Jack Thompson Responds to Judge with Animal House, Monica Lewinsky

Just stop…

That’s pretty much what U.S. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan told controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson in an order issued yesterday.

Judge Jordan, presiding over one of Thompson’s two lawsuits against the Florida Bar, last week (in a story broken by GamePolitics) spanked the anti-game attorney for including gay porn in a filing with the Court. His Honor gave Thompson until this Friday to explain why he shouldn’t be subjected to discipline in the matter, which could include a contempt of court finding.

Instead of filing a single response, however, Thompson has peppered the case docket with multiple responses (GP lost count). Apparently the Judge has run out of patience. Yesterday’s order reads, in part:

Mr. Thompson is hereby advised that the number of documents he has filed in this lawsuit is unreasonable and will not be tolerated… in the last week alone, Mr. Thompson filed 13 different documents in response to a single show cause order.

Here comes the zinger:

Despite what Mr. Thompson may think, this case is not a war with the world regarding the state of its moral standards (if it is, I clearly do not have jurisdiction). Therefore, he cannot continue to use this case as platform to battle everything in society with which he disagrees.

Ouch… By way of response (you knew he couldn’t just sit quietly) Thompson has filed a 14-page motion to have Judge Jordan removed from the case. In his filing, the quixotic attorney manages to drag in references as diverse as the film Animal House and the Monica Lewinsky affair:

…this particular judge was nominated by a President who… told the nation that “he did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Thompson seems to indicate that he will ignore the order:

This court, as if it were King Canute ordering the tide not to come in… today orders Thompson to stop filing responses…

…and he repeatedly accuses the judge of lying (not generally recommended as a winning legal strategy):

Thompson, upon receipt of [Judge Jordan’s order], is embarrassed not by his conduct but that a federal judge could actually concoct such a fib.

…[Thompson] did not assume this court would make up facts and misrepresent the law.

Thompson actually threatens Judge Jordan with the specter of legal damages:

…when it a court goes beyond its pure decision-making judicial function, then it strips itself of its judicial immunity and exposes fully the person of the judge, individually, as a private citizen, to a claim for damages.

Here comes the Animal House reference:

Thompson is akin to Flounder in Animal House, when he is told by the brothers, “Hey, you screwed up. You trusted us.”

Actually, the line is, “You f***ed up. You trusted us,” but perhaps Thompson is trying to clean up his court filings in the wake of the gay porn fiasco. By the way, the pic attached to this article is, of course, actor Stephen Furst playing Kent “Flounder” Dorfman in Animal House.

GP: We asked Thompson for comment on Judge Jordan’s shut up-and-desist order via e-mail, but received no response.

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  1. 0
    rav3 says:

    What no witty remark from JT? C´mon man! I´m just refreshing the page for when it shows up. Or wait…. maybe he´s writting such a big post its taking him forever 😛

  2. 0
    Ryan says:

    I for one would like to congratulate Mr. Thompson. His unconstitutional legislation, less than scrupulous ethics, and assorted antics have done more to hurt the ani-game movement than anything I or anyone posting here probably could have ever done…

  3. 0
    smeagol23 says:

    you could always consider it a ‘religious’ war. in this case, it a war between jacko’s personal brand of religion (which has little to nothing to do with christianity) and the artistic expression of the gamers.
    religion is a personal belief. i don’t connect jacko with any other people who take pride in being labelled christians.

  4. 0
    Chalts ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    But it’s not a war between religious superstition and artistic freedom. It’s a war between a few religious nutjobs and their secular progressive allies versus everyone they disagree with.

  5. 0
    Pandralisk says:

    For those who want to know, I’m agnostic (not in that I am uncertain, but I believe that it is metaphysically IMPOSSIBLE to make any sort of supernatural value judgement with the information on hand). And again, I apologize if I offend anyone by simply labeling Christian dogma for what it is. All of the value claims I posit on Christian dogma can be confirmed by “holy” scripture.

    And again, if you don’t realize that this is literally a cultural war between religious superstition and artistic freedom, I pity your ignorance.

  6. 0
    DarkSaber2k says:

    Frankly, Pandralisk is right. Remember: ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death to defend your right to say it.’

  7. 0
    Pandralisk says:


    As I’ve said before, crawl back into the superstitious pile of filth that you call “faith.” Keep your own backward, genocidal, and antiquated interpretation of morality to yourself. Your petty court cases — motivated by a desire to enforce a code of morality derived from a child-killing, genocidal, bronze age war God — are cost tax payers thousands of dollars every year.

  8. 0
    MysterX says:

    Pride goeth before the fall.

    We’ve had just about enough of this asshole’s condescending vanity. He can’t get over himself long enough to write a legal document to save his career.

    Let the falling begin.

  9. 0
    Mootyslayer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack’s probably not around because he has been to so many gay porn sites that his computer is so full of spyware and trojans that they are coming out of his ass. Go to the wrong site and you are screwed. Puns intended. Maybe you should go to San fransisco and tap your feet in some stalls.

    But seriously Jack you keep telling us Gamers to put down the controller and get outside. Well maybe its time you put down the mouse and keyboard. Stop trolling game sites and gay porn sites. And go out and have a picnic with your wife and family. Seems to me that you are so busy worrying about everyone else’s kids that you are probably neglecting your own.

    Which is probably the main cause for kids going crazy and shooting people. Parents that are neglecting there kids and are to busy to spend time with them. Or they are to busy or stupid to realize that maybe this kid needs help lets get him or her some treatment or counseling.

    It seems to me that if you love your family maybe you should spend some quality time with them. Stings to best buy do not count. Before you lose them or before your kid goes nuts.

  10. 0
    Gabriel Celesta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    “Uh-huh-huh-huh-huh, he just said “rump.” And “lays bare.” “

    And said by a man who submitted gay porno to a judge, no less.

  11. 0
    Rachel says:


    I’m not a lawyer, but this is how I understand it. If you (in the judges opinion) act inappropriately in court, you can be held in contempt. This can happen from inappropriate language/crude remarks, introducing evidence in a closing when it wasn’t properly entered during the trial, disrespectful remarks towards the judge, etc. Basically, if you disregard procedure or act disrespectfully, you can be held in contempt.

  12. 0
    Rachel says:

    I know I’m coming in late, but I gotta give props where they’re due.

    Your Animal House reference made my night. Thank you. : )

    @Judge Jordan
    Thank you so much for calling Jack out on his shit! I would buy you a drink, but I’m not legal yet. Thus, I’ll buy you a giant cookie, like those ones they have at Old Chicago that’s like the size of a pizza and has vanilla ice cream melted on top. (Of course, he isn’t trolling this board like Jack, so he’ll never know about my offer and I’ll never have to actually buy him it.)

  13. 0
    Davian says:


    “Davian Says:

    October 2nd, 2007 at 8:05 am
    ‘Too bad he didn’t use “This is fair…. NOT!” in his court document again. That was the most amusing one I’ve seen.’

    Are you kidding me? I never saw this myself, but I’m laughing at the idea.”

    I’m not kidding. I couldn’t make this stuff up. I believe it was in one of his filings in the Bully case, but I don’t remember exactly. There has been so many that they all seem to run together at the moment.

  14. 0
    Gray17 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    We probably haven’t heard from Thompson yet, due to him being a mite busy trying to scramble his way out of this one. When the judge orders you to stop filing irrelevant BS, I think even Jack knows he’s in trouble and needs to concentrate on matters more important than harassing a website. I’m sure he’s got comments he’d love to say on the story, he just doesn’t have time to do so.

    After all, as a foot soldier in the cultural war, Jack’s discovering that the front line is a grinder that turns foot soldiers into hamburger meat more often than not. In such light, the blades heading for his career are a bit more important than a website.

  15. 0
    Jay says:

    Someone has to explain ‘contempt of court’ to me. From the sounds of things, Johnny boy does nothing BUT show contempt for the court, the process, the judge, jury, the legislators, the attorney generals, and anyone else unfortunate enough to say something intelligent in his grasp.

  16. 0
    Blackened619 says:


    Do you ever get the impression that he’s trying to get disbarred?

  17. 0
    Strife says:

    Interesting. Some of these lines are real classics.

    I’m not sure Animal House or Bill Clinton’s sex affair is a good analogy/point to discredit judge, respectfully.

    Also, Thompson is comparing himself to Canute… That would be a millenia old Danish King, right?

    Also, foot soldier in the cultural war? More like road block. Never did anything, and just caused problems to those who actually wanted to do something. Of course, I’m against censorship, but does Jack have any friends at all? Who’s really supporting him now?

  18. 0

    Well seriously, after the legal blogs ridiculed Thompson’s actions and the fact that courts doesn’t really favor him, I’d say he’s one heck of a guy if he still continues his antics. But then again, I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, this is Jack Thompson.

    Just a thought: if many sane minds are against you and you’re still up for the fight, then you have my utmost respect. But if you’re up against many sane minds, selfishly still try to battle a lost cause and constantly trying to rewrite the law, then I think you’re just trying to create a nuisance. It’s like saying the law is wrong even if 99.8% of the population agrees with it.

  19. 0
    somerguy says:

    Do ya’ll not see what he is doing? He knows he is in trouble so he is going for the long shot. He is probably figuring if he can push the right buttons with the judge he will snap and JT then can scream “See this judge hates me we can’t possibly go to trial with him!”. It completely depends on JT’s ability to annoy people and the judge stooping to JT’s level.

    It would of simply been to buy time, but it seems to have backfired. Though lets be honest what did JT have to lose?

  20. 0
    Baggie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hmm… Jack hasn’t trolled this message board yet…
    Maybe he can’t find a terrible excuse for this particular event. Could it be Thompson troll has run out of troll material?

  21. 0
    Chuma ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    metroidprimegmr: I think at this point even he realises he’s about to love his job. The reason he isn’t posting is because he has nothing to say, no “watch this space” or “trust me” to add. He’s on his last legs and in danger of going to prison for his actions. He is probably a scared and worried man. And if he isn’t he SHOULD be…

    And the more I read of him, the more I think the guy needs professional help. I’m actually starting to feel more concern/pity for him than any glee at his downfall.

  22. 0
    BearDogg-X says:

    @ Quad9damage

    Good question.

    @ Tye the Czar

    I could care less about that no-talent assclown. I think you missed my point.

    I was comparing Jack Thompson possibly ignoring the court’s order that he stop filing any more documents that may or may not relate to his suit against the Florida Bar to Spears ignoring the court’s order that she submit to drug testing among other things.

    In the end, Thompson is no different than Spears.

  23. 0
    Mad_Scientist ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Someone else has already probably mentioned this, but I think I’ve discovered what to do if I ever get in trouble with the law.

