BBFC Banned Manhunt 2 But Okays Throat-slitting, Eye-Gouging Movie

What’s good for the cinematic goose is not, apparently, okay for the video game gander.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the British Board of Film Classification, which assigns video game ratings in the U.K., has adopted a hands-off approach to movie violence.

That’s of interest to GamePolitics readers because it was the BBFC which banned Manhunt 2 in June. The organization refused to lift the ban earlier this month, even after developer Rockstar submitted an edited┬áversion of the game. The revisions earned Manhunt 2 a marketable M-rating (17+) in the United States.

From the Daily Mail:

The controversy was triggered by the board’s decision to approve the ultra-violent film Eastern Promises (pic at left) without any cuts.

The 18-certificate movie, which is released this week, includes graphic scenes of throatslitting, child prostitution and a man having an eye gouged out.

A spokesman for the board said it was up to adults to decide what they wanted to watch and that movie-goers were free to look away from the screen.

Given that the BBFC removed those choices from adults in the Manhunt 2 situation, a BBFC spokesman rather ironically told the newspaper:

The BBFC provides clear consumer advice. If the board went about cutting out every scene liable to offend then we would be leaving adults without any choice. Who’s to decide what adults can or can’t watch?

However, the BBFC can apparently decide what adults can or cannot play

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