Hillary Clinton Tells Common Sense Media She Would Support Video Game Legislation

December 21, 2007 -
Last week, GamePolitics reported on Common Sense Media's survey of the 2008 presidential candidates and where they stand on media issues, including those related to video games.

While the initial response from candidates was somewhat sparse (only John Edwards, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Bill Richardson replied in time for CSM's release deadline), Sen. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, has now weighed in.

Here is CSM's question on the topic of video game legislation, posed to Clinton and other responding candidates:
To date, nearly 10 states have considered legislation to keep violent video games out of kids' hands. Would you support this type of legislation at the federal level? What other strategies would you support to keep the video game industry and other media companies from marketing and selling inappropriate content to children?

Here is Sen. Clinton's response:
When I introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act [FEPA] two years ago, I did so because I felt that video game content was getting increasingly violent and sexually explicit, yet young people were able to purchase these games with relative ease while their parents were struggling to keep up with being informed about the content.

Sen. Clinton describes what FEPA would have mandated, had it passed: 
On-site store managers would be subject to a fine of $1,000 or 100 hours of community service for the first offense and $5,000 or 500 hours of community service for each subsequent offense.

The bill would also require an annual, independent analysis of game ratings and require the FTC to conduct an investigation to determine whether hidden sexual content like what was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a pervasive problem and to take appropriate action...

Finally, the bill would authorize the FTC to conduct an annual, random audit of retailers to monitor enforcement and report the findings to Congress.

FEPA was prompted by the Hot Coffee scandal, said Clinton:
I was motivated to take action when I found out that there was embedded illicit sexual content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The [ESRB] was unaware of the embedded content. I called on the FTC to investigate the source of the content and, as a result, the company issued a recall of the game.

When I am president, I will work to protect children from inappropriate video game content.

Sen. Clinton described for CSM her biggest concern about media as a parent:
Research has shown that violent and sexually explicit media contribute to aggressive behavior, early sexual experimentation, obesity, and depression.

Whenever I meet young parents... they tell me that they are worried about losing control over the raising of their own children and about ceding the responsibility of implicating values and behaviors to a multi-dimensional media marketplace over which they have no control...

Studies have found that exposure to TV violence can increase the risk of aggressive behavior in children and may be related to attention problems later in life. And some experts say that time spent watching too much TV or surfing the Internet or playing video games may detract from the time children spend interacting with their parents, participating in physical activity, or using their imaginations. 



Indeed, but as long as there is no 'whip', there is no way to make the politicians move on anything, waiting for them to see the light on something that is proving to be a very handy, safe platform for preaching misinformation from will not affect change, it will simply make them more comfortable believing the things they do. Tactical voting is an incredibly effective technique, and often the only way to shift governmental policy.

Altair Says:
“It is rare that the Electoral votes differ from popular votes, and Gore BARELY won that.”

Conejo says:
so the whole while they were saying “every vote counts” and watching Florida like a hawk three other whole states hadn’t tallied any votes. THREE ENTIRE STATES did not count in the election.

I was just going off of what i read about the popular vote in that election. the margin was 47.9% of popular votes to 48.4% in favor of Gore, with the rest going to the Green Party and other minor parties. I was 10 at the time, so cut me a little slack there. The Electoral college serves as a "Safety net" for the public. Ill spare you all the Government lesson and just say that pretty much everyone f***** up, and at this point, it is irrelivent.

Back on topic, I still stand by my belief that middle ground needs to be
re-established in politics, instead of this pigheadedness and bickering we see today. They want to restrict violent media, when THEY THEMSELVES act like nothing more than little kids bickering on a playground. Does anybody else see a problem with that?

[...] Full response here [...]

As I said before I'll say again: Another reason for me not to vote for her and another to vote for Barack.

Papa Midnight

Altair: I see what you did there! Discrediting those building 7 independent voters.

Hillary is not fit to run for president. She is way too friendly with Big Oil and wants to keep our troops in Iraq for over 9,000 years! She's always wanted to censor games and the internet, lets not forget she was pro tiered internet.


Which can be fixed easier, Hillary's or the republicans.

Certain social policies once put into effect can't be removed. Atleast not without a full governmental collapse and/or a complete disappearance of the groups that cannot survive without them.

Bad fiscal policy while damaging in the short and the long term, can be removed and later repaired.

Im not willing to vote for Hillary over any of the republican candidates, she scares me that much.

I think i already said im anti-Hillary, but if i find a candidates views either hyppocritical or if they have barely even been thought out, as seems to be the case with her, ill discredit them until they straighten themselves out. Thats how im going to vote. But how am i discrediting "those building 7 independent voters."?