    First, I’ll threaten whatever judge is taking my case.

    Then, I’ll get him removed from it. After all, I’ve just threatened him, so he can’t be impartial anymore right?

    After I get a new judge, I’ll insult him and his family. Hence, he’ll no longer be impartial, and I’ll have him removed. Repeat till infinity. I’ll never have my case actually tried..
    Wait… that actually doesn’t work? Darn….

  24. 0
    GM ace says:

    Wow. Just . . . wow. This guy is supposed to be gaming’s archenemy? That’s a little sad. No, that’s REALLY sad. The man is out of his mind. ‘Round the bend. Off his trolley. As them kids say, he’s batshit mother****king insane! And also apparently inept; everything he does now seems to dig the hole deeper. I agree with all of the above who say Jack has certainly got more nail than coffin.

  25. 0
    Mnementh2230 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m actually really suprised he hasn’t commented yet. I would have thought his ego couldn’t stand being slammed in a public forum like this, but here he isn’t!

    I’m guessing he’s not posting on advice from his wife/lawyer… or maybe it’s not ADVICE if it’s from his wife.

  26. 0
    CK20XX says:

    Once you start watchin, there’s just no stoppin.
    Your brain shuts down and your IQ’s droppin.
    Jack is the king of confrontation.
    He’s a sensation. He puts the ‘sin’ in syndication.
    It’s totally worthless like a bad check.
    It’s like a train wreck. Don’t wanna stare but you can’t look away.
    Like Brown and Croupen he does lawsuits, but with less repute.
    His pit is getting deeper every day.

  27. 0
    An Anon says:

    @ Anonymous
    Or maybe he is spending that time to write another long winded complaint.

    There’s a light at the of the tunnel folks, and for JT, it’s the headlamp of an oncoming train.
    Yep, except we should all realize that he will get back up & chase that train throwing around more lawsuits at it, the passengers, rail road company, etc….

    You Don’t Know Jack if you think he is going to go away after all of this.

  28. 0
    Rich ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I would love to see an Animal House style party on his front lawn tonight.

    “What, Jack? We thought you’d like to join us, maybe dress up as Flounder! Come on, we’re playing Bioshock!”

  29. 0
    An Anon says:

    @ GameDevMich
    “2. After watching the Destructoid interviews with Mr. Thompson during the Bully fiasco, it is blatantly obvious that Mr. Thompson has calm and reasonable side that would pass a psychiatric evaluation with flying colors.”

    Darned right, Jack has been like this for quite a while. He reminds me of net kooks, in real life they might be quite civil(or scared shitless to do anything) and function with no problems(that blatantly stand out to others). Yet with anonymity on the internet & no “punishment” for their questionable/horrible statements & actions, it brings out some people’s true selves.

    There are net kooks that do cross the “internet line,” and do things like real life stalking, phone harassment(anyone the person knows or has a connection with), etc…. Humm, didn’t someone file a complaint about Thompson stalking them? And there is those phone calls he has made to Dennis, other commenters, and sticking his nose into police cases he has no business being involved in….

    Until the individual realizes it, admits that they have such a problem, and WANTS to cooperate & fix the problem, they are still going to keep at it.

  30. 0
    Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I really do admire Judge Jordan’s restraint in this. If I’d read through half the crap that Thompson posted against Jordan and I was in his place, you’d need a dozen guards to keep me from leaping down and strangling Thompson where he sits. I wonder if Judge Jordan is going to file any libel suits against JT when this is done, hell I would. Thompson’s trying to slander an honourable man just so he can save his own sin.

    People take note. Now we’re hundreds of comments in and haven’t heard squat from our favourite clown. He only ever harasses us or GP whenever he perceives himself to be winning (Iraqi Information Minister School of Reasoning graduate, perhaps?). This time he must know he’s in shit because he hasn’t threatened “big things” yet or reminded us once again that Dennis isn’t a real journalist.

    Not even a Hooah.

    There’s a light at the of the tunnel folks, and for JT, it’s the headlamp of an oncoming train.

  31. 0
    danky says:

    The taxpayers of Florida should press a civil case against him along with the bar proceedings to recoup the millions of dollars spent tying up their court system. This man only has to pay $300 to file his cases and according to the evidence he has submitted cases without paying this fee until later. In fact, in one docket he made a motion to get his $300 dollars back.

    This man touts his religion as part of his reasoning for wasting this time’ claiming to be God’s Warrior and a good christian. Goodness is self evident by actions. His actions prove he is nothing but a scofflaw who desires power for himself, not for the altruistic goal of saving children. A true christian never has to say it, it is self evident. He is a very spiteful little man filled with hate. He deserves everthing coming to him and his family, which I hate to say is nothing but sorrow and pain. His hate speech is appalling I.e. “e-tards” to everyone and is nothing but poison. I look forward to the day this bigot has no voice and the troll he is comes out from under his bridge.

  32. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    We gather here today to lay to rest the Career and Dignity of Jack Thompson.

    They had been deathly ill for years, always fighting impossible and asinine battles for no good reason. They were filled with lies, hate, and terribly construed mis-quotes, but yet it took a Judge to finally put them out of their misery.

    They are survived by Jack Thompson’s Religion Fervor, Unrepentant Narcissism and Lack of Intelligence. While they had poor examples to live up to we cannot hope that they will fair any better and will certainly suffer the same fate soon.


  33. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Rennie Davis

    Don’t forget that even though his pro hac vice in Alabama was revoke,d meaning he can no longer say he is involved in the case, also meaning he cannot practice law within the state, he is still saying he’s involved in the case.

  34. 0
    Corbin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    You know, I thought the very same thing myself. I agree, he’s probably too busy with all of this legal business that’s he’s drummed up for himself to actually come here and insult everyone.

  35. 0
    Nekojin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It’s obvious why Thompson isn’t ranting here on GP today. He’s too busy in court, trying madly to get Judge Jordan removed from the case, to prevent himself from being slapped with punitive fines or worse.

  36. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    jt could have easily mouthed off to the judge and found himself in jail (remember contempt of court is soley at the judges discrescion)

    and jacky never learned discresion

  37. 0
    Phantom says:

    So how long until Jack comes in with his usual, “This guy’s going to regret this. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!” spiel?

    The guy could be on the Titanic, and he’d probably call it the best vacation he’s ever been on.

  38. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yeah I’m surprised too… usually he’s one of the first posters to “correct” Dennis’ “misreporting the facts” (Of course, “misreporting the facts” = “telling the truth that JT’s actually the badguy”)

    Ah well, I’m sure this peace and quiet won’t last too much longer.

  39. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I’m inclined to agree with your sentiment, however, I think the reason it appears is two-fold. For one, Dennis has received a lot of harassment from Thompson over the years, and there is probably a certain degree of justification in watching the man destroy himself without any help whatsoever from those he accused of trying to destroy him. Secondly, it’s like a ‘special interest’ article.

    As has been mentioned before, Jack Thompson has ‘Car Crash’ appeal, you keep wanting to learn more just to see how bad it can get. Whether that’s a good idea or not is hard to say, Dennis is perfectly aware that Jack loves to get attention, I’ll admit that sometimes I wish Jack didn’t get as much attention as he does, it’s playing into his hands, but when he goes and does stuff like this, especially after the unprofessional attitude he had on here, there is a certain degree of gratification in his self-destruction.

  40. 0
    Tank ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack’s actions are similar to a guy that follows you around waving his hands in your face saying “Not touching you! Not touching you!” and sues you when you punch his lights out.

  41. 0
    WFern ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Davian Says:

    October 2nd, 2007 at 8:05 am
    ‘Too bad he didn’t use “This is fair…. NOT!” in his court document again. That was the most amusing one I’ve seen.’

    Are you kidding me? I never saw this myself, but I’m laughing at the idea.

    He files such bizarrely petulant and immature briefs that I’m sincerely amazed he was accepted into law school, let alone capable of graduating.

  42. 0
    chadachada ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Of course he left words and letters out, how else could he type 14 pages so quickly? along with checking this website and searching for other mis-uses of his name

  43. 0
    Paul ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    No offense, but this story shouldn’t be on Gamepolitics.com. It has virtually nothing to do with videogames, other than the fact that Jack Thompson is involved.

  44. 0
    Trevor McGee says:

    @ Johnny

    Yeah, I know some people still pay attention to him because he’s just funny to laugh at now, but I’m talking about the people he goes to expecting to back his crazy ass up. I was talking about those people mostly, they’re the ones who seem to not be listening much anymore. We listen just because he’s amusing to us, though I really am just starting to feel sad for the crazy old fool nowadays more than anything.

    Though I do think it’s pretty amusing that Jack Thompson is practically turning into The Rock before our very eyes.

  45. 0
    Questionmark ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I had to stop, I just couldn’t read anymore. I finished GPs article which was great, read the judges motion, once again fine and short and sweet enough i could totally understand! :)

    Then I hit Jack’s reply (just because I like to see the actual document myself) I had to stop. He wasn’t even using complete sentences and proper grammar, now I know legal jargon is a little different from “regular” English, but things like forgetting a D at the end of the word AND (an it …) and leaving entire words out of you’re argument, I don’t understand how he even manages to get taken seriously anymore?

    Honestly if he doesn’t get disbarred soon just for his complete lack of respect for his superiors (yes Jacky boy the judge does sit higher on the totem pole then you even if you’ve been doing law “longer” then he has as you claim) and for his butchering of the English language, or for his complete tangents in his motions I will lose all hope in our legal system, because if this loony can keep practicing law I have no faith in our system.

  46. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    All good things should go out with a bang or keep going until the cows come home. Jack thompson seems to be going out with a bang.

    Alas he thinks there is a great conspiracy against him and that he will single handedly prove its existence. Oh well, it should provide us with some great fun.

  47. 0
    Azradesh says:

    It seems Jack thinks that judges should act like the judge in the Phoenix Wright games, hey do you guys think he’s actually one of these non existent gamers that has lost touch with reality? Maybe he thinks he’s IN a Phoenix Wright game! 😛

  48. 0
    Avi says:

    “Thompson doesn’t need nor does he appreciate the condescending arrogance of a federal judge who pretends as if Thompson thinks that this case is to be a forum for his social agenda.”


    Maybe its just the grammatical way briefs are written, but that sounds so funny.

  49. 0
    PHOENIXZERO ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Probably with a lot of Man/Boy love to prove some sort of “point”. O_o What point that is will be entirely lost on everyone but Jack who will then be held in contempt, have his license revoked and become a registered sex offender, not to mention a host of other things.

  50. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I don’t think having his license revoked will stop his idiocy, he’ll just be demoted to ‘Just another crackpot”.

