Jack Thompson Bar Trial Wraps Up Today; Ruling Delayed into 2008

December 6, 2007 -
If Jack Thompson winds up getting disbarred, it won't happen this year.

The controversial attorney's trial resumes this morning and is expected to conclude later today. However, in order to make her ruling, Judge Dava Tunis will need to study the lengthy transcript of the proceedings.

Judge Tunis said yesterday that the process of preparing and reviewing the court record will likely delay her decision until the spring of 2008.

In the meantime, Federal District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan has denied yet another motion by Thompson to vacate the Florida Bar's case against him.

UPDATE: This morning, Thompson has filed a new motion to vacate with the federal court.


Curse campus computers that don't have Adobe Reader... from what people are saying, that motion (which, for some reason he likes to submit multiple times... AFTER they're denied...) is a pretty entertaining read.

That said, oh well, instead of having his disbarment as a Christmas present, it'll possibly be a joint celebration with getting Smash Bros Brawl. XD

Disbarment wouldn't hurt him so much as being declared a vexatious litigant would. Disbarment means he can still file lawsuits on behalf of himself, just not on behalf of others. If declared vexatious he can't persist in his constant stream of lawsuits without first getting them approved by a somewhat more reasoned legal professional. That would be pretty devastating, since I thought he as much as said that his tactic was to bury companies with lawsuits (regardless of their merit, so long as they're just on this side of reasonable) and hope that they'll just stop doing anything he doesn't like in order to quench his ire.

Come on Thompson! keep delaying the inevitable! it makes your final defeat that much more tasty!

Thompson might be able to sneak in one last lawsuit against rockstar and gta iv before he gets barred.

Believe it or not, the fact that it has been delayed may very well be a good sign against him. considering that they spent that whole week just with him cross examining and three days for the rest it looks from my POV that the first week was him trying to filibuster and delay the proceedings. This means that the transcripts for that week will need to be reviewed thoroughly to catch every single falsehood, inconsistency, and unprofessional insult to make an airtight reason for his Bar license to be revoked. As you can imagine, that may take a while.

Frankly, I wish he'd be a man about this and admit that he has done wrong. I mean really, what kind of impression is he giving his son about owning up to responsibility for ones action?


I don't think his family were ever on his priorities list.

Am I erong or does this mean that Jack is still licensed to practice law for the next few months at very least? I think we should be prepared for some very fun antics from our mouth from the south over the next several weeks.

Yeah, I'm not surprised it will take some time to pull the wheat from the chaff in just about anything Thompson does.

I find it infuriating that that Nifong lawyer can get disbarred for saying less off the wall stuff than what Jack has said.

@ GoodRobotUs

Like i said in the article about his trial at the beginning of the week, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Thompson made some sort of statement somewhere that video games caused the killing at that mall a couple days ago. The gunman was 20, and that's all the relevant information he needs to get him going...

LOL, so now JTs conspiracy thery includes the changing of a Bar Rule to directly target JT in future disciplinary hearings? :roll: Smells more of despiration to me. What happen to the "all is well" speeches we heard before the trial? Yes, its going so well that:

1. He willingly volunteered to take a supposedly offered 90 day suspension instead of the trial.

2. He files 2 motions to vacate during the trial, both of which are denied. His response? Immediately file a third motion to vacate witht he federal court.

Oh yes, he has got the Bar by the short hairs now. LOL. I'm sure between now and the spring we will see tons of filings and motions to vacate by Thompson. He will also accusse everyone under the sun that rules against him of being in on this mystery "conspiracy" against him.

I think now would be a great opportunity for gaming news sites alike to finally set Thompson aside as an irrelevant footnote in the history of gaming. Put no more effort into trying to figure out his foolish "logic" and relegate him to the comedy section of the gaming news, always there for a quick chuckle.

Jack Thompson and Rockstar have a few things in common...
delay, delay, delay...

Just read the motion. Just how melodramatic does he writing have to be. It reads like the rantings of someone incredibly immature.

