President Bush Games with Wounded Troops; Bloggers Take Offense

President Bush’s recent gaming session with wounded Iraq war veterans in a Texas rehab hospital is not sitting well with some liberal bloggers.

At this point, it’s not known exactly which game Bush played. As reported by AFP:

President George W. Bush had a shoot-out with the “bad guys” in Iraq on Thursday, playing a computer game with war veterans that simulates a firefight in Baghdad… Bush tried his hand at the game with two soldiers during a visit to a rehabilitation center in Texas that treats veterans wounded in Iraq.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Bush helped “shoot the bad guys” in a Baghdad neighborhood, albeit virtually… the president saw several “cutting edge virtual reality games” that allow recovering soldiers at the center in San Antonio to simulate riding in a car or boat.

The Huffington Post’s bare-bones report on the story generated a thousand comments (although, to be fair, many of those relate to a flame war among HP readers). Meanwhile Exit Stage-left really wigged out:

First, did he wear his flight suit? Just because you play a god blessed video game, you did not fight against the “bad guys” you twit.

It’s an insult to the men and women you are sending in to lose limbs and their lives. You playing a video game does not make you a soldier, you giddy moron.

…For [military personnel killed in Iraq] there was no restart button, the bullets were real, you don’t get any “life packs” or supercharged powers. You don’t play in an air-conditioned room with tons of admirers/donors watching your every move.

GP: Let me say right up front that – my opinion – George W. Bush is a freakin’ disaster as President. But c’mon. The troops – many of whom have lost limbs – were rehabbing and enjoying the game. What’s the problem? Bush has plenty of real issues over which he can be criticized. Let’s not manufacture one from a few moments of game play.

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    Joe ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I can’t believe that people are bitching about Bush playing a fucking game! He was just playing a game with some of our Troops who are American Heroes.

    btw, I think I am the only person here who likes Bush…

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    JustChris says:

    Bush’s rep has slipped so low that anything he does is perceived as an uphill struggle for credibility. People are giving Bush too much credit for the wrongdoings of this country. He’s only a President, not an all-encompassing monarch. These moaning bloggers probably are the same type that consider Bush to be a dictator and support Chavez, go figure.

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    A Commie says:

    Well, it all depends on what George’s real intentions were. If it was just a chance to boost PR, then I think it’s incredibly retarded he would play a game that simultes how the soldiers were wounded, “shooting the bad guys.” On the other hand, if this was just a heart felt thing, then good for him, gaming with some fellow soldiers making light with the use of indirect dark humor. “Oh, haha, I just team killed the president, guess I’m going to jail.”

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    Mad_Scientist ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Bush lied to cause the war”. Oh how I love this statement. It’s amazing how many mind readers there are, apparently.

    For one to be lying, they have to be speaking a deliberate falsehood with intention to decieve. Given that the belief that Iraq had WMDs predated Bush by quite a bit, it’s somewhat hard to believe that Bush somehow had this amazing gift of clairvoyance that allowed him and him alone to know that many years of intelligence was faulty. No one else in the intelligence community knew Saddam had no WMDs, none of the recent Presidents before bush knew, but somehow, Bush knew. I mean, there’s not the slightest chance in the world that he was mistaken too, right?

    Bah. I can perfectly understand saying that before you actually go to war, you want to be absolutely certain that your info is correct. If you want to criticise Bush, members of his administration, and various members of Congress for failing to do that, go right ahead. That’s reasonable. But enough of this “Bush lied” nonsense. If Bush is really as much of an idiot as so many of you think, I highly doubt that he would have had insight into the interior of Iraq that no one else did.

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    […] So tonight, I will be getting into the multi-player part of the game, taking a little time off from Battlefield 2, which by the way is probably the game Mr. Bush was playing with the troops. It’s the only game we can think of around here that allows players to “shoot the bad guys” in the Middle East and “simulate riding in a car or boat.” I just don’t know that I’d call a 2 year old game “cutting edge virtual reality games”. […]

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    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “The man is doing the best he can in a bad situation”

    Partially correct. More precisely he is doing as best he can in a situation in which he had to lie to the American people to drag them into.

    He got us into this mess, I feel no sympathy for him as he tries to get us out.

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    Nekowolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    “God, I am so tired of hearing people railing against President Bush. The man is doing the best he can in a bad situation.”

    He’s the one who PUT us in that situation, and if this is his “best” than bloody Christ…we.are.fucked. That is some “best.”

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    Mnementh2230 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Invading Iraq was never necessary. END OF STORY. It is now a quagmire, where American lives and dollars are being wasted. We may have won the war, but it looks like we may never win the aftermath… with that in mind, does it really count as a victory?

    Bush hasn’t done a “great deal for the economy” – if that were true, why has the American dollar fallen so much (33% in the last year alone!!!) and why are other countries abandoning the dollar?

    Bush has gotten some things right, but Iraq and the Economy are not among his accomplishments.

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    Brent ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    God damn liberals (I count my self among them). Although I have to say The White House did word it kinda weird. Come on. It makes it sound like he was actually picked up a gun and fought in Iraq. But other then that I do not see their point. HE WAS ENTERTAIN THE TROOP. There are some many other things he has done wrong. Why make up one?


    “President Bush has done a great deal for the economy…”

    Are we living the same country? Did you see the sharp market self of last week? The dow was down a record 250 points almost 1% (note I think it like .5 correct me if I wrong). This actually happen not once but twice. It has not been that low for 2 years. The tax cut have lead to a record deficit. Also they have devalued the dollar to the point where it is now lower the Canadian dollar. Also the housing market is slipping. Our Economy is not well and comparing it to per Bush Administration it a lot worse.

    “If President Carter had actually supported the Shah of Iran, and President H.W. Bush disposed of Saddam in the first gulf war, the ongoing conflict in Iraq (The War was WON, we toppled the army of Iraq, people really need to look up what a War is. ) would never have been necessary had we dealt with them when it would have been justifiable.”

