Cooper Lawrence: “I Misspoke” about Mass Effect

The pop psychologist and author who so enraged the gaming community this week with her condescending attitude and false characterizations of BioWare’s Mass Effect has ‘fessed up to the New York Times.

Cooper Lawrence made her comments to the NYT’s Seth Schiesel, who writes of the gaming community’s intense reaction to Lawrence’s Monday appearance on Fox News’ Live Desk. From the article:

The Internet hath no fury like a gamer scorned…

Bound by global message boards, blogs, chat rooms and of course the games themselves, gamers are perhaps the single most intense subculture on the Internet — fiercely protective of their pastime and at ease with the byways of cyberspace…

Irate gamers have flooded the page on selling Ms. Lawrence’s most recent book, “The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace With Your Inner Overachiever,” sending its user-generated rating into oblivion… Many of the reviewers admit that they have not read Ms. Lawrence’s book.

Lawrence told Schiesel:

I recognize that I misspoke. I really regret saying that, and now that I’ve seen the game and seen the sex scenes it’s kind of a joke.

Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it’s like pornography. But it’s not like pornography. I’ve seen episodes of ‘Lost’ that are more sexually explicit.

Meanwhile, BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka told Schiesel:

We’re hurt. We believe in video games as an art form, and on behalf of the 120 people who poured their blood and tears into this game over three years, we’re just really hurt that someone would misrepresent the game without even playing it. All we can hope for is that people who actually play our games will see the truth.

GP: We’re delighted to see that Cooper Lawrence has come clean. But we’d also like to know exactly how the Mass Effect beat-down was orchestrated by Fox News. As GamePolitics demonstrated in an earlier case regarding Halo 3, another pyschologist was briefed on what to say just before air time (see: How Fox Morning Show Sensationalized the Halo-in-Church Issue). Did something similar take place in this case?

So far we’ve received no answers to three questions we posed to Lawrence earlier this week:

1.) Did Fox News brief you on the game, and to what extent?

2.) Were you instructed by Fox News to adopt a position critical of the game for the program?

3.) What study from the University of Maryland are you referring to in your comments?

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    Bennett Beeny says:

    "Guerrilla warfare doesn’t work when the battle is for the moral high ground…. if we’re going to make any SIGNIFICANT headway, we need assistance from those who are neutral."

    Sorry, but I don’t agree.  In war, you fight dirty and you CLAIM that you chose the high ground and that your opponent tried to take the argument into the gutter.  As for gaining the support of neutral parties, that doesn’t happen until there’s a clear winner.  There are two sides in war: those who fight with one arm tied behind their back due to taking the moral high ground, and those who win.

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    Kim says:

    "A good friend of mine is a psychologist who’s had the "pleasure" of meeting Ms. Lawrence, Dr. Phil, and other well-known psychologists, and according to her, they’re all the same, a bunch of arrogant, obnoxious fakes who make millions pretending to know a difficult profession. "

    I’ve also met Cooper, and how you’ve characterized her is very incorrect.  You’re comparing her to Dr. Phil?  Are you serious?  And your use of the word "millions" made me lol.  Seriously, what you’ve just done with your defaming comment is exactly what you’re accusing her of, talking about something you know shit about. 

    She’s apologized, she took the upper road, damn I’ll bet she wishes she had an idea of the people she was going to be dealing with.  People that are so heinously offended by remarks about a fucking video game.  Maybe while you all are spinning your wheels "attacking" her and Fox, you can actually use some of your time for good and join causes outside of the gaming community.  Maybe the mass genecide occurring right now in Darfur and Eastern Chad, or boycotting the sponsors that are supporting the China Olympics, considering it’s taking place in a communist country that supports the janjaweed and is Sudan’s biggest trading partner, importing about two-thirds of all Sudanese exports and providing one-fifth of Sudan’s imports.

    Seriously guys, it pains me to see Americans wasting their time on bashing someone so completely that is inherrantly a very good person.  Let’s stop being apathetic about real issues.

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    […] Yeah, but she was totally wrong (via GamePolitics). Okay, in truth, there really is a fair bit of sexual content in free-form virtual worlds, particularly Second Life, but there’s a fair bit of sexual content in real life too. It is pretty easy to avoid in both the real world and the virtual one if that’s not what you’re looking for. Last year, Second Life started taking steps to keep the adult stuff somewhat isolated and only available to age-verified customers. […]

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    Leaf says:

    Yes, I have more now.

    She deserves this… Bunch of idiot’s as smart as her doing the same exact thing she did to them. The difference is that nobody will really care about what Faux News said. What an ugly world where in almost every argument both sides are plagued with the same amount of stupidity, and all the smart people are overshadowed. (Though I doubt there are any smart people on the side of Faux and Cooper though.)

  5. 0
    Leaf says:

    Everyone giving her book a bad rating without reading it is a giant dumbass. Those idiots are doing the SAME EXACT THING she did. F**king Hypocrites. I just can’t express the hatred I know have for all the retards who gave that book a bad rating without reading it. (I’m usually better with my launguage, but these guys just really piss me off.) and this isn’t gamer justice. This is the same kind of justice that kept OJ out of prison.

    It’s a completely different story though if a person who read the book said it sucked, and it probably does. Apoligize or not, she’s screwed. I’m not on her side, I think she’s also and idiot for the same reasons as everyone else.

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    […] Microsoft dijo que todas las cosas son falsas (obvio) mediante un comunicado en el programa, EA dijo que que era mentira, y ya la “experta” psicóloga Cooper Lawrence (la que sonríe con su libro) se retractó de lo dicho. Según ella, le pregunto a alguien para informarse. Fox News entero ya se retractó por lo mismo, aunque menciona que invitó a EA para hablar del tema sin obtener respuesta. […]

  7. 0

    […] Fins aquí, ja n’hem vist molts d’iguals. El que fa gràcia de tot plegat és que aquesta senyora psicòloga ha tret un llibre, i uns quants jugadors indignats van posar-li comentaris poc falaguers a Amazon. Veient que li rebatien els arguments i que el seu llibre no es venia, la senyora s’ha disculpat!!! I no és una disculpa qualsevol, és d’aquelles que et deixa retratadeta, retratadeta. Un petit extracte literal: […]

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    Seth says:

    Fox and other networks will begin more and more to bray about the dangers of videogaming and the internet, because they are the MAIN COMPETITORS OF NETWORK TV!!! As viewrship numbers go down and the markets get more competitive, they will appeal to middle america in a fear campaign. It’s already started, get ready for more. It is up to the online and gaming community to do just as we did to Ms Lawrence, a publicity wh*re/fox goon. Apologize all you want, your book will be at 1 star forever now, with realistic negative reviews dominating. Thats what you get for dealing with the devil.

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    Kevin says:

    To Spartan:

    I think both Ms. Lawrence and Fox News have equal responsibilty. While Ms. Lawrence acted in an arrogant way towards Geoff, Ms. MacCallum basically refused to allow him to get his say in. And that whole roundtable thing was a joke. Anyway, it’s hard to say who at Fox is really responsible. I mean MacCallum and those idiots on the panel could have simply been fed lines by one of the higher ups. Like I said, don’t watch Fox News. The network’s a joke.

  10. 0
    Spartan says:

    There is also the matter of the comments Ms. MacCallum made and has shown no remorse for doing so or even acknowledged them after the fact. Ms. Lawrence was not the only person in error in this situation. In fact I believe Ms. MacCallum to be more guilty of misconduct then Ms. Lawrence since it was her show and she knew in advance what “spin” was going to be put on things and she set the tone and controlled the entire fiasco.

    BTW: I signed the petition as well.

  11. 0
    Kevin says:

    To Y.V.:

    Agreed. I refuse to accept her statement either. The real reviews for her book seem to indicate it was written by a woman who knew virtually nothing about the subject and did poor research. Sound familar? This seems to paint a picture of a woman who seems to be in her business only for the money and has no interest in providing useful information. I think she’s lied before this incident and I’m sure she’ll lie again. Hopefully someday she’ll pay a bigger price for her dishonesty.

    Oh, and I signed the petition.

    Oh, and Fox News is trash. Get your news online, it’s more reliable. If you must watch TV to get your news, at least watch CNN. They’re not perfect, but they’re a hell of a lot better than Fox News.

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    Y.V. says:

    WHAT!? MISSPOKE!? Okay wanna know what, Cooped Lawrence didn’t even APOLOGIES! She said that she had “Misspoke”. Yes apologies, and misspoke have completely different meanings, and everyone should look up those two words up and compare both of them. First off, I’m not gonna except these “Misspoken” words as an apology. Second, Cooper talked to a News Paper Report, yes the “New York Times” exactly. This really indeed sounds extremely strange to me, and how can we tell if she is telling the truth. Either she bribed the person to write some crummy thing about her apology, or she isn’t really admitting anything. Lastly, Fox News should go down. They haven’t even said sorry, or in Cooper’s case, said that they had “misspoken”. The only way I accept the apology from Cooper is if she came on television, and admits her wrongs. Of coarse this still won’t convince me at all, even if she does cry. I want her to suffer, I want her to know guilt, pain, true suffering, discredibility, how wrong she was about her false facts, and I want to she her life plummet so badly that this will be the last time anyone has ever heard of her! Little words off an article cannot convince me that she is sorry. Yes, you can call me cruel, call me evil, call me whatever you want, but Cooper Lawrence should lose all credibility, all acknowledgment, everything for which she had falsely accused a MAGNIFICENT piece of art like “Mass Effect”. Those are my two cents, I hope this can get everyones attention.

