Unofficial Brownback Campaign Blog Calls Nintendo DS "Abomination" it a hoax?

October 19, 2007 -
While the lagging presidential campaign of evangelical Christian Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) will apparently come to an end today, an unofficial Brownback blog sees the devil's work in the Pictochat feature of the popular Nintendo DS handheld.

In fact, Blogs 4 Brownback is so strident in its rhetoric about the DS (and other topics) that we can't determine whether it is a serious site or a clever hoax. If the latter, it's very subtle and is obviously the product of a massive investment in time.

Here's what Blogs 4 Brownback says about the DS:
The B4B tipline recently received information about this gaming device and its devious and virtually unknown (by parents) backdoor giving child predators access to millions of children. Don’t let your child be a victim. Slam the backdoor shut by refusing to put this dangerous device on your Christmas list this year.

...It’s undeniable that it has been a “success” for its Japanese manufacturer, Nintendo (makers of Donkey Kong aka Monkey Donkey, a game in which a monkey kidnaps a young girl to satisfy his bestial desires). It’s also been a tremendous success for pedophiles everywhere... it can easily be used by child predators and molesters to get access to your children...

But if you already have a Japanese Nintendo DS in your home, the time to act is now. Snap it in half like Jill (not her real name) did and excise it from your child’s life. She deftly ripped the offending device out of her [daughter's] hands, sent the reply “stay away from my baby, you psycho” and triumphantly snapped the unit in half... Nintendo TP (two pieces).

Included with the articles are several YouTube videos, including this alarmist report on the DS from Milwaukee's Fox affiliate:

Brownback HQ didn't return GP's call asking for comment. Understandable, since the campaign is in the process of imploding.

The socially conservative Senator has been a frequent critic of the video game industry. In fact he currently has game-oriented legislation pending in the Senate. The Truth in Video Game Ratings Act would require the ESRB to play games all the way through before assigning a rating.

So what do you think, GP readers? Clever hoax or just plain wackiness?


But it was also in an area with minimal interference such as walls. So not surprising.

Trolling is serious business.



Sometimes the left does it? Sometime!? 19 out of 20 politicians pushing for game laws are extremely "liberal" Democrats.

1. Which Bible thumping voters are, say, Leland Yee, who represents San Francisco trying to attract? IIRC, he's a Buddhist, not a Bible thumper. Or Rod Blagojevich, who only cares what fellow Democrats in Chicago think? Or Hillary!™ who wingnuts hate so much they'd probably vote for Satan himself before her?

2. Err, the most obvious explanation is that they're all taking the PC, non-violence/non-confrontation thing too far. These are the same people who think guns are evil and want to ban them so we can live in a peaceful utopia. Many of them are the same ones who ban playing tag in schools because all that competition hurts the precious little snowflakes' feelings.

Or kinda like Dennis Kucinich's "Department of Peace and Nonviolence Act" which would give Federal oversight of all media in order to promote peaceful thoughts.

I'm gonna go with plain wackiness.

Cuz Brownback is a retard.

This has to be a hoax. Surely? I mean, no-one would be that stupid, would they?

He is out of the race anyway. so who cares

From reading the anime thread, I can confirm this:

Best internet troll ever.

One thing that should have clued you in was that he was using images and demtivational posters TAKEN FROM 4CHAN.

Now, most people who support Brownback don't even go to that place, let alone download pictures from there.

The last I checked, and I haven't played my DS in awhile let alone Pictochat, for someone to contact you on Pictochat, you've got to be using Pictochat at that moment, and they've got to be awfully close to you...

So yes, anyone can send you a message, but they're going to have to be in proximity during the off-chance that you're on it as well. You won't be getting messages like texts on your phone.

And if I was going to be a creep and prey on children, using a DS is not a very effective tool for that purpose. I'm sure there is "better" ways to go about being a creep than using a DS.

I wouldn't put this past Fox News.

Fake. This paticular sentence tipped me off.
She deftly ripped the offending device out of her [daughter’s] hands, sent the reply “stay away from my baby, you psycho” and triumphantly snapped the unit in half…
Either its fake or some mother just possibly scarred her kid for life.... The sad part is in 20 years when they find like 28 tongues in her fridge, they will blame videogames.

Oh, my god... that report is so backward, I don't even know where to start in terms of pointing out it's obvious bias and lack of professionalism. This guy should be making journalists everywhere ashamed.

