Immigration Game Attacked... Publisher Fires Back

February 29, 2008 -
In recent months, GamePolitics has been tracking the development of ICED, a serious game designed to publicize the issues faced by immigrants in the United States. The final version launched earlier this month.

Published by human rights organization Breakthrough, ICED examines immigration issues from the perspective of the immigrant. This is, of course, a hot-button political issue these days, so it's not surprising that ICED has generated some controversy.

An article on Alex Jones' InfoWars trashes ICED, terming it "an illegal immigration training game:"
An Indian woman, Mallika Dutt, has released a video game that essentially trains illegal aliens how to sneak across the border and avoid border patrol agents and cops...

For the casual observer, Ms. Dutt comes off as your garden variety liberal “human rights” advocate with a useful penchant for technology. But it is a bit more sinister than that...

As the average Mexican or Latin American does not have access to a video game console, let alone a television, the game is more practically geared toward an effort to inculcate middle class Americans into the belief that illegal immigration is a human rights issue, never mind open borders and the influx of third world people is a globalist plot to turn the United States, soon to become part of a North American Union, into a feudal slave labor gulag based on the China model. It has absolutely nothing to do with human rights.

Asked by GamePolitics to comment on the harsh criticism, Breakthrough's Mallika Dutt pulled no punches in her response:
ICED - I Can End Deportation is a video game about the lack of due process in the immigration system as it applies to legal permanent residents, asylum seekers and people who are here on valid visas - it’s not about illegal immigrants - as anyone who’s actually bothered to play the game would quickly realize.

One of the characters, Marc, is a war veteran - and many vets, who have legal resident status, have been deported because of unfair immigration laws. Current detention and deportation laws hold people, even legal residents, in detention indefinitely with no access to a judge. Legal residents can be deported for minor crimes - without the opportunity to make a case before a judge.

It’s interesting that those who claim to be supporting the American way of life, are the very ones who are ripping apart due process and fairness in our legal systems...

GP: The immigration issue is surely a controversial one, and there are valid points to be made on both sides. But, frankly, the InfoWars piece smacks of prejudice and stereotyping.

Making it a point to identify Mallika Dutt as "an Indian woman" and asserting that "the average Mexican or Latin American does not have access to a video game console" pretty much show where the article is coming from.

And, note to InfoWars: ICED is not played on a console or a television. It's a PC game.


"Oooo mabye because they are born citizens who earned that right to mooch"

Yeah, because you get to chose where you're born, and who your parents are. Seriously... fuck you. It's this kind of rampant ignorance that politicians feed on.

And do we even need to talk about drugs. Oooh.... you have pot, you're a criminal. Oooh... you have an OPIATE.... oh, but you're wearing a white coat....

The point that you still have completely missed is that the term illegal is just an arbitrary word that the government decides to put in place. It used to be legal for lynch mobs to hang blacks, that doesn't mean the law that was in place is just. It also used to be illegal for blacks to use 'white' bathrooms. Does that mean that just because it's the law, you MUST DEFEND it? I know many immigrants both legal and illegal (coming from a family that fled the vietnam war). Many of my relatives ended up coming over illegally, but they never broke any other laws, and after a set amount of time of living in the country, you are allowed to apply for citizenship, regardless of your immigration was legal or not. But you're saying just because some crack head rapist was BORN in the US, he deserves to continue mooching off the government, while someone else who has done nothing illegal except not attain a piece of paper are imprisoned without legal representation, and deported to their home country, regardless if that means they're returning to a death sentence. Like I said, think before you speak.... you're coming off like a HUGE jerk who's sole basis of judging a person is where he happens to squeak out of their mother's vagina.

GAH! READ WHAT I TYPE! I"M NOT SAYING ALL IMMIGRANTS SHOULD BE LEGAL. ALL i'm saying is that just because someone is labeled as "ILLEGAL" doesn't make them criminals. There are plenty of illegal immigrants that follow all the other laws in place, and there are plenty of people that are legal that break a lot of laws in place. Just because someone didn't renew their student visa, or the paperwork for their green card got lost is no reason to treat these people like animals. THEY ARE PEOPLE! They deserve the same rights as other people, regardless of nationality. Imprisoning people without due process just because they don't have citizenship is a really really hypocritical thing to do.

Now... if you're here illegally, and you end up breaking lots of laws, fine, send their asses back home. But just because they arrived through nefarious means doesn't make them a liability to the rest of the public.

