Following GP Story, NY Officials Remove Hoax Info from Presentation

December 20, 2007 -

GamePolitics revealed yesterday that a New York Division of Criminal Justice Services (DJCS) presentation on video game issues listed a well-known hoax site as a parental resource.

That news has apparently caused a bit of a stir among political types in Albany.

The Staten Island Advance, citing the GP article, reports that state officials will remove the hoax site Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence ( from a listing of parental resources which appears at the end of the 24-minute presentation:

One story on the hoax site, "Video Game Violence Makes Teens Aggressive," shows a phony brain scan, with the outline of a tiny machine gun superimposed on the image of a brain...


John M. Caher, a spokesman for DJCS, said officials are in the process of editing the video to yank the hoax Web site reference...

"We firmly stand by the core, overriding message of the presentation: Parents and guardians need to know the types of games that are available, and use their own good judgment to decide if something is right for their child," Caher said.

Gov. Spitzer's office referred media questions back to DCJS, which prepared the video. Prior to the GP story, however, Spitzer was squarely behind the presentation, saying:

I commend the staff of the DCJS...This presentation gives parents and educators the information they need to make smart decisions about the games their children play. 

A representative for State Senator Andrew Lanza, who heads a New York legislative task force on violent games, told the Advance that Lanza had no role in the preparation of the video.

GP: We note that some of our readers mentioned the GamePolitics story in comments to the original Staten Island Advance coverage. That surely helped get the attention of New York state bureaucrats and is an example of grassroots gamer action at its finest - well done!


This really does show how little care they put into these things. Sadly, no one outside the gaming community will probably care. It's like if one of the James Dobson groups linked to If ever it was found out, the readership would just praise Dobson and Co for having the good sense to remove the link. It cannot be overstated that the mere fact that link wasn't checked (as one minute at the site would prove it was a joke), this whole thing is a PR stunt for himself. Jerks.

At least the rest of the data in their presentation is so spot-on accurate...

So they're going to remove the hoax link, but keep everything else? Including the false statement that the Virginia Tech killer played Counter Strike? ... Ugh, whatever.

So basically, nobody wants to take responsibility for not even remotely researching this presentation, and the Virginia Tech killer still played CS?


Well, at least this article mentions the CS thing...who knows if the video will actually fix it. Sigh.

Glad we could help clear up some errors. I do hope that they are going to remove the flat out lie about Cho playing counterstrike.

Said it before, Saying it again.

This is why the industry needs to get some serous litigation on this kinda crap.

Oh sure, it may sound extreme, but given that no other methods have works, I say it's time to give Spitzer an Ultimatum. Either he backs off and publicily apologizes, or the industry lays a slander suit on that ass.

Win or not, it would be enough to get idiots like Spitzer to check there facts FIRST!

The damage has been done.

By remove MAVAV as a source, doesn't that just make it harder for the readers to detect that the video's been tainted by inaccuracies. This smells more like a cover-up on the DJCS' part than genuine intent to fix the problem.

I also don't see a "comment" button on this story, unlike the previous one that we posted to.

You'll also note that they ignore the "independant" resource of the direct link to the "blue ribbon panel" in the V-Tech case. They obviously want to continue to lie to and deceive the general public about the FALSE link between criminal activity and video games. Time to bring out the Employment Axe (the Employment version of the Ban Hammer).

And of course Spitzer and the senator are too cowardly to take responsibility for their own actions.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

Mabye Spitzer should oh I don't know do research. Read articles from this site, but no that would be a smart thing to do.


It doesn't matter whats in the video it is still teaming with lies.

"“We firmly stand by the core, overriding message of the presentation: Parents and guardians need to know the types of games that are available, and use their own good judgment to decide if something is right for their child,” Caher said."

except for the fact that the message of this presentation is "don't buy games, they are evil" instead of the "teach the parents" message you wish it was.

There has to be laws against this slander being put in Public Service Announcements. It would be one thing if it was a minor twist in the truth to their favor, but obviously some of it is outright lies. Someone needs to do the research and find out if this crap is legal, especially since it's going to be seen by the public eye.

I already made edits to the MAVAV wikipedia pages today and yesterday, and I need a little help on something.Can someone upload the "resources" picture in this story to the MAVAV wikipedia page. I'm a bit of a wikipedia noob. I hope you like my wiki edits. I listed gamepolitics twice in "External Links" section.

Spitzer doesn't personally care. When he shoves his foot in his ass again, he'll have daddy bail him out yet again.

Then, he'll get back to playing tough guy!

I think we can ALL agree with the underlying message of the campaign, which is that parents should get involved with their child's activities and make it their duty to care for that child mentally, as well as physically. I'd happily stand in front of a crowd in New York and say that as a Gamer who enjoys violent games.

However, I would not stand in front of a crowd and use deliberate fear-mongering and misrepresentation to do so. I'll leave that to a department that ironically has the word 'Justice' in its name.

Spitzer committed EPIC FAIL yesterday. Good job exposing some of that fail GP!

They removed the hoax site, well done.

However, there are still lots of false evidence in the video that still needs to be corrected >_>.

i have posted the text from the slides below











i think i left a slide or two out, but you get the gist

BlackIce here, reminding you that there are forums, where we'd like to have new members.


I'll consider it.

