Jack Thompson Has Defense Department in His Sights

December 27, 2007 -
Is there an "unholy alliance" between the video game industry and the U.S. Defense Department?

There is in the mind of Jack Thompson.

The anti-game activist sent out a press release this morning claiming that he would turn his attention in the New Year to the U.S. military's foray into the video game space. From Thompson's press release:
One of the consequences of this collaboration [between the DoD and the game biz] is the increasing number of commando-style assaults by young video gamers, such as the recent “mall massacre” in Omaha, Nebraska. 

GP: ...ummm, evidence? Any basis whatsoever for such a sweeping condemnation?
Virginia Tech’s Cho was an obsessive high school player of the military-themed CounterStrike, according to the Washington Post. 

GP: Gov. Kaine's blue ribbon Virginia Tech Review Panel reported that there was no evidence that Cho played anything more sinister than Sonic the Hedgehog. The Washington Post deleted its initial reference to any supposed Counter-strike play on Cho's part. Thompson is well aware of that, but continues to cite the initial - apparently erroneous - report.
Researchers have proven the long-term effect of immersion in interactive violence...  

Perhaps. But Thompson doesn't say what those researchers may have proven. There's certainly no study which draws a link between game violence and actual violence, although that's the implication in his press release.
What is increasingly clear is that the unholy alliance between the game industry and the DOD is teaching an an entire generation of kids that war is glamorous, cool, desirable, and consequence-free.

Believe it or not, there is actually a formal working relationship between the[DoD] and the game industry at the Institute for Creative Technologies [ICT] on the campus of the University of Southern California.  US Senator James Inhofe of  Oklahoma is its most unabashed and enthusiastic supporter. 
A recent poll shows that more than 60% of the American people want a federal law that prohibits the sale of extremely violent, mature-rated  video games to minors.  How upset will American parents be when they find out their federal government, rather than being part of the solution, is actually part of the problem? 

GP: While the use of the freely-distributed America's Army PC game as a recruiting tool is somewhat controversial, there aren't many other publicly available games with any kind of DoD connection. I reminded Thompson that all of the America's Army games, including the more recent console titles, are T-rated. He replied:
America's Army is not the only such game, ace.  Pay attention.

GP: Well, we are paying attention, which is why Thompson's move in this direction is surprising. In addition to America's Army there are a pair of Full Spectrum Warrior titles. And that's about it. Thompson, in fact, mentioned FSW in a follow-up e-mail. It's true that the strategy franchise is M-rated, but the player's character directs a squad and doesn't actually handle any weapons.  ICT developed that game in versions for both the military and commercial game market.

There is and has always been an overlap between the military and consumer markets. Products developed for one often find their way into the other. What's more, the military is making increasing use of game tech for training purposes.

Aside from that, the small universe of games with a DoD connection doesn't seem like especially fertile ground for a Thompson-style jihad. There are no crazed axe murderers, no hookers to rob, no carjacking, no simulated drug usage.


What a nutcase..


I thought you had already lost it already but obviously not, or you will not be testing out just how comfy camp X-Ray beds are tonight.


All to true I fear. A meer mortal mind is not meant to understand JBT. Even the attempt is hazardous, with brain damage (and a lack of grammar) at the very least.


Damn bro you are scaring me. LOL

Just when you think his sense of self importance couldn't top itself.....

"What is increasingly clear is that the unholy alliance between the game industry and the DOD is teaching an an entire generation of kids that war is glamorous, cool, desirable, and consequence-free."

and you are teaching an entire generation of kids that being a narrow-minded assclown is "cool".

This will be my second post here on gamepolics, as I don't really see anything else that I can say that no one else is already saying. However one post on these comments have caught my attention.


War has been glorified in movies since even the earliest days of silent film (see: Cecil B. DeMille’s “Birth of a Nation” or Buster Keaton’s “The General”). Move up into John Wayne or Clint Eastwood territory, and it gets even more glorious.

