Into Its Second Week, Jack Thompson Trial Resumes Today

The famous Scopes Monkey Trial lasted only eight days.

The prosecution of Jack Thompson by the Florida Bar may take considerably longer.

Although information from the courtroom of referee Judge Dava Tunis is sketchy, GamePolitics has learned a few more details of Thompson’s desperate fight to save his license to practice law.

For example, while the Bar set aside last week to hear the case, that time frame has already been exceeded. Direct testimony and Thompson’s cross-examination of seven witnesses for the prosecution consumed most of the week. Thompson only began his defense on Friday afternoon.

Testifying in support of complaints made about the controversial attorney to the Florida Bar were:

Judge James Moore: He revoked Thompson’s pro hac vice (visiting) license to practice law in Alabama in 2005 based on Thompson’s conduct in Strickland vs. Sony.

Clatus Junkin: Thompson has alleged that Junkin, an Alabama attorney, claimed he could fix cases before Judge Moore.

Jim Smith and Rebecca Ward: Both are attorneys for Philadelphia law firm Blank-Rome. They were Thompson’s opposing counsel in the Strickland case.

Judge Ron Friedman: He presided over the 2006 Bully case.

Al Cardenas & Lawrence Kellogg: Both are attorneys for Florida law firm Tew Cardenas; this one relates to Thompson’s ongoing campaign against his other favorite target, shock radio.

I had a rather brief (and not entirely pleasant) e-mail exchange about the case with Thompson over the weekend. He asserted that he was winning and that the trial would go on for weeks.

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    Shadow Darkman, Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson, ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Thirded, the motion passes. The official stance of GP readership is that Harvey Birdman is a better lawyer than JT. It is so passed.

    Fourthed. It is surely passed. NEW MOTION: Which one can better pwn JT in court? Phoenix Wright or Harvey Birdman? My money’s on Phoenix, because he’s a VIDEO GAME LAWYER!!!

  2. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Shoehorn

    *points to Devin Moore case*

    I think that speaks for itself. I’m just saying that nothing like that has stopped Thompson in the past from placing the blame on games as the end-all factor of any violent act commited by anyone under the age of… say, 40. Maybe. (Meaning, people who were 17 when Doom came out, blah blah blah, you get what i mean)

    “Mental conditions? Child abuse? Skitso? (sp?) Overall black as tar outlook on the world around him as such? Who cares, he had TEH GEIMZ!!”

  3. 0
    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Davcube:
    “The man was 20 years old, so he’s in Thompson’s demographic age bracket…”

    It would be funny to see him try. There is already testimony from his landlady that he would sit in the foetal postion and bite his nails, that he had obvious emotional problems, and that he had recently lost his girlfriend and job and considered himself a failure. This act of incredible violence followed by suicide seemed to be the only way this mixed-up and insecure man saw that he could make a mark on the world. It must be horrific to feel so worthless that the only way you can prove yourself or make any kind of impact on people is with a rampage like this.

    Also, there has been no reports at all of anything related to video games. Still, I suppose it didn’t stop Thompson pinning the Vtech incident on games, even before they knew the killer’s identity. It must be very limiting for a person to be so blinkered.

  4. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Anybody see if he took any sort of time to blame that mall shooting yesterday on games? The man was 20 years old, so he’s in Thompson’s demographic age bracket…

  5. 0
    Ix says:


    Sorry it’s late, yesterday got real busy after my last post.

    Yes JT does want TV spots, but I think being disbarred will seriously cut into the number he gets. I also think that when he appears in debates he’ll be unable to convince anyone of anything after his opponent asks “Weren’t you disbarred?” and he goes and shows the world how crazy he really is.

    Not even sensationalist media would want JT if this happens enough, or even severely enough one time.

    I personally think it’d be great if JT violently demonstrates his craziness, gets taken down by law enforcement there to “protect him from the ‘violent’ gamers” before harming anyone, and forever becomes known as the lawyer that proved video games cause violence only when the relation to them is trying to ban them.

  6. 0
    Phalanx (Christian and you're not) says:

    @Back the Jack

    John Bruce has already posted his personal information here countless times. Therefore, there is no need to delete anything, since he’s already given it out.

  7. 0
    Back the Jack ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One question, “looks at Dennis when saying it”

    There was a post sometime ago where someone posted a email directed at Sony from several of their executives with some personal information edited out. It was stricten off the record. Deletion. But when someone else posts a thompson email it always contains personal infomation.

  8. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Indeed, unless there is some fear mongering thing than the blame can be placed on, the media could care less about it. Me thinks there might be a whole course for aspiring journalists in the “Harold Hill” method of fear rousing, without the musical number though, sadly.

  9. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman
    Anyone with one of those degrees is more qualified to be an ‘expert’ in school shooting than Jack Thompson.

    In all fairness, I probably could be a school shooting “expert” and talk about what lead to it. But then again, the things I say might be too much in tune with “where are the fucking parents” to appeal to media’s sensational nature.

  10. 0
    Oz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Once Jack is disbared he will lose alot of credibility and will no longer we able to call himself a lawyer.

    Yet I bet guys like Fox will still call him a “video games expert” and/or “school shootings expert”

    He will be nothing more than an activist and a troll. But he will hardley go away.

