Did Splinter Cell Motivate Washington High School “Mission” ?

Did the stealth-adventure Splinter Cell cause five teens to break into their Kitsap County, Washington high school?

According to the North Kitsap Herald, police busted five students after they entered Kingston High School via a door located on the roof (so we’d assume some climbing was involved). From the news report:

One of the 18-year-olds said they had been playing a spy video game, “Splinter Cell,” before deciding to go to the high school… She said her friend and the others were “going on a mission.”

They told deputies once they were inside the school, they ran around and pushed each other in wheeled garbage cans. None of them said they had any intention of vandalizing or taking anything.

Deputies said they saw one of the teenagers in the building upon arrival wearing a black vest and mask. They were able to gain access to the roof, and found the group hiding in an air-conditioning unit.

GP: Personally, we don’t think Splinter Cell caused this horrific event. Kids have been pushing one another around in wheeled garbage cans since long before video games were invented.

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