Nintendo Says Bye to Blogging Beauty over Co-Worker Comments

A Nintendo contract employee found herself on the unemployment line recently over too-candid blog postings.

As reported by Seattle alternative paper The Stranger, Jessica Zenner was let go by Mario & Co. on August 31st:

Zenner… can now be added to the ever-growing list of casualties in the workplace war on blogs… All they did was participate in the great American pastime: bitching about work

…Zenner says she was never informed of any blog policy at Nintendo, but even so, she wrote under the pen name “Jessica Carr”—although she posted pictures of herself on her site—and never mentioned her employer by name. Somehow, Zenner’s bosses at Nintendo still found her site.

Zenner’s Inexcusable Behavior blog (NSFW) apparently riled Nintendo executives, in part because of comments Zenner made about co-workers:

She digresses into a wry tirade against one of her bosses: “One plus about working with [a] hormonal, facial-hair-growing, frumpy [woman] is that I have found a new excuse to drink heavily,” Zenner writes. “My gut tells me that this woman hasn’t been [bleeped] in years.

…Nintendo spokeswoman Perrin Kaplin says Nintendo doesn’t bar employees from having blogs, but “we generally don’t encourage them.” However, contradicting Zenner, Kaplin says, “[Zenner] was expressly discouraged from doing what she did. I’ve seen everything that she’s written and it’s really not work appropriate.

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