  11. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    While I can’t speak for Jeb (gov. of florida, right? I don’t remember) I’m pretty sure W has other things going on, like oh I don’t know running the country?


    Potamus: DidyagetthatthingIsentya? XD
    BM: No, I DIDN’T get that thing you sent me, I never got that thing you sent me, and furthermore, even if I *had* gotten that thing you sent me, I doubt I’d be interested in what it said!

  12. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    New motion on the floor:

    Who is a worse lawyer than Jack Thompson?

    And the lawfirm of Dewie, Cheatum and Howe doesn’t count.

  13. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    So can we expect Jack to call George or Jeb Bush to testify this week? Jack did promise us a Bush — other than the bush he’s been beating around.

  14. 0
    mogbert ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Also, could you replace the Pheonix Wright picture with one that shows Pheonix cross examining JBT? That’s a T-shirt I could go with. Phoenix represents justice, truth, and honor.

  15. 0
    mogbert ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    J.B.T. = Daikatana

    The phrase that keeps coming to mind is “I have them right where they want me!”

    I was kinda hoping Tycho and Gabe would be brought in to testify about when he tried to have the Seattle police arrest then for donating $10,000 in his name. That has to be against the law, bearing false witness or something.

  16. 0
    Diane ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Pierre-Olivier
    If delusional, I’d say the most likely delusion would be of grandeur. I’ve never met anyone in the state, but it’s scary sort of thing. I suppose being a compulsive liar is also a possibility.

    It baffles me the way he acts and the claims he makes. I’ve seen people do things that defy conventional logic, but Thompson is just seriously out there. He obviously has goals and (increasingly waning) power, but he’ll take one step forward, looks suspiciously around, leap backwards, fall over, and sue the floor. He’s so self-defeating.

  17. 0
    Twixn says:

    @Austin Lewis:

    I stand corrected!

    However Jack will still find some way to become
    an ‘Expert’ and the media will help him, as he’s willing
    to spout crap about whatever sensationalist, yellow-journalistic,
    story that happens to have a band-wagon at the time. As long
    as its somehow related to games, but who knows he may get
    more desperate for the airtime and go on TV for anything since
    his (possible) disbarment.

  18. 0
    Pierre-Olivier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    There’s nothing to understand. Jack Thompson respect and listen to only one person: himself. He’s either delusional (but I’d find this theory completely absurd) or he’s lying to appear menacing, thinking that we gamers, don’t check the rules except GP (he never held any respect for gamers of any kind, so that wouldn’t surprise me).

    Even a high-school psychologist would have trouble understanding him.

  19. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:

    @Austin Lewis

    “Criminologists, Sociologists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and really anyone with a Behavioral Science degree COULD be a consultant.”

    You, in other words.

  20. 0
    JustChris says:

    My bet’s on Jack Thompson calling God to the witness chair, just like Lisa/Joan of Arc did on The Simpsons…

    On a serious matter, doesn’t the court system too blind to see that Jack Thompson flaunts his Christian agenda around? He even claims he’s been persecuted of his Christian beliefs. Doesn’t this raise a red flag to them? I’m sure it’s unacceptable to practice law under “religious activities that infringe on public order.”

  21. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Ix

    But isn’t that what he wants, his face on national TV?

    Even though he could file public nuisance types suits even without a license he could also be banned from doing those if he constantly files what the court deems to be frivilous or for harrassment. Now, he ‘should’ know that, then again, he ‘should’ know how to act like a grown up too.

  22. 0
    Ix says:

    @Austin Lewis

    Good of you to point out what I forgot, though in response to a different post. Thanks.

    back @jds

    You do have to have a relevant degree to be a consultant or expert in a trial. JT’s complete lack of said degree would effectively bar him from participating in court.

    He’ll be left with what TV appearances he can get and that’s about it.

  23. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    That’s actually illegal.

    He can’t mention that he was an attorney on public venues like TV, if I remember the terms of disbarment correctly.

    Now if he just let his license lapse or retired, he could call himself a ‘former attorney’.

    Also, he can’t be a consultant because of the following;
    1. He has no relevant degree.
    2. He has no relevant experience.
    3. He has written no relevant literature.

    Criminologists, Sociologists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and really anyone with a Behavioral Science degree COULD be a consultant.

    Jack doesn’t have a degree in any of those fields.

    Therein, JT, Consultant, would be even less effective than Jackass Thompson, attorney at Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

  24. 0
    Ix says:


    I think that your number 2 assumes that other lawyers would take up the anti-gaming suits and want JT to be with them in court.

    Even if I were to become an anti-gaming lawyer I’d never want JT next to me in the court room, or any other lawyer disbarred from practicing for the reasons JT is facing.

    Not to say this isn’t a possibility, especially since I think anyone who follows his footsteps is going to be as crazy as he is, and any follower may want their mentor next to them in court. I just don’t see how any of that would help the follower win any cases. Heck, I see it more likely in ending with JT in jail for some contempt of court violation.

  25. 0
    jds ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Chris Wallace (if you see this)

    You said: So being disbarred would have a profound effect on how Jack Thompson can identify himself to the public…

    I’m wondering which is worse…

    1. Jack Thompson keeps his license to practice law and perpetuates his history of craziness, all the while being called, “Jack Thompson, anti game attorney,” or

    2. Jack loses his license and becomes, “Jack Thompson, anti videogame consultant” and can now still be part of lawsuits against the videogame industry. This potential consultant role could offer him more time to fight the industry as he wouldn’t be tied up with other suits he would normally be part of if he were still a licensed attorney.

