Did This Document Bring Florida Supreme Court’s Wrath Down Upon Jack Thompson?

As GamePolitics reported yesterday, the Florida Supreme Court alleged earlier this week that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has “abused the legal system by submitting numerous frivolous and inappropriate filings in this Court.”

In GP’s experience, Thompson’s legal filings are indeed frequent, often vitriolic, and occasionally come with, ahempictures attached. But that’s old news. So what filing of Thompson’s pushed the Florida Supremes to the brink?

The Daily Business Review reports that a December document was specifically mentioned in the Court’s show cause order to Thompson:

The court described one of Thompson’s recent filings in detail. [Thompson] dubbed it a “children’s picture book for adults,” interspersing images with text in his motion due to “the court’s inability to comprehend” his arguments.

Images included “swastikas, kangaroos in court, a reproduced dollar bill, cartoon squirrels, Paul Simon, Paul Newman, Ray Charles, a handprint with the word ‘slap’ written under it, Bar Governor Benedict P. Kuehne, a baby, Ed Bradley, Jack Nicholson, Justice Clarence Thomas, Julius Caesar, monkeys, a house of cards,” the order said. 

You can see that filing here (MS Word format), slightly edited for length. For his part, Thompson told the DBR:

I have a right to file anything I want with the court. It is beyond bizarre that they think they can tell me I can’t seek relief. They can deny relief, but they can’t tell me I can’t seek relief.

GP: Some folks are asking in comments, so let me reiterate. This is a real document that Thompson really filed with the real Florida Supreme Court in December. Apparently, it made the justices really mad…

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    Shelley says:

    Jack Thompson is definitely getting hammered down by the law, but with that many inappropriate filings, it was bound to happen that someone say something. He has been filing quite a number of filings in a short period of time, something that a reputable Criminal Attorney Fort Lauderdale wouldn’t do. Thompson needs to stop wasting the court’s time.

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    Eville1 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Don’t know if anyone else posted this, or even noticed..(Damn young uns.) But he got the Cool Hand Luke quote wrong. It wasn’t the man with no eyes who said that.

  3. 0
    That_1_Guy says:


    UUUmmm….wow. There’s no wonder why the court punished Thompson I couldn’t make heads or tails of that rubbish. Although I did the get message “This is so unfair!” when I read the letter.

  4. 0
    szaleniec says:

    “Also, Godwin calls shenanigans on his letter.” I think it’s hilarious that he invokes a certain mid-20th century political movement, considering that they were also quite big on *censorship*.

  5. 0
    John Doe says:

    Seeesh, and in that same section he tells people he spammed the fcc over “Jane Fonda’s use of the word “cunt” in its Today show…”

    Not to mention the long winded conspiracy crap, almost as if he is trying to out do Lyndon LaRouche and their supporters in terms of being crazy…

    SERIOUSLY, if he has the time for this kind of stuff, he sure isn’t one to talk about video games being a waste of time and a form of “mental masturbation”!

    Maybe he has been hitting the Dried Frog Pills a bit too much lately…

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    Matin(UK) says:

    Just out of interest, I was wondering if JT requested the rights to use some of those images (im guessing some must be copyrighted) in the document. I didn’t see any references to the image copyright owners anywhere in the document.
    Reading the document was actually quite worrying, it certainly doesn’t show off the place he got his qualifications from in a very good light. Maybe someone (i.e. his family) should take him away from the limelight for his own good.

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    JackDon'tKnowJack says:


    It’s in the comments to the Feb. 20th article re: the order to show cause. He posts a typical letter-rant to the U.S. Attorney General complaining of criminal conspiracies and demanding an investigation, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, and, while he’s at it, threatens, “By the way, any additional libels of me here will result in Rumpole’s getting a subpoena . . . .”

    Sound familiar, GP?

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    Grifter_tm ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    JT is about two steps away from being disbarred. Is that a good thing? I mean those who know better will see him as a broken loon, while most other folks (especially parents) would probably look at him, as cullarn puts it, as a martyr.

  9. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    for those wondering this really isnt balls

    this is for his next book ironically hes going for people who dont read(namely court documents) once hes disbarred his next book will be released talking about his “martyrdom”

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    Gray17 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I guess the moral of the story is don’t mock the court in your filings. Particularly when you’re already on thin ice.

    Still, I find this hard to believe. Not that I doubt GP and the law blogs that have reported this; it’s just that the sheer childishness of this defies belief. I mean at least the gay porn fiasco was an attempt to shock and outrage. This is just the court filing equivalent of a child trashing their room in a temper tantrum as a response to being told “No, you can’t have that.”

    Or something like that. I’m not sure any good analogy exists. It’s incredibly childish, but it’s more sophisticated that what most children could come up with.