And please, can ANYONE tell me how the HELL you can think that just because you happened to be born in this country, that you deserve any more basic human and civil rights than someone who has lived here their entire life on a green card.

Deus(everyone is legal)Payne

oh ya its a arbitrary word like government, I am sorry if you dislike how reality works go to Mexico or other places and they wont let you be a citizen so easily if at all.

My point is its a rule that protects the country from collapse and over population,it has more to do with populace control and services balance than "ooo lets
keep them peoplz out".

"regardless of your immigration was legal or not. But you’re saying just because some crack head rapist was BORN in the US"
yes because he was born here and thus slotted to be taken care of if need be, the family of 5 that snunk in should go back that are not part of the system and should be denied its benefits.

You seem to fail to understand the reality of it we do not need a large populace in the population to be "hidden" and the main group we can deal with is the illegal immigrants, I am not interested in deporting them if they have stayed out of trouble all I want is 3 things for them to be counted and taxed and the retarted immigration system fixed, that way that family of 5 wont be harmed by the system other than being forced to pay their fair share of the burden of being a citizen.
The only way to that is to put in place a temp system(10-15 years the way government works), expanding the green card system to do this while the immigration system is over hauled is not a bad idea.

Now the 2nd main group of "hidden" people are the rich and criminals, those that dodge the tax system, a fair tax would deal with this forcing everyone who buys goods to pay a tax.



I NEVER said all immigrants should be legal. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I REPEATED THIS!?!?!?!?!!

The point is that just because someone is labeled 'illegal' doesn't instantly turn them into a criminal mastermind who's screwing everyone else. There are ILLEGALS who are productive, and there are ILLEGALS who aren't. Yes, deportation does need to happen. Yes, illegals need to be kept in check. But just because they happened to be born on some other soil is NO REASON TO TREAT THEM LIKE CATTLE!

Deus(benefits is a human right)Payne

its comments like that that make me want to side with the deport them and forget them crowed, government,state and location/job benefits IS NOT A HUMAN RIGHT.......................

by sneaking in and letting employers abuse them, they become hypocrities, you are wanting a free ride to a job and government benefits and complain they abuse you yet are unwilling to pay taxes or be a part of the system, you can not have it both ways.....

I NEVER said all immigrants should be legal. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I REPEATED THIS!?!?!?!?!!""

No enough apparently.

zippy... read up on the deportation process. There's even been some description in it here. Imprisoning people without due process IS A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION!!!! I've never said that they should get access to government hand outs, I never said that illegals deserve the same benefits as citizens. But treating people like cattle, herding them in massive detainment centers, there's even been reports of deportees being drugged so they wouldn't be as much of a 'problem' while they're being deported. I don't care where your from, if you're being treated like an animal, that's a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION.

Draining the US via illegal means sucks, yes, and needs to be stopped. But that's no reason to throw out the bill or rights in the process. Legal representation, due process, and NOT BEING DRUGGED AGAINST YOUR WILL... I think everyone can agree that those ARE basic human rights.

Alex Jones, your stupid is showing:

"As the average Mexican or Latin American does not have access to a video game console, let alone a television…"

So the implication in the language you used is that people are more likely to have access to a video game console then a television. Hey genius, how would they play it?

That’s the thing about stupid people - they tend to believe stupid things

I was about to comment on this. Completely off topic, but I am soooooooo sick of seeing people who don't know how the phrase "let alone" is supposed to be used abuse it the way they do.

People are considered "illegal" immigrants because they have broken the law and entered the country illegally. It is a crime to enter the country in such a way. So when you say that "just because someone is labeled as 'illegal' doesn't make them criminals," you are essentially saying that "Not all people who commit crimes are criminals." That is a self-contradicting statement that does not make any sense to me.

I'm guessing maybe what you mean to say is that people who break the law by entering our country illegally do not necessarily break additional laws once they are here. That's true, but it is beside the point. The point is that people who enter the U.S. without following the due processes of paperwork and registration required by law are called "illegal immigrants" because they have immigrated here illegally. They have broken the law. They are criminals already, regardless of any other crimes they may or may not commit once they are here.

As I tried to say above, a non-U.S. citizen absolutely does not deserve the same legal status or rights as a U.S. citizen in a U.S. court. Furthermore, because these "rights" are a matter of U.S. law to some extent, an illegal immigrant does not deserve the same rights or legal status as a legal foreign national resident.

