innocent people, as in the case of the Virginia Tech incident, are stepping stones for the unleashing of a New Dark Age…

GP: Thanks to longtime GP reader Soldat Louis for the tip!

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    thegreedyturtle says:

    Eve-Online, now that’s one I can understand

    Eve-Online, by preparing our youth to build a vast galactic corporate structure; we train them to use whatever means necessary to increase the power of their own employer. By pulling in hundreds of thousands of these like minded children, we will soon see America taken over by massive corporate conglomerates who will have a monopoly on all key resources that an everyday citizen needs to keep their quality of life, such as Veldspar, Hemorphite, and even Mercoxit.

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    Pandralisk says:

    I think it is wonderful that children are learning to channel violent urges into a strictly fantasy setting.

    The damage of Judeo-Christian religious doctrination far outweighs violent forms of media. Unlike media, which is strictly labeled as fantasy, genocidal fiction (under the threat of eternal torture) instills fear into children every day in this country. In the mind of a Christian, fantasy effectively becomes reality. Need I remind you why the dark ages remained so “dark?”

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    ooftygoofty says:

    I know it’s been mentioned already, but I find his obsession with Dick Cheney baffling. Seriously, what else is Cheney behind? World War II? The Bubonic Plague?

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    HolyCraponaStick says:

    I could’ve sworn that the Flood weren’t human. Aren’t you like.. saving the Earth or something? Hmm. Apparently preventing the genocide of all sentient life is dehumanizing. Crazy Bongmongers.

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    Soldatlouis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @SolarisDeschain :

    But Thompson and Grossman aren’t as funny… and I already saw “serious people” taking LaRouche seriously (without knowing who he really was, of course).

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    Murdercrow ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t LaRouche Pac the same guys who seem to think that (IIRC) the Queen of England has a conspiracy to take over America?

    No, I’m not kidding.

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    Coravin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Mad n1nja

    Hey, the military doesn’t dehumanize. Dehumanization, while a term thrown about quite frequently, tends to be harder to achieve in thinking, mature individuals than the scaremongers suggest. Since the goal is not so much to make somebody less human as it is to make them care less about (certain) other humans, it’s a process most effective when enjoined upon young children or the wilfully ignorant or blindly believing.

    In the latter respect, religions have often been abused as the driving forces for actions that only somebody who truly believes themselves superior, or others not true humans, could really buy into. Because dehumanization requires a sort of us-them mentality and/or an acceptance that human life is meaningless or taking it is easy, belief systems (such as those underpinning many guerilla or terorist forces) more successfully dehumanize their opponents than organizations like the U.S. Military.

    For our military, which is more about training people to “do” than it is about training people to “believe”, it’s actually inefficient to try to dehumanize every enemy to the soldiers through any but mechanical means. In other words, it’s generally emotionally/mentally easier on a soldier to kill if they don’t have to see anything but a map, or a plane, and harder on them if they see a human sillhoutte or a face right next to them.

    Soldiers may have to disengage (as they fight) from thinking of enemies as people in order to be able to do their jobs, but today’s military training enables them to do their jobs regardless of beliefs about the enemy, not THROUGH beliefs of any inferiority. Instead, it humanizes that which we fight for–our nation, our friends, our lovers, our children, our military–and and uses training to overcome the difficulties of seeing an enemy as a human being.

    Seriously, if the military could effectively dehumanize its enemies in the eyes of its soldiers, people wouldn’t have nearly as many of the PTSD and other issues that are under-treated during war and prevalent after. Most (certainly not all) of the people saying that shooting a bunch of “people” in a video game dehumanize us don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Things like ignoring the beggars as we walk past, deriding other races, abusing other sexes, discounting the suffering on the news, assuming rape or starvation fall under an SEP field–these can contribute to what we consider “dehumanization”, often disturbingly successfully.

    Firing at a human-shaped enemy in an arcade game? Not so much. But it looks as if LaRouche took a U-turn somewhere around “logic-ville” years ago, it’s no surprise he doesn’t realize he’s a more effective tool for dehumanizing people that videogames or the military could ever be.