In a way Birth of a Nation glorified war, but not necessairly true. If anyone is to take this film seriously you should consider its overly racist tones, sterotypes and the reception that it recived with the general american public that included rioting in many cities. Also birth of the nation is partially credited with reviving the KKK as that film was ued at a recuirtment tool for thier causes.
As far as cinema art goes, D.W. Griffith's (director of the film) screenplay revolutionized cinema and helped make feature length films a legitamate venture.
Buster Keaton's "The General" is a film set during the civil war just like Birth of A Nation, but it differs greatly in terms of content. Buster Keaton was much like Charlie Chaplin who were both incredibly popular during the silent film era due to their different by unique styles of comedy acting. The film itself does not glorfy war as much as it is visual humor, as Keaton was known as the "Great Stone Face" and expressed himself physically in order to reach his audience and make them laugh.
As far as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood go, you could definately label them as far more violent and "glorify" war.
I'm sorry if I seem a bit jumpy on this, but I don't want to see two great films that is percieved as glorifying war.

(sorry if there were any grammer problems in this :)


I think Napoleonic soldiers would just stare at the tank going "wtf?" (or whatever their linguistic equivalent was) long enough for it to start unloading on them, then they'd panic and break ranks trying to run away from the "magical death monster that makes the ground and men alike explode" at which point the tank would just massacre them all as they ran.

Anyways, yeah, this is a whole new level of crazy, even for JT. Guess I'll have to keep paying attention so I'll see the next time he out does himself. This topic itself was wild enough I couldn't believe it for a few minutes then had a good laugh when I realized JT was actually serious. Hope the judge over his disbarrment trial sees this, as this sort of behavior is so far out of line it should remove any doubt about JT ever being able to behave himself.

I guess Santa is working in mysterious ways this year, as I was hoping JT would prove to the world he was crazy, and it looks like he's well on the way to doing that.

I've been a long time reader of this website but have always been simply that, a reader, and have never really responded to any comments on anything, let alone the filth of the usual Thompson readings, in fact, usually it's the bright spot of my day, letting me get a smile while I sip my coffee, however, Jackie boy finally crossed a line in this last statement that for the first time, he has truly truly enraged me.

I am sickened that he brought up the shooting in Omaha, that is digusting and proves (even though it didn't need to be) that he is a massacre chaser. My aunt had a friend injured in that tragedy and why did the guy decide to go into the mall and just start firing? According to Mr Thompson the usual video games, but sadly to his case and that of the people injured and killed it was a guy who was unnoticable and wanted to do something so people would remember him. Yup, some sick dude got the notion that killing people would get him remembered. If you goto Omaha, listen to the local news, or talk to the people, no one talks about it, no one wants to remember him, no one wants to give the man what he wants. Vicitims want to be left alone, like my aunt's friend and in a weird twist of fate, the local news is going along with their wishes and not doing stories on the guy for the same reasons. So you can see why I am so outraged to see Jackie boy bring this up.

I swear if Jack begins to give this man the power he wanted that he would stoop to killing people randomly at a mall, all it does is proof how disgusting and sick Jack is. So yes Jack Thompson, you are a disgusting human being that thrives on the suffering of others and for the first time you've gone beyond a sad little man screaming for the spotlight and have crossed the line in my book, good day sir.

@ Icehawk

And that is just a peek inside the twisted and trivia filled world that is my head. I'd love to see what the Psyconaut version of my brain is, that would be fun as hell.

Just when I thought Jack had reached rock-bottom when it came to stupidity regarding video games, he breaks out the shovel. Man, what can a guy do to make it clear that this crap's all in his head? Maybe he needs some Ritalin or something.

Wow I thought him trying subpeona the president was retarded but this takes the cake. So now he's gonna try to sue the Pentagon? Yeah good luck with that when you've been disbarred Jacko. He better pray they ignore him like MS did or he's eaten alive in court. Late Christmas present as someone said earlier. I think this even beat my Wii.