    Then we can make room for real news stories (not to say that Jack’s failed career isn’t news, but when the limelight finally gets turned off, we can make room for more real news.)

  51. 0
    Yuki says:

    Is it just me or does jack seem to be about 2 steps short of being declared nuts by a judge?

    I’m sorry but the mans actions make it seems like he’s sleeping more and more into a state of dementia and paranoia.

    Hopefully he gets his license revoked so he’s no longer able to act like a lunatic.

  52. 0
    unaffiliated anonymous says:

    Jack Thompson’s File
    with apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Listen and hear my strange story, son
    Of the gay porn file by Jack Thompson,
    on the nineteenth September, twenty-ought-seven
    Thompson by order of heaven
    decided to lose his hold on reason

    He said to himself, “If Judge Jordan needs
    proof of conspiracy with Norm Kent
    I’ll click links on his site, and see where each leads
    if treachery I find, an email will be sent
    one to the judge, and two for the court
    and then the whole world will see just what sort
    of criminals control the Fla-Bar
    I’ll raise alarm in this new culture war
    so these villains will fear the feathers and tar

    Then he said “Good God!” and with muffled roar
    Silently stared at his flat monitor,

    (OKAY, I can’t finish this. Somebody else make the next stanza about what he finds. Reference is here: http://poetry.eserver.org/paul-revere.html Remember to match the meter and rhyme scheme!)

  53. 0
    ApokalypseNow says:

    You know, I’m certain there’s a great many jokes that could be done at this juncture, but none of them are quite as funny as the reality of the situation.

    Stop calling yourself a video game violence expert – you don’t even play the things, so you are in no way qualified to have that title.
    Stop favorably comparing yourself to famous figures from the past – you’re dishonoring them in doing so, and are in no way in the same league as Paul Revere or others.
    Stop saying “hooah”. You are in no way associated with the US Marine Corp, and dishonor them in using the phrase adopted by them.

  54. 0
    Glodek says:

    I just feel sorry for Jack.

    Even though I couldnt disagree more with him on many of his views, he is just trying to do what he thinks is right and I respect that. Now, not only is he loathed by almost all gamers, he is also the laughing stock of law community.

    I hope that if (more like when) he gets disbarred, he takes some time off to reflect on his actions and reconsider his views on video games and gays.

  55. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    How in the hell did this guy last as a lawyer for not 1, not 2, but 31 years? Three decades of this self-obsessed madman trying to create some ‘perfect world’ that worships his image?

    He compares himself to Jesus. I’m waiting for him to either

    A) Actually claim himself to being the second coming and subsequently stuffed into a padded room.

    B) Going the Law & Order: SVU route and claiming ‘I AM GREATER THAN GOD, AND YOU’RE AFRAID OF WHAT I CAN DO!!!’ Which is what happened right before said character in the show was shot by his daughter that he raped. Guess what would happen for Mr. Thompson in the worst-case-scenario.

  56. 0
    dracowindsin says:

    im done i give up jt is just making it too easy now i cant make fun of him any more its just too easy

    dear wacky jacky injoy “early retierment” by witch i mean when you get dissbared (and you will) try not to take it too hard.

  57. 0
    Phantom says:

    @ Trevor

    I’d wager that Jack’s a tad busy today trying to find some way off the hook he’s wormed himself onto. He’ll probably be back tomorrow, or even some time tonight.

  58. 0
    Icehawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Hmmm. There was already a “Flowers for Jack” a while back (which he disrespected to no ones surprise). Maybe we should all get together for a “Soap on-a Rope for Jack”. Wonder if he would throw that away too.

    JT I salute you. I have to admit this has been slightly better then 3rd grade theater. Amusing, confusing and methinks you have oft forgotten your lines.

  59. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I thought he already had it on speeddial?


    I don’t mean to insult anyone’s religion, but I believe JT has conclusively proven there is no god.. If there were he would have sent a cease and desist to JT by now.. The same way the Walsh did the other year.

    I think someone would beg to differ… 😛

    @Wacky Jacky/Quad9Damage:

    I LOLed.



  60. 0
    Trevor McGee says:

    I’m surprised JT hasn’t posted yet blaming Dennis for not reporting the whole story or something.

    He does it constantly, and usually the stuff Dennis leaves out makes Thompson look worse in the long run, so Dennis is usually doing Thompson a favor by leaving some of that crap out. But then of course that dumb ass comes in claiming this and that and then gets Dennis to provide the rest of the info which eventually just makes him looking more like a court jester than a court attorney.

    Jack, just quit. Okay, we know. You crave attention, you love being in the spot light, but you’re just getting ridiculous now. No one is listening anymore because they realise you don’t know what you’re talking about and you never have real proof to back up your insane claims. You’re just a sad little clown to us now.

  61. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    JT only doesn’t post when he realises that he has no leg to stand on. Thats why he never responded to the Extra Life Photoshop Contest, the Rockstar GTA4 “deadline”, and his public nusiance suit against Halo 3 (and its October 25 release date).

  62. 0
    Mark Standridge ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m guessing Dennis will have a copy of the Order posted here by tomorrow, but I thought I’d share a great lil’ soundbite from footnote 1:

    “Mr. Thompson is not the modern-day version of Paul Revere, as he suggests.”

  63. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “So, it begs the question, what would JT term as a ‘fair’ judge?”

    A judge that would drop all charges and fine the game industry as a whole, GP, the ECA, EMA, ESA, and anyone who ever said “Thompson might be/is wrong” eleventy bajillion dollars. and a billion years in jail for “crimes agaisnt humanity” and all gamers be deported to a penal colony, probably the galapagos, since, well, Jesus is coming soon anyway

    And if anyone can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.

  64. 0
    TriceFallen says:

    Mr. Thompson when will you learn that sane people don’t act this way. While you are entitled to your “unique” beliefs some of them, how should I put this, seem completely bugfuck and moronic. I will not resort to calling you a retard because in my experience they are almost always decent people who would avoid offending anyone.
    But if you want a case you could always switch to a xenophobic anti-forgein cultures stand. You could easily make the switch due to our insensitive and inaccurate comments on the Koran.

  65. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    :: Turns all the furniture upside down looking around ::
    Alright, who took my whip I bought during my Cherokee Mountains trip.

    :: Sees Game Breaker’s post ::

    Oh, ok. The JUDGE has it. Ok, that’s fine by me.

    Dang fine whipcrackin’ there too!

    NW2K Software

  66. 0
    hilaryduffgta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Man aint this a great week..Not only am i turning 27 on thursday (ok that part sucks) but jt is letting his career go down the toiles..(hell yes) and im playing bioshock this week since i rented it..(awesome game)

    only thing that could make this better is if he gets disbarred this week…Oh happy day!

  67. 0
    Johnny ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Imagine this conversation between Judge Jordan and his/her secretary.

    Secretary: Judge Jordan, You got another document by Thompson this morning.

    Judge Jordan: What is it, his fifteenth response to his “show cause”?

    Secretary: Not exactly, he wants you to disqualify yourself from his case.

    Judge Jordan: What?

    Secretary: He says that by asking him to justify why he included gay porn in his filing that your showing bias against him.

    Judge Jordan: What????

    Secretary: He also mentions the “Clinton-Lewinsky affair”, King Canute and Animal House.

    Judge Jordan: WHAT????

  68. 0
    F**ked up says:

    Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Good bye. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Good bye.

    Jack u will get to learn about gay sex first hand now. Dont drop the soap. dont wear your underwear backwards. And well after looking at all that gay porn well u will know what to expect.

    Have fun in prison Jack “N-ass” Thompson.

    So are we having a Giant “LAN” party in Celebration of Jack Thompson going to jail for contempt of court charges?

    I got some champagne’s ready. I doubt he will weasel his way out of this one.

  69. 0
    John Kanders ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The judge seriously needs to order another psyhicatric evaluation resulting in permanent restraint in a facility to be named later. Then JT can re-enact Manhunt 2 in his daring escape.

  70. 0
    Game Breaker says:

    Hey Dudes check out the latest at http://www.nationalgaynews.com


    Late Breaking Bulletin: Judge Adalberto Jordan this afternoon referred Jack Thompson to the US District Court Committee on Attorney Admissions, Peer Review, and Attorney Grievance, for what he deemed, “appropriate action” by “his filing of graphic images of oral and genital sex between adult males in the public record” in the case before the court.

    Further, the Court directed the committee to make a final determination whether the “filing was inappropriate, and if necessary” to impose “the appropriate sanctions.”

    The Court further admonished Mr. Thompson for misrepresenting and mischaracterizing its positions, noting that this case is “about a Florida disciplinary proceeding against Mr. Thompson only. It is not about the alleged conduct of other attorneys licensed by the Florida Bar…but not surprisingly, Mr. Thompson is using this case to further his social and moral views.”

    Thompson had tried to lay the blame for all his problems on the “liberal Bar” who he said was “collaborating” with NGN Publisher, Norm Kent, a Florida attorney.

    The Court then denied Thompson’s motion to recuse.

  71. 0
    Mike says:

    Well, a Phoenix Wright reference to Jack would be fun for us, but remember these few words: Mortal Kombat. Grand Theft Auto 4.

    Even if he has no grounds (as parody is perfectly legal) he’s still going to comment and try to file suit if he can. Apparently in his mind, copying behaviorisms is a crime and doesn’t equate to “parody”. He should really watch SNL some time…

  72. 0
    Vinzent says:

    The pitch of the engine always whines higher as the plane plummets faster. But if you free your mind, if you listen beyond the engine and the whipping wind, you will hear the sound of gamer’s voices uplifted in song.

  73. 0
    Ben Ambroso ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack Thompson needs to buy a lawyer game and get really good at it.

    (Blatant reference to his “suicide game” comment)

    Phoenix Wright, anyone? I think they should cameo him in their next game…make him some insane lawyer with no grounds to stand on half the time. Would be funny.

  74. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think the interesting thing here is the First Amendment issues. Where does the line come where ‘Freedom of Speech’ becomes ‘Discrediting the organisation’, after all, there’s a difference between ‘Some of the people I work with approach matters in an unprofessional manner’ and ‘I’m surrounded by braindead morons’, even if that difference is the wording, everyone knows that as far as context is concerned, they mean the same thing.

    Perception and intent mostly. If the comment was designed to harm the target, and was known to be harmful (not in a “hurts feelings” harmful, but more a “hurts financially” harmful), then you might have a case. For example, saying “JT is a loud-mouth jerk.” is harmful, but not libelous. Saying “JT distributes child porn.” *is* harmful, and a direct lie designed to harm his reputation.

