U.K. Government Backing Wii for Gym Class

With childhood obesity a major concern, The Independent reports that officials in the U.K. plan to supplement physical education programs with Nintendo’s Wii console.

The Wii, of course, requires a greater level of physical activity from users than competing systems. From the newspaper report:

The latest attempt to tackle the problem stems from an acclaimed initiative in which Nintendo Wii consoles were used to tempt inactive pupils into “virtual PE”…  The project, at five schools in Worcestershire, found that children queued up at lunchtimes for their chance on the Wii… Heart monitoring revealed that the pupils became fitter with regular use of the consoles.

The scheme follows a report in The British Medical Journal which found that active console games “significantly increased participants’ energy expenditure”, compared with other systems…

Now, days after announcing its latest strategy to tackle obesity, the Government has accepted that active computer games can play a key part in introducing children to exercise.

Not everyone agrees, however. The BBC reports that Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, is opposed to using the Wii in school:

Pupils would be far better doing serious competitive sports and games than this sort of thing.

Thanks to: GP European correspondent Mark “Beemoh” Kelly…

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