BBFC Banned Manhunt 2 But Okays Throat-slitting, Eye-Gouging Movie

What’s good for the cinematic goose is not, apparently, okay for the video game gander.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the British Board of Film Classification, which assigns video game ratings in the U.K., has adopted a hands-off approach to movie violence.

That’s of interest to GamePolitics readers because it was the BBFC which banned Manhunt 2 in June. The organization refused to lift the ban earlier this month, even after developer Rockstar submitted an edited version of the game. The revisions earned Manhunt 2 a marketable M-rating (17+) in the United States.

From the Daily Mail:

The controversy was triggered by the board’s decision to approve the ultra-violent film Eastern Promises (pic at left) without any cuts.

The 18-certificate movie, which is released this week, includes graphic scenes of throatslitting, child prostitution and a man having an eye gouged out.

A spokesman for the board said it was up to adults to decide what they wanted to watch and that movie-goers were free to look away from the screen.

Given that the BBFC removed those choices from adults in the Manhunt 2 situation, a BBFC spokesman rather ironically told the newspaper:

The BBFC provides clear consumer advice. If the board went about cutting out every scene liable to offend then we would be leaving adults without any choice. Who’s to decide what adults can or can’t watch?

However, the BBFC can apparently decide what adults can or cannot play

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    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “You need to wake up and realize that people ARE trying to force their moral norms and strip me [and all gamers] of my right to exercise liberty in a way that does not harm another person through censorship.”

    Still surprised that no one is buying your bigoted rantings? I’m not.

    Also if you didn’t live in such a black and white version of the world you would realize that some Christians ARE gamers and ARE standing up for your rights. Though for you to realize that you would have to bring some shades of gray into your worldview.

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    bayushisan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    And every single law that’s been made has been ruled unconstitutional. You’re tilting at windmills Pandralisk and seeing enemies where there are none. Christians are NOT the enemy. Pandering amoral politicians who only care about their personal power are the enemy.

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    Pandralisk says:


    You need to wake up and realize that people ARE trying to force their moral norms and strip me [and all gamers] of my right to exercise liberty in a way that does not harm another person through censorship. I’m sorry if I articulate my disgust in a very blunt and direct manner.

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    -Jes- ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Someone should honestly hand the bar a full-paper transcript of this comment-section.

    Should generally show the people working on his case how folk around the world, of all ages and walks of life, pretty much think he should get disbarred for repeatedly lying under oath especially regarding cold, hard facts.

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    Mun says:

    @ Baramos

    Must be a different Mun, never commented before.. not with the word photorealistic or otherwise..

    Dont get me wrong, I’m against censorship, no question. I do however see the need for it. To suggest there is no need for it is not a realistic view. I agree the paedo example is not ideal, its just supposed to illustrate that there is (must) be a point at which everyone would turn around and say “no, thats too much”. True everyone’s point is different, hence the problem. And I hate to pass judgement on manhunt without having played it. All I know is that if Eastern promise was a 2 hour film in which nothing happened except Viggo repeatedly gouging someones eyes out, it wouldnt get a certificate. I think they’re actually being consistent with their approach.
    I suspect the quotes were either paraphrased by the mail, or just a pr guy being drawn out of their sphere of knowledge about what the bbfc actually does. “oh we do games too? shit!”
    And also, that the mail is a piece of shit rag, I’ve not seen the “bbfc passes violent film shock” headline anywhere else, and I’m surprised gp picked it up.

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    BlackIce, Leftie says:


    Shut up.


    I don’t see anyone rising up to defend the rights of game-playing adults in the UK. 10 years of Labour kills the soul.

    That said, i’m game if anyone wants to do a Watts Re-Enactment.

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    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    yes…and with the no rating auto ban rule they can protect media from adults, this is why the BBFC fails and the ESRB/MPAA is passable because they can not ban media there is no worry abotu censorship, now the console makers do censor thats all well and fine for now I guess, but its not the place of ratings board to ban , rate it and be done with it nothign more nothing less.

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    Thefremen says:

    The thing that redeems “Eastern Promises” and makes it acceptable is Orlando Bloom’s penis. If R* REALLY wanted to get Manhunt 2 passed they should have included more shots of Orlando Bloom’s penis. Or anyone from LOTR really.

  9. 0

    Add in Saw 1-4 and both hostel movies into this mix and you basically see how hypocritical the BBFC actually is…We are one step ahead of Australia but we still don’t have the “perfect” system…

    I do have an idea of how Manhunt 2 should of been released in the UK if the BBFC still says it is too violent for a 18…IT should be given the R18 rating and only been allowed to be sold from behind the counter in Specialist games retailers.

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    Baramos says:

    @ Mun

    Oh, and you’ve brought up the “pedophile simulator” example way too many times, and every time you’ve avoided the fact that Japan (and other countries) has an entire industry built around the virtual rape of underage girls. It’s called hentai and/or lolicon, and there are many games featuring it. Yes, it’s disgusting. Is it illegal? No. Can I say it should be illegal when it is merely virtual and being perused by independent adults? Nope. I can’t. Of course, like someone else said, that game if it existed won’t be sold in any normal retail outlets, so why even discuss it?

    Oh, and don’t say, “Well my example involved the word PHOTOREALISTIC”, as if that makes any real difference. A game about rape is a game about rape whether or not it’s cartoon characters or 3D polygonal CGI.

  11. 0
    Baramos says:

    “As far as I know the film has only been passed for cinema; in the past the BBFC has been known to treat cinema and home video as significantly different, partly because children are less likely to witness films in cinemas if age restriction policies prevent them, and partly on the grounds that videos can be fast forwarded to show just the gory bits and rewound to dwell on them. [I don’t have any sources to hand, I’m afraid.]”

    Oh, come now, I spent my entire childhood fastforwarding to the scenes of nudity and rewinding to dwell on them, not violence. Violence was usually the entire movie, after all. The nudity in those movies was only thirty seconds long or so, however.

    Oh, and what other HIGH-PROFILE movies have been banned on home video in the UK (Struggle in Bondage, despite that BBFC ladies use of it as an example, isn’t exactly high caliber entertainmnet…)? I would like to hear them.