    JT though, has proven time and time again that what’s fair for him to say about others is not fair for others to say about him. If he ever got off his arse and actually filed one of those lawsuits he keeps threatening against anyone who criticized him, it would get thrown out as soon as the judge saw the mountain of evidence that it was the pot calling the kettle black. JT knows this, which is why he never follows through.

  75. 0
    Mike says:

    @Iniquus: I remember that in 2004 near the release of GTA: SA he did something remotely similar, but not nearly as bad as he’s been this time around. He’s either pushing for something to happen so he can jump on it, or he’s just crazy and digging his own grave. Only time will tell.

    But yes, I’d go with a personality disorder as well. He sorta shows some bipolar behaviorisms, but certainly not enough to actually be bipolar. Yet again though, I must state that it depends on his intentions — we don’t know them yet. Of course, Jack isn’t too deep, so he’s easy to figure out and I’m sure the judge has already figured what we’ve postulated thus far.

  76. 0
    Mike says:

    @Neko: If she’s anything like Jack, I highly doubt it. She’s probably pulling her own schemes in order to get more money (but fail miserably) just like him.

    @WarOtter: lulz. Is there something weird about my “I’m under 18” qualifications? Was my hypothesis too long? xP

  77. 0
    Iniquus ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Woohoo, let’s hear it for hitting the wrong buttons…..

    @ chuck

    By his actions, I don’t think Bipolar Disorder fits well at all. I’d go with a personality disorder. But then again, I’m not licensed yet, so I don’t know. I think we’ve (the readers in general) had this discussion already at length.

    But I digress. There is really something off here. Mike had a very good point too. When all is said and done, his actions are all we can really go on. I have to wonder if even he knows his motivations at times. He seems to be very VERY reactionary and defensive. I honestly worry about the man.

    -Mike Schwinger

  78. 0
    DarkSaber2k says:

    Wow, 157 comments and not one from Jack himself. Maybe his net connection is malfunctioning? Or maybe he’s too busy downloading animal porn for his next stunning own goal?

    Being from the UK, I’m never overly concerned about Jacks antics, but I do enjoy the (minimum of) twice-weekly Jack Attacks that happen! They don’t half make me smile. :-)

  79. 0
    KotatsuNeko says:


    I wouldn’t worry about Jack’s financial status. His wife’s a lawyer, too; I suspect she’s supporting the family herself at this point.

  80. 0
    Kharne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    A martyr? Maybe, but I doubt he’d gain anything from it. For him to be effective* he needs to be able to stay in court where he can actually do something. If he gets disbarred that bridge is as good as burned. I doubt any other lawyer is going to take up the crusade that got Jack fired. Basically, he’ about to lock out the only ability he has in fighting us.

    As for the idea of fighting from the sidelines. the man can’t keep an ally as it is. Add in getting fired on top of his normal insanity? I don’t think there’s anyone with serious power who’d back the guy. Even with this marytr status.

    Basically, whatever he gains if anything is probably not going to make up for what he’s about to loose.

    *To use the term loosely.

  81. 0
    cppcrusader ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have to say I agree with Mike’s theory, especially considering this last filing. Its pretty much the only strategy he has left. I mean, he’s not going to be able to run for this judge’s seat to save his ass this time.

  82. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think the interesting thing here is the First Amendment issues. Where does the line come where ‘Freedom of Speech’ becomes ‘Discrediting the organisation’, after all, there’s a difference between ‘Some of the people I work with approach matters in an unprofessional manner’ and ‘I’m surrounded by braindead morons’, even if that difference is the wording, everyone knows that as far as context is concerned, they mean the same thing.

    Criticism would be to say the first sentence, insult would be to say the second, and I think that’s where he consistently slips up, his problem is not what he says, he has a First Amendment right to that, but more about how he says it, which is totally and wholly incompatible with his role as a lawyer.

    Someone who is smart will criticise, someone who is rude will insult.

  83. 0
    chuck ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Funny thing… I’ve come around to the impression that he may well be certifiably insane. I didn’t think so before, I’m still not 100% certain, and I’m not going to elaborate on what his particular pathology might be (bipolar mania springs to mind, but isn’t well supported). Regardless, I think he really doesn’t possess a clear perception of the real consequences of his actions.

    It does bring me to a quandry: is being an unremittant hatemongering bilious zealotrous asshole indicative of mental illness, does one precede the other, and do I gain by judging his character either way?

  84. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @BlackIce, Leftie

    Jackie really needs to read The Art Of War. It can be used everywhere. I especially reccomend the 13th chapter on Information. You can’t win without the proper information.

    Who’s to say JT doesn’t HAVE the proper information? All we know is what comes out of his mouth.

    For all we know, he’s taking Sun Zu’s views on keeping yourself informed and your enemy misinformed to heart…

  85. 0
    Mortium ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Maybe the Florida Bar should amend it’s demands for Thompson to submitt to a psych eval to include a full physical with particular attention to any organic issues that could cause such behavior.

  86. 0
    Mike says:

    I’m pretty sure I know what Jack is up to.

    I’ve had two uncle lawyers, both highly respected. One, slightly before I was born in ’90 made a wrong move at the wrong people. He got a civil trial out of that (after being debarred and / or unlawyered xP) expecting to win, but he didn’t. He failed miserably because of the inconsistency and furthermore the level of idiocy he showed. He challenged the wrong people and that’s what Jack is doing.

    In Jack’s fucked up little head, he believes he can act crazy (the gay porn and 13 filings can be a testament to this), get the judge to make a breakneck decision, and then challenge that decision… and win.

    Jack is noted as being an IRL troll at this point, and nothing more. Again, he’s probably got this little idea, and not realizing that he’s digging a deeper hole with every motion. If he keeps this up, he’s going to end up in the poor house and going job to job no matter how qualified he is: just like my uncle (who died in 2006 due to bad living conditions).

    So given the above, I’d say he’s a retarded genius. He’s got a good plan, but he’s going about it wrongly and it’s going to fall through, leading to a horrible outcome on his part. But he will most likely continue with it, because that’s how he is.

    If I’m wrong, he’s just a retarded retard. If he’s actually legit, he’s doing things that push the very edge of sanity, and eventually the rope snaps. Especially since I’m sure the bar (and any judge in the universe for that matter) knows how easy it would be to buy a “sane” verdict on his mental state. He may not be rich from all the losing cases he’s been through, but he does have some money no doubt and can use it for his own benefit.

    Again, the question is what his intentions are.

    Even so, his intentions do not clear him of the wrong doings he has undertaken, false lawsuits, false claims and more so. I’d say the gameTwat article doesn’t help either, given that he said he would take GP to court. I’d like to know this: for what? As far as I know, GP (or the ECA, which he loves to hate, for that matter) have done nothing explicitly against him. He’s just the one making the most white noise out there.

    He’s walking a thin black line at this point, in the middle of night, in a desert, during a sandstorm. Yes, Jack, your situation is that dire.

    What can you REALLY say though? The guy thinks he’s a martyr, and to be honest I’m concerned about his son. For one, you know a fifteen year old kid is going to enjoy his new copies of BioShock and Halo 3, probably behind daddy’s back, and even if not, what happens when Jack’s lawyer’s license is revoked and his cash goes down the gutter? The kid is going to have a ruined life because of how dumb daddy is.

    I suppose if Jack doesn’t really care about his kid, which he doesn’t, he should continue this futile pursuit for non-existant “justice”.

  87. 0
    jadedcritic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m growing slightly more curious. Is there anyone this man is actually civil to? According to him we’re godless pissants, he storms around and calls various legal experts names like “overeducated” and “tools”. He’s already ticked off one judge, I guess it didn’t sink in far enough.

    Look, I’ll concede one point to him – he’s right I’m not a lawyer. With that having been said, maybe the people with some legal background in the GP community can clear something up for me. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get along with judges? I’m not saying you have to like everything they say, suck up, or even like them personally; but isn’t it a question of professionalism here? At what point does pissing-off-judges become an exercise in shooting yourself in the foot? I know that judges are required to be impartial – it’s part of the job; but I can only imagine that the day to day business of the courts involves many different kinds of decisions that become (forgive the pun) judgement calls. If I were an attorney trying a case before a judge, it seems to me a non-pissed off judge would be more likely to show me leniency, which would in turn, make it easier for me to build a good case.

  88. 0
    BlackIce, Leftie says:

    Jackie really needs to read The Art Of War. It can be used everywhere. I especially reccomend the 13th chapter on Information. You can’t win without the proper information.

  89. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Also, I have a person of interest, who is a gamer, but he says that kids should not be playing M-rated video games. He says that if kids are trying to buy M-rated video games, then they should have real ID cards, just like with R-rated movies, adult rated music, as well as Mature and Adult rated comic books.”

    A: An ID is not required by law for any of those purchases.

    B: The FTC has shown that it is much more easy at current for a minor to obtain an R rated movie or an explicit CD.

  90. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @John Simpson

    He says that if kids are trying to buy M-rated video games, then they should have real ID cards, just like with R-rated movies, adult rated music, as well as Mature and Adult rated comic books

    Too bad he’s working under the false impression that real ID cards are actually required to buy any of those…

    But as you said, a war of perception.

  91. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Grey, Serenity, JDS

    Jack will be a martyr to no one except himself. Even a cursory look at his history will show how much of an ass he is. Most people will at least remember him from 2 Live Crew and Howard Stern, and once they see the stuff about the gay porn and the other examples of his wild behavior, it will be difficult for anyone to sympathize with him. Looking at the accounts of the Bully case, and his appearances after V-Tech in particular should provide adequate examples that the guy is off his rocker.

    He is just as crazy as Jim Jones and David Koresh. The only difference is that Jack wasn’t charismatic enough to get anyone else to drink his Kool Aid.

  92. 0
    EOTD says:

    Anyone else imagine Thomspn’s voice as Adam West’s? It really makes this stuff alll the more entertaining.

    “Despite what Mr. Thompson may think, this case is not a war with the world regarding the state of its moral standards (if it is, I clearly do not have jurisdiction).”

    I like this judge. :)

  93. 0
    finaleve ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Honestly, I think Jack is really starving for attention.

    And I’m wondering why Jack hasn’t popped in and said “Look! I bring you ad revenue and blah blah blah”
    Because its not the he necessarily brings it, its just we all agree that he is out of his mind.

    I’d be surprised if Jack gets off with nothing but a slap on the wrist.

