MTV Talks to Cooper Lawrence & GP Asks: Is it Time for Gamers to Forgive?

January 31, 2008 -
Stephen Totilo at MTV News has new comments from self-help author Cooper Lawrence, who likely needs no introduction to gamers following 10 days of nonstop coverage of the Fox News / Mass Effect debacle.

Lawrence's remarks, issued in a statement to MTV, were mostly conciliatory, although she dug her heels in on a couple of points:
In hindsight, I would have liked to have had the opportunity to play this game before appearing on the program. As a developmental-psychology expert, I was asked to appear on this particular show to discuss the broader issue of video games and their impact on developing adolescents, not as an expert on 'Mass Effect...'

I firmly stand by the research I cited that violence and sexual content in video games has a desensitizing effect on young developing minds.

Lawrence also criticized gamers' guerrilla use of's review feature to trash her book:
I believe that the customer-review feature on is not the appropriate forum to discuss an unrelated news segment. I appeared on a news program that provides an opportunity for debate on topics that have been previously covered by the media. Amazon's customer-reviews feature functions as a platform to review a product sold on their site, in this case my book, the topic of which does not relate to video games and/or 'Mass Effect.'

Previously, in an interview with Seth Schiesel of the New York Times, Lawrence said:
I recognize that I misspoke. I really regret saying that, and now that I’ve seen the game and seen the sex scenes it’s kind of a joke.

Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it’s like pornography. But it’s not like pornography. I’ve seen episodes of ‘Lost’ that are more sexually explicit.

GamePolitics Poll: While Fox News rides out the Mass Effect storm unapologetically, Cooper Lawrence has borne the brunt of gamers' wrath.

Given that she has owned up to making inaccurate comments about Mass Effect, our latest GamePolitics poll asks whether it is time for gamers to forgive Cooper Lawrence.

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"I'm still right, maybe not about Mass Effect, but I'm still right. Oh, and gamers need to stop attacking my book. It already receives enough bad reviews on its own without having gamers attack it. My book didn't make mistakes, it is really, really innocent. Oh, did I mention I have a book and want people to buy it?"

My issue with her crying about the attack on her books is this: If she's willing and prepared to condemn something she knows nothing about, make smart-alec remarks about something she knows nothing about ("Luke Skywalker Meets Debbie Does Dallas"), and stand behind those remarks (she's not standing behind them now, and I applaud her for that, but she certainly didn't care to give any ground on the show), I think it's perfectly reasonable to attach to her work that this is someone who is willing to talk as if she were an expert, when she's not.

The Mass Effect issue has nothing to do with her books. The fact that she was willing to sell her credibility has EVERYTHING to do with any volume of work she might publish.

I voted yes, but I would like to see her answer to the question GP possed earlier, paraphrased as "what kind of prep was she given by Fox News?"

I would really like her to shed some light on whether this was a coincidence of errors or a smear campaign for ratings, my suspicions being to the latter.

What is funny is that after removed the gamer comments on her book.... it still only got a 1 star rating... from people who actually read the book.

"I firmly stand by the research I cited that violence and sexual content in video games has a desensitizing effect on young developing minds."

Wait... wait... so where's the apology for that then. To me, that's just as much slander as the Mass Effect crap.

From the Fox News report:

"Darling, I gotta go with the research. And the research says there’s a new study out of the University of Maryland right now that says that boys that play video games cannot tell the difference between what they’re seeing in the video game and the real world…"

From the abstract of the study she cites on MTV News:

"The aim of this study is to assess late adolescents' evaluations of and reasoning about gender stereotypes in video games...Males are more likely than females to find stereotypes acceptable."

I don't have any way to read the full article, but it looks like she hadn't read it either and misunderstood what the study was about. It is a huge leap from finding stereotypes acceptable to not being able to tell the difference between a game and reality.

I'll vote for not sure until we know if this is a mistake or misinformation.


How? She can just shift-delete emails. It's an easy habit to get into when you receive lots of angy emails.

People went after her meal-ticket, and got results. Now, base insults, threats, and spam are dirty tactics and are plain wrong. But reviewing her book with, "She doesn't research what she talks about!" or, "I am making a point to review this book without reading it, just like she does on TV!" are effective arguements. Which she couldn't ignore.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

I ask, would she have responded had her books ratings not been decimated?

Papa Midnight

This woman is still a piece of trash.

- She knowingly went on the air and PRETENDED to be an expert on a topic she knew nothing about.

- She only did so to promote another one of her quasi-pshchology books.

