What a Guy... Jack Thompson is Ready to Help EA with T2 Takeover Bid

March 1, 2008 -
Describing himself as a longtime Take Two shareholder, controversial attorney Jack Thompson has written to Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello (and, naturally, cc'd several media outlets) with an offer to assist EA in its effort to acquire the Grand Theft Auto publisher.

In a long, rambling letter, Thompson spills most of his ink painting T2 boss Strauss Zelnick as a villain (which EA probably wouldn't disagree with, at least in the deal-making sense) and concludes with:
I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls.  In doing so, I can get the new Take-Two into the clear as to the trouble I and others can send its way.

Zelnick is the source of trouble headed Take-Two’s way, not I, and EA can make the case, with my help, that such trouble can be avoided.

It's not the first time Thompson has referenced being a T2 shareholder, although we suspect his stake in the company is possibly as small as a single share. He claimed that he purchased T2 stock in late 2005 because it would allow him to attend - and speak at - T2's stockholder's meeting. That meeting eventually came and went without his input, however.

GP: This is, of course, another Thompson publicity stunt. Beyond that, the GamePolitics archives reveal that even before the vitriolic attorney was a T2 stockholder, he was a Sims 2 basher, making silly, Hot Coffee-like claims against EA's flagship franchise in July, 2005:
[The Sims 2 contains] "full frontal nudity, including nipples, penises, labia, and pubic hair. The nudity placed there by the publisher/maker, Electronic Arts, is accessed by the use of a simple code that removes what is called 'the blur' which obscures the genital areas.

In other words, the game was released to the public by the manufacturer knowing that the full frontal nudity was resident on the game and would be accessed by use of a simple code widely provided on the Internet...

This was all nonsense, of course.



Thompson backpetaled when he was confronted with that knowledge by others. Saying something along the lines of copyright infringement or some other nonesense.


No matter how much you don't like EA (although I loved some of their games), I'm pretty sure they won't bring him.

Not earlier than a month ago, they were defending their games quite fiercely so I don't think they'll team up with someone that attacked another of their games.


1) That one share you own is meaningless. Even if you sold it to EA at their asking price, it would still be meaningless. Even if you showed up at a shareholder meeting with your one vote, it would still be meaningless.

2) If EA does manage to complete a hostile takeover of Take Two, EA is still going to go ahead and publish Bully for the 360 and Grand Theft Auto IV, which is expected to be one of the best selling games of the year. Why would EA pay $2 billion (or more) for a company only to remove its most lucrative franchise?

3) You're an idiot, and an incompetent soon-to-be-disbarred hack of a lawyer.

Dog Welder

EA will still produce GTA games w/ the same rating if they were to take over T2 Interactive. It's a successful franchise & if there's one thing history has taught us, it's "stick w/ what makes money".

The Wanker..

I doubt he has many shares :)

Surely EA knows that basically every serious gamer in the world hates Jack Thompson. And they probably know that if they made any sort of deal with Jack Thompson, there would be a huge boycott of EA's games.

GP: I have a lot of respect for the work you so do please understand I am asking this genuinely and not in an attempt to be snide. But do you not find it a bit contradictory to say that EA should be ignoring Thompson's letter because it's just a cheap publicity stunt yet this site and many others print and detail every time the man speaks? If this is a stunt that EA should ignore, should the rest of us too? He wants media attention, isn't this what he wants? Thanks.

@ Parallax Abstraction

That's what I've been saying, Jack Thompson just needs to be ignored by the media and he'll shut up.


He bought one,and the only reason he did was so he could have a chance to cuss out the CEO.

@Parallax, Toxicity: The jury is largely split on how to handle JT. Half of us want to just ignore him, since addressing him implies that his claims have merit, when they don't. The other half want to know every little thing he's up to so he can be combated at every turn. Otherwise he's the only argument being heard, and while we may be happy ignoring him other media outlets don't mind giving him face time.

I also have to wonder: what exactly can JT do to assist in the takeover? It's not like anyone at TT will listen to him argue in favor of the takeover. He can vote in favor of the buyout as a shareholder, but I suspect that his share of the votes isn't going to be the difference between accepting and defeating the buyout offer. That, and I rather doubt that EA would want to change the tone of GTA significantly even if they had it. GTA is a game largely about violence and pushing the limits of what's acceptable, and EA has to realize that any GTA game will sell lots, so long as it has those sorts of elements, regardless of who owns the rights.