  11. 0
    Unit»Zero says:

    That so called “legal document” was truly an amusing read. Good find GP.
    Better to be thought a fool than to file a complaint like that and remove all doubt.

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    Cattleprod ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ JackDon’tKnowJack

    Where precisely is he threatening that blog? I couldn’t find it in the most recent articles (although I admit I skimmed the comments).

    I’m not sure which would be worse, that JT could be mentally ill or that he could be so lacking in personal pride he would want people to THINK he’s mentally ill.

  13. 0
    John Doe says:

    Based on the kinds of stuff he has posted online and submitted before, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I mean, this is the individual who sent a LONG rambling letter to Jeb Bush, giving his life story, trying to get chummy with him, then issuing threats, and giving him a copy of his book expecting it to also be read.

    Remember his antics during the Bully “case”? I don’t think professional lawyers would smuggle in sling-shots or hold up a protest sign at their trails….

    And he thought a fake Samual Jackson was real, only ten minutes later did it dawn on him it was fake and no real celebrity would give him the time of day.

    It would not surprise me if he had some mental issues for quite a while, and he couldn’t keep it in under-wraps/control with him getting more & more senile.

  14. 0
    sabin_blitz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    *reads filing*

    Ooookay. Smile and nod, smile and nod…

    So Jack thinks that insulting the Florida Supreme Court’s intelligence with his mindless, irrelevant pictures is going to make them see him in a positive light, how…?

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    potatojones83 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know what this reminds me of? That episode of The Simpsons when Springfield almost hosts the Olympics. In particular the bit at the beginning between the French Delegate and the Head of the Olypmic commitee (yeah, I know I can’t spell).

    FD: Paris would be a great place for the next Olympic games.

    HoOC: And why is that?

    FD: We don’t have to explain ourselves to the likes of you (throws wine in face of HoOC). We await your reply. (HoOC throws wine back).

  16. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Jack’s over at justicebuilding’s blog doing the same thing he eventually always does when a site foolishly entertains his postings: he’s claiming libel and threatenting to serve a subpoena on the blog’s owner (who, coincidently, has been more sympathetic and kinder to Mr. Thompson than most — other than Faux News).

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    Void Munashii ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Eville1

    Yes, I think she has enough punishment just by being married to him. she doesn’t need a flock of anon’s in Guy Fawkes masks coming after her too.

    It’s his son I really feel sorry for though.

  18. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    I keep wondering if there is no one in Jack’s life, — a family member, his pastor, an old college buddy . . . anyone — who can exert enough influence to convince him to get up from the computer and go seek the help he so obviously needs.

  19. 0
    Mredria ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As I have stated before, I am against laughing at the (apparently) mentally.
    But I lawled. I lawled hard.
    I think I might’ve peed a little.

  20. 0
    Anonymous says:

    @ Eville1,

    None of that please, we must act like we did against the Co$ and appear respectable.

    Even if we know what dwells in the not so hidden depths of the human mind, there is no use trying to use it to futher a cause, it works to destroy them, not to reinforce.

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    Agent CH ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    There is no word in the English language to describe how astounded I am that Jack has done something like this and still expects to be taken seriously.

  22. 0
    Matriculated says:

    I wouldn’t do it if I were you. Posting Jack’s info is OK as he puts it in pretty much every press release/e-mail and court filing he’s ever written but for all we know his wife might not want anything to do with this.

  23. 0
    Emily says:

    So Jack likes using children’s books as analogies, eh? Alright, I’m game.

    Jack your arguments are so full of holes that the white rabbit will never find it’s way back to Wonderland. So not only will it never find it’s way back home, you will drive the poor bunny insane with your pot-hole schemes.

    You’re going to fall hard, Jack. Just accept it already.

  24. 0
    Matriculated says:

    @ Sidewinder and DarkTetsuya

    I remember reading someone’s posts in one of the law blogs that have been posted here that the doctor is actually a family friend of the Thompsons. Apparently they go to the same church group.

    Suddenly things become a lot clearer eh?

  25. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Something I forgot to put in my last post. Considering Jack’s own erratic behavior and that he all but ignores mental illness as a larger factor than video games in these school shootings, could it be he wants people to focus on the latter rather than former because he fears if the mental healthcare system is actually improved, that he may be discovered to be mentally ill himself? Just a thought.

    Or does he really think these theatrical tactics he uses (including the big sign at his earlier disciplinary hearing and the giant slinghot in the Bully case) make him look like the kind of maverick hotshot lawyer played by Judd Nelson in From the Hip? If so, Jack really needs a reality check. Those tactics may work in the movies, but in real life as has been shown, it only serves to piss people off.