    Not sure if I’ve thought this out enough, but initially it seems that scenario #2 would be much worse than scenario 1, save for the taxpayer money perspective inherent in scenario #1.

    Any thoughts?

  26. 0
    John Simpson says:

    @ everyone

    If Jack Thompson is disbarred, then he will have lost his so-called “Gamer-Antigamer War”, as well as his personal crusade. In other words, no more media coverage, no more of him calling himself an “expert”, no more of him calling himself an “attorney”, etc. Even though, he might focus on his crusade without all that media coverage and stuff like that. Oh, and did any of you have seen Game Head that had Jack Thompson as a guest?

  27. 0
    Mnementh2230 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Keep an eye on this page, folks:

    Jack’s status

    This is from the Florida Bar, listing his status as “member in good standing”. Lets see how long it lasts. If I get motivated, I’ll learn how to write FireFox plugins and we can monitor his status realtime! :)

  28. 0
    Icehawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Bloody hell. You know it is hard to beleive, a normal person would not even try to go there but jack claiming he is winning? Ah well, tis to be expected methinks. You can lead a fool to water but you have to clean up afterwards

  29. 0
    Samson Effect says:


    “I can hear Clatus Junkin testifing,

    “Hell, no, I ain’t had no conversation with that crazy ol’ bastard about no Judge Moore and no case-fixin’. No, Siree. Heck, can’t ya’ll see that the man’s as crazy as a three-legged mule on market day? Whoooweee!” “

    Hahaha, good, I’m not the only one who thought that.

    But yeah, I had a hunch this would drag on. ANd I also don’t think it bodes well for the Supertroll.

  30. 0
    Twixn says:

    @Austin Lewis:

    He probably still will, the media will probably just put a slight
    spin on his label to make it appear that he stopped being a lawyer
    ‘honorably’, IE:

    ‘Jack Thompson, former Attorney’

    As opposed to:

    ‘Jack Thompson, Disbarred Attorney’

    You assume that the Media is any better than he is.

  31. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    An important thing to realize is that once he’s been disbarred, Jack Thompson will no longer be as likely to be picked up as a “Expert” in school shootings.

  32. 0
    Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m surprised JT hasn’t called up Dennis yet as a witness, if his strategy of all losses and setbacks he suffers are wins, what harm could it do?

  33. 0
    Chris Wallace, Lawyer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Upon being disbarred a former lawyer can no longer identify himself/herself as such to the public. Certainly the ex-lawyer can no longer represent clients as a lawyer.

    Furthermore, although there are exceptions (ex some small claims courts) no one can represent someone else in court unless he or she is a lawyer.

    So being disbarred would have a profound effect on how Jack Thompson can identify himself to the public and his ability to issue court documents on behalf of others.

    Moreover, the media and other venues will not be as interested in ‘booking’ Jack Thompson for soundbites as his opinion would not have any more weight than the rest of the masses.

    However, without any professional restraints, you may see Jack Thompson’s antics multiply as he would no longer be an officer of the court or a member of the bar. Essentially there would be no governace of his behavior.

  34. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:


    Your so-called “right to counsel” generally includes the right to be your own counsel, if you so choose. If Jack is bringing legal action or legal action is being brought against Jack, he can always represent himself, disbarred attorney or not. Self-represention in legal actions is everyone’s right.

    Here’s the rub: if Jack is bisbared, he’ll be unable to take on client cases. He’ll still be able to bring a limited number of “on the public’s behalf” legal actions that all members of the public can bring (e.g., his “public nuisance” attempt to block Bully’s release or his “unfair trade practice” lawsuit against Best Buy), which tend to be brought only by crazies with an axe to grind and are usually quickly dismissed. And he sure does love to request permission to file an amicus brief (which courts now routinely deny him). But if disbared, he’ll be unable to chase ambulances to the scene of school shootings and bring wrongful/negligent death lawsuits against game maker on behalf of victims. And that he’ll some day prove causation between death and video game and thereby unleash multi-million dollar liability on the game industry is Jack Thompson’s daydream. Which he’ll be unable to pursue if he can no longer solict victims’ families as clients to wrongful death suits.

  35. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Odds are that he will fume for a few hours if he gets disbarred, then say that it has proven him correct that the Florida Bar was out to get him, and that the video game and pornography industries were backing both judges, and that Dennis is their voice man and media whore corrupting the minds of the masses.

    Followed shortly there after with; a binge of cheap scotch, a flurry of hate filled e-mails to all media outlets, him begging and pleading to be part of Hillary’s campaign, him trying to file even more lawsuits anyway, or a mix of one or more of the above.

    Basically, you can declaw the cat, but you can’t stop it from pissing on your pillow.

  36. 0
    Oz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He says he is winning, like SCO said their case was a “no brainer” look at them now.

    It looks like he is looking like a paranoid goofball that thinks everyone is out to get him.

  37. 0
    Devil's Advocate ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    To be fair if their job was on the line, most people would try any tactic necessary to make sure they won, stalling would be amongst them.

