Jack Thompson Faces Trial Before the Florida Bar Today

November 26, 2007 -
Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson faces the start of an ethics trial this morning which could see him disbarred.

The Florida Bar is pursuing several complaints concerning Thompson's professional conduct in court cases against the video game industry.

As reported by GamePolitics, Thompson's bid to block the trial failed last week when U.S. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan dismissed his suit against the Florida Bar and Judge Dava Tunis, the referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court to preside over the case.

Thompson's attempt to add myself and the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) as co-defendants in that federal suit also failed.

Over the weekend, Thompson turned to the Florida Supreme Court in an apparent effort to block this morning's trial from moving forward. In one court filing Thompson asserted that he was willing to accept a 90-day suspension of his license to practice law. The embattled attorney claimed that such an offer had been on the table, but that the Florida Bar was now seeking his permanent disbarment.

A second document appeared to outline a lawsuit against the State of Florida, which has authority over the Florida Bar. Thompson claims that the Bar's pursuit of him is motivated by his Christian activism and is designed to silence his outspokenness.

UPDATE: GP called down to the Florida Bar this morning and learned that the entire week has been set aside to hear Thompson's case. Following arguments, referee Judge Tunis has until December 21st to issue a ruling. Extensions are possible, however, so the end result could come even later than that date.

GamePolitics Poll: Will Jack Thompson be disbarred? Or will he beat the Florida Bar's case against him? Be sure to vote. If you're getting your GP via RSS, jump over to the main page. The poll is located in the upper right sidebar.


Re: Jack Thompson Faces Trial Before the Florida Bar Today

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Re: Jack Thompson Faces Trial Before the Florida Bar Today

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oops double post. Sorry!


Ah, good point - I hadn't realized that none of my listed options were mutually exclusive. So then, we have d) all of the above.

Here's hoping Christmas comes early...

After all the bar suit, calling two judges corrupts with no good argument, accusing a fellow bar attorney of distributing porn to children...I really doubt a judge will only slap Thompson on the wrist after seeing all those cases.

If he was prepared to get the 90 days suspension, it means that he's running out of ideas. He finally faces his achilles' heel: facing people that aren't as gullible as those he faced before.

He thought that he could do all he wanted with his "attorney" brand and get away with it. He WON'T get away with it. Not after calling his fellow bar attorneys and judges corrupts and criminals with no proof nor motives.

Don't know if anyone has seen Donnie Darko, but this reminds of when the peodaphile (sp?) is caught (won't name names so as not to ruin it!) At least one other "righteous" character in the film takes his side and vows to defend him against this hideous smear job. The fact is there are many oher people like Jack Thompson and they may percieve this disbarrment as proof that the industry is out to get him. So I don't think he will go away and be without any support if he is disbarred.
Dangerous people are forever dangerous after all.

I don't see Jack coming away from this with his license.

He's up on ethics issues. He's implied that judges on the case are incompetent and out to get him on top of that. In legal filings he's made it clear that the only rules Jack Thompson follows are the rules of Jack Thompson... Laws be damned!

If he had merely thrown this side of himself up on GP or other media sources then he might have a chance to get away with that slap on the wrist. However, between the legal filings with gay porn and other stunts it's clear he knows as well as the bar that he's in deep. I agree with everyone here that his saying he'd voluntarily agree to a 90 day suspension of his law license clearly shows he knows he's lost. When has Jack EVER admited defeat or being on the wrong side of an argument?

Jack is done. This anti-gamer chapter is over and no one is about to shed any tears over that.

Well, he dodge being banned the last time.
Personally, I think he will get disbarred, but only temporary.

Jack can't be stamped out that easily. He's survived 30 years, he'll survive this. Hell be damned, there must be a way to get rid of him.

"... the entire week has been set aside to hear Thompson’s case."

They're finally breaking out the big guns on JT. This has been a very good day, I see.

Oh, there's absolutely no question he'd count not losing his license as a resounding victory.

This is a man who proclaimed not facing sanction for sending a judge gay porn a win, when it was just barely sneaking away from trouble he got himself into without any sort of gain in the whole deal.

If Thompson thinks GP comments are a giant conspiracy against him, he should try incurring /b/'s wrath.


As I understand it there are some “rules” involved and degrees of sin. The Bible flat out states that “all men have sinned and falled short of the glory of God”. Fair enough.