Stinking Kevin: At one point in time it was considered illegal for a black person to use a 'white' persons bathroom. Does that mean that it should still be that way now, just because it was the law.

"Furthermore, because these “rights” are a matter of U.S. law to some extent, an illegal immigrant does not deserve the same rights or legal status as a legal foreign national resident."

I'm sorry, but that is something that I just can't deal with. You believe that American's are so superior to the rest of the world, that we deserve basic human and civil liberties, and the rest of the world doesn't?

Maybe we should just kill all illegal immigrants. They don't have rights... so who cares? Why waste the money deporting them, it'll be cheaper just to gas them all.


Human rights are just that, HUMAN rights. They're not American born citizen, or legally obtained green card rights. HUMAN rights. Have I mentioned human rights?

thats the price they pay for coming here illegally and refusing to leave when the government finds them one can be a adult and treat the situation maturely or be a child a run and fuss and cry.

Illegals should have human rights yes, civil rights not so much, they are not part of the system and should not be entitled to ALL of its benefit's legal or otherwise.

I do not like them not begin part of the system.
I do not like them being deported.
I do not like employers taking advantage of the situation.
I do not like government inaction and endless politics.

we can absorb them and build a system that is not slow and cumbersome on letting people in, the root cause of this issue is a poor and broken immigration system and not the immigrants LEGAL OR OTHERWISE that find themselfs in the middle of it.

We can simply stop all deportation operations and move to tracking operations, make way for the overhaul and find these people and give them a choice either you leave or you get a green card that will be vagauly checked but frankly I am more worried for stability over current details , get them cards so that they are tracked and counted for this with overhauling the immigration system will be about the only way to move things forward, but I doubt it will happen both sides of the argument want to much.

Human rights are humane, thus humanely deporting persons who are not int eh system is both humane and legal.

""“Furthermore, because these “rights” are a matter of U.S. law to some extent, an illegal immigrant does not deserve the same rights or legal status as a legal foreign national resident.”

I’m sorry, but that is something that I just can’t deal with. You believe that American’s are so superior to the rest of the world, that we deserve basic human and civil liberties, and the rest of the world doesn’t? """

The point he is making is that they do not have full rights of a citizen,they have basic human rights to be treated fairly as they are processed by the law, you want to bring in a strawman over the old racial laws of the 50s thats all well and fine however the diffrance is they are/were citizens illegals are not....

you can not remove borders and claim the higher ground because people are hurt or separated by the government when they came here willingly and illicitly in the first place it is not oppression or a crime when the government fines you to be in contempt of its laws and comes to get you.

I am sorry there is no pass go on the illegal part.
I will agree deporting dose not work and is a messy process its overused due to the crappy immigration system we have.

@ zippy: thank you for that response, it was MUCH better worded, and organized, and thought out than most of your other posts.

Yeah, I agree with a lot of what your saying even. I just feel that violating human rights is just FAR too much. Yeah certain civil liberties we take for granted they might not deserve. Legal representation isn't something that's free, yeah holding them in a cell is probably necessary in many cases. It just bugs the crap out of me that people are being treated like animals ANYwhere, let alone on US soil. Our country is founded on freedom, and human rights, and immigration. All 3 of those things are thrown out the window in most cases of 'illegal immigration' when the only law broken was immigration laws. The concept that anyone is less human or less deserving of being treated like a human, is something that I just can't take sitting down.

Once again, I appolgize for any flipping out I've been doing in this thread. This topic hits very close to home for me as I have relatives that had to flee from the vietnam war. Yeah most were able to get refugee status, and work visas, and my mom even got a student visa originally. But I do have relatives that arrived illegally, and over the course of the past 30 years have PROVEN that they can be productive members of society without breaking laws. The fact that one relative of mine is considered by the government a productive member of society, and another relative, who is essentially the same person, in the same situation, just without that piece of paper can be considered a wanted criminal, who doesn't deserve basic human rights.

And honestly, can anyone say that they wouldn't try to come to the US, even if they had to do it illegally, in a country that was so backwards that they had you shot for going to college?

okay, that was a response to the first post. And the second one you're just misreading what I said. If the deportation process was completely 100% humane, I'd have no problems with it. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and is the basis behind my whole burst of rage here. Deportees have historically been treated inhumanely just because they're not citizens.

