Thompson & Son At It Again... Says Junior Bought Halo 3 at Target

September 27, 2007 -
Have you got Jack Thompson fatigue?

Yeah, we have it too.

In the wake of yesterday's server-crashing, mind-numbing revelation by GamePolitics that the anti-game attorney sent gay porn pics to a federal judge we could use a couple of Jack-less days.

Alas, it's not to be. The activist, who sometimes refers to himself as the "Energizer Bunny" of the game violence debate, is at it again.

In a press release issued late yesterday, Thompson claims that his 15-year-old son has once again purchased an M-rated (17 and older) game at a South Florida retailer.

Readers may recall our September 13th story in which Thompson claimed that Junior purchased BioShock at a local Best Buy. This time around Thompson says it was Halo 3:
Miami attorney and anti-violent video game activist today did a successful sting on Target Corporation.  His fifteen-year-old son, on the first try, was able to buy the “Mature-rated” Halo 3 without producing any age ID at the Dadeland Station Target.

GP: Hey, the kid is accumulating quite a game collection in the name of research. Hope he's finding time to get his homework done.


Well, Jack is full of shit. He may have encountered some careless retailers in Florida, but I've seen them card kids with extreme efficiency, up here in New Jersey. They did it quite visibly during the Halo 3 midnight launch. He proves nothing by doing this.

I might be giving him too much credit in saying he's familiar with The Art of War. He might know a few of its lessons - like being careful not to confront someone's strength but rather probe for weaknesses, and emotionally upsetting one's opponent. His tactics look to be all offense, though - no defense, no balance to his approach. One of the key lessons of The Art of War is that war - when done properly - is an intellectual process more than a physical one. Battle is about bringing the right troops, with the right preparation and mindset, to the right place at the right time; if you do this then you have virtually guaranteed victory before battle even commences. JT shows a manic willingness to throw down (in court, that is) with anyone and hope that his legal skill will carry him through the day; he acts more like a warlord than a general.

I hope that kid is enjoying his times at Best Buy & Target with his dad. Because in two years when he's 17 he'll have worn out his usefulness to ol' Jack and daddy won't have time to talk to him anymore. He'll be too busy hanging out at the local Jr. High trying to recruit kids for his ambulance chasing.
I'll bet anything they tried going to Best Buy first, and when they asked for the kids ID, Jack dragged him out of there and went next door to target, crying the whole way because "the jig was up."

hang about i thought jack had got halo 3 banned

how on earth did his son by it?

GP, I gotta say this.

His "stings" ain't exactly news. Why bother posting about them?


If Thompson is so worried about kids and violence why is he teaching his own to break the law? What's the point in trying to protect everyone's child when you willingly put your own up on the chopping block.

Sounds like poor parenting.

Hey Jack, since it's probably a safe assumption that you didn't actually want that copy of Halo 3 (or BioShock, or all the other games you've accumulated over the years), can I have 'em? I'll even pay for shipping. And hey, if you autograph them I'll even kick some bucks to the charity if your choice; if you include an autographed picture as well I'll even pony up for your defense fund. (Or the Hire Someone to Kill Strauss Zelnick fund. Your call.)

Attacking yet another sizable company and expecting to get money and attention from it..

Y'know, these little stings of his might get more attention if they mattered. Target doesn't threaten to fire their employees and the managers on duty if an employee sells an M-rated game to an under-aged customer like GameStop does. More importantly, all the ultra-retailers, like Wal-Mart, Target, and BestBuy are so huge that one little incident like that couldn't possibly harm them.

Besides, it's the retailers choice to enforce the ESRB ratings, not the government or the local courts. But, we all know this, even JT knows this. More importantly, JT should know that it's HIS responsibility to raise his child and filter the media he's exposed to.

I want to know if Jack T also sends his son to websites to find gay porn links.

[...] So Chuckles decided to rock out another “sting” operation. He previous sent his son in to a Best Buy to pick up a copy of BioShock. His son isn’t yet 18, which is what he’s trying prove. However, he’s going after 2K Games for the problem instead of Best Buy. 2K Games doesn’t control a retailer’s action. They brand the game as mature and it’s up to the retailers to enforce the sales. The new “sting” operation involves Halo 3. [...]