    Here is the official petition site, and we need the signatures-
    PLEASE post this site one you blogs, forums, and websites, because we need an official apology from Fox News and Cooper Lawrence!

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    Michael says:

    I am going to quote a comment that a user named Inkstain left on my blog regarding this issue.

    “Haha. Nice try. There’s a difference between “I misspoke” and “I’m a stupid bint with no idea what I’m talking about”. Note, she apologized in the NYT, not FOX News. She wouldn’t have even done that if the offended gamers hadn’t done a concerted effort to blackball her book on Amazon. May she suffer the ten Plagues of Egypt in triplicate.”

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    Spartan says:

    Update: Faux apparently is letting MS. Lawrence take the fall for the entire debacle and hung her out to dry. Let this serve as a lesson for any future “experts” about getting into bed with Faux without taking proper precautions.

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    mogbert ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My two cents.
    Time to leave Cooper Lawrence alone. She admitted her mistake to the Times, and while it doesn’t reach the same demographic, keep in mind she can’t just go up to Faux Gnus and demand to be put on the air. Things work both ways, a combination of positive and negative reinforcement works best. So leave off the negative reviews. Continuing to give negative reinforcement after she has done what she could to repair the damage would only send the signal that there is no point in trying to fix any mistakes you made. We reserve positive reinforcement for those that actually push forward the medium, like Bioware and company.

    Now if there was some way to let Faux Gnus know that we can’t be their slow news day whippingboys anymore, that would be nice. I would suggest that we all stop watching it… but I doubt very many of us even watch it in the first place. Advertisers won’t pull their ads from Faux Gnus. The only thing I figure is that we circulate this story exposing the inner workings of their news reports and the fact that they won’t issue a retraction based on the reports of the experts they had invited. No REPUTABLE news station would refuse to run a retraction after finding out their story was wrong simply becasue the president of that company refused them an interview. You don’t get exclusive interviews by slandering a company then demanding they defend themselves. I sincerely hope that EA does NOT grant an interview to them.

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    Michael says:

    Isn’t giving negative reviews to her book without even reading it doing the exact same thing she did, judging a work without experiencing it? I mean, I completely disagree with what she said, but attacking her personally won’t solve the problem.

  17. 0
    Spartan says:

    @Me – It is all really just a matter of priority.

    Hell BioWare has earned respect in an industry that more often than not assaults its consumers with garbage while charging a premium and treats them like little children with ADD.

    If people can’t come together to defend such a fine example of corporate policy and respect towards consumers then we might as well just toss in the towel as consumers.

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    Kommisar says:

    I heard from a guy I know who has a cousin who’s best friend said his sister heard from this girl that works at the same store as her in the mall that her boyfriend’s niece said that Cooper Lawrence secretly produces bestiality porn.

    I don’t know if it’s true… but that’s what I heard.

    Can I get a spot on Fox News now that I’ve done as much research about this topic as any of their normal guests?

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    xX BuddhaFTW Xx says:

    She was stupid and should not have tried to put her insight into the matter Geoff Keighley was in the right and what Cooper needs to see is that it really does not ask the player “want to have sex with a hot alien babe” and if thats what she thinks then she needs to give it up and actually play the game

    xX BuddhaFTW Xx = Xbox Live Gamertag

  20. 0
    xX BuddhaFTW Xx says:

    Even if a game has nudity or any sexual content it’s still fake no matter what you say about it because it’s fake now and will never be real she had no right to say really anything at all about the game. There is sex in movies but does anyone talk about how the latest movie should be taken out of theaters no, and as well as violence in games is the same as movies.. They are even set to make a Saw V
    The line between Movies and Games is so close with the next-gen tech we have now compared to older games like pong and it went from pointless white squares going back and forth across the screen to the most realistic looking people portraying a character in the game with a storyline that keeps you wanting to play more and when you beat it play it again.

  21. 0


    I took her statement about it being a joke not being over the sex scene itself, but rather the stance she had originally taken and the uproar against the scene, especially when she points out that she’s seen worse on Lost.

  22. 0


    It is news related to games. It is responding to, and following up with stories that are affecting the gaming community in general, and the political “atmosphere” that currently surrounds the gaming world. As such, the article is not “responding to sensationalism with sensationalism” — it is responding to sensationalism with facts.

  23. 0
    Vinzent says:

    When she apologizes for lying, I will consider forgiving her. But as long she claims that she only “misspoke”, apology not accepted. Take responsibility for your actions, Miss Lawrence. It’s one of the precepts of psychology.

  24. 0
    Austin Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Misspoke my ass, she lied straight out!

    Of course, its not like pop psychologists can tell the truth; its boring, and the US is a sucker for cable sensationalism.

  25. 0
    Spartan says:

    Wow! Emphaticnigmatic must be the son of Jack Thomas. He seems to have posted in the wrong thread.

    @Tbone – that rating policy is the primary reason I simply don’t do console games. Given the average age of gamers is well beyond the fantasy 13 year old notion promoted by religious deviants, policies like that astound me.

  26. 0
    Jason says:

    Her book should tank just because she didn’t bother to do any research other than to ask people their opinions about the game. That’s totally irresponsible.

    Adam Sessler puts it well at the end of this clip:

    “I haven’t read your book, but it completely sucks. I, for one, feel that it should be kept out of the hands of impressionable young women, for a fear that they, too, might develop into the appalling simpleton that you have demonstrated yourself to be.”

  27. 0
    switchbl8 says:

    ah yes, justice.. 😛 now she sees how big and serious our community is. And christ, good thing she admits she was wrong, but hell she didn’t even play the friggin’ game?!!! ah why say something about it then? dumbass broad.. ah well, we got her back though, never read her book, trampled it though 😛

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    The Ninth Doctor says:

    I just went to Amazon. This was the front page:

    “You looked at The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace, by Cooper Lawrence. 20% buy this alternative: No More Heroes. 12% buy this alternative: Burnout Paradise”

    Oh, the irony.

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    TBoneTony ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    After reading all these messages, I have to say that at least she said sorry, if only it was a half assed one.

    At least that for all this time, we have to be careful on who we portray ourselves as.

    I for one try to do things peacefully and individually,

    Yes there are allot of M rated games than what there were, but there are so many E rated games and even T rated games that never get anything on the news all because they don’t attract the negativity that the Fox News looks for,

    Many great examples of games are available from the Super Mario Galaxy’s and Wii Sports to the Final Fantasy’s to the Mass Effects and GTA’s while some of them are negative, many of them are positive examples…

    Yes there are violence and sex in videogames, but so is everything else….

    At least that the Big 3 have a rule that does not allow any game with an AO rating on their console, or else Fox News would have portrayed Videogames in a far more negative light…

    Sadly many of my own Videogame Ideas that deal with love and even sexual relationships will needed to be tonned down or rejected because of this unless if I make them for the PC and the Internet, or make them for sale in Canada or Japan where those sorts of games can be sold without any problem….

    It’s a shame really that Videogame Companies have to sit back and deal with this instead of standing up for their rights and freedoms to design games without being treated to this sort of treatment…

    At least they don’t do this in Japan or Canada….

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    Grombar ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dude, don’t give out her personal email.

    Harrassing her more will just make us look like assholes, not help us.

    GP: Agreed… deleted, and DON’T repost it, please.

  31. 0
    Emphaticnigmatic says:

    *Contrast Opinion XD*

    Personally I disagree, I could care less about the software company having emotional problems because someone states their opinion, personally I’m more upset because she apologized. The only reason she gave in was because her popularity was fading. This culture is becoming increasingly immoral because of the media and someone needs to do something about it. Nobody really cares that she was wrong about the exact content of the game, the gaming community just can’t take a blow of the truth. And give me a break about the companies statement regarding art, sure, it can be, but the companies goal is to make money, it has nothing to do with art.

    (continues to rant)

    Btw, she IS the victim, every game on the shelf is rated M now, God forbid someone tell parents to display a little discretion, this culture is ridiculous. I’ve only been here 16 years and i already hate it. Maybe if we weren’t so focused on pleasure and worried about more important things we would have this problem. Think about how much money a shopping mall cost, now imagine how many people that could feed. Americans are economically elite to a large percentage of the world, not only are our needs met, but we get spoon fed every little thing we could want. It’s not such a bad thing, but how inconsiderate it is to horde wealth and say “we earned it” when there are millions of people starving to death. What a selfish attitude! Yes, there are homeless in our country. we could pay the national debt AND raise their standard of living to ours if we weren’t so FREAKING GREEDY.

    Ok I’m done… lol, I let off some steam.

  32. 0
    Grombar ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Go back to Fox and retract your statement and have them run a quick report on their own retardation.

    Yeah, Fox News will definitely run a report on their own retardation. Especially if someone they had on the air once tells them to.

    Seriously, there’s no point in bothering with Lawrence any further. It’s accomplished everything it’s going to.

    Ball’s in EA’s court now.

