Federal Judge Dismisses Jack Thompson's Suit Against Florida Bar

November 21, 2007 -
Late yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan dismissed (24-page pdf) John Thompson vs. Florida Bar, et al, Miami attorney Jack Thompson's civil rights claim against the agency which regulates Florida's legal practitioners.

The ruling clears the way for Thompson's Bar disciplinary trial to begin on November 26th before a referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court.

In a ruling issued earlier yesterday, Judge Jordan also denied Thompson's motion (3-page pdf) to add me as a defendant in the case. While Judge Jordan did not mention the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA), which Thompson also sought to add as a defendant, it's a moot point since the entire case has now gone away.

In response, Thompson has filed a notice that he intends to appeal Judge Jordan's decision. In addition, he has filed an emergency request with the 11th U.S. Circuit Court to stay next week's Bar trial.

UPDATE: Judge Jordan has denied Thompson's request for a stay. The 11th Circuit has denied several other requests... Looks like this one is over.


@ GryphonOsiris

We could all chip in a nickel and buy him new stationary...

"From the Desk of Jack Thompson, Disbarred Attorney"
. . Wisdom begins in wonder. - Socrates . .

I really think that it is funny that he is sueing the Florida Bar, considering that that is what he passed so that he could make us laugh, with all these lawsuits against video game. Which all failed to work to his advantage

First post!

@Grey, whilst true to a degree, it needs to be understood that most of the complaints that are going against Thompson are not from the gaming Industry. Several judges, a number of law firms, but no gaming companies.

In many ways, this is the worst possible way for him to be kicked out, it's not because of anything intangible, he himself wrote hate letters to all and sundry, this cannot be made to look like some kind of constructive dismissal because there is quite simply far too much evidence to the contrary.

Jack won't go away, but I feel it will be much harder for him to play his martyr card than he thinks it will be.

In regards to being denied the "right" to hearings (which the judge also rules aren't JT's "right" anyway):

Mr. Thompson, in short, has been given the opportunity to confront and question his accusers. [but has chosen not to do so]
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

I wonder, if I e-mailed the people listed in Thompson's emergency request, and tell them that I have complained about him, would I get in any trouble for contacting them directly?


Actually, I think apart from some extreme groups, Thompson has burned a vast number of his prospect-bridges, because he couldn't resist the urge to have the last venom-soaked word. I don't doubt we will see him around, but I don't think he'll be quite as popular as people believe.

@ Phantom

“Guys, be realistic. Jack’s not going to go away. He’s either going to latch onto some watchdog like Common Sense Media, or he’ll be a frothing civic protestor “unchained” by the rules of decorum he labored under while employed as a lawyer. ”

Ah, but his two biggest lawsuits (Strickland v. Sony (ongoing), James v. Meow Media (dismissed)) , were both filed on behalf of others. If he's disbarred, the best he can do is local Florida "nuisance" lawsuits.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Keep in mind people, while Jack will likely try to pass himself off as being martyred by the media, or whatever; not being a lawyer severely limits his ability to file frivolous lawsuits. Similarly I doubt a disbarred lawyer makes for as good a talking head, so the main stream media will likely go looking for a new liar that hasn't heavily discredited themself. Particularly if he starts going on about how the big conspiracy took his law license because he's christian, instead of going on about how video games threaten your children.

So while he won't go away, he'll fade into the fringe and be more easily ignored.

I hate to sneeze on your banana, but we're up the Suwannee whichever way the wind blows with regards Jack Thompson. Any result in any situation will be spun in his favour.

"The gaming industry tried to silence me and destroy my reputation, but I survived! That means I'm right and they're the bad guys."

"The gaming industry tried to silence me and destroy my reputation, and they succeeded! That means they're scared of me because they know I'm right, and they're the bad guys."

Vocal critics always win. They're either victorious or a victim.

"@Grey, whilst true to a degree, it needs to be understood that most of the complaints that are going against Thompson are not from the gaming Industry. Several judges, a number of law firms, but no gaming companies."

I agree with you that it is his professional conduct which is costing him his license and not the game industry; however, that isn't how he will spin it in the press. And if the media hasn't checked into the truth behind his claims yet, I see no reason for them to start now. He will claim to be a victim and an uninformed public will see him as such.

