What a Guy... Jack Thompson is Ready to Help EA with T2 Takeover Bid

March 1, 2008 -
Describing himself as a longtime Take Two shareholder, controversial attorney Jack Thompson has written to Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello (and, naturally, cc'd several media outlets) with an offer to assist EA in its effort to acquire the Grand Theft Auto publisher.

In a long, rambling letter, Thompson spills most of his ink painting T2 boss Strauss Zelnick as a villain (which EA probably wouldn't disagree with, at least in the deal-making sense) and concludes with:
I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls.  In doing so, I can get the new Take-Two into the clear as to the trouble I and others can send its way.

Zelnick is the source of trouble headed Take-Two’s way, not I, and EA can make the case, with my help, that such trouble can be avoided.

It's not the first time Thompson has referenced being a T2 shareholder, although we suspect his stake in the company is possibly as small as a single share. He claimed that he purchased T2 stock in late 2005 because it would allow him to attend - and speak at - T2's stockholder's meeting. That meeting eventually came and went without his input, however.

GP: This is, of course, another Thompson publicity stunt. Beyond that, the GamePolitics archives reveal that even before the vitriolic attorney was a T2 stockholder, he was a Sims 2 basher, making silly, Hot Coffee-like claims against EA's flagship franchise in July, 2005:
[The Sims 2 contains] "full frontal nudity, including nipples, penises, labia, and pubic hair. The nudity placed there by the publisher/maker, Electronic Arts, is accessed by the use of a simple code that removes what is called 'the blur' which obscures the genital areas.

In other words, the game was released to the public by the manufacturer knowing that the full frontal nudity was resident on the game and would be accessed by use of a simple code widely provided on the Internet...

This was all nonsense, of course.



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Re: What a Guy... Jack Thompson is Ready to Help EA with T2

First, the Internet allows even greater access to inexpensive digital media and storage. Instead of users being limited to their own facilities and resources, they are granted access to a vast network of facilities and resources, some for free.

1. Be an asswipe

2. Work with EA to take over T2

3. ????

4. Profit!!!

[...] What a Guy… Jack Thompson is Ready to Help EA with T2 Takeover Bid [Game Politics] [...]

to quote the finest admiral ever:


If EA were to buy Take Two, would that affect the lawsuit agreement they had with Thompson?

"I am delighted to work with..." sorry I missed the part where he became an employee of EA.

It's gonna be "Grand Theft Auto: Adventures in Sharing!" if Thompson has a say.

@ Parallax and toxicity

I have spoken to Dennis on this matter. Dennis posts less than 5% of the crap John Bruce sends his way. The other 95% is just meaningless crap that has no relation to gaming in the slightest.

The only reason you see as much as you do is because of the mass valume of crap sent Dennis' way.

"GP: Warren, they won’t even acknowledge it, they shouldn’t acknowledge it and he well knows that. It’s just a excuse to bash Zelnick with several paragraphs of insults (which I won’t deign to print)…"

I don't blame you.

- Warren Lewis

@ Benji

I don't think the whole "Ignore Jack and he'll go away" theroy is working all that well. He always comes out with more ridiculous claims every time. (Suing NIU, Adult Picture Book to Florida Bar, VT shooting)


Except the Madden fanboys who wouldn't care either way, would just continute to buy Roster Update 'XX at full price.


Reminds me of a picture I saw of the 'Document of MGS2' that shows what naked Raiden really looks like... I imagine the Sims must be equally as featureless in that respect.

(And I still don't know how he manages to keep his job... hopefully judge Tunis(? I don't remember her name off the top of my head, sorry) will pull through and end our misery once and for all.)


Tell me about it, I mean I don't really care for Madden, but I really love NFS:Carbon on the wii (heck, since they didn't include the concept Camaro like in TF, I just made my own... but my wii's in for repairs, so it'll have to wait till it gets back. :P)


But that's what got us here where he can say whatever the f*** he wants and most people'll listen (FOX news, anyone?)


Well didn't they go to bat when Faux news let that know-nothing whats-her-name bash Mass Effect only knowing from secondhand word of mouth? (I do remember her name, but as far as I'm concerned her 15 minutes are over and I refuse to acknowledge her a second more.)


Exactly why I'm in the latter camp. If we don't call him at every single turn he'll just get away with doing/saying whatever he wants, true or not (usually not, given his track record.)


Don't mind him, just another one of his delusions of grandeur...


Which just makes his continued existence as not being disbarred all the more puzzling. o_O


Ah, I was right... (Anyone wanna plunk down for a muffin basket on 4/22 if it does happen? :P)

GP: This was all nonsense, of course.
No kidding, but lets not forget this is the same guy who -- the company making all those "cop killing simulators"....

