Mass Effect Saga Continues: Fox News Says it Has Invited EA

January 25, 2008 -
There's a new twist in the Mass Effect saga...

MTV Multiplayer reports that an unnamed Fox News rep claims the network has invited Electronic Arts to appear:
A Fox News spokesperson, who declined to be named, stated, in full: “Fox News Channel has extended several invitations to EA through a company representative to appear on ‘Live Desk With Martha MacCallum’ to discuss ‘Mass Effect’ and the segment which aired on Monday. We have received no response.”

Meanwhile, EA VP Jeff Brown told MTV's Stephen Totilo that the online response to his protest letter to Fox News “has been a surprise and a little overwhelming.”

Via: Kotaku


A Fox News spokesperson, who declined to be named, stated, in full: “Fox News Channel has extended several invitations to EA through a company representative to appear on ‘Live Desk With Martha MacCallum’ to discuss ‘Mass Effect’ and the segment which aired on Monday. We have received no response.”

Playing the poor news channel who just wants to be fair will get you nowhere. EA doesn't want to "discuss" Mass Effect, they want your apology for lying through your teeth about it's contents. There's nothing TO discuss.

Fox will play up the refusal to appear on the show as EA being "unreasonable". EA should call them on it. Very publicly.

Heck, do it on another network's show. ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


Why shouldn't we do the same?

Because if I do the same, I'll never be able to call them hypocritical anymore.

Rupert Murdoch made Fox News and other channels to entertain people. That was done so that viewers wouldn't care about politics as much as something crazy shit; And if they do, they slander anyone who disagrees with their Nazi agendas in a romantic black-and-white fashion, oy. Without the political dedication of citizens, "people have the power" could sure as hell become an oxymoron. It's real convincing when you think about News Corp. and the stuff they own the rights to; Fox channel: Known for their mega-hit comedies, etc. FX: Showing the best in risque entertainment. MySpace: Place where people may spend hours updating their profile and contacting their friends. Remember the words which I have spoken, oy. And FIGHT DA POWA!

Party On, Dudes
Tye The Czar

You weren't there to correct our lies. It's your fault.

Sounds like fox alright.

Go EA!

what does he mean by a 'surprise and a little overwhelming?'
also, i dont think anyone with half a brain in EA would want to go on fox, with their track record.

Well they certainly have their response now. It's too bad EA couldn't have a rep there too, then both that person and Keighly could have been talked over and laughed at by Cooper Lawrence.

Faux News, "We Distort, You Follow Blindly"

And we should all of a sudden believe FOX News... why?

Get a reality check FOX News, you screwed yourself.

Making an error in a news report is one thing. Knowingly and intentionally lying (even if you DIDN'T know that Cooper Lawrence had NO experience or knowledge about the game, the moment she SAID she didn't and you didn't put an end to the story, is the moment all credibility for FOX News dropped to the negative) doesn't improve your standings at all.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

Can't we just march on Fox's studio?

Oh, wait, I'd imagine they're pretty used to angry protesters this time around given all the people getting fed up with their rubbish.

I'm thinking... ambush... Be prepared to be interrupted and not be able to get your words in edgewise, EA


Standard Fox News SoP for diverging views.

The plot thickens...

Sounds like come on the show we'll let you say your piece.
But all this is about is getting bigger name and bigger views for them.
Besides they're still just going to lie their asses off and not let E.A. get a word in edge wise, After that accusing they'll say they gave Ea a chance to defend its product and they didn't so either way their screwed because its not like fox is comming to them.

so i beg you video gamers, if Fox puts E.A. on, dont watch it! just wait for the video to be added here, or to youtube because giving fox free ratings is the last thing we want.

"Had no response" my ass.

EA would have jumped at the chance.

I hope EA refuses. "Freedom of the press belongs to the man who owns the press," I believe Hearst said. EA can come on, but they'll just be mistreated and distorted, same as everything else.

There are two things I'd like to see here. First, some kind of ECA action. Media distortion of fact (and complete misrepresentation, as often as not) is rapidly becoming as immediate a threat as politicians, and worse, politicians have been found in the past to parrot what they hear about games on the news, as if it were fact. This isn't just insulting to us; it's dangerous.

Second, I'd love to see EA go on one of Fox's competitors, and participate in some kind of story on media sensationalism and yellow journalism. While I can't see that happening, because the networks don't typically jab at each other, there's nothing I'd like better than just a 30 second segment with someone from BioWare or EA pointing out the complete misrepresentations of fact, on another channel.

Well, actually that's not quite true. I'd /like/ to see News Corp. (Fox's parent) go out of business.