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    Pandralisk says:

    Do you not love when a hypocritical government censorship board evokes norms derived from religious justification to rape an individual of their moral autonomy and individual liberty? When will these idiots understand that the same freedom that protects their right to study obscenely offensive religious fiction protects the rights of games to play violent and sexual games?

    Any content concievable by the human mind should be permitted in a game. Games do not directly harm or exploint people in their creation: they are works of fiction, depicted by graphical aggrations of pixels, and have no degree of intrinsic harm that might justify the restriction of a game’s content on any level.

    All of this cultural impercism has really got me riled up, quickly hein friends! HEIL BBFC!!!!! Let us take the Siegfried Oath against moral autonomy and inidvidual liberty! Raise your right index finger and repeat, outload:


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    Mad_Scientist ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It’s possible for a movie to slip in the F word once or twice and still get a PG-13 rating. True, too much more than that and it’ll get an R rating, but once it was one it can pretty much have a curse word every other word with no problem. In fact, language is the only thing I haven’t heard of being used to get a movie a NC-17 rating. (Usually it’s sex, but violence sometimes gets one.)

    @Robert Seddon
    Is that “videos can be fast forwarded to show just the gory bits and rewound to dwell on them” really sometimes used as an arguement to restrict the home video sale of something that’s allowed in the cinema? Because if so, that’s just absurd.

    @The issue in general.
    Well, even if this movie isn’t really comparable to Manhunt 2, the BBFC comments about it pretty much prove they have a double standard of sorts. Which isn’t surprising, at least to me.

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    Monte ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Pedophile simulator… y’know one of the major problems with that example is that it would be considered pornography and thus fall under existing pornography laws, and there are counties that have laws against such pornography; so such a game would not be able to exist in many countries. Not to mention that fact that no game retailer would ever sell that shit; pornography would only be seen in a adult store of some kind and probably only bought by poeple into that stuff… so ya, pedophile game seems like a piss poor example… maybe you should try and find an example of a game that would be legal, something normal people would actually play and that would be sold in regular retail (which is what manhunt 2 is)

    frankly i think that’s how it would go down in the ESRB… if someone payed to get such a game rated by the ESRB, the ESRB would rate it, slap and AO rating on it, and the game would probably fade into obscurity where the average person will never hear of it (that’s probably how most porn works)…well putting aside that the US, unlike britain, has no laws agianst selling unrated games (so they wouldn’t bother getting a rating), that that the game would be illegal based on pronography laws (meaning the game would be illegal to sell with or without the rating)

    @pen gun
    indeed… Manhunt 2 really doesn’t seem that good and the controversy is the only thing really pushing sales; we should thank Jack (oh the irony), the BBFC banning, console and retailers refusal to sell AO games (thus created the “AO=death”, and various other places for helping rockstar with free advertisment.

    Y’know, the fact that Manhunt2 doesn’t seem like it will be that good of a game is the reason why i don’t mind that Rockstar decided to dumb down the game to get a lower rating. Manhunt2 did well to help stir some good dialouge about the AO rating and such and that’s a good thing, however it’s not a good enough game for rockstar to push foward and try to make some serious changes to the AO rating. That is the job for a more popular game, one that is actually worth fighting for.

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    Picho, Huntin da Man ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @pen gun

    I am not Pincho. I am not some creature that goes around pinching things.

    Hellgate london though is also a fairly good game (so far) that comes out on the same day as Manhunt 2, which is why i mentioned it. Not to mention it also takes place in britian.

    Call of Duty 4 might be nice, now that they finally got out of wwII. Assassins creed is going to knock the pants off anything with in the next couple of weeks.

    Dunno about the other games though.

  16. 0
    pen gun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    and there are so many other GOOD games cominng out like call of duty 4 assasins creed.haze, kane and lynch, and others will completly out shine this piece of shit. Meanwhile jack is sitting there thinkibg it will be the top selling game of the month. fucking idiot.

  17. 0
    Picho, Huntin da Man ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Father Time

    No, what is increasing ammount of crime in london is the increase in Vampires coming from a secet Nazi base some where in south america. The Hellsing Organization is having a hard time keeping things underwraps… Now if you excuse me, i think i need to run now.

  18. 0
    Picho, Huntin da Man ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Pen Gun

    Exactly my point. The hard core gamer pretty much wont touch them cause they know they suck compaired to all the other games out there.

    The semi-casual gamer and retards pick them up cause they think they are great.

    And since (using typical idea of what a HC gamer is) the HC gamers never leave the ‘cave’ to see the light of day, All the politions see are the semi-casual and retards picking up those games.

    Which is okay… cause they do not know the secret to my little persona.

    BTW, why get man hunt 2, when you can get HellGate london on the same day? Its pretty much everything that a FPSMMO should be. And you actually use your own skill to play rather than a random number gen + stat sheet. (a bit repetitive after a while, but what game isnt?)

  19. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hypocrisy at its finest. No really I’m tempted to e-mail webster this an example of hypocrisy. If the bbfc actually meant what they said they would say this

    “A spokesman for the board said it was up to adults to decide what they wanted to play and that gamers were free to look away from the screen.” or even better “The BBFC has agreed to classify the game after Rockstar agreed to include an option that toggles the gruesome deaths on and off.”

    Oh and the ‘they can look away’ argument can be applied to mostly every movie, which is great ammo to throw at them should they decide to censor movies (which fortunately doesn’t seem likely).

    Oh and apparently some idiots are going off that the BBFC is too light on censorship and this stance somehow supports the (alleged) uprising in crime in the U.K. When will they ever learn?

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    Picho, Huntin da Man ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dont put Saw in the same boat as Hostel. At least Saw plays mind games with the torture, while hostel was nothing but torture (esspecially to watch)

    Course i havent seen the last one. So they might have changed the formula after that.

    The funny thing is most people who are hardcore gamers dont touch the stuff people say is ‘evil’. That is actually more of the slightly casual gamer who play them the most.

    Btw, check out Yatzee’s reveiw of Man hunt if you have seen it already at the escapist.

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    Icehawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ DarkTetsuya

    True. JBT has gone from being a minor insulting, if interactice annoyance, to being a cowardly troll.