He's just trying to build up some 'celebrity' so that he can find employment after he gets disbarred.


"You know, I decided to “do” a “sting” of my own (I made phone calls). I called the nearest Best Buy and Futureshop and they both asks for Ids when selling M-rated games."

lie: a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

So you called the store and asked "Do you check IDs for M rated games?" Brilliant. Also, Clinton did not inhale, OJ was innocent, and The Sims contains full frontal nudity including labia and pubic hair.

If I worked at a game store and a stranger called and asked "Do you check for IDs?" I'd say yes instictively, whether or not it's actually true. Because if I didn't, and it was the regional manager on the other end, I'm fired.

That doesn't mean when a kid goes up to the counter with a copy of Halo 3 he is actually carded by the same employee.

I'm not sticking up for JT: I've watched kids at Best Buy slink away from the counter, disappointed that he couldn't buy Crackdown because he wasn't 17+. But don't be so gullible as to think that the gamer being paid slightly above minimum wage at Best Buy is above telling a little fib to ensure his job is safe.

May his son grow up to be everything he hates; intellegent, tolerant, sane, and a decent human being.

@ Salen

Exactly what i thought.

Does anyone here think that maybe it's a good thing that Thompson is raising the general public's awareness of game ratings? His actions might prompt more retailers to verify the age of their customers. I can't say that's so terrible considering it's one of the ESRB's goals as well.

That being said, I have never approved of Thompson's laughable (guerilla) tactics. The ends do not justify the means. It should only be a matter of time before he gets booted from the Florida bar. I just hate to think what kind of martyrdom he would pull after that.

BTW, I'm almost 30 and I got carded at Toys'RUs when I bought Halo 3 on Tuesday.


Stop giving this horrid man air time!

I'm a developer at Krome.

I currently have itchy balls because Krome doesn't pay us enough for me to afford beer and steak every night AND calamine lotion. It's one or the other for us!

That's game slash politic related... are you going to report that???

Or do I have to write you an email about it?

Now, now... while it's fun to poke fun at Jack's typing habits in his response to me, he does have a point. And I, for one, admit when I'm wrong.


Jack Thompson, you are right. In my haste to post something this morning before I went to work, I skimmed the article and didn't read it carefully enough. If I'd realized you'd already mentioned the day and that you did it 'first try', I wouldn't have posted in that manner. For that, I apologize.


If Sun Tzu was here, he would yell at Jack Thompson for the latter's tactics in achieving his goals. Yeah, so the game retailer clerk sold an M rating copy to a minor. Big deal. Is that even partly victory already?

Besides, that was only the kid's side of story. We don't even know if Thomspon's kid pulled a tactic like showing a fake ID or something just to say he's 17. And granting w/o accepting for the sake of argument, how will this benefit Jack? In my point of view, this is like an empty threat to that PhotoShop "cease and desist" thing. Nothing will happen and Jack just wants to be noticed by the public.

"Nah, it’s called vigilantism."

Actually its not even that. Its Jack blowing $50 on something that proves absolutely nothing and will not be able to use as evidence in anything whatsoever. He proved that one employee in one Target was negligent. Big deal. And beyond that what evidence do we have that this even occurred? Yeah, his word really isn't worth very much.

So essentially, Jack is $50 down and thats about the gist of it.

Hey if Jack says he is the lord Jesus Christ does that make it true?

ATTN Thompson:

Tell him to get on Live.

Good for Junior. Assuming that Papa lets him play it, he will probably love it.

Hope the kid is actually going to school, getting his homework done, having time to actually play, including with friends, and whatever else he may be denied by his father in favor of performing these UNSCIENTIFC and NOT LEGALLY RECOGNIZED "stings". "on the first try"? Not likely, and based on John Bruce's past efforts to lie to and deceive the general public as well as law enforcement and government officials, I seriously doubt it was the only try, though it could easily have been his ONLY success, out of most likely dozens, if the "sting" was even performed.