This is just so pathetic...

I really don't know what else to say. GP did a great job of rebutting JT, and ApokalypseNow said what I would have said. I guess I can only express my opinion, which I did in the first sentence.

I like this conspiracy better because at the end i turn into jean claude van damme from universal soldier.

Johnny Bruce Thompson seems to be stuck in "chicken little" mode. Since he is unable to litigate successfully, maybe this is his best option.

LMAO! Jack is gonna take on the Defense Department? He doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Time to sit back and watch Jack THompson Fail... again.


Not just Fail, but EPIC FAIL.

Didn't Mr. Thompson try to get the President to testify on one of his cases at one point? This is starting to come together...the conspiracy goes all the way to the top. Mr. Thompson is a man out to find the truth no matter what the cost...where the hell is Don LaFontaine and a movie script when you need it?

in other news,

Warrior culture has been around for, oh, several thousand years. Videogames...not so much. You want to bitch about mediums that make war and violence attractive...call the MPAA and take a bite out of them. The line about glamour, cool, and risk-free sounds like a movie to me. No interaction, no failure, no lost time, no lost life, etc. Yup, sounds like Hollywood.

/rant on

And where does this prick get off chatting up the Nebraska shooting. I thought those cards fell at the feet of a religious zealot of a parent, a troubled teen who had a bevvy of priors in violence and theft, and a lack of medication and treatment that eventually led to a doc holiday-esque shooting spree where he didn't care if he lived or died, but that he would be remembered forever. Games didn't make that little pissant shoot up the mall, a F@#$ed up mind and narcissism did.

Last thought. The funny thing about video games is that you are remembered for saving the world, being a hero, righting wrongs, etc, etc, etc. Last I checked, all the asshats that ever shot up schools or malls were looking to be remembered. They've all said it. Every 'goodbye note' and every bit of footage from videos that were made held that little bit of gold.

Infamy for the rest of eternity is better than being nothing for life, but we all remember their names and what they did. How many Honors students can you name? How many student athletes that have done community service can you name? How many good kids go through this world every day, doing the right thing, playing video games, and not shooting up the local community go unnoticed? Yet, we remember these bastards that decide to go on a shooting spree because they want to be remembered. For a moment in their lives they are somebody, and have created something that will be recalled long after they have died. So, who, really, should we be giving a damn about? The little bastards who shoot up a mall, or the ones who truly deserve a place on the front page of the newspaper. Frankly, the shooters should have an obit, small obits, and nothing more.

/rant off

Does Jack not realize that the DoD will have more ducks in their row than any disbarrment proceeding Judge or attorney?

Yeah, right Jack, you go ahead and beat America. Good luck with that.


Thats real sad to hear.

Apologies to all for the rant, but something about bringing up the Nebraska shooting just set me off...read an article on foxnews about the kid earlier, and Mr. Thompson's little comment just set me off.

I still think Mr. Thompson's idea would be great for a movie. A sort of iRobot meets the Manchurian Candidate...I have to start writing this stuff down. If Napoleon Dynamite can do well, imagine what this will rake in.

I have come to think of JBT as the living Incarnation (see http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Incarnation ) of Fail.

Though upon deeper thought (dangerous when dealing with JBT) he would then be a paradox.

If he always failed, would he not then fail at failing?

This latest bit of his seems to prove differently. He is apparently incapable of not failing and the universe is saved.

More ammo for his disbarment

Isn't this similar to what Joe McCarthy did right before he finally went down? Taking the military to court on these things generally doesn't end well.

@ Icehawk

But the question is; If he's a failure at being a failure, does that make him a winner or a loser?

