Unofficial Brownback Campaign Blog Calls Nintendo DS “Abomination” …is it a hoax?

While the lagging presidential campaign of evangelical Christian Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) will apparently come to an end today, an unofficial Brownback blog sees the devil’s work in the Pictochat feature of the popular Nintendo DS handheld.

In fact, Blogs 4 Brownback is so strident in its rhetoric about the DS (and other topics) that we can’t determine whether it is a serious site or a clever hoax. If the latter, it’s very subtle and is obviously the product of a massive investment in time.

Here’s what Blogs 4 Brownback says about the DS:

The B4B tipline recently received information about this gaming device and its devious and virtually unknown (by parents) backdoor giving child predators access to millions of children. Don’t let your child be a victim. Slam the backdoor shut by refusing to put this dangerous device on your Christmas list this year.

…It’s undeniable that it has been a “success” for its Japanese manufacturer, Nintendo (makers of Donkey Kong aka Monkey Donkey, a game in which a monkey kidnaps a young girl to satisfy his bestial desires). It’s also been a tremendous success for pedophiles everywhere… it can easily be used by child predators and molesters to get access to your children…

But if you already have a Japanese Nintendo DS in your home, the time to act is now. Snap it in half like Jill (not her real name) did and excise it from your child’s life. She deftly ripped the offending device out of her [daughter’s] hands, sent the reply “stay away from my baby, you psycho” and triumphantly snapped the unit in half… Nintendo TP (two pieces).

Included with the articles are several YouTube videos, including this alarmist report on the DS from Milwaukee’s Fox affiliate:

Brownback HQ didn’t return GP’s call asking for comment. Understandable, since the campaign is in the process of imploding.

The socially conservative Senator has been a frequent critic of the video game industry. In fact he currently has game-oriented legislation pending in the Senate. The Truth in Video Game Ratings Act would require the ESRB to play games all the way through before assigning a rating.

So what do you think, GP readers? Clever hoax or just plain wackiness?

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