I feel this strongly about any human rights violations (don't even get me started about guantanamo bay.... holy fuck that's a messed up situation) It's just unfortunate that i decided to chose such a grey area topic, that has so many facets that my argument was generally lost in the void of immigration laws. My problems aren't with the laws, just the way the criminals are brought to 'justice'.

Sorry to nitpick here, i'm more just making a joke than anything, don't read too much into this:

"however the diffrance is they are/were citizens illegals are not"

What about when they were considered 3/5ths of a citizen, does that mean they only deserve 3/5ths of the benefits that america has to offer? :p

Okay, i'm kidding. Not a real point, I just couldn't pass up bringing up the 3/5ths rules. Such a hilariously misguided part of our nation's past.

I'd agree that the U.S. is a neat place, and that to enjoy our rights as U.S. citizens we have responsibilities to observe. That's why the way we address illegal immigration in this country bothers me so much. Something is seriously wrong when our zealousness to address illegal immigration results in us ignoring and violating our own rules.

For instance! The U.S. Bill of Rights is a very old document, highly influential on our justice system and central to the identity of our country. The BoR is not just a guarantee of rights for U.S. citizens, however! It's specifically a set of instructions informing the U.S. government as to what it can and cannot do. The United States government cannot, constitutionally, deny a person the right to a speedy trial with a jury of peers.

So just what is happening when ICE detains people for extended periods of time and denies them trial before deporting them? Well, that there would be a violation of both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of which it is a part. As an admirer of both documents, I find that scary, and as someone who considers the responsibilities of citizenship important, I'd say 'holy shit it's time to get off the internets and see what I can do about this.'

Yay for diane for being able to put into words, what I clearly cannot. That was a very concise, and i believe very clear explanation of everything I've been complaining about... except without all the hysterical ranting peppered through out everything. Thank you Diane.

For those of you who believe that this is strictly an American problem should take a look at any civilized country in the world. You are not free to get up and live wherever you want without undergoing some sort of immigration process. The United States legally accepts more than ten times as many immigrants than Mexico. In fact, Mexican politicos encourage (through pamphlets, maps, and the lack of a decent welfare system) illegal immigration.

I'm absolutely fine with Mexico wanting to dump it's poor people in long as they write us nice fat checks to cover the welfare of each individual here illegally. Yes, illegal is just a word, but so is money, welfare, and population density. Just remember that you can only take on so many people before the boat begins to sink.

Now, I know that most people try to remain ambiguous when they debate illegal immigration, but we all know that the pertinent issue at hand is illegal immigration "from Mexico". Instead of migrating over here, to a foreign and strange land, why are none of these illegal immigrants interested in solving the actual problem? Actual problem you say? The reason why they that immigration is necessary. Stuff like corrupt politicos in Mexico who pocket hundreds of millions of dollars. The lack of a structured welfare, and the stable economy to help people escape from poverty. Make no mistake, Mexico is NOT a third-world country. It's a first-world country that's performing like a third-world country. Corrupt police are backed by even more corrupt court systems. In fact, immigrants from South America are shaken down as they venture northward until either they are out of money or are dead.

I fully agree that everyone in the world is born with certain rights. However , there exist governments and nations that can choose to restrict or relax those rights. The United States has no power to enforce nor grant rights to the people of Mexico. In fact, it's partially Mexico's responsibility to keep their own people in their country (doing a bang up job at it too). In addition, children born here due to natural birthright (anchor babies) are also up for debate.

I am not in favor of discrimination among American citizens. I am in favor of discrimination between citizens, and legal foreign nationals, and illegal immigrants. Not as human beings, but simply as residents of our sovereign nation.

I do believe that we should strive to protect basic human rights around the world. I believe that overall, the U.S. does a better job than most at affording those basic rights to all people, regardless of their citizenship or status.

I also believe the government has a responsibility to comply with and enforce the agreements it makes, including agreements with visitors to our country. I believe that foreign nationals should not be allowed to vote in U.S. elections. I believe that illegal immigrants should not have the same legal right to government assistance programs that registered, tax-paying citizens have.

No need to apologize again, but I'm not sure why is that is so difficult to deal with.