@Cidas -- d'oh...I meant Griffith when I typed this. Yeah, Birth of a Nation was VERY controversial, but it really was what one would consider the first real war movie, and the soldiers were lauded as heroes in the film. The inherent racism of the time (and in the film) comes out in the latter half of the film. And "The General" did have the exact opposite tone (it was a comedy, after all) but the brave soldier manages to get the girl at the end.

Neither are like the jingoistic WWII movies that cropped up on the 50s and 60s, but that was also a different era.

War movies from the past couple of decades have gone out of their way to show the horrors of war. Again, the cultural tone changed thanks to the Vietnam War. I used to know a couple of vets who were on the Normandy beach. One refused to go see "Saving Private Ryan" because he really was trying to forget about being there. Another who saw it said it was the closest any movie had ever gotten to what it was like, but it still really wasn't close (the real event was far worse).

Will this stuff add onto his case or no because the court hearing already ended and waiting on a vertic?

GryphonOsiris Says:

December 27th, 2007 at 5:48 pm
@ Icehawk

But the question is; If he’s a failure at being a failure, does that make him a winner or a loser?

I think it makes him the number one loser.

@Ghost Coins

Games didn’t make that little pissant shoot up the mall, a F@#$ed up mind and narcissism did.

Pfff, when did such things as FACTS ever stop JT? Truthiness is what matters... ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Jack is the number one failoser.

Once again, John Bruce knowingly and INTENTIONALLY tries to turn the attention away from the FACTS.

Cho having suffered social and mental difficulties since very early in his life. Note that John Bruce skips way into Cho's High School years. Ignoring and attempting to get others to ignore those long term issues.

Cody Posey's long term verbal, mental, physical, and near sexual abuse. Yet, once again, John Bruce wants that abuse ignored in favor of his own personal, religious, and political agendas.

Hawkins, the mall shooter, also suffering from long term mental illness and possible drug abuse. Such evidence revealed in the recent public release of various documents: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22402970/
It would seem rather... odd... that John Bruce would push his Press Release so close to such a release of documents. Perhaps he's attempting to cover up this information by drowning the general public with misinformation, lies, and deceit, which is par for the course really.

Quite frankly, the distance between John Bruce and LaRouche is getting closer and closer. Well, LaRouche has a thing for the British Empire. Maybe John Bruce could increase his attack on Japan. After all, it was he who claimed "Pearl Harbor II".

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software http://www.facebook.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

Looking back on history, Jack's actions mirror other figures. In particular, there is the individual that demonstrates what would happen if Jack had any real power at his disposal:


As it is, Jack is more like a certain psychiatrist who rallied people and the government against the evils of corrupt media influencing children into being more aggressive:


However, Jack Thompson is, in all reality about as effective as a certain cartoonist who is basically opposed to, well, anything and everything:



Truthiness ftw :-)

I believe Lyndon LaRouche also believes in a conspiracy between the US government and the games industry. The (conspiracy) theory is that the USA is trying to turn children into trained soldiers through videogames.

The fact that JT still continues to play the V-Tech card is moving from disgraceful to hilarious. Perhaps he should comment on the devout christian kid who shot up that church.

How do we go about sending Press Releases proving that Jack's facts in his press releases are false? Ignoring him doesn't work so why not beat him at his own game. For every press release he sends we would send on stating the truth for each of his lies. Lets face it posting here pasting the truth doesn't help us much.

Yet another piece of utter BS on the part of Jack Thompson. *sigh* He honestly never knows when to keep his big mouth shut, or rather knowing refuses to. This man seriously needs so counciling, by someone other then a family friend. Of late i have been working on a theory of why he hasnt already been dis-bared. It is still full of holes and such, but it is still just an idea. Here it is:
As we have all noticed ever since he was filed for a Dis-barment hearing he has been getting more and more vocal and even more wild in his anti-gaming statements. Filing pictures of gay porn in suit documents, wild accusations that attempt to tie together to separate groups/things, filing to add more and more offenders on to his case(s), and so on. Call me crazy but i believe that he is trying to jam the already slow moving cogs of the judicial system by overloading it with his BS. This may sound like a conspiracy theory, bordering on the level of insanity or something to that nature, but I still cant help but believe something to this effect.