He's going to pull a Ben Kenobi on us.


One good thing about him getting disbarred is that he can no longer be introduced as "Attorney Jack Thompson".

"Former Attorney Jack Thompson" has such a nice ring to it.
. . Wisdom begins in wonder. - Socrates . .

Dennis, glad to hear this got thrown out. I am sure it's not over with an appeal coming, but I doubt that'll stand for long either.

1) Jack got completely owned in the dismissal.
2) Jack got owned repeatedly in the denial of his 100 (or so) motions.
3) The suit against GP denied with prejudice. Nice!
4) I suspect that Jack's appeal attempt on the basis of "everything he said was wrong" isn't going to go far. (Lawyers with real law degrees cite examples.)

I suspect that the "missing" psych evaluation that Jack does cite is that Jack attached a summary and not an entire evaluation. No way to verify on any of this.

I also liked how Judge Jordan still managed to destroy Jack's arguments even by "assuming everything Jack said was correct," which we all know it isn't especially when Jack is saying "I did nothing wrong." Hilarious.

That flushing sound Jack hears is his lawyering license going right down the toilet.

Let's face it, there's enough competent people attacking videogames in the shape of Yee and Clinton, what Thompson does, more than anything else, is tie up people's energy and focus on him achieving nothing whilst the big guns sneak through the back door. That's why I'm glad he got banned, I don't think I've ever considered him a serious threat, but he was a serious distraction from a serious threat.

Numfar! Do the Dance Of Joy!

To be honest, my impression of the US governmental system suggests to me that this is the only way the abstention laws could work. There has always been a certain resistance to the idea of the Federal Government interfering with State-based interests, be that Politics or Law, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that semi-autonomy is very important to the States of the US and they would resist Federal interference at this level as a matter of course anyway.

Awww, Jack Looks like he's crying in the picture. XD


I know, scary isn't it, I think the natural state of humanity is one of deep suspicion, but what with martian bunnies etc, it's all been going a bit crazy lately.....

You know, I hope JT continues his righteous crusade.

Think of all the entertainment we'd miss otherwise, I mean those court documents make a great read.... =)

I'll miss him. He makes news that can be entertaining to read about. He also hasn't been a big enough problem losing lawsuits left and right while establishing legal precedence for future cases concerning video games. I think the proper response to his disbarment wouldn't be a massive 'Hooah!' but a casual nod and a 'Bye, Jack'. We should be civilised enough to not act like a drunk pack of soccer fans.

An entity losing badly against a cause is always going to empower it more than any PR campaign or study ever will. A boxer can boast as much as he want about how tough he is, but his strength can only be proven after several fights. The VG industry needed Thompson for some rounds, to prove that the prejudice isn't true, that ganes don't teach murder and that they don't have a major detrimental effect on the public.

I do wish that he'd been more constructive, because between his attitude, conjecture and extremely loose arguments & proof, he's not quite enough to set a baseline on. It'd been better if he was a brilliant lawyer using every possible good, solid argument backed up with the best proof available and lost the cases, because then that'd be it for today. Until virtual reality and full body joysticks come about.

@the update
Jack Thompson just can't get a break can he?!

And if he does, he doesn't deserve one.

Oh yeah -- Anyone notice in that 3-page document that there was one time where Judge Jordan misspelled "Thompson"? The S was omitted, so it kinda-sorta looked like "Tampon"...o.O

Ah well. I guess having to type "Thompson" over and over would get to you.

Yes, he'll sue himself for malpractice.

I will miss him though, as Voltaire once said, "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it. "

Maintain the rage John Bruce. Do not go quietly into the night ... ah who am I kidding?! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!

Delta -- "First, on Jordan’s document, correct me if I am wrong, but basically the court is telling Thompson that he needs to wait like a patient little boy for the day of the hearing before he can flail and file motions and appeals. Thompson apparently instead of just waiting for the hearing to find out what he is being charged with, of which they will give him his chance to argue in his defense, is trying to have the whole thing thrown out, and is throwing all kinds of fastballs to do so. That’s what I got from the document, but given all the references Jordan makes it was tough to follow in places."

