World of Warcraft Gamers Plan Avatar March for Ron Paul

December 28, 2007 -

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul's rampant Internet popularity is about to take an amusing new shape.

WoW Insider reports that a World of Warcraft guild will march from the Alliance cities of Ironforge to Stormwind (GP: that's a helluva long walk!) on New Year's Day in support of Paul's candidacy. From the WoW Insider story:

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's internet regiment has come to World of Warcraft - a group of his supporters are planning to form a guild on Whisperwind and do a march from IF to Stormwind (which means they'll probably be Gnomes or Dwarves, which is too bad, because I liked the idea of "Trolls for Ron Paul") on New Year's Day at 8:30pm EST.

The Ironforge to Stormwind route was probably selected because those cities are close to starter locations. That gives Ron Paul supporters who may not have a character on the Whisperwind server the opportunity to quickly create one and jump right into the march without the need to spend time leveling up.

The question now becomes: will Horde players mount a raid in an attempt to disrupt the march?

GP: Actually, no. I just took a quick look and found that Whisperwind is not a PvP server.


which means they’ll probably be Gnomes or Dwarves, which is too bad, because I liked the idea of “Trolls for Ron Paul”

I love that. It could not be any more true.

On a related note, on my way home from work yesterday I saw some Ron Paul supporters standing in the over the interstate walkway with signs. They were waving at all the cars passing.

What devotion.

Ron Paul seems to have a good grassroots movement going.


Don'cha just want to push them off?


There are a lot Ron Paul signs posted all over my town as well.

its a shame that Ron Paul is probably second only to mike huckabee on the loony-wacko worse-than-bush scale.

It's too bad that the candidates are falling in line yet again to promote our flailing two party 'democracy' *cough* itsnotademocracyitsarepublic *cough*

It may not be a PvP server, but it is still possible for players to fight each other. If a player presses a button to flag their avatar as PvP, then opposing factions can attack the player. As we've seen on many sites throughout the WWW, it does not take much to instigate an all out flame war between RP supporters and trolls (sometimes the trolling comes from both sides).

I've just reactivated my account...I will be there to see this all go down.

Who wants to roll Horde, and try to start stuff? I'm thinking nude lvl 1 female Blood Elves will be good bait.

Heh. It's too bad it's not pvp but I'm sure some hecklers will try to do something and when they do, I want to see the video.

~the1jeffy - I'm game if you are. I have 2 other friends with existing accounts (on a separate server) who will roll a toon and join in for the sake of shenanigans. I'm sure it will not take much to get things going. Hell, I am willing to bet the parade will not make it to the first destination.

Haha, I wish I had an account on WoW so I could see this.

We should roll female blood elves and run around shouting HILLARY!!!!

why is there an automatic compulsion for people to grief others? seriously, don't you have anything better to do?

What someone needs to do is get a high level horde hunter and abuse the snake trap bug to let the little things nibble all over the unflagged marchers... only way to deal with it is run to deagro and let them bite someone else, let them wear off, or flag to kill the snakes.

This march is about the same as Ron Paul thinking he might get nominated... which is to say, pissing into the wind. I might join in the blood elf anti-march. Imagine... hundreds of naked blood elves... dancing in protest of something stupid.

It would be like any competition on the internet... no matter who wins, you still look like a retard.

"Actually, no. I just took a quick look and found that Whisperwind is not a PvP server."

Lol, too bad. I usually don't approve of such disruptions; that whole game-funeral-for-a-RL-dead-guild-mate incident springs to mind as a well known example: I found that disgusting. However, I like to think of games like this as an escape from reality, and bringing reality it in this way, especially a political issue, kind of annoys me. Oh well, I'm sure that the authentic Ron Paul supporters who attend will have a good time.

This strikes me as being on-par with the SL campaign tactics. I really have to wonder if the candidates realize this doesn't really make any of the "young voters" want to vote for them so much as it makes us simply /facepalm.

On a lighter note, online rioting is always "safer" than offline rioting.

Isn't there a high level disease that can be quickly spread with devastating effects in WoW? Didn't it take out Ironforge for a while?

Wouldn't it be fun if someone could get it going again in the middle of this march?

@ tollwutig

They patched that bug after the first outbreak. It will never be able to happen again.


How long till the Ron Paul trolls show up and yell at us?

A raid on that would be awesome. I wonder if the server would choke on it?

I'm calling for a bunch of night elf girls to strip down and dance for Ron Paul.

Nochanceron - lvl 1 Female BE Mage. Anyone that plays on the server with a spare 10g who'd like to start a guild with me? My mains are on Medivh, so this toon has no money, and im not blowing $75 bucks for a transfer on this.

Having heard some of the things that Ron Paul is in favor of I have to say that I'm surprised that he has as much support as he does.

IThis is an interesting way of showing support though, I do have to give them that.

@ jkdjr25

Some of the support for Paul is a fad, the cool new internet bandwagon to jump on. Other support is from folks who hear one topic they agree with the guy on and don't look any further.

"US out of Iraq!" or "Disband the IRS!" or whatever...

Thing is, they don't do any research on how he wants to accomplish these things or just how crazy and racist the guy really is. They have blinders on for anything that doesn't fit their perfect world view.

The Ronbots are starting to scare me...

@Conejo - Griefing the's such a vicious cycle. I have plenty of better things to do, but I have priority issues =) Plus, I so rarely get to join in some good ol' chaos.