The thing is, that to God, there is no "degrees" of sin. It is very simple, boolean-like in structure. Either you are 100% perfect in every thought, word, action, feeling, and word, or you are a sinner. How much someone sins is irrelevant. If you ever made one mistake or failed on God's law in the slightest, in your entire life, you are screwed. As Paul's passage reads, which you quoted, "For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God." Emphasis mine. There is no list or hierarchy of sins. Jesus had even explained that simply hating (and not acting on the hate even) someone is equivalent to murdering that person. God is perfect, and requires perfection. And I don't mean going forward, I mean in the entirety of a person's life. The good thing is that Jesus paid for it all, he lived the perfect life we could never lead, and died to pay for all sin -- it's all said, over, and done, paid in full. As Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life; no one can come to the Father, except through me." (John 14:6) All it takes is belief, and absolute trust in Jesus, and a person is saved.

Whoever shall beleive and ask for forgiveness will pretty much get it, part of the package. However there seem to be a few sins that are bigger than most, and require going to a form of confession and possibly serving some sort of penance. One of those that comes to mind is Using the name of the Lord God in vain. JBT has done this repeatedly and shoved it down the throats of any that he could. Never once has he thought he might be wrong. so why ask to be forgiven for his trepass.

Honestly, it is for God to judge people, not people to judge people on this. Only God knows if someone will oppose Him to his or her dying breath. Up until that moment, anyone can turn back to God, yes... even Jack Thompson could. Even when Jesus was dying on the cross, one of the thieves with him had faith in Christ, and was promised he'd be with Christ in paradise. "Deathbed confessions" are possible. Honestly, I hope that Jack does turn a new leaf. But, if he doesn't, what God has in store for him is far worse than anything I could ever think of.

I do not think that the god of the new testament (compared to the Old) is going to smite him though.

It's the same God in both Testaments. There was a very specific purpose that the Old Testament people played, and they had a very different covenant with God -- they follow His Law, and He gives them wealth and prosperity. If they fail to follow His law, He will punish them up to the fourth generation for it, unless they repent and turn back to him immediately. The Old Testament people couldn't even keep to follow God's Law from one generation to the next. The New Covenant was made with Jesus, and it is very simple. Trust in Him, the Christ promised from old, and throughout all of the Old Testament, promised to Abraham and even to Adam. Where the Old Testament people looked forward to the future promise of the Christ, the New Testament covers the time that exists up through now, which is after the fulfillment of the promises that were given.


And as much as we may dislike their tactics, they play within the boundaries of the law and leave it at that.

As must the Bar. As much as I'm sure they'd like, merely slapping JT for "being an ass" is only going to lead credence to the "they're out to get me" line he's stringing. So they can only nail him for times that he's violated actual Bar rules. Things that are already in the complaints, like disobeying judge's order, questioning judges' ethics and integrity within legal documents, etc.

Unfortunately, his actions outside of a courtroom/docket/legal docs that merely embarrass the Bar are unlikely to have much sway when it comes to judging his conduct.

Believe it or not, lawyers do have a right to make disparaging comments about judges, etc. Just not usually within the confines of practising law. So he can make such comments in letters to the editor, but not as part of a court filing.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

The one part about this I feel bad about is for his family with the timing.

With a decision currently scheduled by December 21st, can you imagine what kind of Christmas it will be in the Thompson house if the call is that Jack is disbarred either permanently or for some substantial length of time?

I can already imagine that it couldn't have been a very pleasant Thanksgiving, with Jack losing his pre-emptive case to stop this just beforehand.

I intensely dislike Thompson. He's a liar and extremely unethical. He has committed behavior against Dennis and others on this site (and elsewhere) that is tantamount to stalking. He has a continuing tendency to only acknowledge information that supports his extremely tenuous case, and treats it like gospel, while disregarding totally any information against his case, solely for that reason. He also claims to represent my religion while everything he says and does is full of hate and lies.

When he's disbarred, he'll deserve it.

But if anything, I feel pity for his family. They deserve a better Christmas than this. Maybe if we knew what system Jack's son had, we could get him Madden or something.

Don't fuck up this time. You fucked up last time with Jacko, so it better not happen again.

@ Xlorep DarkHelm

My apoligies. I am at best uncertain about the christian faith. Mind you I was raised attending but never payed as much attention as I probably should. Due to an accident a few years ago (my son died) my connection with the church and God became strained almost to the breaking point. Needless to say I had alot of questions as to why a loving and compassionate god would take the life of a child.... sigh. Sorry

These questions were never answered (doubt they could be) so I became detached and evolved into a paganish agnostic. There are many things I do not know. The more I have learned the more I find I did not know. The world and the universe are mind staggering.