I'd also like to caution, in advance, any and ALL readers that if John Bruce slips in and does what he did the last time and posts phone number and name information on the cashier, that they NOT swamp the business with harassing phone calls at the bidding of John Bruce. If anyone should investigate the claim, let it be a mainstream media journalist or a specialist news media journalist, such as Dennis. John Bruce encouraged harassment the last time. A clearly unethical act. But if anyone actually fell for it, that's THEIR fault, not his. I know most here are intelligent enough not to call, but thought I'd say it anyway.

BTW, Dennis,... :: snicker ::... nothing about the cashier... :: chortle ::... having... :: LOL :: ... a piercing? ROFLMAO!

Sorry, I'll behave now. :D

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

Jack must have a pocketful of cash. BioShock, Halo 3? At $60 a pop, his poor kid BETTER be able to play them. Unless Jack likes to Hoarde them for himself...

actually id like to see him on live, and whats his gamertag? im betting the kid has a bajillion gamer points from not being able to go out of the house - i mean considering thomson thinks everything is evil.

I'm surprised Target had copies of Halo 3. Would have thought they would be sold out.

You know he isnt allowed to play any of them of course.

A shame, since by the UK ratings (15) he'd be fine playing Halo 3 at least :)

yes, because doing this at one store out of thousands of others, and it not being the only store to carry it, makes it successful. that is like going out to catch a lowly drug dealer (not arresting him by the way) just pointing him out and saying "see! I found one! war on drugs is over! HOOHA!"

nice job JT, you must be proud

I still don't understand why Halo is given a M rating at all. The violence is less then what I see in sportsgames.

Considering that the source is Thompson himself, I think Thompson's lying.

"Miami attorney and anti-violent video game activist today did a successful sting on Target Corporation"

So, Jack, tell us more about this "today" person.

@ BearDogg-X

I agree with you. I also think that Jack Thompson is lying, just like he is lying about how he is going to shut down Best Buy. This new press release Jack Thompson is saying (about his son buying Halo 3), is more of his "Antigamer Propaganda".

I still don't get his point. Selling an M-rated game to a minor is not illegal, and won't be any time soon by the looks of things. If anything Jack Thompson is an irresponsible parent for allowing his son to purchase a game that is clearly meant for older gamers.

Thompson fatigue? I make you money every time you do a story about me and you love it. Look at the number of posts on Thompson stories. That converts to hits at you site, which increases your ad revenue.

What a liar you are.

GP: As you know, there ARE NO ADS on GamePolitics... I make no money based on traffic.  We had plenty of traffic during the 18 months that you were banned.

And I'm a liar?

I don't think he's lying, I just don't think he realises that no crime was committed in this happening. I'm sure the retailer in question would be annoyed to hear of it happening and the person who sold it repremanded or sacked, but nothing more is going to happen. And, once again, he fails to grasp that it has nothing to do with the gaming industry and everything to do with the attitudes towards carding by young minimum wage staff at retail outlets.

Hey, Jack! How many stores did you have to go to until you found the one where the poor underpaid clerk, having been inundated with Halo 3 purchases all day, managed to forget that one crucial step?

Why do you keep thinking this is a victory against the game industry? It was a Target employee, not a Bungie employee, that sold that game to your son, and human error does sometimes occur.

"today" is an adverb in the above sentence. thanks for the proof that games have made you into an e-tard.

@ Jack

The very fact that you think yourself a "crusader" for good, and then you turn around and consistently use your own child in the twisted little games you like to play goes to show one thing - what a complete and utter amoral twit you are.

I also call into question "first try," as you, sir, are a well known liar, more than willing to twist facts to your own needs. We've said it before, and we'll say it again - come November, you're out. Oh sure, you'll cry foul and conspiracy and any other number of things.

But by that point you'll also have turned everyone who may have been a friend to your cause against you, spreading the half truths and turning things to suit your own purpose as you do. No one will back you anymore. Just think on that.

What Mr. Thompson fails to mention is that at Target they ask you for your date of birth when you make any videogame purchase. This means that he is actively encouraging his son to lie in order to promote his personal agenda and lustful desire for a legacy.