Thompson is, was, and always be an ignorant, narrow-minded, fool. The fact that he continues to site that fucking Washington Post article that they recalled proves that.

Mr. T. If it weren't for the DoD, we wouldn't have the Internet that you love to use for spreading your message so much.

Will somebody ship this moron over to Iraq so he can get a first hand look at real violence?

@ Ken,

This is something I said to many war protesters that ask for immediate retreat.

Doesn't work, the entitlement feeling is too strong.

He'd stay in the green zone and would balme the suicide bombings on video games anyway.

There is no such thing as a "green zone" in Iraq.

@ Ken

I'd love to see him try to preach his 'good word' to the die hards over there. Hell, they might even become best buddies since their POV's are so aschew.

He really got delusions of grandeur. He didn't dare attack Microsoft (the Halo case) and I'm sure he'll take his charges back (if he doesn't, then he's one of those peoples who shouldn't even touch a mouse, and even less a lawyer licence).

Jack seems to enjoy putting oil on the fire. In a few months the judge will be saying "Bravo Jack. You just disbarred yourself."

@ Ken,

There is. Sowhere on orbit...




HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Did Thompson's therapist fuck around with his meds for shits and giggles? This is completely and outrageously insane. Now Thompson is going to try to go against the federal government itself with shaky facts and downright lies with more holes in it than a colander? The claims he made are going to take the defense department about 5 seconds to refute. Cho didn't play Counter-strike, that was retracted by the Washington Post. There is no evidence of a causal relationship between the Omaha mall shooting and games (I'm leading towards depression and child abuse on that one). And there has been no link at all whatsoever between games and violence.

Also I would bet good money that many of that 60% of Americans who believe that there should be a federal law prohibiting the sale of M rated games to minors likely (and erroneously) believe there is a similar law for R rated movies. Its a VERY common misconception. And if 60% of Americans want such a law then 60% of Americans want an unconstitutional law. Therefore: tough shit.

Congratulations on throwing your career in the shitter Jacktard. The welfare line is on the right.

As an attorney I can tell you one thing,

If you are on trial for disbarment for a certain behaviour,
YOU DO NOT go out and commit the SAME ACTS that put your license in jeopardy the first time, ESPECIALLY while the judge is still deliberating!

This guy is friggin nuts and needs to be disbarred for the sake of the rest of the legal profession.

I do not believe I that there is a single sentence of his statements that doesn't violate some rule of Code of Ethics. Incluing "Hi, I'm Jack Thompson"

This is just Jack spouting his usual tripe. He has a first amendment right to be wrong and to put forth whatever wacked-out conspiracy theory he wants. Heck, he's not even *that* far off-base on the principle of the thing: I loves me my Bioshock and Gears of War, but I refuse to play AA or FSW on general principle. War is not a goddam video game.

But of course, Jack can't get himself any allies, since he's wrong on the facts, and comes not from any genuine concern over dismantling the power and influence of the military, but from a kooky conspiracy-land, a repressive moral ideology, and overall abrasive righteous assholishness. Gosh Jack, you were so close. I wonder how much it's going to matter though when the Florida courts are finally finished with you. Perhaps you should start thinking that it means more, because credibility will be *all* you have left.


What good will come out of all this Jack?


If ECA continues this moronic defense against Jack Thompson I'll refuse to renew my membership. It is a waste of my money and a waste of everyone's money really. When I first learned of it I was excited and motivated to make change. Now that everything is about Jack Thompson, eh that motivation is nearly gone and my faith that the ECA is actually going to make a difference in the gaming politics realm has been altered to say the least.

Really GP, are you just trying to keep the ECA members entertained? The entertainment value of the ECA's fixation on JT is significant but I'd much rather make a difference in the politics surrounding video games. It is kind of why I joined in the first place.

