Political Analysts Pooh-pooh Ron Paul WoW Rally

January 1, 2008 -

A pair of California political analysts have dismissed tonight's Ron Paul World of Warcraft march as inconsequential.

As reported by the Orange County Register, Republican political pollster Adam Probolsky remarked:

I commend [the WoW marchers] for their activism, but I think it has no net effect on voters.


When it comes to direct voter contact, the Internet really hasn't developed itself yet.

Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a political analyst at the University of Southern California, added:

I think the main reason for the rally is to have the media focus on it, and then have some voters in the United States talking about Ron Paul.

GP: Both Probolsky and Jeffe admit that they've never heard of World of Warcraft (hard to believe), which - in our mind - taints their opinion of its possible effect just a bit.

In any case, GamePolitics will be covering the Ron Paul march tonight.

If you plan to attend:

Meet in Ironforge, form a single file line and march around the city. The group will then take the tram from IronForge to StormWind where supporters will congregate at the fountain in front of the bank.

Then, players will go to Westfall and swim to Booty Bay to take a boat to Rachet. Finally, once in the Barrens, the group will head to the Crossroads, surround the area and dance.

More details on the march organizers' website...


What server are they doing this on?

There is still people out there that deny that there is any impact that comes from any type of netroots action. These two guys are prime examples of that.

In the meantime.. Oh, nothing else is happening.

So far the netroots have accomplished exactly nothing. Kos is the only example that matters and the record there is like 1 and 18. Internet can't get someone elected yet.


In theory these two reporters are chowderheads, but in practice, the flat truth is they are right.

Think I will be the first to say. Well "Duh" of course Jeffe and Probolsky are downplaying this. 1st not WoW players. 2nd) Did not think of it first.

It should be amusing (irony) to see how many players show to support a politician. I have a feeling most gamers are like myself in thinking that politicians want to either take away, control, or tax to death our pastime. I do not trust respect or trust them, but this is my failing I suppose.


No.. That's what proves you have some shred of sanity.

Well I for one have not made up my mind yet on presidential candidates or even which party I will be voting, but from what I have heard Ron Paul is for preventing the federal government from making/influencing domestic policy. So out of the candidates, I would say he is the safest vote if you don't want federal video game legislation, because he will not be pushing or approving any laws on domestic policies.

At least, none of these analysts bitched about video games or MMORPGs. They may under-estimate this "WoW march", but they weren't scornful about it.

There is not going to be alot of people that will show up to march, but there is going to be quite a few people that will show up to watch the march. A few of those who will watch will end up trying to grief the marchers, just you wait. I heard this event is getting alot of attentsion in the WOW comun., the hardcore greifers will come.

I wonder how the political analysts will react to the griefers that might show up.

screw that, I'm just gonna run around everyone else.



"screw that, I'm just gonna run around everyone else."
^ My point exactly about griefing.


Good,Iwon't have to witness this then. I'm on Farstrider.

Is this endorsed by Paul's campaign, or is it an independent thing?

Soooo, this is going to be mostly alliance players?

Fuck the alliance, FOR THE HORDE.


I bet it's an independent thing.

And how many people doing this will be voting age and living in a Primary state?

This "rally/march" means nothing. Except people being too lazy to do real campaigning.

This has gankfest written all over it. :-D

PhoenixZero, do you realize that every state holds a primary?

It's interesting that almost all Republican "analysts" are just bashing Ron Paul and saying he isn't viable despite his overwhelming fundraising so far. What it comes down to is that the Republican establishment doesn't want him, because he actually maintains some of the conservative standards that the Republican Party left behind sometime around the Reagan era. Now the Republican Party is an Old Boys' Party, and Paul is an outsider. It's unfortunate that Paul's voice is being discounted by the Republican Elite, because it's important to the overall conversation on what Republicanism is supposed to be about - a tool of the Religious Right, or a force for conservative small gov't? Maybe somewhere in between.

Note, I'm not a Paul supporter (although he does make me curious). I'm just annoyed at all these Republicans trying to deny his obvious influence.

And yeah, if you don't know anything about the Internet, it's hard to authoritatively say that something happening on the Internet will or won't be influential. As it is, a march on a WoW server doesn't seem like a typical way to gain influence, although some average WoW'ers might do a google on Paul.

I totally fail to see how the march will round up other voters. Actually I fail to see how grassroot activism influences people.

Perhaps because it doesn't work on me.

I quit playing WOW about a year ago, but if the servers are in a similar state to that time, then this march will cause major lag, choppiness, maybe even crash the continant server...

@ Anonymous: grass roots activism works because it gets people involved, on a local level, in politics that deal with issues that matter to them. It's probably the best form of activism - unfortunately it doesn't really work on a national level.

This whole WoW thing is going to be an exercise in futility, though, because, by and large, the WoW demographic isn't going to make a strong showing at the polls and the attention generated is going to fall into the "news of the weird" section of most reports. Ron Paul supporters tend not to realize that much of what they do falls into that category.

[...] Source: Political Analysts Pooh-pooh Ron Paul WoW Rally Bookmark it: [...]

@ Broken Scope

First of all, here here, in the name of the dark lady, and all that.
Second of all, i checked out the site linked in the article above, and theres mention of a Ron Paul Horde activity, although it doesnt have a link in it. This may be just a speculative mention there, or a prelude to future events, but dont vote for someone else just because he starts with the alliance.


"I totally fail to see how the march will round up other voters. Actually I fail to see how grassroot activism influences people."