  38. 0
    DarthCylon says:

    He thinks he is winning? Wow what a laugh I wonder how big a vicory him losing will be. Maybe if he loses other Thompson-esqe people will get the picture. Lol lol lol lol lol lol!

  39. 0
    jadedcritic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I can’t help but notice the voices claiming that Thompson’s disbarring will mean his end. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a lawyer. Let’s just get this all out in the open. However, I’ve been reading these threads for a while, and I could’ve sworn one of them that seemed reasonably intelligent and well-formed, basically said, (hopefully I’m not misinterpreting), that Thompson’s disbarment won’t stop him from bringing his own suits; he just can’t represent clients.

    Been wondering a little about the nuances there. If he’s been representing himself in the disiplinary hearing, and he gets disbarred, does that mean has to get someone else to represent him in the appeal?

  40. 0
    smeagol23 says:

    @ FlyinM_X
    Actually, since Santa gives all the good boys and girls video games, he is obviously part of the vast video game conspiracy. This is perfect material to use to discredit Santa in the court’s eyes. After all, it worked great against Norm…

  41. 0
    FlyinM_X ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    do you think he would consider that as gay sexual acts with a minor and then take pictures and attach them to his next complaint? If he gets one that is.

  42. 0
    HandofCrom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I don’t know, I think we should watch out. This is Jack Thompson we’re talking about. Look at his track record! He got Bully banned, he destroyed Rockstar, he took down the Bushes, he got GP convicted in court…

  43. 0
    Shrike says:

    I can only think that a take off on Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne is in order.

    And I’m also imagining a game based on ‘Jack-o-vision’, which incorporates surreal imagery and randomized fear effects whenever you get near a video game or anything that can be linked to one, or anything at all, really. I can’t think of a way to win, though. Jack certainly hasn’t.

  44. 0
    Internet Hate Machine ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ JackDon’tKnowJack

    Yes. Towards the end the judge basically told the lawyers to shut up regarding the morality of teaching evolution, and asked the teacher if he had. Since he said yes, he was found guilty. The link is somewhere here…

  45. 0
    Mnementh2230 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ GP – any chance we could have a T-Shirt designing contest in the event of a disbarment? Have a contest, you set up a CafePress account, we we gets us some T-Shirts (and you make some beer money). :)

  46. 0
    Mnementh2230 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Truec – he won’t get on TV nearly as much. What news agency will give credibility to a lawyer who lost his license because he has none?

    Someone else may come along, but to fill that void they’d have to be just as stupid as Thompson.

    @ ApokalypseNow – I’m all for Team Fortress. And Guiness. OOH! Drunken TF2! :)

    Depending on circumstances, I’ll try to buy out a large-ish TeamSpeak server for a day, so that GP Celebrations may be shared vocally. The beer will flow like water!

  47. 0
    Pierre-Olivier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It’s about time Thompson faces his Achilles’ heel: his opponent’s witnesses are peoples he falsely complained against.

    If Thompson try to discredit them as he did in his court files (by calling the judges corrupt and the attorneys porn sharers) a jury will easily see through his lies. If they conduct an investigation (if that happen, I’m sure Thompson would try to laugh at them), they’ll show clearly that there’s no conspiracy.

    Thompson discredited every ally he got before, he won’t have many witnesses.

    I’m not sure, but I think Thompson thinks he’s winning because he knows those peoples. He must be thinking “I know those. They will be easy to discredit”. But maybe I’m thinking too much or just being paranoid. Maybe he’s just in denial (but REALLY in denial) or he just want to delay the case to get a good Christmas. It’s almost as hard as trying to find the reason why he filled gay porn to a judge (I had some theories, but each one is as absurd as the last one, but knowing Thompson, they could be not so absurd).

    He WILL get MUCH MORE than just a slap on his fingers. I’m pretty sure he’ll get disbarred, but I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

  48. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    I can hear Clatus Junkin testifing,

    “Hell, no, I ain’t had no conversation with that crazy ol’ bastard about no Judge Moore and no case-fixin’. No, Siree. Heck, can’t ya’ll see that the man’s as crazy as a three-legged mule on market day? Whoooweee!”

  49. 0
    Truec says:

    This is bad news. If Thompson is disbarred, then there will be a void. A void for a new, stronger annoyance to fill.

    And Jack will still be around, he’ll probably even still be able to get on TV. Losing his lawyering powers won’t stop him.

  50. 0
    ApokalypseNow says:


    It won’t stifle him, no, but it means that all his ramblings lose their clout, as he can no longer prosecute on his own and no sane lawyer would bother to sue the people he sues for the reasons he sues them.

  51. 0
    smeagol23 says:

    Jmcc Says: December 3rd, 2007 at 9:25 am
    I have to believe Christmas for the Thompson family involves him dragging his son around to malls and trying to get the Santas there to promise him an M-rated game for Christmas.

    actually, i was thinking, JT probably celebrates the season by dragging his son to all the malls, forcing him into santa’s lap, then sueing santa for sexual misconduct with a minor by virtue of having young boys sit in his lap.

  52. 0
    Phalanx (Christian and you're not) says:


    We’ve discussed in another thread naming it an Internet holiday, complete with beer, punch, cake, cookies and other celebratory snacks.