    Also I think after he’s disbarred, we need a scene like the end of the original Psycho where the criminal psychologist came in and explained Norman Bates’ actions. After everything we’ve seen of Jack’s behavior, we need someone like that to come on here to help us make sense of it all.

  26. 0
    1AgainstTheWorld ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    OMG I think I just figured it out!! JT is only *pretending* to be anti-gaming! In reality he is actually on our side, and trying to make the *real* anti-gaming people appear ridiculous! His seemingly insane rants are actually subtle and calculated satire which until now has slipped under our radar! Think about it, that explains EVERYTHING he’s ever done!

  27. 0
    JohnMidnight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    *shakes head*
    Jack… jack… jack…
    Hug that license of yours tight, give it plenty of kisses and watch out for the teeth. In a short time it seems you may be forced to work with your own attorney.

  28. 0
    mogbert ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    About him being found insane. The court demanded he be evaluated, or they were about to, can’t remember which. He said he would do it himself. He went to a psychiatrist who just happens to be a friend of the family and goes to the same church. the court didn’t make a big issue of it at the time. Now I think they are having second thoughts about an “independant” evaluation.

  29. 0
    HurricaneJesus says:

    He would have been better off if he left the words out of his filings entirely. Just post a series of pictures next time, I think that would [i]really[/i] get your point across.

    Why not just smear feces on the page and send it to them? Oh wait, that’s what he did.

  30. 0
    mogbert ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This reminds me of the news story about that guy in jail who would scribble in pencil lawsuits like how Bill Gates was in a conspiracy with Bush against him and he was suing them for 100 billion dollars. He had a few more that he put out as well. They said that if he continues filing these insane things he would have to have them signed off.

    It’s funny how Jack finds himself in the same position.

    Anyone remember that story, I can’t find a link.

  31. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ugh, ‘can’, not ‘and’ … You’d think I’d grammar/spellcheck such a long post, huh? I guess Jack’s stupidity is contagious, maybe I should stop coming here.

    But then I’d miss the big day of his disbarrment, damn I guess you can’t win huh?

  32. 0
    DarkTetsuya ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Unfortunately, the Florida Bar’s the only one that and end our suffering and misery once and for all, though I haven’t the faintest clue wtf is taking so long.

    @Headspace Cools:

    Which would just make him all the more irrelevant.


    I’m still convinced the two of them were college drinking buddies or something, hence the obviously skewed results.


    Yep. (sorry, but at this point what else is there to say? I think that sums it up quite nicely.)


    I’m sure you were being sarcastic, but I get the impression there’s actually nothing but pages upon pages of EPIC FAIL.


    I just wish the FLABAR would hurry up and shoot his proverbial plane down, already.


    ……. thread over.


    You forgot the part where he still gets to keep his job throughout all of this.

  33. 0
    LightWarrior ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Even though the gay pictures issue was done and over with…sence this is the second time he’s done something like this when filing a court document.

    Do you think that the gay picture issue can still play a part of this one? As in like it’s part of his records that he’s pulled a stunt like this before?

    So that like the judges would see that and take that issue into consideratino with this one being the second time he’s pulling inpropreate court document filings.

  34. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ok gp are you sure that this really wasnt filed by “johnathon lee riches”
    seriously where does the bar find them and why do they let them in the court room???!!!

  35. 0
    Spartan says:

    It is kind of funny that a man who is trying to tell gamers just what they can do is pissed off that the courts are telling him what he can’t do. The poetic justice in this situation is priceless.

    It reminds me of that old song “Burning Down the House”.

  36. 0
    Geno. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So wait, he was proven NOT to be mentally insane? 😐

    It looks like he just discovered Google Images and the copy and paste feature. Looks like our little JT is growing up and finding out all sorts of new things.

  37. 0
    qAaRoN says:

    Jack Thompson submitting more documents that make people laugh at him & question why he’s not locked up? Wow…that’s about as shocking as hearing that Paris Hilton made another sex tape.

  38. 0
    chuck ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He is a paranoid ranting self-righteous hateful windbag on a path to self-destruction, this Jack Thompson is.

    But you gotta admit, he got style. The clerk reading these doesn’t get to smile often, but I suspect there were peals of laughter brightening those drab offices on the day this one came in.

    I’m almost going to miss the guy.

  39. 0
    Loudspeaker ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I wonder if he has a prototype popup-book as a backup in case this one didn’t get past the spam filters…

    Just… Wow…

    I dunno if I should laugh or continue to sit in utter amazement at how low JT has fallen.

  40. 0
    SithLibrarian says:

    Forgot to mention: In all my time spent here on Gamepolitics, this really is the best thing you’ve ever posted, Dennis.