# Neil B. Says:
August 2nd, 2007 at 5:21 pm

Maybe some of you noticed that the B4B comment posting machine turns “parody” into “psrodt”, and then Mrs Gaines-Crockett will say it’s to filter an “unChristian word” which pretty much shows it’s a parody site. But, why do they go to all that trouble? It reminds me of the crop circle makers, why do all that work to make that stuff, and not really get money or ordinary credit for it?

That confirms it. They are the GREATEST political trolls out there.

I would say it's a hoax such as MAVAV (Mothers Against Violence and Addicion in Videogames). It's true that when the Internet arrived, some people played the child molesters card, not only to warn about them, but to condemn internet as a whole. So the same kind people may blame DS as a whole. But the tone this site uses is way too excessive to be serious. And the fact they call Jack Thompson a "video game expert" is, to me, a clear sign of parody.

I just hope it's a fake and everyone understands it as a fake.

Yeah, it's 4chan alright.

Type myfox 11 into youtube, you'll see a report about them. They're an internet hate machine!

The video was horrible FUD. I also watched the one about the Playstation Porn-able that was in the list after the DS video finished.

I can't believe that people go to these lengths to scare other people into being technophobes. People are already scared of technology enough as is.

I understand the concern, but it is mostly unfounded and so far I have not seen any news about predators using the DS to prey on children. I am sure that if it happened it would have been all over the national news.

Funny thing though, sexual predators may not have known about this until now. It is all that site's fault. ;)

I just read through the site and I must say that if it is not a hoax, it is the worst piece of trash on the planet.

Just the one article asking the question: "Which is more offensive to God, Islam or Mormonism?"

The answers just spew the hatred and misinformation the sight breeds on. I don't mean to offend anyone, but this site seems to be run and read by the worst professed Conservative Christians since Jack Thompson.

Hey, wasn't this story about the messaging done... um... last year I think? I can't remember if it was the DS or the GBA, but there was a BIG stink about it, only to discover what was just pointed out by someone else: It wasn't an internet feature but a limited range messaging feature.

Although this may be a "copycat" event, it may actually be a fake story based on the original story.

I don't have the time to look it up, but I recall GP having it on this site before. Or a similar one anyway.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

Yeah a molester will see your child in your car and send messages to him/her. I'm sure it's pretty hard to do that while driving. It's really sad when people only see that bad in things.


thou shouldnst test the limits of human stupidity.

Work in tech support first.


Sensationalistic fox...


OK, I've just read through the site. If I had any doubt that it was a fake, right now, I have none at all. It's a "brilliant" MAVAV-like hoax.

My god i never see this kind of &%$ñ, what about cell phones, internet rooms chats and other comunication devices?, we are always expose to subliminal message, this video its trying create "DSphobia" in the people.

ok... Donkey Kong? seriously, you're going to use Donkey Kong as an example of the "Jap Evil" that is infecting us?

monkey donkey? where do you people get the drugs you use to make up your stories?

i'm sick of luddites running the world.

I think the guy who bloged this was joking around. But that video is well, I don't know parents should tell their kids that they should not send personal information on an online function anyways.

But here in AZ I can't find anyone in the chatrooms, so to me pictochat is a lousy function unless you ask a friend to get on it to chat but even then it's kind of stupid.

That report is terribly misinformed. So they 'proved' the DS has infinite range capabilities by opening up Pictochat and sending a message? Uh, no. You can 'send' a message anytime, but if there are no other units within range you'll just talk to an empty chatroom.

By the time a pedophile spots a child passing by in the other lane, gets out his/her DS, turns it on, opens up Pictochat, and sends a message, the other car will be long down the road. Oh, and if the kid didn't have Pictochat open in the first place, it wouldn't matter anyway. As the DS manual explains, PC is not an internet application. You can't use the Wi-Fi signal to seek out other people around the world.

Shame on you, Fox.

Well who isn't oy? 4chan rules, Fox drools! You can just post anything from any category you want. As long as it isn't anything illegal. Just funny as hell in there, oy. EPIC WIN. /a/ FTW! Ni-pah!

I love that News article. All they prove is one: Nintendo's devices are more powerful than they claim, two, parents obviously dont care enough to even look at what they are giving their kids - pictochat is on everybox, its on the main screen and in the booklet, and 3 - don't trust news men, especially when your mother invites them into your home and tells you hes doing a story on DSs, because he could be a pedophile.