    First of Carter did support the Shah. We were watch Ayatollah Khomeini and when the Shah was deposed, in 82, he was actually over here get a heart transplant. Yes we did “win” the war. I will give you that. But we did not stabilize the country we made it worst. Further more I really don’t see what Iran and Saddam have to do with each other. They FOUGHT A WAR THEY WEREN’T BEST FRIENDS. I could go on but I will stop here. I don’t not feeling like give a history lesson. As it will bore you all.

    Sorry GP I had to responded to that post.

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    rdeegvainl ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I just had a gigantic philosophical rant, I deleted it. Doesn’t matter, no one here would change their mind, no one would shut their mouths. No opinions would change at all.
    A bloggers got mad that the president payed attention to troops. GET OVER IT.
    “but it was a war game, and if he thinks such and such…”
    Whatever, it was probably the game the people were already playing of their own tastes.
    Like they say damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you have a problem with the president being with wounded troops, doing activities they are doing, think about what your problem really is, I don’t want to here about it. If you really think it is a real issue, ok, otherwise think about what you really have a problem with.

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    John says:

    God, I am so tired of hearing people railing against President Bush. The man is doing the best he can in a bad situation. If President Carter had actually supported the Shah of Iran, and President H.W. Bush disposed of Saddam in the first gulf war, the ongoing conflict in Iraq (The War was WON, we toppled the army of Iraq, people really need to look up what a War is. ) would never have been necessary had we dealt with them when it would have been justifiable.

    President Bush has done a great deal for the economy (those reviled tax cuts have spurned investment in the stock market, which ultimately lead to new jobs in new markets), health care for senior citizens (Medicare part D), and a number of other accomplishments which have been completely twisted with this dogged partisan narrative that Bush is an “Idiot” and “Corrupt”.

    :: Sighs. :: Sorry for the rant. I am entitled to my opinion, as you all are.

    In the future, I hope we can continue to keep and eye out for issues concerning the gaming industry without dragging in unrelated, and decidely controversial issues. We are all gamers, and we are subject to dangerous stereotypes and bias. Until the day where people like us roam the halls of Capitol Hill or God willing, the White House; we must remain vigilant and united in allowing our beloved pastime (livelyhood for some) from being targeted by ignorant journalists, pseudo-scientists, and politicans.

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    lumi ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I also hate Bush, but I really don’t see a problem with what he did, as long as he wasn’t somehow trying to spin this as “empathizing with the troops” or some such. As long as this was billed as nothing more than “Bush went to see rehab troops and played a game with them”, a sort of “lift their spirits” thing, it’s fine, and even commendable (regardless of what you think about the war or the troops being there in the first place).

    So long as he’s not trying to cast himself in the same light as the troops in any way, I see nothing wrong.

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    Shrike says:

    And here I thought that conservative and liberal were terms applied to a person’s stance on the Constitution.
    That Republicans want smaller Federal government, lower taxes, and a true free market economy, favoring the rights of the states to set their own laws (Interestingly, there is no federal right to vote, simply an amendment to the constitution that says everyone can vote regardless of gender or color), while the democrats are in favor of a government that does more for the people than simply defend or start wars.

    But somehow these stances have become almost interchangeable, conservative republicans and liberal democrats. Not to mention that there is now an extremely heavy-handed Christian ideology behind the republican party, which keeps trying to ban abortions and punish homosexuality on a governmental level.

    Moderates have been sidelined and compromise has become difficult to reach, with state-level parties working to change voting districts to marginalize voters of the other side, influencing the electoral college, house, and senate at the national level.

    As a liberal Democrat, I don’t think conservative Republicans are bad or stupid, and I sometimes shake my head at the stupidity of ‘my party’.

    It’s politics that has been broken by extremists, and so we get polarization that puts a President on trial for a sex scandal that had no influence on his job, but a President who lies to congress and the American People, who drags Colin Powell’s name and reputation in the mud, who puts more cronies and lobbyists and defense contractors in his staff than any other President in history… goes unchallenged because the party in power when this would have mattered was all too willing to hate the Democrats rather than taking a critical look at the issues.

    The game is now about image over fact and emotion over analysis.
    We’re looking at actors, paid to say things or so guided by belief that they cannot seek compromise.

    Shrub himself is wrapped in insulation, and only goes to events where there will be support for him. In visiting the soldiers, he is playing the role of caretaker in chief. While it may be insulting to the soldiers (depending on one’s viewpoint), it is probable that he is insisting on seeing the damage done, and doing all he can do at this point to show his concern without compromising his image and admitting that all the misery and mishandling and corruption of the Iraq war was a mistake.

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    Greg says:

    “Ben, you are a complete idiot.
    Congratulations on being both stupid enough to fall for the 9/11 ‘conspiracy theories’ as well as being completely uninformed on the effects of PTSD.”

    pwnd in the face.

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    Anonymous says:

    @ BlackIce,

    I /like/ the soviet union, without it there would have little scientific and technologic emulation between the sides, they have been useful, now they have fallen and deprived a stupid part of humanity of their presence which was the “easy to hate, big, heinous, godless ennemy”.

    Without it, those peope have nothing else to cling on,th ey are lost in the sea of greyish reality where they only ever Black and White and now they try to see Black and White but it is hard, choices are to be made and none of them will get them where they want.

    They (those people, of which we are part, all of us. See our reaction to game haters. Yes, I implied that I am deluded) are in dire need of a fixed moral beacon because when they don’t they either turn mad or think themselves mad (see Neitzsche’s adhesive ultimate) and the effective result is the same, they either “roleplay” themselves in a role in society or are considered mad for all practical purposes and we know the rest (… Pickman Project …).

    Now that the “world” is without its beacon of evil, it will have to form a new one, that it is “really” (you can’t say that about a moral standpoint) evil has nothing to do with the issue, people need to hate something, to blame it for the state of the world, their own failures, things that no one had any conscious influence on (cancer and other illnesses), we need to blame something, or, better, someone, to feel good.

    Even if it only is “damn you, universe!”, it still counts.

    / Armchair philosophy.

