Judge in Jack Thompson Case Won't Bow Out; Hearing Set for Oct. 9th

October 4, 2007 -
Despite a flurry of motions by Jack Thompson and even Thompson's attempt to add presiding Judge Adalberto Jordan to the list of named defendants, Jordan has refused to step aside from presiding over the controversial attorney's lawsuit against the Florida Bar.

In an order issued late yesterday, Judge Jordan wrote:
In my opinion, the content of the numerous filings submitted by Mr. Thompson indicate that he has difficulty separating the legal issues in this case from broader social issues on which he has strongly-held beliefs. Mr. Thompson unfortunately appears to believe that every act taken against him, and any judicial ruling adverse to him, are part of a vast conspiracy designed to silence him and destroy him.

Judge Jordan has scheduled a hearing for October 9th at 9:30 AM on motions by the defendants (the Florida Bar and Judge Dava Tunis, the referee in Thompson's Bar disciplinary trial) to dismiss the case.

The judge will also hear from Thompson on a motion regarding the "show cause" order issued from the bench following Thompson's inclusion of gay porn in a docket filing.


To John Bruce Thompson:

Sweetie, when you can pass the BAR on your first try without having a nervous breakdown due to the sudden glaring hole in your superiority complex, and can move beyond simply "practicing" law to being a "legal professional", as many others have, we'll be interested in hearing what you have to say. Well, maybe.

ApokalypseNow, Sane and You're Not

PS: H.U.A. (Head Up Ass)

man, I wish the October 9th hearing was televised... curl up with a big bowl of popcorn.

Watching Jack stumble and bumble his way through the last two years has been like watching a monkey hump a football.

I'm just waiting for JT's claim that this is just what he wanted, and how he has them right where he wants them (right behind him with his pants around his ankles).

I believe JT was also talking about personally suing the judge- so that may be on the table for a later date.

Does Destructiod plan on visiting this court room? I hope so. That was a great little vid they put together. I'm not sure where this court is, because the other one was local for D-toid.

Weird how a robot-hat wearing 'kid' can get better coverae than courtTV.

It sounds like Judge Jordan continues to be very tolerant. His order states in very plain English that we have interpreted the legal situation correctly. So the I'm-a-lawyer-and-your-not argument was absolutely wrong.

Let's face Thompson, you have become someone we pity against our own better judgement.

So, this is... what... the third Judge to state that Thompson alleges conspiracies? Or is it just two?

"Thompson unfortunately appears to believe that every act taken against him, and any judicial ruling adverse to him, are part of a vast conspiracy designed to silence him and destroy him."

Isn't this evidence of a persecution complex?


From the ruling linked above:

"Fifth, Mr. Thompson’s threat of a lawsuit
is insufficient to warrant recusal. If a judge were required to recuse whenever a litigant threatened
to sue him, disgruntled parties would be able to forum shop by the simple expedient of filing a civil
action against the presiding judge. See In re Taylor, 417 F.3d 649, 652 (7th Cir. 2005); United States
v. Studley, 783 F.2d 934, 940 (9th Cir. 1986); United States v. Martin-Trigona, 759 F.2d 1017, 1020-
21 (2nd Cir. 1985)."

@JT, Recipient of Ethics Complaints and I'm Not

Do you honestly think you have a chance next year of becoming a judge yourself?

ApokalypseNow, Not Filing Porn as Evidence and You Are

Evidence of a personality disorder, more like. Anyone not with Thompson is not only against him, but his enemy. All actions that don't favor him are not only unfavorable, but an affront to him. That's how he seems to see these things.

My girlfriend had a friend who had the same problem. Thing was, she could be quite influential to her other friends. Long story short, much drama ensued, heads rolled, friends became enemies became friends against enemies, until finally everyone figured out what she was doing and stopped listening.

Same thing seems to apply to Thompson here. He's delusional.

It's a bout time a Judge called out Jack Thompson.

It seems way too many times JT has found a way to delay the inevitable, but this time it seems someone is finally standing up to the school yard Bully.