  53. 0
    ApokalypseNow says:

    When JT is disbarred, we need to have some kind of celebratory gaming session, or at least some form of voice chat that we can all get in on whilst playing games of our choice. My vote goes for Team Fortress 2 – nothing quite like perpetrating some cartoony violence upon each other to celebrate JT getting pwned.

  54. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ monte

    Well, perhaps it’d be better if he extended the way he talks in the courtroom at least to the files he sends TO said court, which, as it seems, has yet to happen.

  55. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I understand this, believe me.

    However, you have to understand that this man is actually making the organization look bad not only in Florida, but in the rest of the country. He’s a huge black eye for the Bar of Florida, and that is why I beleive he’s going to be fucked over.

  56. 0
    Gray17 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    See, the difference between Jack and Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf is as follows:

    1)”Baghdad Bob” was just doing his job
    2) He was displaying a hell of a lot courage by doing so, particularly in comparison to most of the rest of that government
    3) He knew when it was over and time to call it quits and go take up something else.

    Jack’s got none of these.

  57. 0
    Samson Effect says:


    “Jack claiming that he is winning – if this “win” is consistent with past “wins” then I’m keeping the Guinness chilled and on standby.”

    Save a pint for me, dude.

  58. 0
    Dog_Welder ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    One of the reasons most lawyers take multiple disciplinary steps for full disbarment are because of the degree of their indiscretions. Jack has, without fail in every court case he’s lost, fired off dozens of “press releases” in which he defames sitting judges. I’m no lawyer, but that sounds like rather severe behavior.

    Remember, you can get life in prison on the first offense if it’s severe enough.

  59. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Sorry, let me rephrase. At least when a normal person walks into an ambush they might think “Damn, I made a mistake” instead of “I’m won already”

  60. 0
    Attack Gypsy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I’d love to see it as well. Probably told Dennis off in a number of ways. Just goes to show his state of mind. Probably frantic by now, knowing he’s beat. Probably grasping at straws here trying to keep his licence.

  61. 0
    BaronJuJu ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I would love to have seen that email exchange with JT over the weekend, I’m sure it was a dosey.

    As always, keep up the great work on here Dennis!

  62. 0
    monte ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Austin, Davcube
    I forget who it was, i think it might have been Jabberwock, who pointed out that lawyers rarely get disbarred permanently without being punished many times beforehand… and as far as Jack’s record goes, while he recieved many complaints and conducted himself in a poor manner, the Bar has not punished him many times in the past. And one must recall is that, unlike how he REALLY talks, in the court room he tends to put on a better show, acting in a civil manner and not with his usual hate and immaturity (frankly, i kind of wish we could use his posting on GP or his wikiquote as evidence against him… though grant it, since this is about his job as a lawyer, only how he acts when he is working really counts and his postings on gp are all off the clock personal stuff).

    So we are probably gonna be looking at a temporary loss of License at best and nothing permanent (which is what may happen the next time he crosses the line to many times); especially if it turns out this really is a long trial… i mean, if it takes a long time to prove his guilt then the court will probably feel that he doesn’t deserve a permanent disbarment since the evidence isn’t heavy enough against him (where as if they find him guilty quickly they will be more harsh on his punishment)… Frankly, a temporary disbarment isn’t what we want but it’s a good first leap to his fall

    That was a poor parody… i mean, really, Crysis? don’t you know that Jack Thompson only pays attention to Rockstar games.

    Though seriously, one thing that’s funny about the whole Gamespot thing going on right now, is that it reminds me how Kane and Lynch (amongst other games) got released without the slightest bit of notice.

  63. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As an American Criminologist, let me tell you that he should be fucked over by all rights.

    @Black Ice

    We need to know the date of his disbarrment before we can make shirts my good man.

  64. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:


    It’s the American piss-about system. You don’t like someone, you can sue them regardless of what they have or have not done.

  65. 0
    ~the1jeffy says:


    “So winning is dragging the hearing out for weeks. Lovely. So much for a happy Christmas for the Thompson Family.”

    This is why I’ve been saying that we shouldn’t expect a ruling this year. You can be sure that the xmas week there will be no court in session, and probably half the week before. A week and a half for this trial to complete and a final ruling? Doubt it.

    So, if Thompson’s objective is to remain a lawyer until next year, then maybe he is going to succeed.

  66. 0
    JustChris says:

    All in all, I think he’s enjoying this thrill ride that he set up for himself. In fact, he probably would enjoy this more than if he was ACTUALLY successful and all violent video games productions will come to a halt, or at least there will be no illegal sales to minors.

    If everything were to become perfectly orderly in his view, what else does he have to do? Maybe write another book explaining his success? Well, that’s still hardly thrilling. Is Jack purposely trying to keep his enemies alive?

  67. 0
    DCOW ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jack Thompson (sorry boys, I’m not responding to a thompson post today)

    with you, everyday you say your winning, it must be opposite day.

    also: put down the briefcase, and get a life.

  68. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ kurisu7885

    I prefer “When your attack is going well you have just walked into an ambush.”

    @ ApokalypseNow

    Save a Guinness for me too, I’ll bring the Jameson’s so we can toast the death of his career.

