Jack Thompson Responds to Judge with Animal House, Monica Lewinsky

October 2, 2007 -
Just stop...

That's pretty much what U.S. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan told controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson in an order issued yesterday.

Judge Jordan, presiding over one of Thompson's two lawsuits against the Florida Bar, last week (in a story broken by GamePolitics) spanked the anti-game attorney for including gay porn in a filing with the Court. His Honor gave Thompson until this Friday to explain why he shouldn't be subjected to discipline in the matter, which could include a contempt of court finding.

Instead of filing a single response, however, Thompson has peppered the case docket with multiple responses (GP lost count). Apparently the Judge has run out of patience. Yesterday's order reads, in part:
Mr. Thompson is hereby advised that the number of documents he has filed in this lawsuit is unreasonable and will not be tolerated... in the last week alone, Mr. Thompson filed 13 different documents in response to a single show cause order.

Here comes the zinger:
Despite what Mr. Thompson may think, this case is not a war with the world regarding the state of its moral standards (if it is, I clearly do not have jurisdiction). Therefore, he cannot continue to use this case as platform to battle everything in society with which he disagrees.

Ouch... By way of response (you knew he couldn't just sit quietly) Thompson has filed a 14-page motion to have Judge Jordan removed from the case. In his filing, the quixotic attorney manages to drag in references as diverse as the film Animal House and the Monica Lewinsky affair:
...this particular judge was nominated by a President who... told the nation that “he did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Thompson seems to indicate that he will ignore the order:
This court, as if it were King Canute ordering the tide not to come in... today orders Thompson to stop filing responses...

...and he repeatedly accuses the judge of lying (not generally recommended as a winning legal strategy):
Thompson, upon receipt of [Judge Jordan's order], is embarrassed not by his conduct but that a federal judge could actually concoct such a fib.

...[Thompson] did not assume this court would make up facts and misrepresent the law.

Thompson actually threatens Judge Jordan with the specter of legal damages:
...when it a court goes beyond its pure decision-making judicial function, then it strips itself of its judicial immunity and exposes fully the person of the judge, individually, as a private citizen, to a claim for damages.

Here comes the Animal House reference:
Thompson is akin to Flounder in Animal House, when he is told by the brothers, “Hey, you screwed up. You trusted us.”

Actually, the line is, "You f***ed up. You trusted us," but perhaps Thompson is trying to clean up his court filings in the wake of the gay porn fiasco. By the way, the pic attached to this article is, of course, actor Stephen Furst playing Kent "Flounder" Dorfman in Animal House.

GP: We asked Thompson for comment on Judge Jordan's shut up-and-desist order via e-mail, but received no response.


Mmmmm... Crow.

Just give up Tommy boy. you lost. game over man, game over... no pun intended.

I keep chiming in with this, but how can he carry on like this and not have it impact his personal life as much as his professional one?

According to legal blogs (okay, not nearly as professional as I was expecting them to be), he's a laughing stock. How can his wife not be affected by this? How can his wife condone bringing their underage son into what is clearly going to be his Waterloo?

How can she condone that he's practically got no income? That he's basically squandered "31 years of practicing law."

And 31 years practicing law? You've hardly practiced Jack, unless you're representing rich people on DUIs and speeding tickets. Or chasing down some frivolous malpractice lawsuit.

Massacre Chaser!

He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole he already cannot hope to get himself out of. The 14 page document he filed makes little to no sense and looks like nothing but mindless ramblings. Hell in one part he thinks the judge should be removed from the case because he was appointed by President Clinton. He is just reaching now, grasping for a last ditch effort to keep his license and avoid any possible jail time for being held in contempt of court.

I think he's so far into it now that he can't stop anymore. Sometimes people come to a point in their lives where they've been on a path of self-destruction for so long that they can't see any way to get off, no matter how much they would want to. I can't imagine that he's not aware of how crazy all this shit is by now, but he probably can't see any way out anymore.

And now, for your Beavis and Butt-head moment:

But by calling upon a rump committee, the court lays bare its extrajudicial, administrative purpose.

Uh-huh-huh-huh-huh, he just said "rump." And "lays bare."

Gotta love it when a two.. no, one-bit lawyer accuses a judge of "misrepresenting the law".