I'm not a lawyer or anything, but maybe you guys can help. Are comments like

"The Florida Supreme Court has its [sic] proven its 'official arm,' The Bar, to be a liar. Ms. Sheila tuma and Mr. Barry Richard knowingly raised that official arm, with a middle finger extended, to flip off this court, Thompson, and the Florida Supreme Court itself."

common for most lawyers?

Thompson's constant motions to vacate the case appear to be out of ignorance more than desperation.

I work on a computer helpdesk, we get calls from people who've been told at least 5 times that they need to reformat their HDD, but they'll keep calling and calling, whole heartedly believing that the problem can be fixed without reformatting. Doesn't matter how many times they get turned down, or how many people they talk to, they believe beyond all doubt that they're right, and they just need to talk to "the right person" to agree with them.

Methinks Thompson is following suit.

Mattie: JT never made shit up to falsely accuse people of a crime to use to get elected as a DA. I wouldn't put it past him, but his civil suits have all been laughable at best.

Plus, JT didn't get as much press as that.

Just read the motion. Didn't understood some bits (legal english is quite complicated, especially for a non english native), but it seems just to be some words thrown here and there.

We can clearly see Thompson's writing style, incoherent and repetitive. And that childish statement about the "middle-finger" (which I seriously doubt a REAL court would do) is so...

Thompson should write a TV series about a courtroom got completely nuts once he get disbarred. He'd make up quite a story (since it's all he can do is make up stories).


Nifong got disbarred for withholding exonerating evidence in a criminal prosecution. That's a few steps above what Jacko's done. His comments were just icing on the cake.

@ Paul
so true, so true.
i'm glad they're taking their time over this, when the gavel comes down, it will come down with critical damage!

Yes, it seems jacks prediction is now coming true. Last we heard jack was winning and the trail would probably drag on for several weeks.

Guess you could say he has not lost until the trial is over and he does love to attempt to dazzle (fails but tries) so he must think he is on top of the world. Wonder how many times he will try to get on TV between now and time of the ruling?

Though riddle me why he would make all those filing to vacate if he was winning? He has to know at some level he is doomed. What passes for the workings of his mind are beyond me.


You are likely correct. However, if he is disbarred, I'd think he'd have to hire representation to file things.


See? Didn't I tell you this wouldn't end this year?

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

No such thing as swift justice.


And that there might have been a Gamestop in the mall

Isn't there some kind of limit as to how many times he can file that motion?

I'll bet Jacky Boy has a candelar where he draws happy faces on each day that he's managing to stall the time until his license is gone.

And with the ridiculous motions he's made, I think we can pretty much count on that happening. Accusing someone of giving the legal form of the middle finger in one's motion? C'mon...

I now have a caption for that pic of JT:


I cant say im supprised jack seems quite good at making enough of a mess/specticle to slow the courts down with his mindboggleing antics. But given enough time the mess he makes seems to just get him into deeper and deeper trouble.

Reading a motion drafted by Jack Thompson never fails to entertain me.

Is anybody else concerned that a disbarment might simply serve to remove him from law, an arena where he wields limited power and his rantings are considered and rejected primarily by highly educated, analytical people, and push him into an arena where this is not so much the case, such as... saaaaay... politics?

You win internets for a Pheonix Wright reference!

"JT never made shit up to falsely accuse people of a crime to use to get elected as a DA."

Well... you can't really say JT never did that, he just never did it to get elected for anything. Him calling the Seattle Police department and telling them that Jerry and Mike (Gabe and Tycho) were blackmailing him or something. They had the nerve to donate $10,000 in his name, and so he tried to get them arrested. Bearing false witness is also in the bible as a big no-no.

@Dmnkly: He may be more sinister than current politicans, but he's also dumber. He can't survive in that arena.

Well, don't think anyone should be surprised. We all knew he was gonna spit and cry all the way to egypt if they let him. Doesn't shock me one bit that he managed to drag it out through christmas.

On the bright side, if he is finally disbarred maybe he'll quit filing motions to vacate.