  33. 0
    Dirka says:

    Get your ass back on television and say you’re sorry. Go back to Fox and retract your statement and have them run a quick report on their own retardation.

  34. 0
    Spartan says:

    @Ren – sure I agree. My comment was pertaining to the objective with regards to the action against Ms. Lawrence on Amazon. I also would like to her “I’m sorry” directly on TV like I said but unless she does it on her own you know it will be spun as she was “terrorized by gamers endlessly” and then it would be useless for our cause and in fact maybe help her and boost book sales and talk show time because then she would surely play the victim.

  35. 0
    Ren says:


    One part of the objective has been achieved. A very minor one at that.

    Unless I hear or see the words “I’m sorry” this isn’t over by a long shot.

    And until I see some sort of movement from Fox based on EA’s response, nothing there has been achieved. In fact, Fox is in full denial mode saying they offered EA a chance to speak and is essentially saying that since EA doesn’t want to sit down with them, then Fox was totally in the right with how they handled the situation.

    No one reading this should be happy with how this is going. Are we making progress? Yes, but it is slow and more still needs to be done.

  36. 0
    Spartan says:

    @Bobman – You are right. The objective has been achieved. There is no further need or gain to dole out retribution on the likes of her. The real issue here is institutional in scale and scope. We as mere gamers acting within legal means, are not at this point in time “Legion” enough to truly affect such a thing in any meaningful way.

    It will require big dogs like EA, M$, Sony, SEGA, Vivendi, Nintendo and others to put aside marketing differences, petty hatreds to unify at least politically (not an impossible thing) to establish a stalwart defense of the art form domestically and internationally and to advocate for the community in any venue it is required. Education & resolve would be the keys to success. In this type of endeavor given the marketing talent as well as creativity and planning skills within the collective industry I dont think anything would be able to oppose such a juggernaut. The real question is not “how” but “when”…

  37. 0
    The Bobman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    And you are most likely correct. But to continue attacking her as such only degrades our argument against her. She’s a small time fish and not worth the continued effort. We have made our point to her as best we can. She will think twice about attacking us again like that, and hopefully, others will learn from her mistake as well. The problem is no longer a teeny-bopper author but news outlets that sensationalize problems that don’t exist in the first place.

  38. 0
    LightWarrior ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Serves her right…oh the irony.

    And she is trying to come off as innocent somehow and trying to apologize.

    Granted this is Fox’s usual crap they pull. The fact she came on fox with a hidden agenda makes her just as guilty. IT’s one thing to promote a book…it’s another thing to bash something you have no idea what you are talking about to promote said book.

  39. 0
    Spartan says:

    “From that Xplay report too it seems that she did it to promote her book anyway.”

    That is what I said from the get-go. Hence my suggestions to go to Amazon and review it. After all the book was promoted; just not in the way she intended. =;}

  40. 0
    LightWarrior ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @The Bobman:

    I don’t know about you but I feel it was only a reply to her book and not really us gamers. I bet if there was no book or if we didn’t trash her book like she did us and only bitched online. We probably would of never got an apology.

    I feel it was just the result to protect her book or something.

    As a few others said eariler here.

    She would of been better off to not trash this shit on national TV and resite stuff she’s only “heard”… makes her very unprofessional.

    From that Xplay report too it seems that she did it to promote her book anyway.

  41. 0
    Bob- wargod of MMORGP says:

    this is just some more of the bullshit that fox news does…
    truth be told, this woman is probably guilty of only one thing- trusting the fox “fact finders”.
    to be sure, this is a grievous error in retrospect, but at the time, it probably seemed like solid information to her.

    the real criminal here is FOX. just listen to one of their “fair and honest” newscasts…i’m not even going to tell you a certain one-ANYTHING on their so-called “news channel” will show you what i mean, they are pushing a obvious agenda of censorship-combined with heavy right wing fanaticism on the masses.

    want to make real change?
    let’s do to the fox news website what we have done (and yes gamers, i MEAN YOU!) to this so called “expert”.

    whatever you think you might be able to do, DO IT! i’m not advocating anything ILLEAGAL here, but get creative! if you’re not creative,thats O.K.!
    just go foxnews’ website, and leave feedback on how you feel about what THEY did!

    Remember- they put this crap on the air to begin with, and gave misleading information to their “expert”.

    AND TO THE “EXPERT”- answer the questions!
    1.did fox tell you, or lead you, to be biased?
    2. exactly what information, if anywhere you given by fox news about the game in question?
    and last, but not least, did you contact fox about said game, did fox news come to you,or do you have previous dealings with fox,and this just happening to “come to the table”?

    sorry for the long reply, but amazon is facist,and wont let me post unless i buy a book from them.

    **** that.

    that’s what libraries are for, fool.

  42. 0
    NovaBlack ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    is there a facebook group or anything to join that will post updates wherever gamer support is needed?

    seems like a little organisation and unity can go a long way

  43. 0
    DeusPayne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    NYT… Fox news… yeah, there’s a LOT of overlap in those demographics. I’m sure 90% of the people that watched the initial report haven’t read the NYT in their entire life, let alone to find this ‘apology’.

  44. 0
    The Bobman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Everyone still attacking Ms Lawrence

    Why? She was a pawn in this entire fiasco. You want her to go back on Fox and apologize? You know damn well Fox would not let that happen. So why are you still going after her? We will see nothing else from her, but that doesn’t mean the effects won’t still influence her. Now she will think twice about unfairly attacking gamers and she will tell her friends and colleagues to do the same. That is all we can ask from her. She’s learned her lesson and any more time we waste on her just makes us look like jerks. Fox is the problem. You can keep poking at the unlucky people they stick on TV to take the heat away from them, or go after them. Let their sponsors know that you won’t support them if they support Fox, let EA and BioWare know you are behind them. Do something useful now. To stop the monster you go after the head, not the little toe.

  45. 0
    ~the1jeffy says:

    While this is certainly a step in the right direction (no pun intended), I certainly think equal airtime should go into retractions. This, “I misspoke,” article reeks of weasling out of the situation.

    I will say this: I had previously been a defender of Fox News as necessary part of the balance in the MSM, a Right to the other outlets’ Left. Now I know how far Fox will go to stay true to their message of hysteria and ‘moral’ outrage. Balance it one thing, but manufactured outrage is another.

  46. 0
    Deviand says:

    But its like whats already stated. Bioware put so much effort into making this one of the best games ever. How hard is it when extremist republicans depict your game as a cheap sexgame.

  47. 0
    darkpowrjd ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know, I was thinking about it, and I have a response on YouTube about this. Could be too much of a stretch, but follow me on this.

    There could be another reason why Fox NOISE did this with Mass Effect AND Halo (both published by Microsoft for a MICROSOFT system), and that reason could be linked to Keith Olbermann (could answer one of GP’s wh.

    You see, Microsoft also owns a share of competing news channel MSNBC. FOX has been attacking this channel left and right for their “liberal” take on the news. Now, Keith Olbermann is ON MSNBC (and has the highest rated program on that channel). Not only does Countdown (his show) does battle with FOX’s high rated O’Reilly Factor, but Keith has called out Billo on a NUMBER of issues (his comments about homeless vets not existing when the problem clearly exists, confusing Americans with Nazi war criminals in Malmandy, the sexual allegations against him by Andrea Mackris, his “War on Christmas” thing). Obviously, FOX News doesn’t like this since people are clearly watching Olbermann and are starting to steer away from Billo (KO is also a firm democrat that has verbally assaulted President Bush and is the guy who has gotten press for his “Special Comments” concerning Bush).

    Now, FOX has already gone after the NBC side MANY times, doing whatever they can to discredit the NBC News division. HOWEVER, they, until now, forgot about NBC’s partner in MSNBC, Microsoft. If they can slime MS for making controversial games, then all one (that isn’t thinking) has to do is put two and two together and see what the MS of MSNBC stands for, and think that MSNBC would be an awful news outlet.

    I’m probably giving FOX too much credit to actually think something like that through. But search for the controversies with FOX News and what their head of operations, Roger Ailes, has on HIS record, and you could see that FOX might be capable of actually thinking this out and acting on it.

  48. 0
    Spartan says:

    I’m still hoping for more and a TV broadcast of a real apology. I also think the industry has collectively let us down again. Gamers are sick and tired of being alienated, disempowered and disenfranchised. The industry needs to take a cue from the MafiAAs about how to protect itself.

    As for those people that think the Amazon and B&N bookbombings were childish, I think not. It was basically the only voice we had to draw public attention to our cause that directly impacted the offender. It was nothing more then a new generation protest. We as a group can only fight back with the tools we have at our disposal.

    Maybe if we had proper representation on an industry and governmental level such actions would not be necessary. With that said, I do not support the threats and personal attacks that were made by some.

    The action itself was nothing more then consumers exercising their voice about a product within a community. It was no different then a church group sending a mailing to its members telling then not to buy something or going on TV and doing it. It was just a different technology and venue that was used to communicate the message.

    On a side note: G4’s the Feed did a commentary about the situation recently on the MMO Report. You can see it at the following link.

  49. 0
    MonkeyFace ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “makes the gaming community look like FREAKING SCIENTOLOGISTS. “

    No! Dont you ever compare us to the majority of the rich and famous…did i mention gullible/crazy?

