Anti-Game Candidates Do Poorly in Iowa Caucuses

January 4, 2008 -
The results of last night's Iowa Caucuses are in and the news is not good for the two candidates who hold the most strident views on regulating video game content.

On the Republican side, Mitt Romney, who lumps violent video games into what he terms an ocean of filth, was badly beaten by Mike Huckabee.

Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton saw both Barack Obama and John Edwards win more of the popular vote. Clinton has previously proposed video game legislation in the U.S. Senate. She recently told Common Sense Media that she would support such legislation if elected president.

The New Hampshire primary is next.


There is yet hope..

There are three things great about the Iowa caucuses:

1. Hilary didn't win.
2 Mitt Romney didn't win.
3. Obama won.

Now if that can carry through to all the other states I would be extremely happy.


I think we all would. Well, except for the Republicans.

Obama seems to be a somewhat decent character.

Alright! Romney didn't win the vote there... bloody hypocrite... so i guess you yanks wont have to endure another stupid president if trends continue :D but then again theres a long way yet.

I don't know how he can say virtual killing, maiming, and "torture" is worse than real torture in the form of waterboarding.

Just a dose of reality here. The only people in the last century that I know of who won Iowa and went on to be President were Bush Jr and Jimmy Carter...

Although it was interesting to see Iowa vote against the whole "we need to government to regulate the filth" type of idea.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Well Jabrwock, we can hope, we can definately hope. As long as Obama (crosses fingers) or Edwards become the President, I think we'll be in pretty good shape. While I like Bill Clinton, I do not like his wife and her ideas on gaming and her sitting on the board of Wal-Mart (I'm hugely anti-Wal-Mart).

Let's just all hope that the folks in New Hampshire are in the same mood as the folks in Iowa.


I'm really fucking suprised she's on the board of Wal-Mart.

isn't there something illegal about politicians having a major role in the running of big business?

I was happy with the Democratic result. Huckabee scares me, though, with his sort of overly evangelical Christian stuff. I can't decide if I dislike Romney or Huckabee more. Anyway, New Hampshire is a very different state than Iowa.

Eh... I don't really care so much about the candidates' views on game legislation because the way Obama talks about wanting to be honest and clean things up, he's the first politician I've been excited about since... ever. And having an African American as president would put a new face on the US. Humans look on the outward appearance, so that alone would be a big step toward undoing the damage done by the Bush administration. So basically no one else matters to me anyway.

If Obama becomes the Democratic Candidate, he wins the 2008 Election. I'll make sure of that.

And i remain clueless as to who I will vote for later this year.....

This is merely the first step. We'll see how this plays out in the not too distant future. Still, I'm happy that the "I hate Freedom of Speech" crowd did poorly. There's hope for us, yet.

@BlackIce: She was during the 80's and I believe she was until Bill was elected, but I haven't checked the dates in a while. She no longer is now, but anyone who has anything to do with Wal-Mart on the corperate level, at least in my book, deserves what's coming to them.

Wasn't Jack saying something recently about people wanting video game legislation desperatly? I guess, not so much.

Ok, just got the dates. Hillary Clinton was on Wal-Mart's board of directors beginning in 1986 and ending in 1992 when Bill was elected.



But a simple Google search of Hillary Clinton and Wal-Mart will find a lot of returns.

pity Huckabee (the top pick for popular vote) hates mexicans, muslims and gays.

Meh, Romney and Clinton would've lost even if they never cared about violent video games. They really aren't the best candidates.

Conejo Says:

January 4th, 2008 at 10:54 am
pity Huckabee (the top pick for popular vote) hates mexicans, muslims and gays.

HAHAHAHA!!!! i can't stop laughing at your comment! I really don't care about the 2008 elections this year because i'm moving out of the US in febuary.

If Clinton gets the nomination in the end, I will either vote for a Republican candidate (if it's not Romney), or a Libertarian choice. Yes, I did vote for H. Ross Perot in '92...with no regrets, and haven't voted for a mainstream presidential candidate since.