You should check that link JT thats what a real legal document should look like, ya know not just incoherent rambling which the Judge so lovingly pointed out in his order that you do.

So sweetie have fun continuing to dig your hole because I have a feeling you haven't stopped yet, I mean seriously is self control even in your vocabulary?

I just started playing Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney and I'm already a better lawyer than ol' Sweetie Thompson.

Justice and sanity (mostly sanity) will yet triumph!



That's a good point. What happened to Jack's gleeful assurances that filing those gay porn images was producing exactly the results he wanted? This still what you had in mind, Jack?

I've thought it over for a while now, and when it comes to court cases, JT isn't a bully, he's a spoiled brat. The only reason he's upset is because he's not getting his way, and when he did something wrong an authority figure called him on it.

Now we wait.

The conspiracy is vast indeed...it reaches right down to me, and I'm not even involved!

You have to realize at this point that the legal processes against Jack (including the previous settlement with Take Two) are our legislative process of explaining to the public that Jack is a nut.

In my opinion, the content of the numerous filings submitted by Mr. Thompson indicate that he has difficulty separating the legal issues in this case from broader social issues on which he has strongly-held beliefs.

Guess JT has been watching too much TV if he can't separate fictional court cases full of drama from real life... ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

When will he jump in to this discussion and declare "It's all part of my master plan to bring expose the Video Game conspiracy" or somesuch crap?

We need to get some popcorn and drinks ready for the 9th.

Well, Disbarment is a major action to take, it may not go as far as that at first, it depends largely on Jack in that respect, if he goes into the courthouse, eats humble pie and admits that he's let his judgement and professionalism get clouded by his own moralistic views, then he'll probably get away with little more than a slap on the wrist, however, this is Jack Thompson we are talking about, so expect a full marching band with accompanying flotilla, and a stream of accusations of corruption for daring to question his view of events.

I'd pay to see this.

Yet another excellent start to the workday.


Thank you for the link, that was fun reading. Here is a Stack of Muffins for you.


Noticed that myself. Heck I am guilty of it. Jack is not worthy of hate. He is an ineffective attention seeker, Pity and annoyance is about all he can generate anymore. Would be like Hating a yapping dog.


Maybe we should get together and send him a copy of that title. Salt in the wounds is fun at times (yes yes it is also petty and small but Jack is owed that much) and JT needs all the help he can get.

And as I called for yesterday.. I would like a call upon a show of support for Judge Jordan.

Hmm... my wife's due date is only one day away from JT's court date... is it possible my son could be born on the same day everyone's least favorite lawyer is found in contempt of court? That would clearly be a sign that my offspring is some kind of anti-asshole savior!

He's going to have the BEST birthday parties. There'll be a JT-shaped piñata and everything. You're not invited. :-P

What's the bet Jack goes in dressed as a Man of the Cloth?

I'd really like to see him in a Waffen SS getup. It would be very reflective and entirely appropriate.


I come from a family of lawers so when I see you doing this bullshit and claiming that we have no idea about law because you have been mutilating law for 31 years I would like to point out that I know your bullshit. The judge is right and you are wrong, and when you finaly loose your licence you will have diserved it for being a hack lawyer and a disgrace to the legal community. I wish you the worst of luck.

p.s. When you lose your licence, please try to make it on October 21. I have $20 riding on you.

i note that whenever there is little trolling, and sensible written out posts, JT doesn't seem to post.
i feel, from reading this, that people are looking forwards to future endeavours by Mr Thompson, as one would look forwards to a game sequel. (incedentally, and because i cannot control my glee, there're only 6 days till HL2:E2 is realeased!!!!)

Oh shit, Jack found out about our conspiracy. We need to move further underground!

...he has difficulty separating the legal issues in this case from broader social issues on which he has strongly-held beliefs....

Kind of ironic when you consider his 'angle of attack' when talking about computer games.


yes, us gamers (broadly speaking) have better notions of 'reality' and 'fiction' than Mr Thompson is currently demonstrating.

If he played games more, he'd learn about barriers, and notions of such things. i mean, he lectures us about not having practised law for 31 years, and then says that violent video games warp and contort us.