    I do get the feeling that most of his ‘cross-examination’ was stalling tactics and irrelevant claims similar to a child who knows they are in trouble but is trying to prolong the punishment (and usually end up making it worse). Perhaps he can get a job later as a sidewalk preacher, or one of those guys who wears “The end is nigh” signs. Oh wait, I know, legal advisor to Hillary Clinton!

  69. 0
    Phantom says:

    @ Chris Wallace, Lawyer

    You forget two things:

    1) Jack has very little dignity when it comes to his actual profession. He rates his successes based on the number of times he appears on TV talk shows, not the number of cases he wins.

    2) Jack’s reputation in the local legal community was already bad from previous disbarment attempts, and the whole “Janet Reno” thing.

  70. 0
    Matthew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think Jack Thompson really is a closet gamer. His “done when it’s done” attitude and constant assurances that everything is going to be super show he’s experienced with Development Hell.

    Jack Thompson Forever!

  71. 0
    Chris Wallace, Lawyer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have no idea how Jack Thompson can see this as a ‘victory’. Disbarrment aside, the amount of professional embarassment this is bringing is tremendous.

    I can’t imagine having to face any colleagues after going through something like that. This would also have a terrible effect on getting retained by any client. This will never be forgotten by the legal community where he practices.

    This is no ‘victory’ no matter what the eventual outcome.

  72. 0
    jadedcritic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    They better have a case that could withstand depleted uranium shells. It occurs to me that if there’s any weakness at all in the prosecution’s case; he’ll appeal until we’re all old and grey.

  73. 0
    Sean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    True, but I’m holding off on all celebration plans until this is over, and if he does get disbarred… I’ll just crash that Guinness party.

  74. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Sean, the problem is that he basically uses that as his only defense. He doesn’t give any evidence that hasn’t been widely debunked, (if not just making up facts as he goes along… lying doesn’t bode well to push your case forward, or make you look credible to any stretch of the imagination) ignores every other factor that played into almost every other case he’s filed, (“child abuse? **** that, the game/music made him aggressive!”) and as a result, hasn’t won a case in over a decade. Even worse, when he DOES lose, he blames it on everyone but himself like a spoiled little fat child who couldn’t get an ice cream cone even after sucking up to his mom.

    He’s a waste of the Florida Bar’s time, money, and effort. You know it, i know it, they know it.

  75. 0
    Sean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Austin, Davcube

    I’m aware of everything he’s done and how he’s behaved, but this is the American legal system we’re talking about.

  76. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Sean

    It is when he pulls the “I’m right, everyone else is wrong, the world (which is flat, prove me wrong in 2 milliseconds or i’m right. HAH!) is ending, i’m your savior, everyone in the universe is all out to get me, even the judges and the president, i’m jesus, etc etc etc.” card.

    Not to mention he fails to follow basic rules (ie, the judge cannot be a defendant in a trial said judge is presiding over simultaneously; and court filings are supposed to be text-only, yet he sent actual pictures of gay sex acts in them, among other things)

  77. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yes Sean, it has qualified him to lose his license. He actually makes the Florida Bar Association look bad by being allowed to practice under them.

  78. 0
    Sean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Call me pesimistic, but I’m not sure that Jack will get disbarred. I mean, has what he’s done REALLY qualified losing his liscense permanently? Being an overall douche isn’t exactly the crime of the century.

  79. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:

    “I had a rather brief (and not entirely pleasant) e-mail exchange about the case with Thompson over the weekend. He asserted that he was winning and that the trial would go on for weeks.”

    I’m suprised..

  80. 0
    Paul Kerton ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m pretty sure Jack Thompson is a distant relative of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, also known as Baghdad Bob/Comical Ali.

    I can see it now

    “are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks. They will surrender, it is they who will surrender”.

    But Jack, you were disbarred three months ago

    *foam comes from his mouth*

  81. 0
    Gameboy says:

    Jack thinks he’s winning? I’m sorry, but when two Judges are testifying against you (one from out of state), it’s got to be bad. What kind of questions could he actually ask?

    Jack: “Judge Friedman, isn’t it true that you exposed children to gay sex?”
    Prosecutor: “Your honor, I believe we’ve reached our burden of proof. I’d like to rest my case.”

  82. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Of course Thompson asserted he’s winning, he ALWAYS believes he’s winning even when the facts disagree with him. He asserted he was winning the Bully case right up until, gee, he lost.

    For someone always so confident of his victories I really don’t remember him ever winning anything.

  83. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack also claimed to be winning the following:

    – The Bully case
    – Take Two’s “agreement” with him
    – Having this disbarrment case thrown out
    – Getting the President to testify
    – The Louisiana bill

  84. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is great, Jack Thompson still thinks he’s winning? And somehow, WE’RE the braindamaged ones?

    I find a great amount of LULz in this. Reaching near Epic levels, to be sure.

  85. 0
    jonc2006 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I had a rather brief (and not entirely pleasant) e-mail exchange about the case with Thompson over the weekend. He asserted that he was winning and that the trial would go on for weeks. “

    he really needs to lay off the acid, because he seems to be getting these hallucinations more often than usual nowadays.

  86. 0
    Pominator says:

    yep, as ever the case in a game of 4v4 swords, damn Yank overconfident noobholes

    Anyway it happens, and since the world’s favourite lawyer fits into said position, I think this will be fun to watch, anyone got a live eCast of this?