    Still the arts of sarcasm and insult do need to be taken out, dusted off and practiced to keep them in tone. Does not pay to get lazy.

  22. 0
    Pierre-Olivier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m not really surprised by the BBFC’s actions, even though they’re a bit contradictory.

    And stop for a moment Rabadash Thompson. This webside is about “when video games and politics clashes”, not about your little self (even though there’s enough material on this website alone to destroy the little credibility you possess). We don’t have to talk about your every move there. Court reports exist for this (considering the jam you’re into).

    And for everyone, I’ll tell you: Jack reminds me of the character Gehn in “Riven: The Sequel to Myst”. He’s just like him, except that Gehn can appear decent in good moods. (if you want to know why,ask me and I’ll tell you).

  23. 0
    Geno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “A spokesman for the board said it was up to adults to decide what they wanted to watch and that movie-goers were free to look away from the screen.”

    Um… then why should it mature for a video game directed towards adults?

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    Anons says:

    Really, you people put way too much effort into your posts while refuting his points AGAIN and AGAIN. It gets OLD.
    And some of us would say that those posting stuff like “don’t give him any attention & ignore him” are also wasting their time.

    And what is wrong with putting in some effort? It gives you the opportunity to work on your debate and writing skills, and can be a good way to get out your frustrations. And some people just love writing as much as those who like talking….

  25. 0
    Anons says:

    Speaking of JT and filings….
    The last paragraph has the following(with the last line intentionally spaced out):
    Thompson, who is representing himself in his fight against the Bar, followed up with more filings in federal court. One filed last week mentioned a conversation he had with a Daily Business Review reporter. He said the case has captured the attention of lawyers around the country who sympathize with his view that Bar regulators use their power to sanction attorneys to advance their own agendas.

    “I’m not a civil rights lawyer, [and] I’m sure I do have a fool for a client,” he said. “But I have some brilliant people who have contacted me to help me.”
    I’ll let it speak for itself… And don’t get me started on the hypocrisy….

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    Icehawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    GOOD NEWS! Jack Thompson has filed an action in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to shut down The Bar’s illegal assault upon him! There’s a development that Dennis McCauley says he will report!! Thank you, Dennis!


    Hmmm so impressive. Though I think I might be a wee bit impressed if you could claim that you (or he since as pointed out you seem to love the 3rd person) had actually Won one of those dozens of filing you have submitted. Then again in truth it is unlikely most here would care. I am amused though that you seem to be crawling around scraping up the crumbs of Dennis’ agreement to report such. My how the mighty have fallen.

    Just remember jackie boy, November and the reissue of your compliant and possible dis-barment will continue. Actually I think you are all the more aware of this since you seem to be grabbing every chance at publicity now.

    Interesting how you are filing against the Bar from disbarring you. Much like llaiming the company cannot fire you even of questional practices, by trying to take over the company. Taking the authority given you by said Bar (ie your employer) and trying to use it against the body that issued it is akin to Attacking the ocean with a teacup.

    On to the matter: Movies and games. There have those that claim that games are not related to movies much if at all. Movies you watch whereas games are interactive. Riddle me though how a DVD movies is not interactive since you can go back into a scene over and over. I have often wondered if said movie has less effect on the mind of the watcher as (you have claimed) the gamer that plays (reality: but understands it is a game). Still it is tTeir authority and governments are seldom known of for their logic.

    Though I just have to ask. Not expecting an answer but the question begs. What do you have against the Wii? I thought you hated the PS2/PS3.

  27. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I’m just puzzled as to what you mean by “declaring NIMBY.””

    Essentially I don’t ever want what Jack wants, effectively turning the ESRB into the BBFC and giving it force of law. That would be a tragedy.

  28. 0
    Matthew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Perhaps I phrased myself poorly there. I’m just puzzled as to what you mean by “declaring NIMBY.” I assume you mean that the BBFC system shouldn’t happen in the UK, in which case it is your opinion and you’re more than welcome to it.

  29. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Of course he would want that, he’s a lawyer. (not a very good one, mind you but one nonetheless… must’ve been the Florida bar’s millionth customer or something.)


    Yeah, now you’re getting the idea!


    Yeah I *think* I remember you from those days.

    “Really, you people put way too much effort into your posts while refuting his points AGAIN and AGAIN. It gets OLD.”

    Especially considering he doesn’t f***ing read them. (Or he does, but simply refuses to acknowledge them.)


    So basically it’s not so much for JT but for the benefit of those that don’t know any better?


    Well we’re all refreshing GP waiting for the ‘Jack Thompson DISBARRED!’ story to show up, so we’re even, I guess. 😛


    nekowolf’s right, it doesn’t particually matter what we do, we’ll still have to hear him (Hopefully when his big hearing comes around in December he’ll be neutered of his law license, and we’ll have to get together and send a gigantic ‘thank you’ card (and basket of muffins ;)) to the Florida bar. :P)


    Thread over, you won (and Jack didn’t.)

  30. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “NIMBY doesn’t apply unless it’s IYBY.”

    Yes, but I am allowed to have an opinion on it.

    Just like when all the Brits comment on all of the US rulings, which make up about 90% of Gamepolitics coverage. But when Americans comment on British politics then suddenly we should “mind our own business?” Bullshit.

  31. 0
    Matthew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    NIMBY doesn’t apply unless it’s IYBY. And those Japanese dating sims aren’t rated by the BBFC. I doubt they would all be passed if they were.

  32. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Manhunt on the other hand is just plain wrong.”

    In your opinion.

    “And stop the bs about “let adults choose”

    No. If Brits are happy with their rights being infringed more (or actually less) power to them. But myself I have to declare NIMBY.

    “Dont make me get my “paedophile simulator” example out.”

    Which one? There are so many japanese dating simulators with underage looking girls its really hard to keep track of them all.

  33. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    That or he thinks he is the King of England or something, next you know he will say ‘We’ in the place of I. At least a monarch has a reason for it, as it is assumed that they speak for the country, and not just themself.