# Twin-Skies Says:

"Can’t we just march on Fox’s studio?

Oh, wait, I’d imagine they’re pretty used to angry protesters this time around given all the people getting fed up with their rubbish."

Can't we just send anonymous their way once they're done with the scientologists?

I will not be surprised if Fox just asks questions so fast that EA doesn't have a chance to reply, then they'll just end the segment.

There's no way Faux News will let someone on to prove them wrong, they're going to have a very "well it's your fault" attitude in this.

what're the first two rules? :p
besides, we dont exactly want to condone raids, or provoke /b/. they are anon. they, are legion.
however, i did lol when the admin's got their ban hammers out and started attacking left right and centre.

The 4chan brigade is soooooo not the way to handle ANYTHING guys.

Besides, they already got on Fox News once, and they weren't even trying then. So I don't think they really care anymore.

@MaskedPixelante: I agree, they might just be having EA walk into another scenario where they can slam the evil virtual orgasmic rape simulators. But, if they refuse, then they look like they lack conviction. It'd appear that EA was bluffing when they said Mass Effect is better than what Fox said, and now that Fox has called them on it they're unwilling or unable to actually argue the position.
I do hope EA takes the offer; they just need to remember that the first step in avoiding the trap is to know where the trap is.

LOL invited EA onto the show! Need I point out the fact they invited Keighley on to defend the game and cut him off at every opportunity. Why should anyone from EA give them the chance to do it again?

A respectable news organisation would apologise not offer the chance for more of the same.


Dear Fox News,

EA doesn't want to put in the position of defending itself against your false statements; they want you to set the facts straight yourselves, as a show of good faith. Experience suggests it may be too much to ask of you.

to put -> to be put

I always thought that anyone who declines an invitation on Fox News as well as any other cable news channel to give their side of the story was a coward.

In this case hjowever, if EA declines to come on Fixed News, I would not blame them at all considering how they treated Geoff and how they dileberatley distorted facts.

public void FoxNews(expert DrK)
System.out.println("Fact: " DrK.getBullShit());
if(DrK.getBullShit() != true)

/* I hope this isn't too nerdy for most of you to understand. Try putting it through your java compiler to get a quantitative value of how many errors FoxNews returns!!! */

Telling Fox News the facts straight up should be enough, but if they were to send a rep, he/she had better be prepared to take charge of the conversation and the get the record straight right off the bat.

So how does EA not appearing on the Fox report give them permission to lie?


I'm pretty sure he's talking about the overwhelming response, he's talking about the response from gamers and game sites cheering him on.

As for him appearing on Live Desk, I'd be weary. They may try to do the same thing they did before, and not let someone who knows what they are talking get a word in edgewise among the borderline retards.

Perfect example of a "media" source who is making the news, rather than reporting on it. What scares me about that clip on Kotaku is the sheer (assumed) ignorance by those people at the end of the clip. Talk about appealing to the lowest common denominator...

Ever wonder what life would be like if Rupert Murdoch had never been born? Click on my name to find out.

If Fox disagrees with you, don't even bother going on their debate panels. They'll set you up with the most moronic, ill-informed racist Christian that they have, feed her a load of lies (e.g. THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SAID THAT OVER 10 BILLION CHILDREN HAVE BEEN RAPED AND MURDERED BY VIDEO GAMES!), have him/her keep interrupting you whenever you try to make a point with the host taking the side of that person, then before you get your turn to make a counter-point, they cut your mike and turn to two other panellists, who happen to be 'experts' in the field, who just prattle on about the liberal media and the destruction of American society and family ways.

Then they all have a communal jerk-off over Bill O'Reilly and George W. Bush, then a segment giving 10 reasons why voting for Hillary Clinton makes you a Communist.

This sounds like a trap and a set up to me...

Obviously a little fabrication that Fox won the right to make up. I don't believe any sort of invitation was given.

Remember the JT interviews and the one person they would slam over and over again that took the stance against whatever BS Fox and JT was spewing? EA would go on, try to set the record straight, every time making a very valid point they'd fabricate some study made and constantly interrupt them and when they ran out of excuses they would end the segment. Fox just isn't worth it and most people who have any sort of common sense will avoid that company as a 'news' outlet.


I vote for The (currently A) Daily Show. Or the Colbert Report.


The reason you can't march onto the studio is because it's protected by a giant flaming chasm that leads straight to Hell, where Carl Rove crawled out onto the earth, squatted down, and took a shit that turned out to be Dick Cheney, who was then breastfed by a mutated pig that fell off as a growth from Bill O'reilly. If you try to enter, and your a liberal, or pro-gay marriage, or pro-choice, or concerned about the environment, or critical of Bush, or etc. you'll fall into the depths of Hell where you'll be tied to Cheney's sarcophagus and forced to listen to Ashcroft sing for eternity.