While this is a good grassroots idea, I can see other candidates (I'm looking at you Bronback, Romney) looking down their noses at it since it's on the "internets" with these "games", and you can't put any real stock in what "those gamers" think. One MO that the right has not outgrown as long as I have known it, is take something that is good for all intents and purposes, and find a way to twist into a "I'm high and mighty" stance. *ahem* But I digress. Good for Ron Paul and those that support can someone explain to me what the hell the guy is about? I've only been watching news on TV, so of course I wouldn't know who he is...


He's for bring all overseas troops back to the U.S., even the ones that aren't involved in the war in Iraq. He's also for dismantling Social Security, welfare, medicaid and medicare.

If you can't take care of yourself, well that's your problem. That's not the kind of attitude I want to see in someone who wants to be president.


Idk, I'm actually for the idea of taking care of yourself...There are exceptions of course, but I don't like seeing the wastes of society getting OUR hard-earned tax-dollars (Single mothers with 6 kids living in the really poor areas, drunks that spend all their welfare on booze and drugs, etc). On that note, I'm not sure if some parents are actually fit to raise their kids, if they can't even support them.


The problem is that there are people who do, genuinely, need the help. There are people who can't afford health insurance, like myself, who need the help to pay their medical bills. There are people who, for whatever reason, can't find work. Note that I said can't, not won't.

The programs that Ron Paul wants to dismantle are there for a reason; to help people who need it.

Wow, not only are Ron Paul supporters crazy spammers, they're a bunch of losers. It's like Second Life - it's all completely hype, as if anything you do there will affect anything in reality.

I'm not American, but if I were, I would vote Ron Paul. I basically agree with him on every issue except gay marriage (which is trivial, because he thinks it should be up to the states) and abortion (he is a doctor, and has delivered babies, so I can see where he's coming from).

As for the white supremacists, better Ron Paul with the money than them (which, I think is RP's response to the issue, anyway).

@ Jake

I haven't looked it up, but at face value that is a pretty shady stance. He takes money from them, but won't support their views? More likely can't support their views publicly because it would kill him politically.

Just by accepting money from them, it shows poor judgment. Taking it from them with no intention of making good is even more strange. Why else donate to someone unless you expect them to help you out? That makes me like him even less and worry more about his thought patterns.

Also I disagree with the disbandment of some of the government agencies and programs he is against. For instance... Social Security, welfare, medicaid and medicare as noted in a previous post. There are those that truly need these programs to survive. Medical care here is extremely expensive, a night in the ICU can run in the tens of thousands of dollars depending on what is needed. That one night could ruin a family to poor to afford proper insurance.

However, this debate is fairly moot as he won't win the primary.

jkdjr25, formerly bayushisan Says:

If you can’t take care of yourself, well that’s your problem. That’s not the kind of attitude I want to see in someone who wants to be president.


I'm not a Ron Paul supporter, but I don't think his idea is "...if you can't take care of yourself, well that's your problem..."

I think his idea is "...if you WON'T take care of yourself, well that's your problem..."

But if I've misinterpreted his stance, my bad. I don't follow much of what the guy says.

Ok the hilarious part about all of this being someone in IT is this...

It will NEVER work! Not as a political demonstration but on the level of network and computing mechanics. Too many people and not enough servers.

The march will never complete because the server will crash/restart every 5 to 10 minutes.

...I'm going to find a widget or gadget and monitor that server. Oi!

Good concept, bad execution.


"…I’m going to find a widget or gadget and monitor that server. Oi!"

If you find one, send it to me. We could make a drinking game out of it.


Wow, Ron Paul must be pretty popular.

I think this is awesome. I wish I had a WoW acount again. Tho that is a rather long march.

@ VaMinion

Lol you're on! I'll post it here if I find one.

@ All who are joining the WoW march

FYI if you don't like spam you might want to think twice about joining. It just occurred to me that gold farmers will be there in force. For those who don't know what a gold farmer is... It's basically a character represented by websites who want you to pay cash for gold in game spamming you over and over again about their "wonderful" site.


Absolutely. Take me for example. Due to very poor health I haven't been able to work in a while, then back in april I had a four day hospital stay. That racked up a 25,000+ dollar bill. I don't have the money to pay and I need the medicaid to help. Someone like Ron Paul, who has likely never been in my situation, doesn't understand that. In his mind I should just take care of it myself, completely ignoring the very bad economic situation that my state is in right now.

The biggest reason I don't support him is because he doesn't understand what government is there for. Government should do for the people, what the people cannot do for themselves.

Too bad this isn't happening on Blackwing Lair(PVP server) I would love to raid IF and Stormwind in response to these psychos walking for a closed minded moron. Figures the Alliance would support Ron Paul ;).


It seems to me that government was created for mutual protection of people and property. The rest has been duct-tapped on along the way.

Ok so here's a widget for your Mac to monitor a WoW server:

I couldn't find a gadget, but then again I know most of us aren't running Windows Vista anyway.

If you'd like to see if the server is up and down there's always the method that works for everyone:

Votehillary created. Lvl 2 Female Blood Elf Rogue.

Can't wait.

I get enough of politics without it intruding on my leisure time.

Whisperwind (Horde Side) is my home server and I plan on being there.

God help them if any of them flag for PvP.


Wow...what a way to waste away a day.


Just look for the naked dancing lvl 6 BE mage. I'll be flag bait.


Some people have become so dependent on government that they can't handle the idea of actually lessening it's stranglehold on people's lives.

Or there of course are the hypocrites who say they support social programs for the poor but will in fact only "give" to the poor through taxes that support the inefficient social programs and would never voluntarily give to a charity. People who actually give a rats ass about the poor realize there is always the option to voluntarily give your money.
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