    Seriously though i really think the videogame consumers and companys need to start making examples of people who completely lie about and bash videogames
    Cooper may have had enough but that still leaves Fox….news?

  50. 0
    Booya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Let me put it another way, the negative reviews were funny and deserved at first. But long-term internet harassment, especially after her recant, makes the gaming community look like FREAKING SCIENTOLOGISTS.

    And I don’t think Denis wants to be on the receiving end of any Tom Cruise analogies.

  51. 0
    Dark Sovereign ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It’s kind of sad that book bombs were what it took to get her to issue this half-assed “apology”. While I stand with those who say that such tactics are infantile, the gaming community doesn’t have the kind of leaders who can get them to stop. Who we should be attacking is the ECA, the ESA, the develpers, and the networks that allow this kind of thing to happen. We need to get the larger political and developer organizations involved here. If we are to be taken seriously, the people who make the content we buy and the people who are supposed to represent us need to stand up for themselves. So, by all means, bomb her with e-mails and phone calls, but be sure to do the same to the ECA and ESA for not standing up for video games. EA stood up, and that’s a start. We need more though.

  52. 0
    Wookiee ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Pixelantes Unite!

    “Sometimes something happens, and it’s so huge, so epic, so damned legendary, that all of the warring factions, all of the reaches of the Internet, all all of the bickering members of the league of Faceless, Nameless Internet Justice unite under one banner. Every one of the magnificent bastards of the digital world comes together in a single hive mind written in binary. United by a cause. United by that one shared facet of every digital vigilante.
    We do not forgive.
    We go not forget.
    We are a legion.
    We are one nation under the Internet.
    United as One.
    Divided by Zero.”

  53. 0
    Matt says:

    The Cooper Lawrence Show has a myspace page, but it’s set to private. I tried Lawrence and Show as last names, no luck. Can anyone get in and request a friend add? I’d love to goatse her comments page.

  54. 0
    Nobody Special says:

    The important thing is that this sets a new precedents for gamers (or at least its to be hoped).

    Too long have games been ignorantly regarded as only appropriate for seven year old boys who want to rescue the princess (fox news: next, shocking details of the innuendo brought about by nintendo in this classic Mario title. Why do you think Mario wishes to ‘save the princess’ so earnestly! In this next segment, you will learn all of the lurid details)

    At least after this videogames may START to be regarded more rightfully as an art form as it has a right to be. I just hope it doesn’t take much longer

  55. 0
    cpt crunchie says:

    is it just me or does it seem like ea should take fox noise to court and rip them a new one? something really off the wall, completely out of proportion to the crime. that way, it would teach the other news corps and politicians not to mess with the games industry sort of like going to prison and killing a dude on the first day to make people fear you (alright thats a bit of a stupid cliche, but i think ive made my point).

  56. 0
    Mad_Scientist ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One thing to note… this isn’t the complete interview.

    From the NYT article: “In an interview on Friday, Ms. Lawrence said that since the controversy over her remarks erupted she had watched someone play the game for about two and a half hours.”

    Even the NYT article doesn’t give anything more than the two paragraphs mentioned in this GP item, though. But I’d be interested to read the whole thing. Maybe it was just “After the uproar, I watched someone play the game for about two and a half hours”, plus the two paragraphs quoted, but there might have been more.

  57. 0
    Mattie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Why should we meet her halfway? She could have at least youtube’d the scene, or furthermore, declined the interview until she felt she was properly informed. Se chose not to do eitherose things, and IMHO she deserves all and more of the hate she’s getting in return.

  58. 0
    Ren says:


    As a lover of history I have found that when it comes to social change people will believe whatever they want to believe and will die defending those beliefs. Therefore in order to change the minds of not just an individual but an entire society, there must be people who are willing to destroy those who bring about false information.

    So long as that destruction is non-physical (only because of the nature of this issue) I couldn’t care what the other person does, so long as they understand the consequences of their actions.

    If you can name any time in history when there was a societal shift in thought and there wasn’t some form of negativity and nastiness involved, I would love to know what it was because perhaps then we can use that as a model.

  59. 0
    Chris S says:

    Ren, that’s both incredible and disgusting. I can’t even imagine what gossip and thought processes go on there. Good on you for trying the quash rumours like that in a constructive way.

  60. 0
    MacBoy says:

    I’m not sure why Fox News (which I watch religiously) would knowingly say things about this game that aren’t true. I mean, this is the type of stuff I expect from CBS, but not from FNC.

  61. 0
    Ren says:


    She didn’t realize her mistake, she is simply shifting responsibility from her to Fox. While I have my own problems with Fox, should we really be surprised by their tactics?

    The gaming community is going after her for her specific attacks and gross generalazations about gamers in general (average gamer is 13 years old, yeah whatever).

    Until I hear something far more substantial, I don’t think anyone needs to ease up. In fact, I would be for ratcheting it up because this bs pr combover should not be tolerated. Also, this will hopefully have an effect on any other commenter who is looking to pimp their piece of sh*t book on Fox.

  62. 0
    Ren says:

    Average Gamer,

    Claiming that you received false information and apologizing are two different things. If she were to actually apologize, I might consider giving her a break. However, she has not done so. Until she does, she will continue to be on my sh*t list and I will be more than happy to see every shady denizen of the internet take her down in anyway they see fit, short of physical violence.

  63. 0
    DarknessDeku ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Also, I don’t really think she’s that important. Nobody even made her a wikipedia page, and every major famous person has a wikipedia page. She’s only doing this for attention.

    She’s just an attention whoring feminazi. I really doubt this did any real damage to EA and Mass Effect. I hope EA does get something good from all this.

  64. 0
    Gameboy says:

    Mispoke? Understate much?
    Who did she ask about the Mass Effect sex scene that would say it’s like pornography? Was it a priest? The very least she should of done was view the scene in question. At least then, she would have known what she was talking about.

    This event has me seriously questioning the validity of all 24 hour news channels. IF they are going to do stories, they should spend much more time on the stories and allow the guests greater information on the topics (for example, telling them what they will be discussing a few days before their appearance). Also, allowing the guests a few minutes to discuss the topic amongst themselves to a let them feel in the gaps of their knowledge and build some respect for each other would help. It might avert future such situations. Isn’t that right, darlings?

  65. 0
    Artifex says:

    @All the people accepting her “appology”
    You all realise that she didn’t appologize at all right? She is just blaming her actions on Fox’s deliberate misinformation. Note that she only said this to the NYT. This doesn’t excuse her own blatant lies, her own malicious statements about gamers and Mass Effect, her clear bias and bigotry that was purely fed by misinformation, and that she didn’t even bother to take a second to RESEARCH her subject matter like a professional beforehand.
    Don’t accept a half-hearted ‘I was wrong’, when all that it is ‘Well damn, you caught me lying.’

    The NYT article unfortunately only paints half the picture in what has happened surrounding the Fox “News” shenanigans. There was (and still is) a serious grass-roots effort on the part of gamers as a whole, to make sure that this SLANDER is to be corrected or that those who participated in the SLANDER are publicly exposed for what they did.

    I’m personally very glad that not only gamers themselves are defending their favorite passtime as a coheisive group, but that (FINALLY) game publishers and developers are going to be there at the defense as well. It’s been far too long that our collective voice has been left unheard and unnoticed when things go bad in our direction, hopefully this is only the begining of a larger general turnaround in our favor.
    To quote Starcraft 2 “It’s about damn time.”

  66. 0
    AverageGamer says:

    A letter emailed to Cooper:

    Dear Ms. Lawrence,

    I would like to commend you on your handling of recent events. most notably the fact that you actually stood up and admitted to the flaws in the Fox News Mass Effect fiasco. Of those individuals who blacklist video games for whatever reason, very few indeed have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and admit to it when they are in the wrong. You did, however, and that is a credit to you.

    Of course, it is somewhat marred by the suspicion that you only apologized to end the Amazon review fiasco, as opposed to being sincere, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    I would like to remind you that, and I quote, asking “somebody about what they had heard” is not good research. This is essentially the real world equivalent of restricting your research to Wikipedia, which would have college professors raging mad. In this instance, it is especially worrying, as all it would have taken to view the scene in question was maybe five minutes on Youtube. I urge you to devote yourself to better research methods in the future to avoid another such incident.

    In the interest of fair play, I would like to apologize for those individuals who have been vulgar or threatening in their responses to you. While what you did was wrong, such responses are going over the line of reason, and are a minority among the gaming community.

    Finally, if you are reading this portion, I would like to enthusiastically commend you a second time for actually reading this entire email. The fact that you did again puts you a cut above the rest of the people the gaming community has been dealing with. Thank you.

  67. 0
    HurricaneJesus says:

    I laughed so hard when I went to her amazon page the other day and all the tags relating to her were “liar, bigot, hypocrite, etc” It was simply hilarious.

    Even though she admitted she was wrong, she will never get my respect for the simple fact that she couldn’t youtube the scene beforehand. She was too lazy to do some research.

    Why would anyone buy this liars book? They should be burnt to heat the homeless.

  68. 0
    MonkeyFace says:

    Do i think she really cares that she lied? probably not. but absolutely no one is going to buy that book from amazon so she wont make…as much money as she would have normally.
    But i have to give her credit for actually comming clean and talking out against the negative coverage.
    so she learned her lesson…i guess

    Lesson=Don’t piss off the biggest consumer group out there.