@ Stinking Kevin

Honestly, I see absolutely nothing wrong with what you just said. I can't agree more. I just get more riled up I think when I hear about human rights violations. Illegal immigrants DO need to be dealt with, and draining US resources because you don't like your own country is always terrible. Really the only thing I've been trying to say (EXTREMELY poorly i realize) is that citizenship does not determine human rights. When I hear of anyone's human right being violated, I just flip out I guess. And that makes my arguments extremely incoherent sometimes. :p

I think I see where you're going with this, Deus... putting the pieces together, are you saying that just because the person is or became an illegal immigrant doesn't mean they a criminal leech? Indeed, while these illegals can indeed be good-natured people looking simply to improve their lives, they are still breaking the law and thus should still face consequences. It's like the tale of a poor man who stole bread to feed his family - while he may have had good intentions, that doesn't justify what he did. It was a crime nevertheless.

While I will agree it's not right to punish good people, I also feel that just because their intentions are good, they shouldn't be let off the hook with a slap of the wrists. These illegals are still sapping America, taking US money to help themselves and not paying the government anything back in return (i.e., taxes). These illegals, who may or may not have gone through the same trials as a legal immigrant, are breaking the law and bankrupting America while taking jobs from legal citizens by working for much less.

I know that it's a sad issue - these illegals may not be criminals by heart, but if they're going to live in this country, they need to make sure they abide by US laws just as they would if they were living in any other nation. By failing to renew their green cards, sneaking into the nation (an activity akin to spies, criminals, and terrorists, may I add), and failing to pay the proper tax money to the US government, they are breaking the law. They may not be criminals by heart, but they are criminals by law.

Meleedragon: you missed the point. the argument is the horrific human rights violations during the deportation process. Not that they shouldn't be punished.

I consider myself a staunch civil libertarian, and I like to argue a lot too. I am glad to know we agree much more than we disagree. Cheers!

Geez, this site is fast... by the time I finished typing in my personal opinion, the whole debate started to make more sense. I hate when that happens... makes my views seem all null and dated. I'm not a politician nor a diplomat, as you can tell...

I was never good at finding the key point in an argument, though...

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door

Maybe it should be changed to...

Dontgive me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
Leavethe wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to Death:
I lift my ltorch beside the golden doorTo burn their house down

WOW what a hot button issue.

I wonder how many people actually have left the United States or their home country and actually traveled to these 3rd world or impoverished areas?

But I digress.

The funny thing about immigration is that it is wanted when their an economic boom and it is hated when there is an economic depression.

Hmmm does that mean America is in a depression right now?

I remember reading about Americans going over to Asia during the gold rush, and for the railroads, telling Asians that they have jobs for them. Then once again during the industrial revolution. After all it was the Chinese that built the railroads not the Americans.

Hmm I wonder if the problem with immigration is also connected to the problem of Companies no longer having factories in America. After all our toys, clothing, tools, are produced in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Haiti. and other places where we can pay for cheap labor.

Hmm another thing I have been wondering about. Those pesky H1B visa, you know the ones that people from India have no problem getting. I wonder if this can also tie into the immigration problem as well.

Of course then this Discourse is about being illegal. Hmmm I wonder what would happen if the shoe is on the other foot. Passport anyone? Have you lost it? No the America Embassy cant help you? hmm. Going to Mexico for a vacation Oh no you have been arrested. Want America to help you. Why? Well your treated like Crap in a foreign country. Why? your not Citizen of our country so why should be treated as human?

Hmmm maybe should make a connection with another problem with the Justice System. Ever since the inclusion of DNA evidence, how many people were set free? But before that how many people actually believe they committed the crime? So should we treat all people once they are guilty as criminals? Just Kill anyone that is guilty. Tie them um restrain them? Use them to test new drugs? Torture them just because you were found guilty by your peers. And then say sorry when evidence shows them to be innocent. Yes lets do that. Hey Lets do that again, Wasnt it fun when we did it to the Duke lacrosse Players. As Nancy Grace would say, Their Guilty Guilty Guilty. Ahh isnt being the 3rd party, we can pass judgments and not hold any responsibility.

Maybe I m reaching. but eh.

Whatever happen to the American Dream? nah why do I ask?

nah no one really cares until it happens to them.

Slow news day GP? Alex Jones is a kook...

How about sending a bill to Mexico for when crap like this happens?