    They could make JT’s life into a situational comedy show on E4!

    (all words posted here are the opinion of Pominator, CEO of Green Phoenix industries (c) 2028, by reading this fine print your soul and body are now exclusively the property of Pominator, any action you take is because Pominator says so, you are allowed to breathe)

  87. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Of course he broke said order and nothing came of it, just the icing on the cake for the judge and jury to consider.”

    Likely why they didn’t do anything about it. It was a legal agreement, and Thompson broke it.

    And using online gaming logic, isn’t it usually the hotshot who says he’ll own everybody before the match really starts the first to get owned when the match actually starts?

  88. 0
    Pominator says:

    This seems remarkably reminiscent of the time when he “won” against rockstar by having a gag order placed on him…

    Of course he broke said order and nothing came of it, just the icing on the cake for the judge and jury to consider.

    If he can really hope to counter the many discrepancies (spelling) that he has commited by claiming that he did it for the children, ensuring that they would not be exposed to such “terrible evil videogames” then I will be extremely surprised and will probably regain what little respect I had for the man (that is of course before he went absolutely senile).

    And as a public personal for Jackie (John Brucie) Thompson, “give up the act, you will find plenty more work as a lawyer in a retirement home resolving the case of the missing dentures!”

    In closing why does this man still exist anyway? if his theories are to be believed then we have already chainswed him, shot him, beaten him, grenaded him and pushed him off of a building (etcetera) however none of this has actually happened!


    (all words posted here are the opinion of Pominator, CEO of Green Phoenix industries (c) 2028, by reading this fine print your soul and body are now exclusively the property of Pominator, any action you take is because Pominator says so, you are allowed to breathe)

  89. 0
    Rammsoldat says:

    im just waiting for him to start the ameture courtroom dramatics like he does normally. somone should send the vid destructoid had of him holding up big signs in court and getting told off by the judge.

    poor jack, i think he’s seen too many courtroom drama movies.

  90. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Heh, I’d really like to know who he’d get for his defense. At this point, who could he provide? He’s alienated any ally he’s ever had. Aside from maybe Dr. Wunderman who did his “screening” (which could be discounted by the court because they didn’t approve it) and perhaps one of the four “experts” he keeps mentioning but never names (although I think he named Col. Grossman as one of them during the VGXpo debate), the impression I get is that he’s pretty much on his own.

    It reminds me of the line Gomez Addams said in the first Addams Family movie: “They say the man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. Well as god is my witness, I am that fool!”

  91. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One thing that I think isa rule of general combat and warfare, never, NEVER declare victory before the battle is even half way in your favor, unless victory is assured(No Thompson, it IS NOT assured here) then you are likely to fail as you are less likely to properly prepare

    Tic toc you still can’t stop the clock.

  92. 0
    aresil ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Thompson: “Your honor, i’d like to add the Union of Store Santas as witnesses to the growing, undeniable conspiracy against me”

    Judge: “And *snigger* your evidence for this?”

    Thompson: “Santa promised my to get my son Crysis for christmas”

    Seriously, though, if this is JB winning, i’d LOVE to see what JB losing is like…

  93. 0
    ApokalypseNow says:


    Jack claiming that he is winning – if this “win” is consistent with past “wins” then I’m keeping the Guinness chilled and on standby. The weather here has been a bit wet and rainy, not suitable weather for s’mores, but one can still use the microwave in a pinch.

  94. 0
    Jmcc ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “So much for a happy Christmas for the Thompson Family.”

    I have to believe Christmas for the Thompson family involves him dragging his son around to malls and trying to get the Santas there to promise him an M-rated game for Christmas.

  95. 0
    Attack Gypsy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I figured Jack would drag this out. Every day extra he can drag it out is a winning day for him.

    Expect this to go into the New Year, folks. You know that when he loses, he’s going to appeal. He’s got nothing to lose by appealing, and will probably get a stay against enforcing any disbarrment until after the appeal is heard, which could take years.

  96. 0
    Ken ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I had a rather brief (and not entirely pleasant) e-mail exchange about the case with Thompson over the weekend. He asserted that he was winning and that the trial would go on for weeks.”

  97. 0
    Josh Martz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Of course he told you he was winning. You think he’d actually come out and tell you if he was getting his ass handed to him?

    Well, at least when he gets disbarred, the Florida taxpayer’s money won’t be entirely wasted.

  98. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    It took a whole week for Thompson’s cross questioning? Wow he really must have grilled them. I can only imagine the types of questions they were asked.

    He asserted that he was winning and that the trial would go on for weeks.

    So winning is dragging the hearing out for weeks. Lovely. So much for a happy Christmas for the Thompson Family.

    John Bruce to Family, “I know it is Christmas morning, but I made sure that the trial would continue through today so that I could blame it on the vast conspiracy to silence me.”

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  99. 0
    koichan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Not suprising really, Thompson has a nice history of claiming complete failures as victories for him.

    I guarantee if he does get disbarred, he’ll claim it as a victory, that he planned it all along and the video game industry is falli ng into his trap. Or something along those lines.

    The man is simply completely incapable of admitting that anything he does/thinks could ever be wrong

  100. 0
    Kharne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “He asserted that he was winning and that the trial would go on for weeks.”