  69. 0
    metroidprimegmr says:

    Wait… SHE WATCHES LOST?!?!? 0.o
    I mean, admitting her folly to the Press ALREADY negated my hate for her, but daaaaang, that is FULL of win!!!

    /+10,000 rep

  70. 0
    Murry ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The detractors will of course claim this apology was bullied out of her. Its unfortunate that she couldnt have done her research before this happened.

  71. 0
    Ren says:

    Orange Soda,

    This does not affect just me, but my kids as well. Because I work in the game industry, there are parents out there who simply will not let their kids play with mine because they fear that because I work in the industry I let my kids play whatever games they want.

    When I first discovered this, I became a more active parent in the school in an attempt to disspell those rumors, but so long as chicks like this can get on the air and spout lies, I have no problem with what other people are doing. Short of physical harm, I don’t see anything wrong with people expressing themselves however they like.

    Perhaps after this sideshow goes by the wayside, others will see how the community reacted and will think twice.

  72. 0
    Orange Soda says:

    Any sort of peaceful protest is fine, in my opinion. Email, Phone calls, public speaking, assemblies, letters to the editor, other stuff. The point I’ve been trying to make is that however we protest, we should do it in a way that doesn’t turn the reasonable people away. Honey and not vinegar, etc.

    I strongly disapprove of playing dirty. Protest however you like, just keep it clean. If people want to smear gaming’s image, the best thing to do is to keep that image clean. There’s no point in demanding respect if you haven’t earned it.

    As far as Lawrence Cooper goes, I think it’d be beating a dead horse to keep going after her. The point’s been made. Keeping a grudge wouldn’t accomplish anything. My argument is meant to apply to any such situation. As I recall, McCullough reacted badly to hatred, but became more reasonable once he heard arguments from people who were willing to be reasonable. It won’t work on the severely closed-minded, but just because some are lost causes doesn’t mean that others who take their position are also lost causes.

    I can accept McCollough’s and Lawrence’s half-apologies, because they’ve at least gone so far as to admit that they’ve done something wrong, which is more than some people have done. I can respect anyone who is capable of admitting wrongdoing. I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt.

  73. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    “Just because change is slow to come doesn’t mean we shouldn’t demand respect from those who spit hatred.”

    You can demand all you want, but you are a fool if you think you will get it.

  74. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Besides, funny or not, there are better ways to get the point across, as I tried to express earlier.”

    There ARE other ways. They wouldn’t have worked. But there are other ways. Or do you honestly think sitting down with her and trying to have a civil discussion like two adults would have been any more successful than it has been with Thompson?

  75. 0
    Salen says:

    Misspoke? Oy vey. For once, I wish folks would actually do some freakin’ research before they started popping off with their false statements. Geez. I do find it funny the chick had to have her book totally ripped to shreds on Amazon before she’d come out and see what a complete tool she’d been.

  76. 0
    Ren says:

    Orange Soda,

    If you want to engage in other forms of protest, then perhaps you should provide some examples. I have one:

    Let her know how you feel. She has a radio show on M-F from 7p-10p Eastern. You can call her here and let her know how you feel:1-877-6-COOPER

  77. 0
    Orange Soda says:

    “@Orange Soda

    Though you do have to admit its funny that her book was slammed by a bunch of people who haven’t read it. She give a derisive laugh when asked if she actually played the game to find this content. Well she isn’t laughing now that people who haven’t read her book have put down their judgment on it now is she?”

    No, it’s not funny. It’s childish, moronic, and not even the least bit original.

    But I have the same opinion about Family Guy, most Adult Swim comedies, the average Will Ferrell movie, and other such stuff. My sense of humor lies elsewhere.

    Besides, funny or not, there are better ways to get the point across, as I tried to express earlier.

  78. 0
    Ren says:


    I work in the industry and everytime some stupid moron opens their mouth it hurts. It hurts our sales, image, and even my own reputation. I still get the occasional earful, scornful remark, or am simply avoided because other parents listen to these people and take what they say as gospel. I realize that blacks (as I like to be called because I was never in Africa and even if I was I would be an American African, but that’s another debate) had a difficult struggle, but would you have told a black guy in the 20’s that slavery only ended a few years ago, so the white people who raped your daughter isn’t as bad because now you’re free?

    Just because change is slow to come doesn’t mean we shouldn’t demand respect from those who spit hatred.

  79. 0
    Mad_Scientist ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I’m not surprised, actually. I think this is an issue that goes way beyond video games and Fox news. I think it’s simply a side-effect of the way many/most news programs are run.

    I wonder about any time a news network is doing a piece about some issue and has a couple of “experts” commenting on it. Just by watching the piece, do any of us have a way to know how much info the so called experts actually have, or how recently they were briefed? If it’s an issue we aren’t familar with, how can we know that they aren’t making gross mistakes in what they are saying?

    As for Cooper Lawrence… well, it’s annoying that she spoke on national TV about an issue she didn’t really have good information about, and I think she should have refused to go on the show unless she was given more info or more time to find out stuff for herself. So I’m still annoyed at her. But at least she’s admitting the thing was a pretty much a joke now.

  80. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    And you aren’t going to see such an apology either Ren. But we have to meet people half way on these issues. The fight that we are in to defend our hobby from its detractors isn’t a sprint, its a marathon. Going further from the whole civil rights thing someone mentioned earlier, it didn’t go from African-Americans being freed from slavery to being CEOs of companies overnight. Right now, we have to take what we can get.

  81. 0
    Ren says:

    You know, I was going over her statement and I realized something: SHE DID NOT APOLOGIZE. Rather she said that “I recognize that I misspoke. I really regret saying that, and now that I’ve seen the game and seen the sex scenes it’s kind of a joke.

    “Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it’s like pornography. But it’s not like pornography. I’ve seen episodes of ‘Lost’ that are more sexually explicit.”

    At no point does she say that she is sorry for her remarks or the pain that it caused our community. So I say that until she comes out with a real apology, I don’t feel that anyone needs to ease up on anything anyone decides to do to her.

    Until I hear the words “I’m sorry” followed by a laundry list of everyone involved with the game from the developer, publisher, retailers, players, and anyone else who took offensive at her offensive remarks.

  82. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Orange Soda

    Though you do have to admit its funny that her book was slammed by a bunch of people who haven’t read it. She give a derisive laugh when asked if she actually played the game to find this content. Well she isn’t laughing now that people who haven’t read her book have put down their judgment on it now is she?

  83. 0
    Nekowolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m sure they told her what to say. I’m willing to bet a lot of news stations do that. A friend of mine, she had a friend who was in an interview about cosplay, and they told her what to wear and what to say; it was all set up, and in quite a biased way.

    News stations have two goals. Ratings, and money.

    But it’s good to see she came out about it.

  84. 0
    HandofCrom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    After loudly and passionately decrying a game she’s never seen in her life on national television, her “apology” is nothing more than a little blurb in a newspaper? What a great human being, just the kind who should write books telling people how screwed up they are and how they should change.

  85. 0
    Thad ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Seriously, guys, the Amazon thing is dirty pool, not to mention infantile.

    Exactly how are people who bash a book they’ve never read any better than someone who bashed a game she’d never played?

    Battle not with monsters, lest you become one.

  86. 0
    chadachada(123) ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Until Fox apologizes and corrects it’s previous “news story,” I won’t be happy. I respect that Ms Lawrence corrected her mistake, and am no longer P-Oed at her, but Fox still has to correct itself

  87. 0
    Shrike says:

    Well, you know what would fix all this?

    Keep making games and getting more kids to play them, so in 20-30 years, this’ll be over and done with people who actually know about games in charge.

    In the meantime, Fox News is just going to sensationalize and misrepresent anything they feel like.

  88. 0
    Rene Rivers ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wish people wouldn’t let her off the hook so quickly. She went on national TV and started to bash something she had no knowledge of. In her “apology” she states that she asked someone about the game and they said it was like pornography. Did she do her own research and find out for herself? No.

    If she really wants to make a proper apology, she needs to go back on fox, on the exact same show. While on the show, she needs to defend the game against the exact same panel. This followed by an apology for acting as an expert in an area where she knows nothing about.

  89. 0
    JustChris says:

    Looks like Lawrence is level-headed after all- she recognizes that gamers do have an influence on the press and media, and know how to right the wrongs. She was blatantly misinformed (oddly enough, just like the way the doctor at that one talk show that was comparing brain scans).

    At least she came clean about her misinformation unlike certain other people who are too deluded with their ideas of “holy crusades”, ahem…For now, EA and gamers no longer have to lash out because the panelist apologized, and Fox News no longer has anything to add at her behalf.

    But I do think this kind of rumor-mongering shouldn’t happen in professional journalism. Passing on second-hand information and calling it research? That’s just like writing up some bullcrap at the last minute before English class and turning in a barely done term paper. Fox sure likes to procrastinate on topical stories.

  90. 0
    kurisu7885 says:

    Apology accepted.

    On top fo that, she outted Fox News on their tactics. She likely didn’t even know what the segment was to be about, and given as little info as possible to keep her as knee jerk as possible.