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    Anonymous says:

    And people question Jack’s sanity. at least he is keeping it sort of realistic….

    “Dark age” *fffft* The tin-foil hat picture is right, this is the age old “we don’t understand it, it is to blame for all-of/almost-all of our society’s problems, and as power crazed people we want to control it all” with a good sized serving of paranoia to go along with it.

    ““There are many tedious details and complexities that go behind the production of such games as Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3.””
    Whenever stuff like that rambling appears, I can’t help but think of someone who has read/watched too many science-fiction novels/movies and crack-pot conspiracy sites. And the “behind the scenes” stuff is probably another way of saying “we don’t really understand it all, or care to, will just make connections up.”

    As for their choice of games, “EVE-Online”? Is this one training us for conquering the universe? ” Entropia Universe” looks like your typical SecondLife with virtual reality, macrotransactions and virtual money(get ready for the new, 2.0!).

    Seesh, I am now getting nostalgic about the past; thinking about old technology like Virtual Reality, sci-fi novels I have read, and all those crummy “cyberspace” and “this is the future” flicks…

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    Baramos says:

    Oh, man, why did I even bother replying to this? The man has a “NEXT GREAT BIG DEPRESSION” theory on that page. If I only had a dollar for every time a book or article is published with the title “CASH CRASH: HOW THE ENTIRETY OF SOCIETY WILL COME TUMBLING DOWN IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION OF 2010” or the like.

    I like how he claims the economy is worse than The Great Depression. As if the economy is entirely dependant on the Housing Markets, AND as if said market is really doing that bad. And I fail to see how a crappy bridge had much to do with the economy collapsing, perhaps he’s pulling a Nostadamus and proclaiming that as the bridge collapsed, so too must the American economy.

    Anyway. The man is rather insane. I don’t think I’d bother posting stuff about this on this site anymore; the man doesn’t have any political persuasion at all, he’s not like the senators in California. He has even less relevance than Jack Thompson. And he is absolutely fruity.

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    Baramos says:

    The war in Iraq? I doubt Bush or Powell or any of them has ever played Pong, let alone Halo.

    Why is everyone obsessed over Halo, anyway? Because it’s the most popular or something? As far as FPS go it’s pretty mild with the blood for an M game, it’s not like Gears of War for gore, or anything…I think they just seize upon it because it’s one of the few games mentioned on the actual news or something.

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    JustChris says:

    Heh, telling the youth to work on fusion power and bring NASA back to its legs running. Because your average high schooler (the people these games are most popular with) cared about most of those things before.

    He probably blamed Monopoly for the rise of capitalism as well.

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    OtakuMan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    And I for one welcome our new Dark Age overlords and invite them to use me for witty violence commentary and rounding up potential targets for mass extermination. In other news… wait, what’s that?

    This just in, turns out the above following statement was to be applied to the LaRouche administration.

    And I for one…


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    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Damn…but lucky for us LaRouche is about as popular as the plague.”

    Well less so. I enjoy watching a good documentary on the plague. I seriously doubt a millennium from now anyone is going to give two damns about LaRouche.

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    Picho, ushering the age of dorkness ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Actually he is kinda right. Now that Halo 3 is out, people will look at me funny until i get it for my xbox 360.

    It isnt the greatest FPS ever made. It is however the greatest marketing campain ever for a game. But i prefer not to have moon physics and the arcadish like style of the game. I like stuff a little more Tom Clancy style (one or two bullets = dead) but not compleatly. Something in the middle.

    Besides, you cant argue with a guy who has that hat. So he wins by default.

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    Nash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Isn’t LaRouche a douchebag who brainwashes teens into his society?

    and those teens are nothing but little douchebags who run around saying how great LaRouche is for the country?

    Damn…but lucky for us LaRouche is about as popular as the plague.

