Jack Thompson Petitions Court to Sue GP, ECA

November 16, 2007 -

Jack Thompson wants to sue me.

For a million bucks.

He also wants to sue the ECA, which represents video game consumers and is the parent company of GamePolitics.

Yesterday, the controversial Miami attorney filed a motion with the U.S. District Court in Florida seeking to add myself and the ECA as defendants in his ongoing lawsuit against the Florida Bar.

The Bar, as reported by GamePolitics, has disciplinary proceedings in the works which could see Thompson lose his license to practice law. Thompson's Bar trial before a referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court is scheduled to begin on November 26th. Thompson is also suing that referee, Judge Dava Tunis.

So, what does Thompson allege that GP and the ECA did? That's a bit unclear. He seems to hang his hat on the fact that I filed a Bar complaint against him in April, 2006. The Bar investigated my complaint for several months before opting not to proceed on it. From yesterday's Thompson court filing:
One of Thompson’s SLAPP Bar complainants has been Dennis McCauley, who owns and operates the video game industry apologist site... GamePolitics is owned by the ECA, which is the Entertainment Consumers Association. The ECA is part of the collaborative effort within the industry to disbar Thompson. The ECA represents retailers and others who seek the continued distribution of Mature-rated video games to minors.

Wow. Quite a few inaccuracies in Thompson's opening paragraph...

For reasons known only to himself, Thompson has often tried to paint me as a game industry stooge. I think the various game industry entities I've zinged over the years would have a chuckle at that notion.

As for his assertion that the ECA represents game retailers? Hardly. ECA is a consumer group. It would seemingly be difficult for a regular reader of GamePolitics - like Thompson - not to be aware of that fact.

Collaborative game industry effort to disbar Thompson? The Supreme Court referee will decide Thompson's fate based on complaints filed by, among others, two judges, neither of whom has ties to the video game industry. As for the ECA, neither it nor anyone associated with it has ever filed a complaint against Thompson. My complaint, which I filed months before the ECA even existed, was closed out by the Bar in September of 2006.

Thompson has a longstanding, contentious legal relationship with a Florida attorney by the name of Norm Kent. In the motion he seeks to tie GP to Kent:
Mr. McCauley has provided Norm Kent... the opportunity to hold forth on Mr. Kent’s analyses of Jack Thompson on his http://www.gamepolitics.com/ site, with no opportunity by Thompson to respond.

I've searched Kent's name on GP. It appears only four times. Three of those stories carry brief quotes from Kent. A couple of those were published during a time when Thompson was not permitted to post at GamePolitics, so I guess that is what he is saying here. On the other hand, no one has held forth more fervently than Thompson in GP's comments area since I lifted his ban in July. And, thanks to his frequent press releases and high profile in the game violence debate, Thompson gets covered so frequently here on GP that we created a category tag for him. So it's not like he hasn't been given a chance to be heard.

More immediately, what seems to have sparked the attempt to add GP/ECA to the suit was an e-mail exchange yesterday morning. In the daily roundup GP blogged about a gameindustry.Biz interview with Lorne Lanning, Thompson's debate opponent at the recent VGXPO. Thompson took offense to one of Lanning's comments and let us know about it.

Based on Thompson's own words and writings, I didn't think Lanning's remark was especially off-base, but agreed to delete the disputed sentence from the GP story by way of keeping the peace. Within a few hours Thompson had included the Lanning quote as part of the basis for dragging me into his lawsuit. So much for making a conciliatory gesture...

Of the Lanning quote, Thompson wrote to the court:
As if trying to further prove the above-stated point, the ECA’s http://www.gamepolitics.com/ has linked to an interview of Lorne Lanning, whom Thompson debated in Philadelphia two weeks ago.

And then, along comes some anonymous idiot who proceeeds to post a quasi-menacing comment to GP's Lanning story. Thompson was upset about this and I don't blame him. However, I don't screen comments (unless the spam filter grabs them) and I never saw this one. Thompson started sending e-mails to me about the post at 12:12 PM but I was away from my PC for several hours. By 1:30 PM he had added it to court record as a basis for his ridiculous claim against me. At about 2:30 PM, I returned to my PC, saw the comment, deleted it and IP-banned the fool who posted it - as I always do in such cases.

So apparently I am being sued for something inappropriate that someone else wrote. Something that I deleted when I discovered it. Something that, by banning its author, I took steps to prevent from happening again. Yeah, I guess that's justice...

Thompson, however, writes in his motion to the court that I have "allowed" the menacing post:
Dennis McCauley and his http://www.gamepolitics.com/, owned by the ECA has, for quite sometime, been part of that conspiracy... Now the conspiracy has taken the form of solicitations of murder against Thompson... McCauley has allowed the posting of... solicitation of murder...