Delta, that's exactly what Jordan is saying. A federal court cannot intervene in a state court proceeding unless there is a compelling reason. Jack's compelling reason of "the Bar is picking on me!" is not sufficient. They're picking on him because people filed complaints. Jack is more than welcome to file for relief AFTER his bar trial and a federal court can examine the case to see if Jack's rights were violated.

As far as Jack not knowing what he's charged with goes, that's simply hogwash. Dennis had a link to a document some months ago outlining about 40 different accusations from JUST ONE CASE that Jack was being charged with. It's a public document and it was given to Jack. If he didn't read it (possible) or didn't comprehend it (more than likely), that's his own doing. The fact that he brought up things that he was charged with in his own filings while claiming he doesn't know what he's charged with seems a bit off, don't you think? Judge Jordan thought so, too.

Good riddance. Maybe now he'll decide to start a crusade against something else and we can stop hearing about him. Probably not, but I can dream...most likely he'll get disbarred and continue screaming at the top of his lungs that games are evil and everyone is out to get him and there's a gremlin on the wing.

"That’s why I’m not of the opinion that minors should be prevented from getting M rated games, but rather that parents should prevent their children from getting games that they do no wish them to get. Fortunately, enforcing the age-ratings, particularly on mature content goes a long ways towards helping parents with this as their kids get stuck running anything that might be questionable past parental review."

I agree. I think that was the point I was trying to make with the comment about my nephews. (Sorry if I was not clear.) Halo 2 is a mature rated game, and I was initially opposed to letting them play it in my house, until I spoke to their parents who let me know that they were all right with it, because they had talked to their children about it and believed they were mature enough to handle it.

I did appreciate your comments. Thank you.


Thanks! Sometimes the words just gel together.

@Attack Gypsy

I'm pretty certain he can't/won't answer that question if he has.

@Attack Gypsy -- Dennis' complaint was dismissed by the Florida Bar some time ago, so why would he be involved? The charges against Jack are very specific and stem out of cases Dennis wasn't even close to being involved in (other than posting news about them here).

Guess what, Jack. Every post you make on gamepolitics.com can be used as evidence against you if you ever try to take Dennis to trial. I would guess that a harassment countersuit is far more likely to be successful than anything lawsuit you throw at Dennis.

Thompson always fines a way to make a complete dumbass of himself :p .


If that's the case, then I'm guessing Jack just thought it was a convenient way to hassle Dennis more. How professional. Er, not.


They probably wouldn't keep the person who tipped them off informed as to what they're doing about it though, would they? Meaning that .Jack//Thompson has no idea what, if any, action was taken.

so the stupid fool is back what a surprise.

Jack is technically correct. Being dismissed without prejudice means he can still refile it if he loses the state case, as I'm sure he will and will try to do. However, as is clear in the decision, it was dismissed because of ignorance of, or disregard for, a large number of basic prodecural rules on Jack's part.

Oh damnit, I messed up a blockquote or two... BAH! If only I could edit that thing!

Hey Dennis, I'm volunteering my services as a PHP coder to make you a custom "preview" button. Takes the information from the text box, opens up a pop-up, and displays what the post would look like. Just lemme know.

@CK20XX: Preach on, my brother! Preach on!

One thing I absolutely hate is seeing people skew the Bible's teachings to forward their own agendas. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of 'Christians' do, and it gives the ones who genuinely do believe, even if only in their own way, the ones who don't want to preach and try to convert and outwardly judge others, a bad name.

*Queue Pandralisk in 5 . . .4 . . . 3 . . *

Christians are not all jerks who use the Bible for their own gains. The few who do act like this give the rest of us a bad name. Thompson is one of these people, and I'm glad that CK20XX took the time out that was necessary to expose Thompson, once again, for the snake he truly is.

I think I fixed it.

Um... I don't see anything broken, Wise Guy. Other than your 5x post...