- She is a man-hating feminist (part of the reason she was on the show- games are played mostly by men) different from a white supremacist, black panther, or other hate group.

This is a person with NO integrity. She deserves no sympathy- she got caught in the act.

The problem is that she didn't "misspeak". She had no knowledge to speak of in the first place. She took the first opinion out of the first mouth she came across, and didn't even ask if *that* person had actually seen the game. That's completely unprofessional, and it's not journalism; it's talk-show sensationalism.

Should people lay off the book smear? Absolutely: there's only so long you can get away with that crap before she ends up looking cleaner than you do. Should she be forgiven? Never. She doesn't seem to understand, or be willing to admit, the full extent of her mistake. So long as this incident is hanging over her head, maybe she won't sink to that level of unprofessionalism just to sell a story. If it happens again, her Amazon ordeal will look like a child's birthday party compared to the housewrecker I'll help throw.

@ Bane Keldare:

"I believe she should be forgiven, yes. In fact I think the fact that games assaulted her book’s Amazon page was entirely unnecessary, and only served to speed up the damage control she would’ve inevitably performed anyhow."

I'm sorry, but WHAT could possibly make you think "she would've inevitably performed" any kind of damage control whatsoever if the Amazon bomb hadn't been dropped on her? There would have been no damage to control.


The big culprit is EA? I seriously hope you meant Fox....

She may have regretted saying things that were wrong about the game, but does she regret going on television and talking about something she doesn't know anything about? I don't see that. She regrets what she says but there's no indication she regrets agreeing to be on the show in the first place.

Darling, she is missing the larger problems with her actions.

I don't believe she would have apologized without the "Amazon" factor. I think the "mob outcry" was appropriate (at least all the cilivized comments anyway). However, her latest comments made me wonder if she's being sincere. I voted "not sure" on GP's poll because of her latest muttering.

The bigger problem here, if Fox News.

I vote for forgiveness, only because there isn't a Cooper Who? answer. She "misspoke" and she got called on it. Game over. Now she comes up with this crap. Thing is: it doesn't matter. The study she refers to is horribly misquoted by her and also horribly misinterpreted by the researcher who has a blatant bias with regards to video games.

So in summary to that mess: who gives a fuck about her? She’s rescinded her stupidest comments and the rest are easily debunked as well. We have bigger Foxes to fry :D

No it's not time to forgive. She is supposed to be a professional, yet went on the show and happily attacked a game she had not played. In my eyes she has no integrity as a professional in her field now.

As for not using Amazon's review section to retaliate - gamer's didn't have the chance to go on Fox news and say their piece like she did. They have to use whatever medium is available to rebutt her lies. So yes, Amazon's review section is appropriate.

the Amazon-retort was perfect, in my opinion.
it showed her that she can't just go around spouting lies and expect to make money.

and no, Fox News did not give proper allotment to counter her false claims. it is disingenuous to even think that. the one gamer who did speak for us (and did as well as he was able) was treated rudely, unfairly, and with extreme bias.

since she has publicly retracted her false claims, i think it is time to accept the apology and move on. nothing more needs to be done about her right now.

Ugh, post got lost, so I'll paraphrase.

@ lumi

No, I do "get it." I get that people are angry about a slight they received in the media. I get that they feel they've been pushed around too long and they finally have a way to fight back. I understand that. What I a(and a lot of other posters) am saying is that this is not, and shouldn't, be only about Cooper. It should be about finding a way to take that anger and frustration and use it to do something more productive than clicking stars on Amazon.

This is obviously not the last time that gamers are going to be attacked. So what do we do the next time it happens? We need to have a voice, and I'm saying that we should use this incident as a way to create a way to respond to such attacks in the future, rather than wasting our effort on a method which has no long-term value.

To extend your analogy, we DO NOT want to be the child that responds once to a bully's attack with an unexpected violent act. We need to be the child who responds, but then also takes the hard road to get the school to make rules and take steps to ensure that ALL bullies are deterred from bullying, not just the one bully in that one instance.

@ Timmay!

If someone is badmouthing you in public, do you feel it's your right to do whatever you want to do to them, simply because they're saying things about you that are untrue? Do you sit there and do nothing? No, you take appropriate measures - and that's all I am asking for.

And I agree with you - what we need to do is not limit this fight to just the people like Cooper. We need to take it to those like Fox News, because (as everyone else has already said) they are the real culprits here. We can't waste our time and effort mucking about on when the real fight is elsewhere. We need to organize and make real change so that gamers have a voice which can be heard loud and clear when something like this goes down. Isn't that what we all really want - to have an actual say in this cultural battle? Or am I mistaken?