On the contrary! Even if you're moving out of the US, you should care. I've been living in Switzerland the past decade and I still make it a point to vote (absentee ballots), because you never know when you'll want to go back. I also really, really want to be able to feel welcome in my homeland again.

Besides, even if I naturalize here and throw away my citizenship, it's pretty damn hard to take the American out of a guy. Depending on where you're going, you'll notice.

Can we just go without a president for 4 years? Not a single candidate that is out there has any lick of sense. They're ALL crazy.

huckabee is the scary one, I don't know why anyone would be cheering for these results (other than obama)

@Weighted Companion Cube

*Asplodes* Expect to be taken away in the middle of the night and tortured. They're watching you..

To quote plato: No one ever teaches well who wants to teach, or governs well who wants to govern.

None of the candidates are really qualfied for the position. They are politicians after all. The people most qualified for the position are out finding cures for cancer, figuring out how to launch a shuttle to mars, etc.

I'm just glad that the "politicians" who are preying on ignorance and fear of video games and other violent media are finding out that people aren't as stupid as they were hoping.

Huckabee is also against abortions and pro-death penalty, which doesn't seem to make sense.

if you kill the baby beforehand then they don't clog up the prison system due to the All Childs Left Behind act.

@Bunny Boy (Conejo)

All the Republicans are Hypocrites.

I'm pleased with the over all results from last night. I'm actually quite glad that Huckabee won in Iowa and I'm suitablly impressed with Obama's win as well.

Huckabee and Edwards are a bit of a waffle,Hilary is a waffle, mit, rudy, and thompson are black booted neo cons.

Obama is a mainstream candidate I can like that dose not suck IQ in the rom hes in....but I still like Ron Paul more :P


That;s because you're a FUCKING NAZI =P

BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman

oh yes I am a nazi because I prefer goverment without lobbying and regulated monopolies :P

No.. You're a Nazi because Ron Paul is Conservative.

Conservative = Right Wing.

jerros: Plato never met my old man, then. 25+ years of teaching experience, loves the job, cares deeply about the kids and their education, all-around great guy. And I know there are politicians like that too, because I've met them. (Then again, I live in Canada, where government work isn't the spectacle that it is in the States.)

Anyway, Obama strikes me as the kind of guy who would do the right thing for video games: let the industry regulate itself with some minimal guidance and worry more about the big issues, like health care. Y'know, sensible and stuff.

BlackIce, the Nazis were socialists.
Socialism = Left Wing policy

If you want to make WWII references, you should call him fascist instead. Mussolini's government was fascist.
Fascism = Right Wing policy (taken to an extreme)

And just to contribute to the conversation, WCC is right about the candidates. I don't like any of them; the one man I was hoping would step up did not.

BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman
and the elft wing = communist, we must stop the red threat ^_~

On the scale of things hes more indapenant than republican and you ahve to give them man respect for wanting to remove the balls from the black booted big business machine, besides obama the mainstream front runners on both sides are fcking extremists!


Meh, Romney and Clinton would’ve lost even if they never cared about violent video games. They really aren’t the best candidates.

Yep, and part of the reason they aren't the best candidates is that they seem to think that videogame/media in general regulation/censorship warrants time in the campaign for president, when there are far more important issues to spend time on.

BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman
besides Ron paul will do the most "damage" to capitalism look at the current way the US goverment creates and nurtures monopolies through lobbying and buying through regulation their protection from the goverment.

Be resetting the goverment it can be changed by ignoring it it leads to a complete break down in time, prehaps that what is what you want a complete break down of capitalism and not a fix for it. ^_~

@ Simon Roberts,

Plato was a big idea man, he was after generic truths, and at the time teachers weren't state paid, so they earned thier money the hard way.

Free market style.

The conclusions jump to themselves.

@ Zippy, (and debate)

Actually the fascists were left wing too.

That doesn't mean right wing is fun either.