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    Gryphonosiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know, I think the whole irony of this with the faulty intelligence is that everyone from Hillary, to Gore, to Kerry kept saying that So-damn Insane (Saddam) had WMD’s, and this was back into the Clinton Era, the only difference was that the current President actualy acted on said reports. No I agree with his decision… not really, comeing from a family with a long military background I don’t like the idea of sending our troops into battle with poor intel. There are quite a few acronyms and sayings for that, but most are vulgar, so I’ll refrain from them.

    But back to the actually topic at hand. Video Games are such a part of the culture now that it shouldn’t be a surprise that a wounded soldier was playing them in his free time.

    Simply put : IT ISN’T REAL.

    No matter what Grossman or Thompson say, unless you have some seriously messed up mind, you know that it isn’t real and just play it as a game. Just like you know a TV shows isn’t real, or that a movie isn’t real. (Not counting that time I was playing Secret of Monkey Island when I was 12. Spent 2 days at home looking for a nail file because I needed one in game. Then again, I really stuck on what to do next.)

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    Yuki says:


    it would appear that the only one incapable of understanding logic and reason is you buddy.

    Nothing personal, but attacking others for your own faults, doesn’t help your cause.

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    Anonymous says:

    @ BlackIce,

    The methods are so self evident that there is no need for the agencies to copy each other. Pandralisk, if he was not locked on the Xians would blather about the Incas who used religion to keep people down.

    Plus KGB and FSB (Anon’s useless knowledge: the soviets put the nazi camps back in use for political detention, although they used the manpower instead of treating it all the way to uselessness. I hate waste too.) and KGB is more badass than the CIA.

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    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:

    @Austin Lewis

    Regarding Ben: Ouch. Hit the Nail on the head there..

    Regarding Respect ot other Veterans: Well, in General I agree. In General.
    Some people deserve to be disrespected. The Gestapo, father of the CIA, for Example.

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    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Your father is owed many apologies, but those fuckers are too cowardly to apologize and too lazy to do their own research, so it won’t be coming.

    As all soldiers do, we respect those who came before us.

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    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ben, you are a complete idiot.
    Congratulations on being both stupid enough to fall for the 9/11 ‘conspiracy theories’ as well as being completely uninformed on the effects of PTSD.

    You join the unwashed masses of retards who believe 9/11 was caused by a bomb/missile, along with such intelligent people as Rosie O’donnel.

  22. 0

    I am a registered Democrat and a President bush hater. I am glad that the games that the soldiers are playing aren’t Doom or Counter-Strike. The effects of shooter game on soldiers with PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) would be undoable. Plus, Mr. Jack Thompson might have something to say about that. It is true that we went into Iraq on false intelligence, though. I also think that 9/11 was an inside job. Here is a video on that issue:


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    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:


    You’re funny when you call everyone else conservative, you know that? Wait, by your logic, you’re a Conservative too, as you’re completely unwilling to admit you can, will or are wrong on any topic.
    Which, in calling Yuki a conservative because of the apologies her father deserves, you are most certainly wrong.

  24. 0
    Greg says:

    Wow. Pandralisk, you are the biggest fucking judgemental moron that has ever been my misfortune to meet. It’s people like you that make me glad that I am no longer a democrat.

  25. 0
    Anonymous says:

    @ Pandralisk,

    I am what you would classify as a right wing nazi.

    Trouble is that I am an agnostic bordering on the atheist and that I think of myself as quite a leftist on most issues (except in economic management, this excludes welfare which is a thing to have).

    I you would stop classifying the world in the following two categories I might have more respect for you.

    CatA: agrees with me on all things: well thought out person.

    CatB: disagrees on one or more subjects in a reasonable way or not: ultra conservative christian moron.

    You sound like a 12 years old making his wiews of politics, no nuancing, no comparing…

    And, seriously, don’t drink and post.

    Even if here it is “do think and post”.

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    Pandralisk says:


    Watch this folks. What we have here in Yuki’s response is the typical abstraction of conservative fear-inventing mechanisms. GG, abstracting the actions of a dozen of people three decades ago onto an entire polotical philosophy. I suppose this is what Limbaugh and the other conservative brains do to your thought proccesses: the world becomes a simple tone between the colorful, red/white/blue, conservative Americans (who can do no wrongs) and the evil, communist, Godless liberals. Reality check: you might want to stop listening to your veteran father’s rantings about the VA after Nam and realize that an enormous amount of anti-verteran legislation has been endorsed, if not co-signed and passed, by an equal amount of conservatives. Further Reality Check: you would be hard pressed to find a liberal in a high office who openly strikes down veterans and the military. Most people against our troops today are conservatives who send them to die for an unjust cause.

    I will label conservative thought as either not able to comprehend fact, inconsistent in theory, ignorant of fact, or obscenely unethical. You’re forced into chosing at least one of these properties for your political ideology to remain interally consistent. Not all conservatives choose to pick the same mental flaw. Bush, for example, represents a conservative who is blatantly unethical. He is quite aware he sent over 3,000 people to die for corporate profits, and he was certainly not ignorant of the fact that his administration deliberately lied to congress in the months leading up to war. Unethical conservative legislators, who trick gullible conservative voters like yourself, now are able to send people to die in foreign lands for the benefit of the Commander and Chief’s closest buisness partners. Talk about “supporting the troops.” That’s right! Support those troops! Send them to die in a deserted hole in the middle east for virtually no reason, =D! Flag! Flag! Flag!

    As someone who supposedly values the lives of those in our military, watching them be sent to war for a handful of corporations should disgust you outright. But, then again, conservatives simply look to some form of external authority and construct their contemporary values around their favored form of authority.

    We watch Bush send these people to die for corporate profits. Then Bush has the nerve, knowing what he did, to play FPS games that depict American soldiers getting shot… WITH wounded soldiers?

    Seriously, what the hell. I’m glad someone noted this obscenely disgusting PR attempt by the president.

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    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:


    Go watch “The War On Democracy”. Can be found on the Tube of You.

    You almost sympathise with Bin Laden at the end. Almost.