    Seriously, even better than the epic “2006 Person of the Year.”

  41. 0
    jab49 says:

    “When I look back on all the crap [imaged withheld]”

    Was the image withheld by Thompson or someone editing the letter, I can’t figure out which is funnier, Thompson making that lame joke in a legal document or actually enclosing a picture of feces

  42. 0
    WarOtter ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Jabrwock:…“conduct unbecoming a lawyer”…
    Woo! that’s rich. Man I pee’d in my pants a little when I read that line.

    As you can tell my opinion of lawyers in general (depending on what type they are and their behavior) is pretty low. However, even for the scummiest of the scumbag lawyers JBT takes the top honors.

  43. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Some folks are asking in comments, so let me reiterate. This is a real document that Thompson really filed with the real Florida Supreme Court in December. Apparently, it made the justices really mad…”

    Ironic, isn’t it? Someone calls him a hack, he threatens to sue. He calls the entire Florida Supreme Court a bunch of half-wit lunatics who couldn’t find their bums without a map from JT, and he’s amazed that they’re peeved?

    I really hope they keep their cool, and just rake him over the coals for “conduct unbecoming a lawyer”…

  44. 0
    Thad ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Man, that court filing with the monkeys and Jack Nicholson from The Shining couldn’t possibly be clearer. How could ANYONE have trouble comprehending what Jack Thompson is talking about?

  45. 0
    Riff Raff 1138 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack, if you want out of your job so much, why don’t you just quit, instead of going through all this trouble to get yourself fired?

  46. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Can you imagine how he was acting/looking, behind his keyboard, when he finished up his little picture book? I can just see him with a self-satisfied look on his face whilst thinking “this will show them!”. The little man who could probably went to bed afterward with a little baby smile to dream of his impending victory.

  47. 0
    Iniquus ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I haven’t commented in a long time, and normally I would have started again on a non-Thompson story, but I just had to.

    Who else just can’t get “Jack Quixote” out of their head when reading this? Can someone tell him the pen is only mightier than the sword when you’re not writing on windmills?

  48. 0
    beacon80 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yes, Jack. Insult the Florida Bar and treat them like children. I’m sure that will work wonders for you. I mean, it’s gotten you this far, right?
    What really jumped out at me was this line:
    upon which hinge literally tens of millions of video game industry dollars
    I realize some of the cases are still being addressed, but as far as I can recall, Jack Thompson hasn’t managed to cost the video game industry any money. All those legislative cases, they get their legal fees back from the states, and I’m guessing there’s something similar in place for the other cases. If anything, Jack Thompson has made money for Take Two by his unending promotion of Bully, GTA, and Manhunt.

  49. 0
    Unaffiliated Anonymous says:

    Again, he’s spent too much time on internet forums. He’s become addicted to image macros, clearly. I can see him attaching various “epic fail” macros to his next filing, while claiming some sort of victory.

  50. 0
    jccalhoun graduate student ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Another issue is copyright infringement. Does he have permission to use those images? I really doubt it. Therefore he stole them off of websites. So he is submitting pirated intellectual property to the Supreme Court of Florida. Real smart. I doubt his usage is covered under fair use.

  51. 0
    Salen says:


    Its really real? Wow. Thats so… sad. Or lol-worthy. I’m not sure which. Damn. The FL Supreme Court is gunna beat JT like a he was a quadruple amputee playing swing ball.

  52. 0
    Matthew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    There is not enough what in the world to describe this. I know I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I can only assume that what I just read was really a mild hallucination and I’m really replying to a story about Canadian government officials cracking down on piracy. Hold on, let me check. No, it still looks like the Thompson letter.

  53. 0
    Chris242 says:

    I was just being facetious when I asked if this was a joke or not. I know GP wouldn’t post a story like this if it wasn’t confirmed to be true. I’m just so shocked that someone would submit something like this to the court.

    I mean, REALLY shocked.

  54. 0
    Wiry says:

    “When I look back on all the crap [imaged withheld] I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.”

    He uses song lyrics to explain how he is feeling. It’s like a teenager’s AIM away message…only it’s a LEGAL DOCUMENT! The hilarity is too glorious for words (which I guess explains all the pictures).

  55. 0
    Headspace Cools says:

    It doesn’t really matter if he gets disbarred or not. Fox will still call upon him as a “Video Game and School Massacre” expert. Fox doesn’t give two craps about the credentials of their guests.

    He won’t go away unless that last string of sanity actually does snap and he either is put into a harness in some mental hospital, or goes on some shooting spree of his own (thereafter blaming video games).

  56. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack, I know you are reading this. You must soon understand, for your own good, that the Florida Bar isn’t trying to disbar you for being a whistle blower. They are trying to disbar you for making a mockery of the profession of law. Your little picture book, its such a mockery.