It's always pleasant to see one's name attached to "solicitation of murder"... Oddly enough, Thompson, who seems to take this "solicitation" so seriously, jokes about it in his lead-in to the court:

Frankly, I don't expect Thompson's motion to go anywhere. Federal court cases involving alleged civil rights violations generally pertain to allegations of abuse by governmental entities. In this case, Thompson brought his original suit against the Florida Bar. So he's alleging, essentially, that myself, the Florida Bar and others are wrapped up in this vast conspiracy to get Jack Thompson.

What's more, Judge Adalberto Jordan has to approve this amendment to Thompson's complaint. I don't believe that's likely to happen. Did I mention that Thompson also tried to add Judge Jordan himself as a defendant last month?  



Dennis, I just have to say that I envy your patience dealing with this kind of thing.

If Jack wasn't garaunteed to be disbarred BEFORE all of this nonsense started back a couple months ago, his actions from then on up to now have pretty much cemented his disbarrment.

This is exactly the kind of abuse that makes our legal system look like a joke. If you don't like what's happening to you, legal basis or not, just sue!


Oy. Here we go again. Another frivolious lawsuit by JT. Where's my lawnchair and popcorn?

Stick with it GP, when Thompsons lawsuit against this website falls through, you can counter-sue for harassment, etc. Its about time that JT starts to give back to GP.

It's all about the money, obviously. This is Jack's goal, to profit from the suffering of victims and blame games for everything bad that happens in this world. Jack Thompson is a plague to society. Though I do not support someone ending his life, I can honestly say that no matter how he exits this world he will not be missed.

GP: actually, I think it's less about the money and more about the amount stress that can be created.

Wow. To think that Jack is trying to convince a court that GP is promoting the solicitation of Jack's murder is ridiculous.

The very idea that GP would want Jack dead is proposterous. Much of GPs traffic is, I'm guessing, because of this extremist's antics.

As for a conspiracy to get him disbarred, it's only a conspiracy if the desired goal is illegal or immoral in nature. Taking away a fanatic's ability to practice law is not morally questionable, it's a moral imperative.

This will go nowhere.

Hasn't Thompson used up his abilities to file motions for the next twenty years? He's got to have some sort of machine or automated motion filing device to go at this rate. Either way Dennis, no Judge would allow anything to continue as soon as they see the word "conspiracy". He's also on the verge of losing his ever important license (probably the only thing keeping him on FOX as an "expert"). I don't know if it's in your best interests, but I hope you consider a countersuit for defamation of character and possibly libel/slander as well.

One question though, is this an entirely new case that is being brought to the court system, or did Thompson file a motion on an already existing case? Wish you the best of luck (not likely to need it once the Judge realizes how much of a lunatic Thompson is).

GP: It's an existing case that he filed against the Florida Bar on May 15th. He's trying to add me and the ECA as additional defendants.

Ha ha!! More delusional filings by the dumb-ass.

Oh, god, will he ever learn...
. . Wisdom begins in wonder. - Socrates . .

@ GP
GP: yeah, it’s now linked… near the top


I think that he needs to be checked for paranoid schizophrenia. He is convinced that everyone is out to get him. I wasn't aware that anyone could be so paranoid.

I take it the ECA/GP will not incur legal fees until this actually goes to court? I would imagine the ECA isn't swimming in cash right now- considering it is so young. Could this be an attempt by JT to bankrupt the ECA (and hence GP) by bankrupcy?

Another thing I am curious about is the logic in aggressively suing (and harrassing) the very organization that has the power to take away his ability to practice law. It seems that you would want to play nice with such a group.

GP: It's ironic that he refers to my Bar complaint (which I filed to end some really unbelievable issues) as SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)... This guy has "participated" to an amazing degree here.  Yeah, I see this a true SLAPP suit. He wants to shut GP up, in my opinion.


He isn't paranoid everyone is out to get him. To be completely serious I have to give him a hand for standing his ground. Unlike most people to day at least he is willing to fight for what he believes in.

GP: Do you REALLY think he believes all of that nonsense?

And this is why, for all of Thompson's railings to the contrary, I still don't use my real name on this site. I wouldn't put it past him for a moment to try to add the readers of this site to one of his moronic complaints.

Time to go on the counter-offensive Dennis. This pathetic excuse for a skin bag has for too long been allowed to threaten us and yourself with no repercussions. Give him hell.


True he does, unfortunately for him hes wrong.

I thought he was suing you to get the names of all the "cowards" who post "without using their real names"?

