Left Behind Games Gets Apocalyptic with Bloggers

October 5, 2007 -

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger... 

(Ezekiel 25:17  ...and, of course, Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction)

Numerous reports have surfaced on the web over the last few days regarding legal threats made against blog sites by Left Behind Games, publishers of a controversial real-time strategy title based upon the mega-selling Christian book series.

Gameology writes:
You've probably seen that we've posted some rather critical remarks on the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces... we're apparently on [CEO] Troy Lyndon's radar... On Monday, they escalated their response by sending me a nastygram threatening me with legal action unless I remove "false and misleading" comments from this website.

...The goal of this letter is apparently to intimidate me... On free-speech grounds, then, I feel obligated to stand by my comments and not be intimidated by a frivolous threat intended to chill legitimate criticism.

The better-able-to-defend-itself Daily Kos apparently received a letter as well. At the Public Theologian, Tim Simpson writes: 
I got a letter today from... [an] attorney representing Left Behind Games warning me that if I did not remove all of the false and misleading information about their product that I would face legal action.

The Left Behind folks, still reeling from their disastrous launch last year, are gearing up for the release of their expansion pack next month... As an offensive strategy, they are trying to intimidate the Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in the blogosphere who led the charge against this awful game...

...Christians should not sit silently while  corporate money-grubbers make a buck out of perverting the Christian faith.  Nor should we sit silently when a game is marketed to children promoting religious violence while American soldiers are dying overseas in the middle of a religious and ethnic civil war.

GP: Suing the blogosphere? Good luck. Such bully tactics are likely to bring the wrath of bloggers - and their readers - down up Left Behind Games.

Come to think if it, Left Behind has a history of watching the blogs. We've had a few comments placed here on GP by a company employee. I wonder if The Daily Show and Jack Thompson got nastygrams as well?


[...] Left Behind Games, a company making religiously-themed computer games, were annoyed by the negative reviews that their games were getting, so they usmanoved some bloggers. As a result, the negative coverage of their games got more publicity. [...]

[...] Left Behind Games, a company making religiously-themed computer games, were annoyed by the negative reviews that their games were getting, so they usmanoved some bloggers. As a result, the negative coverage of their games got more publicity. [...]

[...] Hasta ahí todo pasaba como se suponía, de hecho el tema es de algunos meses atrás, tanto así que Orlando Inagas ya la había abordado hace un tiempo, sin embargo, lo que hace escándalo hoy en la blogósfera y agrega un nuevo elemento a la discusión es que los creadores del juego han amenazado a los bloggers que han criticado negativamente a su juego con acciones legales en su contra. [...]

please forgive me, I'd like to rewrite the post before last one i did to Johnny C. thank you.

The designs is perfect and everything is bound by the laws set for them, except us humans who have free will. God gave us free will so we can come to Him freely because we want to, not because w have to. Just like you don’t want to have to force a woman to marry you, you want her to marry you because she wants to. So while we can come to God freely, people can also turn agaist God freely to their own demise. And this is where all the evil in the world comes in. Including those who pretend to be Christian then do horrendous things in the name of Jesus.

A really sad thing, is that alot of the world is like the little that is having so much fun playing in a rain puddle that they don't want to leave with their family to go Disney World for the first time...

with much love,
Cliff Harris

i really wish we could edit our posts :)

the part of my last post
I meant...

"A really sad thing, is that alot of the world is like the little kid that is having so much fun playing in a rain puddle that they don’t want to leave with their family to go Disney World for the first time…"

And the first part of the 1st paragraph I meant design not designs

sorry :)

[...] La fuente explica que el juego va a mejorarse y cesarán las amenazas a los críticos. Ahora lo que yo me pregunto es cómo se mejora un juego discriminatorio, intolerante y sectario, si no es cogiéndolo y prendiéndole fuego directamente. [...]

"A brilliant scientist once said ..."

Who? When? The context? What did other 'brilliant' scientists think about his statement?

"to make a claim like the silly athiestic “There is no God” would mean that you would have to know 100,000,000,000/100,000,000,000 to the 10 billionth power of everything in the universe."

And how much of the Universe do you need to be an expert on to be fully convinced that we were all created by a supreme being less than 6000 yrs ago?

hey neil,

great questions!

"A brilliant scientist once said we do not even know 1/100,000,000,000 to the 10 billionth power of anything in the universe."

To say with 100% surety that there is no God would mean that you would have to know 100% everything to say that, or you are simply stating a silly oppinion without 100% surety. in fact a more accurate statement would be without even

sorry.. it didn't post right


the about 6000 year... I never really counted the exact number of years, but it can be done by counting the years each person lived that are listed in the geneology of the Bible, but it probably is somewhere under 12,000 years old, and here is why.

I'd say God created the earth at a mature age,
And the Bible does gives support to this when God created Adam as a full grown mature man, not as a child first. And Jesus turned water into wine, not grape juice first. Why would God wait 500 million years for the earth to form when He is All Powerful?

Well if He did, did God do it by speeding up time on the earth by 500 million year / second?

or did He carefully lay everything out so we can we see them? I'd say He carefully laid things out for us to see, and appreciate. And I am glad He did. The earth is a very beautiful place, He did a perect Job on it. The sunsets, the waterfalls, And the mountains. Think about the probability of the earth forming randomly into being such a perfect place. Take into consideration, the distance from the sun, the moon's distance and gravitational influence, the gasses in the atmosphere tht make it breathable for life, the axis the Earth changes *JUST* enough on, all of the metals so close to the surface, the patterns of colors, shapes, and sounds, our feelings of love, charity, and self conciousness, it is ridiculous that people have been decieved into thinking this all happened by itself. Life itself is a COMPLETELY awesome gift of God and it is even MORE awesome when He comes into it personally. And that is what being a Christian is all about, us being with God. He loves us unconditonally, no matter what we have done, or how big or how small, how thin or fat, it doesn't even matter how successful or well dressed we are. He loves each of us individually, and He made each one of us unique as He wants us. And when we come to Him willfully, and recieve what He has for us, that is when you start the adventure of your life. :)

with much love,
Cliff Harris

[...] Blonde Girl wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptNumerous reports have surfaced on the web over the last few days regarding legal threats made against blog sites by Left Behind Games, publishers of a controversial real-time strategy title based upon the mega-selling Christian book … [...]

[...] Left Behind Games Gets Apocalyptic with Bloggers. Games and religion very rarely mix well, Left Behind being a prime example. Left Behind is an RTS/RPG hybrid based on the series of books by the same name and has on overtly evangelical Christian message. The publishers, Left Behind Games, have been throwing legal threats around the blogosphere because they’re not happy with the reception the game has been getting. My advice to them is this, don’t make a crap game and then expect to get away with it. [...]

if games help spread the message of God's love through Jesus, why not use games to do it also?

I heard a story about an athiest who had to row ashore on a life boat for some reason, who, when he got there saw a native tribesman carrying a big black book entitled Holy Bible. And the athiest pointed to the Bible and said, "hey we don't believe in that book", and the tribesman pointed to a fence with hundreds of human skulls on it from the days the tribe used to be canibals, and said to the athiest, "well you better thank God we do believe it!"

Just 1 more example of how much better the world has been since God sent Jesus Christ to it. :)

with much love,
Cliff Harris

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[...] Left Behind Games Gets Apocalyptic with Bloggers [gamepolitics] [...]

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