EA, NFL Extend Maddenopoly

Electronic Arts announced yesterday that it had tacked an additional three years onto its exclusive license with NFL and NFL Players Association.

In the wake of the deal, brokered by EA exec Peter Moore, no competing product will be able to use NFL team names or logos or player likenesses until at least 2012.

And this is good news?

Here at GamePolitics I’ve bashed the EA/NFL deal repeatedly in the past and will have more to say about this one going forward. In the meantime, it’s important to remember that when competition goes away the consumer – in this case, the gamer – always loses. Always…

In the meantime, we had a laugh at Moore’s assertion to GameDaily that the NFL exclusive is actually a good thing for gamers because it will allow EA to invest in making better games:

BIZ: What would you say to the naysayers out there who believe one choice for an NFL game is not the best thing for gamers?


Moore: This deal allows us to invest. The key is to make sure we’re in a position to invest aggressively in making the most innovative game… As we move forward, it doesn’t stop anyone from doing another football game as 2K proved this past season (with All Pro Football). At the same time, obviously, the ability for us to use the teams, the players, the stadiums and all of the official marks is important.

GP: Spoken like a true pitchman, Peter. By that brand of logic, all monopoly positions would be good for consumers because they generate inflated profits for their respective corporations. But I seem to recall that Madden cost $29.99 when 2K Sports had a competing game and $49.99 as soon as 2K’s NFL license went away.

So, count me among the naysayers. And, yes, I realize that the NFL and the NFLPA are as much to blame as EA.

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