They are encouraging their own people to migrate here, right? more practically geared toward an effort to inculcate middle class Americans into the belief that illegal immigration is a human rights issue, never mind open borders and the influx of third world people is a globalist plot to turn the United States, soon to become part of a North American Union, into a feudal slave labor gulag based on the China model.


What a joker. I wonder if they send out a free tinfoil hat with every copy of 'Crazy Conservatives Weekly'?

yes and we should send Okinawa a big fat check for this

Yes our soldiers are doing a good job of representing America

or how about this

And well whats their excuse? Are they poor? Didnt They volunteer themself?

"“the average Mexican or Latin American does not have access to a video game console” "

And this is a discriminatory statement . . . HOW?

Do you honestly think that most Mexicans have accsess to a video game console? I don't and I think the same is true for those living in Central America.

And even if it weren't true it's not opinion, it's something that can be proven wrong or right.

A lot of people seem to think that immigrants are to blame for making our economy worse. I say nay to that!

Don't blame immigrants for taking over our jobs. Blame the employers who'd rather pay cheap under the table labor instead of paying someone a decent wage. Because alot of the jobs are paid under the table, alot of that money doesn't get taxed, which means less money for our government, ect....I blame the citizens here who just want to save money through illegal means.

There really are so many parallels between the UK and the US immigration problem, they actually outweigh the differences between them.

Take, for example, Drink Driving. In the UK we have nearly 3000 deaths caused by DUI, of those 3000, maybe 200 are reported, of those 200, probably at least 50% of those will be about non-white offenders, it leaves the question hanging, 'Is this statistics or presentation?'.

Illegal Immigration is a real problem for both our countries, not so much because all illegal immigrants are here for dubious reasons, but because people will assume that they are. It causes problems for the natives and the legal immigrants, who are often forced to bear the brunt of the anger and fear of the illegal immigrants.

The problem is, it's got into a cycle, in an attempt to stop immigration, it was made much more difficult, this caused frustration and disappointment to those who had genuine reasons to want to start a new life, which creates desperation. That desperation leads to more attempts at illegal entry, which heightens paranoia and so the cycle repeats.

Final para., there should be an 'illegal' before immigration in the first sentence.

'Lotta good points here. I'm honestly not gonna comment. Not sure it's my place anyways. The reason I'm in this country anyway is 'cuz my old man did his "red tape duty" then brought me and my mother here. I was a citizen without any problems.

Instead, I'll take the safe route and say that the article sucks and the guy who wrote it needs to get his head checked. A few times. Just to be safe.

"But it is a bit more sinister than that."

You know, every time someone uses a phrase like that, the rest of what they say tends to be idiotic. I must make a note to never use it myself for fear of being stupid.


No. Mexico´s goverment don´t encourages people to risk their lives crossing the border. But culturally, people thinks USA is a better place to make money because ther own communities are broken and goverment doesn´t help them. Yeah, it is an irony.

No one ever bitches about Canadian immagrants.

@Rodrigo Ybáñez García
(Mexico Encourages Illegal Immigration)
(Guia Del Migrante Mexicano),2933,143433,00.html
(Mexico Provides Guide to Illegal Immigration)
-I know it's FOX NEWS, but it lends credibility to the guide posted above.
-This is for those who want to view the handout simply as a "survival" guide.
(Guide promotes illegal immigration)
(Vicente Fox's Remittance Numbers)
-Mexico is doing so much to help the economy, eh?

The discovery of this guide is similar to a pedophile being asked why they showed up at the house by Chris Hanson. Of course they're going to say "nothing".

Yeah everyone on the site seems extremely racist, among other issues, save for the people from this site who decided to go post. And on that note I'd just like to point out how much I love the GamePolitics community and props to Twin-Skies and anyone else who went over there and posted (I only briefly read over the first page of comments over there so if i haven't mentioned you, nothin personel.)


1. Have you even played the game?
2. Are you being sarcastic?


Like it or not Buddy, your coming off as a person of high ideals, and no experiance.

Lemme break it down for you.


I see every god damn day what illegal immigration has done to this state both socially, economicly, and in terms of crime.

Yes, the current immigration system is broken, and YES it does need to be fucking fixed. I'm 100 percent in agreement, but UNTIL THE BORDERS ARE SECURE, nothing else should be given any CONSIDERATION.


Right now, arizona has 2 excellent Border patrol guards rotting in JAIL cause imbeciles like you want to fight for the supposed rights of a drug Dealer who broke the law by crossing illegally just so that they can use those illegals for political fucking gain. THATS BULLSHIT!