This is why parenting is made more difficult. Where can a parent turn to for accurate information, the vote-hungry baby-kissers, or the advertising revenue hungry fear-peddlers? Too bad current gen parents sill aren't by-and-large net savvy, you can find more facts in a half hour by googling something then watching a whole day's worth of news.

But at least we (grassroots gamers), got them to remove the most blatant of ridiculous lies (which is an apalling oversight). The fact that they still lean on junk science and misconception and pretend to help parents is frightening.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Go GP !

Way I see it, if someone let that thing slide, then chances are that's going to discredit them as far as whether they are capable of doing things right at all. It may not be the person in the higher up position, but it will definitely ripple across the people working for those higher-ups to DO THE RESEARCH!

Now if they can just fix some of the other stuff on there, I'd be happy. I figure if GP can get them to fix that, then maybe GP can get them to fix the other stuff too!

The power of persuasion! :)


It doesn't matter if they remove that link or the thing about Cho's Counterstrike exploits or what have you. They shot their credibility out the window, if this was a kid's high school presentation he would get an F and a little comment that says "check your sources." I would like to know how simply removing the hoax site from the reference section solves anything, presumably it was in the reference section because there is information in the video itself that is based on it that should also be removed. Or did they show the true degree of their laziness and just list a bunch of shit in the reference section they thought sounded good and just make up the content of the video itself?

[...] I’ve already blogged on this topic at, but a new development has happened today., who originally broke the story, now reports that Spitzer has ordered the fake site removed from the 20 minute presentation, largely thanks to the GP post.  Congrats to GP and all of its loyal readers for taking action against such an absurd act on the part of the government of New York. [...]

You know, I think that was probably one of the lease important things to remove. If it's so clear that MAVAV is hoax site, then anyone visiting it would see that, right? I think the things that they state as facts when they are false, such as JT's assertion that Cho shot up VT because of CounterStrike, are much more important to get rid of. Just listing MAVAV doesn't really put false ideas about videogames in people's heads, telling them straight up lies does.

"an example of grassroots gamer action at its finest "

Don't get too cocky dennis, this is nothing. Now if we could get them to admit the virginia tech thing was false, then that would be something (well at least compared to this).

Well done, GP. It's just a shame this laughable "oversight" was taken so lightly simply because of the subject matter. The DJCS' attitude of "it was a lie but it's still the truth" is patently offensive.


Let the comedy continue!

@ ~the1jeffy

Yeah some go to the government for right and wrong advice. Those same people ask the Internal Revenue Service to do their taxes for them and ask car salesmen to tell them what a fair price is on the car they're selling.

I guess my point is the group reading that is already has a predisposition that gaming is evil. Kind of JT groupies if you will. The nice part is it does seem to run along generational lines and the group that games is gaining more voting power than those of the "high tech is a toaster" generation.

BTW my grandmother (age 80) says, "What's this called? A Wii? This is fun!" Love being part of a family that doesn't follow generalizations. I'll get her to start a Wii bowling league soon enough ;)

for the next report they will be using the onion as a resourse

The owner of MAVAV hasn't used the site in ages. He should've Goatse'd anyone who went there after the press conference, that would've been glorious

And yet the fiction concerning the V-Tech killer, the flash game V-Tech Rampage, and the aged Soldier of Fortune all remain in the presentation. We pushed enough to get one part cleaned up, let's keep the pressure on.

Nice job GP on the story. It is funny to see them caught in the act of misinformation!

"Lovely Says:

December 20th, 2007 at 10:01 am
So they’re going to remove the hoax link, but keep everything else? Including the false statement that the Virginia Tech killer played Counter Strike? … Ugh, whatever. "

oh no he played counter strike mister thompson said it so it must be true and Mister thompson heard it from the killers highschool friend.....wait high school?..friend?
last i checked this kid was anti social and in college

and as for them removing the link no one besides gamers will care because the whole thing wont effect them in the damned slightest

Let compare video games to the whole comic book thing which were thought to be to violent/sexual (sound familiar?)
Comics first major hit..lets say superman was in 1938 the success drawing the attention of the vulture like lawyers then bang after a few years comic books got a little too gruesome for some people and tada The CCA was created(1954) which as of 2007 is only vaguely still around

Ok so if we use the same time line as comics video games start coming under fire about 20 years after the first major hit if we take that to be pong which came out in 1972 then lawsuits should have started building up around 1992 (which is about when doom came out 1993)
And if also like comic books it takes roughly 50 years to break free of this then we have about 34 more years of this...what fun

Yikes and that’s your future predication for today

[...] Il y a quelques semaines, le Département de Justice Criminelle de l’état de New York, sous la houlette du gouverneur Eliot Spitzer (qui avait récemment essayé de faire passer sa propre loi), a publié une présentation vidéo de 20 minutes destinée à éduquer les parents sur les dangers potentiels des “jeux violents”. Comme GamePolitics en a déjà parlé, en listant les nombreuses erreurs et incohérences qui font de cette vidéo un véritable bêtisier, je ne m’étendrai pas trop là-dessus. Pas plus que je ne m’étendrai sur le fait que cette présentation avait initialement cité en référence un site satirique parodiant les pires inepties anti-jeux, avant qu’une nouvelle version de la vidéo ne soit proposée sans cette référence. Cela dit, quand on voit que ce site satirique, aussi outrancier soit-il, a pendant un temps été considéré comme une source d’information sérieuse par les auteurs de cette présentation, ça vous donne une indication sur leur perception du jeu vidéo. Justement, j’y viens. [...]
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