I do not have anything against those of faith nor those that chose not to beleive, it is a matter of personal choice. If having faith gives you strength then that is good in itself. None should even attempt to take such away.
Mid you I percieve things from my own (limited) point of view, know I am not without bias and opinion, so can acknowledge that others do as well. Respect is earned usually by showing it.

Mind you I do have a personal dislike for those that feel that they need to attempt to shove their beleifs down my throat. JBT claims he does things in the name of god... hhmm this is not the god that I was given to understand. If he is acting in the name of his diety it would follow that his god is: rude, underhanded and vindictive. If you do not beleive as he does then you are wrong (gamers), 'ware the crusades.
On the other hand those like Pandralisk (spelling) that claim to have knowlege of things beyond that of mortals. He speaks from confusion and hate that there is no god/higher power... (I fear that I might have gone that path myself and am glad I did not). He however does offer respect, all others are wrong. Neither of these types offer anything outside themselves. Demanding that others come to them and accept what they beleive. This is NOT worthy of respect.

...... The law is said to be blind and judge only on actions and facts, this is an ideal worthy of respect. Jack tries to twist those ideals by shoving off the blame of his actions on anothers (his religion). I find that strongly distasteful..

My lack of KNOWING is more honest then his twisted faith.

He will need to stand before the florida bar and answer for his actions and If there is a god that judges then he will judged in that domain as well. I do not share much pity for him.

He deserves to be censured (he has admitted this) and should I think be disbarred. This will give him time to face his mistakes, live out his regrets and maybe to make things right with his god and the people around him.

@ Jabrwock

As must the Bar. As much as I’m sure they’d like, merely slapping JT for “being an ass” is only going to lead credence to the “they’re out to get me” line he’s stringing. So they can only nail him for times that he’s violated actual Bar rules. Things that are already in the complaints, like disobeying judge’s order, questioning judges’ ethics and integrity within legal documents, etc.

Believe me, I fully appreciate that the Bar has restrictions on how and why it can discipline its members (otherwise it becomes something worse than just a mouthpiece). It is my belief however that Jack's continually questionable legal proceedings and actions more than constitute enough to have him disbarred. Someone mentioned that he went and talked to plaintiffs (?) without their legal council present. If true, that's about as unethical as can exist, I believe. And the Bar has the duty IIRC to maintain a basic standard of ethics within their profession.


Lighten up! Dear god, where did he attack you so badly in there? Can you honestly not take anything? It's amazing that when Thompson uses obviosly disengenuine threats as proof in cases, people go nuts and think he's ridiculous. Scuzz pokes a little fun of you (and purposefully makes himself look dumb) and you throw you tattling on Dennis. Honestly, get a funny bone and grow up. The both of you, really.

P.S. I just came across this article. I thought it might be interesting and that it should fit on this site.



Sparks fly at BBFC Manhunt 2 appeal
Rockstar Games argues that the game should never have been banned in the UK, but ratings body insists the line must be drawn somewhere.

@bakaohki - get a sense of humor or leave. You obviously have some self esteem issues that need to be worked out if you're going to get this bent out of shape over a message board. Not only do you get bent out of shape, you attempt to backseat moderate the comments section of this site. Newsflash,  you don't run this show. You don't get to say who gets banned or not, and you don't get to say what gets posted here or not. If you want to control what gets posted in the comments section of an article, go start your own blog and get off of this one.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

whoa, what did I miss?

Scuzz is satan himself he shall not be mentioned

Scuzz is so evil the ALMIGHTY JESUS would be ashamed of someone like you maybe you should read leviticus you evil poo

Just the debate and the bar association? He's a detriment to the legal profession as a whole.

As for his logic, he's been told not to threaten the posters at this site, he was even told not to come back through a cease and desist AND a ban, and he still persists. If he has it in his head that what he's doing is right, then his behavior will not change.


Negative Ghost Rider

It's actually from the always funny Billy Madison.

the actual "line" is: Eric drinks his own pee.

Written on a chalk board by Billy as a response to Eric's complex mathmatic formula during a compitition.

zerodash (others),

This is has been a running thing for a while now, since GP has gained more notoriety, and JT had been allowed back for a toturous time - the discussion level has gone way, way down. I usually avoid the JT threads for that reason - long time GPers have been down this road before, we know that JT has nothing of substance to offer, and his tune hasn't budged.

I can only hope he's disbarred, because no matter what Christian Persecution Complex he suffers from, and no matter how he tries to spin it, being disbarred will stymie JT in no small way. But, I doubt. He'll wriggle out this somehow.