  57. 0
    kurisu7885 says:


    He did speak of suing them into oblivion, and in his mind that either means having all the owners and employees jailed and their properties seized and destroyed, or burying them in legal costs.

    He likely believes that video games are still developed by nerdy kids, only then in his mind can this work.

  58. 0
    Tammej says:

    Somebody please show Thompson how to use Office properly. I can’t read this, seriously! It’s an eyesore. This is supposed to be a legal document?

    Somebody give this guy a handful of crayons and scrap paper, so he can let it allll out okay?

  59. 0
    lurker says:

    upon which hinge literally tens of millions of video game industry dollars

    Is this a veiled admission from him that all he’s trying to do is waste the industry’s money?

  60. 0
    ChrowX ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Okay, I understand his complaint that he has a right to file cases with the American legal system, but given his track record of wasting an ass-load of time and money (not his money, mind you) he’s simply turned himself into the boy who cried wolf. The Judicial system has a ton of problems to deal with as it is, and Jacky boy wants them to set aside the murder cases so he can claim that playstation made a psychotic and mentally-disturbed individual go on a rampage.

    I’m not even that well-versed in Law and I can understand what he’s doing wrong. If he had an actual reason, he could get out of this, but instead, he’s making a complete ass of himself by filing these stupid little picture books.

  61. 0
    Majestic_12_x ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Can anyone explain why I can’t post a link to rapidshare here? I’ve actually created a picture book of my own, and I’d like to share. If not rapidshare, any other uploading site will suffice. Thanks.

  62. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The entire document looks like the work of a madman. Exactly how does Thompson claim to be sane? I can’t think of ANY proffession that would accept this kind of behavior- even fast food employees (I mean no disrespect) would get canned if they acted like JT does.

    In fact, his little “masterpiece” more resembles what some pimple-faced nerd in his mom’s basement would post in a Dr. Who message board (again, no disrespect).

    The difference is that a law degree and a so-called “serious” career choice is involved.

    Jack, its time to throw in the towel and try to save what little face you have.

  63. 0
    Raziel3024 says:

    Actually, Jackie boy is so bad, he makes ol’Winston look like a BRILLIANT lawyer.

    I just can’t believe someone would actually do something like this.

  64. 0
    mogbert ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Actually it was a step up from his previous filings, below we have a [fake] example:
    [parody letter]
    v. Case Numbers SC 07 – 80 and 07- 354


    I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!

    Also, Ben sucks!

    JOHN B. THOMPSON, Attorney
    [/parody letter]

  65. 0
    jab49 says:

    @ lanodantheon,

    Your conspiracy theory actual came to my mind when I was reading that legal document, I started thinking, ok, this can’t be real, what if Jack Thompson is just an enormously elaborate ruse and we’ll all find out April 1st that he’s actually an actor hired by Penny Arcade for the purposes of hilarity.

  66. 0
    Lanodantheon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If JT is trying to get himself fired faster he’s doing a pretty good job. Somtimes I wonder about his home life. What are his wife and his son like, honestly?

    I personally have three theories about this thing:
    1. JT’s arguments are legit, he’s just stupid in the filing. He means every word he says. [If untrue, it’s perjury]
    2. JT knows he’s lost the war against games and just wants to accelerate the process of getting canned. [Highly unlikely]

    Now conspiracy theory time!
    3. JT is actually pretending to be crazy either because, A) He wants to martyr himself for the next generation of game critics or B) He’s a video game supporter coming out of the closet with the biggest hoax in World History.

    That theory is completely impossible, but I needed to be the one to put on the JT Conspiracy Theory Hat (Patented).

  67. 0
    GryphonOsiris ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow, and we all thought that Jack couldn’t be any more of a used douche bag.

    Anyone know a proctologist who can take care of this asshole? Anyone?

  68. 0
    Jer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    the first thing that came to mind when i opened the document is, “Why is it in size 14 font?”
    then i start scrolling.
    “WTF is up with the pictures?”

    Is Mr. Thompson trying to make a comic book or something? or an old school Looney Toons skit?

  69. 0

    I still hold to my “Jack Thompson = Wimp Lo” theory.

    Jack Thompson: Ha! Face to foot style, how do you like it?

    Florida Supreme Court Justices: I’m sure on some planet your style is impressive, but your weak link is: this is Earth.

    Jack Thompson: Oh yeah? Then try my nuts to your fist style!

  70. 0
    Eville1 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yeah this is in that Law Blog I posted yesterday. Hysterical stuff. Some of his others? Not so much hysterical as sad. Sad that a person has such a huge persecution complex.