I love it. Does anybody have an official timeline with PDF links following all the filed motions and results as of late? It's like presenting the same evidence over and over and over again in Phoenix Wright.

Let's see him keep up the crap with the filings and the rather childish rantings therein and see if it takes until 2008 to disbar his ass. The judge may just decide that it isn't worth the court's time to review and further and get it over with. What should really be pissing people off is the absolute waste of taxpayer money going into this clown's trial.


The other side of that coin is the judge/referee might just get fed up and close the hearing without slapping JBT around.
It is always fun (sarcasm) to remember that we the taxpayers are funding this travesty. We should have a say-so in his future career, that would make things short and sweet.

No physical threats mind you, just put him in a place where Everyone thinks they are someone special... oh and has padded walls and drugs to help keep things... calm. No evil video games there which jackie should appreciate.


'08 finish for disbarrment trial, sounds about right. Was hoping it'd get done faster, but didn't really hold out for it happening.

Guess I'll have enough time to warm up the doomsday device before JT's disbarred now. Doomsday weapons make the best s'mores. :P

*sigh* I swear the guy's like a freakin cockroach. Even after you step on him, he still manages to keep crawling.


The thing is, politics involves compromise, and working with people you hate. Jack can't manage that. Not to mention that unless he was running unopposed, his opponent would have a field day with the whole disbarred on ethics charges thing.

Everyone is going to be so disappointed when I tell them the party has been postponed.

Hmph... I knew he would delay his fate...

Gosh, Jack (John?) reminds me of that damn Dry Bones. Keeps coming back to kill your ass no matter how many times you stomp on 'em. What Jackieboy here needs is a fireball in the rear if you know what I mean...

Okay, I'm not a lawyer, but isn't Jack jumping the gun? Isn't the whole point of this hearing to say things like "They changed the law one month after I was kicked out of Alabama to allow dual pursuit"? I don't see why the Federal Judge has to stop everything.

@Austin Lewis

"Seriously, just think what God’ll have to say to Jack Thompson."

If I was God, I wouldn't waste the time in talking to him. I'd just send him to the Arabian Salt Mines for all eternity.

On an unrelated note, have you considered joining the forums? We're desperately short of educated people, and we will need a Counter to Pandralisk soon.

@ ApokalypseNow

Hell, man - it may be April before we hear anything back from Tunis... she said Spring, donchaknow. At that point, just lemme buy the beer - I owe you what, about $100 for the various packages you've shipped to me? We'll just throw a kegger... mmmm... guiness on tap...

@ Jack Thompson - here's a hint: The shotgun effect will not help you when filing motions! At best you'll annoy the judge, and at worst you'll get disciplined. You're better off having a SINGLE (as in 1, as in uno, as in more than zero but less than two speaking strictly of intigers), WELL WRITTEN (as in not insulting anyone, with well thought out logic, no book plugs, no unsubstantiated claims, no lies, etc.) motion.

Ms. Sheila Tuma and Mr. Barry Richard knowingly raised that official arm, with a middle finger extended, to flip off this court, Thompson, and the Florida Supreme Court itself

The fact that Jack puts language like this in his legal documents alone should be reason to prosecute him for ethics violations.

And it's pure comedy gold that he thinks it's a good thing - he probably FEELS good writing it, but it'll get him nowhere in a hurry.

At Mnementh,

As I've said before, this is why Thompson reminds of the kind of lawyer who would try to quash the evidence of a knife with the defendants fingerprints on it and the victims blood on it because it would 'prejudice the jury' against his client. His every motion to end the trial for his deliberately insulting behaviour is full of deliberately insulting behaviour...


I would subscribe gladly. But I don't know if I'll have time to post frequently. I'll try though.

So THATS what he meant by "winning".

@Internet Hate Machine: Don't. That's just the kind of thing that causes problems for GP and you feed right into his hands.

@ Mnementh2230

You can't speak of integers to Jack, that's 'overeducated' to him.
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