Tune in tomorrow when JT forces his son to go into the back room of a sleazy video rental store to rent "Shaving Private Ryan" so JT can send it to a supreme court justice.

Oh what a barrel of yuks this man is, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

*sigh* What kind of a parent are you Jack Thompson? You are exploiting your son to get what you want.

Now whilst I don't disagree that he shouldn't be sold this game, we have to use the following process.

1. What evidence does Jack Thompson have, other than his word, which we know is less than accurate and truthful most of the time. Did he video it? A receipt on its own doesn't count.

2. Did Jack stand with him as he purchased the game, or was he in a different location? Standing with him as he makes the purchase is essentially agreeing to the transaction.

3. Did he use the "Lil Jackie Visa" or did he use cash? Where did a 15 year old get the cash from to be able to purchase this game?

4. Why is this game rated mature in the first place? It is rated 15 in the UK. Maybe we're just far too liberal for Jackie's liking.

5. Were the $20 bills real money, or did he replace Andrew Jackson with a picture of a gay-orgy?

And the big question

Why haven't these stores in Florida got a photo of Jack and Jackie Jr with "DO NOT SERVE THESE PEOPLE" behind the counter? I certainly wouldn't serve anyone with that wild stare and obvious instabilities. He might cut himself on the edge of the CD as he tries to taste it.

Come on Jack, you should know words alone aren't enough, you need some evidence. Video proof. You word against Target and the minimum wage employee is just not enough.

But, at least Jack is taking on the right people, the retailers and not the games themselves, regardless of the legality of the enforcement of age ratings.

Not to derail this...but I'm sorry, after yesterday's story I just can't focus on any other of Mr. Thompson's antics.

From now on, every time I see a story about him I will immediately envision a snickering lawyer in a courtroom waiting for a Judge to open a legal docket, much like a child waiting for his neighbor to come out and stomp on the bag of flaming dog poo. I'll avoid the pornography jokes, though it takes all of my willpower. Besides, the previous story is much more amusing than a parent who, for his own agenda, exploits their child.

(posted under my full name per Mr. Thompson's request, normally post under the alias of GameDevMich)

Whenever I hear these stories I'm inclined to believe that JT's mostly telling the truth - JT Jr. was successfully able to buy an M-rated game. What I usually question is how many times it took him to succeed. If he went to ten Targets and got carded at all of them before getting lucky on try #11, we'd never hear about tries #1-10.

I don't know whether Junior is actively going along with his dad at this point or not. I'm starting to wonder now if maybe he's threatening his son to do it for him "or else." He probably can exert more leverage over his son than anyone else in his life. As Ian Charles said, he's probably not even allowed to play them. And if that's the case then, what does he do with these games? Does he take them back after buying them? I wouldn't be surprised if Target and Best Buy now regard him as one of those asshole customers they have to deal with so that when they hear about him they go, "Oh jeez... That guy again?"

I would love to hear what his son has to say about all this, and he proably does post on some forum somewhere, careful not to say who he's related to. But if Jack is like every other uber-conservative religous freak parent I've dealt with, he proably does't let him even use the internet.

Again, what's Thompson's point with these stings?

We already know retailer policy compliance isn't 100%. The FTC said so and no one from the industry or otherwise has debated it.

Andrew Eisen

If Thompson is a caring, independent, and expeditious parent (as we expect most American parents to be, particularly conservative ones - don't want to depend on the government too much, now), then one thing is obvious.

Thompson *clearly* has used the Family Settings on his son's 360 to ensure that his child will not be able to play Halo 3, and learn a $60 lesson to not pay for games he can not play.

After all, since console makers have given us, as parents, the resources (and thus the power, imagine that!) to control what our children are doing, then this is of little consequence.

Looks like Thompson has foiled us again. And I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for that meddling Thompson and his kid. :)

Hey Jack did you beat BioShock is that why you needed to get a copy of Halo 3?

Once again a 15 year old has purchased a M rated game with his parents permission. I still can't find the scandal in that fact.
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