  71. 0
    Dan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Also, parallels can be drawn to Joshua A. Norton. The self styled Emperor of the United States. He was dismissed as a harmless crank and even became something of a celebrity in San Francisco.

  72. 0
    Twin-Skies ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    *Reads picture document*

    You. Have. Got. To. Be. Fucking. Kidding.


    That’s the misguided Christian fundie in feeling like its getting martyred

    A lot of them of them seem to think they’re being persecuted for their cause, when in reality it’s because of their stupidity.

  73. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    What gets me is, with the previous story, Jack actually thinks that not only are the Federal courts going to take him seriously, but are going to be his saving grace.

    Briar Rabbit has jumped head first into the stew pot and he doesn’t even know it.

  74. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I have a right to file anything I want with the court…. They can deny relief, but they can’t tell me I can’t seek relief.”

    They’re not. They’re telling you you need to go through someone who’s not a tantrum throwing child before you’re allowed to file. It’s no different than not allowing you to file without a docket fee…

    Sheesh, play up the poor oppressed victim.

  75. 0

    This is it. This is the moment where Thompson crosses the threshold. He’s becoming a new Francis E. Dec.

    For those wondering, Mr Dec was an American lawyer, who – after a long and spectacular breakdown, including repeated incoherent rambling letters to the courts – was disbarred and then went utterly insane, eventually becoming a demented recluse, distributing his gibbering diatribes to anyone who didn’t run screaming.

    Read about his exploits here.

    Alternatively (and less amusingly) there’s a wikipedia entry on the man here.

    There are easy parallels to draw between Thompson and Dec. This has gone on for quite some time, but I didn’t really think he’d go this far. An illustrated lunatic rant with Judge Tunis’ mention accompanied by a picture of a kangaroo with a gavel? Great stuff.

    Keep tuned, kids. The best part is yet to come. Once Thompson gets disbarred, if he continues down the road laid by Dec, then the real comedy is yet to come.

  76. 0
    Sidewinder says:

    If this is real (and I’m having some problems with it) it’s not just Jack who should lose his license. That shrink who green lighted him begs for a proper investigation…

  77. 0
    AgnostoTheo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    The question is, does Jack’s swan song sound more like a Funeral Dirge, or something along the lines of “They’re coming to Take Me Away, Ha-HA!”

    I’ll bet on the latter. I think Jack might look good in a fresh white Straight Jacket.

  78. 0
    beemoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “It is beyond bizarre that they think they can tell me I can’t seek relief. They can deny relief, but they can’t tell me I can’t seek relief.”

    Jack, any problems you have with trying to get what you feel you are not getting from your wife elsewhere is none of the Florida Bar’s business.


  79. 0
    Muninn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Think of how insulting this is to the court that he filed this in. He straight up told them, “you are too stupid to understand my mighty intellect, so I will break this down into small words with pictures for you, so you will see how stupid you have been for opposing the mighty jackthom and beg for forgiveness.”

  80. 0
    Ghost Coins ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The only laughable thing about Jack’s argument (well, laughable from a legal perspective) is that the courts are not taking away his right to do anything…they’re just requiring that he have a little supervision in the process. He can still file, but he will have to get another lawyer to sign off on it. His wife is a lawyer, so I fail to see how calling up the wife and asking for a sig would be that much of an issue. A second pair of eyes on a court filing might…you know, stop all these pictures from showing up. Imagine if Thompson had to pass the gay pornography filing by his wife prior to submitting it to the courts. I would put down $10 that we would have never seen it.

  81. 0
    Ghost Coins ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I saw this yesterday at a southern Florida legal blog. One of the lawyers had pulled this out of public record to show how insane his filings were. They couldn’t even figure out what he was trying to do. I still like the Jack Abramhoff pic next to the word “fairness”. Precious moment there.
    However, the line, “Thompson has no problem with enduring a fair disciplinary process. He has not had it, and no Justice sitting on this High Court could rationally think fair this Ben Kuehne-led high-tech lynching of an uppity Christian” is in extremely poor taste since he has so eloquently equated a black judge to a lynch mob leader. Yes, no racial overtones there Mr. Thompson. Good show sir, a few more like this, and the Fed will investigate the Florida Bar if they don’t pull your license.

    I wonder if an excessive use of copyrighted images in a court filing is illegal…think of all the infringement in this filing alone. I know threadless had nothing to do with Mr. Thompson, and I’m pretty damn sure the image is excessive. Might be a lawsuit in it for some of the owners of those images.

  82. 0
    Demontestament ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Either Jack Thompson is as crazy as we all think he is, or he is one of the greatest comedic minds of our time. Either way we get a good laugh.