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    Valoharth says:


    Yea I’m pretty pissed off about him lumping gamers into the whole Dick Cheney wagon! I mean we gamers play virtual War games and he plays real war games!

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    Mad n1nja says:

    He is really wrong.

    I’ve read the entire article about what he said or he worte.

    He is really, really wrong.

    “Could not these youthful minds spend their precious time working to push the frontiers of science by discovering fusion power or rediscovering the universal principles in Classical physical science and art? What about the space program? Are people being inspired in these areas, to conquer the difficult scientific problems mankind has never been challenged by before?”

    With out games and other mass media, I would have never gotten interested in science. Shows like Start Trek & Star Gate, and games like starcraft & other sci-fi stuff inspired me to study physic and other science.

    “Could this not be another form of distraction to deter one’s mind away from solving or even thinking about the global economic breakdown crises?”

    No, it not another distraction. Gaming industry is helping the economy. It a billion dollar industry. It is the last generation’s fault for bad economy. I my self blame credit cards. Also games like The Sims teaches money management.

    “How does one young adult get corrupted into becoming a psychotic-mass killer, or a mere useless drone for the likes of Anti-Nation-State Fascists, such as Felix Rohatyn, George Shultz, or even their dupe, Dick Cheney?”

    All of the influence that can mess up youth are can all be related to the last generations. Last generations caused war, they taught hate, they mess up the kids. Not the media, but bad history and bad parenting.

    “The most obvious answer to any thinking individual— is to dehumanize the image of human beings…… However, once that dehumanizing process has been accomplished, the ability of making useless wars… and mass killing of innocent people, as in the case of the Virginia Tech incident, are stepping stones for the unleashing of a New Dark Age.”

    Not true. I learn from games like Command and Conquer: Generals, Empire Earth, Medal of Honor, and Halo taught me that Human kinds should set their differences aside and unite together to stop poverty, illness, and global warming. I learn more about humanity from games.

    The “dark age” will come if we let the last generation to continue with their hate, greed, arrogant, and selfishness. Games and other mass media can have the potential to teach us all to unite.

    ” One, is the mental psychosis of the vulnerable adolescent or young adult, who are gullible to these fictions…. the dehumanization process occurs in any instance, by the first-person shooter games’ precision to kill another object, or by the adoption of an arbitrary set of anti-scientific, anti-principled rules, like that of Second Life, or even the great Ministry of Truth—Wikipedia.”

    Joining the any military organization dehumanize any one. Not games. Games tell story not fact (at least most of the time). Second life offer escape from the harsh life reality (like how people go clubing or spa to relax). People can have fun in the digital world and work and stress in the real world.

    Wikipedia spread knowage to people who can’t reach a library. It open up knowage to those who are not previlage enough to go to college.

    The VT shooting is sad, but not caused by gaming or mass media. The shooter had mental illness for a long time.

    Sorry for the extreamly long comment.. but I just really want to share how I feel about this.

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    jonc2006 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    what is it with this la rouche guy and dick cheney? im not the cheneys #1 fan either but you would think he has some sort of sexual obsession over cheney since almost every other thing la rouche says has something to do with him.

  19. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know the last thing La Rouche needs to be making accusations of is of brain washing and cults. On the other hand if anyone would know anything about brainwashing young minds it would be grand cult leader LaRouche himself, and his army of drooling droids.

  20. 0
    Anonymous says:

    @ Valoharth.

    Hush, they might hear you, while us guys are happy mechanized buggers and never ever go through metal detectors they’ll never suspect plan B.

    I hope section LambaKay keeps the ore coming otherwise we won’t have anything to fire from our subs…

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    Valoharth says:

    So anyone else think its funny that they are talking about how people should be more scintifical (sorry I speak like bush) but yet they have no Proof to back up what they say about video games and this Cybernetic Cult! I mean honestly, the first rule of Cyber Cult is you do not talk about Cyber Cult…

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    Vinzent says:

    I’m sorry, but EVE-Online is dehumanizing? Are you kidding me? If anything it desentizes you to the destruction of starships, not people. Why do I get the feeling the LaRouche is just tired of getting pwned at online games?