Dang... I can't wait to pick up a new copy of Donkey Monkey and get my beast-on!

Bestiality is the new 'in' thing this holiday season!

@Axmand - The point of subliminal messaging is that you are not aware of it, thus you can't truly claim we are always exposed to it =)

The blog and site mentioned in the story could easily be a hoax or completely serious. Either way, it won't be taken with more than a grain of salt. I was reading through it and thought this to myself:

"This is a funny hoax. HahahLOLhahaha."

"Oh wait, this guy might be serious. HahahLOLhahaha."

In my opinion, US citizens have allowed themselves to be prodded, encouraged, and manipulated into lives consumed by fear. Fear, the most powerful human emotion (more so than lust or greed), dictates so much of our daily routine that we have forgotten what safety and confidence felt like.

When we were fairly content, outside forces and the news instilled fear via terrorist attacks and "super-bugs." When our fear of terrorism began to subside, our jobs and homes were then targeted with sensationalist reporting that we were going to enter the next Great Depression. When we kept our jobs, our every day safety and that of our children has been on the hot plate for years.

"Criminals are everywhere, but we have no suggestions to give you"
"Pedophiles are everywhere, and they are getting smarter all the time"
"Child molesters talk your children through the internet and gaming devices"

Do these things happen? Absolutely. Are we helpless? Hell no! I for one believe it is time for a change. Against all the things we are afraid of, or told to be afraid of, it's time people took back their families, communities, and confidence. Are you afraid your child could be stalked by a pedophile via a DS? Then monitor the DS activity and educate your child!

Oh noes! They're telling their address to a man they know is already in the house! And giving out personal information like their dog's name!

If this isn't a hoax, I would be incredibly surprised. For her daughter to even have a DS, she would have had to either have bought it (in which case she would have known about pictochat, because it's listed as on of the features on the box) or it was borrowed from a friend, in which case she has to explain to her daughters now ex-friend how she was protecting her daughter from those internet molesters. Word will spread, and this poor girl will now have no friends till college, living with the ever present knowlage her mom's a kamikaze psyco nut. Did she even know who she was talking to? If this is a hoax, then the people who posted it must have the combined I.Q. of a sea slug.

"Kidnaps a young girl to satisfy his bestial desires."... this is what i define as a "WTF situation". Have they actually seen the secret cut scene where Kong does this to this woman? And honestly, how do they get access to children through the DS? is it the online capability? If thats it, why dont they smash to PC also, since that has chat sites on its internet capability. Honestly, i find it more funny than anything that she took the $200 device she bought for her child and broke it.

"Kidnaps a young girl to satisfy his bestial desires."... this is what i define as a "WTF situation". Have they actually seen the secret cut scene where Kong does this to this woman? And honestly, how do they get access to children through the DS? is it the online capability? If thats it, why dont they smash to PC also, since that has chat sites on its internet capability. Honestly, i find it more funny than anything that she took the $200 device she bought for her child and broke it.

[Insert Mark Foley joke here]
G.O.P.=Good Old Pedophiles/Pigs

@ GameDevMitch

I agree. We should not let fear rule our lives. That is the worst thing we could do. Unfortunately, the News is fueled by fear and the viewers simply fan the flames.

We need to take a stand against people who spread FUD and tell them we will not fear.

@ GoliathWins

I thought that was funny. I can picture the conversation he had with the girls: "I want you to answer all the questions I ask so that you can impress your mom with all the stuff you know."

That was the worst "news reporting" I have ever seen.

"Kidnaps a young girl to satisfy his bestial desires."... this is what i define as a "WTF situation". Have they actually seen the secret cut scene where Kong does this to this woman? And honestly, how do they get access to children through the DS? is it the online capability? If thats it, why dont they smash to PC also, since that has chat sites on its internet capability. Honestly, i find it more funny than anything that she took the $200 device she bought for her child and broke it.
P.S.: If it is a hoax, god damn thats a good one. /cheer writer of this article.

Ok regardless if this is a hoax or not. I was under the impression for even chatting with people over the DS you need to give out your DS friend code. If both sides don't had the others friend code you can't do anything. So how could this be used for anything but friends talking?

These morons need to do their research. For PictoChat to work, you have to be within a certain distance, and even then, how many people outside a campout line actually use it? It's not Wi-Fi enabled, so it's not like MySpace or anything.