I'm going to be sad when he gets disbarred, I won't have this daily entertainment to look forward to anymore. :(

Been following the JT thing for a while now quietly watching. Been hard at times to remain quiet. But I dislike being a Troll. There is just something about JT that brings that out in people. Maybe that is his true and only gift.

I am JT and I bring you "Annoyance"!!

Sigh. It seems pretty clear to me that Jack has lost his last bid for retaining his ability to practice law (maybe he should have practiced more instead of creating his own along the way). I am worried though. Yes worried. Oh I will offer a small dance when he is disbarred (pety I know but hey I am vicious gamer type) My worry is what happens afterwards. I had a nightmare that I could see all to easily coming true.

Jack loses his licence and goes underground for a short bit. We all go back to watching the pretty pixels (Shooting innocents, burning, raping and pillaging) and let down our guard... then.... Poof. JT returns as a Minister (Gods "Angry man" or some-such) leading his holy crusade against us on public television. Scary huh?

@ DavCube:

He's been a lawyer for 31 years, but he hasn't been in business for himself for that full time.

"You didn't throw up in front of Judge Jordan, Jack. You threw up ON Judge Jordan."

trevor are you gay?
I am not homophobic just wondering.


Actually, this case has everything to do with video games.

This case arose out of the Florida Bar’s disciplinary proceedings regarding Thompson’s alleged misconduct in the Alabama “Grand Theft Auto” wrongful death lawsuit (Strickland v. Sony Corp.) and his attempt to have “Bully” declared a nuisance in Florida (Thompson v. Wal-Mart Stores). In each of those cases, the presiding judge asked the Florida Bar to look into whether Thompson’s conduct violated the Bar’s code of conduct. After reviewing the matters, the Florida Bar filed two disciplinary complaints against Thompson with the Florida Supreme Court.

The legal case that is the subject of this thread is a lawsuit filed by Thompson against the Florida Bar in federal court that attempts to block the bar’s disciplinary proceedings related to his conduct in the video game cases.

So, while the procedural history is confusing, this case IS about video games.

Oh and Dennis? Can we IP ban and delete the asshat above this post please? It is rubbish like saying "JT assraped me" etc that GameTwat were making the sweeping generalisations about posters here being idiots for...

Wait, Jack Thompson watches Animal House?!?

What next, is he going to start quoting Eminem lyrics, too? (Given what a hypocrite Jack is, I wouldn't be surprised if he does.)

Tim (aka the Slipperman)

@ jacky boy.
Stop. Just stop.

Ignoring the court's orders will not help Jack whatsoever. All he has to do is go ask Britney Spears, since she lost custody of her two young children yesterday because she ignored the court's orders of random drug testing, meeting with a drug counselor, attending parenting classes, she never even signed the judge's order.


Anyway, back on topic:

Further proof Jack has lost his mind.

“What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

Practice what you preach: Grow up and get a life. And get a new cause, since yours has always been lost.

“Shut the fuck up, you’re out of your element.”- Walter, The Big Lebowski

So whats new jack, seems like the same old same old that got you into this situation to begin with.

Another nail in Thompson's proverbial coffin?

He won't last much longer

@ JB:

If it is, that coffins gotta be more nail than wood, right?

"All Thompson sought was a fair federal judge who would look at the due process, etc etc"

It seems to me that Judge Jordan has been more than fair, as i'm sure some would have given up long ago. So, it begs the question, what would JT term as a 'fair' judge?

And how many more times do we have to hear or read that JT is a so called 'Christian'?

He's gotta have more nails than coffin by now.

Man, this is going to get some controversy.

"Stupid kids you only make money because of me and hits I generate. Not
real reporter wah hooah!"

"We don't make money off of hits and we don't have ads, we're probably one of the farthest things from a profit-site on the internet."

"Let's try to avoid the FACTS Dennis, and look at MY facts that say you're not a real journalist, because I say so. You're not a real journalist for doing everything a journalist does but I'm a real attorney for making everyone despise me and abusing the court system."

"Ok Jack, best wishes."

I love dialogue.

looks like Christmas is going to come early this year.