As stated, never once did I hear or read an "I'm sorry" or "I apologize"...though she is backpeddling (at least about misspeaking about mass effect the game itself), which is at least something.

Now...if only those that owned that airtime (FOX) could be held accountable to any extent of their wallets being hit as well...

It dose not matter if you played it or not IMO proper research means you can read up on the game and watch videos of it, hopfully from neutral sources...or if one has a brain hit the game sites and then pen your own conclusion to what you have seen.

She must understand that blind distaste on media is distasteful, she fails to factor in the infulance humans have on media and not what media dose to them.

Meh it only parataily works after a point you need to stop scorning zee earth.

So it is bad for people to attack her book, having not read it, just to make a point about the wider picture or her credibility, but her attacking Mass Effect having not played it is fine because she was talking about the wider picture of effects on children...

I get the feeling that logic doesn't feature heavily in her thesis?

Forgive, sure... but don't forget. Any more aggro we pour on this lady will only end up biting us in the arse in the long run.

That said, whilst I don't agree with them, I think the guerilla tactics by some gamers of defacing her Amazon book ratings was totally credible. Now that she knows how it feels to be slammed without being given fair and proper treatment, I sincerely doubt she'll ever do it again. Plus, it serves as a warning to other critics to check their facts in case they "misspeak".

Next time, we go 4chan on your asses.

I say nay to that poll, she had the odacity to LAUGH at the actual video game expert who suggested she should have played the game before making comments on it (you know do a little research, you are technically a scientist) and then goes back and says she WISHES that she could have played the game... do you need directions to EB around you? cause I got google maps. Then after doing that, she thinks it's "unfair" the way she was treated, screw that, it's unfair how she treated us, I guess next time you can keep this in mind when you are asked to comment on something that you know nothing about and you'll, perhaps, do your f-ing job as a so called "expert" and actually do enough research so you can honestly say "I know what the hell I'm talking about."

That being said, shame on Fox for letting her hang out to dry without admitting guilt on their part.

The attacks on her book were analogous to the attacks made on Mass Effect. "No I haven't played Mass Effect" is almost equal to "I haven't read this book". Not that two wrongs make a right....but I don't feel like she would have apologized without the incident.

I don't know if we should forgive. She went on Fox news and criticized a game she had never even seen. I think the only reason she's even attempting an apology (and not a great one at that) is because the results are affecting her wallet.

She obviously has no problem pushing crap and bullshit and I seriously doubt that she has suddenly changed her ways.

forgive, not forget. so we will forgive this little slip, but if it happens again she knows what will happen.

I voted no on the poll. Forgiveness is something that you earn. It isn't given just bcause you run to MTV and cry about it and say how sorry you are. Because of the attacks on Cooper's credibility and (hopefully) booksales, we can hope that other pundits will think twice before agreeing to appear on Fox News and spout bulls***. It is unfortunate that it had to come to this extreme, but an example had to be made, and she just happened to be the one millionth customer.

No forgiveness! No forgetting!

Not that I agree with the amazon attacks, but it was the only and most effetive means for gamers to get their message across and be taken seriously, she made the mistake of weighing in on a topic she had no knowledge of and she got a good lesson in the results. She learned that fire is hot.

and as always the irony of the attacks makes me smile, intentional or not there is poetry to it.

I already disapproved the guerilla on Amazon. Now that she recognized her mistake, I think it's REALLY time to forgive her. After all, she wasn't the worst of the list : she just misspoke and recognized it. On the opposite, Cathy Ruse not only misspoke, but also sparked the controversy, called for a villification and a prosecution of BioWare, and remained unapologetic since.

Ohhh poor me.... That's pretty much all she said and she stands by what studies? Studies that were conducted in an improper manner? Or BS studies or misquoting them like that one guy in Florida? Her complaining about getting a taste of her own medicine makes her a hypocrite. With that and the attitude she displayed on Fauktard News shows at least to me that she deserves no forgiveness. All she's doing is damage control and a poor job at it. I even saw her on CNNHN earlier this week on I think Showbiz Tonight discussing celebrity gossip crap that they always talk about on there.

I voted not to forgive her, she's not getting the point and it's utterly sad how much of a wall she is. She sits there and tries to half ass an apology to gamers as a whole? I won't speak for the crowd, but when you sound THAT sure of yourself on a topic you don't know? I tend to expect a little more then a 'I misspoke'.

Yeah lady, you misspoke big time and it won't all go away because you think you apologized enough.

Forgiveness typically comes after an apology. An apology generally contains the words, "I'm sorry." "I'm sorry" has not yet come out of this mouthpiece.