Usually the idea is to spread information or interest, targeting those who haven't yet made up their mind on an issue. Activist organizations frequently attract the people they want to influence even without much effort--kind of like political blogs (which totally have no influence on the nation's politics or political discourse at all--thanks for the info, Probby).

The WoW march, though? By and large a lolzfest. Ron Paul is meme and all.

I'm sad this isn't on a PvP server. A friend and I speculated putting bounties on the heads of marchers. We'd like to see this "Free Market" thing in play.

I posted the WoW march story on the WoW board of GameFAQs and it was moderated for being off-topic. That crowd must not like politics to get into their games in ANY way.

@ Tom, It gets people involved butthose people are the people willing to be involved. That's where I lose it.

And franckly, Ron Paul is quite a nutjob too.


I messed up there, I should have said "living in a primary state that matters".

It will be inconsequential because they are supporting a candidate who garners about 5 to 6 percent of national support.

If it was a candidate in shouting distance this would have lot more coverage and might be a bigger story.

Netroots activism for presidential politics has not been able to make enough of an impact to effect the elections. Dean in 2004 had his momentum, but it wasn't enough. Ron Paul really has no momentum but has convinced people to donate a lot money. Thats it. He has absolutely no chance to win.

While he has more support and money than Kucinich, their campaigns are essentially the same. While the individual may not be popular enough to win, the message they stand for is bigger than their campaigns.

The problem with Paul is that he's an isolationist, zero-government person (we're smarter than the gov't? Really? Have you looked around much?), he's combative with no good long-term plans, and he's consistently polling in the low single-digits.

The last is why he's not viable. A 4% voter share means you probably don't have a chance :).

Nochanceron, a lvl 6 BE female mage, has just ganked her first Ron Paul supporter. I will be flying to the barrens to pick off fellow lowbies. Any 70 hordies wanna join me? Send me a tell, online right now.

"I commend [the WoW marchers] for their activism, but I think it has no net effect on voters."

Every vote counts. I guess these tools think that campaigns are only won through a single event.

While it is relatively a minor event, it is an event nonetheless. Votes aren't won by flashy debates. They are won by those who are willing to press the flesh, that is go out and spread the word, one person at a time.

That said I don't think Ron will win it, but nevertheless, his supporters are certainly putting more effort into his campaign than his opponents, and I think that says something...


char name and level plz.

So far there's a decent turnout. Not world server breaking, but decent. Rolling an ally just to see what's up. Been taking some screenshots.

This rally sounds like a deathmarch to me.

I'm trying to attend, servers full though...in queue ._.

I hope the Horde stomps this group. Not because I disagree with them, it's just what we Horde do. We stomp things.


Kurisu and I'm a level 32 human paladin. We jsut got a time card today, however due to an unforseen error we can't log in yet.

Also: with 25 mins left before the event, it would be smart to enter the queue for the server now. there's a 400 person queue last check

Everything about Ron Paul is pooh-poohed. Notice he currently holds the record for largest one day donation in history.(actual donations, so it does not include pledged donations) And that still didn't really make that big of a media splash, the days after it happened it was overshadowed by a the endorsements of newspapers in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Welcome to reality. The mainstream media isn't looking to use their influence to represent truth. They have their own agendas.

Polls are also bullshit, all polls by everybody.

Scientific polls represent the manipulated opinion of a randomly selected audience of individuals that have land line telephones and stay on the phone long enough to participate in a survey.

Math can not justify the fact that people will give you different opinions based on how you present information to them. Math can not justify the fact that not everyone has land line phones and Math can not justify emergent behaviors of survey participants(Someone could answer the phone and press the wrong button or just press a random button.) Polls are practically useless at best.

I saw a lvl 5 gnome named Gamepolitics at the head of the march. Hopefully getting some primo screenshots! My dwarf, Novoteforron, was getting flames and ignored. I actually had a decent convo with someone eventually.

My husband's attending the march right now. He's been saying things against Ron Paul. Which has resulted in him getting whispers that he is not for freedom, is the son of the devil, and a traitor.

Guess they don't like him telling people to drink the Kool-Aid. ^^

Interesting idea, maybe even innovative. What intrigues me is if events like this continue, will it shake up politicians who still blindly believe video gaming is exclusively a children's activity..?

Well, the thing petered out right in front of Orgimar. I saw wave of low level alliance characters die from hunter snake traps. Also, tricked a few 70's into flagging with me as bait, and had an undead rogue in tow. Ineteresting way to get a message out, but really, I just feel bad for the folks that had to wait for 400+ in queque on their home server. Sorry Whisperwind!

No one plays WoW anymore. They got the word out to people with no shutins and people who play job games. Essentially people who already know about RP. Turn out was good because RP supporters have no life. Just try posting something bad about him somewhere public and in a matter of hours it will be swarmed by what would appear to be a large group of people when it's really just some forum buddies with sock puppet accounts. It took the entire Ron Paul voter base to do this and they couldn't even crash a server.

@ mr gay

yes. no one plays WoW anymore, that's why there was a 400 person queue for the server.

This whole thing's about the funniest thing in US Politics since W.J. Bryan.

Knowing the population of the World of Warcraft playerbase, there were probably people who showed up just to screw with the Ron Paul supporters. Its pure speculation on my end though.

Woah, brownshirts on WoW.

Though the WoW population must be the perfect target. They'd never actually READ what Ron Paul stands for or what the fuck any of it means.

I went to it and goldshire was flooded with supporters, whoever said it wouldnt have a huge turnout wasnt there >_>

it was HUGE and I BSOD'd 3 times haha
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