@JT. My name's Peter, i'm 20, and i work for the Scottish Government. i play computer games every day, often socially with friends. i haven't had a serious desire to hurt/kill/maim a human being since i started playing computer games. Games have enriched my life and broadened my experiences, in a way that merely reading books, or going to the cinema, cannot.
When you're as experienced at computer entertainment as myself, THEN i'll seriously consider your preachings on the matter.

RE - Plot #674


American "Lawyer" John Bruce Thompson - Discovered Comrade Stalin's Plan. Attempting to expose. Eliminate immidiately.

Discredit or assassinate. Preferably with GTA fan/ Eastern European Criminals in City of New York.


Hmm. I shall use this name on all JT articles from this point onwards.

Jack Thompson, losing his license.

Funny as hell.



Just as long as you do not betray the darker secrets for our eventual takeover of the world by eroding the brains of gamers and making them zombies.... ooppsss.... er please disregard.

Besides JT had not taken even 5 minutes from his ever so busy and sinking life to visit us and post his usual spew... maybe he does not love us anymore.


(Still got it..)

Thank you, thank you. I could do Penny Arcade with that material..

Having said that, I've got another one in mind..

Er.. why are the Exclamation Marks so pale?

Silly Icehawk, you almost gave away our whole master plan. Just think of the damage a "Crusader" like JT could do if he knew the truth...

Scratch that, there's nothing to see here... really...

On a more serious note, I'm pleasantly surprised that this has happened so quickly. I had been expecting it to take a while longer to get this far. With the date coming up fast and since there's no question of 'if' one must wonder what JT will do 'when' he gets disbarred. I'm thinking with 31 years of experience already, he'd make a great clown.

KGB/BlackIce, I look forward to your continued posting, gave me a good laugh when I saw what name you'd posted as.

@Jack Thompson, soon to be ex-attorney.

I've said it before, and it will besaid again, this is your own fault, suck it up and deal with it.

P.S. HOOAH!!!!

Nuts, lost it.. Now taking suggestions - Until I remember what I forgot.

Maybe this whole ordeal will be good for him. Maybe he will finally have some free time on his hands.

I just hope he uses it as an opportunity to spend more time with his family, instead of downloading so much gay porn off the internet.

Is this Christmas come early?

Yes, and the New Year too.

I know you are excited people. I myself cannot say that the prospect of Jack throwing his career in the crapper doesn't excite me as well. But unless you are a member of the armed forces please do not use the "H" word that Jack closes his trollish rantings with, its disrespectful.

Not only was that letter professionally written and straight to the point, it was also short. I didn't have to wade through 14 pages of rambling incoherence. It was only 4 pages long. There were no occurrences of things like "I got a standing ovation from black women" or "I appeared on 60 Minutes" or "first time a musical recording was ever found obscene" or "watermelons" or "they're all out to get me!" or "Jesus and God and Christ and church and Christians and God warrior". Just... "Mr. Thompson is wrong, here is a list of reasons why, and I'm not recusing myself." That's IT.

Is it wrong that I was initially impressed with this judge simply because he could write in a straightforward and impartial manner? I'm so used to reading these letters from JT now that the difference is clear.


Which armed forskins? Uhh.. Armed forces?


zing. you have teh correct answer


Or instead of harassing us.

I completely disagree with those who would think that the Florida Supreme Court and Bar have at this point much alternative beyond effectively disabling Jack Thompson's ability to practice law. Perhaps not by actual bisbarment (although that is, I think, a distinct possibility), but they'll come up with some way to shut him down.

I think that's where they were heading when they offered him the "91-day suspension and in-house evaluation" settlement. Upon their evaluation of Jack, they were going to find him mentally unfit to practice and then tie him up in the condition that he attend and positively respond to some sort of theraputic process (as determined by the Bar) before he could be reinstated to practice.

But, whether he makes it easy or hard for them, I think they're going to toast him this time if for no other reason than they now realize that Jack's devolved to the point where the sure-to-continue complaints against him are taking way too much of their time and resources to process.
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