  91. 0
    Thomas ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Although I recognize and am glad that she admitted to what she has done, she should still be harshly and permanently punished by whoever regulates psychologists, she should have her right to practice or call herself one removed and banned by law. She has admitted to behavior that is not professional, and as soon as someone does that they should not be allowed to call themselves one.

    Fox should also be punished, and forced to pay a large amount of money, and anyone involved directly in the creation of that “news” should be as well.

  92. 0
    shady8x says:

    Huh, so the way to get lying gamer critics to apologize and retract their statement and finally tell the truth is to hurt them financially??
    Who could’ve guessed that….everybody? Oh ok…

    Seriously we should go and review all books of these ‘experts’ when they lie up to months after apology, maybe after a while they’ll learn that lying doesn’t pay?

    To everyone that says this is childish, you are mistaken, hurting someone financially to get them to stop doing what they are doing is a time honored tradition going back to when the first trading standard was established(thousands of years)…

    As for this ‘expert’, she can complain to Amazon all she wants, I’ll keep posting one star reviews until she explains exactly how this attack by Faux News was designed and executed…

  93. 0
    Trin says:

    A summary of the study she referred to can be read in this blog post. He links to the Washington Post’s coverage of the study and the first comment to the blog links to a blog post by the study’s primary author. The actual study can be obtained here (I believe this to be the correct study).

  94. 0
    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    zippy derail mode GO!

    this is how regulation should work not with bureaucratical red tape made by the goverment to feed the issenant machine but a backlash by the community, we do not need the government to protect the flow of money into itself over the needs of the populace, FCC get rid of it, liscneing boards good bye, IRS down sized, homeland sec back to the pit with you.

    ack me trains!*rides a rail rider into the canyon below*

  95. 0
    jonc2006 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    all im going to say is that people make mistakes. lets just hope she learns from it, because what she took part in was textbook slandering. and i have no doubt she knew that from the start.

  96. 0
    Booya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You guys realize there is no way in hell Fox would let her use up airtime so she could say that they manipulated her into debating something she knew nothing about and how she along with fox grossly mischaracterized the sex scenes.

    Our point has clearly been made and an apology in the NYT is the best we can get from her out this situation. Continuing to bark up this tree just makes us look like petty assholes – not going to help gamers’ image.

  97. 0
    Buckeye531 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @J C
    GP is bashing Fox News because of how the game was demonized blantantly and Lawrence was given false. Fox has a long history of this. Remember the Manhunt 2 coverage? Or the Halo church controversy?

  98. 0

    I’m glad to hear that she apologized but I have no faith that she did it for any other reason than for damage control. If the woman had any integrity, she wouldn’t have made her slanderous appearance in the first place. Sorry, no change in my view of her.

  99. 0
    Ken ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    She didn’t misspeak. She didn’t do her research, just like all the other morons at Fox News. *waits for some idiot to go after Metroid because you can see Samus out of her Power Suit and in a bikini*

  100. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    I am glad that she has admitted to her wrong doing.

    So we have learned that to stop people from lying about games we need to get them early. With McCallaugh and now with Cooper we got them early and they were able to learn how wrong they were.

    The true measure of our power of influence will be if we could get the likes of Yee and Thompson to admit they were wrong.

    But they are at the point that anything we do is just fuel for their agendas.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  101. 0
    Uh... ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Just because Ms. Lawrence has recanted her statement in a small article on the NY Times does not mean that we should cut her some slack. I say we should continue the push just to see what, if any, results can we generate. Or at least we should remain ever vigilant in our fight to project our art, our games, and our community from further slander by both politicians and journalists. This includes bombarding the Clinton campaign with e-mails, and calls about gamer’s rights. If nothing else, this would let those people know that we are no longer a silent community, and that we do vote, pay our taxes, and mobilize to protect our interests.

    OH and where the hell was the ECA in all of this?

  102. 0
    vellocet says:

    Nice. Although I don’t think her apology means squat. Basically she saw that she had endangered sales of her book (which was just released this month) and knew that she had to do SOMETHING to try to save it.

    Just goes to show, the way to make sure no one gets away with this stupid behaviour is to punch them in the wallet.

  103. 0
    Cheese says:

    J C –

    Did you see the roundtable portion of the clip? It’s considerably worse then the interview. GP has gone after MSNBC when they’ve had J. Thompson on. It’s not a ‘left/right’ thing, it’s a ‘FOXNews blatantly and knowingly’ lied thing.


    Much like Kevin McCullough, now that she has issued an apology, let her fade back into obscurity.

  104. 0
    Sujet says:

    I really doubt she complained to amazon about it, that amount of negative reviews in such a short amount of time probably would trigger some sort of security device sites like that use to help prevent false ratings.

  105. 0
    dedre ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    While I do agree that she should go on air with some sort of apology or whatnot, I’m pretty damn sure the uppers wouldn’t allow such a waste of airtime for something they would deem to not be important enough (much less showing their silly “report on things even if it’s not true” tactics), just the fact it is on record is enough of a victory to me.
    On the other hand, as juvenile as it is to bash her on amazon just from this scenario (smile), it would be a nugget of sweet yak teat if we could affect FOX itself for ultimately being responsible for this to occur on its network.

    Still though, victory marks for us, small though they seem, are still progress!

  106. 0
    HollywoodBob says:

    This just proves that so-called experts should keep to their field. She’s not really sorry she blatantly lied on national tv about something that she was completely ignorant about. She should recant her statements in the same forum where she said them, and then explain why and how she came to make her wild accusations. I’m sure the rest of you are just as sick as I am of people with absolutely no experience in gaming being trotted out by the news as experts on games. EA has the money, I’d like to see them drag FOX into court over this. Why is it that complete retards like Jack Thompson can tie up the judicial system with repeated frivolous lawsuits, but when people blatantly lie about their products, the GameCo’s just sit back and politely ask for apologies. Hey guys, time to stop being sniveling nerds and fight back! This shit won’t stop ’til you do something to hold those behind it responsible.

  107. 0
    Andrew C ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    That’s it? Three sentences in the NY Times? Thanks for the apology but I still want her to go on the air with the people that she spoke with on the show and recant those remarks. We all know a majority of Fox ‘News’ watchers don’t read.

  108. 0
    Viralhunter says:

    Oh, God, I’m waiting for some network news channel to pick this up. I can just imagine all the anchors making fun of her, saying “Oh, yeah, I ‘was told’ that TV’s are great for psychiatric stress as well” and them all laughing into oblivion.

  109. 0
    Anon says:

    Wow, it’s almost like our book review retaliation got her attention and actually worked. Good thing no one listened to those on this site that were up on their soapbox preaching that leaving negative reviews were beneath us as a community.

  110. 0
    chris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Damn, first McCullough and now her,

    Gamers are getting the victories now, fter so long of talking to brick wall thompson its good to get some fresh air.

    I’m very happy that she has apologised after looking into the matter, now we need to go gung ho for fox and get in a finishing move, the ball is in EAs court.

    This, if it generates enough publicity can be a real turning point for respect for games, becoming self-consciouss of alarmist propoganda is something that is very hard to undo and can turn a lot of heads in our favour.

  111. 0
    Innesk says:

    One more person who now knows to not go out of their way to insult a very, very rapidly growing part of the population.

    Still, she at least tried to apologize, so that puts her above most of the people who insult games for no reason.

  112. 0
    LightWarrior ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My thoughts exactly Xsorus.

    When I read the title and then half way through the artical. I couldn’t help to think she’s more reacting to her book then to the gamers.

  113. 0
    Brother Darqness ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Anyone else heard the Final fantasy victory music? Anyone..? Just me then?

    Well let this be a lesson to so called “experts” that don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to video games.

  114. 0
    janarius ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ jccalhoun graduate student

    I agree with you, I’m an psych undergrad working in a psych lab with grad students and I can tell you they don’t have time to host a TV show, sometimes much less for anything else, but school.

    However, there are some schools that allow part-time grad studies, so Cooper Lawrence is highly likely to be a part-timer. I wonder what her grad supervisor/advisor thinks of her right now… Unless she’s doing a Psy. D and not a PhD… which could make a difference.

    Anyways, I’m still waiting for the Maryland study so I could comment on it.

  115. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    In all fairness, Fox News isn’t the only news organization that has stretched the truth or outright lied. CNN recently did an interview with John Cena over steroids in the WWE. They edited the interview to make it look like Cena admitted to doing steroids.

    Regardless, the conservative bias of Fox is yet another indicator that the christian right has firmly set their sights on games. I’m suprised there haven’t been church-organized game-burnings…like what they did with Beatles records back in the day.

  116. 0
    Gamer137 says:

    I’m happy that she came clean, but it I don’t think everyone who watched that FOX News segment will read the NYT artical, so we still have a large amount of viewers who still believe falsely about Mass Effect.

  117. 0
    Renacuajo says:

    “And as always, WE get the last laugh. Divine retribution.”

    No we didn’t. I’m still not laughing. It’s fine and great that Lawrence said she was sorry after the Amazon thing, but the problem will continue as long as people like her will continue putting themselves up as puppets for Fox News. If these experts would just refuse to appear on the air and speak against a subject with no research for the sake of their professional status this would not be happening.