Sorry, for those who couldn't see it, Mnementh2230, hadn't closed his blockquotes tags and it left the forum in a weird state (atleast in my browser anyway). I'm not just spamming retarded posts.

and...that's another reason I was in no hurry to see the ban overturned. Never really believed he was gone permanently; but he's back, and apparently a big enough douche to sick the secret service on his enemies as if they've got nothing more important to do. (sigh)

Oh well, here's hoping we all enjoyed our brief respite.

I'm sure he's already banned again, and hopefully, restrained from returning.

"First of all love your spelling of KILOMETRE"

Not that I want to defend Jack at all (the thought of which makes my skin crawl), but kilometer is an accepted and standard spelling of kilometre in the US. So much so that on my spell check plugin for firefox kilometre is underlined as being misspelled while kilometer isn't underlined.


You're probably right - maybe it just slowed the spin down a little, which is actually fairly hard to do since all of his comments lack substance.


D'you suppose you can roast marshmallows over the remains of his career?


Actually, if I recall correctly, it's not the first time he's contavted the Secret Service to report death threats in order to have them do his dirty work for him. He's done it before. Only difference, as I recall, was the alleged threat was against one of them Bushes (either Papa or Baby) and, of course, Jack's intended victim was someone other than GP.

There is a very simple solution for this:

Unban Jack. Set up a smaller blog account of some kind, such as livejournal Post all of Jack's posts and public emails, verbatim, to that blog as new entries, with comments enabled. Direct him to it each time he contacts you or posts on GP instead of there. Then, after a week, ban him again. He will naturally go to where his audience (the adoring fans like me and those who are in denial like a lot of you) can still see him yell without him constantly reconnecting to the internet for new IPs (or whatever method of ban evasion he's using).

Everyone still gets to laugh at him, Jack still gets to argue, anybody who replies to him on this board can be hit with a no-tolerance policy of message deletion/editing (with this policy posted on the front page, of course), everybody lives happily ever after.

This site doesn't need Jack, but as long as it has the same people visiting it who have visited it from the start, it will never outgrow him. Make a separate garden for the flowers and vegetables that attract the most insects.



You know, Dennis did report your case accurately. Since it was obvious you weren't going to win it, the abstention doctrine was about the only way you were going to lose it. The whole point of your case was that the court should override the abstention doctrine and act in your behalf pre-emptively. This was denied. If it was really as unnecessary as you're claiming now in order to spin, you wouldn't have filed it.

You also wouldn't be filing a similar case in Alabama, which you will also lose due to no good reason to override abstention.

Also, numerous posters have shot down your references to "finishing the race". When he was known as Saul, Paul *was* a lot like you. He committed some of the vilest acts in the name of serving God. When Christ showed him the light and he became Paul, his heart softened and he truly followed what Jesus commanded (love the Lord your God with all your strength and your neighbor as yourself).

Strauss Zelnick is your neighbor, Jack. Dennis is your neighbor, Jack. We are your neighbor, Jack. Your heart cannot be so hardened and twisted with hate if you want to really profess the name of Christ. Christ will not know you.

BTW, if you were actually a competent lawyer, you'd know "freedom of speech" is a guaranteed right for only one person on this site, Dennis. Asserting you have freedom of speech here is like me saying I have freedom to give a speech about how much you suck inside your living room.

You could start your own blog, but let's face it. You'd be banning people on sight for disagreeing with you... or for making points you can't refute.

Like... when are you going to reimburse states for money they lost in legal fees defending un-Constitutional bills that you wrote?


Now he's actually calling the Secret Service?

My advice, Dennis... cyberstalking isn't just a civil matter, it's a criminal one. This has been continually getting worse.

I would honestly consider going to your local police station and swearing out a complaint against him. There's enough evidence to indicate that it isn't just some sour grapes thing, but that he is obsessed and sick.

Anyone willing to bet that Jack Thompson had what he was going to say in respose to his motion getting denyed prepared ahead of time?

@Back the Jack

Except Jack is worried about the psychological issues. He's just in it for the moolah. Every other political agenda he's had was sure to pay him if he won.

By the way, if you are a gamer, why don't you tell me what exactly is Jack Thompson's goal?


This is why I said to check his wikiquote. Sure, anyone can edit it, but when each quote comes with it's source, I think it's more that trustworthy.
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