Did This Document Bring Florida Supreme Court's Wrath Down Upon Jack Thompson?

February 22, 2008 -
As GamePolitics reported yesterday, the Florida Supreme Court alleged earlier this week that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has "abused the legal system by submitting numerous frivolous and inappropriate filings in this Court."

In GP's experience, Thompson's legal filings are indeed frequent, often vitriolic, and occasionally come with, ahempictures attached. But that's old news. So what filing of Thompson's pushed the Florida Supremes to the brink?

The Daily Business Review reports that a December document was specifically mentioned in the Court's show cause order to Thompson:
The court described one of Thompson's recent filings in detail. [Thompson] dubbed it a "children's picture book for adults," interspersing images with text in his motion due to "the court's inability to comprehend" his arguments.

Images included "swastikas, kangaroos in court, a reproduced dollar bill, cartoon squirrels, Paul Simon, Paul Newman, Ray Charles, a handprint with the word 'slap' written under it, Bar Governor Benedict P. Kuehne, a baby, Ed Bradley, Jack Nicholson, Justice Clarence Thomas, Julius Caesar, monkeys, a house of cards," the order said. 

You can see that filing here (MS Word format), slightly edited for length. For his part, Thompson told the DBR:
I have a right to file anything I want with the court. It is beyond bizarre that they think they can tell me I can't seek relief. They can deny relief, but they can't tell me I can't seek relief.

GP: Some folks are asking in comments, so let me reiterate. This is a real document that Thompson really filed with the real Florida Supreme Court in December. Apparently, it made the justices really mad...


Jack isn't just a tool, he's a goddamn Leatherman.

Jack is either:

a) Retarded
b) Insane
c) All of the above

This letter proves it.

Let's hope this complete joke of a lawyer loses his license.

I'm absolutely dumbfounded as to why the Florida Bar feels it can't just hop over all the busywork and just kick Jack out on his ass for this.

Then again. If they dot all their i's and cross all the T's, There'll be nothing left for Jack to try and appeal on.

It's almost like watching a steamroller crush a man who's feet have been glued to the sidewalk at 1/3 MPH... *grabs popcorn.*

The inclusion of pictures... Hahaha, oh wow.

I mean...Wow. I just have no words to describe Thompson now. That's just bad, when I can't even come up with a comment for him.

I can picture how this must have played out as a Weird Al music video...

It's a shame to see a life go to waste, even Jack's. But if this is what he's chosen, I hope he lives somewhere with plenty of hills for him to shout at.

This is a joke, right?

It's not April 1st, is it?

Man, if that isn't drain bamage, I don't know what is.

Where are the men with his complimentary strait jacket?


Maybe his Son? XD

This is the funniest thing I've seen all week.

And it's a COURT FILING.

That alone should say there's something wrong with this man...

One other thing - from the document:
"When I look back on all the crap [imaged withheld] I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.”

Was the 'withheld' bit put there by GP, or did JT write that? If so, he really is a comedy genius. Incredibly unprofessional, but still a genius.

Wow just wow. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at this man.


I was thinking the same thing. I could hear Yahtzee's voice as I read the letter. He just didn't seem as funny.

Do you think he's passed his letter writing down to his son?

Well I think this is quite possibly the most fitting ending to a career I've ever read. Pure drivel, with large writing and pictures.

I personally like the image taken from a threadless.com the t-shirt "give me your nuts.".

You hear that?

That's Jack Thompson's swan song.

Kangaroos, babies, handprint with the word "slap", monkeys, actors...

Jack lost it didnt he?

Wait... is it April 1? This is a joke, right? This can't be an actual court filing, can it? C'mon, GP, you're pulling our collective leg, right?

Looking at that filing made me think of 2 things: a grade-schooler making some sort of collage for art class, and the episode of The Office (U.S.) where Michael speaks at Ryan's business school class and holds up different candy bars as "visual aids." I just can't decide whether that episode or this filing is funnier.

I think the reason that he hates the videogame industry so much is that he hasn't mentally matured to the point of a 17-year-old (or possibly an 8-year-old), and as such, probably isn't capable of handling a Mature-rated game. Hence, his frustration.

Also, Godwin calls shenanigans on his letter.

I could only read about three pages of that before I was asked by my mother what I was laughing so hard at...

I am utterly stunned, I can think of no explanation for such a court filing, it looks like what would happen if you walked into a kindergarten class and selected a child at random for your attorney.

there is no reason this man to be practising law, someone call the mental hospital, their getting another resident.

Either Jack Thompson is as crazy as we all think he is, or he is one of the greatest comedic minds of our time. Either way we get a good laugh.

Ive been following gamepoltics (and not posting) for years, and I have to say that this is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

I saw this yesterday at a southern Florida legal blog. One of the lawyers had pulled this out of public record to show how insane his filings were. They couldn't even figure out what he was trying to do. I still like the Jack Abramhoff pic next to the word "fairness". Precious moment there.
However, the line, "Thompson has no problem with enduring a fair disciplinary process. He has not had it, and no Justice sitting on this High Court could rationally think fair this Ben Kuehne-led high-tech lynching of an uppity Christian" is in extremely poor taste since he has so eloquently equated a black judge to a lynch mob leader. Yes, no racial overtones there Mr. Thompson. Good show sir, a few more like this, and the Fed will investigate the Florida Bar if they don't pull your license.