Whatever happened to the "don't talk to strangers" rule? Is it thrown out when kids play video games? Isnt' it common sense?

Well, I don't care about the blog being a hoax or not. But television going fear-mongering on the DS? That's funny and ridiculous!

I don't see how people could see this as real. There are too many subtle jokes and other weird humor (really, 'Monkey Donkey'?) to ever be actually real.

Not to mention, ripping the DS in half? It's plastic, not a candy bar.

See, the child molester issue is with the Japanese DS, not with the American DS. I'm pretty sure that the Japanese DS will sprout tentacles an have it's way with you.

if that isnt a hoax then i dont know what is.

if its real, then all i can say is that its [b]MADNESS[/b], however, if its a fake, then its still rather stupid.

however, i agree with the dude's general idea that raters should have to play the game all the way through before they can rate it, i think thats what the whole Manhunt 2 issue came down to, ESRB looked at the 'worst' parts of the game and said "well, thes've been toned down enough"
while the BBFC looked at the game as a whole and said "The whole game's attitude to murder is above an 18" and so they couldn't classify it.


I vote for an hoax. I got the same feeling when I had the jbmgbgr virus scam alert.

This is really the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. The proof that it's an hoax: not even Thompson would claim most of those things (he's not wacko enough to tell someone to break their console. He would tell "victims" to get a refund.)

Not even cleverly written (well, clever enough so that some peoples would believe it). Most virus scam alerts I read were more clever than this.

IF the statement is true:

...Those evangelical Christians really make my heard hurt. Those silly superstitious bastards. Bowing before an invisible genocidal war God, but at the same time, denouncing a perfectly safe toy that thousands of children around the world love. True values at work here, folks.

In the same spirit, if you ever see the obscene great book of hate and lies [Holy Bible] laying around where a child might find it, I suggest you follow Brownback's words: grab that tomb of hate, snap it in half, and know that you have just protected the intellectual, social, and moral development of a child.

As I've said before, the only way to stop these bible-thumping idiots from raping every sense of our autonomy as both adults and gamers is to meet their hateful, backwards, superstitious, and inconsistent belief systems head on.

I took a look through that blog in general. Even if it's not a hoax, it's so ridiculous that no one's going to take that thing seriously.


fighting hate with more hate is the stupidest thing you can ever promote, Pandralisk.

*laughs for 10 minutes about the 'monkey donkey' thing*

W-wait, EZK, did you just say they're dissing mormons?

*laughter stops immediately*

Even if it is a hoax site, that's just uncalled for.

I see nothing hateful about destroying a book placed in a position where children can find it that endorses genocide, hate, and superstition... it is no worse than putting a copy of Postal 2 in the hands of a young child, or leaving a few hardcore copies of porn strewn about a play room.

We ONE of need two things here, folks. I perfer the first option.

1. All people, bible thumping idiots and normal people alike, need to respect the autonomy of other people. ALL forms of censorship and restrictions should be lifted from games, and we should all be allowed to make up our own minds and do as we wish.

2. We need to consistently crack down on forms of media that damage the development of children. If bible-thumpers want to cite games as a child-damaging source, we need to remind them that the Bible is just as hateful, contradictory, obscene and detrimental to the growth of a child as is violent games, porn, and violent movies. In fact, I'd argue that it is MORE damaging -- the matieral is being presented as a "universal truth" in a half-ass form, down the throat of a child who is not capable of reading most textbooks, and the superstitious illusion itself is being taught as REAL. Games do not claim to be an aspect of the natural world.


I'm signed in. Why was my reply blocked?

*insert usual JT-Pandralisk comparison here*

Totally fake and totally hilarious. I was 99.99% sure it was fake when I read the comments here, but this segment from the furries article clinched it.

"Check your child’s closet. Check his browsing history. Check his picture directory. Examine his stuffed animals. And if he’s involved in this, beat him to within an inch of his life, cut his Internet service, throw away his computer and all of his custom CDs and DVDs and hustle him to a deprogrammer immediately. He may or may not thank you later. But you just might save his soul, and those of a trail of future victims."

ROFL. Unfortunately there is probably at least a few people in the world who would beat there children for being furries, otakus, etc.

@ Pandralisk

C'mon that's a bit much dude. I'm an agnostic and not a fan of religion by a long shot but your saying we should don the exact same thing that the evangelicals are doing but in reverse. I hate fanatical atheists as much as I hate fanatical believers.
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