No. She's a pseudo-scientist, masquerading as an expert on TV (with no qualms about appearing as an expert with no research - until after the fact, of course), standing on questionable research (or deliberately interpreting it wrong to sell books). This isn't conciliatory - it's backpedaling. While I don't hold eye-for-and-eye justice as the norm, in this instance it's warranted - being that the negative reviews of her book were exactly the same thing she did to Mass Effect. And the reviews are only online - not national TV news. The two are not equal in scope.

To pacify me, she would have to call out Fox News for leading her into making false statements, and also she needs to cite these 'studies' she mentions (like any real scientist would). But she wants to have the ability to appear their again (making more money for lies), so she won't.

I'm still wating for the studies she's abusing to come into light. She's making a fairly bold claim - that young men can't separate fantasy from reality. Burden of Proof, meet Cooper Lawrence. I'm sure you haven't met before.

Lawrence Quotes:
"We know that all the research shows that violence has a desensitizing effect. Well, sexuality does too…"

Proof please.

"Right, and a young boy’s going to be choosing not to have sex. That’ll be what they choose. I mean, let’s be realistic here -"

Way to marginlize and stereotype young boys. Sexist. I'm still waiting for this to be addressed.

"And the research says there’s a new study out of the University of Maryland right now that says that boys that play video games cannot tell the difference between what they’re seeing in the video game and the real world…"

What study? And I will read he whole thing - not just skim the summary and use it how I want.

Am I being unreasonable? Maybe. But reason left town when she set foot on the Fox News set.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Forgive and forget?

If she were just some Jane-Smane off the street being asked for a comment about something, even knowing little about it, maybe.

BUT, she was called as an "expert". Moreover, when asked specific questions regarding a specific game and its contents, she LIED regarding her knowledge of it. Moreover, when asked during this "debate" if she had played the game, she LAUGHED and said "no", giving the general audience the impression of "I'm an 'expert', I know EVERYTHING and don't NEED to research squat. I'm an 'expert' and you should take what I say at face value, even if it's a lie."

What would the intelligent thing to do have been? When asked specifically about a game she knew nothing about, she should have flatly told the truth. "I was called to be on this show for general issues and wasn't told I'd be discussing a specific game. I have not played the game in question and haven't been given the opportunity to research properly information on it. So I can't comment on specific details regarding the game. Someone earlier told me it contains 'pornography', but that's hardly enough research for me to properly comment on it."

Would that have been so hard?

So, no, no forgiveness, no forgetting.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

The reviews were a great example of "the shoe being on the other foot" and in my opinion were probably the best way to make her aware of what she did wrong. That being said, she made a mistake and apologized for it once she saw the backlash of her actions. As long as she learns from it and does her best not to repeat it, I'd say she can be forgiven. She may even be a better person as a result.

I will, however, take this opportunity to remind people to look at their own hypocrisy when threatening those they speak about the "desensitizing affects of violence and sexuality in games" with acts of violence. If we're ever to be taken seriously as a community and seen for the good people we are/can be, then this needs to end. It's just fuel for the anti-gaming fire.

i say yes, it is time to forgive.

She gave her views on Mass Effect without actually playing the game, some gamers rated her book without actually reading it.

also, she's apologised, so i feel that we can draw a close to this chapter.

Nonsense. Condescending bullshit.

Granted, admitting she should have played the game first is more than we have seen from any other idiot involved, but she still doesn't understand what the letter "M" means.

I have no sympathy for someone who goes on national television and waxes "expert" on something she knows nothing about. If I were representing my company nationally and had no idea what we even do, and made some ridiculously false claims, I would be fired. If the worst consequences she gets are some extra bad reviews, I think she’s still getting off pretty easy.

To me, this is also about a complete lack of professionalism in media, not just a smear on gaming. If they misrepresent gaming this bad, what about everything else? If there are going to be journalists or experts, they have a responsibility to get things right. That's their job. If they fail this completely, that should not be their job anymore. They have violated the trust people place in them and should be held accountable.

She is not a credible or trustworthy person. To say this "scandal" is irrelevant to her book is simply wrong. She wrote this book based on her “expert” opinion. She has thoroughly proven that she will use that status granted to her by a degree to fabricate her own facts. At the very least, that means you have to fact check and research every claim made in her book yourself, if you don’t dismiss it outright.

"I believe that the customer-review feature on is not the appropriate forum to discuss an unrelated news segment."