If she tries to bring the Family Protection Act back she will have to fight so many organizations. Shall we list off those organizations she will have to fight off, oh lets see, the VGVN, (Video Game Voter's Network) the ESA, the ESRB and not to mention possibly the ECA. Bring it on Hilary, these guys shot down the FEPA bill once we can sure as heck do it again. You will not be able to try and force government regulation down our throats. There has been no studies that show direct causation of video games making minors more violent. Good luck Hilary, your sure as heck going to need it.

i like how she says

"Research has shown that violent and sexually explicit media contribute to aggressive behavior, early sexual experimentation, obesity, and depression."

sexualy explicit material? i don't think that has to deal with games. giving a ten year old fetish porn maybe.

she did a little bait and switch with that study. very deceitful tactic in my opinion.


The thing to keep in mind is that we are the whip when it comes to politicians and its long past time that we reminded them of that fact.

That wasn't a question that was a statement.

If given the the choice between Hillary and any of the republicans, ill take the republican.

Their idiotic policies can be corrected eventually, Hillary's policy could not be removed without collapse of government and/or the disappearance of the groups that rely on them.

A while back I really thought Hillary would be able to help support the country as Prez. However, if she's willing to blame video games for problems that adults should be handling, I think my vote will go to Obama.

Not to mention that if the game industry goes under as a result of their tomfoolery, the entire Entertainment industry is likely to go down as well. Either that, or they will start bitching about movies again.

Quote "Whenever I meet young parents… they tell me that they are worried about losing control over the raising of their own children and about ceding the responsibility of implicating values and behaviors to a multi-dimensional media marketplace over which they have no control…" End quote

Now replace "ceding the responsibility of implicating values and behaviors to a multi-dimensional media markeplace over which they have no control..." with the following.

"ceding the responsibility of implicating values and behaviors to a big brother style government over which they have no control..."

I think the real question is: if the choice came down to Giuliani or Hillary, how would you kill yourself? Me, I'd shoot myself with a shotgun to in face.


Certain people would say that proved you were a gamer....

@Jeffery Garrido

Well said.


I'd vote Guiliani and not look back. He's got a sordid personal life, so does she - that's a non-factor. He's wishy-washy on immigration, but really thats not a big issue, because I think a secure border and time will straighten that issue out. His anti/pro abrotion stance means that issue isn't important enough for him to lean havily on once elected, and really this issue is less important - not matter your stance, abortion rates are way down. I'm sure many folks don't like his foreign policy tack, but I do.

So I'm not seeing how he's nearly as bad a choice as Hitlery. Do tell.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Not me. Killing yourself like that would make one a martyr. I think the question iss "If it were between Hillary or Gulliani, how would you fight back?" i think that would proove you were a gamer more than a martyr.

I took the liberty of going to Hitlery's website and posting the following comment. Not that it would do any good, but I needed to vent...at least in the direction of the source.

"Any candidate that seeks to trample the first amendment has lost my vote. You, Mrs. Clinton have lost my vote.

Your recent comments about seeking to regulate the videogame industry based on "assumed" or non-existant research is troubling. I, for one, do not want the government to regulate content that is appropriate to my child. You said it takes a village to raise a child, but what you are proposing is a Gestapo.

If you allow yourself to follow misleading or fabricated research, you'll wind up in a war with Iraq. I thought that recent history what have told you that.

It's also foolish to try and regulate pop culture just because you do not understand it. I would have thought that the 50's and Rock and Roll would have taught you that. Or do you still believe that Elvis is the root of all evil?

A large portion of the american populace are video gamers, and we are watching. In a presidential race as close as this one, you might reconsider your intentions to violate our civil rights."

She would probably support an outright ban, if she had her way. Other than Ron Paul, I think all the candidates pretty much suck.

Research has shown that violent and sexually explicit media contribute to aggressive behavior, early sexual experimentation, obesity, and depression.

Can we start with sexual promiscuity by presidents? Perhaps we could address that first. Maybe she should try fixin' up things in her own family before trying to fix the countries problems. Same goes for ol' Rudy.

Ok having never posted here before I feel the need as one of ours has just commited the same offense that we bashed the NY Gov for earlier this week.

-To Austin Lewis:
I took your advice and looked up the things you mentioned about Sen. Obama as I had not heard about this. Guess what I found...


Yes, that's right. People reporting information without checking their facts. I understand that we all feel strongly about Hilary and the upcoming election, but lets please try to not fall into the same traps and pitfalls that we critcize others for.


She sponsored the FEPA bill 2 years ago and it failed. Now she thinks she has the right to make a law out of a thing that was shown not to be wanted? Can someone show me the logic or the door out of the crazy ward?