[I]I wouldn't change a line of code in "BioShock" nor would I in "GTA" or "Max Payne"... what we would do is sell more of it.
John Riccitello, CEO - Electronic Arts[/I]

Why would you want to team up with a man who wants to sell MORE copies of GTA Jack?

I know you have a deep hatred for T2 and Zelnick but it seems like you're cutting off your nose to spite you face.

Kind of odd how someone who 'isn't on a personal vendetta' against R* and is purely out to 'help the children' is willing to work with the very video game industry that is supposed to be trying to destroy his career (as if he isn't doing a perfectly good job all by himself) in order to attack Rockstar...

Not a vendetta at all...... ;)

Also just shows how much Jack believes his own opinions of the Gaming Industry.

"I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls. In doing so, I can get the new Take-Two into the clear as to the trouble I and others can send its way."

I thought it was because of the GTA "murder simulators". Suddenly the games are ok if he is out of the picture? How does that work?

Besides the "trouble" is good for business. :)

isn't everything jack says complete nonsense? I need an idiot translator to understand half the stuff he says or does.

Hey GP! You could always offer up that service on the side! "GP: Idiot translator - $200 dollars an hour, will translate what idiots say so normal people can understand. Thanks to Jack I have years of experience in this."

[...] Jack Thompson is at it again ladies and gentlemen. This time, he makes the gaming news by sending a lengthy letter to EA’s CEO John Riccitiello, offering his assistance in the publishing giants attempts to purchase BioShock and GTAIV publisher Take-Two. [...]

So if he has one share and can vote I can see his next press release:

"With JT's assistance, EA was able to take over take two!" lol

Sure one vote but suddenly it makes it true and can be use in future press releases of "helped take down T2".

Y'know what i find hilarious about all this... Jack doesn't even realize where the source of his trouble with take 2 comes from. Think about it, he used to say terrible things about Take 2's last CEO; he supported the change in CEO's. He figured that if he could change the ceo he could use the new ceo to destroy rockstar. But as soon as the new ceo was in charge he was quick to knock down anything Jack had to say.

And now, Jack wants to hand over the control of GTA to a company that is much worse that Take two, a truly evil company that cares more about making money than any other publisher (sure they all want o make money, but EA's the worst of them). What happened before would happen again; when the leaders change hands, Jack will hound the new leader and will get his ass handed to him and Jack will then seek to destroy the new company. Only this time, instead of dealing with a more competent CEO then the one that got kicked out, he's got an even more powerful company to deal with.

In the end, Jack's efforts to destroy rockstar through the publisher are utterly useless (though you could say that about all of his tactics)... GTA is a popular series that makes tons of money... no matter who is publishing it, no matter who is leading the company, they will never be listen to your desire to destroy rockstar

Anyone else think this was all part of Jack's little "plan to destroy Take Two" hinted at when the GTA IV release date was announced?

Message to Jack: EA has no interest in GTA. They're more focused on the MLB license that Take Two has.


Heh, same as he always does Grizzam, violating his own moral standards in an attempt to dictate everyone else's'.

I'm certain I'm not alone in seeing the hypocrisy.

first it was Paul Eibeler,
now it's Strauss Zelnick,
soon John Riccitiello will be Jack's personal Satan

岩「…I can see why Hasselbeck's worried about fake guns killing fake people. afterall, she's a fake journalist on a fake news channel」


About the Sims 2 accusation, Jeff Brown spokesman for EA at the time put it best. “Reasonable people understand the San Jose Mercury News is not responsible for vulgar things that people doodle into the margins of the paper.


Dennis posts less than 5% of the crap John Bruce sends his way. The other 95% is just meaningless crap that has no relation to gaming in the slightest.

umm after his bout of calling you sweetie how much is love letters and gay porn lol (im sorry i had too)


Heh, won't surprise if that becomes reality if this fails.

"Your takeover failed because you didn't listen to me!!!"

Take2 have said they aren't even going to think about a deal until AFTER the release of GTAIV (April 29th)

Judge Tunis' decission about Jack's disbarment is due April 21st.