Ok, so from what I have read about King Canute is that he used that as an example of the limitations of his power. Thompson here seems to be using in a mocking fashion, indicating that the court is Canute and they are foolish for ordering the tide to stop. Does he see himself as the tide?

[...] GamePolitics.com posted an amusing article about the ongoing of attorney Jack Thompson’s lawsuits against the Florida Bar. Thompson filed 13 different responses to a single “show cause” order. Judge Adalberto Jordan’s had it. The whole article is too long to repeat here, so just read it on their excellent website. My favorite of it all: Despite what Mr. Thompson may think, this case is not a war with the world regarding the state of its moral standards (if it is, I clearly do not have jurisdiction). Therefore, he cannot continue to use this case as platform to battle everything in society with which he disagrees. [...]

@ aresil

A fair judge would be one that blindly agrees with Jack and lets him win all his cases.

@E. Zachary Knight

I was thinkng that, but then I thought maybe Jack would like to just get rid of the whole Judge thing and just declare himself always right and morally incorruptible (shame he isn't mentally incorruptible though)

feel free to call the FL Bar to ask about this current turn of events.
The Florida Bar, Miami office - (305)377-4445.

or Dr. Wunderman, the one who Thompson paid off to say he's sane.
Dr. Oren Wunderman’s office - (305)960-5521.

Jack Thompson just can't get his head out of his ass.

Umm... it looks like he's trying to remove everyone that disagrees with him from the case... Isn't that jury tampering, and thus HIGHLY illegal?

lol @ Mystik Tomato

god this is sad, just plain sad, maybe jack never got to be a kid growing up and thats why he is acting like one now.

There was a time when I though JT was smart enough to weasel out of getting disbarred by keeping a low profile.

I'm happy to see hes doing the opposite because no one shows just how crazy-loco-batsh*t-insane Jack Thompson is than Jack Thompson

goes down swinging like the nutjob resisting the straight jacket (how long before thats not a metaphor?)

Too bad he didn't use "This is fair.... NOT!" in his court document again. That was the most amusing one I've seen.

Perhaps he's setting up an insanity defense? After reading his filings over the past year, the phrase "Completely batshit insane" is about all that seems to come to mind anymore when I think of Thompson.

In any event, he's probably the single best thing to ever happen to the video game industry.

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
— Voltaire

"make up facts and misrepresent the law"

now who else do we know to practice such a thing?......hmmm

you know, i want jack thompson to stay in office. his antics give me something to laugh about since he is making himself look like a clown. you know - for my amusement.

ahh, but it'd be so much funnier if he were disbarred. Then we'd be hearing more stories like this one, while he tries to get his license restored.

"Despite what Mr. Thompson may think, this case is not a war with the world regarding the state of its moral standards (if it is, I clearly do not have jurisdiction). Therefore, he cannot continue to use this case as platform to battle everything in society with which he disagrees."

Judge Jordan just hit the nail squarely on the head. He wins a muffin.

thomspon should be here any minute now claiming that he is loving this and that the judge is the one in trouble and how dennis is not giving the full story

same old rubbish from a hack

After reading a few pages and getting bored of JTs rebuttal heres a brief summary for other people

Not only is it a rehash of his ramblings about everything he does along with his accusitory tone of writing/rambling but the great thing about this one is it is so patently clear he is in the wrong

he is trying to criminalise the judge for asking thompson to show the relevance of his gay porn filing, painting it as threats and punishments whenthe judge is doing his job. Every sentence almost is Jt trying to demonise jordan for this and exonerate himself.

Guess what jack it wont work, jordan is simply trying to make you prove the relevance of your filing, if it was relevant you have nothing to fear, but you are afraid because you know youre acting like a douchebag.

enjoy losing your lisence, i know we will.

@Conejo - While your contempt for Mr. Thompson is widely known, and perhaps justified based on your own beliefs and exposure, posting the number of Dr. Wunderman with intentions of group harassment is uncalled for.

I am not in control of you, and am generally not one to throw rocks in a glass house, but this is something I wanted to bring to your attention. If you believe there is a "conflict" between you and Mr. Thompson, take it up with him.

If you want to follow the public records of his FL Bar hearing, I definitely encourage that. Encouraging the harassment of an "innocent" person with more experience in a field than you (me as well) is misguided.

