Gamers Push Back Against Clueless Conservative

Conservative pundit Kevin McCullough absorbed one of life’s harsh lessons this week:

If you want to condemn, you’d better be right.

McCullough, who savaged Mass Effect with some of the most outrageous nonsense we’ve ever heard in relation to video games, further raised the ire of the gamer community by following up with nasty generalizations about those who play:

The Gamer-Nerd universe exploded in anger over the tone and a couple of the specifics of my most recent column… If the few who wrote me are indicative of the rest of the gaming universe, we know at least they have passion – for their toy-boxes…

Look, if the Gamer-Nerds need their pervy outlets to find true release and inner peace – then make them drive to the outskirts of town and be forced to frequent those places that no one wants in the community to get them…

The inevitable backlash from the gaming community has popped up on places like Kotaku and in a variety of refutations of McCullough’s off-the-wall premise, including this one on GamerDad. And, of course, in individual comments to McCullough’s rants.

Penny Arcade, however, may have the most insightful take on what McCullough is up to.

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