  28. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:


    I’ll be damned.. You’re the last person i’d expect to take the same side as me, but you’re also the only one to have done so.

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    Gryphonosiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know, I think everyone is taking this thing a little out of proportion. He did what every President (except for Clinton) does. He went to see wounded GI’s, talked, played games (doesn’t matter if it’s spades of Call of Duty) and had a photo op. As it stands, all games I’ve played that are story based have you fighting “bad guys”. Frankly, games are like books and movies and would only confuse people if they looked at things and beyond black and white.

    It’s like; You see that Covenant Grunt there, he’s a bad guy, shoot him before he shoots you. Not: well, I wonder if he has a family, if he really believes in what his commanders are fighting for, ect, ect. They aren’t supposed to be hugs and cuddles group therapy, but rather a story to be told from the eyes of the character.

    People take this way too seriously, what if they just played Uno? I can see it now: Uno shows president’s desire to dominate all.

    And, FYI, for the record, I did vote for him, because John Kerry scared me me more. And as it stands I don’t care who becomes President next, just so long as it isn’t Hillary. Frankly, my dad had it right, there should be a “None of the Above” box on the ballots.

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    Anonymous says:

    Franckly, if you nice americans didn’t have any kind of stupid hope that your politicians might be doing politics for you, then there wouldn’t be a problem.

    The thing that bothers me most about american politics is the “cut it in two” approach, you are either a “liberal” or a “conservative” and there is no middle ground, no middle ground means no debate and then no sanity, look at the state of your politics!

    I personnaly happen to quite like the Economist’s eitorial stance, it is both “rightish” economicaly (but not conservative) and “leftish” for personnal freedom (in a potently not “democratic” (I mean, “democratic party”, it sound way too arrogant) kind of way, more in a “do what you want as long as it doesn’t blow things up” kind of way) and they frown upon things lik laws restricting freedom of speech like the nice one we have in France for exemple.

    And let me tell you that the world loves to see activists complain about the US not doing enough to maintain peace AND asking for soldiers to come back home. Sorry people but you can’t eat your cake, then put it back in the fridge and then sell it before putting it back in the fridge. Again.

    Yet another thing, stop it with political correctness, seriously, it gets in our countries now and it’s one of the most effective way to silence oposition:
    A: “Well, Stalin didn’t have an ouce of stategic thinking in him.”
    B: “Nazi apologist!”
    A: “Wiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?”

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    Yuki says:


    This from the man whose party spent the better part of 30 years attacking the benefits of vietnam vets by trying to give it to illigals and activits?

    Hypocrite, party of one.

    I will agree that it’s time to bring the troops home. I no longer care if iraq tears itself apart. if my eyes, had we really wanted peace in that area, we’d have taken out it’s tyrant leader and left it at that, the people would have chosen there own government.

    But While one can argue up and down which party really supports the troops, the records is clear. It wasn’t conservitives who spat on them coming home from nam. It was liberals.

    I fall far short of being a neo con. At worst, i’m a moderate that leans towards conservitism.

    But I’m also the son of a solder. Don’t you dare accuse me of not supporting the troops, i’ve been doing that my whole fucking life you Hypocrite.

    We can argue all we want about the reasoning or justification for going to iraq, or weather we should have stayed. Personally I’m not hear to argue that. I will say that it’s time for the troops to leave, let iraq solve it’s own problems.

    But to blanket label all conservitives like you have done shows your mentally biased and permantly deluded.

    Yet another victim of the Liberal media monopoly. Maybe you should listen to talk radio, least then you’d actually be able to hear both sides of an issue ,biased though it might be.

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    JimK says:

    “Watching Bush play a game that depicts modern combat, while visiting wounded veterans, is an insult to every person in this country who gives half a rat’s ass about the troops.”

    Sometimes, I really, really hate the internet.

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    Pandralisk says:


    Wow, conservatism at work. Create an enormous problem by spewing forth an obscene amount of lies, and then support the continuation of the problem by citing reasons that are solely contingent on the problem itself.
    Keep “supporting those troops” by forcing them to fight a war on behalf of US contractors and a handful of corporations with ties to the Bush admisinstration. I guess if you say, “I support the troops” and wear a lapel pin on your chest, it really doesn’t matter when you read stories about your fellow countrymen getting shot in the face.

    There is something seriously wrong with a Commander and Chief who sent the best people in this country to die in a foriegn land for several billion dollars in contracting and oil. The problem becomes worse when some members of the public are too stupid, submissive, or apathetic to see through the lies that were used to push us into this unwarranted and illegal war.

    Watching Bush play a game that depicts modern combat, while visiting wounded veterans, is an insult to every person in this country who gives half a rat’s ass about the troops. It’s sick enough that Bush sent these people die for money; it’s even worse when we see a tasteless and disgusting PR attempt like this. You support the troops by withdrawling them from that quagmire, not by tuning into conservative talk radio, wearing a lapel pin, playing games that depict soldiers dieing with wounded soldiers, putting a yellow ribbon on your SUV, or articulating your prima-facie concern in the form of a four word phrase on a daily basis.

    I am glad this point was noted.

  34. 0
    Mike says:

    Yet again, we have the rhetoric against Bush. Bush is commander-in-chief of the army, making him the highest military official, visiting troops who are wounded to raise overall morale is part of his duty.

  35. 0
    Greg says:

    “Getting our troops off streets where bombs go off on a daily basis would be the next logical step.”

    Wow. That was incredibly stupid. So you want to leave the Iraqis on the streets with no real military force protecting them with these bombs going off every day? And you liberals complain about how the war is killing people. It’ll be much worse when we pull out.
    I want out of Iraq as much as the next liberal, but I don’t want to leave in defeat; I want to leave in victory. Which, so far, is looking pretty achievable, with the new general.

    And BTW, you can generalize about conservatives all you want, I don’t care. I’m a libertarian.

  36. 0
    pyrohazard, agitated janitor ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    On second thought, maybe the UN should establish a resolution where all countries can settle their disputes over a game of Big Team Slayer on Halo 3.