I really don't think Jack is going to be in any postion to help EA (not that he is now).

Hey, Mr. Thompson. Shouldn't you be focussing on that show cause order that you have to submit IN FOUR DAYS??

Actually, EA owning TT could end up with EVEN MORE GTA games being released- given how they handle franchises. In addition, EA would be more likely to go to bat for their games if the Mass Effect sex scandal was any indication.

Careful what you wish for, Thompson. I hope you don't go blind from all the masturbating you are undoubtly doing as you read another topic about you...

I Sooooo Called this... fucking Jack Thompson.

Hmmmmmm damn i'm really tempted to use my duffy rant for this story but sadly its all talk out of jack and nothing more....

man i cant wait till gta 4 comes out

Can anyone see the GTA series become just like Madden? It's the same crap every year, "GTA 2009! We added one new color to the game 'Violot! We thought the series needed a new direction, so we added the new color, we believe it adds flavor to the series!"

And as far as JT goes, Ignore him and he'll go away only to be replace by another nut. We need to take a firmer, NON-FOAMING stance. And I was looking forward to the rant :(

he is just trying to get GTA stopped

He assumes that they wouldn't release GTA4 if they got T2, they assume wrong.

[...] Link [...]

Y'know, i really do think people are seriously jumping to conclusions about EA when they imagine GTA being released each year... i mean really, other than EA sports has EA done that with ANY of their other games. Hell, one of their biggest titles was the Sims and that only went up to Sim 2... haven't seen much on squels after that, only expansions... Ya sure, EA would only serve to damage GTA, but it won't be as bad as what they did to sports games


The Sims thing wasn't a hoax, I just spun the facts in the same manner he did during Coffeegate. ;)

And, actually, EA did include a method to remove the blur. Before the patch/add-on released after the whole fiasco, you only needed to type "intProp censorGridSize 0" into the console to get rid of the pixel cloud..

Everyone should remember that Jacko claims to be a T2 shareholder. He is potentially profiting from the same violence he says is created by T2's games!

Hypocrite thy name is Jacko!

Shouldn't Jack be prepping for his appearance before the Supreme Court?

Jack Thompson:Hey! Are you jagoffs at EA listening! HEY! HEYHEYHEYHEY! Damnit, why won't you guys listen to me!? I'm making random and empty threats to people! Damn, I guess nobody cares what I say anymore. Guess I'll have to find those nutsacks from FOX news so I can talk to somebody.

Just have to point out that if Zelnick is a "trojan horse" that means that he was actually planted there by some other company or organization and is actively working to destroy T2. Somehow, I'm doubting that's the case.

Well, if nothing else, Jack's consistent.

I think Dennis should charge Jack everytime the loon sends him an e-mail and double the fee per insult(whether it's directed towards him or not).

As far as Jacky Boy's latest publicity stunt goes, he's in a no-win situation.


http : / / www . petitiononline . com / nodealea / petition . html

Sign this petition. Sony should buy them not EA!!!


This Thompson guy is not normal.

Damn, I'm always late in replying to these bombshell stories...

With Jack Thompson pushing EA to do this, what does this really say about Thompson's views on videogames? "They're OK, as long as they're not made by Take-Two". Now he's trying to use his enemies to destroy each other it, seems.

It would be suicide for EA to follow through with his idea. At least they more common sense than Thompson.

@Monte': Ah, but when Maxis made TS1, they just had the expansions, now when EA made TS2, not only do you have expansions, but you have Stuff Packs as well, just another way for EA to make more money off of the Sims license.

I think EA acquiring T2 would be a bad thing, and no, not because of Jack Thompson.


Thanks for the info, I stand corrected in that case, I was under the impression the blur required a 3rd Party executable. I suppose 'hoax' was probably the wrong word to use, possibly 'satire' would be more accurate. I suppose the thing that got me about the whole ordeal though was the way he took one set of words from your own information and changed them into something completely inaccurate in order to promote his 'mission', I think that was one of the most telling windows on Mr Thompson's motives that I've ever seen.

ok, i'm going to call it right now:

Thompson is actually Navi.

HEY! LISTEN! (repeat ad nauseum)

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