  94. 0
    John Simpson says:

    As I have posted in a different topic, Jack Thompson thinks that this is the Gamer-Antigamer War. It is not a “hot war (as in a real war with weapons)”. It might be a “cold war (as in a war of words and opinions)”, a “political war”, and in Jack Thompson’s words, a “propaganda war”. Also, I have a person of interest, who is a gamer, but he says that kids should not be playing M-rated video games. He says that if kids are trying to buy M-rated video games, then they should have real ID cards, just like with R-rated movies, adult rated music, as well as Mature and Adult rated comic books. The person of interest might be voting for Hillary Clinton. Also, Hillary Clinton has said that she is not doing, as some people say, her anti-game cause. She supports gaming. She is trying to prevent kids from buying M-rated media, while following the US Constitution, or so that’s what the person of interest thinks. The problem is that certain gamers think about what Hillary Clinton said (about that she is not going to be a problem for M-rated video games), that they think that is “too little, too late”.

  95. 0
    Iniquus ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Seriously, is somebody selling tickets for this? This is becoming a circus. I really worry about the outcome, because if this goes how it seems it’s going to, JT is going to end up catatonic or something.

    -Mike Schwinger

  96. 0
    KotatsuNeko says:


    I think we’ve just seen his strategy in action. He’s not crazy, I agree, but if he can keep *acting* like he is and get people to *respond* to them like he is, he can accuse them of bias and gain what he considers a moral, ethical, and legal upper hand. You’ll notice that even though the judge responded quite reasonably (as anyone would) to Jack’s deluge of filings, Jack’s acting like he was mortally insulted and that the Judge is depriving him of his rights. Whether that’s true or not, it casts a (small) measure of doubt on the proceedings, and gives him an option to keep going even when he gets smacked down.

    I believe that would be called ‘working the system’, and I suspect it’s not going to work as well as he thinks it is.

  97. 0
    ooftygoofty says:

    What? No smug yet nonsensical posts from JT?

    Seriously, it’s like his insanity just picks up speed everyday. At this rate, not only will he be disbarred ahead of schedule, he’ll probably be in a padded cell before the end of the year. I think he’ll stop speaking in recognizable sentences by about this time next week.

    And for the record, I’m another Christian who wishes JT (and others) would stop tarnishing the term.

  98. 0
    lumi ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Despite all the dreck that would obviously have to be waded through, I would really like to be able to see inside JT’s mind these days. I don’t believe he’s insane, I really don’t…but that leaves me at a complete loss as to what reasons he could possibly have for these actions of late. He has to know he’s just hurting himself.

    It’s like he’s not even trying anymore. Seriously, I want to know what his strategy is.

  99. 0
    Ix says:


    Nah, that’s the reason why it took him working on Sunday to file this, he had to ask people about good movies, get them, then watch them all to get these quotes.

  100. 0
    LoopyChew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Y’know, I just also want to point out that Thompson has a good if indecent taste in movies if he can quote Animal House off the top of his head like that.

  101. 0
    Quad9damage ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Wacky Jacky and the Knights

    You know you make me want to (SUE)
    File some gay porn and (SUE)
    Kick and scream and then (SUE)
    Attack your character and (SUE)
    I dare you (SUE)

  102. 0
    Wacky Jacky and the Knights (actually HandofCrom) ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Apologies in advance to Otis Day.

    Oh, Judge, you know you make me want to Shout!
    File gay porn in court and Shout!
    Lie outrageously and Shout!
    Chase massacres for god and Shout!

    That’s all I got…

  103. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    In the end, JT is doing what he does best: Making the issue about HIMSELF. See how this whole debacle isn’t about Homosexuality anymore? See how his videogame stunts aren’t about games anymore?

  104. 0
    Serrenity ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    While overlooked, I agree. Considering this situation from a perspective of his own demagogue-tendencies, JT has potential for a win/win situation. If he gets disbarred, just like you said, he can claim the martyrdom, and the mainstream America will only see the end of the conflict, as usual. If the media decides to take his side of the story as the “Real” version, it would be easy to swing it to show the corruption. Since 90% of America abides by the doctrine of “If it’s on TV, it’s gotta be True,” JT at least has a chance of drumming up some support and saving face.

    Conversely, if he doesn’t get disbarred–he can use the entire situation as a claim of validity for what he’s saying. “Look! They can’t disbar because I’m right!” which again, to uninformed easily swayed information consumer would give him back some of the credibility he’s sacrificed. If he’s enough the sensationalist — the outcome of this situation is relevant — he could use it to swing public opinion either way. That’s a big If, but I agree with Grey — Thompson is playing at something else here. …

  105. 0
    Brandon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    He’s not going to end up in a prison, at this rate, the man’s going to end up in a mental hospital, I mean, honestly, look at everything he’s doing, he just keeps going on and on, despite every judge telling him to stop.

  106. 0
    Chuma ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Okay I’m gonna take a step back from the freak show for a moment…

    The more and more I read from him, Jack seems to be losing it. No rational person, let alone a lawyer of his experience, would consider his actions and pleadings to be reasonable or even sane.

    This guy is going to end up in prison at this rate, or suffer financial impingements as a result of this case. BEST case scenario I think hes going to lose his livelihood. I hope his wife and kid can support him, because despite all his bravado and rhetoric, it is gonna be a lonely place for him soon :/

  107. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I wonder how many more judges he’ll be able to go through with his strategy of alienating them, and then claiming bias.

    Well, JT’s problem is that if he want the case to be tried by someone OUTSIDE the authority of the Florida Bar, FIRST he has to lose a case, and then appeal. But he seems intent on stalling by accusing all of being biased, and so he’ll just keep running through the list of judges under the FlaBar’s authority.

    Considering how many judges there are, and he runs through about one a year, I think he’ll have died of old age before he gets through them all…

    I’m glad he has been certified as sane, that means he has no out when it is time to answer for his behavior. I wouldn’t be so quick to take Dr. Wunderman to task for that diagnoses.

    Actually that’s a good point. He’s already argued he’s mentally fit to stand up for his actions, so he can’t turn around and pull something like that “oooo, I’ve been having heart troubles” ploy. (And yes, I’m accusing him of using it as a ploy. Any stress that may have caused it is a direct result of his own doing.)

  108. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know, if we judged impartiality the way it’s represented in the response, then nobody would be found guilty of anything…ever.

    It’s like saying that a Jury has no reason to find a murderer guilty despite a wealth of evidence and witnesses because it wouldn’t be an ‘impartial’ judgement, all that evidence has obviously turned the jury against the defendant.

  109. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This circus is only going to get more bizzare- Manhunt 2 comes out later this month, Mass Effect is going to have lesbian sex, and I believe Bully is coming to Wii and 360 very soon. Combined with his disbarrment and his crusade against homosexuals, the man has a VERY full plate for the next few months…

  110. 0
    Tye The Czar says:

    @Bear-Dogg X:
    Why should we even care about an artist as talentless as Britney Spears who makes her fortune solely because she exploits her appearance despite being one of the worst artists ever known and steals the hearts of tone deaf fans like the Bush Admin stole the White House in 2000.
    If you want to know public opinion, go look her up on urbandictionary.com, oy.

  111. 0
    Ix says:


    True true, but I was sorta going by bureaucratic time. I was too well indoctrinated to that class on it and my work place only re-enforces that time scale. Must need to spend more time in the real world so I don’t lose my connection with real-time.

    I’d give it a few real world months before the case for disbarment really gets started. But in bureaucratic time it’s just around the corner.

  112. 0
    Thabor says:

    I don’t mean to insult anyone’s religion, but I believe JT has conclusively proven there is no god.. If there were he would have sent a cease and desist to JT by now.. The same way the Walsh did the other year.

    I wonder how many more judges he’ll be able to go through with his strategy of alienating them, and then claiming bias. I’m glad he has been certified as sane, that means he has no out when it is time to answer for his behavior. I wouldn’t be so quick to take Dr. Wunderman to task for that diagnoses.

  113. 0
    Fish says:

    Just reading the little snipets that GP posts is enough for me. Most of what he says in his letters are insults or irrelavent references.

    I suppose you could chalk JT up to the law of averages.
    Eventually there has to be a crazy person that gets a law degree.

  114. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Frankly, it’s possible that Dr. Wunderman was doing the right thing, only to have John Bruce metaphorically stab him in the back by completely acting irrational.

    Not the first time JT has betrayed people’s trust in him to behave responsibly… 😉

  115. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Just as I’ve said before, Dr. Wunderman, as many psychologists and counselors, are welcome to use their religious beliefs to counsel their patients. However, because he and John Bruce share the same belief system, then it should be as much a conflict of interest in his determing “sanity” of any individual as it would be a conflict of interest if a psychologist, holding extreme religious beliefs about homosexuals, were to attempt to evaluate Fred Phelps.

    Again, I’m discerning between straightforward counseling and evaluation.

    But clearly, Dr. Wunderman may have stepped his foot in it because John Bruce’s further actions might clearly question Dr. Wunderman’s motives in making the determination that he did. Frankly, it’s possible that Dr. Wunderman was doing the right thing, only to have John Bruce metaphorically stab him in the back by completely acting irrational.

    NW2K Software

  116. 0
    Quad9damage ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wait, I downloaded the 14 page letter and it was only 7 pages. Although it certainly *feels* like 14 pages.

    The whole thing really is just a kicking, screaming, ad hominem fit. At this point, I’m not sure how I should feel about watching a man dive headfirst into absolute, total madness. Should I be amused? Should I be sad? Should I go ahead and say I’m tired of this and ready for it to be over?

  117. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I’m not a lawyer, but I had to take quite a few law courses for my degree, and I’d put money on JT going down soon

    You must not have been given the opportunity to take the class on dealing with bureaucracies… They move slower than something that’s already standing still…

  118. 0

    I’m losing interest in anything related to Jack. He’s buried himself, and he’s going out with a whimper. I’d say more, but honestly, it’s not fun to kick a dead horse. Even if the horse isn’t aware it is dead yet.

  119. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Perhaps he’s already given up, and at this point is just raising a fuss for the sake of raising a fuss.

    Heh, maybe he’s gotten impatient with how long it’s taking them to wade through the red tape needed to disbar him. 😉

    So he’s helping them along by being EXTRA obnoxious…

  120. 0
    Ix says:

    Hey Gameboy, put me down for 23, it’s what feels right to me.

    As far as drinking games, I imagine we haven’t heard of any due to alcohol poisoning. I guess that’s something else JT promotes with all these courtroom antics. The entire motion he filed is worthless. I’m not a lawyer, but I had to take quite a few law courses for my degree, and I’d put money on JT going down soon, with all these delay tactics only finishing the knot in his own noose. I can’t even imagine the motion above succeeding, and when it gets thrown out then JT will have to pay the price for all his abuse of the legal system.

    Probably about time to start the popcorn and sit down to enjoy the show.

  121. 0
    jds ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Jack can state he is a Christian all he wants, that only means that by being a Christian, he is a sinner. We should forgive him these sins he commits every time he opens his mouth. He can’t help it any more than a roach can help being a roach.