  83. 0
    Garret says:

    I am utterly stunned, I can think of no explanation for such a court filing, it looks like what would happen if you walked into a kindergarten class and selected a child at random for your attorney.

    there is no reason this man to be practising law, someone call the mental hospital, their getting another resident.

  84. 0
    Weighted Companion Cube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think the reason that he hates the videogame industry so much is that he hasn’t mentally matured to the point of a 17-year-old (or possibly an 8-year-old), and as such, probably isn’t capable of handling a Mature-rated game. Hence, his frustration.

    Also, Godwin calls shenanigans on his letter.

  85. 0
    Chris242 says:

    Wait… is it April 1? This is a joke, right? This can’t be an actual court filing, can it? C’mon, GP, you’re pulling our collective leg, right?

    Looking at that filing made me think of 2 things: a grade-schooler making some sort of collage for art class, and the episode of The Office (U.S.) where Michael speaks at Ryan’s business school class and holds up different candy bars as “visual aids.” I just can’t decide whether that episode or this filing is funnier.

  86. 0
    chuma ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Do you think he’s passed his letter writing down to his son?

    Well I think this is quite possibly the most fitting ending to a career I’ve ever read. Pure drivel, with large writing and pictures.

  87. 0
    G-Nash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

    And it’s a COURT FILING.

    That alone should say there’s something wrong with this man…

    One other thing – from the document:
    “When I look back on all the crap [imaged withheld] I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.”

    Was the ‘withheld’ bit put there by GP, or did JT write that? If so, he really is a comedy genius. Incredibly unprofessional, but still a genius.

  88. 0
    CK20XX says:

    I can picture how this must have played out as a Weird Al music video…

    It’s a shame to see a life go to waste, even Jack’s. But if this is what he’s chosen, I hope he lives somewhere with plenty of hills for him to shout at.

  89. 0
    Repudiator ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The inclusion of pictures… Hahaha, oh wow.

    I mean…Wow. I just have no words to describe Thompson now. That’s just bad, when I can’t even come up with a comment for him.

  90. 0
    AgnostoTheo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m absolutely dumbfounded as to why the Florida Bar feels it can’t just hop over all the busywork and just kick Jack out on his ass for this.

    Then again. If they dot all their i’s and cross all the T’s, There’ll be nothing left for Jack to try and appeal on.

    It’s almost like watching a steamroller crush a man who’s feet have been glued to the sidewalk at 1/3 MPH… *grabs popcorn.*

  91. 0
    Steve ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    OK, IANAL, and I have no idea what the technicalities of a court are. Do courts use some sort of Rosetta Stone or Enigma machine to translate this into something that makes sense, or do they view this in the same way I do, the same way one would look at a man walking down the street wearing a tu-tu, skipping, with a large can of SpaghettiOs strapped atop his head with a power steering belt?

  92. 0
    myrpok says:

    I saw this letter yesterday on the justiceblogspot, I truly thought it was one of the bloggers lampooning Jack’s childish filings. I honestly laughed at the ridiculous nature of it, though I couldn’t read more than a paragraph due to the interrupting nature of the pictures.
    I would’ve hated to have been the one who had to read the entire thing.

  93. 0
    VaMinion says:

    I’ve never looked at a GP article before and thought “No way. This has to be a fake”. Then I saw the letter. I mean this in all sincerity, I have trouble believing that it’s legit.

    Not that I doubt GP or the source. It’s just that much WTF?


  94. 0
    Waffles ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Maybe he also thinks that everyone acts the same in real-life as they do on the Internet, and has decided thats the only he can communicate with anyone nowadays.

    “The Florida Bar doesn’t get it at all! These images are indeed LULZ-worthy. Why the Florida Bar has not done one iota of research on the matter is beyond me, Thompson. Epic fail, indeed a most epic fail by the Florida Bar.”

  95. 0
    DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack Thompson thinks he’s the only ‘grown-up’ ever. Plain and simple. So in doing so, he ALSO acts like he’s only one-tenth his actual age to ‘bring himself down to their level.’

    The man is a prick.

  96. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    I didn’t read the document as I don’t care. But I did look at all the pictures.

    I must say, “WOW!” And he thinks he is capable of practicing law?!?

    That would not have passed for an eighth grade english paper. How can he expect it to pass for a legal document?

  97. 0
    BearDogg-X says:

    He needs to change his Depends. What a delusional crybaby.

    The Florida Supreme Court is not telling him that “he can’t seek relief” if he doesn’t show cause, but that he’d only to be able file documentation through another attorney.

    And all because he is unable or unwilling to practice what he preaches.

  98. 0
    Dracis says:

    The more I see from JT, the more I am convinced that he is definately mentally unstable and that document just proves that fact all the more.