This will get tossed pretty quick. Under "offensive content" rules, service providers are allowed a "reasonable" amount of time (hint: more than 2 hours), to remove offensive content once notified...

That and the whole idea that he has some inalienable "right" to post here. It's laughable.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

@ Erik

Wouldn't that make Jack seem right that there is a massive conspiracy out to get him?

Dennis, can you PLEASE procure some form of video of JT being dragged away by armed police officers when he snaps in the courtroom?

Because judging from the sheer insanity of his own filing, not to mention the plainly out-of-touch conspiracy theories, the man IS unstable.

The only reason why he hasn't snapped in public view already most likely lies with his obsession about (potentially) having a camera focusing on his balding old mug.


"Wouldn’t that make Jack seem right that there is a massive conspiracy out to get him?"

No. Think of it this way. Say you go into a bar and you one by one spit into the face of every patron in the bar. When they all gang up to kick your ass its not a conspiracy, rather its people you pissed off defending themselves. It just seems like a conspiracy when you've attacked a LOT of people.

Poor Dennis. Jack just won't leave you alone.

GP: It's difficult, but given what we cover here, he is a newsmaker... So you just deal with it.

From the File (emphasis mine):

Dennis McCauley is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a citizen of the United States, and more than eighteen years of age, at least chronologically.

I am not a lawyer, but are you allowed to insult people in court documents? I thought not.

But this is one of the best documents ever. John Bruce realized that it was not up to his usual length of 14+ pages so he had to use large fonts to fill it out. I also love the red font colors he used liberally through out.

Judging by the inacuarcies, lies and misinformation used frequently throughout the document, this will not last longer than the time the judge takes to stamp it "Denied"

There ought to be some kind of badge 'I've been added to a Thompson Court Filing and You haven't!'

Wow Dennis, patience isn't a virtue for you; it's a way of life. After reading JT's dribble (he really needs to retake 5th grade English a few times) all I can say is that his disbarrment cannot come soon enough. With that out of the way he will either have to hire a lawyer to represet him, or have his wife submitt all his filings. Either way he's going to be paying out on way or the other.

I'll just be glad when his last leg of 'credibility' is gone.

I think everyone with common sense will agree this is completely ridiculous. I don't think you have anything to worry about, and when this ridiculous lawsuit is over make sure that Mr. Thompson is sued for your legal fees.

As he adds more defendants it is becoming more clear how much he will abuse his privilege to practice law. I think it is just a matter of time before the lawsuit becomes the end of him.

@ GoodRobotUs

That would be one of the best memberships ever. :D

How...JT has a lot of free time.

What a paranoid old man.

I... will hold back what I have to say to you Jack, but... know that you don't deserve it. You deserve the full force of everyone you offended by this move, but I will hold back. Mostly because I know how to cover my own butt and, even though I live in Canada, I'm sure you'll find some way to sue me, so let me just say...


@ Erik

Well it is obvious that Jack has a habit of tweaking the facts to his own advantage. So he would just scream conspiracy.

I wondering why its taking so long to disbar Jack Thompson. It shouldnt be that hard. He is just as bad as Nifong in the duke rape case, except he doesnt have that high profile case. All he has had was some cases that makes the news then never heard from again. Also cant some just sue him for being vindictive? I know there is a law on the books about people who sue to much for every little thing and that prevents them from suing ever again. wouldnt that be spectacular.

I do think its funny that Jack Thompson calls us a conspiracy when its really just a bunch, well a massive amount, he pissed off and all wanna see him fail. He created the "conspiracy" against himself.

@ MaskedPixelante

Don't hold back. Its okay. You are in no danger. The chances of John Bruce following through on one of his law suit threats is slimmer than the chance of you being struck by lightning while being hit by a train after falling out of a charter flight on a crash route into an iceberg. ;)

@ F**ked Up
Isn't that what paranoid people do?

Jack is just performing his last great attempt to climb out of the hole he's dug for himself by piling up court documents on the backs of those he's insulted.

The guy is a weasel.
. . Wisdom begins in wonder. - Socrates . .

I haven't seen someone as anxious to see his career go up in smoke as John Bruce since the self-immolating monks in Vietnam.

"2. Dennis McCauley is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a citizen of the United States, and more than eighteen years of age, at least chronologically."

Did Jackass just call Dennis immature? Oh god, that whole filing is hilarious. The changed fonts, the asshole sentiments...its classic. I'm making a poster out of it and hanging it on my wall.

Jack Thompson: Your "friendly" GP asshole.

My personal favorite is the jab at Dennis towards the end, "who is at least 18 years of age, at least chronologically."