Yet unlike hypocritical Jack Thompson, he was actually addressing the violence issue with T2's games through reasonable means!

So he smears the name of an outstanding citizen actually doing something to save lives, and damaging their reputation for trying to do what Jack wants to(but not through reason, understanding, or logic).

But we do have to thank Jack, it is hilarious that he thinks that EA is going to do any of his dirty work or anything he suggests, and even more LOLs seeing that --if this takeover/merge does happen-- this is only going to make T2 stronger...


Do you think the people (read: idiots) who watch Faux News also read GamePolitics? I doubt it. And even if they did, would GamePolitics convince them that their bullshit "news" channel is wrong? Doubt it.


Point taken... I guess I'm just sick of having GP just be 'preaching to the choir' in regards to JT and his shenanigans. (Not that I don't appreciate the news, which I do.)

But as long as they're here to dispel every fallacy he comes up with (Which is a lot, as he seems to average one fallacy for every time he opens his mouth.) at least we'll know better.

its offical, hell has officially been frozen, JT is working with a videogame company.....

i'll say it again: JT is working with a videogame company.....

@ Gabriel Celesta

Or use him for characters in video games like clowns and other goofy characters that Jack would fit right in for.

Question: Doesn't Jack only have one share of TTWO stock, used an excuse to speak at shareholder meetings?

I'm sure EA is all ears over one share of stock on their side.

Jack always talks about bringing trouble to Take-Two, but has never actually delivered. He is the fly banging angrily against the glass, thinking that one day he will shatter it.

[...] Last week, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello revealed an offer put forward to Take-Two Interactive executive chairman Strauss Zelnick to buyout T2 for nearly $2 billion. Zelnick expediently and publicly shot down the offer, though that battle of the peculiar last names was far from by — since thereupon we’ve heard that other companies took interest in T2 after EA was shot down, though certain industry analysts believe EA will eventually win out. Yesterday brought news of a new player on the field that could tip the battle in EA’s favor — Enter: Jack Thompson ! [...]

"GP: This is, of course, another Thompson publicity stunt. Beyond that, the GamePolitics archives reveal that even before the vitriolic attorney was a T2 stockholder, he was a Sims 2 basher, making silly, Hot Coffee-like claims against EA’s flagship franchise in July, 2005:"

Maybe EA will remember this and tell him to shove it.

Warren Lewis


GP: Warren, they won't even acknowledge it, they shouldn't acknowledge it and he well knows that. It's just a excuse to bash Zelnick with several paragraphs of insults (which I won't deign to print)...

I wish I was surprised.

After attacking EA, even if they partly agree with him, how can he expect them to accept him.

Even if he helps them, he'll give them the role of villains sooner or later.

Oh yeah, EA would love to have him help with the takeover...so THEY can deal with him hounding him for the games they didn't make along with other crazy things like the Sims. Yep...they would LOVE that. Plus, I hope EA realizes the damage it could do to itself if it publicly signed up with Thompson. I for one would just stop buying EA games as I'm sure others would.

He wants EA to take over so they can water GTA down to a T or E10 rating. Thus destroying GTA.

I agree with zen If ea signs up with thompson i will stop buying ea games I dont want to buy from a company that bows down to crackpot thompson

There really isn't any logic to his madness.

He really thinks EA will be "better" from his perspective? EA will kill the GTA franchise and Rockstar? Sure they will.

"There really isn’t any logic to his madness." -Pixelantes Anonymous

This is not madness. This is JACK THOMPSON!!!
[boot into chest]

@Pixelantes Anonymous

He doesn't think of it as a way to kill Rockstar. He probably thinks of it as a way to discredit Strauss Zelnick even more.


But that was quite a while ago, and having an alliance with Thompson will support both parties unless EA is telling the truth about having individual companies be able to release their games under their title. I Personally think they are blowing that one out of their ass.

But back to the point. EA will get T2, and Thompson is freely allowed to keep one of his "mortal enemies" in check. Keeping that in mind, do you think EA wouldn't be forgiving Thompson for his comments a few years ago, knowing that this could tip the balance vs a grudge. I think not.


Oh yeah.

Remember the saying, A cheetah never changes it's stripes?

EA would sink to a new low if they allow Jack "Douchebag" Thompson on board and it would probably kill EA as well because no gamer in their right mind would buy games from a company that is in league with him.


"Oh yeah.
Remember the saying, A cheetah never changes it’s stripes? "

Joke post?

does he think if EA gets controll of T2 does he believe they won't release GTA 4?

It certainly sounds to me like these anti-game activists are running out of ideas. The lack of creativity in their efforts really plays to make this entire issue dull.