  122. 0
    VenomandCarnage ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m starting to wonder throughout JT’s career that he has ever stopped and wondered “Gee, maybe I made a mistake.” Probably not. Instead, he spouts off “Personal responsibility? BAH! I’m too good for that, I’m a christian! It has to be everyone else’s fault, after all, I’m flawless, there’s no way I can be wrong!”

  123. 0
    Imperialist Agenda says:

    I wonder how Thompson is physically. I remember a report posted here a few months back that stated Thompson was having heart problems. This is sure to compound those alleged heart problems. I also wonder about his family, particularly his son. He’s using his son as a pawn to demonstrate a non-point. Since Thompson belives videogames are toxic, could it therefore be argued that Thompson is submitting his child to a form of abuse? Should social services be called?

    I do not merely state these things just to fill up time. I state them because there may be avenues to pursue in the legal realm.

    Thompson is so obsessed with this so called “culture war”.

    If the US Supreme Court disagreed with him (as it most surely would) he would do all in his power to denigrate the integrity of the highest court in the land. He’d say they’re pawns of the “toxicity” of our culture.

    I will admit that our culture has it’s sleazy points (Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, etc.) but I hardly think the fate of society rests upon whether or not Rockstar games is able to put out another GTA or Microsoft puts out another Halo.

  124. 0
    Dave ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Salen:

    PS: Why hasn’t he been Disbarred yet?

    He’s got the right to go through the legal channels before his license is revoked. Perhaps he’s already given up, and at this point is just raising a fuss for the sake of raising a fuss. Given the possibility of being found in contempt, I can’t say that this is a good strategy.

  125. 0
    WarOtter ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    You mean like the over the top ‘The Truth’ ads for the smoking industry?

    Now there is some brilliant marketing. By making commercials that are so over the top and nonfactual about smoking, the natural reaction to them is to rebel, and thereby make smokers want to smoke more.

  126. 0

    Did he really just quote Animal House in a professional correspondance?


    “Your honor, the defendant Jack “Coo-coo for Cocoapuffs” Thompson would like to bring to the stand as legal council, My Cousin Vinny. He shall then prove to this court, beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only is Thompson sane, but the “yewts” of America playing video games are biased against him, but that it also could not take you five minutes to cook your grits when it takes the entire grit-eating world 20 minutes.

    Thank you.”

  127. 0
    Grey ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Keep in mind that our little friend wants to be disbarred, preferably with as much noise and attention as possible. He wants to be a martyr. Then he can claim that the evil video game industry in conjunction with their godless allies at Blank Rome, the Florida Bar, Game Politics, and Penny Arcade has ruined his livelihood in their immoral quest to push murder porn to the children. This has never been about winning in court because his battle has never been in court. Our little friend knows that the only way to win this battle is to sway public opinion. This is far from over.

  128. 0
    Althrun says:

    I’ve figured it out.

    Jack Thompson isn’t a Lawyer.

    JT is… an Actor!

    Hear me out:
    What better way to drum up support for the game industry than to have someone who is obviously crazy say random crazy crap designed specifically to make himself look like a fool?

    However, there can’t be anyone THAT psychotic in this world, so JT was hired to act the role of a completely insane lawyer who gets off by spewing acidic remarks and doing the most random and crazy shit.

    I mean, if JT was in any way for real, it would mean that there is no God and we’re all doomed, right?

  129. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This court… today orders Thompson to stop filing responses to this court’s Order to Show Cause of September 24

    You know Thompson, lying in a legal document can get you in even more trouble. But I guess your plan all along is to go to jail isn’t it? Become a pathetic martyr for the cause.

    The judge ordered you to only file ONE response to each order. ONE. Not 12, not 5, not 42. Sum it up in ONE document. You can make it 400,000 pages long if you want, but it has to all be in ONE filing.

    This court fabricated out of whole cloth the assertion that Thompson had exposed “children” to “obscenity,”

    Really? What WOULD you call filing gay porn in a public docket that is accessible by everyone? You yourself have declared that credit cards are not enough to keep children from getting M-rated games, so really, you KNOWINGLY publicly distributed porn…

    Further, when his court actually stated in an order that the forensic evaluation of Dr. Wunderman could be filed with the court, although it was “irrelevant” despite the fact that it clearly showed the bad faith of The Bar in its attempt to pathologize Thompson’s Christian faith yet again(!),

    Yeah, a fellow sympathizer to your culture war says you’re not crazy, and you’re being persecuted because you’re a Jesus fan. REAL impartial… /sarcasm

  130. 0
    Dog_Welder ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Samson Effect —


    ‘Man, you can almost make a drinking game out of Jack’s failing attempts.’

    I think some people already have, actually.”

    Yeah, but they all died of alcohol poisoning. (You may want to start with a light beer.)

  131. 0
    Kharne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    You’re forgetting the suffering factor though: He’ll already be reeling from the loss of his job. When he comes running here to cry and finds a brick wall? Oh that’s gonna hurt. A one-two punch like that would be the perfect finish to this mess.

    Granted, maybe he hasn’t earned a perma-ban (yet), But I think he should get punted off for a week or two at least. Just to remind him who has all the power here.

  132. 0
    jds ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is awesome. This is funnier than the first American Pie movie.

    Jack will likely be here soon posting some crap like:

    “…GP will be in court soon…”
    “…this judge will be sorry…”
    “…this is exactly how my plan is supposed to work…”
    “…you are all e-tards…”
    “…I am my own god…”
    “…I am an attorney, you are not…”
    “…wait till you see my response to the judge…”

    What a loser. Plain and simple.

    I guess this fool would rather spend time in jail over this ridiculous crusade than to spend time with his family, enjoying life.

  133. 0
    Rich says:

    Just read Jack’s filing.

    His goose is stuffed, cooked, and being set down for Christmas Dinner.

    Did anyone else catch the bizarre reference to Frozen Alaska?

  134. 0
    Gameboy says:

    There’s no logic like Jack Thompson’s logic.

    No, seriously. It’s one of a kind. You’ll never find such out of this world, bat-shit insane logic like Jack’s.

    Wasn’t this whole hearing supposed to start in September? What’s up? Are Jack’s insane ramblings keeping the whole process stalled in limbo or something? I was hoping he would of lost his license by now. On the bright side, these “tactics” have all but guaranteed that Jack will lose his license and burn his bridges while he’s at it. At this rate, it may just be a Christmas present.

    So let’s start taking bets. How many more responses will Jack file? If you’re right, you win a cookie (all the muffins are going to the Judge). My money is on 19. It just feels right.

  135. 0
    Rich says:

    Any time now, he’ll be in here to tell us how “The worm has turned” and how this is “a huge victory” for him. He’ll tell us how we’re all deluded, that Dennis didn’t report everything, and we should al go back to our drugs and sex and violence.


    Watching him self destruct is so much funnier.

    /Rich, the new-er Nostradamus. Ha-ooh!

  136. 0
    BattleChicken says:

    If I may ask Mr. Thompson, as I am certain he is reading this… What will you do when you get disbarred? I assume you have some contingency plan for the worst case scenario — I’m sure all of us would love to hear what your future plans are!

    Good luck with your steep (like 90 degrees steep on a sheer marble wall) uphill battle to retain your license!

  137. 0
    Serrenity ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Kharne and DoggySpew

    I personally hope that Jack Thompson will not be banned from GP. He’s always a source of enjoyment for me–and I find myself scanning threads to see if he’s responded because it typically makes me laugh …

    I think GP should proscribe to the Village Idiot idea–we keep around because he’s amusing in the purely off the wall ideas he comes up with, but at the same time, harmless.

    I mean really — how dangerous can a man be who equates himself to Paul Reverie? Personally, I’d like to see him equate himself to Christ here pretty quick …

  138. 0
    dude says:

    From the JT Response:

    “The court is like the schoolyard bully who taunts and throws the first punch, and then complains that what he wanted to be a human punching bag is punching back.”

    Is Jack promoting schoolyard fighting here? He’s saying that fighting back is a GOOD thing.

  139. 0
    BlackIce, Leftie says:

    Dennis, you’re starting to side against Jack. That’s good. We’ll make you a household name yet.

    Onto more obvious matters, I am now taking bets on how long JT will last.

  140. 0
    Kharne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    “When are we going to ignore Jack btw ?”

    I’m hoping he get’s banned from here once he’s disbarred.

    There won’t be much use for him once that happens, so GP might as well spare himself a troll, right?

  141. 0
    Mazinger-Z says:


    He doesn’t go to court. He sits at his wife’s dining room table, in front of his laptop. GP is his homepage. He spends the day waiting for his phone to ring, reading GP comments and adjusting his fountain pens, such that they’re all perfectly spaced apart and at the right angle.

    Occassionally, his wife will stop mixing his meds in with his oatmeal and he’ll leave the house, interact with the public and somehow manage to file court documents.

  142. 0
    KotatsuNeko says:

    @Josh Martz

    Don’t forget checking this website and others like it, Googling himself, and firing off unspecified threats to people using his name in vain.

  143. 0
    AgnostoTheo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @chris, rdeegvainl:

    I’d almost recommend sending money, if it weren’t a little gauche. xD Let’s go with the muffin baskets. 😀

  144. 0
    Josh Martz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m also amazed that JT actually has time to go to court, what with writing the millions of documents that are irrelevant to…everything and anything.

  145. 0
    KotatsuNeko says:

    Oh, Judge Jordan. Don’t you realize that this is part of Jack’s master strategy? See, by spewing his personal form of legal diarrhea, he’s forcing you to reprimand him. Once you do that, he’s *won*, since he can claim that you’re biased, and get someone else to take over. He’ll continue this ad infinitum until he either gets a Judge sympathetic to his cause, or until God tells him to stop (one way or another).

    Of course, this isn’t how things actually work in the real world, but that’s never stopped him before.

  146. 0
    Josh Martz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think it’s funny how JT blatantly points out the typo in the Judge’s order with a “[sic]”. JT’s documents, if quoted, would be nothing but [sic] after [sic] after [sic].

  147. 0
    Ix says:

    I fail to see any way JT could legally remove the judge from the court.

    If you are ordered to provide a document, a single document, with your reason for xyz piece of evidence and instead you file several things, none of which comply with the request, and some of which attacks the judge outright, it’s not the judge who’s going to be removed. JT might be locked up for contempt, but the judge if free and clear.

    I’m rather impressed the judge hasn’t already started throwing the entire book at him, along with the bookcase, kitchen sink, and anything else he can throw.

    Also, Generic Name, a barrel roll is not always the answer, especially if your in a boat, and it looks like JT is in a sinking one.