Anyway - I don't see how he can get away with this whole "being mentally healthy" thing. I mean, the guy is engaging in self-destructive behavior for himself and his family. The old adage keeps coming to mind, "Crazy people don't know they are crazy..." as un-PC as that statement is, I think it's applicable here.

I really don't know what to do. Try to prove that he's a danger to himself and others, and have him committed for unbiased psychiatric evaluation for 48hrs. See what's really going on with him.


ha thats a good one. He should retake the 5th grade. well then lets see if we can get jack thompson on are u smarter than a 5th grader.

Thompson has vast Conspiracy theories against him? Really? The only people who even care about what he's doing are the young teenage 'fanboys' who take his arguments seriously (A little too seriously). Whats going on with Jack has more to do with his increasingly erratic behavior than with anyone trying to discredit him, he does enough of that on his own. The fact that his 'research' into retailers selling M-rated games to minors only occured at a handful of stores, if that (the same tactics used by my local news stations every holiday season), only make him even more of a joke. If I used the fact that all two stores that I buy my video games from in the area card me for every M-rated game to say that ALL those companies' stores card for every M-rated game, I'd look just as foolish. It's basic research principles, going to one store once (or twice) proves nothing. I've found more convenience stores that will sell cigarettes and alcohol to the underage than video game stores who will sell M-rated games without an ID check, but that proves nothing. At the very least, the Florida taxpayers will be spared from his frivilous lawsuits. As if our state senators and governers don't waste enough American money on this obviously unconstitutional habit. If Thompson has his way, the government would raise every child in the US, since parents obviously don't want the responsibility. That is where this path leads.

Wow just... Wow...


Keep up the great work! Obviously you're doing something right when someone tries such a desperate attempt at taking you with their dying career.

This is just a stall tactic I'm sure. The more additions he makes to his claim, the more time and man power it takes to sort through his ridiculous allegations, pushing back his possible disbarment.

Is this really a concern? I'm not clear, but I was under the impression that he long ago lost his right to practice in many other states, which suing you would fall under eh? (unless your in Florida I guess...)

Either way, good luck and we're all supporting you.

@ All

In the spirit of the upcoming season we should be better than JT and get him a gift. Perhaps Manhunt 2?


Even if you didn't delete the comment (I'm glad you did tho, those people don't help anyone), wouldn't you be able to fall under the multiple ISP Safe Harbor Laws? If Jack wants to go after the numbnut that left the threat let him, but I would think you're covered.

@E. Zachary Knight

if this was a criminal case, Dennis could use the insanity plea and back it up with what Thompson said. That's what happened with Charles McCoy Jr. (Thompson said McCoy was the “functional equivalent of a 15-year-old,” which ironically added to his insanity defense)

岩「…I can see why Hasselbeck's worried about fake guns killing fake people. afterall, she's a fake journalist on a fake news channel」

The first time i heard of Jack Thompson was on AOTS (Attack of The Show) and i just ignored him. It scares me how much I read his name every week.

Can GP try to publish as little Jack Thompson stories as possible?

A drowning man clutches straws.

As Dennis rightly noted, 42 USC 1983 requires a deprivation oif civil rights by a state entity (e.g., the police) or someone acting as an agent of the state. How Mr. Thompson intends to make the arguement that any conduct by gamepolitics and the ECA falls under what the statute refers as "under color of state law" is beyond me, but'll sure be entertaining to watch him try.

Weeee JBTs has found yet another way to muddy the waters. Honestly I cannot see what he can hope to gain though. Delaying tactic? Confusion?

If jackie feels insulted (the gods know we have tried) then he has always been free to post elsewhere.

There is a vast conspiricy against him... this is considered common knowledge since he has spounted that line of BS often enough. GP/Dennis is just another in the line of those like Norman Kent, Another that failed or refused to conceed that JBT is correct in all things (or much of anything really) or to bow to his greatness. Dennis even had the gall to ban jackie... obviously Dennis in the heart of the conspiricy and has to be punished I guess.

Mutter. Please, can someone tell me again how JBT was found to be sane?

Personally I think someone should send Judge Jordan a link to jackies wikiquote site (always fun readng). If anything would give an idea of just how unstable he is that would do it.

@ Loudspeaker

Don't forget Bioshock, Bully, and of course his favorite GTA. Maybe a 2 Live Crew CD as well.

I still say this is a work. I still say McCauley and Thompson are in it together.

Thompson has *never* answered my charges, which means he is:

A) A coward

B) Determined to prove my theory correct.

Thanks for showing us what true shysters you and Dennis are, Mr. Thompson.
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