I wouldn't vote for Ron Paul because he is a nutjob. Huckabee is a fundie. Or as close as it does not matter anymore.

Umm... guys... Godwin's law... seriously...

As a Democrat, I'm quite relieved that Huckabee did well in Iowa. Because, to be frank, the only GOP candidate that has a snowball's chance in hell of beating the Democratic Candidate in 2008 would be Ron Paul. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to see that the vast majority of Americans hate the direction the country is going and want it to change. Whether you think Romney is a flip-flopping hypocrite or Huckabee is a creepy Jesus freak, when you boil both down to their core message, they're really just chanting "More of the same, More of the same, More of the same, More of the same". Ron Paul was the only GOP runner that wasn't beating the Status Quo drum.

People can be stupid sometimes, but we aren't fecal-throwing retarded. Even the lab monkey can only push the red button and get shocked so many times before it dawns on him that he has to push the blue button to get the yummy banana.


you are incorrect. While the Nazi party was the "National Socialists" they were in fact facists. Their idealology was very right wing.

So we are suprised that an Evangelical Minister won in an predominantly evangelical state? I'm stick with, "No Duh," on this one. Obama's slight lead is more of a suprise, but Hillary does not sit well with the Evangelicals.

Black Ice,

This is what is wrong with US politics. Conservative does not equal right-wing. Liberal does not mean left-wing. Only the activist parade thinks that way, and the screaming zealots. The rest of the US is left with no choice but to vote for who they think is the least onorous - hence the hopelessly polarized and usless 'debate' we see for 2 years leading to a Presidential race.

To whoever said Rudy was a neo-con. Perhaps you don't know who Rudy is (a closet Democrat), or just use neo-con as a slur. The only candidate that resembles a neo-conservative is Romney.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~


I have to disagree with you there. I think Mike Huckabee would stand a decent chance of winning the election if he got the nomination for the republican party. At least he's talking about ideas and not crying about how the people are picking on him, unlike certain other candidates I could mention.

So, Huckabee and Obama. Even though I caucused for Ron Paul, those were my second and third choices. This is good.

This bickering is going really off-topic. The real story is the youth vote than won Obama the caucus. Basicly, the gaming generation came to the caucus, saw, conquered, and kicked ass. The age gap between the Clinton supporters and the Obama supporters was quite evident. The adage of young people not voting died yesterday. If you think i'm making this up, take a listen to what the analysts are saying.

"Obama's Winning Formula" by Newsweek writer Howard Fineman

"Obama's Historic Victory" by Time writer Joe Klein,8599,1700132,00.html?xid=rss...

"Democrats voted for change, GOP for faith and values" on

' "This is as big a generation gap as I've ever seen in politics," said CNN's Bill Schneider. '

The Iowa caucus has become a true turning point in the pro-gaming movement. The gaming generation has shown it's political fangs and all the campaigns has seen it. It's a matter of time that the politicans are going to start looking at how Hillary scared away the youth vote and find the effect of her anti-gaming views.

Anonymous: heh, true enough. That's what I get for taking millennium-old advice at face value. I was never good at listening to teachers, anyway. ;D


Maybe soon we'll start to see gamers in the Florida Bars Association.

*paints a target on Jack Thompson's back*


Point taken. Huckabee's at least better than that back-stabber Mitt Romney.

Nutjobs of the world unite!...oh! did I say that outloud? ^_~
but really I support him and all but even I know he has no chance and Obmaa is looking like JFK.

But I agree Huckabee is a funide but not enough of one to be auto fail but I swear the more he opens is mouth the more I turn off to him.

Steven Furtado /Anonymous

Huckabee is VERY likable as a canidante goes and could well get 40% of the vote so he is very viable still.

you are correct its a slur I group the big business nazis with the religious riche, neo conservatives focus on using religion as crowd control as they live in indulgence living off the populace and servicing the needs of their elite and rich comrades.

American Political terms have very different meanings to those of the rest of the world.

I don't think that they lost necessarily on their veiws on videogames.
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