    Shows you how desperate Jack is for attention, posting ‘news’ in a blog comment. Kinda like the puppy that craps in your shoes because you didn’t play with it enough.

  34. 0
    Matthew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I agree with you, mostly. If the BBFC considers Eastern Promises and decides that it’s violent and overall unpleasant but suitable for public consumption, then so be it. If they consider Manhunt 2 and decide that it’s violent and unpleasant and unfit for public consumption, then so be it also. I do support the idea that the BBFC can refuse a rating for things that go too far – the paedophile sim being a classic example. Maybe Manhunt 2 just does go too far, much further than a few scenes of gore in a film.

    However, the spokesperson’s comment is a cause for concern. If he’s reading from the official handbook, then why can’t he say “play” as well as “watch”? The official statement has to be either that the BBFC *can* say that some media is not for sale, or that it *can’t*.

  35. 0
    Mun says:

    Lord, I’m sick of these arguments, and gamers whining about double standards – Its all about context, pretty much anything, ANYTHING, will get passed if there is a justifable purpose to its presence; plot/mood/tone a point of any kind – so I’m assuming that Cronenberg, one of the most respected auters of modern cinema, has a reason for an eye gouging scene beyond making his audience feel ill. Manhunt on the other hand is just plain wrong. And stop the bs about “let adults choose” there is a line, and someone has to draw it. Dont make me get my “paedophile simulator” example out.
    And this is the Mail ffs, this is not relevant to anyone, least of all GP.

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    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    @ Hank

    JT has been “unbanned” for some time now. He managed to get around the ban by using a different IP address and Dennis has seen no real reson to ban him yet. JT hasn’t been as much of a jerk as he was on LiveJournal.

    @ Zerodash

    I believe that is the whole point to the British study done recently. The fact that you are disconnected from the game through the controller and that the violence is obviously fake leads to fewer people being affected by it.

    With movies, the violence is more graphic and you simply sit back and soak it all in. This affects the viewer more as there is nothing to disconnect you from it.

    It the whole “uncanny valley” thing.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

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    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    By the way, am I the only one who finds movie violence to be more disturbing than game violence? When I look at game violence I am more fixated on the art assets, graphical effects, polygon models, A.I>, and interface than anything else.

    Movies are the only thing that have given me a “rush” due to violent content. Hence, I have zero interest in horror movies.

  38. 0
    xzero87 says:

    Not surprising at all, but no less bs. They’re fine with child prostitution being depicted in a film, but a game you can tell is obviously not made with live actors is so evil that they ban it from sale?

    @ Jack
    Nobody cares anymore, you have nothing new to say: “protect teh childrens, but only from them evil vidjagames”. This is obvious by your attempt to derail the topic.

  39. 0
    Matthew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well. “Who’s to decide what adults can or can’t watch?” If that spokesman actually represents the BBFC, then I feel like a right git for trying to defend them in the first place. I’m guessing (and hoping) he doesn’t, and that statement was winged… but even then, people, it’s a good idea to make sure your SPOKESPEOPLE are on the same page as you!

    If his statement was accurate then the BBFC really can’t decide what its own job is.

    Oh, and just to chime in with some agreement: When you’re reading the Daily Mail, take everything with a pinch of salt. Salt that is not imported from Europe where they kidnap British kids and inject it into their eyes.

  40. 0
    Hank the Tank ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ lumi
    I don’t read the comments too often anymore, mostly because they say the same thing over and over again, and I, being the long-time reader that I am, have seen just about every response before. Quit flaunting your e-penis and stop being so damned butthurt :3

  41. 0
    HCF ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know, this reminds me of the US movie ratings system. For a long time now, we’ve had this weird situation.

    Gore, blood, and violence, those are okay, it’s just a horror flick. Or maybe it’s a war story. Ship it!

    But put in just one swear word? Oh man, NC-17 all over the place, and you’ll still get vocal opposition.

    So reprehensible violence is okay so long as you don’t swear while doing it.

    It just occurred to me that the reason for this disparity is that parents hear their kids swear, and have to have someone to blame. Although we all know we learned those words from our “friends” at school. They can’t see that, so they choose a more visible victim.

    I think games are receiving the forefront of this same blight; you don’t go to a theatre to play your violent games. Well, actually, you do, you go to an arcade to play your ultraviolent, horror-flick style, side scroller fighters with blood and gore, and no one complains about those. Everyone complains about the games the parents buy.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  42. 0
    Ix says:


    You beat me to it, the source doesn’t matter so long as the core facts are true facts.


    200 motions eh? Still nothing going through it seems though. If the third time’s not a charm maybe the 300th time is? If so you’re most of the way there, though given your history and insanity I doubt you’ll make it there before everyone gets fed up with you and smacks you down in court so hard you’ll never make it back inside a court room ever again. You remind me of a quote I once heard about a rat trapped in a sinking vessel, enjoy your way down since you’re never gonna make it back up.

  43. 0
    dannah says:

    Hey people, stop responding to JT! It feeds his ego/soul/festering blackness that could be a heart!

    He’s a loser. He abuses his child by making him go into stores to buy detrimental games, therefore commiting child abuse. I feel so sorry for his child, but if he does it to his own child, imagine how little he REALLY cares about the video games industry!

  44. 0
    lumi ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Hank

    I call bullsh-t or just plain stupidity on your part. If you were the “long time reader” you claim to be, you wouldn’t have needed the IP explanation you were politely provided with.

    @ JT

    Breaking news! The sky is STILL blue!

    @ people bitching about the source

    I’m not going to defend the general integrity of the Daily Mail. However, as much spin as they may put on something, is the most important base fact about this story true? Did the BBFC really give a lesser rating to Eastern Promises, and were those quotes from the original article accurate? If so, then it doesn’t matter how deplorable the source is. It’s not the Daily Mail who should be on trial here, it’s the BBFC.

  45. 0
    Scottland89 says:

    OK, got a reply to the email I sent to the BBFC. They dodged the issue entirly. They make no refrence to Eastern Promises, and just gave me a generic Manhunt 2 reason ban.

    Hate the arseholes. Went to see a movie when this whole bother started, and wanted to boo the bbfc screen just before the movie started, but everyone was cheering the movie was starting so I didn’t want everyone thinking I was booing the movie.