    *writes to Congress*

  37. 0
    Coravin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wouldn’t see any problem with this if it weren’t for the stark contrast between Bush playing games with the wounded Vets and cutting funding for their future care as well as trimming down (from numbers that still haven’t gone up since before the war) the number of soldiers who can receive monetary compensation for crippling damage, mental or physical or both.

    Nothing wrong with bringing a moment of star-struck fun to a few recuperating soldiers; but I hope the president changes his mind about making the Veterans pay the price for his war-funding and other things, or else this will be just another ironic publicity stunt in a growing list of them.

    What’s with all the bashing? Just because people don’t agree with your viewpoint doesn’t make them “conservative/liberal” morons.

  38. 0
    d.vel.oper ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    First off: LOL.

    Seriously though, generalizing all ‘conservatives’, as you put them, doesn’t make you any better than they are. They do the same thing…just not as articulately.

    Damnit, couldn’t resist.

  39. 0
    Pandralisk says:


    Gotta love it when conservative posters twist premises around to make insanely flawed, almost silly, arguments. Nothing like bowing before corporate authority without question! True patriotism!!! I think by “bitch” you mean “think.” Now I know this whole “thinking” idea is hard for people who derive truth solely from superstition, tradition, and authority… and I know that many conservatives are not used to evoking complex thought processes that encourage the consideration of fact and data, but please do not confuse “thinking” for “bitching.” How many people are bashing Vietnam vets in this thread? -Looks around- …Conservatives, the true masters at inventing phantom fears.

    Yeah. As I said before, if you’re looking to avoid going to war joining the Texas Air National Guard is one of your safest bets.


    I’m sick of deluded conservatives who “support the troops,” but see nothing wrong about forcing them to fight in foreign lands for the profit of a handful of US firms. Want to support the troops, conservative friends? Standing up against a handful of corportized cronies who lie to the American people would have been a great start. But, unfortunately, most conservatives allow either the Bible or fear-mongering authority figures to replace their brains in any instance where deductive reasoning is required. You’ve already screwed up. Getting our troops off streets where bombs go off on a daily basis would be the next logical step.

    As I said before…

    Wearing a lapel pin on your chest, playing a video game for five minutes, and saying “I support the troops” depicts your devotion to the troops just as much as a cockslap to the face. But hey, as long as you say you support the troops, one forth of the American public is still stupid enough to believe it.

  40. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is just freaking pathetic. I mean yeah, GWB is one of the worst Presidents in US history. But really, he is showing respect for those who would give their lives for this country. This is the least he can do for those who died for his pointless war.

    So basically these bloggers are idiots. There are much more relevant and pressing flaws in GWB Presidency that need to be brought to light. Not wasting their time with this moot bullshit.

  41. 0
    Greg says:

    “And let’s face it: if the president DIDN’T visit the troops he’d get criticized.”

    Agreed one hundred percent. I am so fucking sick of these idiot liberals constantly putting Bush in a catch 22 situation. They were saying on the The View that Bush shouldn’t even bother to go to California after the wildfires (because “he doesn’t care”. pfft.), but if he didn’t go, then they’d say “WAIR TEH FUCK IS HE????”

  42. 0
    CyberSkull ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The only problem I have with the article is the term “virtual reality games”. WTF? So the prez and some soldiers strapped on some goggles and gloves and flailed their arms about ineffectively?

  43. 0
    Yuki says:


    You know, as the son of a korea and vietnam viet, my father is still waiting for an apology from all the liberal activists that called him shit like “Baby killer” and vile crap like that. I don’t argue that this war has been perfect, hell, i still think we should have just taken out saddam and his closet supporters and let the country chose it’s own path, not stick around for 5 years or more. But to claim that bush showing support for the troops is in some way an insult to them is big words when you consider that at least bush was in the guard, easy duty though it may be, unlike clinton who dodge the draft all together.

    When the left starts remembering who it is that gives them the right to Bitch, then maybe i’ll listen to them bitching about bush. Till then, it’s just more self important hate spewing against the man. I may have no love for bush, he’s lost my support for his stance on immigration, but the left is no better. In my eyes, you will forever be far WORSE after what you did to the vietnam vets.

  44. 0
    Dog_Welder ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Zippy — Let me be clear. I’m a Republican. I’m no fan of the current president. But is the liberal blogosphere so hard up for other material to bash him about that they have to get their panties in a wad over this? Really?

    And EVERY wartime president has done similar photo ops. (Or, let’s call them press ops back in the days before cameras were invented.)

    And let’s face it: if the president DIDN’T visit the troops he’d get criticized.

    Damed if you do, etc. etc.

  45. 0
    Pandralisk says:

    If there was ever a draft reinstutitued in this country, I’d be one of the first to sign up for the Texas Air National Guard. Best follow the incredible precedent of courage that Bush established decades ago.

    You can’t blame Bush for at least pretending like he gives a flying shit about the people serving in Iraq; it’s the least he can do for the people he sent to suffer and die in a foreign war that was inititated to stimulate certain parts of the economy. The bloggers were right to jump all over this. Bush’s action is almost as distasteful as cockslapping the servicemen in the face.

  46. 0
    Brian says:

    Im not a supporter of bush, i respect him since he is the president of the united states, but i dont respect what he has done for this country, but anything that he does people will always try to put a negative spin on it, honestly as someone else said what would everyone be saying if he refused to play this Iraq Simulation with the Vets, let me guess, the president doesn’t want to see the horrors he has caused…

  47. 0
    Anonymous says:

    @ BlackIce,

    Oh, it was about the crusades, okay, I get it. Don’t worry about me being angry at politicians, it’s a default setting in most people.

    I don’t get your last post though. (Though I’d support the woman.) (BTW, relevant much?)

  48. 0
    Shrike says:

    I don’t really see a news story here.

    One thing that has been consistent throughout his misguided presidency is the amount of concern he shows to the troops/families of troops (who have also contacted the white house about not blaming him for the deaths), and so him spending time with the wounded isn’t unreasonable.