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    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @E. Zachary Knight

    But, but, science is also evil. If anything, the vidya games distracted the workers from praying so god would hold the bridge up

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    mary says:

    Why is anyone responding to a man who was in prison for ripping of people and at one time he tried to run for president? His platform was he would go to Mars. and build a colony.

  25. 0
    Benji says:

    @HandofCrom: Don’t forget the senator who, while chairman of a committe on keeping children from child predators, solicited his underage pages for sexual acts.
    I have half a mind to run for office at some point, simply because I’m certain I couldn’t possibly botch the job even half as bad as most of our current officials.

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    Sam Taylor says:

    Wow, how does this have anything to do with dehuminazation? Oh yeah, a genetically inhanced super human with a mechasuit with a built in nuclear reactor and recharging sheild killing hordes of zombies and aliens makes me not care about people dieing at all.

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    HandofCrom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think I’ve said it before, but why are the people who claim to be dedicated to “stopping moral decline” and “defending a moral culture” among the most unscrupulous, vile excuses of meatbags ever to stain our world? LaDouche is a crazy cultist who robs his followers in a manner that Scientologists would consider excessive and cruel. Jack Thompson is a lying snake who loves to ridicule the grieving. Bill O’Reilly is a thug, a bully, a liar, and a molester. Newt Gingrich talked about defending the sanctity of marriage while cheating on his latest wife, who used to be the mistress he was cheating on his former wife with. There’s a correlation! The louder someone talks about stopping moral decline, the fewer morals they have to decline! It makes me sick.

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    Gameboy says:

    @ BlackIce, Leftie

    No, Jack is a moron, but he’s not THAT stupid. He just believes that there is a huge gaming community conspiracy to have him disbarred (in reality, I think he’s the one trying to get him disbarred). Larouche believes that Cho (the V-Tech killer) played Counter-Strike, the government knows, and are thus covering it up. Why? Because the government is responsible for all violent video games and uses them to desensitize the next generation of soldiers to have a more effective military.

    Jack believes its a media blackout/cover-up, but Larouche actually believes this goes up to the top. Kinda makes me think of the South Park episode (I forget the name) where Stan and Kyle investigate the 9/11 conspiracy only to learn that there is none. It’s all a big conspiracy to make people think there are multiple huge conspiracies that the government is involved in. That our government knows and controls all. Even the President is in on it!

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    4nBlue ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Mark Lucherini
    And what makes even more sense is that LaRouche is actually an alien and is trying to stop Halo, because he fears that it will teach gamers how to fight against the alien invasion.

  30. 0
    Timmy says:

    I’m tempted to vote for him, if only because President LaRouche would get to the bottom and make public the site of Area 51, possibly including walking tours.

  31. 0
    Waffles ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @BlackIce, Leftie:

    You forgot to mention that they honestly believe that theres a government conspiracy to cover-up any video game evidence from the VT shootings.

  32. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh they are still pushing the Virginia Tech angle despite an absence of any evidence whatsoever? I guess you have to give them kudos on their mindless persistence.

  33. 0
    john the mon says:

    I think he’s got his basic idea wrong, I think he meant zealous religion, in the age of reason we live in, the only real threat of a new dark age is coming from, is an organized religion.

  34. 0
    Sidewinder says:

    @ DeusPayne

    He apparently blames the declining American economy and the collapse of the Minnesota bridge on games. When you believe that games could cause a building to fall down, saying that games started a war would make perfect sense.

  35. 0
    DarrelBT says:

    In other words, Lyndon LaRouche is the kinda guy that would hate anything that’s enjoyable, why even the things Jack Thompson likes would be considered “satanic” (No I don’t mean the Bible, because at one point Jack mentioned that he liked a rock group that most people liked). As far as he’s concerned, all he really cares about is for the youth group to make him President. If it doesn’t make him President, then fuck it.