  46. 0
    Phantom says:

    Why is it that Jack is so frequently the first person to reply to any given news story? I swear, the man is so obsessed with seeing his name in print that he probably refreshes the site waiting to see if his name is up.

  47. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m actually inclined to agree there Zerodash, I don’t think it’s done deliberately, but ignorance is not an excuse either in all honesty.

  48. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It is certainly a phenominal level of hippocrisy by the BBFC after claiming that there is no difference between how they grade game and how they grade movies…..

  49. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack Thompson has filed an action in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to shut down The Bar’s illegal assault upon him!

    Any more gay porn in this one?

  50. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Yes, and the REASON for the difference, since Dennis McCauley is unable to read, apparently, what the BBFC said previously, is that Manhunt 2’s availability on Wii makes it a true murder simulator that obviously children will play.

    Dennis is right. By that logic banning on the PS3/Xbox makes no sense, since those don’t allow you ‘practice’ the moves required to kill your opponents.

    And JT, you seem to be pulling facts out of your ass. The BBFC said no such thing about the availability on the Wii being a reason why they banned the game. The cutscenes were more than enough to offend their sensibilities apparently.

  51. 0
    Gisleburt says:

    Up to this point I had been supporting the BBFC’s decision to ban the game however this blatant two faced policy has certainly made me question my position.

  52. 0
    Nekojin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson: “GOOD NEWS! Jack Thompson has filed an action in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to shut down The Bar’s illegal assault upon him!”

    It’s been said that referring to oneself in the third person is a sign of brain damage and/or insanity, Jack… might want to stop doing that.

  53. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    A valid point which Thompson has continually overlooked, and will continue to.


    Because this isn’t about doing the right thing, the good thing, or what’s best for society.

    It’s a personal vendetta between him and[R*] videogames.

    So he can let a thing like this go, but god forbid somebody buy GTA.

  54. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Since the industry refuses to abide by its own age policy, they’ve cooked their goose with that ineptitude. Duh.”

    As that link clearly shows the industry that is unable to abide by its age policy IS the movie industry. As in that study children were able to buy an R rated game 71% of the time, compared to only 42% of the time with an M rated game.

    So with that in mind which industry needs pressure put upon it again?

  55. 0
    Cavalier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    This kind of hypocrisy is common to the newest media on the block, and always has been, though. It’s really not that shocking. Truthfully, I think the thing that finally seals the deal on video games as a culture medium will be the Next Big Thing coming along for people to freak out over.

    After all, how much mainstream kvetching is there these days over Heavy Metal Music, or Elvis’ hips, or television?

  56. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yeah, that movie, Eastern Promises, was great.

    Right up until I saw Viggo’s penis.


    Goddamn, you have more motions than a cheap whore does tricks. You’re just delaying the inevitable, and once that comes to pass you’ll be disbarred, while we dance in our circles singing ding-dong, the jackass is dead.

    My advice? Get it over with Jack.

    @everyone else
    Yeah, the ESRB is better than the BBFC. Deal with it. At least we’ll rate it, instead of banning it.

  57. 0
    Gameboy says:

    It’s like they were rubbing their hypocrisy is our collective faces. Certifying a violent movie that holds similar scenes to Manhunt 2 and claiming that they can’t dictate what adults can and cannot view, which is exactly what they did with the game.

    I’ll bet that if you met the Director of the BBFC, and challenged him to explain the classification of Eastern Promises, he wouldn’t hesitate to explain it to you. He’d explain how the BBFC cannot dictate what adults can and cannot view. Then, if you followed that up with a challenge to explain the refusal to rate Manhunt 2, he’d be dumbfounded and completely unable to make a statement that didn’t complete contradict his previous one.

    @ Paul Kerton

    Can you purchase Manhunt 2 at the mall? GameStop? Your local Wal-mart? No? Well, I’d call THAT a ban on the game.

    As I’ve said before, what use is a ratings board that cannot rate material? If it fails at its one and only responsibility, what use is it? And don’t compare the BBFC to the ESRB. The ESRB never refuses to assign a rating. If the rating is not marketable, that’s not their fault.

  58. 0
    Paul Kerton ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’ve just read your source.

    The Daily Mail.
    Jesus, these people put Jackie Boy to shame… Yet you report it like its fact?

    Seriously. They are terribly sensationalist and rarely do a story without it being a “Little Englander” style suggesting that the world is doomed to failure.

    This is the newspaper that reported that the EU were to remove the bends out of our bananas (a lie)… A paper that supported Nazism and Fascism.

    I’d recommend reading the Wikipedia article before taking the Daily Mail as any bastion of credible news journalism:

  59. 0
    Paul Kerton ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well now, in all of my defence I never saw this one coming along.

    Manhunt 2 isn’t banned in this country. Stop saying that. It has been refused classification, which prohibits its sale. Its banned from SALE. Not from ownership, which can be solved with a flight to Amsterdam.

  60. 0
    Matty J says:

    Be warned Jackhole, keep your opinions on UK matters to yourself. The UK public will not accept or tolerate your kind of idiot fanaticism and your arguments carry no weight here. Be told boy.

  61. 0
    Terminator44 says:

    Anyone else think “Terminator” when they saw that picture?

    I’m sure there’s a serious dialouge in this somewhere, but we’ll never find it now that JT has gotten first post. :(

  62. 0
    Duncan MacGregor says:

    Well, as people have said there are several differences. The film was given a rating for cinemas, so the BBFC is not bound by the video recordings act, and even if they had declined a certificate the film could still have been shown since local councils have the final say.

    If anybody in the UK wants to avoid another Manhunt 2 style refusal to give a certification then they should talk to their MP and try to get the VRA amended, and don’t couch it in terms of, “the BBFC should not be able to ban games,” because that not really what they’re doing. Far better to argue that the certification system should be altered to allow a certificate to be issued for any work (excluding works which are illegal such as child pornography or snuff movies or wahtever), and to compel the BBFC to issue a certificate for any submitted work.