    Though, with the amount of photo op PR stuff that the administration does (even if Bush isn’t always aware of it), I’d not be surprised if the games that the soldiers were playing were carefully selected so that he wouldn’t come under fire from conservatives for playing a controversial game.

  49. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:

    Funnily enough, i’m the only person to look at it fro the Bloggers’ point of view. Narrow minded? Yeah, that sums up this article.

    Here’s one for you: Abortion is illegal in a certain country. Woman is pregnant with a horribly disabled child. This child won’t live much longer than 5 months, and it will be in horrific pain every waking moment of it’s life. Woman has child aborted. She is arrested.

    Who is right?

  50. 0
    cpt crunchie says:

    ugh. im pretty damn liberal, and i hate bush just as much as the next person whos had to live under him the last 7 years. but come on, there was nothing evil about what he did. he just played some games with soldiers. yet another reason why i dont go to those ultra-extreme-liberal-hippie blogs

  51. 0
    Yuki says:

    Not to be the spoil sport or nothing, but while one care argue up and down about Bushs time as president, and trust me, I’ve had more then my fair share of issues with the man. “Cough” Amneisty “Cough”. Nor am I pleased with how the war in iraq was handled. To be honest, I felt getting rid of sadam was a good think, questionable justifications not withstanding, but this thing has gone on about 4 years or more longer then I think it should.

    That being said, I fail to see why this is something for them to whine about. Theres enough of a hate machine out for bushs head as it is, no need to go and add to it. The man will be out of office in a year or so.

    Now the question is, if hiliary gets elected, I wonder how long it’ll be before people start to look back on bushs presidancy as “the good old days”.

    Me, I give it six months tops. once those taxs start hitting peoples pay checks, they’ll really start thinking that maybe bush wasn’t so bad.

    Then again, if someone else gets elected, it might be even worse. I shudder to think what some of the republican canidates might be like, Fundie jerks they are.

    Ok, rant over, im done.

  52. 0
    Anonymous says:

    @ BlackIce, who prolly played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. too much,

    I could put my entire comment to what you said in a single smiley but that would be server abuse.

    Yeah, the only somewhat anti-spin politicians around here in France are right wing wacko, and we have some of the best in the “I swear I got no spin!” bussness. Sarkozy. With the other dopes not far behind.

    We’ll see how it goes, anyway. France had (still has?) a streak of spineless politicians.

    All in all, I’d like the one current superpower in the world to become politically sane, please. (I realise that me saying that has about so much impact as, say, the “thruth” or logic and observational evidence on the brain of a guy who fughts for words with capital letters.) (Never trust a guy who fights (worse of all tries to talk you in fighting, he’ll be the one taking cover while you fight for the cause) for a[some] word[s] with capital letters, best advice history can give us. Freedom is not the exeption, personal freedom is selfish so it “kinds of” works.)

  53. 0
    Mad_Scientist ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Everyone has bias though. I mean, Dennis is a human, so are the other GP writers, so they can’t help but have an opinion of Bush, one way or another. They usually don’t report about him because he doesn’t get involved in video game issues that often, so they seldom have to worry about it influencing their reporting. Wasn’t the last time Bush was mentioned in an article the time Jack Thompson tried to subpeona him?

    I have no problem with GP’s last paragraph, though, as it was clear what their opinion was, but they kept it seperate from the rest of the article. If there were subtlely inserting digs and attacks against Bush throughout the whole story, it would be another thing.

  54. 0
    Greg says:

    btw, I’m really glad you guys at Gamepolitics at least admitted your anti-Bush bias. I mean, we have CNN and MSNBC totally denying it.

    altho, I’m not endorsing having bias either.

  55. 0
    Greg says:

    Why the hell is it that whenever Bush does something, his opponents say it’s a photo-op? I don’t care whether or not you agree with him (I don’t totally agree with him, personally), but he’s a good man, doing what he thinks is right. Leave the guy alone. He plays a video game and all you gamers do is slam him. You should be glad we have someone this influential playing video games with this social conservative thing going around. Grow up guys, seriously.

  56. 0
    Mad_Scientist ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    There certainly is a lot of hatred for Bush. (Well, that’s an understatement.) Unfortunately, I think sometimes people let their distaste for him prevent them from thinking very clearly, and they act a bit absurd as a result. This is one of those cases, in my view.

  57. 0
    Vinzent says:

    I don’t think Huffington was commenting on Bush playing a game with the troops so much as he was commenting on the press’s spin of the situation. It was the press column that made it sound as if Bushie was doing something heroic.

  58. 0
    Suprboy says:

    I’m very liberal, I don’t like Bush all that much but this blogger is a dumb ass. Bush wasn’t claiming to have had the same experience that the wounded/disabled soldiers had. I’ve played dozens of games don’t mean I claim to know what it is like to save a magical land from random evil wizard guy.

  59. 0
    Wengler says:

    I think the point is that this war for Bush has always been little more than a video game, so it is more than a little ironic that he would be playing a simulation of it with soldiers that were injured in the real thing.

    Anything that Bush does that pertains to this occupation is fair game(so to speak). He personally ordered an invasion that has led to the deaths of over half a million people and the displacement of 2.3 million others. He never gets to “just play a game” during a photo op and have it not be construed as something else cause he is responsible for those soldiers being in that hospital in the first place.

  60. 0
    Saladin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh god FORBID Bush plays a video game. I don’t care for the guy’s policies, but he went out to support the troops. How is THAT a bad thing? I wish people could stop being so damn narrow-minded.

  61. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:

    Cute.. The Clown’s playing video games..

    If Preznit Bush thinks that’s what Iraq was like, then the bloggers are justified. I wouldn’t be suprised if that was going through his mind at the time. Of course, if he had said that, then the vets would have thrown him out the front door.

    The other possiblity is that he was just there to enjoy himself and spend some time with his loyal soldiers, in which case the bloggers aren’t justified, but are interpreting the situation as they see it.

    The third possibility is that he was just doing it for the press.

    Although Bush is a politican, he is a simple man (also known as an idiot), so it’s more likely to be the first scenario than the other two.