If you can't understand that, screw you, shut your mouth, and don't open it till you can justify putting the rights of a drug dealer against BORDER SECURITY!.

I won't hold my breath on that one you IDIOT!

governments also regulate immigration to stop bits of their country from up and joining another country due to nonviolent invasion (bunch of people immagrate to one place and start a vote to breakaway from their country and join another country all prim proper and legal.) illegal and legal are ways also to tell weather or not one persons vote counts in such a situation if you are going to say shouldnt everyones vote count? I would ask you would you like tourists voteing on public policys and any other citizen voted happenings?

Is the system broken? Yes. Can it be fixed? Dunno. Should the system be destroyed? No.

Yuki: wtf are your ranting about? I have yet to mention anything about border security or immigrant drug dealers..........

But.... are you saying that just because we have a border issue that we're allowed to strip people of basic human rights? Yes, we have an immigration problem, yes we have border problem, yes we have a problem with illegals committing other crimes, but that in no way gives us license to treat them like animals. I don't care if they're legal, illegal, minor drug offender, or racist violent murderer, they all deserve BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, and do not deserve to be jailed without due process or drugged against their will.

What I said to make you explode like that, I have no clue. But calm the fuk down... jeez

"Right now, arizona has 2 excellent Border patrol guards rotting in JAIL cause imbeciles like you want to fight for the supposed rights of a drug Dealer who broke the law by crossing illegally just so that they can use those illegals for political fucking gain. THATS BULLSHIT!"

Care to explain that too? I have no idea what you're trying to say, or why Border Patrol would be in jail.

Why do people think it's ok for people to just ignore laws and cross over as they wish?

Sure - I agree the stupid laws need changed.

But on the other side of the coin....

Right now - these "poor, innocent immigrants" and being screwed by corporations, investors, and other who are MORE THAN HAPPY to exploit the cheap labor - without providing minimum wage, health care, not even workmen's comp if they get injured on the job.

You think our LOVING government is letting this go just out of the kindness of their hearts??? ROFLMFAO. COME ON!!!

But that's ok, huh?

So you people who say illegal immigration is ok - are you making some $$$ from it? The only person I know that's in favor of just leaving the system like it is - IS making tons of money for just these reasons - exploiting them.

What of all the people who have immigrated LEGALLY? I guess it's just 'tough luck' they spent some much time, energy, money, and resources going about it legally, while others just immigrate freely.

It's AMAZING how blind the press gets people. Gets them thinking the government's letting this go just to be 'fair'. FAR FROM IT. But it sure makes the rich happy :)))

@ Majestic_12_x

The "Guía del Migrante Mexicano" (The Guide for Mexican Inmigrant) says in its first paragraph:

"This consular protection guide doesn´t encourage mexicans to cross the border without legal documents required by U.S. goverment. Its objective is to give information about the risks, and to inform to migrants about their rights, even if they are legal or not."

Even in this link you gave me:

... explains too well about the real mission of this document.

"A Border Patrol spokesman said he does not think the book encourages illegal crossers. "If they've already gone ahead and made that decision to cross illegally . . . then anything that helps protect lives is worth it," said Andy Adame, spokesman for the Border Patrol's Tucson sector."

This another:

I don´t think that "survival guide" is even official.

Vicente Fox was an useless president for Mexico.

But there is people in our goverment at least thinking in the security of the inmigrants. They don´t want the people cross the border illegaly, and they don´t want either they die in the desert.

Wait... so someone who decides to do something illegal, who is being fed information from their government about how to do these illegal activities, isn't the government promoting illegal immigration?

Why don't we just hand out guns to everyone that's already decided that they want to rob people for a living. Or maybe we can provide the means to get in contact with 4 year olds with negligent parents to all the people who decided to be pedophiles.

There is an old saying, "The people in power choose to make things illegal"

Aka Gay Laws, Slave Laws, Copyright Laws (MAFIAA).

Honestly I see people throwing illegal this and illegal this, I just wanna say shut the fuck up.

Yeah the Law is the Law. Just wait till they make playing video game illegal, oh wait arnt they trying to do that already?

They could make a Law that people can only eat with their left hand? go ahead break the law.

Hell I believe its illegal to drive a car in reverse in Arizona. I guess all the people that have cars are well illegal.
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