  148. 0
    Robb ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So the judge is harrassed to the point where it is impossible like JT, and he wants him removed? It’s easy to see that the judges responses are influenced by JT himself, and that he alone created this negative environment for his own case.

    I think it is contemptible to immediately disobey a direct order from a judge. The filing was the one permissible document, but the content was mostly fluff unimportant to the case. It was especially bad to question the judges credentials especially when your own are scrutinized. We’ll see how it pans out.

    BTW, even with my lack of law knowledge, this tatic to remove the judge was very blatant to me as a stunt. A lawyer or judge would see through it in an instant.

    From only what little I’ve read, this judge has been very tolerant, and it would behoove JT to show a little respect for the judge, the court, and the Florida Bar.

  149. 0
    cppcrusader ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Here I thought today was starting out crappy, and Thompson provides that needed laugh.

    When I read that line where he called the Bar “holier-than-Thou” I half expected the irony alone to cause a rift in space/time.

  150. 0
    Dennis McCarthy says:

    Mine too, but I’d rather they hire someone else. I’d like my order without a side of, “Wanna sue the restaurant for making you fat and unhealthy?”

  151. 0
    Dennis McCarthy says:

    Thompson is not a Christian. He’s the kind of puffed-up, self-important, persecution-complex nut job that drove me into agnosticism in the first place.

    *Paragraph removed by author to keep Jackhole from turning this into a religious discussion.*

    This is disgusting to say the least. (Can you tell I just finished reading his 11 page paper to the Ad Hoc Committee and his motion to recuse back-to-back?)

    I think Senor Crazy Pants is just going for a solid steel coffin at this point. Those nails are getting awfully close together. How they are holding the splinters together I’ll never know.

  152. 0
    Distaria says:

    I’ve got it. His whole scheme. He’s just going to keep at it with this obvious spiral into insanity and then sue the Florida BAR and the shrink who labeled him sane for not realizing he was batshit-loco and letting him carry on like this. He’ll go for a huge settlement, then retire. There we go, mystery solved. Not that it would work, since it’s not like he can file a proper legal document to save his life.

  153. 0
    rdeegvainl ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think the comparison to flounder is a pretty good one, but the one from the little mermaid, when flounder is on the boat, flopping around like… i dunno… a fish out of water?

  154. 0
    Salen says:

    *sighs* Oh JT, is there anyone in this world you can’t piss off?

    But on another note, woah. JT’s gunna have the book thrown at him, and then a bookshelf after that, at this rate.

    I don’t think Career Suicide is a great idea just to try to prove you don’t think something is right. This should be fun to watch though.

    PS: Why hasn’t he been Disbarred yet?

  155. 0
    Pixelantes Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Too bad he didn’t use “This is fair…. NOT!” in his court document again. That was the most amusing one I’ve seen.”

    I’m expecting a “govern yourself accordingly. Or else!” letter from Jackhole to the judge any day now.

  156. 0
    DCOW ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Claiming something to the tune of “the founding fathers” : check
    Claiming that the judge is unsuitable because he was put in office by Bill Clinton(specifically noting the scandal with monica lewinsky) : check
    attempt to make court look bad by saying he “wasted his sunday” doing “research” : check
    Incorrect legal document wording: check (don’t use “Too Late” as it’s own sentence, it really doesn’t belong in a legal document”
    Claiming that this is the worst judge he has ever seen in his “long” career: check
    resorting to name calling and characterizing the court as a bully: check
    Calling self a “culture soldier” by self and no one else: check
    Claiming all he wanted was the same rights as everyone else and somehow didn’t get them: check
    using the “if, then” style wording to elude a point in a paragraph: check
    claiming that the court is threatening him unfairly: check
    unbelievable use of anecdotes as evidence: check
    attempts to use a movie quote and fails: check
    incorrectly writes “so help me god” (the exclamation mark dude) : check


    there is no other way to put it. and I’m not even a lawyer, yet I found all those mistakes with your document. all of those are considered either bad taste or just wrong for a legal document. You sent them multiple pictures of gay pornography, and yet you expected no repercussion? the judge will not be recused, because there is no reason to.

  157. 0
    Benji says:

    Perhaps JT’s tactic was, through his many and varied colorful courtroom antics and his deluge of filings, to irritate the judge, and then use that irritation as proof of the judge’s bias. I’m not sure what other plausible explanation exists, but using the law as your own personal bludgeoning stick seems pretty crappy to me, and I imagine it probably runs afoul of some ethics issues.

  158. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    I like this from the very beginning of Thompson’s response:

    28 USC 455 provides that “(a) Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

    The only problem is that this impartiality cannot reasonably be questioned by anyone. Not even Thompson. So we will see how long it will be before he has to get someone else to sign his legal documents.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  159. 0
    Danny Boy says:

    @MaskedPixelante, just to clear something up:
    “Umm… it looks like he’s trying to remove everyone that disagrees with him from the case… Isn’t that jury tampering, and thus HIGHLY illegal?”

    You would think that, with some of the extremely tortured applications we’ve seen from Mr. Thompson, this would be the case, but jury tampering is simply what it says it is – trying to unduly influence the jury in a case, whether by bribing, threats, the like. All of Mr. Thompson’s cases, from what I can remember, aren’t even close to the jury stage.

    Anyways, back on topic:

    Ummmm…. wow….

  160. 0
    C'tri says:

    I… i dont know what to say. this is possibly the first time that Jack has managed to make me speechless… with his…. wait… omg… Jack was SPAMMING a court?! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

  161. 0
    GameDevMich ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Conejo – I see your point and admire your passion. Not to disappoint you or rock the boat, but I just don’t agree with your approach. I’m sure it’s a landmark in history for two people conversing over the “intarweb” to disagree =)

    My point is that while we may have reason to question Dr. Wunderman’s diagnosis, there are two major points to consider:

    1. We were not present during the evaluation and diagnosis, so what information we do know comes from Mr. Thompson.

    2. After watching the Destructoid interviews with Mr. Thompson during the Bully fiasco, it is blatantly obvious that Mr. Thompson has calm and reasonable side that would pass a psychiatric evaluation with flying colors.

    Based on those two points, how can you blame Dr. Wunderman? What would it say of the professionalism of a doctor who searched internet forums and legal dockets to make his diagnosis? If my doctor diagnosed me on my past online statements, I’m pretty sure I would have been locked up by now.

  162. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    :: Raises left eyebrow. ::

    And THIS is a person that Dr. Wunderman really wants to put his career behind by labeling him as “sane”?

    Good luck with that.

    And, yes, I AM being serious.

    NW2K Software

  163. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Actually, my favorite role that Stepehn Furst was in was that of Vir Cotto in Babylon 5. :)

    But to quote Flounder, “Oh boy, is this great!” :)

  164. 0
    chris says:

    I must appual you all, GP readers and dennis are getting a lot of practice in at deconstructing Thompsons arguements in record time and showing just how much of a fool he is.

    Im usually pushed past amusement to anger by thompsons lies but these ones are incriminating lies to the judge deciding his fate and that can be nothing BUT funny.

  165. 0
    WarOtter ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It’s like watching a brain damaged child with a loaded gun… you want to pull it away, but the possibilities are just too entertaining.

    (Yes I do realize that with that statement I am incredibly insensitive and quite possibly evil. Sue me later.)

  166. 0
    hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is my favorite quote out of that pile of feces he calls a motion:

    “The court is like the schoolyard bully who taunts and throws the first punch, and then complains that what he wanted to be a human punching bag is punching back.”

    So Jack, how is it any different from all the bullsh_t lawsuits you fling all over the place? How is it different from the unending torrent of insults you’ve rained on us since what seems like the beginning of time? Aren’t you the one doing the complaining right now?

    I see your plan. Keep pissing off all the presiding judges so you can recuse them claiming bias…what, are you hoping they’ll eventually run out of judges? Intelligence-wise, pretty much par for the course for you. Nice knowing you, chump. Not.

  167. 0
    DoggySpew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    It is a bit of a policy not to post adresses and phonenumbers, no matter what the intention is.

    So please don’t in the future. But I do appreciate the thought about Wunderman.

  168. 0
    Mystik Tomato ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ BearDogg-X

    Thank you so much for pointing this out.

    I could kiss you, but, y’know, if Jack hears of it, he’ll call it gay porn, and file it with all his BS motions.

  169. 0
    Conejo says:


    your concern is noted, but i do not encourage harassment.
    i do encourage everyone to give both the Florida Bar and Dr. Wunderman a civil phone call.

    The bar because it is appropriate and Thompson’s continued lunacy should be rightly recorded to include every citizen’s complaint against him.

    Dr. Wunderman because it is entirely unfathomable that this for-hire shrink was fully impartial in his “diagnosis” of Thompson and he either needs to own up to his error or stop practising. He is just as culpable as when Thompson tries to use the “games made me do it” defense to free Devin Moore from responsibility of action.

    Thank you for your frank appraisal, hopefully you understand (if not agree with) my methods.

  170. 0
    Dracis says:

    I have to agree with GameDevMich, Conejo. Publishing some ones number like that is encouraging harassment.

    While we make fun of Mr Thompson and despise his intolerant facist views, we needn’t sink to his level of abuse, bullying, and harrasment.

    Hopefully Denis will see this and edit out those numbers.

  171. 0
    BearDogg-X says:

    Shoehorn O’Plenty posted this link last night in the “Legal Blogs React to Jack Thompson’s Gay Porn Court Filing” story, now with a update regarding Thompson’s motion to have Judge Jordan removed:


    Thompson responded Monday evening to the Judge’s new order with a stunning seven page motion to recuse Judge Jordan, attacking the jurist personally for “illegal and unethical conduct,” at page 2 of his pleading.

    Thompson added the judge acted “foolishly,” entering an illegal order that was a “masterwork in mendacity,” remarking that the judge’s order was “the single worst disregard of the truth that Thompson has seen in his 31 years of practicing law.”

    Not finished there, then Thompson added at page 3 that Judge Jordan was nothing more than a “schoolyard bully,” who was still in law school while Thompson was a “foot soldier in the culture war.”

    Thompson, in his next sentence added that Judge Jordan was playing “an amateur psychologist,” and had “disgraced the federal bench, violated its oath of office, and lost any presumption of impartiality and any semblance of decency.”

    On page 4 of the motion Thompson added that the Court (Judge Jordan) knowingly lied (‘prevaricated,’ he wrote) in its September 24 order, and acted outside its judicial authority, threatening to sue the judge personally for damages, claiming “this federal judge….does not know the law.”

    On the next page, Thompson concludes the Court was “careless and set a snare for itself,” proving its “patent bias” which stem from the Court’s “loyalty to the Florida Bar elitists and their ilk.”