  62. 0
    Tye The Czar says:

    I guess Bush was getting with wounded troops to soften his image before his departure, oy. Remember when he said a month or more ago “Childrens do learn”? LOLOLOOOLOLOOL. And I laugh at how 2004 elections pictures on photobucket featured Bush as superior mostly and how John Kerry was a “Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey”. Look at that and the consequences of the Bush Administration now, oy.

  63. 0
    A-wel Cruiz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m no fan of Bush (quite the opposite, I can’t stand the man), but criticizing him over this is pretty idiotic and petty. I’m as left-leaning as they come, but those comments almost make me ashamed to say so.

  64. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yes, nice of him to drop in on the soldiers recovering and play a few video games….

    So tell me…

    How many terminally ill American CITIZENS did he drop in at hospitals and such and play a few video games with (such as at the hospitals where GWG and Child’s Play donated games)?

    Or, how about the citizens recovering from natural disasters (and some not so natural disasters)?

    Nice of him to give attention to the soldiers fighting wars overseas. But maybe every once and awhile he can give some attention to the CITIZENS of THIS country.

    NW2K Software

  65. 0
    Scuzz McTuzz says:

    As young people, I’m pretty sure there’s a written rule that says we’re prohibited from stating we like bush.

    That said, if we looked up bush’s gamertag, bet you that he hasn’t unlocked enough achievments in Iraq to satisfy critics. Y’see, who needs the writer’s guild for late night?

  66. 0
    Terminator44 says:

    The link leads me to a pop-up of a so-called virus-spyware scanner. If you’re going to link somewhere, at least check to see if it won’t put a reader’s computer at risk. :(

    Also, the Exit-Stage-Left link only leads to a Daily Telegraph article that contains none of the quotes in this article.

  67. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This does not mean that he is evil. It means that he has taken time out of his busy life to show these wounded soldiers that they have not been forgotten.

    I suppose it depends on whether the abysmal conditions at the rehab centers have been fixed, or whether this was just a photo op to pretend they were.

  68. 0
    daniel3 says:

    @some people…

    he’s not being ‘nice’ -he’s trying to get congress to pass his vets spending bill +make a little bit of positive publicity so it looks like the congress doesn’t care about the troops and he’s their hero.

  69. 0
    Wirebrain says:

    This is a reason why I think the national sport of Bush Bashing has gone too far. Yes, credit is due when he or any other president screws up, but it has gotten so far to become reflex amongst some people.

    Long line at the DMV? Blame Bush.
    Got stopped for speeding? Blame Bush.
    Mismanaged local crisis? Blame Bush.

    The funny thing is that he did do something nice here. I wonder if any of the people slamming G.W. would do the same…

  70. 0
    Icehawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Never really saw Bush as a gamer myself. Much to uptight. Still if he wants a PR shot of his spending time with the recouping troops (that he sent into harms way. He either has big balls [doubtful] or a lack of tact but that is not news with Bush) who is to quibble? So some bloggers did not like it? Those same bloggers bash Bush on a regular basis anyways, he cannot win for losing (and he loses a lot as it is). We have oil prices through the roof, possible war looming in Iran, inflation going nuts (due to said oil prices) and they have a problem with his playing a game? By all accounts even in the blog the games were helpful to the vets, so that should not be the issue. If someone wants to shoot off a few virtual rounds I cannot see the problem there either. In fact I the only problem I see here is the bloggers themselves. They are giving the rest of us a bad name.

    Just for the record I hate despise Bush as much as any Democrat and I am a registered Republican. But to get a kink in the pants over his playing a game with them? Anyone renting clues? Obviously those bloggers cannot afford to one of their own.

  71. 0
    Glen says:

    I don’t think Bush was playing the games to try to relate to or be more like the soldiers. He was doing it to have fun with them. I’m not a fan of Bush myself, but this is retarded. It’s the same situation when he was called racist for saying Obama is articulate.

  72. 0
    daniel3 says:

    if it were halo or a regular game… then it might not be worth making noise over…

    but playing an Iraq sim? -with vets who had their legs blown off (in reality) in iraq??? -with the guy who personally sent thousands of ‘us’ to die and kill tens of thousands of ‘them’ (in reality), and who justified it with LIES????

    …and this is to create a down-to-earth show of sympathy for the troops, that’s the part that’s weird

  73. 0
    Rigor Mortis says:

    Bush may not be a good president, but these asswipes who think he can’t even play a video game without turning it into a huge hate-on don’t exactly make it a fair playing field.

  74. 0
    KillerRamen ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I hate Bush as much as the next Democrat, but it’s kind of interesting to me that people automatically assume that he was playing a Call of Duty 4, Prey, Halo 3, or Gears of War when they could just as easily could have been defending their Pinatas from the bad sour Pinatas in Viva Pinata.

    …Then again, I guess people love to fabricate news stories just to attack George W. Bush when there’s so much other stuff he’s done wrong…

  75. 0
    SlyFox says:

    @ Zippy

    Does Bush EVER go out in public cameras? He’s the president. No, of course he doesn’t. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t support what he’s done but I’m going with Baron and Zachery on this.

  76. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Agreed, Austin. Doesn’t mean i like Bush, but… yeah.

    @ Black Manta

    With the amount of dumbed-down language in this article (virtual reality, ‘shooting the bad guys,’ simulations) JT just might try to subpeona Bush. AGAIN.

  77. 0
    SlyFox says:

    He’s spending time with the troops. It’s good that he’s taking time to play games with them when there are so many other things he could be doing (i.e. fixing the mistakes he’s previously made). So why are people bitching and moaning about it? Because there’s always people who feel that they have to bitch and moan about something.

  78. 0
    BaronJuJu ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Zippy

    POTUS can’t even leave the White House without a camera in tow or a heads up of where he is going.

    The only time I can think of was when he surprised the troops in Iraq at Christmas by sneaking out of his ranch. Even then though a handful of reporters were given the scoop and flew with him.

    I’m sure the troops at the hospital appreciated the opportunity to meet the Commander in Chief and be told personally thanks for all they have done.