I don't think EA would even want to ally themselves with this man. Talk about losing the respect of your peers and your employees. Not to mention your consumers. (Just imagine the backlash the consumers would have against any company having such an ally) I think he is just talking out of both sides and still fails to realize he is fighting a losing fight in his senseless war on video games.

Well, he does need to find new employment, the odds of him being a lawyer for much longer are zero.

EA would lose its customer base entirely if it worked with Thompson, and they know that :)

I think that no good could come to EA if they were to accept anything even remotely resembeling help from Thompson. He would turn on them again eventually.

Why is Jack even doing this? Isn't there a guy that say video games turned him into a murderer that Jack should be helping?

Doesn't he fit the requirements for retardation yet??

He must have passed that at least 3 years ago -_-

heh, what a tool.

Yeah, he's drooling - a bigger company might be willing to 'settle' more, eh?

Not that it would accomplish anything, but it sure can make a lawyer some $$$

Sad part is... I remember him trying to ban The Sims 2. That was the talk of the message boards on GameFAQs for a number of days.

I always love the way Thompson pretends everyone else has skeletons in their cupboard and yet never mentions his restraining order for stalking a gay Radio DJ during has last 'moral crusade', or how he loves to mention the money he got from the Bar but never mentions that he had to pay out several times that amount in Libel fines.... Seriously, I'm sure the guy has serious mental health issues and the sooner he is kicked out of the bar and hopefully forced to deal with his own insecurities and paranoia, the better.

The funny thing about the Sims event was that it was based on a hoax, and Thompson was told by the hoaxer that the the statement was totally inaccurate before Thompson ever released it, but even the fact he had been told it was complete tosh wasn't enough to stop him releasing it, kind of like his court filings.

I'm pretty comfortable with the fact that EA know exactly who and what Thompson is, and they certainly know the damage he would do to the company, Jack Thompson has turned on every single ally he has ever made, on one occasion even accusing one of them of phoning him up whilst drunk and calling him names during the Louisiana game-law hearings. So, as GP said, this is just another 'Look at meeee!' action by Thompson.

Teaming up with Thompson is no good for ANYONE. Even if he is doing something to help, the value instantly plummets when he does any number of ridiculous stunts... oh... I don't know... like sending gay porn with his filings?

He is not a reasonable person. The only reason he wants to help out with the TT takeover is so that he can claim "victory" by standing on someone else's shoulders.

im surprised ea has publicly denounced him yet as far as his statement goes

This is pretty much what I though his stance would be.

If it does occur, which I doubt it will, I bet he'll finally attend a share holder meeting,and before he even sits down "I vote that we cancel the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 and recall all companies of Manhunt 2, even those already purchased, and all copies of bully and all copies of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" "But we can't recall what's already been purchased..." "We'll get the police to do it"

No good can ever come of it. Only money EA got from me was The Sims

And I forgot to say, the moment they decide not to he'll turn on them.

I love how he talks as if everything has already been finalised between him and EA... I really hope that's just senseless optimism and not some hideous reflection of the truth. He'll be trying to oust Burnout next for its "explicit use of nipple-shaped hubcaps"...

And thus EA's true evil has been unveiled.....

What's next:Jackie boy being the CEO of EA (or Disney)?


It's not a complete hoax. It's a hoax that the developers themselves added that. Since The Sims is so open source, people added their own full frontal nudity because they wanted it, it in no way comes prepackaged.

"Describing himself as a longtime Take Two shareholder, controversial attorney Jack Thompson has written to Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello (and, naturally, cc’d several media outlets) with an offer to assist EA in its effort to acquire the Grand Theft Auto publisher."

So, what sort of "help" could he actually give? Sell his share to EA? Is there anything else he actually could do?

Half-rhetorical, half-I-actually-don't-know.


Whilst the Sims 2 can be modded to remove the blur and see the Barbie-dolls if you really want to, EA built no facility into the game to remove the blur in the first place, the person who contacted Thompson wound him up for a while, but when they said 'You can remove the blur and reveal Barbie Doll features', Jack, on the spot changed it into that quote about genitalia etc, and the hoaxer even tried to tell him that it was false but Jack, not having even seen the game, decided his description was more accurate, you really did have to see it to see just how comfortable Jack is with knowingly lying.

Mods can remove the blur, but EA provided no such facility in-game, Thompson tried to imply that they did, and that what was under it was far more revealing than it was.

That COD4 thing is not a contemporary murder/terrorism simulator. Burnout, and NFS aren't vehicle assisted suicide/murder simulators. I did hear Army of Two looks like it might suck cock - but I don't think the protagonists are overtly homosexual..
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