    Jack Thompson, I apologised. You are still a dickhead, but you have never ruined many youths’ lives as much as LaRouche had done. Also, at least you DO know what “fun” is.

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    Werrick ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Did this neo-con Hawk not see the military out trying to recruit underage video gamers at an event?

    I see that as much more opportunistic and perverse than a game.

  37. 0
    Demontestament ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “What kind of perverse mind would develop such a thing to lure in so many youthful and vibrant minds?”

    This from the guy who brainwashes young kid and turns them into the LaRouche youth? A group of kids who insult those who do not think like them and at times use violence as a means to try and beat down their opponents?

    You know from this guys list on what is corrupting the world we would need to ban everything to make him happy. LaRouche is nothing more than a old man with nothing better to do with his time so he decides to Troll real life and blame everyone who doesn’t think or believe like him.

  38. 0
    Mark Lucherini ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Uhhuh…. Yes. This makes perfect “sense.” You know what else makes perfect “sense?” The Pyramids as landing pads for aliens. See, they’ll land there after we’ve all completed Halo 3 to destroy us. It’s all part of the great plan that the video game companies have.

  39. 0
    Meggie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So Dick Cheney + Halo 3 = War? Like Cheney plays video games, he’s found something better to take aim at then digital characters.

    Conejo Says:
    do we really need to cover things LaRouche says?

    For the sake of a good laugh, I hope so.

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    Waffles ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “There are many tedious details and complexities that go behind the production of such games as Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3.”

    Translation: I don’t understand or play vidya games, therefore they’re spooky and evil, and must be banned!

    Oh and kudos to whoever chose the picture for this article. Funny stuff.

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    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know what caused the Dark Ages?


  42. 0
    HandofCrom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    No! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! These new fangled kajiggers will be the doom of us all!

    I’m pretending to be an idiot, what LaRoach’s excuse?

  43. 0
    John Simpson says:

    Lyndon LaRouche thinks that it is the “end times”. He thinks that the gamers are the “Antichrist Kingdom”, and that the antigamers are the “Heroes of the ‘Book of Revelation'”. I do not like Lyndon LaRouche, because look at all of the scandals, he has been involved in. Also, alot of people think of him as a “fascist” and an “anti-semite”. I think that he is not thinking straight. Also, he is 85 years old. Lyndon LaRouche was born in 1922, so that you would know.

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    some guy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I remember back in the old days, before video games even existed.
    There was no such thing as war, no such thing as school violence, and when people all over the world were not constantly inventing things to benefit the whole of humanity, they were busy hugging each other ever so gently.
    Clearly video games are the reason our world is in such a sorry state.

  45. 0
    Soldatlouis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    LaRouche and his followers in their whole glory 😀

    @ DarrelBT and DavCube : don’t forget they also hate country music, jazz, Voltaire, Descartes, and Euclidian Geometry.

  46. 0
    SlyFox says:

    “What kind of perverse mind would develop such a thing to lure in so many youthful and vibrant minds?”

    Why, the fun-loving people at Bungie, of course. As for the “dark age”, if Halo 3 is an indication of it, then bring on the darkness.

    “…How does one young adult get corrupted into becoming a psychotic-mass killer…”

    I don’t know… Broken homes, abuse family life, bieng severely traumitized at an early age, etc?

    “…or a mere useless drone for the likes of… [Vice-president] Dick Cheney?”

    Such as the useless drones that follow LaRouche around, spewing little to nothing but the blatantly false and ridiculouos lies that he fills their once free minds with.

  47. 0
    x(wai)x says:

    World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3.

    Wait. What?

    WoW? EVE? When were either of these games remotely violent? They sure as heck aren’t the kind of game that keeps getting labled as “murder simulators.” As for Halo 3, I haven’t played it yet, but aren’t you still fighting aliens for the most part?

  48. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    That may actually be the problem. Early in their lives, they became so ultra-serious about life that they never did anything in the name of stress relief or leisure and their brains became a mushy, dribbling mess which led to the absolute absurd conspiracy theories that they are making today.