  79. 0
    jadedcritic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I, for one, am glad it’s completely meaningless. That man almost makes me want to register democrat. The day that he takes up gaming is the day I consider hanging up on my controller. I can’t imagine a worse advocate. Well, maybe Jack. Problem with that theory is the day Jack takes up gaming is the day LEGIONS line up for the PRIVELEGE of tea-bagging him on xlive.

  80. 0
    jkdjr25, formerly bayushisan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Personally I see nothing wrong with this. The reaction is way off base, but what I’ve come to expect from certain groups. We live in the age where not only will some people take issue with actualy policy matter, but will also go out of their way to manufacture issues to complain and scream about.

  81. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    E. Zachary Knight
    key word PR, not everythign needs to be a photo opt if he went without cameras I could not diss this but with the cameras its nothing more than a photo opt to look good….meh and mabye to boost troop morals……*wanders off to remove 100 foot tree from ass*

  82. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So the President is a gamer? One more reason for JT to hate Bush… 😉

    (Although I seem to recall in the Rolling Stone piece that the interviewer noticed a Bush magnet on the refrigerator in his home, indicating support and thus making him a hypocrite…again. Then again, what else is new?) 😛

  83. 0
    BaronJuJu ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “So the president spent some PR time with people directly affected by the Iraq war. So he played some games with them to show a little bit of a human side. So what?

    This does not mean that he is evil. It means that he has taken time out of his busy life to show these wounded soldiers that they have not been forgotten. “

    QFE Knight, well said.

    p.s. – I wonder if the vets let POTUS win a round or two? 😛

  84. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    So the president spent some PR time with people directly affected by the Iraq war. So he played some games with them to show a little bit of a human side. So what?

    This does not mean that he is evil. It means that he has taken time out of his busy life to show these wounded soldiers that they have not been forgotten.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  85. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    its hard to do so when this asshole and his friends have fcked over the country so much even more so than whats in the socialist dims wet dreams, there is no excuse to have this retard and his cronies still in office but alas goverment is broken and falling downhill.

    Its only a matter of time before the neo cons and neo dims (lack of a better word to not offend the libertarians :P),hell calling them by thos names are not good enough these aristocrats are damning the nation and will destroying it in a generation or 2.

  86. 0
    GameDevMich ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ZeRu – I don’t think he is the first gaming president in US history. I’ll get back to you if I can prove otherwise =)

    If the game session was indeed a military simulation, I bet I can figure out which one it was in 3 guesses. If it was just an entertainment game, then some differentiation needs to be made.

  87. 0
    brainswarm ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    These days, George W. can’t blow his nose without enraging the ire of the liberal mainstream media, while Fox News and Rush Limbaugh defend him as the greatest president EVAR!!!! Is it any wonder my favorite source of news is the Daily Show? And now the writers strike has taken that away from me, the greedy bastards.

  88. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    not really its like the mission accomplished spew its a freaking photo op.

    its a photo opt and whats worse because bush and co put them there in the first place….uhg…. sorry there is nothing He and his can do that is not partially corrupted from the start…..

  89. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    ah the disabled/wounded playing together…isnt that nice ….at least the soldiers will get better in time….


    Who let the clown into the hospital!

    Sorry if there were no cams/pics I would give thumbs up to this but with the pics it smacks of a PR stunt more than visiting the wounded.

  90. 0
    ~the1jeffy says:

    You know, I’m no “Bushie,” but damn, these left-wing nutjobs are every bit as bad as the neo-con-moralist right. It seems like every single thing W does is ‘wrong’ – even when he’s right (for once).

    Gaming with injured troops, especially when he’s ultimately responsible for putting them there, is never a bad thing. Games have been shown to speed recovery and help with pain managment.

  91. 0
    Miang ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    There are plenty of things to criticize Bush about. This doesn’t need to be one of them. If you want to spend time talking about all the mistakes and miscalculations Bush has made there is tons of material out there that is actually relevant to the state of the world. Who really cares what Bush’s motive in playing games with troops is? It’s not nearly as important as the fact that he refuses to see that his Iraq policy has totally failed, he’s not doing anything to really help our troops have money and medical care when they come home, he is working very hard to prevent advances in medical fields through stem cell research and he is attempting to make sure that congress cannot extend medical care to children who’s parents make enough to live but not enough to actually take them to a doctor. Basically it comes down to
    Bush playing video games with troops = unimportannt
    Bush’s policies and effect on the nation = VERY IMPORTANT.

  92. 0
    Anonymous says:

    What amuses me is the spin in the report by the AFP. It’s silly.

    I wonder what JT would say? WWJTD?

    Anyway, I hate Bush for startinga useless war (that might have turned out good, with a lot of care) and letting yes-men dictate the warring and then when they failed (Surprising isn’t it?) not throwing them away ASAP. I also hate registered Bush Bashers, anyway they only preach to the choir, who can’t see that he might have done a few nice things. Hell, I’d bet they would STFU if any equally incompetent democrat president made the same thing. Anyway Bush is where we lost hope of getting a sane republican party and, of course, at the same time the democratic party hasn’t got to be sane to compete anymore. Damn the neo-cons (and the people who fell for their spin) for getting the US in a politically locked situation of total failure. (The alternative was called Al Gore, so perhaps the US voters didn’t make the worse choise…)

    And as for saying that ‘he perhaps has better things to do” I’d like to remind people that a sleep deprived and stressed person is not some one you would like to see running a powerful nation, I repeat, a half crazzed psycho is not a good leader, out.

    Besides, let him go without the PR for once, please, we nedd less spin in politics already, and not just the “I have less spin in my campaign!” reverse spin that still is spin, we need less spin. Lies, I can cope with, just don’t try to persuade (=! convince) me they are true.

  93. 0
    Nekowolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He is the worst president ever. But we have other issues that are far more important than him playing a game for a bit with some soldiers, because it really doesn’t mean anything, in truth, it holds little power.

    Now his veto of that child’s health care thing, that’s something much more important to focus on, for example.

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