  63. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    @ Hank

    What DavCube was saying is that Dennis has verified that the Jack that posted above is the Real Jack. JAck has told Dennis as much and Dennis now uses the IP address of those posts to compare to all new Jack posts. This way Dennis can delete the fake Jacks, without worrying about Jack complaining that he is being censored.

    But I agree that it is pointless to refute his as he will not confirm anything in anyway. But there are times where it is necessary to refute the most blatant libel.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  64. 0
    The Benny says:

    “The 18-certificate movie, which is released this week, includes graphic scenes of throatslitting, child prostitution and a man having an eye gouged out.”

    Deadwood was shown on British TV and definitely had fairly graphic throat-slitting and one instance of a man having his eye pulled out, so with regards to the violence it’s hard to see how this film could be much worse, at least assuming that quote highlights the worst scenes.

    Of course, that doesn’t go anyway to lessening the apparent double standard with regards to games.

  65. 0
    Hank the Tank ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I was here while it was in Livejournal format :3
    There were at least 3 or 4 Thompson joke accounts at a time.

    Really, you people put way too much effort into your posts while refuting his points AGAIN and AGAIN. It gets OLD.

    But seriously, the Saw and Hostel series is proof that the BBFC is quite hypocritical when it comes to violence in movies and video games.

  66. 0
    Waffles ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So, basically playing video games is the only and ONLY thing that will desensitize me and hypnotize me into a violent killer.

    And theres absolutely nothing suspicious about the guy masturbating to every scene of graphic violence in movies?

  67. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Hank

    If it was a troll, Dennis would just delete them, not edit the posts, leave them there, and respond to him.

    You obviously haven’t been to this site for very long, have you?

  68. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @jack thompson, attorney

    By the way Jack ,you claim the ESRB does not work. Well, how about this. There is a clear and obvious label on a wood chipper that states if you stick your hand in it, your lose your hand(as if the whirling bladed flywheel inside isn’t warning enough) you stick your hand in anyway, and it gets turned into ketchup. By your logic, the person doing that should sue the maker of that wood chipper for every last cent.

    Wow,if I lived in your world I’d be rich. I could have sued a dozen game retailers movie companies and cable networks for emotional and mental damages

  69. 0
    Hank the Tank ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well there goes any chance of discussion what with the trolls posting as Jack and all the idiots who actually believe it’s actually him.

    Enjoy your refuting points that have been refuted a thousand times before.


  70. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @jack thompson, attorney

    Yes Thompson, because a little piece of plastic wit ha sensor inside can perfectly mimic weight, resistance, and pretty much any other forces involved in swinging a weapon. Now where is the Wii remote attachment that Nintendo doesn’t know about yet or hasn’t even thought about or patented?

    As to the second spewing by your reversed digestive system , I will repeat what I said before, Mr McCauley DOES NOT have to report on every last bowl movement that spews from your face, and he DOES NOT have to say it smells of bakery fresh cinnamon rolls.

  71. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ JT (#1)

    Oh yes, i forgot. In your world, every 13-year-old in the world steals from their moms purse and drives to Wal-Mart on their own, unhindered by any other form of authority, to buy M-Rated games. E-Mail me when you get back from Bizarro Universe. We’ll have tea.

    @ JT (#2)

    He ain’t gonna report it. If he did an article on every little thing you sent, no one would come here because it really WOULD be propaganda against you. YOU’RE the one who keeps coming HERE and bragging to HIM about every little thing you do like an old boyfriend who won’t get over his girl. After cheating on her.

    Dennis isn’t obsessed with you, Jack. It’s the other way around.

  72. 0

    As far as I know the film has only been passed for cinema; in the past the BBFC has been known to treat cinema and home video as significantly different, partly because children are less likely to witness films in cinemas if age restriction policies prevent them, and partly on the grounds that videos can be fast forwarded to show just the gory bits and rewound to dwell on them. [I don’t have any sources to hand, I’m afraid.]

    Some of the comments in the linked article seemed to have to do specifically with cinema viewing, but on the other hand the tone was pretty hands-off, suggesting we shouldn’t expect cuts for the home version either. The Board’s spokesperson did seem to be drawing a distinction between harmful and offensive material, which fits their mandate, but we aren’t really any closer to establishing how the BBFC draws that distinction.

  73. 0
    Scottland89 says:

    Ive just sent an email to the BBFC asking them what right they have to tell what games adults can and can not play. I’ll keep GP updated with their response, if I get one.

  74. 0
    Scottland89 says:

    @Jack Thompsons 1st reply

    STFU. Denis has practically just shown what makes me so pissed of with the whole manhunt issue. We can get movies a hell more violent than banned games.

    As I said in the comments about GTA, Tinking about it seriously, I’m starting to doubt some 18 games here even deserve an 18 rating, like your favourite GTA. Is it really that bad and violent that it needs an 18. Thinking seriously, compairing to movies, GTA should be a 15. This way we can properly rate games like Manhunt which should get an 18.

    And plus, couldn’t the BBFC’s statement about people not watching moveis etc fit into games. They do provide consumer advice for games, and it’s up to adults of 18 years old and older (which I’m part of) to buy or not, and unlike movies in he cinema, we can even mute the sound sould i sund really bad, or turn away from the screen as much as we like (even if it kills the player).

    I never intended to buy a wii, or manhunt, but I find this whole issue a disgrace, and applaud the ESRB for having a bit of common snse lifting the ban after an edited version, and am pissed off us brits have nothing like the us admendments to protect free speech here.

  75. 0
    DCOW ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    1. No. beacuse if that was the case, the game would simply be not allowed on the Wii. There would be NO problem with it on other consoles.

    2. NO ONE CARES about 1 of 200 separate motions your trying to stop the bar “from illegally assaulting” you.

    3. the only one here who suffers from their own ineptitude is you jack, that’s why you’ve failed and the gamer public has prevailed. that’s why when it comes to the laws, there’s not been a single one successfully passed unchallenged.

    4. I’m an adult. if I want to play a game that simulates murder, you know what? that’s MY choice.

    the simple fact here is. the BBFC got caught with thier pants down, and is trying to explain away the fact that they gave a gorier movie a lesser rating.

    and this entire bullsh-t about being able to look away from the screen.. hmm….. how about YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BUY THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

    awww screw it, just gimme the drugs these guys at the BBFC are on. they MUST be awesome.