    So there. Call me immature. I still blame Cooper Lawrence. She deserves a harsher punishment and to be made an example against the lack of integrity that’s running rampant in the media today. Keep in mind this isn’t limited to just video games either.

    She got off easy.

  118. 0
    Mister Angry ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow, This news made my morning. I didn’t see this coming…

    Anyway, I agree that it’s time to let her go and rip “Faux News” a new one. But uh…

    About what Orange Soda said, I personally thing the Amazon bash was reasonable. At least the ones that didn’t wish death upon her and just cussed her out. No, the more “mature” responses did more justice. I believe it was a good way to make our voices heard… Besides, even if this confirms this “childish” belief, Honestly…these come from the same people who games rise the crime rates in this country. I bet most of ’em think it contributes to global warming. >_>

    Although, I believe the Amazon bash can stop now. Considering the fact that this’ll be as good of an apology we’ll get.

  119. 0
    Pixelantes Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    A joke indeed. Fox News is a joke. You are a joke.

    As for “fiercely protective”. Of course we are. For years (decades?) gamers have been portrayed as immature children trapped in adult bodies and reports like the one in Fox News are the norm, not the exception, in mainstream media. Any group portrayed in that manner by the mainstream media will naturally become “fiercely protective”.

  120. 0
    CK20XX says:

    Wow. I didn’t think that would work, but since it did…

    *cue Final Fantasy fanfare*

    Pay attention to what Orange Soda says above though; this fight is over. Fox News is the main boss of this stage; Cooper Lawrence is now someone who we’ll hopefully be able to look back at and say “she was just a poor NPC in the beast’s control, but we freed her by hitting her with our swords”.

    …that didn’t come out like I wanted, but hopefully you get the idea.

  121. 0
    Grombar ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One other thing:

    As infuriating as false news reports can be, it’s important to remember that speaking out of ignorance is not the same as lying.

    When Lawrence tries to ad lib her way through a topic she isn’t prepared for, that’s different from, say, Bill O’Reilly deliberately misquoting his own guests. You end up with a false statement either way, but one’s more benign than the other.

    Of course, either way, journalists have a responsibility to get it right — but it’s clear that Fox News has no interest in getting it right, never has, and Lawrence is small fry compared to that.

    Don’t be like the one obsessive, creepy guy who’s still spamming Kevin McCullough. The anger directed at McCullough and Lawrence has made all the difference it’s going to. Let Fox News know what you think of them.

  122. 0
    Orange Soda says:

    The outrage was rightous, but there are too many people resorting to unprofessional means (Amazon-slamming). For crying out loud, grow up and take a more direct stand.

    And for some people to encourage the continued harassment after shes given her apology (albeit to the wrong audience)… Those who would argue against us think we’re childish. Quit justifying said belief.

  123. 0
    Antyhony says:

    For true recompense, Ms. Lawrence should donate the fee that she received for appearing as an “expert” on the show, to a game charity such as Child’s Play. And in the future not accept the offer to appear as an “expert” unless she has the time required to fully research the topic in question.

  124. 0
    Conejo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    i can pretty much guarantee this apology is because of the Amazon-slamming she took.

    sometimes to get someone’s attention you have to hit them in the pocketbook.

    good that she apologized, would be better if she made a full retraction on the same news show.

  125. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    While coming clean is certainly commendable, she should still be ashamed for having acted the way she did. She took something someone told her, and acted like she was the expert who had played the game and knew all about the situation. That’s what an “expert” is supposed to do.

    But then again, having experts comment on crap they know nothing about other than what they were briefed on 5 minutes before the show is typical 24-hour news channel BS. So I’m not surprised.

    Hopefully she’s learned her lesson, and takes from this not that gamers shouldn’t be messed with, but that relying on Fox’s talking points as your sources of information is just asking for trouble, because it assumes that Fox has done their research… which they clearly haven’t.

    And if it turns out the facts are complete bull, it’s the “expert” who ends up embarrassed for looking like an out of touch tool, not the minimum-wage researcher who was given 5 minutes to write up the talking points, or the marketer who edited said talking points to ensure the discussion was as fiery as possible.

  126. 0
    Rodrigo Ybáñez García ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    At least she gave up that crap. Hope the next pseudo-expert think twice before to spit any crap like this again.

    Cooper really made a mock of herself, and I really hope more people learn from this. If you don´t like children to play videogames, at least don´t lie.

  127. 0
    Buckeye531 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think this is another example of Fox Noise setting up a person who doesn’t know anything and was handed false information.

    I wonder how IGN feels.They’re paid by the same person who pays the employees of Fox News.

  128. 0
    Marlowe says:

    Yeah I would like to see her go back on that show and renege her statements on air, a different audiance watches Fox News than the one that reads the New York Times, she needs to tell the truth to the same people she lied to, otherwise it’s like running over someone in your car and apologizing to someone else.

  129. 0
    jccalhoun graduate student ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    SO she admits she goes on television and talks about things of which she knows nothing? That’s some professional integrity you got there…

    I’m really curious about what school she is supposed to be getting her degree from that a)is so easy that she has all this time to appear on television and not do things like, you know, study, teach classes, or work in the campus health center. As a phd student (not in psychology) I know I have these things called responsibilities that would prevent me from being the attention whore she seems to have devoted herself to being. Moreover, I’m curious as to what school would see her on television using her academic credentials to lie and not be a bit concerned.

  130. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Sorry about the double post…

    I also feel Cooper Lawrence deserves absolutely no sympathy- if she had ANY integrity she would have refused to come on the show to speak about something she knew NOTHING about.

    All she wanted was exposure which makes her an ATTENTION WHORE.

    In addition, her blatant man-hating feminism (the fixer-upper man?) also demonstrates she is no better than a garden variety bigot. Would a white supremasist (sp?) ever get on the air? Man-hating feminists are no different.

  131. 0
    Colonel_finn says:

    Yeah, good on her on apologising (despite the obvious motives behind her doing so being financial, and to stop the flaming).
    It’s a shame it takes a Nerd-Rush to make people apologise for lying and pandering to commercial tub thumping, in the name of a quick buck.

    Still I’d say cool it on sending her any more negative reviews. It just makes us look bad, and like vindictive children.
    She’s best now forgotten amongst the rest of the media hacks and idiots.
    Game over.

  132. 0

    “Misspoke”? How about lied?

    The least she could do was admit that it was a lie. When you misspeak, you don’t portray yourself as an expert and act like you know all about the game. Hopefully, at the very least, Mass Effect will be behind us now.

  133. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    What I still want to know is why the ESA has done NOTHING about the rampant media sensationalism over videogames. EA should not have had to act unilaterally.

    The games industry owes its audience A TON- gamers seem to spend more energy fighting the ESAs’ public perception battles than they do…

  134. 0
    jay says:

    At this point I don’t see why angry gamers shouldn’t bash her books on Amazon without reading them. At least when we are asked if we read the book we can say “No” in a way that’s not insanely condescending. And we won’t even call her “darlin’.”

    “You’re right Ms. Lawrence, I didn’t read your books. Someone told me they sucked and there was a new study out by the University of Maryland that said chick lit merged with pop psychology isn”t terribly good.”

    Fine, fine, we shouldn’t be bitter. There should be more repercussions to her career than gamers saying apology accepted, though. She could at least apologize on Fox News and see if she can’t get the rest of those idiots to join in.

  135. 0
    MechaCrash ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    The problem is not just that she was grossly misinformed. It’s that she was grossly misinformed, got told she was grossly misinformed by someone who actually knew what they were talking about, and blew it off and kept right on with the misinformation, and all of this on television.

    When someone tells you that you’re going off faulty second-hand hearsay and you have no idea what you’re talking about, maybe that’s a sign you should keep your vitriol in check.

  136. 0
    Hackangel ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It is indeed Winter-een-mass, happy Winter-een-mans to all!

    This just shows, that as a community, when we unite we can make changes. It’s just a question of time. Most gamers aren’t kids anymore and a lot of us contribute significantly to society in our respective fields. Gamers are also craftsment, soldiers, doctors, politicians, journalists and lawyers (we need more gamers of those last three, not the JT lawyer type, the Fixed News journalist type or the “protet the children, squash people’s rights politician type but real stand up types).

    I’m I am glad that Lawrence admitted she was wrong but I’m not surprised she came out as she did on Fox News. U.S. residents have all my support when they try to changes the news media for something that is not biased or sensationalist. I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about this here, yet.

  137. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Canary Wundaboy,
    Exactly. No matter what someone tells me about something I might have an interest in, even if it’s a friend, I still do a little more digging to see whether it might be of interest to me, even if it isn’t of interest to a friend.

    And as a “professional”, even “expert”, she should have been taught in college, and she has a doctorate and a masters so she’s been to college, that research is more than listening to the opinion of one individual.

    Quite frankly, it bodes ill for other researchers to have Lawrence act in such a manner. After all, if she does it for this situation, who is to say she hasn’t acted in the same manner regarding other issues which she’s being viewed as an “expert” on?

    NW2K Software

  138. 0
    SpiralGray ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard…”

    This is what passes for research these days? She asked someone else what they had heard? That isn’t even second-hand information.

  139. 0
    Canary Wundaboy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it’s like pornography. But it’s not like pornography.”