If Ron Paul were elected federal government would have no say in the video game industry. That mean Congress can NOT set video game legislation and most of this B.S. would be dealt with.

Hey everyone, just wanted to share with you the contact information for all the Presidential candidates, if you’d like to contact them. An email is provided where it was available or, if they use an online contact form, that url is provided.

We'll also be setting up a post in the GamePolitics forums where you can post any responses you receive. I'll follow up with a link when that is up.

One of the best ways to make your voice heard is in the voting booth. If you are not registered to vote yet, there is a handy widget on the right side bar of GamePolitics, or on the left side bar of the ECA website where you can register to vote.

Democratic Candidates:

Joe Biden: info@JoeBiden.com

Hillary Clinton: http://hillaryclinton.com/help/contact/

Chris Dodd: http://chrisdodd.com/contact

John Edwards: http://johnedwards.com/about/contact/form/

Mike Gravel: http://www.gravel2008.us/contact

Dennis Kucinich: info@kucinich.us

Barack Obama: http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/contact2

Bill Richardson: research@richardsonforpresident.com

Republican Candidates:

Rudy Giuliani: webteam@joinrudy2008.com

Mike Huckabee: information@explorehuckabee.com

Duncan Hunter: margaret@gohunter08.com

Alan Keyes: contact@alankeyes.com

John McCain: http://www.johnmccain.com/Contact/

Ron Paul: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/contact/form

Mitt Romney: http://www.mittromney.com/CommentForm

Fred Thompson: http://www.fred08.com/Contact/Contact.aspx

Brett Schenker
Online Advocacy Manager
the ECA - www.theeca.com

Grats Hillary. You just made Obama my choice for the Dems. Go Ron Paul for republicans!

I'm not going to vote for her because everone says so, but because I think that she is a bit of a robot. I presonally go for Gravel even though he reminds me a bit of a conspiracy therorist.

@ GP- Edit button please.

@Brett Schenker

At the beginning of their campaigns I did just that, sending e-mail after e-mail to each of the candidates. All I got back was a form letter that, in short, said "Thank you for your concern on the hoppidy go screw yourself (Iraq War, Gay Marriage, how much Romney wants to kill us all) and please donate money to our campaign."

I would not expect any diffrent now. They never read the damn things anyway.

Wait, who got IP banned?


The problem is, a lot of politicians don't trust the Inter-tubes. I've had better results from writing to politicians by hand and sending it through the mail service. Personally, I think politicians consider Emails to be like 'Post-It' notes, whereas a hand-written letter is something with some time and energy behind it, so they tend to pay more attention.


We don't know.


My point was that it WAS false, but its also the first thing your average American thinks of when they hear the name Obama.

"People in glass houses, should not throw stones." - a quote from Benjamin Franklin

A couple of nights ago, I was channel surfing when I desided to watch the entertainment news show "The Insider"(long story). I saw Hillary Clinton on the show. It was not the first time I seen her on "The Insider/Entertainment Tonight". And here's what really made me laugh.

The Insider, is basicly trash TV. But that's not the funny part. In the preview of The Insider/Entertainment Tonight; they placed the preview of Hillary talking about her old haircuts after the previews of the anerxic actress, the preview of the story about Britney Spears' pregnant sister, the preview of the reaction of one the former "Brady" girls to a X-rated parody of "The Brady Bunch" and a preview of a very touching interview with Jerry Springer on the set of his show.

Hillary is constantly on a show(s) that is very innaprorate for young childeren and families alike, and she attacking the morality of video games that are marketed towards OLDER gamers.And get this, "The Insider/Entertainment Tonight" is on at 7:00 and 7:30 PM in Buffalo.Thats the time that families get together to watch TV. This whole thing about Hillary going after videogames is starting to disgust me.

If you think that i'm kidding about the Insider thing, take a look at homepage of Entertainment Tonight. They have "New Video: The Clintons In Iowa" in between "Britney's Late Night Shopping Spree" and "Nickelodeon Planning Teen Pregnancy Special?".See for yourself at http://www.etonline.com/

Here's the point i'm trying to get at, she rathers to be in the company of trash TV than saying anything positive about new media.This show's her pro-old media, anti-new media leanings than anything else.


Now that gives a new definition to Hipocracy. I reccomend you take a long holiday after watching that.

Thank you.

letters get lost. e-mail gets deleted.
so i called Senator Clinton's DC office to voice my disapproval. the very nice and helpful staffer on the other end gave me her candidacy phone number where such disapproval is better dealt with:


if you disapprove of trampling over the 1st amendment, call and tell her so.

Cue Anthrax's "Startin' Up A Posse"


Even better. A phone call cannot be ignored, and shows you are prepared to stand up and be recognised for your opinion. That is one of the main differences between Email and other forms of communication, you can use fake accounts etc, whereas letters and phone calls are a far more accepted way of communicating.