I wonder if an excessive use of copyrighted images in a court filing is illegal...think of all the infringement in this filing alone. I know threadless had nothing to do with Mr. Thompson, and I'm pretty damn sure the image is excessive. Might be a lawsuit in it for some of the owners of those images.

I dont think anyone can make me say, "Holy crap" daily like John B Thompson can.

Or "WTF" for that matter.

The only laughable thing about Jack's argument (well, laughable from a legal perspective) is that the courts are not taking away his right to do anything...they're just requiring that he have a little supervision in the process. He can still file, but he will have to get another lawyer to sign off on it. His wife is a lawyer, so I fail to see how calling up the wife and asking for a sig would be that much of an issue. A second pair of eyes on a court filing might...you know, stop all these pictures from showing up. Imagine if Thompson had to pass the gay pornography filing by his wife prior to submitting it to the courts. I would put down $10 that we would have never seen it.

What is that title picture from?

Think of how insulting this is to the court that he filed this in. He straight up told them, "you are too stupid to understand my mighty intellect, so I will break this down into small words with pictures for you, so you will see how stupid you have been for opposing the mighty jackthom and beg for forgiveness."

"It is beyond bizarre that they think they can tell me I can’t seek relief. They can deny relief, but they can’t tell me I can’t seek relief."

Jack, any problems you have with trying to get what you feel you are not getting from your wife elsewhere is none of the Florida Bar's business.



The question is, does Jack's swan song sound more like a Funeral Dirge, or something along the lines of "They're coming to Take Me Away, Ha-HA!"

I'll bet on the latter. I think Jack might look good in a fresh white Straight Jacket.

[...] Take a look at the motion at GamePolitics and follow along as we explore the new and unprecedented world of image-aided legal writing! [...]

If this is real (and I'm having some problems with it) it's not just Jack who should lose his license. That shrink who green lighted him begs for a proper investigation...

I started typing a comment, but I got on a bit of a roll, so I tossed it up at Mammon instead. I think I'm amusing, anyway.

This is it. This is the moment where Thompson crosses the threshold. He's becoming a new Francis E. Dec.

For those wondering, Mr Dec was an American lawyer, who - after a long and spectacular breakdown, including repeated incoherent rambling letters to the courts - was disbarred and then went utterly insane, eventually becoming a demented recluse, distributing his gibbering diatribes to anyone who didn't run screaming.

Read about his exploits here.

Alternatively (and less amusingly) there's a wikipedia entry on the man here.

There are easy parallels to draw between Thompson and Dec. This has gone on for quite some time, but I didn't really think he'd go this far. An illustrated lunatic rant with Judge Tunis' mention accompanied by a picture of a kangaroo with a gavel? Great stuff.

Keep tuned, kids. The best part is yet to come. Once Thompson gets disbarred, if he continues down the road laid by Dec, then the real comedy is yet to come.

Folks, it's real. He filed that with the Florida Supreme Court in December.

...Heh, sorry for the double-link, I had no idea Wordpress would automate the trackback process for me. Chalk it up to relative inexperience in the blogospheric realm.

"I have a right to file anything I want with the court.... They can deny relief, but they can’t tell me I can’t seek relief."

They're not. They're telling you you need to go through someone who's not a tantrum throwing child before you're allowed to file. It's no different than not allowing you to file without a docket fee...

Sheesh, play up the poor oppressed victim.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

What gets me is, with the previous story, Jack actually thinks that not only are the Federal courts going to take him seriously, but are going to be his saving grace.

Briar Rabbit has jumped head first into the stew pot and he doesn't even know it.

i WISH i was the judge that received that. That is brilliant. SLAP!

lol *cries*

Ugh... This guy's crazier than Ron Paul!

*Reads picture document*

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Fucking. Kidding.


That's the misguided Christian fundie in feeling like its getting martyred

A lot of them of them seem to think they're being persecuted for their cause, when in reality it's because of their stupidity.


Also, parallels can be drawn to Joshua A. Norton. The self styled Emperor of the United States. He was dismissed as a harmless crank and even became something of a celebrity in San Francisco.

Crap. The link didn't go through.

Every time I see a story about Jack I think he couldn't get crazier. The man has raised the bar every single time. Pure genius.

Yeah this is in that Law Blog I posted yesterday. Hysterical stuff. Some of his others? Not so much hysterical as sad. Sad that a person has such a huge persecution complex.

That is amazing. Think about just how long it must have taken Jacko to find all of those images.

I still hold to my "Jack Thompson = Wimp Lo" theory.

Jack Thompson: Ha! Face to foot style, how do you like it?

Florida Supreme Court Justices: I’m sure on some planet your style is impressive, but your weak link is: this is Earth.

Jack Thompson: Oh yeah? Then try my nuts to your fist style!

Jack Thompson, the Winston Payne of real life.

(Those who play Phoenix Wright will understand)

the first thing that came to mind when i opened the document is, "Why is it in size 14 font?"
then i start scrolling.
"WTF is up with the pictures?"

Is Mr. Thompson trying to make a comic book or something? or an old school Looney Toons skit?

That's...incredibly slanderous.

Wow, and we all thought that Jack couldn't be any more of a used douche bag.

Anyone know a proctologist who can take care of this asshole? Anyone?
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