    So why, dear lady, did you, an apparently professional and serious psychologist, go on national TV and spout absolute bollocks about a game that someone ‘told you’ was like pornography??

    That’s like me going on national TV and spouting off that your book is page after page of graphic homosexual sodomisation. I aint seen it, so I aint qualified to talk about it! You utter bint.

  140. 0
    gs2005 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    That’s very good of her to do that, but Fox News is 50% of the problem in this situation, and I don’t see them changing their ways. When you appeal to the lowest common denominator, you don’t have to…

  141. 0
    Chris S says:

    It’s almost sadder that it was a genuine mistake as opposed to game-hating. It would have taken 2 minutes to find the thing on Youtube… *sigh* such is TV Journalism.

  142. 0
    IN Kraft says:

    And we will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy our brothers! And you will know we are Gamers, when we lay our vengeance upon thee.

    On behalf of myself, apology accepted.

  143. 0
    Renacuajo says:

    Fantastic. But I still want to see an apology aired on live desk. As much as I’d like to see EA slap a lawsuit on FNC for slander, I’m sure Fox can dodge that.

    It’s still too bad that the networks seem to be passing along their own personal agenda through the mouth of a so-called expert. The only two ways to stop this would be educating the public that believes what they hear or hope that these “professionals” stop selling their credibility for air-time.

  144. 0
    Adaptor ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Maybe next time she should form her own opinion before going on the air..
    It’s great that she apologised but a lot of damage has already been done and
    I guess the NYT readers aren’t really the same demographic as FAUX News.

  145. 0
    Archgabe ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Gamer justice is swift. I like that she apologized, even though she is one of the VERY few to do so.

    On a upbeat note, happy Winter-een-mas to all, and to all a good game.

  146. 0
    Benji says:

    We don’t know all the specifics, like how much of her stance was hers and how much was Fox News’, but good on Cooper Lawrence for admitting her mistakes – something too few of us in this world are capable of.

  147. 0
    Halo 3 Gamer says:

    This has been a great day for me. It really cheered me up. Take that Fox.

    I’ll pwn you at Halo 3 or COD4. Buy Mass Effect!!!

    Go gamers. This shows what happens when one group speaks together. We need our own organisation to really get our views across. If any one knows of one then please tell me i’d like to join.

  148. 0
    Blase says:

    Even if it was cold calculation on Lawrence’s part, I’d love to see her as an ‘innocent’ victim in a shitstorm campaign aimed at McCallum and Fox. She is sort of cute and – more importantly – she is not a gamer. That would give the whole initiative a human face.

  149. 0
    Kevin says:

    Even Jack Thompson thinks there’s nothing wrong with Mass Effect. Since when has he taken our side?

    A good friend of mine is a psychologist who’s had the “pleasure” of meeting Ms. Lawrence, Dr. Phil, and other well-known psychologists, and according to her, they’re all the same, a bunch of arrogant, obnoxious fakes who make millions pretending to know a difficult profession.

  150. 0
    Vinzent says:

    “…now that I’ve seen the game and seen the sex scenes it’s kind of a joke.”

    PS> You can’t accuse a group of people of indulging in simulated rape and pass it off as “a kind of joke”.

  151. 0

    […] As a post script to the entire Mass Effect affair, some small bit of justice has been served. In large part due to the reaction of the gaming community, Cooper Lawrence has actually spent some time with Mass Effect and retracted her statements. Here are some links with the proof: NY Times Game Politics Destructoid It is unfortunate that she let Fox News use her thusly and didn’t do her research before shooting off her mouth, and many of her points about games and ratings will no doubt linger on as problematic, but we can still say ‘score one for gamers’. __________________ Last 10 Songs Played / This Weeks Top Artists / All Time Top Artists […]

  152. 0
    Ren says:


    Until I hear or see the words: “I am sorry” coming from her, no one needs to let up on her. If you’re pleased with the “I regret my remarks” bs fine, but obviously it is not enough for the rest of us.

    As gamers we have never had a group to lookout for us. EA’s response represents the first time a company has ever gone after a news company for false claims against a game.

    As a 15 year vet in the industry I am happy to see a major company finally try and take on the lies that some people like to spread, but until EA’s response actually gets somewhere, nothing has been accomplished.

    Also, perhaps this deluge of negative press toward the coop will be a message to all other dim-witted a**hats who want to go on Fox and pimp their cr*ppy book.

  153. 0
    Reyna says:

    Are we really surprised? Yet again another woman who puts not just one, but both feet in her mouth before checking out the facts.

    She spoke from a position of ignorance.

  154. 0
    Mass Effect Fanboy says:

    this is only the begninning, any book she publishes will be brought down and her radio show will soon be off the air. Gamers do not stand for the lies that ingorant people spread. first it was Jack Thompson, now Her. when are we finally going to stand up and say No More! We are tried of a past time we love being accused of all the Human Injustice in the world. Games didnt cause a kid to shoot up his school, Games dont casue more violence towards our fellow man. When will the ingorant people learn to stop opening the mouth and inserting there foot. Oh well I guess we will never know.

  155. 0
    Chalts ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    While I’m glad Lawrence has realized her mistake and made the correction, I can’t help but think that this article is doing a rather similar thing to what she did:

    The GamePolitics writer implies that Fox News may have intentionally tried to get the story wrong instead of just being a bunch of incompetent boobs talking about something they knew nothing about.

    The villains here are MacCullum and the producers of LiveDesk. The rest of Fox News didn’t smear Mass Effect… Yet anyway.

  156. 0
    Steven Furtado says:

    Just like Gabe from Penny Arcade has said, if you want to hurt a channel, do not attack them directly, that just gives them fodder for their show. No, if you REALLY wanna hurt them, attack their sponsors. Aaaaaand here’s a list of Fox News’ sponsors and their contact addresses:

    Feel free to call, write and email them saying how we will not support a company or product that in turn supports a station full of sensationalist liars.

  157. 0
    Orange Soda says:

    Don’t fight yellow journalism with urine.

    Guerrilla warfare doesn’t work when the battle is for the moral high ground. Spamming email, Amazon, AIM, MySpace, or whatever may make you feel better in the short term, but will do more harm than good in the long run, since if we’re going to make any SIGNIFICANT headway, we need assistance from those who are neutral.

    They want to paint us as uncivil, childish trolls who don’t fit in with the overall society. They WANT you to pull crap like that. You may win a few battles, but they’re guiding you into an ambush. If we show ourselves to be uncivil, childish trolls, then the neutral will take the opposing side, giving them the majority.

    Think about the American Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. The progress that was made GOT made because Martin Luther King, Jr. encouraged people to let their opponents bring themselves down with their awful tactics. The neutral parties saw the church bombings, crowd hosings, mob lynchings, and everything else, and was offended, repulsed, and willfully joined the Movement. It should be the same with us. Let them lie, slander, and whatever else. All we have to do is show these falsehoods with a calm, clear, loud voice. Right now we’ve got the loud and maybe the clear, but we’re severely lacking in the calm.

  158. 0
    Booya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I should clarify, by “bark up this tree” I was referring to harassing her specifically, getting the same message through to Fox and others is still important.

  159. 0
    J C says:

    Seems to me gamepolitics is more worried about taking down Fox News than the woman that actually bash Mass Effect. If MSNBC did the story, would Gamepolitics be reporting this story so heavily?

  160. 0
    Xsorus says:

    Oh Oh, i find it absolutely ironic that she complained to Amazon about it..

    We admitted we didn’t read her book and just posted BS

    She admitted she didn’t play Mass Effect and just posted BS.

    Guess we’re even

  161. 0
    Paulrus ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “gamers are perhaps the single most intense subculture on the Internet — fiercely protective of their pastime and at ease with the byways of cyberspace…”

    Damn right we are. However, the true news is that she fesses up on Fox News; which may not happen.

  162. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So have we put this Mass Effect sodomy simulator bullshit to bed yet? We’ve had to correct a television and a radio quack. I really hope anyone else who attempts this slander will look at these two prior failures and not even try it.

  163. 0
    Anonymous says:

    She did not do any research prior to the show yet she still acted as if she was an expert on the matter. The ‘facts’ she was saying were not even facts. So when someone can do this on live television, what would make you think that they will not do it in her book?

  164. 0
    Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m glad she "regretted it" but as has been said, by flaming her, what are we gonna acheive? More bad image on an already thougholy smeared view. If someone else just out of frustration began spewing all over your book about games, just because they didn’t like the way you dressed, how would you feel? Did any of you actually read the book before deciding you hated her views. I’m not trying to stand up for her, but I’m just saying think and act responsibly. She smeared Mass Effect, but there was a representative there to set things straight. I don’t honestly care what the rest of the world thinks, rather, what is it that my fellow gamers think about the game.

    I promise you, I am not getting my game reviews from Fox News. I go online to some respectable gaming comunities, and ask around.


    If we keep playing an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, we will all be blind toothless morons.

  165. 0
    XLR8TER says:

    People like you Cooper, do not deserve the freedom of expression. You are an ignorant cocky lady who has put thousands to shame and not one sorry leaves your lips, We as a comunity are deeply upset. If your book’s sales had not plummited this sham of an "Appology" would have never existed. Lawrence, Fox News, you have made many enemies and this will not make anyone thinmk differently of you!

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