You are one hell of a Spaniard.

Everyone, you have a duty to call that damned woman and voice thy anger.


Methinks you are making it to easy. Of course with a phone number available it is much hard to just sit and complain instead of actually taking action. Will it make a difference? Not likely but it is still better than nothing, there does come a time when one needs to take a stand.

//Rant off//

Thanks btw and good job

So Senator Clinton has finally weighed in on the gaming issue. Surprise! Senator Clinton is taking a stand against Videogames, what a shocker considering she has no clue what the current figures are of kids buying games.
Yes kids buying games is an issue and it should be addressed, but not by the government, any form of government. It should be addressed by the parents but of course thanks to a few parental lobbiest groups who have a very loose understanding of the issue, the politicians see what they want to see easy votes.
All Senator Clinton is doing is phishing for votes and getting bites by the look of it, all she is doing is making a case and point out of parental fears. This is not wrong in her books its just good politics, its how she will get votes also we as gamers can spam her with emails flood her phone lines and change nothing. She won't change her mind, because if she does every single political analyst in the Republican party will tear her a new one for flip flopping. We as gamers need to make ourselves heard by a political candidate that has not taken a stance and convince them to defend our rights.
And I'll leave you with some food for thought
Not every fairy tale begins with once upon a time, it usually begins with once I am elected.

also, to add:

if you call, be civil. the people on the other end of the phone were very nice to me and listened to my complaint and said they would pass it along the appropriate channels (along with, i'm sure, all other complaints).

they are doing their jobs and it's not going to help anyone if you're rude to them. you can disagree without being a jerk.



Some of these comments make me weep for the future of our country.


How so?

@ Conejo

True, true.

It also isn't bad to make grouping comments when you call. Say... Mentioning that a certain lawyer in Florida also feels this way and tries to accomplish the task of constraining games, rights be damned.

Just let them know that if she's going to take the side JT does it's a poor decision that one who wants to run the country shouldn't be making.

All in all it's best to simply be civil. An I don't agree with her position and here's why statement is best.

Ok I'm just echoing Conejo now... 'Nuff said.

I must say - reading this - I have several thoughts.

1 - It's interesting how she answers a relatively direct question in an incredibly roundabout fashion. She prefaces her answer with five paragraphs about how great she is, and what she's done, and who cares? Just answer the frigging question.

"Research has shown that violent and sexually explicit media contribute to aggressive behavior, early sexual experimentation, obesity, and depression."

I must admit, I have less of a problem with this statement then I usually do. Granted, parts of it are problematic, early sexual experimentation? Please, you really think kids that are staying home and playing games are gonna be out experimenting? Masturbation maybe. Aggressive behavior, obesity and depression are more reasonable I think. If only because she said, "contribute to".

LIFE "contributes to depression"; you gonna have the the government regulate that for me? Still, at least, "contributes to" is more reasonable then "causes".

Besides, let's not kid ourselves, it's not like I was going to vote for Hillary anyway. I knew the second I saw her healthcare proposal I can't vote for her. If Hillary wins the democratic nomination I'm gonna be in a bind. I can't vote republican, and I can't vote for her. I'll probably end up either not voting or voting a ridiculous write-in candidate like "dangermouse" or something.

I don't know how accurate the numbers are, but it makes a good point. Out of our US Congress:
*29 have been accused of spousal abuse
*7 have been arrested for fraud
*19 have been accused of writing bad checks
*117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
*3 have done time for assault
*71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
*14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
*8 have been arrested for shoplifting
*21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
*84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

And these are the people that "young parents" want to have decide what is and is not acceptable for their children.

Despite the fact that I'm a conservative in principle, I have no problem voting for a Democrat if they're a better option than a Republican. The problem is, every Democrat I've ever heard wants to protect "a woman's right to choose" and though I see no reason to get into it here, that reason alone will stop me from voting for a Democrat every time.

What's scary is that the US doesn't want to elect a Republican. But they're not likely to elect a woman or a black man either, so really, I have no idea how 2008's going to pan out.

And by the way, I'm 25. And conservative. Wrap your brain around that one.

Lastly, to the people that say they won't vote if they don't like the candidates, there's a neat little thing called a write-in. Frankly, if you don't vote, in my view, you give up your right to comment about the results.


i should say that is ridiculous. Danger Mouse is british, and therefore cannot be President.

Senator Clinton has NO BUISNESS and is in NO POSITION to legislate against game content in any way, shape, or form. This is the same person who accepted campaign contributions from rapper Timbaland, whose lyrics are NOT family-friendly to say the very least.
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