    I’m no lawyer. nor will I ever be, but even I can see by doing something like filing this “document” is, to be perfectly blunt, absolutely childish and foolish.

    It’s almost like JT wants to be disbarred, but I doubt he even sees the problem at all.

  99. 0
    Salen says:

    *blink* Wow.

    That document is a work of art. The only thing missing is some melting watches and some excess paint splattered across it.

    And this document was supposed to help his argument how???

  100. 0
    Dan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One gets the impression that Thompson just figured out how to import pictures into word documents. And, like a school kid, he is showing off his newfound knowledge by running out and frivolously showing off.

    “Mommy, mommy! Look what I learned today!”

  101. 0
    Overcast says:

    So like an immature middle schooler fighting with his parents, Thompson’s argument is “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!”

    You may be on to something… Perhaps – in the 80’s when he was still living with his parents, they denied him play time for video games – and now, he’s most bitter indeed!!


  102. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I have a right to file anything I want with the court. It is beyond bizarre that they think they can tell me I can’t seek relief. They can deny relief, but they can’t tell me I can’t seek relief.”




    NW2K Software

  103. 0
    Waffles ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “I have a right to file anything I want with the court. It is beyond bizarre that they think they can tell me I can’t seek relief. They can deny relief, but they can’t tell me I can’t seek relief.”

    So like an immature middle schooler fighting with his parents, Thompson’s argument is “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!”

  104. 0
    KotatsuNeko says:

    Okay, we already knew Jack has absolutely no sense of legal propriety (assuming I spelled that correctly), and I don’t have time at the moment to look through that document, but… good grief.

  105. 0
    bakaohki says:

    The only reason Jack wasn’t found insane is probably because that he went to a psychiatrist of his own choosing. Pay one enough money, and they’ll find anyone sane.

  106. 0
    GetWellGamers ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow, I thought Jack had gone off the deep end before but that’s just… wow, man.

    No wonder the bar threw a fit. He’s treating them like children or second-rate internet trolls.

  107. 0
    DCOW ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    you don’t know jack thompson then.

    you must remember this is the same person who called everyone here nazis and likened us to the hilter.

    when you understand the livejournal banned him. live journal actually frickin banned him.

  108. 0
    Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney says:

    Alright. I know when I’m beat. As a criminal defense attorney, I have defended all walks of life, from defendants who have falsely confessed to crimes, to myself. I have wrapped up 15-yearl-old cases in a single day. I have proven clients innocent of larceny by proving them guilty of murder, then proved them innocent of that murder. I have dealt with the scum of the earth, from loan sharks, to ex-girlfriends, to prosecutors who themselves are the true culprits. As one man against the world, my desperate efforts have known no equal.

    Until now.

    John Bruce Thompson, I concede defeat. The shenanigans I have brought to the court of law are no match for what you have achieved in a single document.

  109. 0
    Anonymous says:

    Jesus H fucking Christ.

    WTF, GP, could you please confirm that confirmation? Oh, God.

    It’s real isn’t it. This isn’t even funny anymore. Actually it is. One part of me is laughing. Another is crying. How can someone be so insane? How? Why? WTF?

    Then again, we can do a near quote from Kryten. “This man is John Bruce Thompson. It is his crime, it is also his punishment.”

  110. 0
    Rodrigo Ybáñez García ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The next headline is gonna be: “Crazy Anti-Videogame lawyer kills 10 people in Florida bar and shoots himself!”

    “Won´t somebody please think of the children?… oh, and buy my book…” were his finals words before he shoot his head.

    (I´m so violent, maybe games are guilty indeed xD)

  111. 0
    Cidas ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I liked the bit where he plugged his book near the end. Again. Highly offensive though. While Thompson strives to be clear to the court, I think most of us can see where this is headed.

  112. 0
    Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    What the court is saying: “Show some maturity in your filings.”

    What Jack hears: “You aren’t allowed to defend yourself, Take-Two said so.”

  113. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You know, I’ve heard it said by some, including Hal, that Jack is a smart guy and not to underestimate him. I’ve tried to see, through all the huff and bluster, posturing and religious invective the actual method to his madness and try to discern some sort of battle strategy.

    But this document however, proves one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt: he has none. He really is as crazy as we think he is. He’s got no plan, no end condition, nothing. All he wanted was to get his name in the history books and nothing more. Norm Kent hit the nail on the head. Jack will get his name in the history books all right, just not in the way he wanted. Instead of being seen as a moral crusader, he’ll be taught in law classes and textbooks as an example of how not to be an attorney.

  114. 0
    Headspace Cools says:

    I always knew Jack was loopy but after reading that filing… he truly is insane, isn’t he? I’m not even attempting to be inflammatory… the man really is certifiable!

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