    Then, on page 6 of his motion to recuse Judge Jordan, he adds that before him is a jurist “for whom the facts and the law….mean nothing,” concluding that the Judge had “made up facts and misrepresented the law.”

    Finally, Thompson reasoned that the court has to disqualify itself because it has “revealed its animus to him.”

    However, one legal expert who reviewed the pleading says that once again the document failed to comply with the federal rules and was “legally insufficient.” Though choosing not to be identified, he said that Thompson has “all but assured this Court will sanction him severely, right up to direct criminal contempt,” a sanction that could lead to jail or fines.

    In an earlier pleading Thompson dared Judge Jordan to put him in jail. “He may now get his wish,” the NGN source stated.

    Sounds like Jack’s going to PMITA prison.

  172. 0
    chris says:

    Agnosto theo makes a great point


    but ONLY after the case is done because we know Jt will try and claim its a bribe from the insideos vidyagame industry

  173. 0
    GameDevMich ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Conejo – While your contempt for Mr. Thompson is widely known, and perhaps justified based on your own beliefs and exposure, posting the number of Dr. Wunderman with intentions of group harassment is uncalled for.

    I am not in control of you, and am generally not one to throw rocks in a glass house, but this is something I wanted to bring to your attention. If you believe there is a “conflict” between you and Mr. Thompson, take it up with him.

    If you want to follow the public records of his FL Bar hearing, I definitely encourage that. Encouraging the harassment of an “innocent” person with more experience in a field than you (me as well) is misguided.

  174. 0
    chris says:

    After reading a few pages and getting bored of JTs rebuttal heres a brief summary for other people

    Not only is it a rehash of his ramblings about everything he does along with his accusitory tone of writing/rambling but the great thing about this one is it is so patently clear he is in the wrong

    he is trying to criminalise the judge for asking thompson to show the relevance of his gay porn filing, painting it as threats and punishments whenthe judge is doing his job. Every sentence almost is Jt trying to demonise jordan for this and exonerate himself.

    Guess what jack it wont work, jordan is simply trying to make you prove the relevance of your filing, if it was relevant you have nothing to fear, but you are afraid because you know youre acting like a douchebag.

    enjoy losing your lisence, i know we will.

  175. 0
    pix ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    thomspon should be here any minute now claiming that he is loving this and that the judge is the one in trouble and how dennis is not giving the full story

    same old rubbish from a hack

  176. 0
    AgnostoTheo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Despite what Mr. Thompson may think, this case is not a war with the world regarding the state of its moral standards (if it is, I clearly do not have jurisdiction). Therefore, he cannot continue to use this case as platform to battle everything in society with which he disagrees.”

    Judge Jordan just hit the nail squarely on the head. He wins a muffin.

  177. 0
    MaskedPixelante ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    ahh, but it’d be so much funnier if he were disbarred. Then we’d be hearing more stories like this one, while he tries to get his license restored.

  178. 0
    theninja says:

    you know, i want jack thompson to stay in office. his antics give me something to laugh about since he is making himself look like a clown. you know – for my amusement.

  179. 0
    Davian says:

    Too bad he didn’t use “This is fair…. NOT!” in his court document again. That was the most amusing one I’ve seen.

    Perhaps he’s setting up an insanity defense? After reading his filings over the past year, the phrase “Completely batshit insane” is about all that seems to come to mind anymore when I think of Thompson.

    In any event, he’s probably the single best thing to ever happen to the video game industry.

    “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”
    — Voltaire

  180. 0
    chris says:

    There was a time when I though JT was smart enough to weasel out of getting disbarred by keeping a low profile.

    I’m happy to see hes doing the opposite because no one shows just how crazy-loco-batsh*t-insane Jack Thompson is than Jack Thompson

    goes down swinging like the nutjob resisting the straight jacket (how long before thats not a metaphor?)

  181. 0
    MaskedPixelante ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    Umm… it looks like he’s trying to remove everyone that disagrees with him from the case… Isn’t that jury tampering, and thus HIGHLY illegal?

  182. 0
    Conejo says:

    feel free to call the FL Bar to ask about this current turn of events.
    The Florida Bar, Miami office – (305)377-4445.

    or Dr. Wunderman, the one who Thompson paid off to say he’s sane.
    Dr. Oren Wunderman’s office – (305)960-5521.

  183. 0
    aresil ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @E. Zachary Knight

    I was thinkng that, but then I thought maybe Jack would like to just get rid of the whole Judge thing and just declare himself always right and morally incorruptible (shame he isn’t mentally incorruptible though)

  184. 0

    […] GamePolitics.com posted an amusing article about the ongoing of attorney Jack Thompson’s lawsuits against the Florida Bar. Thompson filed 13 different responses to a single “show cause” order. Judge Adalberto Jordan’s had it. The whole article is too long to repeat here, so just read it on their excellent website. My favorite of it all: Despite what Mr. Thompson may think, this case is not a war with the world regarding the state of its moral standards (if it is, I clearly do not have jurisdiction). Therefore, he cannot continue to use this case as platform to battle everything in society with which he disagrees. […]

  185. 0
    CyberSkull ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ok, so from what I have read about King Canute is that he used that as an example of the limitations of his power. Thompson here seems to be using in a mocking fashion, indicating that the court is Canute and they are foolish for ordering the tide to stop. Does he see himself as the tide?

  186. 0
    Alex G. says:

    Man, this is going to get some controversy.

    “Stupid kids you only make money because of me and hits I generate. Not
    real reporter wah hooah!”

    “We don’t make money off of hits and we don’t have ads, we’re probably one of the farthest things from a profit-site on the internet.”

    “Let’s try to avoid the FACTS Dennis, and look at MY facts that say you’re not a real journalist, because I say so. You’re not a real journalist for doing everything a journalist does but I’m a real attorney for making everyone despise me and abusing the court system.”

    “Ok Jack, best wishes.”

    I love dialogue.

  187. 0
    aresil ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “All Thompson sought was a fair federal judge who would look at the due process, etc etc”

    It seems to me that Judge Jordan has been more than fair, as i’m sure some would have given up long ago. So, it begs the question, what would JT term as a ‘fair’ judge?

    And how many more times do we have to hear or read that JT is a so called ‘Christian’?

  188. 0
    BearDogg-X says:

    Ignoring the court’s orders will not help Jack whatsoever. All he has to do is go ask Britney Spears, since she lost custody of her two young children yesterday because she ignored the court’s orders of random drug testing, meeting with a drug counselor, attending parenting classes, she never even signed the judge’s order.


    Anyway, back on topic:

    Further proof Jack has lost his mind.

    “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    Practice what you preach: Grow up and get a life. And get a new cause, since yours has always been lost.

    “Shut the fuck up, you’re out of your element.”- Walter, The Big Lebowski

  189. 0
    Tim the Slipperman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wait, Jack Thompson watches Animal House?!?

    What next, is he going to start quoting Eminem lyrics, too? (Given what a hypocrite Jack is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.)

    Tim (aka the Slipperman)

  190. 0
    Chuma ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh and Dennis? Can we IP ban and delete the asshat above this post please? It is rubbish like saying “JT assraped me” etc that GameTwat were making the sweeping generalisations about posters here being idiots for…

  191. 0
    Rennie Davis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Actually, this case has everything to do with video games.

    This case arose out of the Florida Bar’s disciplinary proceedings regarding Thompson’s alleged misconduct in the Alabama “Grand Theft Auto” wrongful death lawsuit (Strickland v. Sony Corp.) and his attempt to have “Bully” declared a nuisance in Florida (Thompson v. Wal-Mart Stores). In each of those cases, the presiding judge asked the Florida Bar to look into whether Thompson’s conduct violated the Bar’s code of conduct. After reviewing the matters, the Florida Bar filed two disciplinary complaints against Thompson with the Florida Supreme Court.

    The legal case that is the subject of this thread is a lawsuit filed by Thompson against the Florida Bar in federal court that attempts to block the bar’s disciplinary proceedings related to his conduct in the video game cases.

    So, while the procedural history is confusing, this case IS about video games.

  192. 0
    Icehawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Been following the JT thing for a while now quietly watching. Been hard at times to remain quiet. But I dislike being a Troll. There is just something about JT that brings that out in people. Maybe that is his true and only gift.

    I am JT and I bring you “Annoyance”!!

    Sigh. It seems pretty clear to me that Jack has lost his last bid for retaining his ability to practice law (maybe he should have practiced more instead of creating his own along the way). I am worried though. Yes worried. Oh I will offer a small dance when he is disbarred (pety I know but hey I am vicious gamer type) My worry is what happens afterwards. I had a nightmare that I could see all to easily coming true.

    Jack loses his licence and goes underground for a short bit. We all go back to watching the pretty pixels (Shooting innocents, burning, raping and pillaging) and let down our guard… then…. Poof. JT returns as a Minister (Gods “Angry man” or some-such) leading his holy crusade against us on public television. Scary huh?

  193. 0
    xzero87 says:

    Gotta love it when a two.. no, one-bit lawyer accuses a judge of “misrepresenting the law”.

    I’m going to be sad when he gets disbarred, I won’t have this daily entertainment to look forward to anymore. :(

  194. 0
    LoopyChew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    And now, for your Beavis and Butt-head moment:

    But by calling upon a rump committee, the court lays bare its extrajudicial, administrative purpose.

    Uh-huh-huh-huh-huh, he just said “rump.” And “lays bare.”

  195. 0
    Daniel says:

    I think he’s so far into it now that he can’t stop anymore. Sometimes people come to a point in their lives where they’ve been on a path of self-destruction for so long that they can’t see any way to get off, no matter how much they would want to. I can’t imagine that he’s not aware of how crazy all this shit is by now, but he probably can’t see any way out anymore.

  196. 0
    Demontestament ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole he already cannot hope to get himself out of. The 14 page document he filed makes little to no sense and looks like nothing but mindless ramblings. Hell in one part he thinks the judge should be removed from the case because he was appointed by President Clinton. He is just reaching now, grasping for a last ditch effort to keep his license and avoid any possible jail time for being held in contempt of court.

  197. 0
    Mazinger-Z ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I keep chiming in with this, but how can he carry on like this and not have it impact his personal life as much as his professional one?

    According to legal blogs (okay, not nearly as professional as I was expecting them to be), he’s a laughing stock. How can his wife not be affected by this? How can his wife condone bringing their underage son into what is clearly going to be his Waterloo?

    How can she condone that he’s practically got no income? That he’s basically squandered “31 years of practicing law.”

    And 31 years practicing law? You’ve hardly practiced Jack, unless you’re representing rich people on DUIs and speeding tickets. Or chasing down some frivolous malpractice lawsuit.

    Massacre Chaser!

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