The voice in the back of my head that sounds like Admiral Ackbar is saying something...


//I have the simple cable news program for success
//Yeah, been doing a lot of PHP lately
while ($ratings.Current > $ratings.Last) {
$journalists.Truth --;
$journalists.Integrity --;
$stories.Sensationism ++;
$stroies.Run("Terrorism", "Killer Bees", "White Girl Missing");
if($viewers.Sue && $viewers.Funds >= $network.Funds)
$journalists.GiveRetraction = False;
$journalists.Apologize = True;
$journalists.GiveRetraction = False;
$journalists.Apologize = False;

LOL, page doesn't convert spaces for you, my bad. I can fix that for a small fee :)


Nicely done! It seems that only a few lines of code can turn out the same trash as these "journalists".


Are you trying to convert GP to Slashdot like format? =)

Oooooohhhhh... So it was EA that paid for the hit on Mass Effect. Well, that makes sense, now.

Hopefully, the reason EA hasn't responded yet is because they're trying to find the polite, lawyerly, corporate way of saying "we've seen how you treat guests on your bullshit sham interviews, you assholes; there's a reason we asked for an apology."

EA isn't stupid enough to go on Fox. They know they won't get a fair shake.

@AM - I was thinking the same thing.

I'm also surprised none of the Democratic Presidential candidates like Obama have jump on this yet. Maybe it is too early for them to do so yet but you know they want a reason to hammer Fox for its reporting on them. Now here is one being served up on a silver platter. If I was EA I would pick up the phone and make a call.

Regarding the invitation if I don’t see any independently verifiable evidence it did not happen. Moreover even if it did why would they have agreed to such a situation in the first place?

Anyway I never thought I would say this but "Go EA!" Someone need to Legion Faux News and Ms Lawrence.

So when is MSNBC going to cover this topic? I'm giddy with anticipation to say the least.

Regarding Jeff's comment on Amazon the thread is still there but it appears not to be listed anymore. People should still post their support for EA & Bioware in it as he can still see it. The link is:

I think it's funny when they come up with a clever rhyme like "SEX BOX" for X-Box.
Kind of like how "Cooper" rhymes with "Pooper"...

"FAUX" News is a little too clever however, because it requires some cultural knowledge and you have to extrapolate the pronunciation a little bit more to get the context.

So Fox are just playing victims, putting up the Alfonso Gagliano card. I'm not very surprised.

Needless to say, these so-called "facts" can easily be discredited.

We all agree on this: we need Fox news as we need a diarrhea.

I'm not worried about EA. There was a similar case in Québec (albeit on a different subject) and the insulted party won. I'm not familiar with the American media rules, but it is stated clearly in the Canadian ones that any attempt to discredit someone (or something) for a personal agenda is illegal.

EA will go on and Fox news won't let them get in very many words to defend themselfs and Video Games in general, that sounds about right.


I’m also surprised none of the Democratic Presidential candidates like Obama have jump on this yet. Maybe it is too early for them to do so yet but you know they want a reason to hammer Fox for its reporting on them. Now here is one being served up on a silver platter. If I was EA I would pick up the phone and make a call.

They probably won't. Sure it's bad reporting. However they don't want to be supporting what in far too many people's minds is going to be "porn in videogames."

Sex scene = porn in most people first reaction to the term. Explaining that it's essentially a PG-13 scene comes secondary to that first impression. That it's a fractionally small percentage of the game is going to fall even further below the radar than "It's got sex in it!"

Pushing for good journalism comes second to not pissing off the vocal moralists. They don't want to people shrieking "FOR THE CHILDREN!" against them (we all know how much of a headache that is).

Wow. I think this is the first time I'm cheering for EA...
Battle of evil corporations.

Faux News is nothing but Government propaganda anyway.

EA shouldn't go on Fox News anyway. It's like being the center act in the circus.

Look - only idiots believe the garbage Fox, CNN, and others hand down. I hear the right wing go on about CNN, CBS, MSNBC all the time.. and the Left goes on about Fox News and a few others.

Thing is - they are all serving us the same big steaming batch of shit to take in - so how do they differ? You watch any one of them and it's like watching all of them - same talking points, same stories, same spin...

They just wrap the shit differently.

It's funny, but Keighly corrected Fox on their story saying that there was no full graphic nudity, but they ignored it. What does that say? could it mean that even if EA was there, they would have gone on with the sex box theory?
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