British Bank Blocks Blizzard Bucks

World of Warcraft subscribers will have difficulty paying their monthly game fees if their credit card was issued by U.K. bank Halifax.

The Register reports that the bank is blocking payments to Blizzard due to an uptick in the use of stolen credit card numbers to pay for WoW accounts. The Register quotes from a statement issued by Halifax:

We have seen a significant number of fraudulent transactions through Blizzard’s gaming sites. We have, therefore, blocked the majority of Visa/Mastercard transactions we receive from there in order to combat this.

We do not believe the fraud is anything to do with Blizzard themselves, their sites or the integrity of their billing systems, rather it is site users utilising stolen credit card details to pay for subscriptions.

So, what’s, say, an up-and-coming level-41 gnome mage (like GP’s current character) to do? Halifax says it will make special arrangements to keep players in the game:

If a customer does want to subscribe to a game site operated by Blizzard, using a Halifax or Bank of Scotland credit card, we can arrange for the payments to be processed for them if they contact us.

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