It is getting pathetic. If we continue focusing on individuals such as Jack Thompson instead of the government then Gamers are going to LOSE. Even Lyndon LaRouche is more of a threat. You must realize that Jack Thompson has problems convincing anyone in the court that his claims are legit. Remember where the REAL threat is located. Washington is where the effort should be. There are a great number of other issues we should be dealing with none of which include the likes of Jack Thompson.

I couldn't disagree more with Hal Halpin in terms of Jack Thompson being a threat. He is a washed up lawyer that will literally try anything just to be a pain in the ass to the gaming industry. Other lawyers know this, judges know this and anyone that is involved with Video Game Politics will know this. He has a personal vendetta against video games and that simply doesn't stand ground in court. It never will, he fails before he even tries.

What we should be doing is focusing on education and our constitutional rights as gamers, game developers and consumers. Artists, laborers, worker bees or whatever else you want to label yourself as so the mainstream media and ultimately the public will begin to lose their ignorance. Once people understand that video games ARE NOT only for children and that fine artists produce these games have the right, according to the constituion of this nation, to develope these games for whatever audience they please then the public will forget about Jack Thompson. Define the target audience and then provide the education on the issues and let them decide for themselves.

Cursing him durring interviews and on articles like this means nothing but good press for him. This bickering back and forth is what gives him the strength to continue. We should be completely ignoring him and providing people with our possition which should be presented in a professional manner. Get people to relate to us so we can move on instead of wasting time bickering back and forth and calling eachother jackasses. We sound like a bunch of drama queens from middle school god damn it.

So my fellow ECA members I'd like to say I still support the idea of the ECA. I've written e-mails and messages to Hal and other officers of the ECA to see how I can make a difference and volunteer my time at gaming conventions such as GDC and AGDC even though I'm paying really good money to attend. Hell, I'm even working on starting a ECA chapter where I am located. I'm surprised how quickly I get a response. Its awesome that they are they dedicated to actually read messages. But I do not agree with this Jack Thompson issue, we are going about it the wrong way.

Fact is I really like the idea behind the ECA and I want to actually be apart of something that is going to make a difference. But this fixation on washed up lawyers is not what I'd call a productive means to bring about real change. I dont want to be a member to say I've given money to bring about change, I dont want the benefits or discounts, I don't even want a custom ECA banner or a membership card. I want to actually change something, not write about how much of a dickhead Jack Thompson is. ANYONE can write articles about how Jack Thompson is worthless. Either way I'm dedicated to bring about change that game developers and gamers deserve and I'm just looking for the opportunity to do so.

"There comes a time within everyone
to close your eyes to what's real

No comprehension to fail
I vacuum the wind for my sail
Can't be the rest
Let others waste my time
Owning success is the bottom line.

Like a knife into flesh
After life is to death
Pulling and punching the rest of duration
NO ONE can piss on this determination." - Phillp Anselmo (PANTERA)

@Terrible Tom

Actually I couldn't disagree more. Thompson is a threat, just not the obvious kind. He represents a more subtle threat, and one that's a lot more sinister in its own way.

What's he doing is an age old tactic of winning people to your own way of thinking. Repeating a lie over and over again until the lie is accepted as truth. We all know that the VTech killer, Cho, didn't play Counter Strike or other such games. Does the grandmother in Chatanooga, TN know? How about the mom from Tulsa, or the dad from White Plains? He's, currently anway, a lawyer and there are many people who will put stock in what he says because of that, there are also people who will believe him because of his CLAIMS (and I emphasize that word) to be a Christian.

It is incumbent upon us, as the gaming community, to use our voice here, and elsewhere to expose the lies and make people aware of the mistruths that are being spread about us.

Jack is nuts, but I do not doubt for a second that the military is targeting young teens with their America's Army franchise.

Why is it ok for the military to do this?
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