Agnosto theo makes a great point


but ONLY after the case is done because we know Jt will try and claim its a bribe from the insideos vidyagame industry

damn 1 muffin is like 10 cookies and 2 internets combined, but he did hit that nail on the head.

The fallout from this is going to be SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

Shoehorn O'Plenty posted this link last night in the "Legal Blogs React to Jack Thompson's Gay Porn Court Filing" story, now with a update regarding Thompson's motion to have Judge Jordan removed:


Thompson responded Monday evening to the Judge’s new order with a stunning seven page motion to recuse Judge Jordan, attacking the jurist personally for “illegal and unethical conduct,” at page 2 of his pleading.

Thompson added the judge acted “foolishly,” entering an illegal order that was a “masterwork in mendacity,” remarking that the judge’s order was “the single worst disregard of the truth that Thompson has seen in his 31 years of practicing law.”

Not finished there, then Thompson added at page 3 that Judge Jordan was nothing more than a “schoolyard bully,” who was still in law school while Thompson was a “foot soldier in the culture war.”

Thompson, in his next sentence added that Judge Jordan was playing “an amateur psychologist,” and had “disgraced the federal bench, violated its oath of office, and lost any presumption of impartiality and any semblance of decency.”

On page 4 of the motion Thompson added that the Court (Judge Jordan) knowingly lied (‘prevaricated,’ he wrote) in its September 24 order, and acted outside its judicial authority, threatening to sue the judge personally for damages, claiming “this federal judge….does not know the law.”

On the next page, Thompson concludes the Court was “careless and set a snare for itself,” proving its “patent bias” which stem from the Court’s “loyalty to the Florida Bar elitists and their ilk.”

Then, on page 6 of his motion to recuse Judge Jordan, he adds that before him is a jurist “for whom the facts and the law….mean nothing,” concluding that the Judge had “made up facts and misrepresented the law.”

Finally, Thompson reasoned that the court has to disqualify itself because it has “revealed its animus to him.”

However, one legal expert who reviewed the pleading says that once again the document failed to comply with the federal rules and was “legally insufficient.” Though choosing not to be identified, he said that Thompson has “all but assured this Court will sanction him severely, right up to direct criminal contempt,” a sanction that could lead to jail or fines.

In an earlier pleading Thompson dared Judge Jordan to put him in jail. “He may now get his wish,” the NGN source stated.

Sounds like Jack's going to PMITA prison.

I have to agree with GameDevMich, Conejo. Publishing some ones number like that is encouraging harassment.

While we make fun of Mr Thompson and despise his intolerant facist views, we needn't sink to his level of abuse, bullying, and harrasment.

Hopefully Denis will see this and edit out those numbers.


your concern is noted, but i do not encourage harassment.
i do encourage everyone to give both the Florida Bar and Dr. Wunderman a civil phone call.

The bar because it is appropriate and Thompson's continued lunacy should be rightly recorded to include every citizen's complaint against him.

Dr. Wunderman because it is entirely unfathomable that this for-hire shrink was fully impartial in his "diagnosis" of Thompson and he either needs to own up to his error or stop practising. He is just as culpable as when Thompson tries to use the "games made me do it" defense to free Devin Moore from responsibility of action.

Thank you for your frank appraisal, hopefully you understand (if not agree with) my methods.

@ BearDogg-X

Thank you so much for pointing this out.

I could kiss you, but, y'know, if Jack hears of it, he'll call it gay porn, and file it with all his BS motions.


It is a bit of a policy not to post adresses and phonenumbers, no matter what the intention is.

So please don't in the future. But I do appreciate the thought about Wunderman.

This is my favorite quote out of that pile of feces he calls a motion:

"The court is like the schoolyard bully who taunts and throws the first punch, and then complains that what he wanted to be a human punching bag is punching back."

So Jack, how is it any different from all the bullsh_t lawsuits you fling all over the place? How is it different from the unending torrent of insults you've rained on us since what seems like the beginning of time? Aren't you the one doing the complaining right now?

I see your plan. Keep pissing off all the presiding judges so you can recuse them claiming bias...what, are you hoping they'll eventually run out of judges? Intelligence-wise, pretty much par for the course for you. Nice knowing you, chump. Not.
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