    Ok, project for the ingenious parody writers here:

    Create a website that is a parody charity site. It must focus on the seriously mentally challenged, specifically, that segment that seems limited to outrageous and totally idiotic ideas. Not talking about minor conspiracy theorists but rather completely off the wall ones. People who completely rant and rave with nothing intelligent to focus on. Basically, the complete nutcases. It must solely be seeking volunteer support to help bring back these “lost souls” from the brink of utter “brain mushiness” and never ask for financial support. (We don’t want people collecting money falsely. :) )

    Ah! I’ve got it! Not “mentally challenged” (as there are a legitimate group of people who fall into that catagory) but rather the “Mentally Skewed” or “Mentally Mushed”! That’ll work. :)

    Cookie to the first successful creation.
    Two cookies if you create a forum and no less than 10 people sign up thinking you’re serious and want to help. :)

    NW2K Software

  49. 0
    GregoriusH says:


    Come on now, we all know that video games require nothing less than fanatical devotion, to the detriment of one’s life and, more importantly for LaRouche it seems, to the detriment of one’s economic output. It is entirely absurd that video games could possibly be enjoyed in moderation in the same way that people enjoy other hobbies, and it is also absurd that the human mind could possibly draw a distinction between the rules which drive a virtual reality and the moral and physical rules that underpin reality as a whole.

    There are many studies which have proven these findings. Hundreds of them in fact. No really, on average they publish seventeen new studies per day that support such points. I would show you them, but I won’t.

  50. 0
    Nathan says:

    Great pic… that sums up LaRouche perfectly.

    But seriously, shouldn’t these nutbars being doing something with their time other than bitching and whining about tapping buttons on a controller?

    And people wonder why the “terrists” hate us.

  51. 0
    The gaming Dutch ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Isn’t the single player campaign about killing aliens as usual?

    The multiplayer part is just like previous Halo’s as far as I understand.

  52. 0
    Thomas ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Reading the article these people actually seem to think instead of playing Halo 3, people should be doing scientific research or other serious things…

    Apparently they don’t understand that people need leisure time as well work time.

  53. 0
    Gameboy says:

    I’m not surprised by this at all. This is the same guy that said that STAR WARS (yes, that Star Wars) is intended to corrupt our youth and dehumanize people. His logic? Why would you make so many characters look like monsters (Oh, I don’t know… because they’re aliens?)? So that when you kill them, people don’t think of them as people.

    This is probably his same logic with Halo and even WoW. The PvP is likely a major factor. You can kill a person without a moments hesitation. He likely thinks that desensitizes people. The problem with that logic is obvious. When you kill a person in the real world… they die never to return. When you kill a person in Halo… They respawn in 5 seconds, pick up a gun and cap your ass. You’d have to be a Larouchie to not realize that it’s fake.

    @ GregoriusH

    I doubt he’s concerned about economic output. Look at how big Halo 3 is. They have a drink deal, for crying out loud! If this doesn’t boost economic output, I don’t know what will. Well, “Halo Flu” aside.

    @ Zerodash

    Dick Cheney probably turned down Larouches advances and now, like any good spurned lover, Larouche is out for revenge.

    Honestly, I don’t know. I think Larouche dislikes Cheny because it’s popular to dislike him and he thinks that will help him draw in more young men to have sex with. I mean cult members. I mean Larouche Youth members. No, wait, I mean cult members.

    @ DeusPayne

    No, he blames all the world’s problems on… everything. Television, video games, the Republican party, The Democratic party, county music, rock music, John Lenon, Chess, ect. This guy hates more than he likes. He’s a nut job.

  54. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Larouch, what a fucking retard.

    Halo 3 came out? OH NO, IT’S THE APOCALYPSE!

    There’s a passage in the bible, something along the lines of

    Thou shalt not know the hour of my return, so be always ready.

    If La Roach was as pious as he likes to act, he’d know that he’s setting it back.

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