Anyway, people who want a blow-by-blow probably won't be happy, if a bunch of lawyers set aside a week for something - it will take the FULL goddamn week. I wouldn't expect this case to close this year. As GP said, the Judge has until Dec. 21st, and that's far to close to consumer-mas for us to realistically expect that time-table to hold, especially with JT's penchant for "Emergency Extensions," or "Emergency Relief," or whatever.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Wow, didn't know about Jacko trying to become AG of Florida, learn something new every day.

Are there any documents yet that would be publicly accessible? I like to see what's going on, and depending on how slow/fast the day of work is, it sometimes is even enjoyable to read them. At the least it's better than face time while the higher ups decide on the next project to start.

[...] by Kit Pierce Poor Jack. [...]

and then everybody will be happy(excep JT)


I don't have anything handy at the moment, sorry.

I was just thinking, if JT does get disbarred Dennis might have to slap him with a restraining order. I say this because it seems that JT is either obsessed or absolutely in love with Dennis (ewww... Read JT's wiki quote page; nearly half of them are about Dennis. Scary.) Something like his disbarrment might push him over the edge, and anyone who has seen Fatal Attraction knows what that leads to.

@ GryphonOsiris

No need to apologize, just knowing they're not available yet helps, so thanks for the help. Denis should probably look into the restraining order too, Thompson already shows traits related to being crazy regardless of what his past psych evaluation said and it's always better to be safe then sorry.

@ masaokun

I don't believe more than 2-3 people here make and actual connection between JT and real Christianity and the few who do are ignorable and generally troll-like if no full fledged trolls. I myself was born and raised in a "Christian" family, but unfortunately my parents were the sort of fanatics that say one thing and do another in the name of their religion. Now that I am older and wiser I know the difference and respect true Christians while disrespecting the fanatics, and this goes for all religions since you can find crazies anywhere you look. The only reason why we have these JT's and whatnot in America is because Christianity is the main religion here and when you have the same % of crazies but a bigger population you're bound to have more of them get exposed.

I must admit, I'm fairly certain this will only make Jacky Boy more vocal than ever. He'll try to flip his (potential) permanent disbarrment, claiming to be "yet another victim of the video game industry's plot to continue profitting off the mental mutilation of this nation's children, of which I still am the greatest enemy of". Or something along those lines.

However, that's not going to help him in any way if he loses all ability to wield a license to practice law as if it's a weapon. And, should he be permanently disbarred, despite any response Jacky Boy makes, even a vile excuse for a human being (such as he) cannot stop such a day from being a great one for justice.

As for the likelihood of the aforementioned taking place, I remain positive that his tactics will be for not.

So...what happened yesterday? GP?

You know, if he gets permanently disbarred, we're going to have an International Gamer's Holiday to celebrate. I think something along the lines of guy fawkes - but entirely in game.

So, if he gets disbarred, for Jack Thompson Day, we can quote our favourite cases, while trying to set of awesome pyrotechnics in our FPS of choice.

This should be interesting to watch.

I'll be following GP throughout the day, that's for sure.

He's not going to get disbarred. He's got some kind of legal loophole up his sleeve.

I have a feeling this will be a beautiful day... JT getting some poetic justice on his face. We can hope.

Hopefully it will be over fast with JT's permanent disbarring then we can concentrate on people who actually have some clout.

I hope we get play by play!

I hope we get play by play!

I'll be refreshing GP continuously throughout the day.

Thompson claims that the Bar’s pursuit of him is motivated by his Christian activism and is designed to silence his outspokenness.

Oh, go cry me a river! :P

Well guys i am getting the bubbly ready because i think today is going to be a glorious day for Gamers. WOOT WOOT.:P

This will be interesting to watch. I will refrain from making any judgment calls on his pending hearing. He has snaked his way out of tough situations before so we will see.

I would prefer it if he were to receive a permanent disbarment. One can dream.

I wouldn't underestimate him. I don't expect him to go down with dignity. More likely he'll be throwing some of his trademark tantrums the WHOLE WAY. Don't forget, from what I understand a big part of the reason his earlier cases got thrown out was a "look, just wait and see what you're being charged with, THEN respond" attitude. Well, now he knows what he's being charged with; so it wouldn't surprise me if all the old filings came back with a vengeance. Even for a normal person, I would expect a hearing like this to take some time; In Jack's case, I wouldn't put it past him to tie it up for as long as he can if he thinks he can't win. Could be months.

months, years... heck, when he's dead, they could STILL be trying this case. I get the feeling that THAT is going to be his strategy, to stall this case until they forget this whole thing ever happened.


That would presuppose he had some kind of understanding of the law.
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