  76. 0
    Suprboy says:

    Adults can turn there head from a video game screen or put down the controller just as easily. I’m glad I don’t live in Britain.

    JT must love this.

  77. 0
    las, attorney says:

    I guess the BBFC forgot to add the truth to their little motto of letting adults choose what media they use. Here, let me elaborate on it:

    “The BBFC provides clear consumer advice. If the board went about cutting out every scene liable to offend then we would be leaving adults without any choice. Who’s to decide what adults can or can’t watch, except, of course, if the media in question is the sequel to a game that was wrongly involved in a murder case, whined about by the Daily Mail, attacked by a fat idiot crooked politician – who, by his own admission, said the UK was a run by a godless government (of which he is a part of, ironically) and should therefore piss off back to his own sodding country – and then subsequently removed from the shelves of electronic stores that barely anyone in the UK buys their video games from anyway. Then, and ONLY THEN, will we ban the game.”

    And anyone who even tries to tell me that the decision to ban Manhunt 2 made by the BBFC (which I do realise is independent from the government, so stop blabbering on this point) was not affected by the Stefan Pakeerah murder case and the controversy surrounding it WHATSOEVER is obviously some kind of cretin that needs the wool pulled over from their eyes.

  78. 0
    Ivresse ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wouldn’t take too much stock in what the Daily Mail says anyway. It was them that plastered the whole ‘BAN THESE EVIL GAMES’ melodrama on the front of their newspaper in the light of the original Manhunt ordeal in the first place…

  79. 0
    Dustin1986 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Movies are an artform.

    Video games are trash. It’s really that simple. A video game for adults? That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. Grow up and get a life nerds.


    But that is exactly the attitude behind this. Here’s what I take from this: The British Board of Film Classification has basically stated that games are not a legitimate artform, and will never be. That’s pretty much their official stance on this. Maybe it is unfair to ban this game, but honestly who cares? It’s just a stupid game, it’s not like it’s something IMPORTANT. It’s not like it’s FILM.

  80. 0
    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Yes, and the REASON for the difference, since Dennis McCauley is unable to read, apparently, what the BBFC said previously, is that Manhunt 2’s availability on Wii makes it a true murder simulator that obviously children will play.”

    Um, no. What the BBFC said previously is that the interactivity in games causes a disconnect between the player and the subject matter. It is hard to believe something is real when you have to hold a lump of plastic and push buttons on it/shake it to forward on the story, action, etc.

    They said that the passive consumption of film makes it more dangerous and liable to affect people.

    If children play it, that is the fault of their parents or lax retailers. Children still get their hands on the highest rated movies such as Saw, yet according to their research, they should be more worried about films like Eastern Promise, than they are about games like Manhunt 2.

    This is pure hypocrisy. Saying you shouldn’t limit adult’s choices shortly after you have…limited adult choices. It’s nearly as bad as making a career out of trying to limit and curtail other people’s first amendment rights, then screaming and filing lawsuit after lawsuit claiming that your own rights are being abused…

    “Since the industry refuses to abide by its own age policy, they’ve cooked their goose with that ineptitude. Duh.”

    The industry abides by it’s own age policy. Whether retailers or parents abide by that policy is up to them. There are adverts and warning labels regarding fireworks and their dangers, yet every year children are maimed and worse by being careless or unsupervised with fireworks. Is this the fault of the fireworks manufacturer? Countless people every year are killed on the roads through drunk driving and speeding, about which there are safety campaigns that cannot be missed. Is this the fault of the manufactureres of the cars?

    If people do not heed warning labels or guidelines, then they are to blame for any consequences arising from that dismissal of advice.

    (not that I believe there are any serious consequences of kids playing violent games. The worst I can imagine is my child coming up to me and asking “What does f*ck mean?” or start asking questions about mortality on seeing someone dying.)

  81. 0
    Chuma ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Speak for your own country. In the UK, films and games are not sold to those under 18 already and anyone caught flouting the law can be fined very heavilly per incident, as can the business.

    What’s more, games and videos are often sold at the same premises using the same size or warnings, same BBFC logos and under the same laws, so kindly explain again why the film industry is squeeky clean but not the gaming industry? Just more crap spouted from your mouth…

    I know it isn’t unusual to find you talking rubbish, lying or ignorant of facts, but really you have little excuse having commented upon bringing UK law to the US before now.

  82. 0
    Ross says:

    @Jack Thomspon

    Everybody knows you’re a lame sensationalist. Honestly people are so over you now. You’re yesterdays garbage. Get over yourself and move on. By the way I find it funny that you went to law school and claim to be an educated individual, yet you don’t even start your first & last name with a capital letter. Idiot. Guess what Jack? I’m going to be sure to show my uncut leaked version of Manhunt 2 to every child I can, so suck it up bucko because there’s nothing you can do about it.

  83. 0
    Alex G. says:

    I thought ESRB, which isn’t the same as the game industry, issued ratings? And regardless, isn’t it a stores fault for not reinforcing it? I mean, I’m sure if ESRB really cracked down they could make it work, which I think if they acted like EB Games and Gamestop did (at least in my area) they’d be good, not selling M games to anyone without ID (as long as they’re not obviously older). Also, they won’t sell certain T games to kids under 12 due to violence in them.

    But the whole movie thing is just a double standard. While you can look away from a movie, you can turn that power button off for the game. If you can’t handle what’s going on, don’t engage in it.

  84. 0
    ooftygoofty says:

    Anyway, even if the disbarment proceedings were dropped (which they won’t be), JT would just do something else to get himself in trouble again. He can’t not do it. He’d probably celebrate by punching a baby or something.

    I really wish that was a hyperbole.

  85. 0
    ooftygoofty says:

    JT filed a motion?! This is breaking news!

    Seriously, as Dennis pointed out, this happens so often that it means nothing. Dog biting man isn’t news and all that.

    Is it also news whenever you call someone a name, tell a lie, or use the name of Jesus to defend the above?