    A Thought: a long trial is not a sign of a sure victory. In fact, it’s the opposite. If your victory were so certain, there would be no need to take so much time to verify this, and the case would end quickly. That it does not means that your victory is uncertain, as they need to spend much time to determine wither or not your innocent.

    Also, you’re desperate, flailing attempts to stall the case suggest that you are in fact in trouble. If you were so sure you were going to win this, you wouldn’t feel the need to stall as much as possible. You are stalling, therefor you clearly fear something about this trial, I wonder what that is…

  101. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    God speed into the wind my friend,where it takes you may it be far far far far far far away from the media and the news world, prehaps retirement shall find you a quite life.

    Walker T
    In jacks case winning means no jail time ^_~

  102. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman says:

    @Austin Lewis

    Yeah, so you. You ever consider joining the forums? We’ve got a few veterans but no lawyers. Plus we need someone to counter Pandralisk.

  103. 0
    Icehawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ jds

    What would be worse is the idea of:

    Jack Thompson Televangelist aka Gods Angry Man

    He is already used to preaching about the “evils of games” and there are always some that are will follow such in blind devotion. He gets to continue his television attacks on games (and stroke his ego) and might be in a position to cause some damage when actually backed by religion.

    His would be an amusing sermon (irony) when you consider in his rudeness, general lying and passing the blame for his mistakes (sorry I keep forgetting he does not make mistakes… hmmmm) on others.

    Even as an agnostic that leaves a bad taste.

    Wait I have a name for it. The church of The Lying Scapegoat.

  104. 0
    Shoehorn O'Plenty ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Thompson only began his defense on Friday afternoon.”

    I can see his defense following the pattern of his motions and last minute gasps to get the case dismissed. He will blame others, bring up what they do for a living, insinuate wrongdoings on their part, and the judge will ignore each of these, telling him time and time again, “This is not relevant to the trial at hand.”

    I think at best he will be able to drag the trial out, but eventually they will disbar him.

  105. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Indeed…. in the words of the Sega Rally announcer:

    Game Over yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


    Exactly. Thread (and Thompson’s career) over. 😛



    (I sincerely apologize for the preceding stupidity.)


    Sounds about right, LOL.

  106. 0
    lostalaska ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Don’t worry everyone, even if Jack Thompson is disbarred and completely disappears from all the media coverage on game violence. I’m sure there is some other failing lawyer ready to pick up the crazy torch and run with it.

  107. 0
    Gray17 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    The thing is, all of Jack’s kicking and screaming is basically him refusing to accept lesser forms of discipline. Given that he’s been a problem in the past, and it’s taken this much effort just to give him more than a slap on the wrist, the Bar is likely to opt to just plain rid themselves of him rather than repeat this 3 ring circus in another 5 years

  108. 0
    Gamer1000 says:

    Well as I see it Wacko Jacko needs to cool off in the slammer for sueing too many people.Wendys….Bestbuy….His mother….His kids….His dog…. Almost rockstar….If he continues he might sue mcdonalds for giving him a hamburger with mayo on it instead of mustard.

  109. 0
    Vinzent says:

    “The God king has betrayed a fatal flaw, Hubris.” – 300

    So how will you celebrate Jack-Tommy Day? I hope it doesn’t fall on Valentine’s Day, although St. Patrick’s Day would be good.

  110. 0
    sqlrob ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    That’s probably why the trial will take a long time. Takes a while to properly dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Give him time to blow everything the first time, then there’s no chance.

    That’s not to say he won’t try, no matter what.

  111. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I suspect it will end with Thompson being told he has to file any grievances against organisations through a seperate lawyer for a few years or the like. The big problem with Jack from the Bar’s point of view is his habit of imagining something, assuming it is true, assuming his assumption is evidence and then proceeding to sue someone because of his assumed assumption.

    At least if he has to go through a seperate lawyer things like ‘where is the evidence’ start to be considered before everyone is in court.

    I suspect he’ll still be free to act as other people’s lawyer, there’s no law about being a bad lawyer, but his habit of vexatious litigation, and especially his method of pulling facts out of nowhere without any real supportive evidence (remember the vibrating controller or ‘nobody shoots anyone in the face’ etc?) have proved embarrassing for the Bar in general because it makes them all look unprofessional.

    That said, I don’t know the entirety of the charges levelled against him, there’s a thin line between stating opinion and libel. Claiming that a Judge can be bribed is not an opinion, it is a rumour, and one that was put about to deliberately attempt to gain leverage for Jack, that in itself could land him in very hot water, it’s not un-akin to attempting to gain an advantage through Blackmail, the rumour doesn’t have to be true, people just have to believe it.

  112. 0
    Pominator says:

    And as an annendum to what was previously said, don’t they usually come out spouting crap about how they were unfairly treated by the other players and they were cheating etc etc, then just go on to claim that all of those who beat him are in fact “noobs”?

    Yeah, that is Thompson to a T

  113. 0
    Wyvern says:

    Ok…Looks like the situations getting desperate. Stalling tactics, 2 judges supporting the complaints etc. What I find strange is that rather than claim it is a victory now, as he usually does, he seems to be actually waiting for the verdict, which is very unlike him.

    Some doubts in the mind, Jacky?

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