Look, the simple fact is, if we hadn't done it there then Lawrence wouldn't have felt compelled to respond. If we had posted it on a forum or a blog (Like here for instance) then she would have simply ignored us knowing that we aren't really doing any harm to her. But when we went after her books, then it got dangerous and it was only then that we got a response.

Well, it seems that the MTV article had mentioned the University of Maryland study. and Cooper made her stance clear:

"I firmly stand by the research I cited that violence and sexual content in video games has a desensitizing effect on young developing minds."
If she said that during the Fox interview, I would be more lenient to listen and perhaps agree with her.

HOWEVER, the MTV article made the study reference and it wasn't clear to me if it was Cooper Lawrence who provided it.

She's right in that the amazon review feature is not the place to discuss this. If Cooper would like to provide us with her personal email address, or be prepared to appear in a chat room at a predetermined time, perhaps gamers wouldn't need to use amazon's review feature to send her a message.

@Gaffit :

There was another option : email her personally, directly and "en masse". Which, to me, would have been at least as efficient, if not more efficient.

I think this is really an amazing story. Within hours of the original Fox News segment, the internet gamer army mobilized within hours and thousands upon thousands of people were weighing in on this woman and taking revenge.

While I can't feel bad about what happened to Cooper Lawrence, I'm wondering where all this public outrage was the last few thousand times Fox News distorted more important events than a video game sex scene.

@SpiralGray :

Her email address is available on her website, here :

I would say that it is definitely time for the reviews to stop, as they have served their correct purpose of drawing attention to this travesty of reporting and have garnered an apology from at least one of the perpetrators.

However, she's very hypocritical in what she says about the reviews and her role in the Fox news section.

About her role in the original program: "I was asked to appear on this particular show to discuss the broader issue of video games and their impact on developing adolescents"

About the reviews: "I believe that the customer-review feature on is not the appropriate forum to discuss an unrelated news segment."

If Amazon is not an appropriate forum to trash your lack of professionalism and integrity, then the Fox show was not the appropriate forum to trash a game you had never played. To the people who are wronged or insulted (Cooper about the reviews, us by the lies and stereotyping), both seem a little unfair. An eye for eye maybe...

I love this though: "I firmly stand by the research I cited that violence and sexual content in video games has a desensitizing effect on young developing minds."

What research? She briefly mentioned 1 study, without going into any detail on it. Maybe she didn't read it but still knows exactly what's in it, certainly sounds like her MO...

Lawrence also criticized gamers’ guerrilla use of’s review feature to trash her book:

I believe that the customer-review feature on is not the appropriate forum to discuss an unrelated news segment. I appeared on a news program that provides an opportunity for debate on topics that have been previously covered by the media. Amazon’s customer-reviews feature functions as a platform to review a product sold on their site, in this case my book, the topic of which does not relate to video games and/or ‘Mass Effect.’

What kind of professional goes into a debate and asks someone else for an opinion?

I wouldn't trust her book for a minute.

As Chris said, we gamers have no public forum with which to defend ourselves or games. We are forced into the sidelines to watch what "experts" have to say, and feel powerless. I think that is the point she is missing about the amazon reviews. Where else do we respond to her? No one invites us to talk on "news" shows.

I voted for not sure.

All I know is, let's not forget this. For now, let's keep it neutral. If, after this, she does it again, then we certainly won't forgive. But for now, I think it's best not to drive the issue any further.


“I believe that the customer-review feature on is not the appropriate forum to discuss an unrelated news segment.”

I don't even think it is underhanded. She is a liar. She has proven she will play expert with no research or knowledge of topic. That is completely unethical and makes her untrustworthy. I would think that from this point on, dismissing her work based on her lack of credibility alone is not foul play.

She is a fake expert. She did not make a mistake in good faith. She made false agenda-driven claims. Any non-fiction book she writes should be evaluated accordingly.

I voted for forgiveness. I think her claims have been debunked enough, and she's admitted as much, that she can't really harm the gaming cause anymore. She's sticking to her guns in saying that violence and sex should not be available to minors - that's fine, and I'm inclined to agree with her. But she's said she was wrong about Mass Effect.
She's admitted fault, and she's no longer a threat. While it may be within our right to remain bitter towards her, I'd prefer to be the bigger man and grant her a second chance to not open her mouth and say stupid things in regards to subjects she has no knowledge of.

“Boohoo you need to stop picking on me and holding me accountable for my actions. I don’t want to be treated like a real adult.” That’s about what I’m hearing. Now you know that you can be held accountable for your actions very easily once you become a public figure and you won’t make that mistake again. Forgive not until I hear I’m sorry…. I misspoke isn’t going to cut it.
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