  86. 0
    Majestic_12_x ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    How many filings are you going to enter into this court case Jack? I believe Judge Jordan has already reprimanded you for submitting numerous filings without ever showing why they were pertinent to this case. Sorry to say, but it sounds like someone’s got you by the balls and you’re simply grasping at straws in order to preserve what little time you have left.

  87. 0
    pen gun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Than why was the darkness not banned. you kill hundreds in that game and said every curss word under the sun. and at the end you suffer no consequences. besides manhunt 2 looks just as bad as the first. If you want murder in style play assassins creed. Oh and thompson You kill christians in that game.

  88. 0
    beemoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    …and if the BBFC are going to go with their claim in their own report that games have less of an effect than film, then this is even more hypocritical.

    @bnpederson: the BBFC’s decision to ban MH2 is *still* the BBFC telling adults what they can and can’t play, regardless of why they’ve banned it, which is the point of the GP article- it’s hypocritical to say that they can’t do it with film, but can with games.


  89. 0
    bnpederson says:

    If we’re dealing with a matter of how the violence is presented I can certainly see Eastern Promises getting a lower rating than Manhunt 2. Having seen the movie the violence in it wasn’t glorified or romanticized like so many movies; it had a real impact (and consequences) and certainly wasn’t something people would want to emulate. Further while there was violence it was both a reflection of the reality of the mafia and reasons were given for the violent acts beyond simply psychosis. Perhaps the reasons weren’t the best but they were there. A far cry from the murder porn genre with movies like Saw 2 and also much different than anything I’ve read about Manhunt 2.

    This isn’t to say that the BBFC isn’t being hypocritical when they say they want to give adults a choice, but Eastern Promises is not nearly the same as Manhunt 2 when it comes to the reason for the violence, which is what the BBFC said was their reason for banning Manhunt 2.

  90. 0
    jack thompson, attorney ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    GOOD NEWS! Jack Thompson has filed an action in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to shut down The Bar’s illegal assault upon him! There’s a development that Dennis McCauley says he will report!! Thank you, Dennis!

    GP: Not so fast, there, Miami Jack. I read that filing over the weekend. Just another of your many motions… You’ve filed over 200 in this case since May. Hardly worth a report. Now if the 11th Circuit gives you any relief (which I seriously doubt they will) that would be news.

  91. 0
    jack thompson, attorney ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yes, and the REASON for the difference, since Dennis McCauley is unable to read, apparently, what the BBFC said previously, is that Manhunt 2’s availability on Wii makes it a true murder simulator that obviously children will play.

    Since the industry refuses to abide by its own age policy, they’ve cooked their goose with that ineptitude. Duh.

    GP: That makes no sense at all (why am I not surprised?). Why ban it across all versions, then? Duh…

  92. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    At least that’s how Jack wants to debate. It’s rather sad to see that as a lawyer he loses every debate that isn’t stacked in his favor. You’d think that as a lawyer his debate skills would be better than that on an 8 year old, and that his litigation actics would be better than submitting complaints to be used as stalling tactics.

    In perspective it is very similar to foil fencing. In the sport the stronger opponent will not always win; however the fencer who is smart, cunning, and quick will, 9 time out of 10, get the point. This is similar to how Jack debates, he tries to hammer away with the same attack that is a massive over extention and throws him off balance; never any change and even a blind man can see him telegraphing his move. Those debating against him have learned this tactic very well and will parry it with ease and have a well timed reposte that lands everytime because of his own ineffectual parry. He is easily led by his opposition to open himself up to a simple straight thrust attack that hits home and leaves him crying foul to the Judge, even though it was completely valid. He also doesn’t understand that ‘absence of blade’ (lack of a threat in non-fencing terms) does not mean that the person is opening themselves up for an attack, but rather are letting him decide if it would be wise for him to try his foolish, desperate lunge to try and catch anything on target. As we’ve all seen, whenever he does that, the other person always seems ready to parry it and give him a solid hit home.

    Sorry for the fencing metaphores, but for some reason it made the most sense.

  93. 0
    Ix says:


    You’re not the only one, I find myself getting into movies a lot more than video games since while playing a game I have to puzzle things out, and I look at things like graphics and AI as well. The game is more interactive, but that activity makes it harder to lose sight of the fact that it is just a game. Also the fact that games as a whole are unrealistic makes it harder to lose sight of myself when playing, I could play through a Halo marathon beating Halo 1-3 straight and never think I’m some 8 foot tall super soldier that must save the earth from an alien coalition bent on destroying all humanity. During the said marathon I would notice improvements in graphics and AI, but my thoughts on the game would never go beyond “Hey, this is a good game”. On the other hand watching a movie, using less than 1% of my mind means the rest of my brain is working on putting me into the main characters shoes, and going over ‘what if’ events as if I were the character. Obviously this connection is broken as soon as I stop watching for any reason, but the connection forms much better watching a movie than when playing a game.

    I’ll admit I’m fairly susceptible to horror things (games and movies, and oddly enough I don’t scare easily IRL, just when watching fake stuff), however I’ve yet to see a movie that didn’t get to me but there’s only two games that’ve ever had an effect on me. When one compares the numbers it’s obvious that movies are much more potent at influencing people than games are.

  94. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    This is pretty funny. I love to see hypocrites exposed. It should be a video.

    Why would they let adults choose their movies, but not their games? Because they are out of touch with modern society. They do not think that games are art worthy of respect (if they think of games as art at all).

    Sorry nothing new to add. :(

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  95. 0
    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Jack Thompson has filed an action in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to shut down The Bar’s illegal assault upon him”

    You filed 10 or so trying to get the ruling Judge recused and they went nowhere. You filed several more trying to get Norm Kent involved in the case, investigated and even arrested, and what came of it? An impending libel case which I am very sure Mr. Kent will win. You filed I don’t know how many motions and actions already to try and get the legitimate complaints (from several different sources) regarding your appaling behaviour dropped, it is still going ahead.

    Seems like business as usual for you.

  96. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Well, “debating” with JT is like playing one of those training modes in fighting games where the cpu ‘opponent’ just sits there and takes it. Not so good practice for debate if you ask me. Besides, we win by default every time anyway…

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